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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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two hours away. >> testimony for christine blasey ford is set to start at 7:00 this morning. but we are already getting details about what she plans to say. >> good morning. and thanks for joining us on this thursday, september 27th. alexis is following continuing problems on the salesforce transbay terminal. >> but first you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. drew tuma is here. >> we are dealing with dense fog. down to one mile. the picture outside the exploratorium camera, fog over san francisco. the 12-hour day planner reflects the cloud cover early on.
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clouds will be decreasindecreas. settling into the 90s. closer to the coast and around the bay shoreline, cooling off compared to yesterday. 60s to 70s, to near 80s. the sun going down shortly before 7:00 in the evening now a check of the roads with alexis. keeping a close eye on the salesforce transit center closure and the free mont closure. right now it's not causing any delays. hopefully we have a smooth day like we did yesterday. a lot of folks decided not to drive into the city, or at least it looked that way because we didn't see much of a backup. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. give it another 15, 20 minutes and that will probably be be a different story. drive times are looking good once you make it onto the bridge. highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. 9 in san francisco. and san francisco to sfo, wide open the at just 9 minutes. alexis, thank you. as alexis mentioned, it is likely going to be another challenging day for drivers trying to get into the city, as
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well as people taking the bus. a live look at the salesforce transit center. it probably won't reopen until the end of next week. a second a jadjacent beam was fd tuesday night. we told there is no reason to suspect problem in any other area. transit center will remain closed through october 5th. fremont street, which passes under the center, is also closed. the mayor visited the site and talked to people about what's being done. the mayor said, someone needs to be held accountable once the cause is determined >> developing news, stakes are high for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh as christine blasey ford is set to testify in a couple of hours. a live look inside the capitol where senate judiciary committee will hear from ford and kavanaugh. she said she sexually assaulted her back at a high school party
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in 1982. ford, along with two other women who have come forward with allegations are trying to destroy his reputation. yesterday president trump defended kavanaugh but said he could change his mind and withdraw the nomination fending on today's testimony. >> the remarks blasey ford will read before the committee today are eight pages long. she details her account of the alleged attacks and, quote, i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from streaming. that was the what terrified me the most. a poli graph was administered last night. she was asked if any part of her statement was false or she made up any part of her statement. three separate analysis indicated no deception. >> there's been a lot of support in palo alto where ford is a university professor. >> later this morning, many supporters plan to rally in her honor outside palo alto city
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hall. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo continues our coverage. amanda >> reporter: matt, jessica, people in palo al he toe ato ar we support christine. if sunday's candlelight vigil is any indication how many people support blasey ford in the city her family called home, we can expect hundreds again here today. rally organizers are once again encouraging people to come with posters and messages of support for their neighbor. >> they plan to have a counselor on site. coordinators will not be be broadcasting the hearing, though. they say this is not a viewing party. instead, it is a strictly a rally of support for placy ford. we spoke with neighbors sunday about the hearing. >> knowing her, she will do great. i hope the court license to her. she has a lot to say. i know she's telling the truth and i really want to hear it. >> reporter: since blasey ford cuser,ma incdi as a
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al mayorizniss, h the professor forward about their own accounts of sexual abuse. in the next hour, we will hear from the mayor. live outside city hall, man da del castillo, abc 7 news thank you, amanda. we are two hours away from the hearing that starts at 7:00 a.m. you can watch on abc 7 or stream it on >> here in san francisco, director of transit is being accused of sexual harassment. >> a lawsuit filed friday claims john haley inappropriately touched his senior management assistant, sabrina suzuki. she said haley made comments object tpaoeug women and he refused to give her the training necessary to advance her career. the examiner obtained anonymous letter september to muni executives. it says haley created a hostile work environment with his temper and by making racially-charged comments.
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muni has not commented on this suit >> the headless body found in a fish tank is confirmed to be missing homeowner brian egg. egg's body was found after neighbors saw strangers at the home. two people were detained and later released for lack of evidence we're expect to go hear more details today about a major break in a series of bay area apple store thefts. six people are in custody in connection to some of these crimes. we have told you about the grab and runs all over the bay area. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim has the story >> reporter: security video from separate locations tell the same story. a group of men wearing hoodies is seen entering the stores and grabbing as many apple products on did display if they can. it's unclear if it is the same people every time or if it's a network of thieves. either way, police have arrested apists ave t bay area from the north bay, to the
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peninsula. for customers, news comes as a relief. while no one was hurt, many people feared it was a matter of time. >> just the rampant disregard for public safety and, i mean, there could be customers that could be hurt while they're doing what they're doing. we could have been hurt while they did what they did >> reporter: the state attorney general's office said it involves multiple law enforcement agencies. one customer hopes it will send a message to others, especially kids. >> apple is a good company. they do really good products. yeah, they're making good money out of it. but it's not fair to steal something that isn't yours. >> reporter: the ag's office has yet to name the law enforcement agencies its working with. oakland pfpl d said they did wo with officers on the arrests. 5:07 on this thursday. good morning to the east bay. temperatures right now mainly in the 50s. berkeley, 52.
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50, san leandro. union city, 54 degrees. cooler spots in the north bay. napa, novato, upper 40s. certainly kneeled a jacket this morning. 57 the current temperature in san jose. in the north bay, we are dealing with locally dense fog. live doppler 7 visibility showing you 101 right here between santa rosa and petaluma, visibility down to a mile. we are dealing with this fog at least the next three to four hours. we'll take you into the south bay. 12-hour day planner, showings you a good amount of is sunshine. today will be cooler than yesterday in the south bay. upper 70s by lunchtime. into the afternoon, temperatures a few degrees above average for this time. settling in the low 80s. highs today across the region, cool on the coast in the 60s. bay shoreline, 70s popping up. inland, hot temperatures. going back into the 90s for another afternoon. the good news is cooler air does arrive over the next couple of
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days. three-day folk features hottest spots in the 90s. tomorrow sharp live cooler. temperatures back into the 70s in those spots. cooler on saturday. saturday there is a chance of a couple of sprinkles. we will detail that chance in seven minutes. first, a check of the roads with alexis. good morning. >> good morning, drew. overall it is fairly quiet. a dense fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. let's take a live look right now. it is thick around the toll plaza. make sure you slow down and you're driving for conditions this morning. as drew mentioned as well, boy, we have dense fog in a lot of the north bay. if you're driving the 101 corridor between santa rosa, san rafael, the brighter the white, the denser the fog. state 37 and highway 1 along the coast as well. next traffic update coming up 5:20. thanks, alexis. president trump might delay a meeting planned for today with
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deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he suggested wearing a wire in the presence of trump and considered seeking to invoke the 25th amendment which allows for a president to be removed. he was summoned to the white house on monday expecting to be fired. >> i would much prefer he keeping rod rosenstein, much prefer. many people say i have the right to absolutely fire him. he said he did not say it. he said he does not believe that. >> the president said he wanted to delay the meeting because he didn't want anything to get in the way of the kavanaugh hearing in the senate. >> we are just getting new details about a fitness tracker recall because it's causing burns to people's wrists. metallica rocked the dreamforce conference in san francisco. wait until you see who else showed u
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saving people money on car insurance.
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and 5:13 on this thursday. looking at the three-day forecast. today you can see we're still hot inland. much cooler friday. saturday, yeah, a chance of sprinkles mainly in the north bay. we'll detail that chance in four minutes. matt, jessica thanks, drew. the san francisco district attorney's office is partnering with a local college to raise awareness about the red zone. >> it is a term used on college campuses to describe the first six weeks of school when freshman and sophomores are most at risk of being sexually assaulted. the d a's office is hoping to
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change that. it is hosting a red zone event at san francisco state university to help students stay safe. it's fr10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the decision was made in part after the suspect was diagnosed with breast cancer. this new development about tiffany lee was announced at a hearing yesterday. lee and her boyfriend killed keith green more than two years ago. the trial is now specked to be delayed until next august because lee will be undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. >> in today's gma first look, the search is intensifying for a 6-year-old in north carolina who seemingly vanished. here's abc's ken da >> reporter: they are looking inside manholes, sewers and storm drains for the 6-year-old who is diagnosed with autism. >> it's been torture.
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i'm not eating. i'm not sleeping. i'm just worried about getting my little boy back. >> reporter: he explained how he lost the child saturday at this park west of charlotte. he was there with a woman. his son went chasing after a jogger and he couldn't keep up with him because of a medical condition that makes it difficult for the young father to run. i feel guilt for letting him get so far ahead of me after i started going after him. >> reporter: more from maddox's family. a fitness tracker that's being recalled could do more harm than good. provada health says they may overheat and burn people who wear them. 30,000 were shipped nationwide between august of last year until july. 13 reports of the device overheating and three reports of people being burned. provata will replace them for
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free >> san francisco roadways are in slightly better condition. the transportation commission has released its yearly pothole report. the city scored 70 points, up two points from the previous year. it was enough to push san francisco into the "good" category, up from "fair." roads in oakland are at risk of needing major repairs with 55 points. foster city and daly have very good roads. customers in new york city can shop at a brick and more tan amazon 4 store. this is a sneak peek inside the store. amazon says everything is rated at least 4 stars, is a top seller, or is new or trending online. customers will be able to use their prime member savings. new details about donald glover. tuesday night he postponed his tour because of an injury. he was supposed to be in oakland
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tonight. that performance will happen december 11th. his show is in san jose is december 12th. if you have a ticket it will be rehonored for the rescheduled dates. two industries performing for a good cause. look at that. it's janet jackson at the bill graham civic auditorium. she performed last night at dream fest, part of the dreamforce conference. ♪ >> o end of the music spectrum, metallica drew a big crowd at the civic center art museum. thousands of fans turned out for both concerts. they took time to visit kids at children's hospital. proceeds will help to raise more than $10 million for children there. and carl the fog made an
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appearance to check out the concert. he tried. >> he does try to ruin all the shows. >> i like the fog. we'll deal with it today. dense in spots. live doppler 7 showing you dense fog around santa rosa, petaluma, along the coast as well. alexis told us there is a dense fog advisory across the golden gate bridge. we're dealing that across the 101 and along the coast. still this morning you can see issues even in the east bay later on. highs today, here we go. south bay is warm. 84, san jose. not as warm as yesterday. the cooling process has begun. along the peninsula, 74, redwood city and mountain view. downtown san francisco, afternoon sunshine, 67. cloudier in daly city. 84, sonoma.
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napa, 87. 94, lake port. 74 the high in oakland. 78 in nuclear. inland, we're still rather hot this afternoon. we're in the 90s. 91, san ramon. 93, livermore. as we head into the weekends, much cooler air will move into the picture. there's also a chance of some sprinkles. future weather showing you by saturday evening you can see we are picking up on a little bit of rainfall. you can see mainly confined basically from the golden gate north. right now it looks like the north bay has the best chance of seeing a few sprinkles. that is something we will be tracking the next couple of days, into the weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. hot inland today. much cooler tomorrow. a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. a better chance for most of us to see wet weather monday night, into tuesday. now ath rith alexis. good morning, drew. we're off to quite a start. no major issues.rod theransit
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center clos fremont closed between mission and howard. bus lane of the fremont off-ramp from the bay bridge is closed as well. right now looking at those traffic flows. not terrible. bay bridge looking good too. i have not gotten official word that the metering lights are on. if they're not already, they should be any minute now. things are definiely filling in. starting to back up into the maze. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 50 minutes in the yellow. westbound 4, antioch to concord. san rafael to san francisco, just 15 minutes. alexis, thank you. a woman in her 90s is in the hospital after being rescued from her berkeley home that caught fire. crews from both the berkeley and oakland fire departments responded to the call of a structure fire on alvarado roads 6:00 yesterday morning. firefighters quickly doused the flames and pulled the woman to
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safety. >> it was confined to two runs. smoke damage into two other rooms. 40 feet from where they made entry behind the closed door they found the victim, which they brought out quickly. >> neighbors say the victim is a long-time resident and lives alone. if the millennials are moving out of cities to buy homes in the suburbs s. released its an kwra annual list of hottest zip codes. kent wood, michigan. castro valley is on the list. $780,000. neighborhoods ranking high on the list are average incomes. millennials dominated the share of new mortgages. good news for fans of the hard cider. harvest season is in october. if all goes well, it could expand distribution of the rare alcoholic beverage.
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right now the hard cider is only sold at northern california costco stores. the san jose brewery began produce for martinelli's. getting our first look at new security meant to stop potential threats at schools, hotels and stadiums. >> this dog ended up i
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don't take eliquis if you have an artifici heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. we'll stream the hearing live on and abc 7 news app. number two, palo alto commnity is rallying around
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blasey ford. they say our community believes chris team. >> number three, the salesforce transit center is expected to remain closed until the end of next week. two steel beams are now cracked. will both support the roof and bus deck level above fremont street. because of that, fremont remains closed between mission and howard, and part of the off-ramp on fremont street. no significant delays taking the bay bridge into san francisco. number five, accuweather. still hanging on to warmth. warmest spots in the 90s. much cooler weather moves in tomorrow. >> number six, a break in the bay area apple thefts. police have arrested six >> happy 20th pwrbirthday, goog. to mark the indication, they
5:26 am
have posted the this video. a dog name luna may be happy and free but it's been a rough week. >> the rescue pup got stuck in her he family's backyard. the curious canine wedged her head through a hole. she couldn't get out. her human mom said she tried to put soap and water around her neck. when that didn't work, she called for help. firefighters say they have seen just about everything. traditional cat stuck in a tree, the ducklings in a drain. >> i thought, that's different. >> i kept calling. then i see her tail wag like in a bush. >> she looks guilty. firefighters used a metal bar to free luna from the wall of shame. her neck looks a little red but her vet says she will be just fine. she'll be okay.
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>> all right. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. how you ca improve safety on bart. >> concerned viewers wanted answers ab
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>> you are looking live here at the room where christine blasey ford will testify in 90 minutes. alana zach is live on capitol hill with new details about a lie detector street. the transit center is facing more problems after engineers found a second cracked beam. a rocket in the bay area. we did investigating and we have answers for you. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. drew tuma looking at what to
5:30 am
expect for the end of the week. >> day of transition today. some cooler air moving to the coast. inland, still kind of hot. right now fog is the big issue. visibility on live doppler 7. where you see the number 1, it's not a good thing. that is low visibility. fog in the north bay and along the coast at this hour. elsewhere, we're doing okay. we'll take you outside the exploratorium camera. confirms that thought over the city of san francisco. 12-hour day planner. clouds will be decreasing. by 4:00, still hot inland. of hottest spots in the 90s. upper 70s to near 80 on the bay shoreline. now to the roads with alexis. good morning. good morning, drew. off to a great start on the roads. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on at 5:20 this morning. carpool lanes are open. if you're using cash or fast track lanes, you will have a bit of a wait back into the maze today. a quick check of drive times. mostly in the green all the way
5:31 am
around. santa rosa to petaluma, 13-minute drive. castro valley to the maze, as well. 680 to highway 85, 12 minutes. thanks, alexis. the supreme court showdown takes center stage in a few hours with back-to-back testimonies from christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh. >> abc news reporter lana zak is live on capitol hill with details. lana? >> reporter: good morning to you, matt and jessica. you know, the entire country is watching today as two different versions of a young brett kavanaugh are going to be presented. on one side, there's the choir boy, high school virgin. and on the other, a hard-partying drinker and sexual assaulter.
5:32 am
kavanaugh and the first of his accusers will be grilled today in an attempt to find the truth. >> i don't think there's any question in my mind about it, but i'm willing to keep an open mind. >> reporter: calf new submitting his calendar from 1982. blasey ford her poli graph test. rachel mitchell will be representing the republican men on the committee. >> reporter: a third person is coming forward, julie swetnick. she claims in a sworn affidavit she saw him drink excessively and engage in abusive way towards girls. she alleges kavanaugh was present at a house party in 1982 she said she herself was a victim of gang rape. judge kavanaugh says this is ridiculous and from the twilight zone. i don't know who this is and this never happened. president trump says he'll be watching.has said it's possible they will be convincing.
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>> reporter: of the three named accusers, only dr. christine blasey ford will testify before the committee here today. the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote on his nomination tomorrow. reporting from the senate, lana zak, abc news. >> lana, thank you. can you tell us anything more about that poli graph text that dr. blasey ford submitted to the senate. >> a lot of people talking about that. it was administered in august by a former fbi agent. along with her testimony, there were two questions. one, is anything within this statement false? and, two, did you make up anything in this statement. in both cases, she passed. matt, jessica. >> lana zak reporting live from the capitol. thank you so much. and the hearing starts at 7:00 our time. opening remarks from senator grassley and dianne feinstein.
5:34 am
then blasey ford will give her opening remarks and then questions from senators. blasey ford will then leave and kavanaugh will enter to give his statement and answer questions. >> abc 7 will carry the hearing live. we will be be streaming at abc news and the abc 7 news op. >> dion lim is in washington, d.c. look for her reports all day on abc 7 and online. a lot of uncertainty about what's next for the salesforce transit center. >> a second crack has been found in another steel supporting beam. amy hollyfield joins with us a possibly timeline. >> reporter: the transit center and fremont industrial will be closed at least through next week. here's why. the beam in question supports that bridge that goes over fremont street. they now consider it unpredictable. they don't think it is safe to let cars through here.
5:35 am
that is causing major traffic jams around the closure. tpraoef mont street is closed. they will take the decision when to reopen it very seriously. >> we will not open the transit center and fremont street unless we are 100% sure the issue is rectified, corrected, and the building is safe. >> reporter: here's a picture of the two and a half foot long crack found in a load-bearing steel beam tuesday morning. they found a secretary smaller crack in an adjacent beam. two beams, two cracks. they don't know why. it is all under investigation. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. some commuters may have received a message about taking public transit. ridership saw a surge yesterday. san francisco bay ferry saw a 15% increase.
5:36 am
they don't have enough data to attribute it to the terminal closure. bart says they saw 9,000 more riders yesterday compared to last wednesday. they were expecting an increase anyway because of the dreamforce convention. we have continuing coverage online and we are keeping you updated with push alerts like this one questioning the timeline of the transit center closure. 6 you get the news that matters to you. happening tonight, bart's board of directors will be focusing on rider safety at i special meeting in pittsburgh. >> it will give the general public a chance to voice their opinion. it was announced last month following three homicides that happened in recent months, including the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old nia wilson at the macarthur station. the meeting starts at 5:00 p.m. in pittsburgh city chambers. san jose, waking up to 57.
5:37 am
morgan hill cooler than that with fog at 47 degrees right now. elsewhere, our coolest spots in the north bay, howard, mid to upper 40s, sebsstopol. we are dealing with locally dense fog along the coast and in the north bay. live doppler 7 showing you visibility along 101 at this hour. santa rosa, petaluma, down to one-mile visibility. you will encounter locally dense fog in a couple of spots early this morning. the fog should lift about 8:00, 9:00 this morning. taking you into the east bay, 12-hour day planner features fog afternoon, a fair amount of sunshine. it will be cooler today than we were yesterday. the east bay will top it in the mid-70s for most office us. 74 in oak land later today. cooler in san francisco, 67. 84 in san jose. a lot of sunshine. you still notice as you move inland we're still hot with those spots going into theagain.
5:38 am
cooler weather will be working into the picture. today our hottest spots inland in the 90s. then sharply cooler tomorrow. our hottest spots only in the low 80s. then on saturday, those numbers just continue to dip even more. most spots settling saturday afternoon comfortably in the 70s. so one more day of that intense heat inland. then we'll get some relief. how are we doing traffic wise? not too bad. >> not too bad. yeah. we're hoping we can hang onto it. we're looking live at the bay bridge commute into san francisco, which of course we are keeping a close eye on once again today as amy hollyfield just told us, we have the salesforce transit center closed, fremont closed, and the bus lane from the bay bridge closed likely until the end of next week. yesterday later in the morning we certainly saw delays.
5:39 am
at this early hour, we are looking okay. if you know to fully avoid that, take harrison off-ramp. that definitely saw a lot more action yesterday than a typical day. if you can use mass transit, that is definitely recommended too. westbound 80 before tennessee street in vallejo, initial reports from chp is about a two-car crash. i believe that is blocking the far left lane. working to confirm that. and crash in milpitas on 237 as well. more details coming up in just about 10 minutes. alexis, thaupg. in the south bay, several people likely took video of a stabbing involving an uber drive driver. >> investigators hope the witnesses will come forward. the stabbing happened on highway 87 at 8:45 yesterday morning. chp says the uber driver was involved in a road rage incident with a female driver. the woman did not stop. minutes later, a third driver motioned for the uber to pull over. the third driver then stabbed the uber driver. no word on the victim's condition. investigators are looking for an older model sedan that is gold-brown in color.
5:40 am
the suspect has full sleeve tattoos. anyone with information is asked to call the chp. alg hoan historic settlemen with aoeurb. a former facebook employee taking action against the company. why her job gave her psychological trauma. not every
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5:42 am
5:43 am
we're approaching 5:43 on this thursday. a day of transition in the weather world. we're slowly seeing cooler air into the coast. 62, half moon bay this afternoon. cooler in the city today compared to yesterday. we're at 67 later on today for san francisco. oakland is comfortable at 74. inland, still dealing with intense heat. walnut creek is hot at 92 degrees. even warmer innant oka antioch, the full accuweather forecast in about five minutes, guys. drew, thank you. this is interesting. a canadian technology company is testing its products inside a las vegas casino. it is to help police identify any threats. >> it helps identify weapons without the intrusion of typical metal detector technology. is being tested on the floor of
5:44 am
the westgate casino and hotel. >> we're looking at trying to push the perimeter out as far as possible to get early detection. we need to be able to give our security and other individuals enough time to be able to respond to that. >> the company is still working to develop and test some of the products. but the company expects part of the system to be ready for sales in the coming months a trial date is set in a civil case against five san francisco police officers who shot and killed mario woods. woods's mother alleges her son's civil rights were violated. police say woods had a knife and charged at officers, who fired at least 121 bullets into woods's body. during yesterday's pretrial hearing, the judge ruled there is evidence to proceed in state court, but not federal court. woods's attorney said the judge's decision to make it a state-only matter is better for his team. >> it basically clarifies the case for us in many ways.
5:45 am
it cuts out a lot of issues that would have been difficult to prove. so in that sense i'm pretty pleased. >> attorneys for the city of san francisco say the officers acted reasonably in the face of imminent threat. the trial date is set for april 1st of next year. san jose police arrested two men on suspicion of stealing $15,000 worth of music equipment and two vans from a church. santa clara county sheriffs deputies say they pulled over 35-year-old andrew miller and 28-year-old austin hudson last week. they found burglary tools, music instruments and a program from the chinese for christchurch. the church had been burglarized days earlier. california's attorney general announced an historic settlement with uber. under agreement with all 50 states it will pay $148 million for violating data breach laws when it waited a year to expose
5:46 am
a hack of data from drivers and riders around the world. javier becerra said it will hold them to unprecedented new standards. >> for the first time in history, an ag's office has required a company to implement privacy by design into its products. that means uber must integrate privacy considerations and protections into every phase of their product's development and design. >> under the settlement, california and the city of san francisco will split $26 million. amazon is warning congress to avoid california's privacy law as the model for the nation. the senate congress committee is gathering information right now for a bill that would govern how companies can use customer data. an amazon official criticized california's privacy law as being too broad. it forces companies to tell customers upon requested
5:47 am
and what types of third parties have received it. lawyers for a san francisco woman who is claiming post-traumatic stress as a result of working for facebook is speaking with abc 7 news. she claims she suffered lasting psychological trauma as a result of working at facebook as a contract content moderator. her job was to sit in a cubicle and watch thousands of videos a day to try to catch and remove offensive posts and live streams. her attorneys say some of those images were extremely graphic, and facebook did not do enough to protect her and other content moderators. >> a typical day for a content moderator might include viewing thousands of violent and trauma-inducing images such as sexual assault, child abuse, animal abuse, suicide. the fund a medicalonnt d ra. we reached out to facebook and
5:48 am
pro unlim the case will ha hearing in nr. many people are curious about a rocket spotted in the east bay. look at this. the startup testing of a rocket would not talk to us. its business application in alameda says the astra is designed to carry 100 kilogram payloads into space. >> i'm just concerned to know what it's actually for. >> i'm really close. i've gone on youtube and see a bunch of rockets blowing up and they don't make small explosions. >> reporter: the alameda fire department couldn't tell us if fuel was being stored here but the company is implying with all safety codes. a fur seal smacked a kayaker
5:49 am
in the face with an oopus. >> he laughed saying he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> what you don't see off camera is a lobster high-fiving a clam. >> that's the fist time i saw that up close. his reaction is amazing. >> it seems made up, right? it seems like a movie. >> that is crazy. >> let's talk about the weather. it is great to see alexis laugh like this. >> we have seen it flee times this morning and she skwru saw just saw it and is losing it. golden gate bridge camera. we have some fog right now. dense in spots at this hour.
5:50 am
t cight what we're dealing a 50s. one exception, brentwood 630 degrees at this hour. so highs today. climbs in the south bay will be a little bit cooler today than yesterday. it is a day of transition. that's what we're calling it. 84, san jose. 91 in morgan hill. along the peninsula, 77, menlo park. cooler on the coast. cloudy to half moon bay. 62 degrees. downtown later today in the city, 67. so cooler today than yesterday. about 70 for south san francisco. into the north bay, 80s. and a couple of 90s on the board. 85, santa rosa. 84 to is sonoma. 70s to low 80s under sunny skies. inland, still a hot arch we'll settle into the 90s. cooler weather is on the way tomorrow. accuweather seven-day forecast
5:51 am
s. sharply cooler tomorrow. a chance saturday a sprinkle in the north bay in the afternoon. a better chance coming monday night into tuesday for many of us to see a couple light showers to pop up. have you recovered alexis? are you good? >> yeah. i'm trying to pull it all back together here. wiping my laughing tears away. overall we are doing okay. we had a couple new issues pop up. vallejo before we get to tennessee street, two-car crash. we know we have the left lane blocked. sounds like chp is sending a few units to the scene. hopefully i'll have more details in just a few. you can see the line of red starting to fill in. 237 near zanker, two-car crash pushed off to the shoulder. that should not be be a problem for much longer. bay bridge metering lights on at 5:20. we are watching this committee closely. we have the salesforce closure
5:52 am
and all the street closures we had yesterday too. be prepared once again today. next traffic update just before 6:00. a ex there his, thank you. your birth control might do more than just prevent pregnant seu. a prime target for thieves. one dispense seu outsmarted the
5:53 am
5:54 am
a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! thursday. 12-hour day planner early on, locally dense fog along the coast in the north bay. clouds decreasing. the takeaway, still hot inland
5:55 am
but cooler weather enters the coast. 60s there. 70s to low 80s around the bay shoreline. jessica? drew, thank you. thieves who broke into a cannabis dispensary in colorado didn't exactly get what they expected. police in colorado springs are searching for a group of suspects who smashed a stolen van into a pot shot this week. the thieves took t-shirts and what they thought was pot. the joints in the display cases did not contain pot but instead oregano. in two weeks, the treasured music festival returns after a one-year hiatus. this year's were event is handled by tame and paula and asap rocky. the two-day festival will be held on october 13th and 14th on two separate stages at middle harbor shoreline park in oakland. two day general tickets are on sale for $185 vallejo westbound 80, tomorrow continue street, still waiting for chp to arrive on the scene. i know we have about a 15-minute
5:56 am
delay westbound 80 from state route 37 down to the crash before the 780 split. not sure how serious it is. it sounds like initial calls into chp is that it's two vehicles. south bay, northbound 280 to southbound 101, multicar crash in the clearing stages. hi, alexis. fog early this morning. cool for half moon bay and san francisco. 74 later today for oak land. 84 san jose. 92 the high in concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, plan the next seven days for you. hot inland today. much cooler weather works into the picture friday. keeping us comfortably cool of the weekend. a chance of showers monday night into tuesday, guys. drew, thank you. marvel fans got a double featur. abc 7 news was at at&t park
5:57 am
where laurence fishburne the release of antman. much of the film was shot in san francisco. "abc 7 mornings" was featured in the film. disney is the parent company of abc 7 and marvel. pretty cool to be sitting next to an actress like you. >> oh, stop. i'll give you my autograph later. >> i'll need it. >> the high-stakes hearing on capitol hill. christine blasey ford goes before congress in an hour. how people in the bay area will show their support.
5:58 am
5:59 am
hi there. thanks for joining us. it's thursday, september 27th. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist drew tuma. >> good morning. on this thursday morning, we are
6:00 am
dealing once again with locally dense fog. live doppler 7, visibility mode showing you along the coast in the north bay where you see the numbers 1 and 2, that's visibility in miles. it is reduced in some areas. we're starting to see the numbers drop a little bit even in the east bay. outside we go. a live look at the exploratorium camera. fog early on. decreasing clouds midday. the afternoon, it's still hot inland but cooler weather will move in along the coast this afternoon. only low 60s there. that's your weather. now your roads with alexis. >> good morning, drew. looking live at the closure around salesforce. fremont street closed between mission and howard. likely will remain this way until next week. this is all for safety inspections after a couple of cracks were found in support beams. it looks like they are letting one truck through. general traffic will not be allowed through this area. we have the off-ramp partially blocked from fremont from the bay bridge. that is the bus lane that is
6:01 am
blocked. >> in you'r


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