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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> it's saturday october 6th. good morning and thanks for joining us. let's start with the first look at the forecast. here is lisa argen tracking live doppler 7. >> hi, everyone. it's a beautiful day we have low clouds and fog here you can see. but overall this clears quickly. there is a system pushing through the bay area. and behind it we'll get a wind shift that warms us up. but bringing high fire danger for this evening through monday morning in the hills of north and east bay. gusts up to 5 a miles an hour. that could allow for downed trees and possible fires to spread easily. here is the highlighted area from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 monday morning when the winds go offshore.
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right now we are looking at numbers in the 50s and 60s. 61 in half moon bay np 56 in fremont. 55 in santa rosa. 10:0060s to near 70 in the inland valleys. by the afternoon plenty of sun. low to mid-70s inland. look at san francisco upper 60s. by 6:00 mild and chlor. then tonight no fog at all, chris. >> thanks. now overnight wsh oakland police investigate a shooting that injured five people. the department tweeted this picture from the scene near telegraph avenue and 19th street before midnight. it's not clear what led up to the shooting or the condition of the victims. we don't know if police made any arrests. we will bring you more on the story as new information comes in. developing news, after weeks of political bickering brett kavanaugh is hours away from confirmation to the supreme court. this is a live look at washington, d.c. where senators pulled an all nighter on capitol hill. yesterday morning they started a 30-hour debate on a vote pretty much a sure thing.
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abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: today brett kavanaugh is set to become the supreme court justice who tips the balance toward curbs for decades to come. . it's the divides i have kpirmgs vote in u.s. history. all over protester demanding they vote against kavanaugh. but the allegations into sexual assault against dmun which he denies not enough to sway lawmakers. susan collins from maine, the last undecided gop senator said in a 45-minute meticulously crafted speech friday that she would vote to confirm kavanaugh. >> the presumption of innocence and fairness do bear on my thinking and i cannot abandon them. >> leaving the capitol, gop senator jeff flake who demanded the fbi do the investigation makes clear he too stands with
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kavanaugh. >> i'm glad we had a better process. >> his colleague lisa myrhh kourkz of alaska breaking ranks voting no. >> i could not conclude that he is the right person for the court at this time. >> murkowski plans to vote present in place of another gop steve danes so he can attend his daughter's wedding. jo manchin voting yes for the procedural vote and yes again today. >> senators debated the nomination late into the night. but he is likely to be confirmed. president trump claims it as a win while democraticic and republican senators are concerned about the lasting impact of this fight. at the capitol hill, stephanie ramos, abc news. >> no kavanaugh. >> abc 7 news was in san francisco as the political organization refuse facism bay
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area and its supporters held signed and marched on market street. criticizing president trump and his pick for the supreme court. oakland congresswoman bash la lee spoke in the bay area yesterday and stopping by the commonwealth club in san francisco and talked about the fight over kavanaugh's nomination and what we can expect next. >> if and when kavanaugh is confirmed, i am certain that we're going to move forward to investigate a lot of these allegations and who knows where that's going to lead. but we can't let it stop now. every woman deserves their voice to be heard and to be believed. and so, you know, trust me we are moving forward. >> how loud -- abc 7 news is staying on top of all new developments in the confirms. can you get a push alert sent directly to your phone when the vote happens. download the abc 7 news app zbloofrmgts 5:0 had the time in the east bay. oakland police want to find the
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driver responsible for a hit-and-run at 9:30 last night 73 railroaded and bancroft. it's not clear what led up to the crash. traffic was blocked several hours as police investigated overnight. so far police haven't released a description of the vehicle involved. three people are expected to recover following a shooting in san francisco. police say two people shot the group on a sidewalk in the fill more district. happening on scott street at eddie at 7:00 last night. officers arrested two suspects. in the south bay we wait for an update on the condition of a high school football player. he was hurt during a game last night at foothill college in los altos hills. witnesses tell us the player was on the ground for 20 minutes before medics took him off the field. no word on his condition. teams from los altos and mountain view were playing. it's going to be one of the busiest weekends of the year in the bay area. the free hardly strictly
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bluegrass festival and so are the blue angels. the navy's elite pilots roared over oh the city with jaw dropping precision. the first of three planned air shows for fleet week. thousands watched as the jets did high flying tricks. and the blue angels perform again today and tomorrow. the san francisco water front is the best place to seem. but as comoros salds of found out getting there won't be easy. >> public transit is the best option for the city this weekend. that's the message emergency officials try to get across. >> traffic in san francisco can be pretty bad. take public transportation. >> reporter: with more visitors in town for fleet week and other events security is increased. the emergency operations center has been fully activated. navy admirals got a tour of the cent. >> we have additional representatives here from some departments. and that just allows us to work
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across the table with the representatives to have quicker communication. >> reporter: this means sheriff, police, fire and homeland security he shall ohs working to respond to any emergency process. to help ease traffic ferry services are expanded to include an additional 14 rides saturday and sunday. last year 24,000 passengers rode the ferry the weekend of fleet week. more than double the average on any given weekday. if you are coming from the peninsula on caltrain expect delays. starting this saturday, the agency is suspending weekend services into san francisco from the bay shore station to update the tracks. >> we are providing a bus bridge. we want to make sure people who normally make the community can get connected. it should take an extra 10 minutes to get to 22nd and extra 20 up to fourth and king. >> bad timing some way. either way the trains are expected to be busier than normal. >> and b.a.r.t. will be running more trains this weekend to
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accommodate the larger crowd. if you want to check the transit options before heading out make sure to do so. if you are going to be participating in fleet and want to get emergency alerts just text fleet week sf to 888777. and you'll get messages on your phone on any emergency or traffic disruption. again, all you have to do is text fleet week sf -- all one word, and the number 888777. reporting along the embarcadero. carlos abc 7 news. >> we have a schedule of this weekend's events and times on the website. go to abc 7 the time is 5:08. our meteorologist tracking the accuweather forecast for us and we are off to a mild start and a nice week for the events. >> good thing it was this weekend and the rain really helped us out because wove of course high fire danger and a wind shift on the agenda. which will certainly dry things out once again. live look outside. and you notice that looks
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chlorout there. san francisco 60 degrees be as well as san mateo and half moon bay. 56 in fremont. so boufl day today. numbers going up. winds shifting offshore the next 48 hours. the details next. >> thanks, lisa. williamsing weeds with weed. one family's plan to revitalize the beloved nursery in the east bay. plus, helping the north bay rebuild following last year's wildfires. the major way this golf
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good morning, everyone. the time right now is 57:11. we are looking outside from the east bay hills camera. as we begin another weekend here in the bay area. how warm will get in lisa breaks down the forecast for us coming
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up. but first in the east bay a longtime berkeley family is hoping to revital a nursery with cannabis. katie uta has the story. >> she keeps this lot clear much weeds while her grandson has a vision for the future. >> we have the cannabi retail on this weekend. >> the budding entrepreneur is sewing the seeds for a cannabis based nursery. >> it's just off the clones and seeds and plant. >> the nursery has been in the family since 1984. >> i helped my father and mother way back when starting at six or 7 years old helping my dad. >> cannabis wasn't in the cards until cancer took both the grandfather and aunt. >> the nursery closed in 2014
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when emmy died. she and kenneth ran the business the parents started. now massou is ready to grow in a new direction. >> we have come from a long family of gardeners. i'm excited he has gotten the green thumb. >> we really want to have the nursery as a platform, educational platform if anything. >> there are plenty of zoning, local regulations and state laws that pose challenges. on october 9th, the city council expected to take up the issue but the family isn't waiting. >> they constructed trelises and shrubbery to hide the cannabis cultivation from public view and will up security with 24/7 protection. >> if it gets the necessary approvals he opens lo hopes to hope around the first of the year. abc 7 news in berkeley. in the north bay monday marks one year since the deadly wildfires. golfers, fans and organizers of the safeway open golf tournament in napa were caught in the middle of the disaster. the tournament is back if full
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swing this we could. leslie brinkley has reaction from silverado country upper back club >> when the event ended last year as we no know it was scarey. >> the executive director pledged all sales from the ticket proceeds combined with another $8 million will go to fire relief efforts. he remembers the flying embers as golfers were evacuated on sunday night after the tournament concluded. >> the little hot pieces of wood flying through the air at 70 miles an hour when they landed they started fires. it wasn't flames. they hit, bottom, fire. we lost two safeway semis with groceries. three courtesy cars. the suites behind number 17 because the plastic you have for the suites. it went boom. >> it was such a sad traejd what happened last year. to see the way the community has bounced back, supported this tournament, supported each other, pretty cool.
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>> this year, the only fires are in the pyre pits. the golfers are laser focused on the game but even they couldn't help noticing still baron burned out hillsides above the cool man cured greens. >> thoughts and feelings you have looking at the hills. >> it's very sad. you get back around on the back side of the course and number 5 and 6. and there are five or six houses i know remember being there that aren't there. just the pools or something like that are there. it's sad to see. >> we had massive rain two years ago, the fires last year i hope this year we can get through the tournament and walk away saying this was a great year. >> bright blue skies, charred hillsides. but no lights or sirens this year for nearly everyone at this tournament, though, memories cht atlas peak fire forever seered in their mine. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. on monday, abc 7 news brings you a day of special coverage to
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mark the anniversary of the north bay wildfires. you can fine coverage here on television and on the website. abc 7 the time now is 5:16. a warning from the dmv if you are looking for motor vehicle information online. you may be using the web to show up to the dmv prepared but 7 on your side michael finney shows us why you need to to be cautious. >> the dmv is working to speed things up. but it can take a while to get something done. >> i wait one hour. and i wait. >> what's the number there? what did they give. >> you my number it's 163. and inside it's 122. so. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> in an effort to dodgese waits consumers are looking for dmv information online. the california dmv says be careful. >> we want the public to know that the dmv does not charge you
5:17 am
a processing fee to complete online transactions. and if you find yourself being charged a processing fee, then you are not on the official dmv website. >> the california dmv is hess tan to mention the website addresses causing concern. >> they're not talking about us. >> jeff learner is with san diego-based, a longtime publisher of dmv information for all 50 states. >> part of the reason they are not giving web addresses is they change frequently. there are unfortunately companies and websites out there that look to take advantage of citizens and drivers across the u.s. >> you are now warned that third party sites can't issue a driver's license. there are websites, however, that can register your car and approved by the california dmv. here, at the san franciscov peon several of those sites. >> it was a little tricky at first. but i could tellhe difference
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because of the dot gov rather >> here is how you can remember that. look at the license plate. if it's one of the standard white ones it has the official website printed right on it. has some great information. and it is often very easy to understand. the feshl site. >> now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning. we are waking up cloudiness which will be swept away quickly. we widen this perspective. and this is what's going on. we have a system sweeping through the bay area. and as it does we get the wind shift. winds go offshore. and things heat up around here. unfortunately increasing the fire danger. the temperatures right now in the 60s and some of the warmer locations, concord 62. 60 in san mateo.
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57 in mountain view and mid-50s up in the north bay. but it's much warmer than yesterday at this hour. 11 degrees warmer in theorth by. a couple degrees warm ner the south bay. but six degrees warmer towards the east bay valley. good visibility will be bright and blue today. and the winds kick up later. sunny and warmer. the fire danger up. the relatively humidity decreasing, and cooler by tuesday. here is a look at the wind profile. you notice by tomorrow morning the winds are really cranking up, 20 to 30 miles an hour along the shoreline. and if you look at the colors in the direction you notice it's from the north. then the northeast and right on through sunday morning it abates just a little bit. but still enough for concern with 25 miles an hour wind gusts. and even into monday we are still offshore. the temperatures still warm. and into the 80s on the warmest locations but yb o, yes you can see the single digits drubl --
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the double digits dropping to single digits through monday morning. really until tuesday it's when we get the ofrp flow back with us. fleet woke, beautiful. 70 today. 73, breezy tomorrow. and we will look for the temperatures to really spike in the inland valleys. it's warm at the coast. today's girls' festival in santa class collar. low to mid-70s. not too hot. in the south bay looking at numbers in the supper 70s. santa clara, morgan hills 79. yesterday, one 80, 82 in gilroy. 75 in redwood city. up in the north bay numbers topping out near yaert degrees. warming up. by by berkeley today how about 74, 75 in san leandro. and inland 70s to 80s. warmer than it's been. not too hot. but we will warm up by four onto six degrees tomorrow.
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the accuweather the seven-day forecast. 80 on the bay. you download the app and some folks have a holiday monday. temperatures are the same. still the offshore component. but a little less gusty and then by tuesday we're back to the on shore flow. and look at the numbers drop at the coastline. it's a short event. it usually is. with the rain of last week it helps with the fuels not as dry. but still a big concern. >> good perspective, thanks. . now that we are in october, college football is kicking into gear and a huge day of pivot algames is here ahead. espn college game day reese davis andes mond howard have a preview. >> notre dame has a stern road test against virginiaech. demond howardhtg irish sets up nicely after that. s in a big time test. what's the key to stay undefe playoff victor. >> virginia tech's defense. now a couple of weeks ago they were exposed a against odup guy
5:22 am
are but guys didn't make the adjustments he expected. this is coming down to a game o notre dame's quarterback, the quarterback position, i think that brian kelly goes into the playbook. he is showing fwrupgs and plays they have never seen before because ian book is a quarterback who can run and throw effectively. it's coming down to the second half adjustments in the notre dame virginia tech game. >> it's been remarkable the way he spreads the ball around. hit receivers in time and transformed the notre dame offense. but will it in lane stadium in the crewed will be fired up. tremendous day of football on abc. harbaugh and michigan against ph.d.. florida state and miami,
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. films, fund raisers and fleet week. a lot going on in the bay area this weekend. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has ideas from the partner at hood nl. >> the dog days of summer may be over but this weekend you can help an fury friend, catch a movie or see a sky show. the film festival starts this week. the festival runs october 4th through the 14th. enjoy the variety of movies at the internationally aclaimed event. general admiration starts at $16.50. kids are $8. on saturday, singer emily lou harris headline bummer ball 2
5:26 am
the at haight street art center. the second fund raiser for rocket dog rescue. the proceeds go towards helping hundreds of dogs and getting them placed in homes. rocket dog rescue was founded in 2011 to save homeless and abandoned dogs that crowded shelters who face. >> the concert starts at 7:00 p.m. who can forget fleet week? the air show is this weekend. you will be able to hear and see the blue angels from every spot on the water front. but there are events, the barbecue organized or boat charters like the red white and blue fleet offering water exkurkss to see the air show. if you are a dog lover check out the canine show this saturday at 11:00 a.m. in did you boys bosse park. the firstborn marine band will play. you can see dogs trained in rescue and more. have a great weekend. abc 7 news. still to come on abc 7 mornings, a new interview with
5:27 am
dr. christine blasey ford's sister in law as judge brett kavanaugh inches closing to a site on the supreme court. what she is hopeful for this morning. also an unforgettable moments, the surprise today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them.
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the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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>> announcer: good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we start this half hour with a quick look at weather. here is our meteorologist tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. they are already changing, much milder this morning by it to 11 degrees. temperatures in the 50s and sixth. sixth in san mateo 53 in san ramon. fire danger increases this evening through monday morning in the hills of the north and east bay. we could see gusts up to 5 a miles an hour. and of course because of that. fires could spread and the winds are offshore all the way through monday. so we'll be looking at north to
5:30 am
northeastly winds. anywhere from 20 and 30 miles an hour up the gusts could be much high are wsh. keeping it in mine when you are out. 50s to near 60s and patchy fog. low 70s inland by noontime. around the bay in 70s at 4:00. so a beautiful sunny afternoon. even mild on the coast. that sun setting the at 6:44 ton. we track the wind for you in a few minutes. chris. thanks. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh appears to have a lock on his confirmation today. a final key vote is expected in afternoon. this is a live look from washington, d.c. senators debated all night but kavanaugh is likely to be confirmed. two key undecided senators, republican susan collins and democratic joe manchin say they support him helm senator lisa murkowski broke ranks with her republican colleagues saying she votes no. the attorneys force christine blasey ford describe the fisher
5:31 am
investigation into kavanaugh as a sham. sh they say she was not interviewed as part of the investigation. the sister in law of the bay area woman who first accused kavanaugh spoke with abc 7 news. sthe says she beliefs there is still time for this to come out differently. here is abc 7 news reporter melly wood row. >> as the senate prepares to vote on the nomination to the supreme court of kavanaugh. dr. christine blasey ford's sister in law still hopes kavanaugh will withdraw his nomination. >> because being a supreme court justice at this time in this country is not good for this country, and i care more about my country than i care about my own personal ambition. and there is time for me maybe in the future. but right now is not the time. >> sandra ford mendler describes watching her sister in law who she knows as chrissy testify that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. >> i shed tears watching. >> as for kavanaugh's testimony. >> a jaw dropping experience to
5:32 am
imagine that was the behavior of somebody that was a supreme court justice. >> she questions the fbi investigation. >> she expected to be interviewed. >> and is saddened by donald trump's remarks at a political rally in mississippi. >> how did you get there yormd. >> where is the place? i don't remember. how many years ago was it? i don't know. >> it was a terrible moment in our country for him to do that. hurtful appear retraumaizing. >> mendler felt a bright spot on learning of lisa myrhh kourkz's decision to break party lines. >> i could not conclude that he is the right person for the court at this time. >> it was like of a emotional life raft. >> there is another bright spot she says reached her sister in law. >> there is this conversation going on around the issues. and i think that some solace for her that there is a deeper conversation happening. >> mendler talked quite a bit about the divisiveness she feels
5:33 am
in the country right now. her hope she says is that senators find a way to bring the country together. ? san francisco melanie wood row, abc 7 news. abc 7 news staying on top of new developments in the kavanaugh confirmation. you can get a push alert to your phone. just download the abc 7 news app. 5:33 the time. and secretary of state right now is in tokyo today for talks with japanese officials. he met with prime minister shinzo abe to discuss their north korea policies before heading to pyongyang. there pompeoh k jong un as the trump administration looks for some progress on the pursuit of the regime's denuclearization. this will be the eighth encount we are the north korean side and fourth meeting since the singapore summit. back here at home, the strike against marriott hotels continues this morning. >> what do we
5:34 am
>> 200 employees walked off the job at oklahoma marriott joining 2,500 union members going on strike thursday. strikers are now walking lines outside nine bay area marriott properties. including in san francisco. they say they've been working without a contract since august and are calling for higher wages, better workplace safety and job security. >> we'd love to get back to the table. we want to negotiate this contract. we don't want to be out in the street. but we are willing to do what we have got to do. >> unite here union members are also on strike in sacramento and boston. marriott tells abc 7 news that its hotels remain open and they are disappointed by the walkouts. the time is 5:34. digital license plates grow in popularity but some say it's the wave of the future. but other express concern over privacy and whether the plates are safe. here a look at the innovative
5:35 am
technology born on the peninsula. >> waiting to get your vehicle registration tabs in the male can be stressful but in california a new program aims to avoid that. >> it's a new technology. everybody will jump on it. >> retailers like ss customs in redwood city say more people ask for the r plate, a usingtology to the kindle ebecome. che can splay amber alerts, pennsylvania o pay tolls and report the vehicle as stolen. but the novelty comes at $700 a plate not including activation and installation. resurvivor auto, the bay area company behind the prodded says it can display advertisements while parked. the vehicle can be tracked which they believe is great for businesses who want to incorporate the plates into fleets. the pilot program dates back to 2013 when governor jerry brown
5:36 am
signed legislation allowing the dmv to look at alternatives to issues stickers, tabs license plates and registration cards. resurvivor auto was the only company to bid on the program which wasn't that surprising so the silicon valley cybersecurity expert here. >> if you worried about privacy, security, that's regulation, that's another thing. >> since going public this summer, nearly 1,200 digital plates have been registered across the state. as for privacy concerns resurvivor auto says the compan dmv, law enforcement or any third party. the time is 5:36 appear you are looking at the top of the salesforce tower in san francisco. the change is under which. they are looking for the eye of sauron just in time for hal went, more than 2500 people signed the petition. curbed san francisco reached out to salesforce ceo mark ben i don't have but heis says he has
5:37 am
no cell over the top of the zpli. if he has his way he says he would prefer bat kid. bat kid is the young cancer survivor who in 2013 saved san francisco during one of the largest make a wish projects ever produced. still ahead on abc 7 mornings ready to race, the event taking over streets down in the south bay this morning. but first a live look outside from the abc 7 roof camera. lisa argen has the full forecas
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and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. yes.... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. new this morning, the fda approved the use of a human
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pappiloma virus vac teen foren and women between the ages of 27 appear 45. this version of the hpv vaccine was approved in 2014 but only for people 9 to 26 years ol. hpv is sexually transmitted disease causing cancer including servicle appear genital oral head and neck. cdc indicate the vaccine can stop 31,000 cases of cancer each year. the company making lacroix denies the sparkling water contains an greentd used in cockroach insecticide. this company identified as it lin. lolp. they call the allegations false and did he familiarer to. popular science magazine says it's a naturally chemical from citrus peels. used in sin secretary ds but not poisonous to humans. happening in the south bay a celebration of girls and women.s
5:41 am
'festival. thousands of girls and families can enjoy more than 100 families including a makers fair. workshops, coding classes and more. abc 7 is a proud sponsor. thousands of runners take to the streets of san jose this morning for the annual rock 'n' roll 5 k and kids run pch. the course takes runners on a scenic tour of downtown. it starts at 7:30 outside the san jose convention center. the finish line festival at plaza decesar chavez. there will abhealth and fitness festival at 10:00. the marathon takes place at 10:00 tomorrow morning. going back to girls 'fest, a chance for girls to audition to be a weather anchor. cool with t , and mpared tohere we were couple of days ago, just very nice to enjoy. still clouds around. you can see from sfo -- we will
5:42 am
call it partly cloud. 5 a in oakland. the airport inspect in the low 60s with 63 in brentwood. temperatures near average today but getting into a wind shift and high fire danger to talk about. i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, lisa. ahead kevin durant returns to the first nba home. the warm welcome from fans in
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning, everyone. time right now is 5:44. we are looking live outside from the san mateo bridge camera. you can see the drivers are getting an early start to their morning. i hope their mornings is off to a great start. we thank you for being with us. we'll get a check of the forecast coming up. but new this morning. olympic gold medallist will seek
5:45 am
treatment for alcohol addiction. according to tmz the agent for the athlete says he gets the help he needs. the police were called too a incident at his hotel in newport beach. no one was arrested. he has earned a dozen olympic medals in swimming. but in july he was banned from competing because he received two big of an iv infusion. in sports, all three bay area schools are in action tonight. cal tries to rebound from last night's -- last week's lost in tucson again arizona at 17 standrd hosts utah at 7:30. you can watch on the espn. and san jose state facesio state kick-off at cefcu stadium. it happens at 7:30. the warriors back in action on monday for a preseason game against the suns but last night was a homecoming for kevin durant. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody.
5:46 am
the warriors spent last night in seattle. the nba returning to the emerald city for the first time in ten years. hope coming for kefren pure k.d. >> please welcome pack to key arena, kevin durant! >> it has been a rough ten years. nba is back into seattle for ton. hopefully it's back forever soon. >> durant rocking the old sean kemp rear view mirror and rocking the rim with authority. early in the corner exploding off the baseline. a hall of famer in the house. don't forget klay thomas played at washington. 19 in the tiers quarter. 30 for the game against the local kings. the dubs by 30. kings in midseason form. down 30. third quarter, durant. hello finished with 26. warriors cruise even without steph or draymond, 122-94.
5:47 am
sharks in the flk kings getting use to joe thorntonen without a beard. ten years younger. sharks score twice in the first. identifieder kane. making it 2-0. martin jones giving up softies. tyrell to foley will put it past his shoulder. you got to get up to the side of the net there. up against the pipe. it stays tied at 2 until over-the-. san jose catches the kings on a line change. and it's kevin rhee bank. good night, game over drive home safely. 3-2 sharks. reggie jackson at agains fenway. yankee red sox game one. jd martinez a three-run homer hit it souvenir. 5-0 sox after three. top nine yankees within a run. here comes the judge launching the right field bull pen, 5-4 game. stressful for craig kimbrough. t so much.
5:48 am
gets luke end it red sox take the series opener. beautiful sunset in l.a. dodgers trying to go 2 up on braves. bottom of the first here is comes manny machado. dodgers take the early lead. sandy koufax and crowd watching clayton kershaw take care of everything else. a lot of lead off double then dominant. 8 scoreless gave up one more hit. struck out only throe. but the braves could do nothing. they haven't scored a run if in the first two gapes preponderate dodger case sweep on sunday after a 3-0 win in game two. kershaw says i got you bull penning here that's a wrapping n sports. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good sunday morning. here is live doppler 7. a lot of fog but we are looking at it being swept away by a system to the north of us. it's settling into the east of
5:49 am
us in the next seral hours that's allowing for the win shift to sweep the coast of the clouds and warm us up. today temperatures comfortable, near average. upper 70s south bay. maybe 80s inland. 60 in san francisco. 55 vallejo. 58 in hayward. a milder start by about 8 degrees in the north bay. a couple of degrees warmer in east bay and south bay. but overall you can see how clear it is out there. and the camera just a little bit shaky. the winds really getting quite gusty tonight. we have a wind advisory and fire weather watch beginning tonight through monday. sunny and warmer this weekend. increased fire danger in the hills particularly north and east bay. and cooler by tuesday and wednesday. so here a look at win profiles starting oh, ton about 8:00. look at winds from point reyes gusts to 31 miles an hour. 20 miles an hour around the bay and look at direction. stating straight out of the north. 7:00 tomorrow morning quite
5:50 am
gusty here. look at the colors indicating winds near 30 mirror better. and until the sunday evening. really not letting up until perhaps monday morning. still we have the offshore flow even though the winds are a little bit lighter. it's not until tuesday where we still get the -- we return to the on shore push. the forecast for the hardly strictly bluegrass festivl, sunny and brezy today. upper 60s. and a few degrees warmer tomorrow. should be nice around the city. 70 today if you are headed to san jose tomorrow. starting out with sunshine about 60 degrees. for the rock 'n' roll marathon series. 9:00 to 11:00 numbers jump from 60s to near 70 by the afternoon in the upper 70s. today about two degrees war bay. how 76 santa clara, 81 lass gatos on the peninsula mid-70s for redwood city and mountain view checking in at 76.
5:51 am
san francisco average at 70 today. sunny, supper 60s at our beaches. 80 in sonoma and cloverdale and head inland more in the 70s from san leandro to union city. east bay over the hills we go with numbers in the lower 80s. it should be really nice afternoon here for early october. pretty tipping looking for numbers mild around 60. no fog and the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the 60s mid-70s and low 80s today. you download the accuweather app and we are gusty in the hills tonight through tomorrow. with high fire danger. monday, a holiday for some, very little change. maybe less wind. this event really lasts right on through early tuesday. by the afternoon winds coming off the ocean cooling us off and allowing for a little bit better in terms of relative humidity recovery. >> the folks doing the marathon will be happy about the forecast. and you know, 60s, not bad at the start. >> should be nice. >> thanks. if you are a fan of "star
5:52 am
wars" you'll want to catch the new series premeerg tomorrow. the special animated version of the saga. the creators say it's new and true to the original. abc 7 news anchor dion lima has the store. >> people in need we help. >> justin ridge and athenna have both loved the "star wars" since they were kids. the chance to explore into zms was a dream come true. >> i love how bright and lighter in tone it is. i love we are able to create new stories. >> the series called "star wars" resistance, premieres this sunday on the disney channel. the coexecutive producers say it's aimed at a younger audience but they believe it stays true to the original conversion of an ep ink struggle of good versus evil. >> so, you know the show is more vibrant, very colorful, a lot of funny characters and cool ships and things. but we want to make sure it felt like twars. >> can you imagine what it's like to be an ice pilot. >> "star wars" resistance
5:53 am
follows the adventures of casp spying on the resistance. >> he loves to fly that's his goal. but he has to pose as a mechanic on the station which he is not really -- that's not something he does. >> they say serious stwars fans will recognize plot twists pulled from the big screen versions. the series is set 30 years after return of the jedi and six months before the force awakens. >> if you watch the force awakens you realize there is a first order and a resistance. what's great about our show you get to learn about that. >> with fast action and the magic of lucas film zms the series could carry a new generation into the "star wars" universe. >> here we >> as you know disney is the parent company of abc 7. the time is now 5:53. it's a big ahh for the big cat at san francisco zoo.
5:54 am
a routine checkup showed the 15-year-old, 500 pound male lyanne needed two root canals a extraction. the care gafrs gave him a pedicure and trim. up next a surprise military homecoming on the ice. the moment this family remembers
5:55 am
5:56 am
here are the winning numbers from elicit night's $420 million megamillions drawing. 27, 28, 32, 41, 69 and the meganumber 12. nobody picked all six. so tuesday's night jackpot is estimated at $470 million. a heart warming homecoming in l.a. right before the san jose sharks took on the kings last night. a family thought they were watching a special video from their dad who was deployed. but it turned out to be something even better. >> you and your mom mean the world to me.
5:57 am
also be good for mom and no fighting. go kings, >> wow. that's major douglas russell bach of the united states marine corps. just returned from a dplimt in the middle east and his wife was the one who helped set up the surprise for the four kids. so great to see. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, a busy weekend in the bay area. what to expect if you plan to head into the city for fleet week. also, new overnight at least five people hurt in a shooting five people hurt in a shooting where pol many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. re makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again.
5:58 am
the most personal technology, life. to the fullest.
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>> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday, october 6th. good morningnd tnk f ing with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with theook
6:00 am
at the forecast. here is our meteorologist tracking live dler 7 for us. >> good morning to you. a familiar site, the low clouds, fog and live doppler 7 showing a system that will be moving through to the east of us and that's allowing for wind shift, increasing the fire danger with the strongest winds of the fall season to come. 5 a in oklahoma. 53 in santa rosa. 56 in san jose. so we have a fire weather watch this evening through monday morning in the hills of the north and east bay with wind gusts up to a a miles an hour, low relevant till humidity fires can spread rapid lyn aprompting this with the wind advisely tonight through monday morning looking at the highlighted areas here. possible downed tree and power lines that can start fires. this morning with a little bit of fog, 50s and siksds, the sun


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