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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  October 7, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> the clerk will call the roll. judge kavanaugh now justice kavanaugh, confirmed by a two-vote margin. >> we are proud by what he and his family had to endure. >> the vote coming down to the wire revealing a fractured senate. >> we have forgotten the common values that bind us together as americans. >> a deeply divided country. [ protesters chanting ] >> kavanaugh said he'll be even keeled, open minded and independent. will he live up to that promise? how will he be received by his fellow justices? what message does his
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confirmation send to survivors of sexual assault? professor ford and the me too from justice kavanaugh to professor ford and the me too movement. we're covering all the bases with kellyanne conway and a key democrat who tried to block the nomination. >> their rage-fueled resistance is starting to backfire at a level that nobody has ever seen before. >> confirmation battle is galvanizing voters on both sides. which party benefits? our powerhouse round table takes that out. what's fact, fiction and what matters. "this week." >> announcer: from abc news it's "this week." here now chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> good morning and welcome to "this week." less than 24 hours ago the senate voted to confirm justice brett kavanaugh cementing a conservative
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majority on the supreme court. kavanaugh was officially sworn in yesterday making him the 114th justice on the high court. you see him there. his hand on his family bible. chief justice john roberts administering the oath. justices thomas, ginsburg, alito, kagan all in attendance. it caps what "the new york times" called the best week yet for the trump presidency. including a big new trade deal, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and signs that the political momentum has shifted for republicans ahead of the midterm elections. take a look at that from our colleagues at 538. just a week ago democrats had a 1-3 chance of taking back the senate. now it's scaled back to 1-5. at a rally last night in topeka, kansas president trump was in his element boasting about his accomplishments and touting kavanaugh's confirmation a victory that ensures the
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president's legacy will last long after his time is over. supreme court, but at what cost? >> reporter: protesters stormed washington this week determined to derail kavanaugh's nomination. bringing their anger right to the senators before the vote and continuing to shout their disapproval even as the gavel came down. >> the sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. >> reporter: it follows a messy and bitter confirmation process highlighting the deep divide in congress, the country and now the court. >> one of the saddest chapters most sore did chapters in the history of the judiciary. >> as a nebraska woman put it to me what the hell is happening in my country. >> if this is almost rock
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bottom, i would like to have the future mending things so we can do things in a way that the united states senate ought to do. >> reporter: kavanaugh's new colleagues are trying to stay above the fray, but some are expressing concerning. >> part of the legitimacy is people not seeing the court the way the people see the rest of the govern structures of this country now. >> reporter: and hanging over it all the implications to the me too movement. >> what message does that send across the country today to other women so bravely now telling their stories so it will not happen to anyone else? what does it say to them? they're going to get away with it. so be quiet. it will only ruin your life, not theirs. >> what is your message to the women across the crown tri that are feeling devastated? >> i don't think they are. i don't think they are. women -- women were outraged at
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what happened to brett kavanaugh, outraged. >> are you 100% certain that -- >> i'm 100%. i have no doubt. >> joining me now is counselor to the president kellyanne conway. good morning. >> good morning, jon. >> this is clearly a victory for the president, a big victory for the president. as you yourself said this was -- could be seen as an apocalyptic fight, this confirmation battle. how concerned are you with given all that went down and the way this went down that brett kavanaugh will be seen as a tainted justice by roughly half of the country? >> justice kavanaugh should not be seen as tainted. he should be seen as somebody that went through seven fbi investigations including just this last week, another completed this past july, had answered 1,200 written questions and produced a million pages of documents, submitted
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himself to 33 or 35 hours to sworn testimony to the senate including denying the allegations put before him. they should look at his entire record the way susan collins did. her speech and her vote were remarkable. don't forget what she said before she cast her vote. she had been briefed by 19 attorneys, she read his opinions. she quoted those opinions. she said she's concerned we're giving up on basic things that make american wonderful. including due process and the presumption of innocence. the supreme court thank god can withstand much and it will withstand the fact there were a lot of political machinations. you have people preening for the cameras already out there in iowa running for president in 2020 on the heels of this vote and who were raising money during the senate confirmation hearing for the supreme court. there should be a lot of soul
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searching. you're about to have a democratic senator from hawaii mazie hirono on your show. she told you and the men of america to just shut up several weeks ago. this has been a low point for many people whose job it was to advice the president on nominations. they wanted to see brett kavanaugh as a gang rapist. a lot of women, including me, saw a man who was -- a political character assassination and we looked up at him and saw possibly our husbands, sons, brothers. this was unfair. had they showed brett kavanaugh the grace and dignity that his 10-year-old daughter showed dr. ford, that we all showed her in her testimony and the fbi supplemental investigation, i think there should be soul searching, but not the supreme court. >> you heard elena kagan. about the court's legitimacy
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being seen apart from the politics of the other two branches. i assume you agree with that. >> absolutely. >> regardless of what you said there are questions in roughly half the country's mind about justice kavanaugh's objectivity. how would you advise him to overcome those questions about whether or not he can truly be an objective justice? >> you've already tried this for weeks now, respectfully. >> tried what? i'm asking you how he's going to overcome doubts after this country has. i'm not trying anything. i'm just trying to ask you a question. >> we've had this conversation for three weeks. there's been no supreme court justice that's been more picked apart with the exception of clarence thomas who is in his 27th year on the bench. we've had this conversation for three weeks. i think what judge kavanaugh
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should do what he's done for 12 years on the second highest court in the land. he should go to work, do his job. he should look at the documents and listen to the cases in front of him. he should read the briefs and apply the law. not make it up as he goes along. that's why president trump nominated neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh in the first place. and 26 other circuit court judges that have been confirmed. this country is sick and tired of people who make up the law as they go along to fit political agendas or personal predispositions. he should do that, but i'm telling you, we also -- you're talking about the country and poling. look at the harvard harris poll. two data points i'll review. 75% of americans, according to the harvard harris poll, say that senator feinstein should not have set on that letter for six weeks. she should have revealed it immediately. in a separate question, 69% in the harvard harris poll said they thought the whole process was a national disgrace. you have to put all of those
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data points together and recognize that there was profiles and cowardice by many. they were not trying to get to the -- let's start pretending there's moral authority by so many -- many people lost their moral authority claiming they were on a fact-finding mission. they're not even covering his testimony that he denied under oath this happened. they want every woman to be a victim and every man as a perpetrator. we can't live in a country where the first amendment, and due process and the assumption of innocence thrives and have that as a back drop by united states senators. >> kavanaugh wrote an op-ed in "the wall street journal." he said i was very emotional last thursday, more so than i
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have ever been. i might have been too emotional at times. i know my tone was sharp and i said a few things i should not have said. we know he apologized for the way he spoke. what are the rest of those few things? what does he regret saying in that second round of confirmation hearing? >> i think senator collins answered that question best. i'll echo it. she said she can understand, as can i and many women and people across the country, when you are being unjustly attacked, when people are sending death threats and vile emails to your wife and daughters, when they're trying -- >> what does he regret he said? what does he say he should not have said? >> he apologized for getting hot. >> what else? >> we can all appreciate that.
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i don't think what judge kavanaugh said under oath in that testimony for 35 hours all tolled comes anywhere near the hysteria and the hashtags and the spitting and the chasing people out of restaurants and down senate halls. nothing he said or did comes close to approximating that type of conduct. america is watching. i'm glad the cameras were on. >> so let's -- >> he apologized to the senator. he's under oath as he's been for 28 years as a public servant. >> let's move beyond the hearings to what's going to happen. i want to play something that candidate donald trump said during the campaign. >> do you want to see the court overturn roe v. wade? >> if we put another two or three justices on, that will happen. that will happen automatically in my opinion because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> did the president keep his promise?
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he now has two justices on the court. will roe v. wade be overturned? is that the expectation? >> there are many people who are thrilled that it's president trump -- not the person who lost the election putting these justices on the supreme court so we can get back to the constitution and its four corners. having said that, justice kavanaugh -- justice kavanaugh. i love that. he said during his testimony that he believes roe v. wade is law. i would refer you to 2016 when candidate trump turned to hillary clinton and did something that pro-life candidates didn't do and should have. he said you're the extremist on abortion. you would rip the baby out of its mother's womb moments before the last hour before its birth. that was donald trump. a lot of people in the country
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say oh. a lot of people looked at it and said to be pro-choice, you're for sex selection abortion. late term abortion, pax payer abortion. >> back to my question -- >> that's the issue. those cases will get to the supreme court one day. >> the president promised that he was going to appoint justices that will get roe v. wade overturned. is that the expectation now? has he fulfilled his promise? does the president expect to see roe v. wade overturned? >> both justice gore such and justice kavanaugh said that roe is settled law. >> but the president promised to -- so was that a broken promise? >> no. he's nominating people to the circuit court and the supreme court to apply the law. most americans don't know what roe provides and does not
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provide. we've surveyed this in the past. they think there are limits to having aye bo-- abortions. roe talked about trimesters, but they never really -- we're talking about trimesters now. people are going to look at state law and circuit law and are going to look at late term abortions, sex selection abortion. they'll look at abortion after nonpartisan scientists and doctors say a fetus can feel pain. this whole matter of abortion any time, anywhere on demand with no -- the fact that planned parenthood gets tax payer funding and uses it to support democrats is not what most americans think of. >> kellyanne, we just heard -- >> i know the mainstream media wants to boil the supreme court down to abortion and guns. this week they're going to deal
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with asbestos claims and the commerce clause. >> let me ask you about -- >> the constitution is a big document. >> senator collins said the president was not respectful of christine blasey ford during this process. your reaction? >> senator collins was referring to a particular comment from a rally last week that showed a lot of rank and file people who care about the supreme court and care about people being unjustly accused. he was showing he would stand by them. >> was the president being disrespect? the president blatantly at that rally misrepresented what -- >> jon here's where you're -- respectful respectfully you're always talking about last week. we're moving forward. >> senator collins said the president was disrespectful. i'm asking you to respond to that.
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what the president disrespectful to christine blasey ford. >> i respectfully -- i don't know -- excuse me. the white house and the entire process, the senate judiciary committee, his counselor, all of us were very respectful to dr. ford in saying let her be heard. don't insult her. we heard her. she got to testify 11 days after justice kavanaugh was willing to testify. 11 days after she was revealed. let's review. why was her identity revealed? who really disrespected this woman and made her a household name? that would be the democrats. senator dianne feinstein sat on that letter for six weeks. some democratic staffer somewhere -- let's get to the bottom of that. let's not let that go. i hope they investigate who leaked dr. ford's identity. she requested identity. she didn't want to be known. then these democratic lawyers maybe didn't even tell her she could testify privately in california. she didn't have to come to
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california. >> kellyanne, we're just about out of time. one question more about the vote, lisa murkowski obviously voted no. we heard from the president in the "washington post" say i think she will never recover from this. i think the people from alaska will never forgive her for what she did. you're the political expert. do you agree with that? is lisa murkowski's fate sealed? did she make a fatal political mistake with that vote? >> alaska is a state that the president won by 15 points. last time around. it is a state that keeps elevating republicans to statewide office. i think the president's point is you're stuck between the will of your own people in this case and also i think some of the other considerations that really didn't grip people like senator collins or senator flake or senator manchin. everything that the swing voters
8:19 am
wanted was done. there was a supplemental fbi investigation that lasted a week. i think the people on the left were high fiving themselves, but it helped justice kavanaugh to have the investigation because there's still no corroboration for these allegations. the people dr. ford mentioned by name were interviewed by the fbi and they couldn't corroborate her allegations. senator murkowski is up in 2022. i think what a disgrace it is that people are raising millions of dollars to go against susan collins. instead of raising money, go read her speech. it is one for the ages. she did what senators are supposed to do. >> kellyanne, thank you. >> thank you, jon. congratulations to justice kavanaugh and president trump. >> thank you. bring in senator hirono who helped lead the
8:20 am
opposition to brett kavanaugh's nomination. you've called this a sham. do you view justice kavanaugh as a legitimate justice? >> he's going to be on the supreme court with a huge taint and a big asterisk after his name. the partisanship he showed was astounding. the conspiracy theory he accused us of was bizarre. prior to his testimony i had already decided having gone through his record and dissents that there's a pattern that he is not for a women's reproductive choice, that is true. there's a number of other patterns that were very troubling. with regard to this sham fbi investigation, everybody knows when you interview a small number of people and not the dozens of others who wanted to be interviewed by the fbi, that is a sham. it raises more questions than it
8:21 am
answers. >> even before the final vote on the confirmation, we heard from the top democrat on the house judiciary committee, the possible future chairman, say this about the confirmation process. >> if he is on the supreme court and the senate hasn't investigated, then the house will have to. >> you'll investigate? >> we would have to investigate any credible allegations of perjury and other things that haven't been properly looked into before. >> this confirmation battle is over. he is justice brett kavanaugh. do you think the democrats should they win control of the house should continue an investigation absent some new revelations? >> the confirmation battle may be over. the core packing is definitely not over. the federal society, the heritage foundation, these two ultra conservative foundations
8:22 am
have spent decades preparing their people like judge kavanaugh for the supreme court and every other court for life. just next week we're going to hear from two more for the sixth circuit. >> do you want to continue an investigation? >> jerry nadler will do what he does. i'm totally focussed with all the angry women and men who listen to women who support the credible accounts of sexual harassment and sexual assault that i'm focussed like a laser beam on the elections. all these angry people know that these people sitting in the senate that they elected are making these decisions. they're going to go to the polls and vote differently. >> can you rule out the idea of impeaching kavanaugh? >> it all starts with the house. i view so many of these things
8:23 am
as basically -- i don't blame you for asking these questions, jon. i know you tried with kellyanne conway. it's hard to get a word in edge wise with her. all these angry women who saw what was going on and how the senate was not able to deal fairly with the entire issue of sexual assault clearly this idea that dr. ford was given all accommodation is really -- i have to say -- baloney. >> you won't rule out impeachment? we've on the had one justice -- >> jerry nadler is not ruling it out. >> is that a mistake? >> i'm more focussed on what we need to do. we need to get to the polls, truly. >> you heard kellyanne conway mention the protesters. i want to show you a tweet from marco rubio. can you imagine what democrats would be saying if it was conservatives ambushing them at restaurants, confronting them at home, disrupting the senate
8:24 am
hearings with primal screams and now literally banging on the supreme court doors. they would call it a mob. the anger is real. do you approve of these tactics? >> the anger is real. there are a lot of people who feel strongly. the republicans seem to forget what happened during the passage of the affordable healthcare act. the democrats were the focus and the brunt of screams. coffins being left on our door steps, all of that. >> do you approve of those tactics? >> people are making their own decisions. civil disobedience is part of our country. if you go over the line, you have to be accountable. people feel very strongly. that's what happens in our country. people felt very strongly about affordable healthcare act back then. >> let me ask you about what mitch mcconnell had to say about all this. >> they made a tactical mistake that helped me unify my conference and turn on the republican base going into the election. maybe i ought to say thank you.
8:25 am
>> was this a political mistake. you've lost the confirmation battle. he's on the supreme court. now all the indications is republicans are more energized. >> for mitch mcconnell everything is political. starting from after president obama got elected and he said my goal in life is to make sure he's a one term president. there was not going to be a supreme court seat filled with merrick garland. everything with mitch mcconnell is political. he's very ruthless about it. i had major concerns about judge kavanaugh. >> you were against him before the hearing started. >> i studied his cases and read his they're very telling. very much against reproductive choice. it doesn't matter to me frankly -- it matters if they return roe v. wade, which i doubt they're going to do.
8:26 am
as kellyanne said the states are passing laws that will limit a women's right to choose. it's those things that will go before a justice kavanaugh. >> you doubt they'll overturn roe v. wade. >> even if they don't, they'll nullify it. >> thank you for joining us on "this week." >> sure. >> when we come back how will justice kavanaugh change the direction of the supreme court. our experts debate that next. the powerhouse round table breaks down what it means for the midterms now just 30 days away. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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let's bring in our supreme court panel. carrie severino chief counsel and policy director of the judicial crisis network which backed kavanaugh. elizabeth wydra the president of the constitutional accountability center which opposed kavanaugh and abc's terry moran who has covered the supreme court for decades and decades. carrie, let me start with you. you've fought hard for kavanaugh's nomination. what kind of justice will he be? >> the best way to tell that is to look at his 12 years on the d.c. circuit. he comes in with a lot of experience. he was known as someone who's very diligent.
8:32 am
gets all the details. very solid questioner. someone who is even handed. this is why you saw people from both sides of the aisle saying i don't agree with his results, but i always knew that every side was going to get a fair shake going in. >> most people on the other side of the aisle came out strongly against him. >> true, but i'm talking about his reputation as a judge was one of the highest reputations on both sides of the aisle. of the federal judiciary. he was widely respected. this is why the supreme court had gone to his opinions so many times and vindicated his reasoning. he's got a singular level of rememb recognition among the federal courts. >> i've heard some conservatives uneasy with his op-ed that he wrote "the wall street journal" saying he showed how he cares
8:33 am
how he's perceived whereas clarence thomas was like i'm charging ahead. no apologies. do you think this experience will affect how kavanaugh will behave on the court? will he try to do something to address the concerns that so many in the country have about him? >> i think the number one thing he can do is go back to the kind of judge he has always been, which is someone known for his even headedness. he had a controversial confirmation process the first time around. he was filibustered. he had to have a second confirmation hearing. this isn't like he had an easy time before and it was easy to be bipartisan. he's always had that target on his back and yet was able to go through and make sure he was putting his oath first to the constitution and law. i think he'll go back and do that. that will be the best vindication against those who are trying to put an asterisk i clerked for justice thomas. he's got no asterisk.
8:34 am
he can stand on his own two feet. i knowl as well. >> you were dead set against this nomination. any chance he surprises you? >> i hope he surprises me. i practiced before judge kavanaugh. my organization opposed him after very carefully looking at his record, listening to his answers. this was based on the substance even before all the sexual assault allegations came out and the moving and credible testimony of dr. ford. when you look at his record on the d.c. circuit, he's incredibly conservative on issues that will be very important in the next coming years before the supreme court. issues like reproductive rights, issues like the access to health care especially when you're talking about women accesses contraception coverage. en ofis that senator collins w talkith t
8:35 am
ave nominated him. once we see the decisions starting to come down especially if he helps to fulfill president trump's promise to repeal roe v. wade we'll see people come out further when they start to feel the effects of this supreme court. >> when he was sworn in by john roberts last night, i thought it was interesting that elena kagan was there, ruth bader ginsburg was there. how does he fit in with this court? >> that was a huge statement. with this nomination whether kavanaugh likes it or not or deserves it or not he brings the
8:36 am
poisonous political polarization that is in the country right now. some of it is unfair. some of it is of his own doing. when he got angry -- anger was understandable. when he got angry it was as if the mask slipped accusing the radicals and democrats -- >> we've never seen anything like that in a confirmation hearing. >> no. clarence thomas got angry in a different way. not that everyone gets angry the same way. his colleagues understand the constitution put him there. they'll treat him as a justice. they'll look for ways to reduce the temperatures around the court. i would think the key relationship now is between chief justice john roberts and justice elena kagan who has a similar view of the court. can they find the cases they take and the decisions to lower
8:37 am
the temperature? the problem is there's going to be a tremendous amount of pressure. for conservative lawyers around the country, the candy store t. will roberts steer him away from writing decisions for a while? there's been speculation you won't see him writing a decision on a sexual harassment issue. >> i think john roberts will have -- the court has no authority in the country except the confidence of the people. that will be in his mind. >> traditionally the youngest justice gets kind of a few easy unanimous decisions right out the gate. i'm sure we'll see that as well. he's a full-fledged member of the court. much to my relief they're not the polarized group that we see the rest of america as. there are not aisles there. it's not one justice on one side
8:38 am
and one justice on the other. people don't realize that about 40% of the cases are unanimous. >> i have to ask you, we heard senator hirono say she doesn't think roe v. wade will be overturned. do you? >> i think chief justice robert is too savvy to let those words appear in a opinion. i think the court will gut the meaning of the right to access abortion by chipping away and up holding restrictions on that fundamental right. for progressives the question is when we get the next supreme court battle are they going to keep this energy? that will further entrench this conservative majority. >> thank you for joining us. the round table is coming up next. how will the kavanaugh confirmation shake-up the fight of the senate.
8:39 am
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8:43 am
gap with democrats particularly in red states. case in point, north dakota. heidi heitkamp standing has weakened. 538 gives her just a 1-3 chance of re-election in north dakota, a state trump won by 36 points in 2016. heitkamp voted against justice kavanaugh. contrast that with joe manchin of west virginia. he was the only democrat to vote for kavanaugh. despite the fact that west virginia is the seventh most republican state in the country 538's forecast gives manchin a 7-8 chance of winning re-election. will this moment allow republicans a chance to turn the tide on the midterm elections? we'll discuss that and more with the powerhouse round table coming up next. with the powerhouse round table coming up next. of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition
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nextera energy un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy. >> back now with the round table. former new jersey governor chris christie, matthew dowd, shawna thomas and a "this week" debut rachel bade professional reporter for "politico." thank you tore being. here. best week of the trump presidency is what "the new york times" is calling it. we've seen some self destructive tendencies from the president in the past. how does he blow this? >> the president will continue to be who he is. i've known this guy for 16
8:47 am
years. he has been exactly the same person for those 16 years. he will go out and campaign. he'll do the rallies like you saw just last night in kansas. some people will love it. some people will hate it. that's the hallmark of this administration. it's not disputable that this week as "the new york times" is saying -- i'll echo the "new york times" a trade agreement they didn't think he would get done, the lowest unemployment in 60 years, second justice on the supreme court. he deserves to crow a little bit. >> he has united republicans i haven't seen them united in this era. george w. bush, he made three phone calls to susan collins urging a vote yes on kavanaugh. has the president solved some of
8:48 am
his problems with the never trumpers who now seem to be sometimes trumpers. >> president bush was very close to brett and brett kavanaugh was very close to him. one of the things i step back and i saw the odds that 538 has done. i'm not a big believe of those after what happened in 2016. >> agreed. >> also, we often in polling this is a problem that we have. we take a temperature test in a moment and then a week, two weeks, three weeks from now it's very different. this is one of those moments. i would advise everybody before we speculate as to what's going to happen in november in the senate races and the house is give it a week or two to pan out. i remember after the access hollywood tape came out, the race was over.
8:49 am
she was go to win by ten points. then within a week it was right back to a close race. don't know what the enthusiasm is. more importantly we don't know the size of each of the parties' bases are. we'll know more in a week. >> how men talk about this moment -- kavanaugh is a supreme court justice. we all agree that happened. how they talk about and it senator mitch mcconnell referring to those women on the hill as a mob, that's going to change how we think about things in ten days or 30 days. to certain people's peril trying to diminish what these women feel is a problem. that is what we might see play out in the midterm election. >> vice news spent a lot of time with the protesters this week. we sawl protesters george soros.
8:50 am
>> we hung out with a group in alaska who was hanging out with lisa murkowski. they felt respect for her. she brought them into her office and had a real conversation. we also saw people organized. that moment with jeff flake on the hill, we talked to one woman who worked for ultra violent, she was paid. she helped steer people to be able to confront senators. >> there were people paid? >> there were people paid by organizations like ultraviolet to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments we ended up seeing. >> rachel mcconnell says it's going to be a passing moment. y? >> watch the house. right now i'm hearing from house democrats who are saying they're going to investigate kavanaugh and the white house's handling of the investigation process. let's dispel the notion they're going to impeach him. it takes 67 votes in the senate
8:51 am
to remove a judge from the bench. republicans are not going to go for that. >> they're going to continue to fight this? >> they are. they want the fbi investigation made public. there's a huge stack of tips that the fbi received that they did not chase that democrats are going to look into. they're going to talk to potential witnesses that some of these women told the fbi to speak with. they're going to look at his statements to the committee. i will say this is a pandora's box for them. nancy pelosi and the establishment democrats they're very wary of democrats overplaying their hand on impeachment especially because they're going after t >> do they overreach on that? would that under cut them?
8:52 am
>> i can't wait. i really can't. that speech just then your reporting on in and jerry nadler who i know well from new york who is saying we're going to impeach brett kavanaugh. if democrats believe they're going to get a counter balance on president trump, what they're going to get is two years on impeachment hearings on brett kavanaugh and donald trump you're going to get a republican house and senator. the best allies republicans have right now are those democrats like jerry nadler saying they're going to become an impeachment house. >> take a step back. whether or not the democrats are going to take revenge or not, we're in a troubling moment in american history. a previous president, president
8:53 am
lincoln in the second inaugural address at the end of the bitter, bloody war, talked about let's bind up the nation's wounds. we're in a moment that even the side that won can't help themselves but to rub the faces of people in the dirt and can't stop themselves by celebrating beers for brett. i know brett and his wife. he's a man of faith and cares deeply for our country. i hope he takes some of what he learned from where he went to high school and takes a moment of discernment a realize his role and takes it up himself
8:54 am
to possibly help bind the nation's wounds. we're in a very wounded period in american history. >> rachel, immediately after the vote, i mean in real time, we saw two republican women targeted. we saw sarah palin suggesting she may run against lisa murkowski and we saw susan rice suggest she may run against susan collins in maine. >> it's interesting. it's the year of the female candidate. there are record numbers of women running and expected to be elected to congress. we've seen this energy mostly with the left. republican women have been put in an awkward situation. you're right, the two top target from this vote were republican women, but for opposite women. you have murkowski in alaska. the president saying alaskans will never forgive murkowski and sarah palin saying she might challenge her.
8:55 am
that's all because she voted against cavanaugh. then you have collins who voted with him and democrats are pulling their money together and looking for the best candidate and they're going after collins. >> and those outside groups, the mean people alliances, on friday night their server crashed because they were getting so many donations for an unknown candidate in 2020. yesterday they pushed the button and collected the donations. what they do with the money, it will be interesting to see who controls that. people may not forget this moment. liberals may not forget this moment. the point about women running is that, that energy as you said is on the democratic side. there are some women in the middle and the way consultants are approaching those women, the women in the middle, who went for trump, there is an argument to be made because of this moment we're currently in. >> you need someone to beat someone. susan collins is formidable in maine. >> murkowski has withstood a lot.
8:56 am
>> a write-in victory in alaska. you've got to have somebody to beat somebody. >> can i ask you about joe manchin. donald trump jr. tweeted after the vote. after a lone democrat voted, for the president's no, ma'am neat donald jump tweeted a profile in courage from lieling liberal joe manchin. wait waited until kavanaugh had enough support. >> joe's a really thoughtful guy and a smart guy. i believe that joe made his vote based upon what he believed was best for west virginia and best for the country. i would disagree with donald jr. on the character of joe. i know joe really well. >> manchin told the white house he was leaning to supporting
8:57 am
kavanaugh before collins came out. >> any chance he switches parties? >> doesn't seem like he has to. we were in west virginia doing a focus group on friday night. multiple people said joe manchin is doing his job and representing his constituents. >> this moment is not going to pass. it's with us for a while. >> we're out of time. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
>> that's all for us today. thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us. check out world news tonight. this friday tune in for the first interview with first lady melania trump. it's an abc news special
8:59 am
up next, the effects that justice brett kavanaugh's confirmation may have on the country. what democras say is next. good sunday morning. and beautiful shots from mt. tam, but gust s as are in the a
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