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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 morpgs. >> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, october 27ing the. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7. we certainly have fog. dense on the bridges. 6 to 7 mile viability. it doesn't sound bad but the marine layer is compressed. it's more dense before it ee vape ritz. and 54 in oakland right49 in sa. 53 in livermore and low 60s in los gatos. we have high clouds and low clouds. 2 to 4 degrees milder. and the forecast calls for temperatures to be as warm as yesterday. certainly inland warmer but
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cooler around the bay and coast. 50s for everyone. and fog to some hazy soun sun in afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s by noontime. once again touching 80 in the inland valleys with you cool we are the low clouds and partly cloudy at the coast today. >> thank you. after five days of terror across the country a suspect in the serial pipe bomb packsage has been artsed 56-year-old cesar sayoc is due to make court appearance on monday. at least 14 packages discovered so far two of them yesterday in northern california. one in sacramento was addressed to senator kamala harris. the other in burlingame. that one was intended for democratic active it tom steyer. reporter jim dolen from our sister station in new york has more on what we know about the suspect. >> this is the face of the man who police believe mailed explosives to more than a dozen prominent democrats. cesar sayoc. seen on several social media posts shouting at multiple trump
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rallies, clearly wrapped up in the moment and this is the same man friday amp. you have mor subcouped now however after his arrest. >> the single 46 subrogate. >> witnesses say sayoc was in line at the auto zone store in plantation buying parts when apgts rushed in. >> he had a low back on his face from what i saw of him more of like okay they got me. >> federal investigator describe the 56-year-old suspect as a domestic terrorist with a political chip on his shoulder saying he sometimes lived in this white van. its windows covered with political messages sporing the president and demonizing critics. >> we will not tolerate such lawlessness, especially not political violence. >> inventoryings say the break in the case came as forensic examiner carefully dissected a crude ied inside a pack oxygen
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that sayoc sent out to 14 people, quickly discovered a latent fingerprint that matched in the db to one taken from sayoc in his multiple previous arrests, including a 2002 bomb threat. the fbi cautions friday's arrest doesn't mean we are out of the woods yet. >> there may be other packages in transit now. >> sayoc will go before a federal judge in south florida on monday. facing 48 years in prison if convicted. in south florida, krb news jim dolen. president trump briefly talked about the arrest during a rally last night in charlotte, north carolina. the president pointed the finger at the media for dividing the country. >> the media's constant unfair coverage the, deep hostility and negative attacks, you know that. >> earlier in the day the president said there is no blame when talking about the pipe bomb packages. >> the mail bomb scare troezed
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parts of the northern california and bay area. two pipe bombs sent to prominent critics one intercepted at a peninsula post office addressed to tom steyer. abc 7 news reporter bernhard spoke with steyer about the discovery. >> i'm grateful to the police and post office for doing a great job. grateful for enemy keeping everybody safe. >> billionaire activist tom steyer says he is relieved nobody was hurt when federal agents swarmed a postal facilities in burlingame where a suspicious package contains a explosives device was found. authorities believe it was sent by cesar sayoc. are you surprised a device was sent to you? >> you know, i have -- i really don't understandway the guy was up to. >> they followed a caravan of police vehicles to a gun range near sfo where it was rentered safe. steyer at outspoken critic of donald trump blasted the president on cnn for violent
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rhetoric riling up supporters. >> he does not understand that in a civil society the kind of rhetoric he uses, his attacks on the press are absolutely wrong. >> i will confirm that the package was addressed to senator harris. >> this dramatic scene also played out in skroom after a postal worker discovered a suspicious package addressed to u.s. senator kamala harris. the post office was evacuated, neighbors tol t shelter in place. >> i don't know what it means. really a cowardly act i think. >> the fbi confirmed the device was similar to others sent to prominent democrats and cnn. >> thankfully nobody was hurt. and that's my first priority. there are powerful forces and have been that have been hate and division. >> the devices will be sent to the fisher lab in quantico virginia for analysis.
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cornell bernhard. >> steve kerr a vocal critic of president trump he was asked before the game in new york if he was concerned about his safety. >> no. this country we live in these days innocent people get killed, innocent people get shot. and it's a dangerous time to be alive right now. >> another target of the pipe bomb suspect colin kaepernick. sayoc's twist feed included threats about the 49ers quarterback. these are three different booking photos from the broward county sheriffs op investigators say tharp warning signs in his criminal record. dan noyes has been digging into his background. >> sayoc was very active on social media. the days and weeks before his arrest. >> understand, you look at these people. >> he posted videos on social media that appear to show him at president trump rallies, this one posted on facebook in june. . his twitter page lists him as a former prorgsle soccer players
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abcage the fighter. he was vocal in support for president trump and republicans posting red tsunami is coming slamming the nfl over the national antingive controversy. we no he in 2014 he was rode manager for traveling exotic male review shows including sale of merchandise coordinating bookings and supervising operations in a 2012 bankruptcy he filed a petition saying he lives with mom, has no furniture. before today he had eight airtimes in florida from giving false information to grand theft auto. in twu he pleaded guilty and got probation for threatening to discharge a destructive device. the airtime record says sayoc called florida power and light and threatened to blow up fpl and that it would be worse would than september 11th np in 1994 he was accused of domestic violence. the record said the case was deposed by the judge. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> we sent out several push alerts through the news app.
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download the app and enable push alberts so you'll be the first to know about big stories like this. time is 5:07 in other news the caltrain station in san mateo is back open after a shgt. it happened before 9:00 last night. police responded to a dushens near tilten avenue and b street in downtown san mateo. officers say a. 20-year-old man was smot in the caltrain station parking lot. police say the shooting appears to be gang related. no suspects have been arrested. no now to the east bay. what seemed like a halloween prank is a suspicious death investigation after someone delivered a human skull to the oakland police department. it was found in the backyard of a home on the corner of 29th and west in oakland. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs mass the bizarre details. >> reporter: people living in this west oakland neighborhood are in shock over the discovery of a human skull. >> i'm very sad. i'm very sad about that. >> sky7 shows the backyard at
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west and 29th streets where two people visiting the home found it in plain sight. >> it was decomposed and had flsh on it. >> what they did surprised even seasoned officers. >> they thought it was real enough it had to be brought to our attention immediately. >> reporter: the people discovering the severed head brought it to the police station and police officers thought maybe it was a prank so close to hal won't. but when he they stepped outside and lkd in the car they knew it was real. >> i can say in my years of office i've never had a human skull delivered to the police station. >> the coroner's office is now working to determine the identity and cause of death. >> i'm not saying there is any foul play in this at all except for how it got here. that's something we are working on. >> the mystery made more difficult because the skull was moved. >> if i found it i have to call the police before i touch it. >> police are searching through
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missing person's cases working to locate the rest of the body and asking anyone with information to come forward. in oklahoma, katie utehs, abc 7 news. john hailey the embattled san francisco mumble transi want director has announced his retirement. last month the examiner reported hailey was being sued by his senior assist accusing him of groping and harassing her on the job. reports said hailey was pressured to 11 when a group of female fmtta staffer demanded action. hailey joined the agency in 2010. 5:so is the time. lisa argen is tracking the weather appear and lisa fog out there to begin saturday >> fls like summer in the afternoon in some parts of the bay area. it will get warm again inland. but cooler changes for the weekend for most of u, a live look outside from the sutro tower camera. it's 57 downtown. more low 50s inland. and upper 40s in the north bay. can you see the ribbon of fog
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there. but it's dense on the bridges. do be careful. we will talk about the weekend, the look ahead and another warmup on the way next. >> thanks, lisa. also next one more than one milestone in the recovery efforts following the north bay wildfires thanks to processingen e. thousands of gamer today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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as warmer weather returns this weekend so to concerns about wildfires. especially in the north bay. yesterday one of the neighborhoods that rots the most in last year's wildfires reached a actually. abc. news reporter wayne friedman brings us the story from coffey park. >> in the north bay fire storm zone. milestones happen almost every
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day for dennis glin and his wife here is one in the rebuilding of the area. >> we are making progress after a year. >> in these parts pg&e measures progress by the number of high voltage lines cleared from trees. and in coffey park another milestone as pg&e finished nearly 7 months of work replacing underground electrical and gas lines. >> we trenched 17 miles but laid 22 miles of electric line and 10 miles of gas main. >> that would be every hout here in back at the lashing estates they can't say the same. note the power poles. >> would you rather see it underground. >> yes. >> but it won't happen for these homes even pg&e undergrounded the rest of the homes and finished early. that's frustrated to joel chandler. >> we're made to build state of the art homes and pg&e is basically coming through and just left these old poles
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because they can. >> there is a reason. those homes on britain court pre-date the rest of lashingfield estates. built under a different set of codes. pg&e says it's following a predetermined policy >> we did like for like if there was underground before the fires we replaced everything underdwround and that's how it is after a year later. >> like for like, what you had is what you get along the small block in lashingfield estates they do not like that. >> i wish i could do that. i wish i could build the same house i had and not have to updwrad anything. >> santa rosa wayne friedman abc 7 news. in the south bay, twitchcon, 2018 taking over downtown san jose. the san francisco based live extreme platform attracted so many yesterday coordinatorsng t. twitchcon is sold out and scheduled to run threw the weekend with tens of thousands of people expected today and tomorrow. here is abc 7 news reporter
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amanda del castillore. >>is pof t inul. platfm all eagingch is live streemd online. it's popularity was easy to see friday as thousands spent hours in line waiting to connect. >> i mean it's brafrmd out into irl extremes and music extreme. i know dj extremer and chefs streep. >> but at the root are gamers like user imkj she says the irl or in real life aspect shows it's possible to impact the community behind the computer. >> it's two worlds but when the convention comes in it's world collide. >> the the analytic website alexa shows 15 million people daily. this three-day convention sell out in san jose. >> there is no restriction and no extremer and who is not meant to be. >> but that hasn't always been
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the case long-term gamer daniel anthony says it was dominated by men but now more women are taking talents to twitch and she is recognizing her participation is powerful. >> the only thing that i love more than anything else is that now the games are online i'm seeing people in games looking like me wear their hair like me. that's totally amazing it matters. >> early friday twitchcon tweeted the lines at twitchcon did not hold up to the bar we set for the show. we are sorry. so this means they are going to allow people with friday only passes to show up saturday fora castillo, abc 7 news. with fall under way and winter around the corner swimming season is almost over. but the san leandro kids took a difficult for a holiday prize. a pumpkin splash at the acquaintic center last niem the the pool transformed into a floating pumpkin patch.
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the kids took a plunge and took home a pumpkin. now the forecast with lisa argen. hi, everyone good morning. saturday morning and waking up to clouds. here a live doppler 7. you notice a little bit of cloud cover. but boy another nice day today if you like warm. changes are in store by later on this afternoon a a cold front sweeps north of us and allow for maybe a few drops? sonoma county. there is definitely action up to the north and west. nothing real organized that's getting all of us wet but maybe a few sprinkles north. right now it's 57 in san francisco. 55 in hayward. oakland checking in at 54. san jose at 55. and about 60 up in cloverdale. the view pretty good from our sutro tower camera. can you see the city here. but we have patchy kens fog. certainly over the water ways. be careful. high clouds looking at temperatures coming down around the bay today. we have the clouds at the coast. but inland once again upper 70s
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to near 80. yesterday 84 at concord airport. 63 at half moon bay. dry for halloween nona warmer pattern talking about the offshore flow and high fire danger into the end of october. so unfortunately not auto out of the woods yet. we need the rain with you we have the fog. as we go through the time laps here, 2:00 in the afternoon you see the fog at the coast eventually we get to partly cloudy skies. and here comes the system early tomorrow morning but look how it fall keeping us cloudy throughout the morning and by the afternoon the clouds swept off the coast and we'll see a cool and breezy evening. as we look at san francisco for the week ahead, upper 60s today. notice the temperature trends take the numbers up to next week and then the winds will be a factor into early november. as we look at napa, a better indication of how warm it's getting. 76 for the high today. 74 tomorrow. we cool off and some neighborhoods will be more dramatic.
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and then looking at temperatures into the 80s by next week with that wind direction from the land to the sea. 76 today with hazy conditions in san jose. look for 7 process in milpitas. on the peninsula low 70s. san mateo, san francisco we talk about you today. 68. some clouds and also a bit of sun at the coast but breezy. mid-60s there. 76 in sonoma. near east bay looking at low 70s for you in berkeley. 74 in fremont and inland look being at upper 70s, perhaps 80 today in livermore. if you are headed out tonight for prehalloween fun you notice that temperatures will be in the 60s at 8:00. the sun sets at 6:16. and we'll see more clouds around remember a system coming through tonight with bringing the cooler temperatures and brezy winds at the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the warm inland temperature today. cooler around the coast and bay. the cooling continues tomorrow. download the app appear we are
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holding steady on monday. next webb, chris, the last day of october into november it's an offshore flow. high fire danger and warmer for everyone. 70 at the coast. >> hard to believe it's already halloween time. >> yeah. >> all right, lisa thank you. just ahead ocean explorers make a discovery in monterey we've hadfor a long in san francisco and half-measures haven't fixed it. homelessness doesn't just hurt homeless people. it hurts all of us. that's why we're all voting "yes" on c. the plan is paid for by corporations that just got a massive tax break. it's time for them to give back by helping all of us to fix our homeless crisis. with more affordable housing... expanded mental-health services... clean restrooms and safe shelters.
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click, call or visit a store today. it's all about an early hal weep this weekend. appear if you are looking for something fun to do we have options for you to consider. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has more from partners at hoodline. >> everyone in the halloween spirit this weekend and there are plenty of ways to celebrate with pets, kids and even wisdom byes. the 29th annual pet parade and
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costume contest returns on saturday. the parade begins at 1:00 p.m. at the he corner of 18th and arkansas streets. judging for best dressed pet begins immediately after at 18th and texas. even if you your furry friend doesn't win a trophy treats are handed out for all. and no need to register in advance. just show up with the dressed up pet and have gfun. >> things could get spooky for the halloween event boo at the zoo. stroll the zoo in costume appear follow dincludes to get the gooy bag. hands on halloween activities and treats for animals. boop city zoo runs saturday from 10:00 to 3:00 and included with regular zoo admission. if you happen to be in the prune yard in campbell you can join dancer saturday for thrill the world. it's an attempt to break guineas world record for for the
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thriller dance. you must be registered by 2:45 petition main plaszcz an just watch. for us and partners at hoodline have a great weekend. a special halloween treat for one of the san francisco zoo's most popular animals. those are lemurs enjoying tasty froods inside the jack larnts inside the forest but that wasn't the only reason to celebrate. the mad casker krerpt is where the animal originated the zoo will replace primate exhibits. ocean explorers in monterey bay appears to be out of the world. more than 1,000 deep water octopuses tucked into the cracks in the giant underwater volcanic. most are females wrapped in tent cals to protect eggs and soaking up the warm water created by the volcanic hot spots. a firefighter from richmond who didn't let cancer stop him
5:26 am
from serving his community received a well deserved surprise at work yesterday morning. and you [ applause ] that is marcus femuy being embraced by wife and fellow firefighters at station 64. he won a nationwide contest by united airlines to reward the hardest working person in the country with a free 7 high pressure day vacation in tahiti. he was stricken with a aggressive form of cancer undergoing 17 rounds of keem ofr but kept working. >> he loves being a firefighter. it helped his spirit. it helped him feel capable and come back from such a hard time. >> the couple doesn't know when they plan to take the tahiti trip but it has to be after tuesday because that's when united airlines begins a
5:27 am
non-stop flight from sfo. still to come on abc 7 mornings two of the series of suspicious packages reached northern california. the recipients include high profile democrats but some like senator diane feinstein haven't been targeted. you'll hear from her next. an unusual custody battle on the peninsula. why a mid-west zoo is
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it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live.
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together, we're building a better california. >> announcer: good morning east bay. let's g get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. it's frustrate to have you with us i'm chris nguyen. we start this half hour with a quick look at weather. here is lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. good morning to you. temperatures ranging from the 40s to 60 degrees out there. we have fog to speak of. it's 50 in novato. 56 in concord. 52 in fremont. some high clouds and low clouds making for visibility issues up in the north bay. two to three miles from napa to santa rosa. otherwise, things are looking pretty good this saturday morning. numbers are warmer even with
5:30 am
some of the low clouds. and novato santa rosa and that's because we had the insulating factor with us overnight. it's in the 60s by 10:00. still fog over in oakland and hayward pu but through the afternoon mostly sunny conditions and the numbers rebound from upper 60s to mid-and upper 70s from around the bay to inland. this is 2:00. by the evening you notice still fog at the contest. a weak system will allow for breezy winds and some cooler temperatures tonight, chris. >> lisa, thanks. federal authorities are revealed exactly how they cracked the case of the mail bomb suspect. the fbi says it wasn't just the device that is revealed key information. the envelopes themselves offered clues in plain sight. here is chief correspondent pierre thomas. >> inside the critical moment that led authorities to the suspect when police delivered a potential targeting max even waters to the fbi elberta in quantico co.
5:31 am
forensic examiner he is carefully dissecting the crude ied quickly discovered a latent fingerprint on a component. the fbi director telling me. >> once i knew they had a print i was pretty confidnt we'd find the right person. >> the fingerprint was scanned into a db. the authorities found a match. a suspect identified. cesar sayoc who is president fingerprint was in the criminal justice system because of previa arrests, including from a 2002 bomb threat. and has more devices were recovered the evidence kept pouring in. the fbi was using powerful microscopes to look for dna evidence. according to the fbi, the dna was recovered from two devices. one sent to president obama, another to congresswoman waters. the fbi director warning that the devices were dangerous. >> they did contained energetic material which if subjected to the right combination of heat or shock or friction could be dangerous to the public. >> inside the packages he allegedly set clous, certain of
5:32 am
the mailings included photographs of the target. recipients marked with pennsylvania red x pmt another piece of evidence boosting the fbi confidence prosecutors say on his twitter account. sayoc misspelled hillary clinton's name the only using one lp the same as on the package dress addressed to. >> we see unbelievable work like in in hollywood but to see it up close it something to behold. >> pierre thomas abc news. some prominent democrats haven't received packages like senator dianne feinstein. david louis tracked her down to ask about her concerns. >> during a campaign event at a monterey county mushroom grower senator feinstein told abc 7 news that she and her staff are on alert after the string of devices delivers to other democrats. a device intercepted thursday turned out not to be a bomb. she knows what it's like to be
5:33 am
targeted. feinstein is no stranger to terrorist attack back in the 70s a bomb was planted at her home by a group tide to the new world liberation front. the bomb didn't go off. she expressed hope that president trump tamps down hisright rick and. >> the president should bring people to get. presidents should deemphasize differences, enable people to work together, be friends together, work for the goodness of this nation together. and not separate them. >> the fbi and other agencies were able to identify and arrest 56-year-old cesar sayoc in connection with the 13 devices delivered so far. however feinstein noticed how president trump in announcing the arrest did not credit the fbi by name. >> he has maligned the fbi so much and yet i just heard him say to all law enforcement, good work. he couldn't say fbi. you know, this was done and whatever it is four or five
5:34 am
days, congratulations. >> feinstein told agriculture workers at the mushroom facility near watsonville she is working on a revised grimes bill allowing them to stay and work if they've been in the u.s. for two years worked at least 100 hours and have careen records and also lead to permanent residency. in monterey, david louie abc 7 news. we sent out push alert all morning yesterday through the news app as news of the suspect's arrest was announced and explosives packages were found in northern california. download the app and enable push alerts so you'll be the first to know about big stories like this. the time is 5:34 and happening in the east bay, bernie in sanders caps a woke long tour supporting liberal candidates -- liberal congressional candidates. he was at a rally in san diego to support mike levin, a exact running for a seat in a traditionally republican stronghold. >> trump did not do too well in
5:35 am
california. congratulations, california. unless democrats gain control of the house we are going to continue to see a government which gives huge tax breaks to the wealthiest people and ignores the needs of working families. we cannot allow that to happen. >> sanders will appear with congresswoman barbara lee at berkeley there at 11:00 this morning. the vermont senator is rumored to be considering a presidential run. early voting center are home in san francisco in woke. the election is ten days away. there will be places where can you cast a ballot, verify your voter registration or request a replacement ballot. if you miss the deadline to register to vote can you do something called conditional voter voter registration you can cast the ballot in the election and counted after the registration is verified. to learn more about what's on your ballot and the issues and candidates where you live go to the website, abc 7
5:36 am you find the voter guide to the people and propositions on the local ballot. a newly formed peninsula task force on tease taken on the goal of keeping daly city as senior medical center hope. it's comprised government leaders and community groups. the management company that runs the hospital has filed for bankruptcy. officials fear the hospital could close as early as march of next year. >> it is sad. throughout the united states hospital bankruptcies playing poor communities. it's an absolute shame what happens to poor people. >> about 80% of seton patients are low income families and senior processes. the management company tells abc 7 news zpit efforts over the last decade to create opportunities for success we can't swim against the tide of the operating reality including a legacy burden of more than $a billion of bond debt and unfunded liabilities.
5:37 am
5:36 the time. a federal custody battle is brewing over a silver back gorilla in do you meana. living at the gorilla foundation in redwood city. sent by the cincinnati zoo in 1991 as a mate for the famous gorilla cocoa. now that cocoa guide cincinnati zu is spoetsed to get him back but the foundation creator known for her work wants him to stay. a federal judge will design the fate of the gorilla. the great mall in milpitas is hosting a job fair for the holiday season. the center is one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in northern california. the mall hopes to fill more than 200 full and part time positions. interested applicants should bring copies of their resume. the fair runs from 10:00 this morning until 7:00 tonight opinion kohls is hiring for the holidays. ten story also hold hiring ents le assia ployee g 3isuntnd they can be considered for open
5:38 am
positions after the holiday season. still to come on abc 7 mornings, an east buy are bay high school football game tradition takes on a bigger meaning with a big number. firps heading to break a live look outside from the abc 7 exploratorium camera pointed at the financial district on th
5:39 am
5:40 am
a live lake outside from the san mateo bridge came ac of the bay area. you a check of the accuweather forecast from lirm coming up in just a little bit.
5:41 am
but first new details about marin county's bid to buy the sand general o golf course. a judge ruled in favor of residents ending the county's efforts to attire choir the land. at judge agreed with the advocates who sued to block the purchase. they say the county needs to do environmental analysis of the he wants project before completing the the purchase .dwroup is pushing it to put the initiative on the march 20 to ballot to require the property to continue as a golf course unless voters approve a change. >> there is no contest yes yet but surfers came together for the opening ceremony of the mavericks challenge surf competition. the window for the big wave suffering competition at pillar point opens november 1st and runs through march 31st 2019. this was a previous ceremony at princeton by the sea. two years now since the last suffg t.e las ctiel in february. 2016. time now is 5:41 on this mds saturday morning.
5:42 am
you've been tracking the forecast when are we seeing the clouds lift. >> by mid-morning we'll see it at the coast at times but also a little sun and today will be cooler for you around the bay. even inland not as warm. emeryville right now you can see pretty dark out there with 54 degrees over into the east bay. 51 in san ramon. another sunny and last day of temperatures above average before the cooldown begins but that doesn't lart. i'll explain. >> also next the knicks hope to lure kevin durant from the warriors. but he left them in a
5:43 am
5:44 am
time right now is 5:44. and a good saturday morning to you. here a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza. kind of of an eerie scene. well get the full forecast in a little bit. happening tonight two high
5:45 am
school football teams in the east bay getting ready to renew an emotional rivalry in california history. the antioch panthers host the pittsburg pirates with both tradition and playoff hopes at stake. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas reorts on this year's big little game. [ chanting ]. >> reporter: it's not tournament of roses parade but if you are a pittsburg high school pirate in doesn't get better. this home come weekend and football game against the afternoon rival antioch panthers. >> the fact that it's the 100th game i can't tell what you that means to the community. >> reporter: it's not just any game i want the 100 playing of what's officially called the big little game. louie roach aif has the helmet he wore in three matchups in the 70s. he says it's part if you say yo superpittsburg any say did you beat antioch. >> he shows me he year book
5:46 am
pictures from the 50s appear and the game dates back to 1924. >> if you are worried about the math, in some years they played twice. pittsburg won the last two games and currently holds the trophy. through the years the pirates have won 65 games to 27 for antioch with 7 ties. that entitled pittsburg to a little swagger. >> name and position pleas. >> willy hartz. athlete on the team i play everywhere. >> great memories. >> playing against them and winning the last time memorable for me. >> antioch has a little attitude of their own. >> they've been winning in past year we got to get that back. >> is there a little extra pop on the games. >> oh, yeah. 100%. >> okay. >> reporter: and two more reasons each side wants to win. one it helps determine the seedings in divisional playoffs. and two, there will be alums of big little games back to the 1940s here ton, watching and
5:47 am
eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen good morning, everyone. we certainly have dense fog but we do have another warm day. high pressure holds on for one more afternoon before it gives way to a cooling trend. and we also are looking at a good amount of fog out there across some of our bridges. do be careful. we are looking at also temperatures that are going to be warmer than average. average high in san jose is about 71. today we see 76. then the cooling trend gets underway the next couple days. doesn't last though. we are looking at a warm up back to the 80s as november arrives. as we look towards the golden gate, can't see much of anything here because of the dense fog. there was a pretty good consent earlier. so do give yourself some extra time. the fog will stick around throughout the next several hours. here is a live doppler 7 and the visibility is anywhere from
5:48 am
less than that at times in spots. but as we widen the perspective you'll notice a lot of action in the pacific northwest. it's raining in portland. but we have a little piece of energy that slips south and could bring us a few sprinkles around sonoma county tomorrow. but otherwise we are staying warm today. and then temperatures are going to just dip a little bit from the system that will arrive later on tonight. 5 a in hayward. it's 50 in novato 57 in san francisco. 60 in los gatos. some warm areas in cloverdale. santa rosa 48. from the roof you can see visibility not bad. patchy dense fog, high clouds this morning. the cooling trend getting under way slightly today. more significantly late today. through the overnight hours and then tomorrow significantly cooler in parts of the bay. but looking dry, in fact warmer for hal went. if you are headed to the beach it's cloudy and then some sunshine. numbers in the 60s from ocean beach to half moon bay.
5:49 am
we call it partly sunny. santa cruz at 75. a look for the wiek are week ahead in concord norm another warm one in the upper 70s. yesterday at the airport in the mid-80s. a big drop off tomorrow into monday. then the temperatures back up. the wind shifts. and noninto high fire danger next week. looking at the highs tomorrow, the numbers coming down significantly inland in the mid-70s from near 80 today. then around the bay in the 60s. a little change for you on monday. as we go into tuesday that's when the warming trend arrives. overnight highs today, though in the 70s. and for most areas around the bay, 80 in livermore. 74 in palo alto. 64 half moon bay. and overnight tonight you see the fwrin that wants to slip down but really isn't going to impact us much in terms of the moisture. maybe some mist and drizzle along the coast. 50s around the bay and a prehalloween look with in guy. temperatures in the mid-60s at
5:50 am
the coast. 80s inlandlord foreign the last day of the month and looking good into evening hours. the accuweather seven-day forecast download the app you can track the temperatures. today warm inland and cooler and back to autumn warmth next week. >> with the graphic it's the mummy. inof the of the robot. >> in sports tonight, the red sox and dodgers play game four of the world series after the epic 18 inning marathon that didn'tened end until 12:30 this morning. >> in the air to left center back at the wall. and it's gone!r!y, a walk o n me night night. >> absolutely incredible a homer from max munncy ended the longest game in world series
5:51 am
history. the game lasting 7 hurs 20 minutes. the dodger won 3-20 to claul crawl back after losing two in bofrts. the red sox load the series. the game four starts at 5:09 in the stadium np all three schools at home. ulv facing san jose state. number 15 washington takes on california at memorial stadium at 3:30. the 14th ranked washington state battles 24th stanford. last night the warriors kicked off the three game road trip at madison square garden. larry beil as more on this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. the knicks and fans desperately want to lure kevin durant to new york. the performance he put on last night only make them sal innovate more. kd leading the warriors to the comeback win in madison square garden. busy pafr demarcus cousins hasn't played yet tossed out for
5:52 am
chirping from the bench. you have seen it all now np dame yn jones steal durant with authority. dubs down 3 after three and durant just took over by himself. strong to the cup. banks it in. warriors take the lead. k.d. had 25 in the fourth quarter. 41 for the game. launching from everywhere. hitting from everywhere. the warriors outscored the knicks 47-16 in the final frame winning this. steph there, he had 29 warriors win it 128 to 100. sharks on the road also in carolina. aunty scoring his first goal and doing it in dramatic fashion. 1-0 team teal. now the sharks great in the first period but pretty much terrible the rest of the way. blew a 3-1 lead. turnover and tivo tying at three np a shootout joan jones. missed the open net. sharks fall 4-3 in the shootout. fergie maybe you remember today
5:53 am
memorable rendition of the national anthem at the nba prompting laughs from draymond grown and others. her ex-josh dumble the criticized prompting this response from the warriors after last night's ♪ . >> >> let's play some basketball. ♪ >> they're there at the end. it's a wrap on morning sports have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next, harvest festival fun where you can go to get in the
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6:00 and tomorrow 10:00 until 5:00. next on abc morpgs at 6. steve kerr has been a vocal critic of president trump what the kwoech had to say about his concern about his safety after the bomb scare. also, thousands of gamers have designed on the the south bay you with wick take you inside the changing face of twitchcon. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel gnat community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different. but we are in this together. and building a
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6:00 am
i'm chris nguyen. let's look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen, tracking live dplesh doppler 7 four are for us. good morning to you. we are rooking at patchy dense fog this morning. live doppler 7 showing from the north bay, yes, visibility is about quarter of a mile up in napa. fog on the golden gate bridge. temperatures range from the upper 40s in santa rosa. cellular phone dale thaerks. 5 in hayward and concord with 57 in san francisco. so we look for numbers to climb to the 60s and 70s which noontime. the fog disperses and temperatures above average later on in the day. in fact upper 70s to near 80 inland. look for upper 70s around the by and cooler at the shoreline. some places coming down today. but a bigger kohldown on top por the second half of the week. and high fire danger coming up kris. lisa, thanks. after five days of terror cross the country a suspect


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