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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> announcer: good morning, bare. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. imts saturday, november 10th. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the forecast. lisa argen is tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> good morning to you. it's been a rough couple of days with the smoke and we continue the theme this weekend looking at live doppler can 7. you notice the clear sky but there is a smoke layer at 3,000 feet. as a result we have a spare the air alert and visibility reduced in santa rosa, due to some of the low clouds but also the haze out interest. three miles at sfo. oakland, hayward and sand carlos. looking at a frost advisory until 9:00. look the temperatures. 29 in santa rosa and ukiah.
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50 in san francisco. 42 in san jose. frost advisory for north bay interior valleys until 9:00 this morning. so the numbers into the upper 20s. of course hopefully you protected plants and pets. spare the air for unhealthy air in the north bay. inland east bay and continues into sunday and monday. we see the hazy skies and as a result temperatures will be cooler and exercising, yeah you may want to think twice about that. >> thanks, lisa. this morning tens of houses are out in butte account as countyny as the most druskt wildfire spreads. >> we hope our home is going to be okay. >> the campfire has destroyed nearly 6,500 homes and more than 250 businesses. nine people have died and nearly three dozen people remain missing. at last check the fire burned 90,000 and current 5% contained. president trump is responding to the fires burning in california
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right now. overnight he threatened to stop federal funding. he tweeted this after midnight. it says there is no reason for the massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor. billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost. all because of gross mismanagement of the forests remedy now or no more fed payments. this comes as we learn more about what may have started the deadly fire in butte county. abc 7 news reporter. amanda del castillo has more. >> hell fire radio transmission suggesting pg&e may be responsible for the deadly campfire. >> reporter: 15 minutes before the deadly campfire began turning paradise into an apocalyptic scene. pg&e detected an transmission line outage. >> possible power line down. >> that resulted in a power outage at 6:15 a.m.
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calfire says the campfire started near the area at 6:33. >> these are things that should in the happen. >> state senator jerry hill has remained critical of pg&e he in order sb 819 meant to protect customers from rate hikes. this year calfire found equipment owned and operated by the utility started 12 wildfires in the october 2017 fire storm. investigators found pg&e violated state code in eight fires. including in the adobe and atlas fires which torched the north bay. attorney frank pitre is representing victims of the north bay fires against the ewe tielt. >> at this time more questions than answered. however, because i've been through -- i've seen this movie now. this is the fourth time i've seen this movie. i think i know how it's going to end >> but there is still a long way to go in this campfire fire fight. >> this has potential for a
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major incident. request 15 additional engines. >> pg&e e-mailed a statement to abc 7 news, saying the cause of the campfire hasn't been determined and pg&e will fully cooperate with any investigations pg&e warned customers it might shut down power to parts of butte county just two days before the campfire ignited. we know that was mefr never the case. abc 7 news. evacuations centers are filled with residents. there are four red cross sheltners butte county. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo has the update from chico. >> outdoor lamp posts illuminates the thick smoke-filled air. the raging campfire has forced tens of thousands of residents to evacuate and overwhelmed several shelters. red cross volunteers brought in extra beds at the the shelter in chico to accommodate more evacuees. >> we slept overnight here in the car. do that again tonight.
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>> nick pole reardon add packed up her precious belongings in her mom's car and lefg her vehicle behind. >> my car was left behind because not enough gas in it. >> away from the fire zone the main concern is what's left of her paradise home. >> i know ace hardware burned down. it had to go through usth to get to ace hardware and our side of the hill is completely burned. we're about 95% sure our house is gone. >> for the home standing looting is a concern in the devastatesed areas. the sheriff with a stern warning. >> looting a despicable crime. you -- if you go into an area where people have been displaced and you steal from them, that is the lowest form of thievery. and we take that very seriously. we are going to do everything we can to catch zbru official asking for patience from residents during uncertain times. many praying for the best. >> we hope right now that our home is going to be okay. >> others preparing for the
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worst. >> we might rebuild. we might move out of state. we might move somewhere else. we don't know. >> officials do not have a time line on when evacuees will be allowed to return to paradise to see for themselves the damage that's been left behind. in the meantime, there are still 35 people who have been reported missing. officials say that those individuals might not be missing at all. they haven't been able to make contact with their loved ones. in chico. carlos salcedo, abc 7. >> in the nearby town of paradise officials estimate only 10 to 20% of homes are standing laura anthony gives as you closer look. >> we are in downtown paradise, a town that 26,000 people called home. that is before the fire. now it's a town that's been virtually destroyed in less tha. the road through paradise is now
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lined with scenes of apocalyptic destruction. and jarring signs of sheer terror and panic. abandoned cars line the roadways, trucks, even a school bus among them. some even ran off the road or smashed into one another as drivers tried to escape the wall of flames. now we know at least five people here didn't make it out. though the wind driven flames have moved through what's left in their wake is devastating. in every direction left and right street after street, the homes are gone. and so are most of the businesses. >> the town is devastatesed. it's devastated. we're grateful we got people out as quickly as we did yesterday. but we have a lot to do to rebuild. >> paradise mayor jodey jones
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and councilman steve crowdered surveyed the town trying to keep an eye toward the future. >> about 80% of the houses in town are gone. and our downtown is devastated. in fire took everything. it wasn't a section. it was townwide. >> this is just one of more than 200 businesses that burned here in paradise, probably in a matter of minutes. it will now take this community many years to recover. in paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. moek from the campfire is drifting in the bay area. a spare the air alert is in effect through monday. lirm is back with d this i pblematic sensitive g. >> that's right, chris. you can smell it and taste it out there. as a result we are looking at the winds still stagnant, not mixing this out. and we have the air quality
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alert. right now you can see in the red that we're looking at the unhealthy aaron the peninsula into the east bay. but over the entire bay area it's poor today. we won't have the wind to mix things out. and we also have high pressure in control putting a lid on the atmosphere. we are looking at the scenario we haven't seen in a while with a frost advisory and red flag warning into effect tonight. we are looking at winds picking up, but not out of the direction we hope once again out of the east. details in the full weather forecast coming up. >> lisa, thanks. with the concern over smore and the air quality some play it safe by staying indoors. but others still veteran yur out. here is cornell bernhard. >> delasalle hoefted the rivals sbrg on the friday. >> the it's big rivalry. >> but sam had concerns about with the unhealthy air.
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>> seems okay right now. >> some schools were cancelled. >> the assist principal said poor air quality for east bay high school football games to be rescheduled. not this one. even though there were smoke part cals falling under the lights. >> he at the looked at the air quality app at 777 has to be at 100 before any decide not to play. >> a few skaters come out to skate. >> i wanted to skate with my friend. >> christopher has a tough stay at school with the smoke. >> some of my friends at school they have like sore throats and stuff. we stayed in. >> the kids wanted to come out so we decided to come out. >> we found lots of empty yut door tables at restaurants. the owner of 1515 restaurant lounge said he lost business of the smoke. but tie reese and her fronds zoided to brave it by the fire.
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>> it was very smoky. i could barely breathe walking outside. and i just immediately headache inducing. >> smehe said air quality as improving. 16 high school football games in the north and east bay rescheduled. most played on monday for the veterans day holiday. in concord, coronell barnrd. abc 7. two maffe o massive fire are burning in southern krall. from yous from alameda headed there to help. the woolsey and hill fires burning in the cigaretter los angeles area. scorch 40,000 acres combined. two bodies have been found. the investigators are working to determine if the deaths are fire related. more than 250,000 homes are ununder mandatory evacuation orders this morning. we have new video showing the frantic moments as one woman escaped. >> please, god, please. oh, my god. oh, my god.
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oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. incredible. this is video from malibu. you can hear the young woman terrified as she drives through embers able to make it to safety. at least 100 homes destroyed. including caitlyn jenner's malibu home. others include lady gaga. kim kardashian west and melissaa ridge. 7 on your side michael finney has advice how to handle the aftermath of the fire. we are looking live outside this morning lisa argen is [ deep breath ] it's clean. oal!!! gooooaaaal! the moment you realize stains
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good morning, everyone. the time right now is 5:14 and a
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live look outside from abc roof camera pointed at the embarcadero on this saturday morning. lisa argen will have the full forecast in a few moments. but first the new 23rd avenue bridge in oakland opens this afternoon. one week ago a driver crashed into a support beam for the overpass project causing temporary giant steel girders to fall on the roadway. caltrans says the impact did not impact the safety of the bridge. work began on sue on the $102 million project including the 29th avenue overcrossing. in san francisco, police will increase patrols in parts of golden gate park after two fires yesterday. flames burned eucalyptus trees and dry brush near the polo fields after 5:30 last night another fire broke out near the casting pools. fiefrpts got the fires under control in 30 minutes. no word how the fires started. the campfire is now the most
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destructive fire in california history. more than 670 buildings burned almost all homes. 7 on your side michael finney has advice for fire victims how to deal with the aftermath. >> unfortunately this is not our first time around the block. >> yeah, it's very sad. my heart and all my prayers go out to everyone in paradise. and really everyone throughout california that's joining the fire survivor club. it's horrendous. >> brad scherrwood knows. he became a memoranda year back when he lost his home in santa rosa to fire. he has lived through a lot and says the new fire victims will too. >> unfortunately what you are about to embark on is going to be a marathon. and just -- just take a moment. you've just survived a major wildfire. you got to recognize that. and just breathe. >> brad says get your housing situated right away. housing will be in short supply.
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jan janet ruiz is with the -- says get money from your spurns company. >> we have additional expenses that can be added to help pay for hotel and food costs and anything that's going to ensue in the next few weeks. >> then once settled in she says make a list of everything you lost. amy bach heads up the consumer group united policy holders. >> a lot of people have a sort of fairy tale idea they have gotten from watching tv ads their whole lives that the insurance company will come along and make everything okay. and that's not how the process works. >> she says there are a lot of moving parts and you must get involved. robert crown is a public adjuster that's a professional advocate that works for the policy holder. he says fire victims need to keep a close watch on those who
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will be offering services. >> unfortunately, the term of art sometimes is is feeding frenzy. it's not just public adjusters or insurance professionals. it's all the industry that follow in the aftermath. >> brad is a truly a giving guy. he says he plans to head up to paradise this weekend and see how he can help out. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> many people are wondering now the smoke in the air will affect their pets. abc 7 news met with the medical director at pinnicle hospital in san jose. she says if the air quality harms you it can harm the cat or dog. >> you don't want to be exercising and running around at the dog park. dogs can be sensitive, and cats too. >> if you have an outdoor cat, consider keeping it inside. if the smoke persists can you keep your dog occupied with special troys treats and maybe
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some television. now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. saturday morning, live doppler 7. and we are tracking the visibility which is not good around the bay area. the winds are light. some of the winds are trending offshore already. and low back at the red flag warning that is coming into effect tonight. look at the entire area that is affected. the blou indicates the frost warning. and you look at the 2 million people affected with the gusty winds on the way, we're looking at tonight, 10:00 into 7:00 tomorrow morning. between now and then it's cold. temperatures in the 20s in santa rosa. po right now process. 32 in novato. 48 in san francisco. low 40s in hayward. with the clear sky allowing for the raid yags cooling despite the smoke and 3,004,000 feet. the temperatures 16 degrees colder in oklahoma. 9 dro degrees cold ner concord opinion 13 colder by the delta. visibility is an issue with just
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two mimes around santa rosa and two and a half around petaluma. you can see the haze and smoke in the upper layers of the atmosphere. our highlights calling for hire fire danger into tonight and tomorrow with the gusty offshore winds. the kies pr a quality and n in sight for the next seven days. as we look at the calend, last rain was october 3rd. it has been a long time. it's been a dry start to autumn. as we go through the weekend we continue the dry trend. and it looks as though the next chance of rain really a ways away. in fact this is iffy as well. we continue to keep you posted. the red flag warning, forth bait bay mountains east bay hills where the wind will gust in excess of 35-mile-per-hour perhaps up to 50 miles an hour. they will be sustained at 20 miles an hour out of the northeast. once again looking at the critical fire weather with the
5:21 am
frost and red flag warning. i can't remember a time with both elements. 7:00 tonight notice the colors. the 22 it to 30 miles an hour from calistoga middleton through sunday morning and we get gustier winds. by 10:00 we still look at the breezy winds around the bay. the gusts into the north bay. the diablo range and by the late day, 4:00 sunday then we see the winds dial back. under the smoky skies looking at low 70 in the inland valleys. if you don't have to go out, i wouldn't advise it. it's this way as several days as there is nothing in the atmosphere to push the winds around and allow for cleaner air. with high pressure sticking around, putting a lid on this situation. 47 in san francisco. lacking at 42 tonight in antioch. hazy and cold in the north bay with temperatures in the 30s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, smoky sunshine today. and the fire danger tonight into tomorrow. looking at the holiday on
5:22 am
monday. and it looks like we get some improving air quality not until the next 48 hours. >> folks can track it with the app. >> good advise. >> thanks. just ahead -- we are on the world's first commercially viable system. the winery on a roof top in the middle of new york city. we
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saving people money on car insurance.
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abc's new brand localish is smarg stories of places and things you may not know about. today we take you inside roof top reds in brooklyn, new york. >> we listened to our vines. and our vines listen to drake.
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♪ we are on the world's first commercialry viable roof top veinry system. we have about 200 grapevines in this urban planner box vineyard. and and they're all vines. this is sustainable. and it's also beautifying unused blanc spaces. it's a non-stuffy approach to the wine industry where people can experience a vineyard and learn will about local production at their leisure. ♪ >> everyone is going apple picking right now. we got to harvest some grapes. who gets to do that in the brock lynn in the navy yard. >> when i got the text the harvest is happening this morning. i made my way over to help out. it shows the potential of all types of growing that can be done on rooftops, not just small
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gardens but actual farms. >> it's off the beaten path. but once you find it it's like a beautiful osay sis in the middle of an industrial area. >> we have brought this into the urban agricultural world and to take the mta and come up here in the navy yard and do a full-fledged commercial grape harvest, that's only an experience can you get here at roof top reds. 5:26 the tim and still to come on abc mornings -- >> sit in here okay. just get us out of here, babe, please. >> terrifying moments at people rush to escape the flames. the latest on the three big fires burning in california right now. plus, what did alexa hear?
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going.
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>> this is abc 7 mornings. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we start this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. gergen to you. our frost advisory continues for the north bay valleys until 9:00 this morning. it's certainly cold with temperatures dropping off into the 20s in some areas. novato 28. 38 in oakland. 52 in fremont with 30 up in ukiah and on the coast in the upper 40s. here is the highlighted area from napa to sonoma. even parts of sand rafael, central marin looking at some of those cold conditions do you to the radiational cooling even with the layer of smoke. the warmth of yesterday, 60s and 70s. escaping to the atmosphere. cool frere east bay. and calm winds right now. with little mixing or none at all we are looking at this stagnant air mass staying throughout the day. visibility just over 2 miles in
5:30 am
petaluma and sand carlos and we have the haze down to the south bay. four-mile visibility in livermore. low backing like this is staying with us as a pair the air alert goes into effect again today. we talk more in detail about that in a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. developing news at least nine people are dead in the campfire burning in butte county. nearly 3 dozen people remain missing. the fire has destroyed nearly 6,500 homes and more than 250 businesses. the fire has burned 90,000 acres. containment at 5%. >> paradise, a real tight knit community. i think everybody will work together and rebuild. >> president trump is responding to the fires burning in california right now. he is threatening to stop federal funding. just after midnight he tweeted, there is no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor. billions of dollars are given
5:31 am
each year with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forest. remedy now or no more fed payments. bay area strike teams have been deployed to the campfire in butte county. the alameda county fire department posted pictures on twitter of a donkey firefighters rescued, finding it on highway 70 east of paradise. somal control president transported the donkey to safety. paradise high school ends its football season early. the team succeeded the playoff game against red plus because coaches and students are impacted by the campfire. they offered to concede because the paradise's higher seed bus with you bare dies declined. >> chico bay area is closing until further notice. the they are asking commerce to the to come to the brewery and tap room. the company says many employees are aircrafted by the campfire. in san francisco, it sure looks like dusk in this photo but it
5:32 am
was taken at 4:00 in the around because of all the smoke, the light activated lamps along the embarcadero lit up earlier than normal yesterday. let's head over to meteorologist lisa argen for more on air quality we can expect this weekend. >> good morning to you. a closer look at a map behind me you notice the considers, the red indicating the poorest air quality. you can see that into the north way and also into the east bay. so this is drifting all around the bay area. so at times it's not going to stay in way. it will get worse, a little better some areas. but overall you notice anywhere from moderate to unhealthy levels. that's why we have the spare the air alert. but if we low back at the winds and upper elevations they are light. anywhere from six to ten miles an hour. right now out the northwest. what we into need a stropping whipped to mix it out. the opposite happens. we see lighter winds and offshore flow and high fire danger tonight. >> thanks, lisa.
5:33 am
two fires in southern california have forced thousands from homes and some residents had to drive through flames to get out of the area. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. please, god. please, god. oh, my god. >> the hill in hill and woolsey fires in los angeles and ventura counties have burned near 40,000 acres combine. two bodies found yesterday. but it's unclear if the deaths are related to the fires. here is amy powell from our sister station in los angeles. >> reporter: flames leaped from the steep slopes surrounding west hills, the fire burning lieu acres of thick brush, threatening homes and frightenings residents. >> armageddon, apocalypse. all on fire and raining ash and windy. pretty crazy. one of the most intense fire scenes i've seen. >> fortunately firefighters were able to knock down the fire that came within a few feet of several homes. earlier, pushed by fear winds,
5:34 am
the fast moving blaze devastated in cal bass as neighborhood. six roams reduced to rubble. some residents grabbed garden hoses as they faced at one zroibd as a wall of fire. >> he grabbed a hose in the backyard i grabbed the one in front. i stayed up here and did what i could. i asked the firemen, is this ridiculous? and they said, no. when we run you run. >> several of the homes along park moore road sustained little or no damage. jeff feels lucky his family home is still standing but he is heart broken for neighbors who lost everything. >>this is our neighborhood. this is my kids' neighborhood. this is not -- not the way we remember it. i want not the way my little boys will remember it when we bring hem back. >> i'm amy powell for abc 7 news. we have set up a page full of rurss on our website. you can fine more about evacuations road closures, how
5:35 am
can you help the fire victims. it's online at abc 7 >> the criminal case against two men in oklahoma's ghost ship warehouse fire is headed to trial. 36 people died in that fire almost two years ago. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the latest in the case. >> reporter: defense attorney tony serra had this to say after a judge refused his motion to rein-state a plea dell that another judge threw out as too enlenient. >> we're going to trial. we, you foe, can prevail. >> serra represents derick almania one much two defendants charged for the fire thatter to through the ghost ship, a warehouse turned into an artist collective. >> serra says the authorities new the ghost ship was a fire trap and did nothing. >> the inspectors and sheriff department, the fire department, all visited the premises, knew the conditions, sanctioned it. said oh, it's awesome.
5:36 am
>> earlier this year he serra and the attorney for the codefendant max harris negotiate add plea deal under the supervision of one county judge that send signature bond called for almania to serve in my opinion years and harris six. but when he was unavailable his replacement threw it out. serra tried to get the deal reinstated. . then this happened. >> unexpected and interestingly my client gave me a note in writing and told me verbally that he wants to go to trial. >> curtis briggs who represents max hair sis glad the plea deal wasn't reinstated. >> the best thing that happened from our perspective is that plea bargain was rejected. that gives us the opportunity to litigate, bring facts into light. >> two final notes. serra apologized to relatives of the fire victims after he suggested in court that their zoir for revenge led to a kind of mob hysteria. second he has to get the admissions of guilt his client
5:37 am
made in the original plea agreement thrown out. in san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news. and amazon echo device could play a role in a double homicide case out of new hampshire. a judge ordered amazon to turn over recordings and echo smart speaker may have captured preponderate device was in a house where two women were stabbed to death in january of 2017. >> people probably don't even realize that alexa is taking account of what's going on in your house in addition to responding to your demands and commands. >> the suspect is charged with first degree murder of the two women. he pled ng. amazon says it won't release any information until a valid legal demand has been properly served. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the fight against alzheimer's decease, the major event raising money and awareness this morning. but first, heading to break, the time right now is 5:37. and we're taking a live look
5:38 am
outside at san francisco's financial district and the skyline there. lisa argen will have
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(blueuh, houston?ing) we have a problem... (blastoff) (humorous rocketing sounds) is diarrhea taking you on unwanted adventures? diaresq. to the rescue. good morning, everyone. time right now is 5:40. we are taking a live look outside from our camera pointed at the bay bridge this morning. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a little bit. happening today in san francisco it's the world peace largest event raising money and care and support and research. the walk to end alzheimer's is held every year in more than 600
5:41 am
communities throughout the country. today's walk starts at 9:30 this morning at at&t park. meteorologist mike nicco will be there with the abc 7 news team. there is time to register. the event starts at 8:00. a warning if you plan to spend time outside this weekend. abc 7 news poke to a professor of environmental sciences from uc berkeley. he said that breathing in wildfire smoke may be as bad as breathing diesel exhaust with lasting health consequences. >> what we are breathing in are small particles. that can deep in the deep lung. they can generate injury and inflammation in the airways and lungs but it can also affect people with cardiovascular disease, heart disease. >> he says the risk of heart attack or stroke increases with the poor air quality. a few things can you to close windows to your home and to not circulate air from outside unless you have a filter. the our meteorologist is here with a preview of the forecast.
5:42 am
certainly cold out there. the frost advisory for the north bay valleys until 9:00. a live look san francisco in the upper 40s. cross the bay in oakland, how about 38 degrees, livermore at 36. so while you turn on the heat and deal with the cold, we're going to have a red flag warning and we're going to have to deal with the winds once again tonight. i'll put it all together coming up with the ac wrkt seven-day forecast. >> also ahead in sports. kevin durant gets a close look at what could be his new
5:43 am
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the time right now is 5:44. here a hif look outside from our emeryville camera. hazy skies due to the smoke from the campfire. we have the full forecast coming up in just a little bit. in sports all three bay area schools in action. san jose state faces utah sfat in logan at 1:00 p.m. down the farm it's senior day
5:45 am
when the cardinal takes on oregon state. 6:00 p.m. cal bottles usc at the l.a. memorial columns number. you can watch on espn at 7:30. tonight the warriors try to come back from the blowout loss. yesterday the dubs got good news on steph curry as groin injury. larry bowl has the details in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everyone opinion the warriors got the best possible news. on steph curry an pri revealed no serious damage but wouldn't be a surprise if he misses a few games with the injury healing up. steph got murat in the third quarter thursday in the buck's surprising win at oracle arena. you see in the circle knew it right away as he came down and grabbed the leg. curry won't play against brooklyn tonight. wrer the war yes, sir pray monday against the clipper tuesday against the hocks. steph will miss the games with quinn caulk starting in his place here is the coach. >> i think the mri was good news basically.
5:46 am
so you know this doesn't look like it's going to be a long-term injury. so he is disappointed. but it kfb a lot worse. >> how about the only good thing the sharks can say about the mini road trip it was quick. thursday a loss in dallas last night, they lost in st. louis sfl. but thgs this is great the look at that in st. louis. sharks no luck. down 1 nothing on the justin brawn, right there on the doorstep and he can't put it in. so close yet so far. later arundel and fwoel where is the puck? behind the back of the net? ryan o'reilly bangs it home 2-0 blews. shark slow all night. jayden schwartz process beware the power of the schwartz. blanked. back home for a home game on sunday. college football. stanford figures to get back on track hoefting oregon state tonight. it's an emotional night on
5:47 am
senior night. final hopefully the anticipatingle holds up. coach shaw hoping the seniors take it all in. >> i try to remind the fwois and for some of them they don't think about it until this week, try to tell them, this college experience goes really fast. it goes really fast. sometimes the days are long but the years are short. and you know you remember moments. >> got to play the game right now. >> ready when you are. >> excited about it. >> it is sick. low back who likes the chase center. warrior star kevin durant got a tour. seemed very impressed with the arena under construction at mission bay. kd, non-kmilgts about his future as in, kevin with you over he he would not say one way or theh looked impressed. th wrap on
5:48 am
have a great weekend. >> announcer: now the accuweather the sutro tower. poor visibility due to smoke and haze at the upper levels of the atmosphere. and we are cold out there with the frost advisory for the north bay until 9:00 this morning. so of course you have seen the smoke, smelled it. and we are looking at a spare the alert today with the poor air quality in the north bay and inland east bay the worst. now we shift around a little bit today. going from unhealthy to very unhealthy over all of the populated area right on through tomorrow and into monday. certainly we need a weather system to move in and bring cleaner air but that's not the case. in fact we are seeing the winds switch around to an offshore component, bringing down the relative humidity which could be anywhere from 30% to the teens. tonight into sunday afternoon as another offshore event gets going. here is live doppler 7.
5:49 am
it looks like we don't have the cloud cover. but we do it's in the upper levels of the atmosphere. then this the red flag warning going into play tonight at 10:00 through 7:00. and we are looking at a huge area of northern california encompassed in this. . . the higher he feels and looks are look at parts of northern california, sacramento, snora. and the areas hit with fires. unfortunately another round of ofrp flow when in the cold pattern. 29 in santa rosa. 38 in elbowed. 51 fl fremont. 42 in san jose. so temperatures are so much colder than yesterday due to the chlorsky. we have the cooler air mass overhead and not getting any warmth due to the moek smoke and thhat t afternoon then droppingt 16 degrees cooled ner oakland with the visibility chanseayith two miles in sand carlos.
5:50 am
3 miles in oakland and 4 miles in concord. good idea to stay in and also the pets as well, bring them inside. you can see it. you can feel it. and it's going to be this way for a while because we have high pressure putting a lid on thefer, the high fire danger, the smoky skies, poor air quality, seven days no rain. the last rain was october 3rd. as we go through november the next rain chance could be next weekend. then we could see another chance into the 25th. not much, far away but we take whatever slight chance we can get. here are the red areas with the red flag warning, 10:00 tonight into the afternoon. boy this is a routine for the past couple of months for us. but look at the humidity. anywhere from 9 to 17% is a possibility. and the winds coming off the land pushing to the ocean. 1:00 in the morning gusting in santas rosa, clover detailed. 21 to 32 miles through calistoga and diablo and delta as well.
5:51 am
and we have the 15 miles an hour winds at 7:00 tomorrow. at the surface brozy as well. but the gusty winds right on through the morning, the afternoon hours. here we are 4:00 on sunday then the winds finally dial back. we have the haze. we have the smoke. and we have temperatures staying in the 60s and 70s. poor air quality. as we go through the amp it may improve a little bit for some but overall we stay in this pattern with the hazy, smoky conditions, as high pressure stays with us. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the for danger increases with gusty winds. you download the app and you'll be able to tell this pattern is not just not going anywhere a a holiday on monday for some. mid-70s inland, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, chris it stays the same. wiltzius in place it looks like from time to time things get maybe a little better. you saw the games last night some of the games, but overall
5:52 am
no big changes. >> always good information, lisa. thank you. for the first time former first lady michelle obama is opening up about the struggles she had in her personal life, including a struggle to have children. she sat down for of an inclusive interview with robin roberts and talked about a mistaerj from 20 years ago. >> i felt lost and alone and i felt like i failed. because i didn't know how common miscarriages were because we don't talk about them. we sit in our own pain thinking that somehow we are broken. >> you can watch robin roberts candid conversation with michelle obama in an abc news primetime special. it's called a first lady's adjourn judge ary, becoming michelle obama. airing tomorrow night at 9:00 only on abc 7. the time is 5:52 next brush up on ice skating skills where you can
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here are the winning numbers from last night ace $90 million megamillions drawing. 8, 14, 27, 57, 67, the meganumber 5. nobody picked all six. so tuesday's night's jackpot goes up to $106 million. it's never too early to get into holiday spirit. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has ideas from the weekend from our partners at hoodline. >> when it comes to the weather it may not feel like the holidays yet but it's never too early to enjoy a cup of cider. i'm talking about alcoholic craft cider check out the cider festival at spark social sf in mission bay. drink in the crispness of fall from noon until 5:00 p.m. you may know the ice rink in union square opens this weekend. about you it you know that every weekend until late january can you get free skating lessons from a pro? lessons take place saturday and sunday morning but you have to
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5:57 am
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6:00 am
valleys that we're watching because we have a frost advisory through 9:00. you can see why. it's chilly novato. 34 in napa temperatures in the upper 30s in concord with 36 in livermore. and 40s in the south bay.he are that will see numbers level up to the upper 20s. that's anywhere from 8 follow 11 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday at this point. the air quality is an issue. the spare the air alert today and tomorrow with unhealthy air mainly in the north bay and inland east by. looking for poor air quality elsewhere around the aand we talk about when we see any other significant weather head our way so we can improve things in terms of the air quality. that's coming up. chris. >> thanks. this morning tens of thousands of of people are out of


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