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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the camp fire is now the deadliest wildfire in california history and hundreds of people are still missing. the new concern and threat this morning. >> as the race to contain the fires, so does the poor air quality all across the bay area. >> sorry to say it continues for another day. good morning on this november 13th. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for when it will finally start to clear up. >> jess kashgs reggie, hi, everybody. let's take a look at right now and then i'll answer that question. there's a small area between the san mateo and dumbarton where the air quality is not unhealthy, the santa cruz mountains and vacaville, where it's yellow, that means it's moderate. the rest of us waking up to unhealthy air. you can see it on the visibility radar on the doppler.
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it will be around all day on my accuweather forecast. a lot of us in the 40s, low to upper 40s at 7:00. notice not as warm in the afternoon hours as high clouds along with our smoke will dim our sunshine and hold us in the mid-60s at noon. low to upper 50s at 7:00. let's see if we have any good news on the commute. is that possible now that everybody is heading back to work, alexis? >> yeah, set me you up for failure. i do believe crews are picking up the closures, southbound 880. we had a full closure for the oerpass demolition. that was scheduled to wrap up at 5:00 according to caltrans. looks like they'll be on time. i believe they'reiles hour. for an alternate. let's take a look at some video. we had an unfortunate situation overnight in the south bay.
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budget rental truck driver hit and killed a pedestrian on northbound 280, just north on 101 on 280. investigators say the woman was on the freeway, but they did not say why. the driver did stay at the scene. all lanes were shut down but they reopened just after 4:00 this morning. i'm not seeing any residual delays. developing news now. the butte county sheriff has identified three of the 24 people killed in the camp fire. >> 65-year-old ernest foss, jesus hernandez and carl wily. as the fire fight continues, searchers recover more yesterday bringing it is total death to 42. that makes the camp fire the f ire in our state's history. >> more search and rescue crews are headed to butte county today to look for more than 200 others who remain missing this morning. cal fire reports it's burned
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117,000 acres and 30% contained. you can see on the bottom of the screen, it's getting the oroville dam. they want to keep the camp fire from damaging the infrom structure. the department of water resources says it's monitoring the situation now and people living north of the reservoir have been told to evacuate. some family members are looking for missing loved ones. >> as abc7 news met one family that's back together. here's his story from an evacuation center in butte county. ith bea hu they were looking for her for four days. >> it's pretty rough, especially on an emotional level. >> reporter: they total 19 in all and now all 19 are homeless. these tents at glen county
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fairgrounds and what's around them is all they were able to save. jennifer drove with her car packed with family and dogs, including 1-year-old twins as her home and community burned around her. >> just seeing things blow up and hearing it blow up and stuff like that, it was pretty scary. >> reporter: her nephew should be in school, but life is teaching them a different lesson today. 12-year-old andrew juarez says it's tough to sleep out here at night. >> it's been hard adapting to not living in my own house, not coming home every day to my own house. >> reporter: the cousins say they know lost everything, but their family is helping them stay positive. earlier today i spoke to the office of emergency services. they said they need your help, especially in the form of cash donations, which they can use to buy the supplies they need. to find out how you can help, there's a link on our website, in butte county, abc7 news. a swimming pool saved a horse from the fire in paradise. jeff hill found the horse in a
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backyard when he returned to his evacuated neighborhood. a facebook post, he said the horse was tangled up in the pool cover and that actually helped keep the horse from drowning. >> wow. glad it's okay. meanwhile, we're still dealing with that poor air quality across the bay area. we talked about that throughout the morning. dozens of schools in sonoma county will be closed. >> you'll find the full list on the ticker at the bottom of your screen. live from petaluma. >> you can see this warning message letting everyone know that classes are canceled today. though it does say they expect to be back open tomorrow, there are several schools, as you mentioned in sonoma county canceled today because of the poor air quality. as soon as we got into the area here, we could see the haze in the air and smoke as well. here's a look at some smokey
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skies in the region around the past couple of days here. when i talked with the bay area air quality management district yesterday, they told me the air concentration on sunday was almost identical to the first day of impact from the camp fire in butte county on november 8th. that just further shows the lack of improvement we've seen in the bay area. a winter "spare the air" alert was extended through friday, including wood burning, manufactured fire logs and solid fuel inside or outside is banned. if you have any further questions about schools that are being impacted, we have a full list and some additional details available on our that is it on that note, smoke from the wildfire dropped the air quality at le levi stadium to an unheal level. fans still showed up, wearing
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masks. >> wildfire survivors were special guests at the game. abc7 news was at levi stadium in santa clara as they hosted players, cheerleaders and coaches from paradise high school. they got to meet the players on the sidelines and for a few hours escape the fear, worry and loss following the wildfire. >> we're very grateful for this. and i wish the people at home could have this opportunity, too. we're here for them and right now they're thankful as well. >> an assistant coach with the niners grew up in paradise. his childhood home is one of those lost in the flames. cal fire map identifies the damage identified with a red dot. you can find this on our website, you're never more than seven minuteses away from my accuweather forecast. half moon bay, 39 degrees.
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menlo park, 36. 40s on the pen sign la. daly city, 51. pacifica, 58. you can see 30s to 40s for the rest of us this morning until you get to los gatos, it's in the 50s. the golden gate bridge is easier to see this morning compared to yesterday morning. the air is still unhealthy and it will be throughout the day. another "spare the air" alert. east bay temperatures, let's go from 8:00 where it's 50. 64 at noon. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 60s at 4:00. back to 60 at 6:00. by 8:00, 57. notice the constant all day, not only the haze but the high clouds. one reason it will be cooler today. 45 up in the north bay at 8:00. 20 degrees warmer at noon. you'll hang out in the mid to upper 60s at 4:00. we end back in the 40s at 8:00 this evening.
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in the south bay, we start at 47. we'll be in the upper of 60s from noon to mid-60s at 4:00 to 57 by 8:00. i am still tracking two chances of rain that will hit around thanksgiving. first let's check out the commute. >> we're still keeping an eye on our biggest slow area. that is in oakland. hopefully this will thin out soon. caltrans is saying they are done with the roadwork southbound 880 at 23rd. we still have a 20-minute delay as you get through that stretch. if you are just about to leave and you're not in a big rig, i would take eastbound 580 instead. we should be at full volume today after veterans holiday yesterday. south bound 580 dublin to mission boulevard, 15 minutes. now more developing news in southern california where we are
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tracking two filed firwildfiresl fire and woolsey fire. >> firefighters are making steady progress on the hill fire, which has burne woolsey f 94,000 acres and right now 30% contained. this video gives you an incredible perspective of the fire fight in california. someone filmed this in a calabasas neighborhood as crews flew overhead, dropping fire retardant. with millions of ballots cast, one state separated by a few thousand votes. that's not the only one too close to call this morning. >> crews rushed to put out a grass fire that popped up in the east bay. investigators say this is the cause.
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a local pro athlete literally gets down and
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do you remember october 3rd? it's the last time we had measurable rain in the bay area. we've got that. so it's 31 days since the last rain.
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let's jessica. in the east bay fire investigators say a model rocket sparked a grass fire in con cord last night. contra costa fire department posted these pictures on twitter. they say this is a case of arson. they want to know who set off the model rocket near barkwood court and warning the public to be careful outdoors. fire season is not over yet. in the south bay, morgan hill police are investigating two deadly crashes. >> both happened the same day at the same intersection. here's a map showing the location. it's watsonville road and venetian way. the first crash happened friday just before 4:00. a 26-year-old woman was killed when the car she was riding in crashed into a tree. four hours later, a 71-year-old woman was hit and killed while crossing the street. the driver stayed at the scene.
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happening today, san mateo county officials will vote on a plan that could automatically enroll you in the emergency alert program. the county wants to add everyone to the system by accessing billing records. this follows a new law giving cities and counties the option to do this. san mateo county launched this ten years ago but now have you to opt into it. if they pass the resolution and you get automatically he enrolled, you can opt out. your voice, your continues. senator lara has 2% lead for insurance commissioner. this one is really close. assemblyman tony thurman is in a virtual tie with marshall tuck for superintendent of public construction. after 7.2 million combined votes, thurman is up by just
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3500. in the east bay it appearsal immediate da will have a new water. city councilwoman marilyn has increased her slight lead over incumbent trish spencer. we're getting a better idea of voter turnout in san francisco. it's stunning. it dramatically increased from four years ago. some of the 2014 midterm, about 200,000 votes were counted. this year, 323,000 votes have been counted and there are still 56,000 mail-in ballots remaining. that means once everything is counted, the turnout this year would increase by 168,000. do a little math. that's about a 70% increase from 2014. >> wow. watch out for a mountain lion on the peninsula. >> san mateo county officials say a mountain lion was spotted in san mateo about 9:00 yesterday morning. the animal wandered through a
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neighborhood on parrot drive in bel air. they say it was not aggressive and left the area. 50 million electric vehicles, that's the promise from volkswagen ceo. there's no reference to an actual timeline of when vw expects to complete its goal but the first golf sized i.d. electric cars are expected to be delivered in 2020. volkswagen promises they'll be less expensive than tesla. daniel mangden is making headlines after he helped two stuck puppy. the dogs were eight feet down a drain for nearly a week and now recovering. happening today. amazon is expected to officially announce the two cityings that will sve as its new headquarters. >> if you've been following along since last week, then you won't be surprised. "the wall street journal" first
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reported late last night that amazon has picked new york's long island city, which is in queens and crystal city virginia, just outside washington, d.c. as their new dual headquarters. sorbet area, you're want getting that. we're going to try to blow the smoke out of here. complicated weather pattern over the top of us right now. what you're seeing from walnut creek, not as hazy as yesterday but the air quality is just as poor. today, cooler high thanks to the canopy of clouds. high clouds start to leave us overnight and cleaner air and chances of rain in the forecast. here's a look at the high pressure that's been dominating. it's been shoved off to the east. above about 14,000 feet the winds will be blowing out of the
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west. below 14,000 feet they're coming out of the northeast. that means more smoke into our neighborhoods. here's a look at our temperatures. notice everybody pretty much in the mid to upper 60s. a few 70s around places like san jose, morgan santa cruz and eukia. eke land 48 to san francisco, 51. here we are monday when the air should be significantly cleaner. as you can see, the winds coming in from the southwest. starting tuesday into wednesday, we have one shot of rain. at least according to this computer model. you can see the time frame, 10:00 wednesday, the first storm moves away. another one starts to roll down. here we go as we head through thursday afternoon, thanksgiving afternoon. a day to stay inside, watch the parade and some footballs. temperatures by then will be in the 60s everywhere. >> good morning, mike.p and cal
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and they confirmed they wrapped up that work a few hours ahead of schedule. at 4:57 we're seeing residual delays. still about 2, 2 1/2 miles of backup approaching that. down to 5 miles an hour. that will take another 10, 20 minutes to fully clear out. eastbound 580 your alternate as long as you're not in a big rig. mass transit, 42 b.a.r.t. trains in service with no delays. it will be a smokey commute unfortunately, but no delays if you're riding san francisco bay ferry. in "gma's" first look security will be tight as opening arguments the trial of drug lord known as>> i look," opening arguments begin
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in the trial of el chapo, who is accused of being involved in dozens of murders, smuggling over 200 tons of cocaine and conducting billions of dollars of drug deals in the u.s. and around the world. >> there are thousands and thousands of citizens in the united states that die from drug overdose, families are wrecked. he's reeked havoc in the united states. >> el chapo's reputation for being ruthless has ordered unprecedented security for the jurors who will remain anonymous throughout the trial. many potential jurors were dismissed because they were too scared to participate. u.s. marshals will escort them to and from the courthouse every day for their safety. and we'll be live from the with your "gma first look," i'm linda lopez, abc news, new york. look at this tweet president trump just sent out. he's complaining that france has big tariffs on u.s. wine coming into the country, but the u.s.
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only charges small tariffs on french wines. and he writes, not fair. must change. of course, napa produces a bulk of u.s. wine. in comes in a series of tweets going after the french president. he ended it with, quote, make france great again. some money gram customers will be getting a refund after complaints that they failed to follow orders about fraudulent money offers. as part of the $125 million settlement, they agreed to expand fraud measurement, including issuing refunds to some customers. 7 things you need to know to start your day. facebook had a massive outage, and google had traffic rerouted to russia and both companies explaining what went wrong. all the single cities, all
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talk to your doctor about chantix. it is 5:25. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are the seven things you need to know today. the camp fire in butte county is the deadliest fire in state history. 42 people are confirmed dead. a5:30, the new n missing. information we learned about four of the victims. number two, we're under a "spare the air" once again. i'm monitoring the latest trends and some areas are starting to get a little cleaner. i'll show you that coming up. several school districts in the bay area won't hold class today due to the poor air quality. we have a full list of closures on the ticker at the bottom of the screen and state regulators investigating pg&e and southern california edison for their
5:26 am
possible roles in the c and woolsey fires. both companies reported equipment problems moments before the two deadly fires began. santa ana winds are expected to pick up today making the fire fight difficult. number six. we don't have a lot of incidents on the boards right now, but bay bridge metering lights are on. unless you're using the carpool lanes, you'll have a wait. number seven, that david schwimmer doppelganger wanted for theft in england has been caught. police announced they arrested him after a camera caught him carrying cans out of ast andine chance finding love in san francisco. >> wallethub looked at the percentage of single cities,
5:27 am
online options, and the cost of going out on a date. atlanta, number one. followed by denver. san francisco comes in at third. that's scoring pretty high on dating opportunities and fun and recreation. portland in fourth place. and los angeles rounded off the top five. i have lived in three of those cities and in every one of those cities, my single friends would beg to differ. >> well, i think it's circumstantial. if you're not finding the right one, a number sounds good. i'm surprised we rank that high even with cost. >> also my friends are losers. so, that makes sense. coming backfull 90 minutes coming backfull 90 minutes including the secret "jeopardy!" mrs. walker. coming backfull 90 minutes including the secret "jeopardy!" michael vasquez! come over here.
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victims are now being identified in what's become the deadliest wildfire in california history. and the fire fight is far from over. state regulaities are stepping in and leading an investigation into what cause the camp fire. we'll tell you the lead they're now following. we are in for another day of poor air quality in the bay area. this is a live look, very city from our suitro tower cam. mike, people are wondering, when will it go away but you're saying
5:31 am
>> absolutely. i do see a small improvement. that is air, that is not unhealthy. it's the only air that's not unhealthy in the entire bay area. we've seen a little improvement. see where the land is in oakland. that's from lafayette to danville and out to antioch. that's come down from unhealthy to poor. that is a little bit of an improvement. we're going to have poor air quality pretty much all day today. it will ebb and flow. temperatures will be cooler in my eaer planner. we have one issue in vallejo area. sounds like possibly two left lanes blocked. westbound 80 past the 780 merge. working on getting more information from starting to back up in the area. i definitely think we have at least one lane blocked. want to take you down to oakland where we're improving. southbound 880 is improving following that overnight closure for the overpass demolition. last time we checked, we were at
5:32 am
5 miles an hour. we're up to 19 miles an hour. that's starting to thin out. breaking overnight. firefighters are on the scene of this small grass fire in the santa cruz mountains near uc-santa cruz. this is video we just got into the news room. that fire spread to two acres of trees and brush. fire crews throughout the bay area on alert because of the high fire danger. developing now -- more search and rescue crews are going to head to butte county to try and find the more than 200 people still missing in the camp fire. officials found the remains of 13 more victims yesterday, that brings the number to 42. this is now the deadliest fire in the state's history. butte county shash released the three victims, dejesus hernandez and carl wily of magalia. a woman confirmed to abc7 news
5:33 am
her fore, gordon dise, died. she was in the car ready to evacuate, her father ran back into the house to get something and never came back out. institu the camp fire has burned 117,000 acres or 82 square miles, just 30% contained. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has more from nearby yuba city. >> reporter: i'm at the yuba suter fairgrounds. these folks just starting to learn if their homes or businesses survived. in the meantime, up in the fire zone we found a veteran who had a chance to see his loss close. gary conner should know, he served two tours in vietnam. >> pretty sad. >> reporter: seeing the paradise
5:34 am
thrift store he and his wife marilyn spent years creating reduced to a pile of ash and debris is a lot to take in. >> trying to fight back tears. >> it's a total loss, no doubt about that. we spent the last seven years building this up. >> reporter: the conner's store is among more than 7,000 structures destroyed by the camp fire. as the death toll rises, it's become the most lethal fire in california history. thanks to the work of more than 4500 firefighters from as far away as south dakota, the fire itself is getting closer to containment. >> gas can, a bag of tools. >> reporter: what the camp fire left behind could be tough for even a hardened war veteran to fully comprehend. >> where do you go from here? >> forward. you can't go backwards. and we're both very strong, so l
5:35 am
not be and that's what bothers me. >> reporter: i'm told this shelter has about 200 people in it right now. it's about an hour from the fire zone. unlike some others that are a bit closer, this one still has space in it. in yuba city, abc7 news. dozens of schools will be closed today in sonoma county because of the poor air quality. we have a full list on the ticker at the bottom of your screen. . smoke drifting down from the camp fire will make the sky hazy for a fifth straight day. it could also cause delays at sfo today. the recommendation, to limit outdoor activity and stay indoors. we have a complete list of school closures on our website, state regularities are investigating two california utilities, pg&e and california edison for their possible roles in the camp and woolsey fires. >> abc7 news reporter matt keller is live with more on this story from san jose. matt?
5:36 am
>> reporter: one lawmaker says he's looking into legislation that would break apart pg&e, one of the largest utilities in the united states. >> positioned they're too big to fail, i frankly think they're too big to succeed. that's why we need to take a closer look at pg&e. >> reporter: that's jerry hill, a vocal critic of pg&e. he says he's looking at the possibility of taking away their license to do business in california as a monopoly and open it up for competition. authorities have not determined a cause for either of the two major playses burning now. pg&e and southern california edison have reported irregularities with their equipment near the time and place where both ignited. starting next year, a new law goes into effect, making it easier for utilities to pass along costs from fire-related damages to customers and also avoid possible bankrutcy from a series of major fires, including the north bay fires that occurred during the 2017 fire season that produced more than $10 billion in losses. the nonprofit, the utility
5:37 am
reform network, advocates for low utility rates. >> i think we can expect that pg&e will once again be saying, we can't afford this. well, you know, customers can't afford it either. >> reporter: pg&e says they're cooperating with investigators. abc7 news, matt keller. many families in paradise and the surrounding communities lost just about everything to the flames. >> some evacuation centers say they need items like underwear, socks, backbacks and duffel bags for fire victims. they've been inundated with clothing and other items they don't need. many organizations say the best way to help is through a monetary donation. you can make i $10 donation to red crosby texting red cross to the 90999. we have a list of other ways you can help on our website, people who survived the north bay wildfires are paying it forward, helping animals
5:38 am
impacted by the camp fire. one woman from sonoma county brought a trailer of supplies to butte county fairgrounds for animals being treated and held there. another woman started camp fire pet rescue and reunification to find lost dogs and cats. they were able to reunite hundreds of cats with their owners after the tubbs fire. >> all new pet faces to look at and greet and hope you're going to find them. >> like so many other responders, we're paying it forward. we're just here to help another community. >> here's another way can you help. if you happen to be looking for a new pet, the humane society silicon valley is looking for help with adoptions. it needs to free up more space as it's taking in moreet the firezones. >> camenis an american flag in almost perfect condition. elk grove police say they passed home after home, destroyed. when they came and saw this pole, still standing with the
5:39 am
american flag barely touched by the flames. officers secured the flag and hope to return it to its owners. the camp fire has destroyed more than 6700 structures and almost all of them are homes. cal fire released an interactive online map identifying the damaged and destroyed homes and businesses. most have been labelled with a red dot on this map. an image is attached to a lot of them. you can find the map on our website, never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. want to go to the north bay and show you, not as frosty as yesterday. guerneville, 32, specifically frosty. a lot of mid-30s down to -- excuse me, san rafael at 44 and american canyon, 40. seems like smoke is getting into my voice this morning. we've got 40 at redwood city,
5:40 am
cupertino and brentwood. a hazy san mateo unhealthy air quality all day. let's talk temperatures. we'll pull them back closer to average today. today at least temperaturewise, pretty average day, obviously. skywise with that air quality, absolutely not. 51 today, san francisco. as we head down the peninsula, slightly warmer. mid-60s, maybe a few upper 60s at times through about 4:00. then 55 degrees. definitely cooler at 8:00 than san francisco. our east bay valley at 43. we'll hit 65 at noon and hang onto the mid to upper 60s by 4:00. 52 at 8:00. want only the hadze, the constat cloud cover is why we'll pull we have a c tn ihe
5:41 am
seven-day forecast. i see that brought a smile to your face. >> cannot come soon enough. we're taking a look at the roads this earning month. we do have a handful of slow spots. i don't have many new details on a crash in the vallejo area. westbound 880 past the 780 merge, we have something. i believe it's a collision. i'm not sure how many vehicles are involved but the two left lanes are blocked. that's backing things up from about state 37 split. as you can see, you're down to about 11 miles an hour approaching that scene. i'll see if i can get more information from chp. so far the details have not been coming in. not like yesterday. the commute out of tracy, we had a light day due to the veterans day holiday. today we're back at full volume. 8 miles an hour. 13 miles an hour on 205 to 880. a mradz. >>. metering lights on at a typical time, 5:25. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next.
5:42 am
the change coming after audio is released of an air traffic controller slurring her words as planes are trying to land. >> facebook is trying to explain what caused a massive outage that brought down the social network for nearly a half hour. is alex trebek telling
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
. unfortunately, stress and worry grips 7 million people down in so cal. all the areas in red, under high fire danger until 5:00 this evening. smoke really just kind of a bowl of it in the southern parts of the central valley. that's why we have an air quality warning through at least 7:00 this morning. let's take a look at our temperatures. 62 in eureka. you can see high clouds through three-quarters of the state. mid-70s, los angeles and san diego. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in tahoe. still making snow at night. there's a chance for snow when we get rain next week. i'll show you that next. don't forget about southern california where firefighters are struggling to contain two wildfires in windy, dry conditions. >> evacuation orders are keeping about 200,000 people from their homes. the smaller hill fire is 85% contained. the much larger woolsey fire is only 30% contained.
5:46 am
it has burned more than 146 square miles, stretching from the san fernando valley to malibu. two people have died and the fire has destroyed 435 buildings. >> the oh, my god. oh, my god. get me the [ bleep ] out of here. >> a malibu resident posted this video on instagram showing his frightening ride to safety. you can see flames exploding on either side of the road. the california fires have forced a quarter of a million people to evacuate. some barely making it out alive. >> that's terrifying. we know so many of you have friends and family in the fire zones. you can stay on top of the wildfires with the abc news mobile app. enable push alerts to get breaking news alerts.
5:47 am
"the washington post" says president trump has decided to remove keoufve nielsen as homel security. he wants her out as soon as possible. a las vegas air traffic controller is no longer with the faa after a frightening scare. the faa says she was incapacitated on wednesday night. >> she slurred speech communicating with pilots. [ inaudible ] >> is there someone there that knows what they're doing? >> to confirm it's frontier 262 clear for takeoff. >> confused pilots called their airlines until another air traffic controller took over the job. the faa says the incapacitated controller was alone while another controller was taking a break. the agency now requires two controllers in the tower. >
5:48 am
. facebook says arbitration will now be a choice instead of a requirement for employees who report harassment at work. google made the same change last week after thousands of employees across the globe walked out in protest. facebook is blaming a routine test for a massive outage. the social network was down for about a half hour. the problem also impacted some instagram and whatsapp users. in a statement to "usa today," facebook apologized for the inconvenience. now to google, investigating a problem that sent some web traffic to wrong networks. internet research firm thousand eyes says information meant for google ended up going to networks that provide services for russia, china and nigeria. google said the problem was not on its end and no data is at risk. the issue was fixed around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. now to a revealing new interview with alex trebek. the "jeopardy!" host spoke with news website vulture on a number
5:49 am
of topics, including canadian prime minister justin trudeau. trebek says trudeau has a sly way of ending meetings. he has a buzzer under his shirt he can use to signal his assistants when it's time to come and get him. trebek says he noticed during a meeting with the prime minister. he says they were talking, trudeau scratched under his shirt and ten seconds later his assistants came in to get him. do you believe him? i think, don't argue with alex trebek about buzzers, right? >> it's a genius idea for someone who has to sit in a lot of meetings. >> what's reggie doing? >> it worked! >> time to move on. >> it worked. >> modern technology. that's my key to go ahead and take over, huh? >> from now on. >> i like that. >> let's take a look at what's
5:50 am
going on in san rafael. you can see the sky is not quite as milky as it was yesterday, but it's still a little hazy and a lot of smoke out there. still a "spare the air" day. unhealthy air for all of us. a little cooler this afternoon. wid shift beginning friday. i think that's when we see a significant change in the air quality. beginning monday even a more significant change as rain starts to roll in. at least a chance of it. 65 to 69 most neighborhoods. you get out to the periphery, ukiah, and down through santa cruz, low to mid-70s. tonight will be slightly cooler this morning as the high clouds that are keeping this morning up a little bit will be gone. it will still be smokey and we'll have mid to upper 30s in the inland valleys. a few sprinkling o degree temperatures so there will be frost. here we are monday. the system is slowing down a little bit but it's coming in in
5:51 am
two phases. here we are. see the green right there, tuesday, 10:00 in the morning, first chance of rain rolling in through the afternoon and evening hours. then it transitions up to the high country while it becomes snow wednesday as we watch the next system roll in for thanksgiving. more snow for the sierra. not great for traveling, but we need it. it's a sacrifice i think a lot of us will be happy to make. low to mid-60s at the coast through sunday. we'll be in the 70s everywhere through friday. with the wind shift, 60s take over and all 60s next week. alexis? >> thank you, mike. we're checking out the san mateo bridge where we have a lot of smoke along with the rest of the bay area. basically anywhere you're commuting today. once again it will be part of your drive or mass transit use, but we're not seeing any major slowdowns. just starting to see volumes on the westbound side of state route 92 fill in. still don't have a lot of information about this collision in the vallejo area. westbound 80 past the westbound
5:52 am
80 merge. chp is want on the scene but they hear we have the two left lanes blocked due to a collision. so that backup is solid from state route 37. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, one hour, one minute for you. westbound 4, antioch to concord, in the yellow at 23. san rafael to san francisco still looking good from the north bay, in the green at 16 minutes. thanks. in case you missed it, this is what reggie had under his jacket. >> that's all it takes apparently. >> the easy button. >> let's see if it works. put down your phone. the new recommendations for social media use if you want to be a happier person. michelle obama live only on "gma." we'll have a sneak peek for you next. the changes you're about to see at some b.a.r.t. stations today.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
let's show you a new product we put together. notice for us it's green. down across so cal it's still very high. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, still high. by tomorrow afternoon it starts to pull down to moderate. after that, the fire danger will subside significantly across the entire state. i'll take a look at our air quality and how long it will be poor. here's jessica. former first lady michelle obama's new book is out today. the memoir being called "becoming" shares her failures and also her triumphs. >> this morning mrs. obama is speaking live with robin roberts on "gma." she says she hopes her book will inspire others to share their stories about what it means to
5:56 am
be human and what it means to be americans. >> talk to a group of young students yesterday. a couple said, i don't even know why i was picked to be here to talk to you because that's how a lot of us think. us, i mean wernlgs i mean, underrepresented folks, folks who are other. we feel somehow that our stories don't matter. and that's because we hear so few stories. >> and you can watch the full interview coming up at 7:00 on "gma." two b.a.r.t. stations in san francisco now have canopies protecting their entrances. happening today, b.a.r.t. will celebrate the upgrade with a ribbon-cutting event. this is what an entrance to the powell street station looked like for several months during construction. workers built glassy covers over the stations and the civic center station. they'll also build the same canopies at montgomery and embarcadero stations. let's turn to alexis. >> good morning. b.a.r.t.n' t issoal about. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:57 am
if you're driving today, we have metering lights on about 5:24 this morning. no blocking issues in that area. westbound 80, we have a crash in vallejo updating that crash to tennessee street. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi again, everyone. on the right-hand side of your television you're seeing -- or your tablet, for that matter -- unhealthy and moderate. those are the air qualities right now. on the left side that's the definition of those. i know you don't have time to read it right now so i'll put it on social media. here's a look at our future. we're still going to ha air quality through at least friday but at least we know what to look forward to. new at 6:00 -- the new warrior ticket that won't let you into the game. we're live in butte county where residents are beginning to return to what's left of their home after the devastating camp fire. more on guess who is bulking up your morning with some meaty breakfast burritos?
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now at 6:00. the deadly fire in history. 42 people confirmed dead, including two bay area natives. >> and the fire is still growing. it's now 117,000 acres and only 30% contained. president trump approved a major disaster declaration for the state. >> and in the bay area this morning, this is what we're waking up to once again. more smoke-filled skies, bad air quality and another "spare the air" day. all of this a big concern for local schools, d o campuses in sonoma county are closed again today and we have them all at and scrolling on the bottom of your screen. good morning, i


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