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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 13, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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curt russell. >> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! togh-- kurt russell. from "creed 2", tessa thompson. and music from jake owen. and now, for good measure, jimmy kimmel! thank you for coming. thank you for joining us on this -- oh, i know it's -- i'm sure i don't have to tell you.
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>> jimmy: you probably saw the parade outside, the blue angels flying over our theater. it's because it's my birthday. [ cheers and applause ] by the way, nothing dumber nan a 51-year-old man telling you it's his birthday. i got a lot of calls. i got a lot of e-mails today. my friend, dan, sent me an e-mail that i think -- that stood out. he wrote -- he asked how old i was today, i said, 51. he said, oh, my mother died at 51. i want to thank dan for that uplifting statement. this is very strange. there's a woman, a woman i don't know, who does something strange on my birthday every year. she throws a party, i guess, in my honor. i don't get invited to the party. it's my birthday party for her. the woman's name is katie carl. i found out about this from my sister-in-law. every year, on november 13th, katie invites her friends and
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coworkers to come over and celebrate my birthday. i don't think she's even a fan. she just does it. there are photos going back to -- that's 2014. 2016. 2017. i thought it might be fun to check in to see what she's doing this year and so joining us now from seattle, please welcome katie carl and her friends. wow. lot of people there tonight. >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: katie, remind me again of how this got started. >> it was kind of an accident. so, my senior year of college, we had a party and we didn't have a theme, so we searched it online and it was your birthday so we went to the store and we got cake and beer and that's that. >> jimmy: and now it's every year. that's very interesting. did you ever think maybe we'll have a whoopi goldberg party because it's her birthday today. >> oh shoot, i'm sorry.
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>> jimmy: apologize to her, not me. since i can't be there in person tonight, i have a surprise for you, okay? >> uh-oh. >> jimmy: i sent a special guest and i know you don't know about this or i hope you don't know about this. send in the special guest. there he is. he's going to hang out with you there tonight. guillermo, why did you bring a cake of yourself? it's my birthday. >> guillermo: well, you told me to do it. >> jimmy: i did? okay. may i ask -- >> guillermo: happy birthday, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo. you guys have fun. guillermo will stay. somebody should get guillermo a drink immediately. >> yes. >> jimmy: yeah, all right. and by the way, he's like a pinata. if you hit him with a stick, candy will come out.
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>>. >> guillermo: no, tequila. >> jimmy: thank you, katie, and thanks all of katie friends. don't feed him after midnight. he turns into a gremlin. all right? i got a lot of well wishes today from family and friends, but the first wish i got, every year my aunt chippy calls me at the crack of dawn. she gets up before the sun comes up so it's now to the point where i mute the telephone the night before. i think, oh, i have to turn off the phone so she doesn't wake me up but this year she got help from my wife and brother and flew here from las vegas to wake me up in person in the middle of the night. [ cheers and applause ] no, no, this is not something i want to be encouraged, but look at this. >> aunt chippy. good morning. it's time. >> really? it is?
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♪ ♪ >> give me the pot. i'm going to wake jimmy up and wish him a happy birthday. i brought the chippy dales -- >> aunt chippen dales. >> you're the aunt chippy. >> i don't want to be an aunt. they're so good looking. i brought the aunt chippy-dales. >> they're the chippendales. >> i brought the chippendales. >> i said that. i brought them from las vegas with me to make it more exciting. let's go. >> he's going to hate this one. ♪
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>> surprise! rise and shine and give god the glory, glory. ♪ rise and shine and give god the glory, glory ♪ ♪ rise and shine and give god the glory, glory, children of the lord ♪ surprise! aunt chippy and her aunt chippendales. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday, dear jimmy ♪ happy birthday to you
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>> aren't you happy you're 51? happy birthday, bubbala. >> does molly know about this? >> no, she doesn't have any clue. >> bye, jimmy, happy birthday. >> i need a cigarette. i need a pack of cigarettes. >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, aunt chippy. what a wonderful gift that was. thank you. she just got out of jail. that's aunt chippy, everybody. that was, like, the opposite of a sex dream right there. right. in even less happy news, the world lost a great talent yet, one of the great creative minds in american history, stan lee passed away. age 95.
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he was an idol to generations of comic book nerds, me being one of them and there was an international outpouring of sadness and respect for stan online, but no one felt this loss more than the men and women who dress up as super heroes outside our studio on hollywood boulevard. >> the finalpte's own stoame to a close monday at age 95 when the legend passed away at cedar sinai. the famous costumed characters on hollywood boulevard, many modeled after lee's characters, said they felt the loss. >> no, i can't believe that. that is, i don't know, it's just really sad. like, that is -- you know? like that he's dead. >> jimmy: what a loving tribute to this great man from two of his most iconic characters. more high-profile members of team trump are said to be on the chopping block. the president is reportedly planning to give the ax to kirstjen nielsen, his secretary
11:44 pm
of homeland security. nielsen has done her best to please the president. she strongly supported his policy of taking children away from their parents at the border but i guess in the end she just wasn't quite evil enough, and now thanos will take charge and nielsen isn't the only one. trump's chief of staff john kelly is also rumored to be on the way out. the president's been rumored to want to fire him for a while. but he's been too chicken to fire people face-to-face and john kelly is the one to do it for him so now trump has to figure out a way to get john kelly to do it to himself. now melania's getting in on the action. did you see this? the first lady's spokeswoman today took what they say is an unprecedented step of releasing a public statement calling for the firing of a top aide to the national security adviser. the aide's name is mira ricardel. first lady's office said, it is the position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house.
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in other words, be best is now, be gone. it is a different thing. apparently mira ricardel and members of melania's camp had an argument over the seating arrangements on a flight from africa. according to the story, ricardel wanted melania to sit in the middle section of the plane and melania wanted to jump out of it. whatever the case, melania decided this is the best way to go. and it's very satrange for a first lady to do something like this, to publicly call for a member of the national security administration to be fired. betty ford once had the white house chef beheaded. that's right. he made cauliflower one too many times. and while the turmoil was being tilled in the east wing, president trump was bright and early in the west wing, lashing out at the french today, mocking their performance in world wars i and ii and really who better to mock a country's war record
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than the guy who dodged the draft because of bone spurs while playing on the basketball team. the president also defended himself. he's pushing back against reports that he skipped a world war i memorial service because of the rain. he wrote, by the way -- which is a good way for a tweet to start -- by the way, when the helicopter couldn't fly to the first cemetery in france because of almost zero visibility, i suggested driving. secret service said no, too far from airport, and big paris shut down speech. next day at american cemetery in pouring run, little reported. fake news. basically, trump blamed the secret service because he didn't bu speh hep was talking about. >> the american and french patriots of world war i embody the timeless virtues of our two republics. >> jimmy: see, he didn't get wet at all in that speech. trump is really mad at french president emanuel macron.
11:47 pm
they did not have a good visit. with all the unpleasantness going on, we went out in the street and told the people about trump's plan to give the statue of liberty back. you know, france gave us the statue of liberty in 1886 as a symbol of friendship, so how would americans feel about our president sending her back? >> we're out here asking people what they thought about about trump's announcement to the french this week that he wants to give back the statue of liberty because he doesn't like the message it sends about tired and poor immigrants. >> i think that's a pretty low statement on his part. >> trump made the announcement to the french this week that he wants to have them take the statue of liberty back because he doesn't like the message it sends about giving your tired and poor immigrants. how do you feel about that? >> whatever he says, i think it's great. >> absolutely. i think it's a good idea. >> it would take forever to take it back how big it is. so, i don't see the point investing in pointless transfer. >> he said that green is hands down the most unflattering color
11:48 pm
on big woman. how do you feel about that? >> well, i think -- i think green is a weird color, so i don't know. i don't know how i feel about what he said. >> the american taxpayers -- if we melted down the statue of liberty for the copper, how do you feel about that? >> yeah. that part, i'm not really so sure. if he's going to do it, then if it saves money, that would be good. >> if you were president gerard, what would you say to him. >> i would simply not respond. >> to president gerard depardieu, please do not take the statue of liberty back. >> president gerard depardieu, we're glad we finally have a president with some balls. >> jimmy: that's a depar-don't. the midterm elections were a week ago today. seems like a month ago. not all the races having called yet. there are three recounts going on in florida right now. in the senate race, rick scott,
11:49 pm
the republican is up by 0.2% which triggers an automatic recount and i wanted to check in with florida to see how that recount is going so rereached out to an election official there from opa-locka county. hi, gene. gene? gene, can you hear me? >> hello. hello. who's there? >> jimmy: it's jimmy kimmel, gene. sorry to bankrupt yointerrupt y. i see you're counting votes there. >> yes, jimmy, 24/7. 98456. and thank goodness, jimmy, may i say, for crack cocaine and sunny d. i am wired to the gills right now. >> jimmy: well, you look great. you're counting all those votes by hand? i thought they were doing a machine count. >> machine count? i am the machine. my: oh.e machine, they call me. >> 985427.
11:50 pm
>> jimmy: gene, before you finish, are you all by yourself there? >> oh, no, jimmy, i've got the secretary of state, gary belcher, by my side. come on in here, gary. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> gary, gee. listen. >> jimmy: wow. hi, gary. gene, when do you think you guys will be finished with this count? >> good question. right about now i'm just about wrapping up the 2000 election. >> jimmy: oh. >> we got a little behind on that. and then it's -- next up is the 2001 teen choice awards. >> jimmy: oh, wow, you're still counting ballots for that and the 2000 election. >> yes, sir and i don't know who this george w. bush character is, but he's getting trounced. >> jimmy: oh, well, all right. well, i guess we'll let you get back to the count. that seems important. >> much appreciated. where was i? was it 398? what was the last number -- >> jimmy: i'm sorry, gene, i wasn't paying attention. >> how about you, gary?
11:51 pm
could you help me out? oh, you spilled the sunny d and you're getting it all over the ballots from dade county. are you high on something? i'm sorry, we got to throw all this in the trash and start over. >> jimmy: i'm so sorry, gene. >> where's number one? would you help me out? number one? >> jimmy: we're in good hands. we have a great show tonight. music from jake owen, tessa thompson is here and we'll be right back with kurt russell. stick around. ick around. >> happy birthday, jimmy! ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: look at that..
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tonight, from the new movie "creed 2," taes thompson is here with us. then, he's a singer and has a tv show too. his show "real country" premiered earlier tonight on usa, jake owen from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. tomorrow, emily blunt and taron edgerton will join us. we'll have music from kane brown. and a country music edition of "mean tweets." and on thursday, our former first lady michelle obama and one of our founding fathers, lin-manuel miranda, will join us here on the show. please join us for that. our first guest has had more family members on this show than i've had. he's a great actor who played everyone from elvis to planet and now a jolly old elf in the new movie "the christmas chronicles." it premieres on netflix thanksgiving day, please welcome kurt russell. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: little something for you from the band. >> i just wanted to say thanks for having me on your show and happy birthday. this is my wine and this is for your birthday. >> jimmy: that's nice of you. thank you very much. >> fine pinot noir. >> jimmy: you make this yourself? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: do you stomp on it with your feet? >> it's a little more complicated than that. >> jimmy: and more hygienic than that, probably. what's the best gift you ever gave anybody, birthday gift, whatever gift? >> i can remember kind of one of the most interesting was when i was 12 years old, i was doing a television series and charlie bronson had joined the show and at that time, charlie had a notorious reputation as being a little -- >> jimmy: what year was this for charles bronson?
11:58 pm
>> '64, before he became -- >> jimmy: "death wish. " >> yes, before he became a big movie star. so i was 12 and i heard it was his birthday so i went out and i was thinking, what could i get him. so i think i got him a remote-controlled airplane and i came to the set with it and i gave it to him and he just kind of looked at me and looked at the ground and then he walked away. and i was like, okay. you know, and the crew was like, oh, kurt, don't worry, it's charlie. don't worry about it. and then a few minutes later, assistant director said, charlie wants to see you in his room. so i knocked on the door and he opened the door and he looked at me and he just said -- he looked at me and he couldn't even really look at me. he said, nobody ever really got me a present before for my birthday. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> and i realized this was -- and he said, thanks. he closed the door and then later on, when it was my birthday -- >> jimmy: wow, that's the
11:59 pm
saddest thing i ever heard. >> but then what came out of that was, a little bit later, he knew that i liked skateboarding and he got these fantastic skateboards for himself and myself for my birthday. >> jimmy: he skateboarded? >> he started skateboarding and then we were told one day -- i was told that i couldn't skateboard around the lot on mgm anymore so, stopped and charlie said, hey, how come you don't skateboard anymore? i said, they told me i couldn't skateboarding anymore and he said, who told you that? and i said, that guy over there. and so a couple minutes later, he had a skateboarding and he had my skateboard and he said, come with me and i think we went to the head of the studio and just walked by the secretary and walked in and he said, hi, we're going to be skateboarding areoud the lot.
12:00 am
wow. >> jimmy: what a life you've had. >> that was kind of interesting. >> jimmy: i want to ask you about a story that your son oliver told me when he was here, like -- around halloween, because it was a halloween story and as i recall, he was -- you know what i'm talking about? >> saw this. i was in london a few weeks ago. >> jimmy: he said that he got arrested for shooting a paintball gun and you -- >> true. >> jimmy: first of all, you came and picked him up and the police were excited that it was you, but then afterwards, he said your punishment is he -- you made him shoot his new car up with the paintball gun. >> yeah. yeah. you know, listen, never -- never ruin a good story with the truth so i'm not going to say that didn't happen. i don't remember it that way, but -- but it happened. i remember it very well, he and his friends were out -- i think they were firing at each other and they hit a couple of cars in between and yeah, i got called in and i had to pick them up and
12:01 am
it was that moment of, like, i totally got it because i had done that kind of stuff, you know? i didn't want to -- but you got to -- you're the dad, you got to come down on him, you got to be the obstacle. >> jimmy: you have to pretend that you're mad. >> but i don't remember shooting his car up. i don't remember him having a car at that time but i guess he did. >> jimmy: maybe you guys shot up a neighbor's car. maybe it was the head of mgm. >> like i said, i'm not going to wreck ollie's story. i kind of liked it. >> jimmy: there's a story that -- another story involving you and your son that i want to ask you about because i don't know the details on this story, but you guys saw a ufo, true? >> oh, you're talking about -- yeah. yeah, it is true. >> jimmy: in a plane, right? >> yeah, well, goldie had an experience and i -- she wrote about it in her book, but anyway, she's -- she's not just a firm believer, she had an experience. so, one time, oliver -- i was flying. it was in a time where i was kind of lik a lene so i was still at a period in my life where any
12:02 am
excuse to fly would do. he wanted to go to phoenix to see a friend and i said, sure, i'll fly you there. so we flew -- >> jimmy: my dad wouldn't drive me to the mall, by the way. maybe bowling. that was it. >> jimmy: >> so we're going into phoenix, i think sky harbor, and there's these bank of lights, six lights, in the shape of a triangle going back, right over the airport, and i'm looking at them as i'm coming in, you know, on the horn, talking to them and i'm coming in, and i'm not saying anything about it because i'm kind of confused by it but i can't tell if this is going to be an issue or not with landing. and oliver said, hey, pa, what areas andid yeah, i don't know. i don't know what they are. and so anyway, i called up the tower and i said, what are you guys painting tonight over the airport? and they said, we're not showing anything. what are you seeing? i said, well, there's six lights in a row and they said, do you want to report this?
12:03 am
and i said, look, i can't identify it. it's flying and it's six objects. so that's what it is, right? so, we landed. i dropped him off, flew home. years later, i come home and goldie's watching this show on ufos, and the most reported one of all time was this one in phoenix and i'm watching -- i start to see this show, and i said, wait a minute. that's the night ollie and i were landing in phoenix. i remember that. and i had -- i said, wait a minute. i've got it in my logbook. so i went to my logbook and i didn't mention anything about reporting the ufo, but my flight was logged. so i said, yeah. and on the show, they talked about 20,000 people reporting it and only 1 general aviation pilot and i said, that's me. so the weirdest part of that to me, though, was i had never
12:04 am
thought about it from the time i landed until i saw that tv show, and when i saw oliver the next i thought that was kind of bizarre. >> jimmy: that's when you know you have an interesting life when you go, yeah, a ufo. kurt russell is here. his movie "the christmas chronicles." we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by the world's longest lasting double a battery, energizer ultimate lithium. te lithium. who's on your list,er we've got great gifts at great prices! so, bring us your husband who thinks he's a celebrity chef. get him something stain-less and pain-less. bring us your sister who's always asking "can you hold this... and this?" you're both welcome. and bring us your daughter, the daredevil. and bring us your parents, who are super competitive... ...oh boy... game on. find the perfect gifts for everyone. for way less than you'd expect. we've got ideas, and great prices. tj maxx, marshalls and homegoods. ( ♪ )
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attention, all unites, i have a team of reindeer headed south on michigan avenue. >> they're not that far away. that way, go! >> the car can't fly, santa. >> right. habit. left on state, right on eerie, left on michigan. >> how do you know so much about chicago? >> i know every street in the world, kid. teddy, you think maybe we could pick it up a little bit. >> put your seat belt on. >> state street, go! >> jimmy: that is kurt russell as santa in "the christmas chronicles." premiers thanksgiving day on netflix. are you worried about your grandkids seeing you as santa and it confusing them? >> no. one time goldie and i were in colorado, took wyatt to go see
12:10 am
santa down at the mall. he was done for the day. and so after, we were -- it was quite far away and i said, you know, we can't leave this like this, so i found some girl that was connected with it and i said, where's the outfit? and she said, well, you want to put it on? and i said, yeah. you know, let me see it. it was a good outfit. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> big beard and i could bring the eyebrows way down and everything and i said, yeah, i'll do this. so, you know i got into what i thought was good santa mode and i was mall santa for about an hour and a half, wyatt came and joined me. and this was verified when i was working on this show. when kids see you from far away and when i was, you know, in full regalia, as it were, working, and the little kids would see you from afar, they'll stare at you, just absolutely stare at you and sometimes i say to the parents, bring them over, and as they closer, their eyes would just go down. kids can't look at santa. they don't -- and that day -- >> jimmy: he knows what they're up to.
12:11 am
>> yeah. he knows all that stuff. you know, that was part of the fun of this for me was that i -- santa claus was a big deal in our family. >> jimmy: sure. >> still is. and he was a bit of an intimidating figure, because you were supposed to be asleep when he comes around, but you always wanted to catch a glimpse of him so that happens every year at our place. we have a ranch in colorado where everybody comes, all the kids, grandkids, everybody's there. it's pretty spectacular because it's all decked out. >> jimmy: and the kids try to get a glimpse of santa. >> we have christmas eve, trim the tree, christmas eve dinner and when it starts to get dark, we hang the stockings up, the fire's going and we choose somebody new every year to read "twas the night before christmas" and generally right after that, don't surprised if you hear sleigh bells and that's when the kids begin to panic and run to look in the window. he even peeked in the door one year. and they freaked out completely. and i said, you're blowing it,
12:12 am
he's not going to leave any presents, you're going to get caught and every year, they panic. >> jimmy: your story is better than our family version of the story. my uncle vinnie would dress up as santa every year and the costume didn't quite fit because he's a big guy and he has big, black hairy arms and just black hair is coming out of the thing and i remember he also wore polo cologne. >> you don't smell like santa. >> jimmy: i sat down and i said to santa, you smell like my uncle vinnie. and it was all downhill from there, life-wise. well, it's great to see you. congratulations on santa clausing it up. kurt russell. watch "the christmas chronicles" starting thanksgiving day on netflix. we'll be right back. right back. ♪ i've been having dreams. ♪ jumping on a trampoline. ♪ flipping in the air. ♪ i never land just float there. ♪
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>> dicky: tomorrow on "jimmy kimmel live." emily blunt, taron egerton, music from kane brown, and on thursday, lin-manuel miranda and former first lady michelle obama. >> well, gary, back to work. ork.
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ . >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. jake owen is on the way. you know our next guest as the sword-wielding,
12:24 am
hard-drinking, pegasus-riding "valkyrie" in "thor: ragnarok." her new one is "creed 2," it opens a week from tomorrow. please welcome tessa thompson. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look like a princess. >> thank you. i really love this dress. i feel like i'm sort of like the queen of a renaissance fair. this is for you, by the way. happy birthday. >> jimmy: oh, thank you. this is not going to jump out and bite me or anything, is it. >> i don't know. i got it backstage, so you tell christopher john rogers. isn't it cool? >> jimmy: it is cool. it's kind of like frayed on the side. i thought maybe it was a costume you found in a shop or something. >> yeah, just on hollywood boulevard. no, no. >> jimmy: you grew up in this neighborhood. is this your hood right here in
12:25 am
hollywood. >> yeah. as a kid, my dad had a place on vine and yucca. >> jimmy: that's weird for a kid to be here. >> it's incredibly weird because you see the neighborhood go through so many changes. i remember a place i used to go to with my dad all the time growing up, like when i was 16, became a very popular club and i remember passing it and britney spears was walking in and trying to get in and him being like, i don't remember you, you're not coming inside this club, you're not of age. >> jimmy: wow, a young mousketeer-age britney spears. >> no, i think she was old enough to get in. >> jimmy: you couldn't get in. >> no, i think she was in there. which is why i wanted to get in. >> jimmy: did you not have a fake i.d.? >> well, i did but that was maybe some months later so that incident really, i was like, i got a get a fake i.d. so i had a fake i.d. that said i was 26 and from nevada. but at the time, i had braces, so it would work only if i just kept my mouth shut, you know, so if somebody said something to me and i needed to respond, i would
12:26 am
be like -- >> jimmy: that's how people do it in l.a. anyway. >> it's true. >> jimmy: you and i were here on this very stage together over the summer. >> we were. >> jimmy: shooting a scene for "creed 2." >> yes. i was the musical act. >> jimmy: you were the musical guest. michael b. jordan was here. he was in character, i was in character as me. >> you were -- i thought you did a really incredible jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: how did that scene come out? was it good? is it the best part of the movie? >> did you not -- they haven't -- it got cut. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. it got cut. >> yeah, it got really cut. like the whole thing. not just a part of it. 't knos or what f it is in the was happening. >> jimmy: it definitely -- that seems unlikely. >> no, you were really good. >> jimmy: well, all i was doing is the same crap i do every single night. >> yeah, but it's good crap. >> jimmy: apparently not. >> no, you were -- you were
12:27 am
fantastic. and you know, it was funny, i was doing the musical guest, and i was, like, i felt like rihanna, beyonce, i felt so cool and i was backstage because you were doing the show that night. i think it was jamie foxx and somebody else but i had a pregnant belly so i was backstage trying to hobnob with everyone but also conceal the pregnant belly. but yeah, it was really fun to be on the show. i'm glad to be here officially. are you going to cut this? >> jimmy: no, no. i would never take it out on you. >> all right. >> jimmy: but you know, it's a sore point. i've been cut out of a lot of movies. >> have you? >> jimmy: i was the original darth vader. >> right. well, you still might be in some of the shots, you just wouldn't know it, right? >> jimmy: yeah, what are you going to do. i was in a "rocky" movie once. rocky iv, clet, our band leader and i were teenagers growing up in las vegas and we were from nevada with fake i.d.s too,
12:28 am
and -- >> yeah i had your fake i.d. that's why it didn't work. >> jimmy: you may have. and we were just way in the background movie, like in a crowd scene. >> are you actually in it or did you get cut too? >> jimmy: no, that one, we were left in. yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you can barely see us but i guess i had my fun is what we're saying. >> yeah. >> jimmy: "creed" was a very big success. that was a big deal. sylvester stallone actually cast you in the movie, right? >> sort of ryan coogler was interested in me. at the time, he was thinking maybe he wanted a musician to play the part because she is a musician but apparently sylvester stallone was up one night watching b.e.t. >> jimmy: okay. >> i know. and he saw me on a show, much like this, i think, 106 and park or somethinlike, girl. and i was so grateful that i never asked him why were you watching b.e.t.? but he's such a multifaceted human. he watches black entertainment
12:29 am
television. >> jimmy: maybe he was watching with his daughter or something like that and it just so happened that you popped up. so, ryan coogler already knew about you beforehand. >> yeah, i had met with him and michael b. jordan to do a chemistry test, which is like so awkward. you know, they just put two people in a room and, like, how do they get along. >> jimmy: is that really how they do it? >> yeah, sort of, sometimes, when you have to play a love interest. >> jimmy: what kind of room? is it like a hotel room? what is it, a conference room or what? >> hopefully it's not a hotel room. i think we've all learned recently in hollywood if they say come to a hotel room, maybe not. >> jimmy: don't go to the hotel room. >> sometimes it's like a place in sherman oaks. it's like an office space. >> jimmy: and are they watching you to see if you have chemistry? who's in the room? >> typically the director, the casting director, hopefully -- >> jimmy: that's so terrible. >> it's awful. it's really, really terrible. >> jimmy: but you must have had chemistry. >> yeah, apparently there is a
12:30 am
part of the footage where he is caught looking at my butt. >> jimmy: oh, in the chemistry test. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so they're filming the whole thing too. >> yeah, to make it even more awkward. >> jimmy: did he have other chemistry tests with other potential actors? >> i believe he did. >> jimmy: and then i guess they didn't have the -- your chemistry was the best chemistry of all the chemistries. >> i guess so. and i don't know anything about chemistry so i don't know why. but apparently it worked. i don't know. >> jimmy: going in, do you know that's what is happening and then you feel like you have to fake engage with him even if you're not having chemistry, you have to create it, right? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: wow, that's so strange. >> you do. well, no, i mean, you hope that you just have a natural rapport. i mean, i don't know, why do we like anybody? it's such a weird thing, chemistry. >> jimmy: it a weird thing, especially when somebody's taping it and there's a bunch of casting directors going, i wonder if they like each other. >> but my favorite thing is to imagine everyone having sex so, like, just all the time. >> jimmy: you mean with each other?heholeudience.
12:31 am
>> jimmy: we got trinidad and >> yeaonigh i saw them backstage. >> jimmy: they're pretty hot for each other. >> i see it. >> jimmy: well, congratulations. i'm sorry i'm not in the movie with you but this movie that i am not in is called "creed 2." it opens in theaters a week from tomorrow. tessa thompson, everybody. we'll be right back with jake owen. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you... ...with over 3,500 channels of entertainment,
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank kurt russell and tessa thompson, fred willard. apologies to matt damon. nights on usa. here with the song "down to the honky tonk," jake owen! ♪ >> happy birthday, jimmy. ♪ ♪ i got a house down a backroad
12:34 am
got a flag on the front porch ♪ ♪ got a dog named waylon got a driveway that needs pavin' i got a boat with ♪ ♪ a two stroke couple guaranteed to make you laugh jokes i got friends in low places ♪ ♪ yeah life is what you make it i might not end up in the hall of fame ♪ ♪ with a star on a sidewalk with my name or a statue in my hometown when i'm gone ♪ ♪ nobody gonna name their babies after me i might not go down in history ♪ ♪ but i'll go down to the honky tonk i got a girl named sheila goes bat ♪ ♪ on tequila got a job that gets the job done got a loan at the bank ♪ ♪ it's a big one the only place you might see my name
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on a wall is ♪ ♪ for a good time call i'm a local legend on the friday nights in the pabst blue ♪ ♪ ribbon neon light i might not end up in the hall of fame with a star on a ♪ ♪ sidewalk with my name or a statue in my hometown when i'm gone nobody gonna name ♪ ♪ their babies after me i might not go down in history but i'll go down to the honky tonk ♪ ♪ i go down to the honky tonk i go down to the honky tonk ♪ ♪ i go down i go down to the honky tonk i go down to ♪ ♪ the honky tonk i go down to the honky tonk i go down ♪ ♪ i go down to the honky tonk ♪
12:36 am
♪ ♪ i go down i go down to the honky tonk i go down to ♪ ♪ the honky tonk i go down to the honky tonk i go down ♪ ♪ i go down to to the honky tonk ♪
12:37 am
tonight -- >> it's okay, you guys. it's okay. just keep going, keep going, baby. keep going. >> inside one family's journey through hell, escaping the flames of california's deadliest, most destructive wild fire ever, the devastating first look at paradise lost and families found. after days of separation and worry. >> glad you're good. and the new aerial assaults to fight the latest ferocious >>e e i mic city, what do you say we get right to it? >> ahead of tomorrow's cmas, a look at country music's biggest stars through the years. >> the winner of


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