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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 16, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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i feel unhealthy. >> for the eighth straight day, air quality in the bay area is he bad. i'm talking about really, really bad. it was the worst in the world. even worse than delhi, india, one of the most polluted cities in the world. >> when i saw that, it blew me away. still picking up the haze like san rafael to san jose. >> we're not kidding. a lot of people strolling the masks.
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>> i have seen a lot of people not wearing them. the bad air causing a major concern for kids. we have closures at the bottom of the screen. >> reggie, jessica, i noticed that yesterday too. 99% of the people weren't wearing masks outside. you're going to feel it, especially if you don't do it today. yesterday the air was bad. today will be just as bad if not even worse. these are our two worst days yesterday and today. no healthy air anywhere. no yellow close to us until you go up into the sierra, down into southern california where it's green. you can see it hanging in the air. look at the flags on the ferry building, still blowing offshore just a little bit. dry air and cool conditions overnight. upper 30s to mid-40s at 7:00. as we head through the accuweather 12-hour planner, mid to upper 60s at 4:00. you need that jacket. low to mid-50s at 7:00. bring alexis in here. with everybody off work and out
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of school, how is traffic? >> doing okay right now. we are looking at mostly green conditions. 205 to 580, not terrible. averaging 14 miles per hour. if you are heading into the tracy area, unfortunately you're crawling along at 4 miles per hour. wall creek, southbound 680, light or lighter volumes here. and, yeah, air quality will be an issue for everyone today. mass transit update for you in just about 10 minutes. thanks, alexis. terrible air quality is forcing school districts to give kids an early start to the weekend >> including san francisco, oakland and so many others. so many that i can't name them all. it would take too long.
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at and in our news app if you want to take a look at that. make sure you look at it because this is constantly changing. >> that's right. on our website, we have a list of schools and districts that will remain open at least for now. we are constantly updating our website. as soon as we get the information we are passing it along to folks at home. and the air is so bad that even some delivery services are limiting their services. caviar south side deliveries. alameda p.d. is handing out n-95 masks to the homeless. it handed out 60 filtered masks last night. the cdc is emphasizing a very important note. most of those n-95 masks are only good for about eight hours. make sure you have several on hand. if you're going to spend an extended period of time outdoors. also if you do have to go out,
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this is important. muni, vta and san trans are offering free rides. you don't need to pull out your cards. >> one thing you will not see today is cable cars. they stopped service yesterday. the cars won't be rolling around san francisco today. instead, they're going to replace it with bus service. other tourist attractions in san francisco are closed because of the bad area as well. all tours on alcatraz are canceled today. people lined up yesterday to get their refunds. >> i was excited, though. i was happy. i finally get to go explore alcatraz. yeah, bummer. >> reporter: it is lights out at the union scare ice rink. they are closed until further notice. >> some people are going farther away to avoid the bad air, like different states. >> today will be one of the busiest days because of thanksgiving travel season next week at sfo. jobina? >> reporter: good morning.
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you can see the departures board here. things running smoothly. so far so good. a quarter of all flights were delayed here yesterday because of the poor air quality. i met a woman in line that booked a last-minute flight to get out of here. fanni evans a native of san francisco. she said she has never seen the smoke this bad before. she said it was beginning healtd a flight to portland to visit a friend >> i have a friend up there. i said i need to come visit. she said come on down. i said i'm tired. i'm burned out on it and working. i'm older now. so it's really affecting me. >> reporter: we met two other people in line from boston who are here on a work trip. they told me their trip was impacted and not in the best way. you will hear their story at 6:45. live from san francisco international airport, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jobina. all the smoke is from the camp
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fire in butte county. there are devastating updates from officials to tell you about from officials to tell you about this morning. the number of those killed is 63. the number unaccounted for has risen dramatically, up to 631. many people on the list may not know their names are on it. we have learned 9,700 homes have been destroyed, 1,000 more than officials reported yesterday. >> if you would like to help the fire victims, we have a full hreuls list of resources on make a $10 donation by texting red cross to 90999. if you want to get out this weekend, there are clear skies within a few hours's drive. plus, a san mateo man is suing lime. what he is demanding for fellow juicers. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. working on temperatures around
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the bay right now. they are pretty chilly. we will talk about you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough
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to understand what your wealth is really for.
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freezing cold in danville. 38 in brentwood. 39, redwood city. 51 in san francisco. 50, alameda. look at these levels. we have had hazardous, the worst air quality in walt creek. the rest of us unhealthy. hanging in the air from the exploratorium camera. if you can, wait to do outdoor activities once again. at least wear the n-95 mask. change it every eight hours. north bay, 66 at noon. 70 at 2:00. and down to 47 degrees at 8:00. take a look at the rain and when the smoke leaves coming up next. here's alexis >> good morning, mike. we are taking a i look at the bay bridge toll plaza. smoky. of metering lights are on as of 5:20. overall, pretty light volumes. a couple issues developing with mass transit.
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parking lot now has bayfair station fully closed. we have a technical problem and police activity there. so a major delay developing in all directions around bayfair station. also, don't have a lot of details confirmed yet, but we are hearing from smart train that a pedestrian was struck in santa rosa. still working on information there. all smart trains are delayed as well. alexis, thank you. avesyan mateo man who collects limes scooters is now suing the company, saying they violate labor laws by classifying him and other workers as independent contract orgor contractors. lime calls them juicers. they collect them, recharge them and return them to designated parking designations. the man said he makes $2 to $5 an hour after expenses. he claims lime should treat them as employees and at least pay minimum wage and ex reimbursements. lime has not yet comment on the suit. barack obama announced he is
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coming to the bay area. we are finding out who the first contestant will be on "american idol". we leave you with this smoky view of sfo. view of sfo. it is 6:12. every baby can have the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs theyand bottomthe waist, for our driest best fitting diaper. pampers
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in the east bay, we're getting our first good look at the baby saved by a police officer.
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the baby boy's mom is homeless and living in her car. she gave birth tuesday on the side of the road. a driver flagged down the officer. the baby wasn't breathing. the officer cleared his airway. the city of oakland has found mom and baby a place to stay while they are recovering. former president barack obama is coming to oakland in february. he will take part in my brother's keeper rising. it faces opportunity gaps facing young men of color. this is the organization's first ever national event. new at 6:00, a big "american idol" reveal on gma. one lucky singer gets to skip the first round of the show's auditions and go straight to hollywood. singers submitted videos on social media. three finalists were picked to perform a song that aired on the cma awards. ♪
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♪ megan woods won. "american idol"'s reigning champ called to tell the good news. you can see her reaction coming up on gma. it returns to abc next she was my favorite contestant last season. >> does she have a special nickname for fans like you? >> i don't think so. >> we're going to make one. all right. let's talk about what's going on. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here's a look at san rafael. the smoke hanging in the air. i'm going to focus this entire forecast on getting cleaner air and rain in here. today is our eighth consecutive
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day of unhealthy air. it peaks today. rain and completely clean air next week. how do we get there? it starts tomorrow. a little bit of a wind shift out of the east and southeast. here we are 6:00. you can see the reds and the purples. it hangs around all day. this is 10:00 saturday morning. it is still here when we wake up. look at the winds out of the southeast starting to take the hazardous and unhealthy air away. we will have pockets of unhealthy air tomorrow, especially for those sensitive. look towards sunday. it gets even a little bit cleaner. all right. we get completely clean air thursday when the onshore wind comes in ahead of this rain. thursday morning, 7:00. friday morning at 4:00 a.m. so thursday night into friday the first storm comes through. saturday and sunday for the most part dry.
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the next chance of rain rolls in. we may peak at 70 today. again sunday inland. for the most part, low to upper 60s. mike, we have a couple major issues with mass transit this morning, which of course it is a spare the air day as well. hate to have this. we have a very serious situation with a smart train. a pedestrian struck in santa rosa. all trains are delayed right now. an investigation is under way. that is about all we have confirmed. we are working on getting more information. bayfair station is closed. this is due to an issue that they were having with some -- one of their cars. we did talk to them. it sounds like one of their trains had smoke coming out. we have police and fire on the scene. they wanted to close as a precaution. they are running parallel service with ac transit out of bayfair all directions.
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that is a major delay for parking lot. if you are trying to get out of b bayfair this morning. no blocking issues on westbound 92. just volumes starting to fill in. thank you. good morning america at 7:00 on abc 7. amy has a look at what's ahead on the show. hi, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, reggie and jessica. coming up next on gma, we have another warning about that dangerous winter storm causing so much trouble across the country. flights and trains canceled this morning. another dangerous commute. rob marciano tracking it all. new details on the alleged go fund me scam. the new jersey couple and military veteran arrested. the entire thing was predicated on a lie. the facebook post that may have helped to crack the case. amy sic of the best ways to
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it. dr. ashton has more on that. >> and the grand for him of the mickey worldwide birthday bash. the teacher racing to the finish line. it will be dramatic because they have some big surprises. you have to stay tuned for that. about as dramatic as the nor'easter was for us. you enjoy the 70 degrees i heard you have coming up. >> but, amy, do you want the smoke we have been breatheding in? >> i think we would trade you. >> i hear you. that is true. that is a very fair point. it's been tough for so many people there in california. we've been thinking of you. >> for the first time in my life, i would rather be in a snowstorm. >> me too. >> it's a tough tradeoff. i'm looking forward to the mickey thing. thank you, amy. we'll see you soon. >> how far do you have to go to find some fresh, clean air? that is the big question
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everyone is asking this morning. we are going to show you how far you have to make that drive >> plus, the search for answers after the recent wildfires. regulators now expanding their investigation to pg&e. >> looking outside with abc 7 news now. we're keeping up to date on the weather and traffic.
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i keep searching. the reports come out every hour. and i keep searching for at least moderate air. maybe even i would take poor air quality. because the most sensitive gets hurt by that. all of us are either unhealthy to very unhealthy. and pockets of hazardous air quality around san francisco and walnut creek this morning o. jessica. mike, thanks. if you're looking to get away from the smoke this weekend, you may want to head to the coast. katie eye tuesday breaks
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down where you can drive within driving distance. >> reporter: a rare sight. as the bay area is choked with smoke, you can still see the sky in santa cruz. >> it's kind of weird. it is more of a haze. permanently, i don't smell the smoke myself that bad. >> reporter: this group left livermore for fresher air. >> i think the air quality was 240. >> reporter: t >> the highest 272. >> reporter: it is still at moderate levels, making the area a refuge for some. >> most of them came from the fire area. then we had some over the week too that came down for one or two nights. >> tourism season in santa cruz goes from easter to mid-october. due to the wildfire smoke they are seeing an influx now in late november. >> i did have another couple who came through here today from monterey. they said down there it was beautiful. >> these are pictures from monterey where an east bay family with young children got a
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break from the smoke that could last well into next week. >> it is not going to clear. at least we got fresh air for a couple of days. >> hotels still along the coast but they could sell out over the weekend. and much more on the dangerous air quality next at 6:30. >> thousands of students out of class today. how the smoke is impacting children across the bay area. plus, the information emerging
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now at 6:30, the dangerous air quality smothering all of us. classes canceled across the bay area. the closures areofscreen. how the smoky air is impacting your kids. another setback for camp fire victims. many with no home camping at a
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local walmart. they are being forced to find another place to stay. the outpouring of support from our neighbors to the north. it is friday, november 16th. i feel like i can't get my voice to operate this morning. that is the story of the day, isn't it? >> yeah. everyone is feeling it at this point. >> i love that you used the word smothering. everyone is desperate to find cleaner air, desperate to get out. we have unhealthy air. this is from the air quality management district in san rafael and san francisco right now. and fairfield. the rest of us are red, which is unhealthy. you have to go to ukiah and down towards santa cruz forceps active groups. healthy air up to the sierra and down to southern california. just know a lot of us may be trying the get there too to get away from this poor air quality. accuweather 12-hour planner. here's alexis >> good morning, mike.
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i have two mass transit issues to talk about. the first one, a serious situation with smart train. unfortunately a pedestrian was struck in santa rosa this morning. all smart trains are delayed right now. still waiting for an update and more information from them. we had a bart train smoking at bayfair station. fire department and police department decided to close bayfair station as a precaution. ac transit is providing some additional help there. if you're trying to get out of bayfair station, that is causing major delays in all directions in the bayfair area. okay, alexis. thank you. with that bad air quality, once again schools are close indeed sraeur kwrousz school districts. >> live for us at vista point. cornell? >> reporter:good morning, guys. not a pretty picture. the smoke is all around us. i can feel it. i can certainly smell it. as the sun starts to rise, we are getting our first look how bad, how awful the air quality is going to be today.
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another tough day for air quality. another day of course to wear that face mask. the lights, skyline lights of san francisco, totally is shrouded by the smoke here at vista point. because of that, most schools in the bay area have canceled classes today due to the smoke hazard. thursday afternoon, the smoke was heavy in berkeley. according to purr - , it was 334 for everyone. oakland unified canceled class today after getting complaints about headaches and breathing problems from students and staff. parent said they will keep their kids inside today. >> i want my kids inside where there is filtration of the air so they can breathe easier. they're kids. >> their lungs aren't developing and all that. >> are you sad school is closed tomorrow? >> no. i'm real excited.
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>> reporter: connor putting his own spin on missing school today. the best advice is really to stay indoors if you can. keep your doors and windows shut. if you plan to be outside, experts say please limit your exposure. by all means, keep wearing that mask. we have ours. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. cornell, thank you. as we look behind you and behind us, boy, it almost looks like fog. it's not. it's that smoke. some school districts won't decide until this morning whether to close or not. so we have a complete list on our crawl and we are keeping it updated as we get word from the different school districts on any additional closures. we do have a list of events being canceled today and this weekend because of the bad air quality not related to schools. we should note that still happening tonight is the embarcadero holiday lighting,
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but the fireworks portion is canceled. the big game between stanford and cal will still happen tomorrow. and topgolf crush at at&t park. now, they are monitoring air quality but say the event will still go on at least for now. >> when we saw the new numbers from overnight from the camp fire it was hard to believe. the number of confirmed dead continues to go up. the list of those unaccounted for has increased exponentially. at least 63 people have been killed. seven additional remains were found yesterday. the number unaccounted for has risen dramatically, up to 631. many people on the list may not know their names are on it. we are certainly hoping that's the case. we have learned 9,700 homes have been destroyed, 1,000 more than officials reported yesterday. the fire has now burned 141,000 acres. it is 40% contained. some evacuees are living in a tent city outside a walmart are being told they will have to leave soon.
6:35 am
people will start moving to the butte county fairgrounds where the american red cross will have an indoor shelter. >> i don't really know what to think. i just know my home is gone. there's not enough shelters for everybody. they make it sound like there is enough shelters. there is not enough shelters available. >> it's tough but they've got to do it. >> the red cross does say that it has space at other shelters. the walmart encampment will be closed sunday at 1:00 p.m. the white house said president trump will travel to california to get a firsthand look at the fire damage. he will come tomorrow. no word when he will be here exactly and what his itinerary will be. he will land at yuba air force base and then travel to paradise. the visit comes as th president has toned down his rhetoric on the fires. last weekend he scolded state officials on twitter and blamed californians for what he called
6:36 am
gross mismanagement of forests. three hotlines are taking calls from people reporting family and friends that are still unaccounted for. the sheriff's department is also taking dna samples from those people who have reported missing family members. hundreds of people in 22 cadaver dogs are searching the town of paradise and nearby areas for victims. state regulators are expanding an investigation into pg&e safety operation all balls of these recent wildfires. >> they reported an issue with the transmission in the lean. some are already suing pg&e. governor brown recently signed a bill that allows them to pass wildfire costs, including liability claims, onto ratepayers. but the law won't take effect until next year. pg&e has lost $15 billion in market value since the camp fire. it says potential liabilities
6:37 am
from claims exceed its insurance coverage. volunteers in the north bay are stepping up in a big way to help survivors of the camp fire. many say they are paying it forward, the same way they were helped after the north bay helped after the north bay wildfires that impacted them. sonoma rotary club collected donations this week. items like baby wipes, backpacks, socks, and brushes were packed into a trailer and driven up to butte county. if you want to help victims of the camp fire, we have information on how you can do it on our website, there are opportunities to donate money and supplies. we also have information about volunteering. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. temperatures that range from 42 in lake per second to 43 in sunny side. the rest of us 50 to 54 degrees. take hey look elsewhere. mid-40s in richmond, san leandro, bell were mont. mid to upper 30s elsewhere. 32 in petaluma.
6:38 am
hillsburg, canyon, close at 33. here's a look from these are sensors that you can buy and put in your house. look at how many are showing hazardous. san jose, hazardous. that's the worst air quality. walnut creek, very unhealthy air. our cleanest air is still unhealthy. up around santa rosa, pleasanton. visibility two to three miles due to the thickness of the smoke. this is looking northbound on 87 towards san jose international. you really don't see it, do you? recirculate the air. n-95 masks. on the water, limited visibility. high pressure compressing down into the lower levels of the atmosphere. it will be around all day. so are the temperatures. we will experience those again today. we have good news. relief is coming. rain is on the way. first, over to alexis.
6:39 am
what are you seeing this morning? >> i don't have such good news. a lot to talk about here. i have a commuter alert. eastbound 580, road work causing a 30-minute delay. 3 miles per hour. westbound side pretty average at 12 miles per hour. two problems with mass transit. a pedestrian was struck by a smart train this morning. expect lengthy delays in both directions. the pedestrian was struck in santa rosa. they just let us know they are setting up a bus bridge to take riders from santa rosa to rohnert park. no matter your destination, you should expect delays. bart, a big problem. bayfair station is closed. a train had smoke coming from it. as a precaution, they shut down the station. they have set up parallel bus service with ac transit. if you are traveling to or from
6:40 am
bayfair, you'll have to use ac transit or find a way to work or school this morning. back to you guys. coming up next, i am jumping through hoops, literally to give you a sneak peek at an exciting show in the bay area this weekend. don't miss that. a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're down again today 136 points. an update on how the markets are doing next. >> a live look at sfo this morning. we were told there weren't a whole lot of delays so far. i'm sure that will build as the day continues and we this really bad smoke covering most of the airport. if you're about to head out for thanksgiving or trying t
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we keep talking about socal. that's where the cleanest air is. you will have to drive-through unhealthy air through at least tomorrow. look around. low to mid-70s until palm springs at 80. yosemite, 66. 59, tahoe. this is the way it looks right now. air quality starting to slip a little bit. it is moderate to poor around tahoe. it is much cleaner than ours. look what comes in as we head to wednesday. rain changing to snow. thursday, snow showers. if you're traveling, tuesday is the best weather. reggie?
6:44 am
>> thanks, mike. a live look at sfo right now. if you want to avoid the bad air, get way out of here. thanksgiving is next week. a lot of folks heading out of town early for the holiday anyway. it could be very busy as the day progresses at sfo. that is where we find jobina fortson. you said it's not too bad, right? >> reporter: yeah. so far so good. it's been really busy, though. i met a guy here that missed his southwest flight because the line was so long. it could be because of early thanksgiving travelers or because a lot of people are trying to get out of the smoke. we have been watching the departures board here. everything is moving smoothly. we did see this one delay for los angeles. we are not sure what is causing that at the moment. but yesterday a quarter of all flights were delayed because of low visibility. in line earlier we met two people that traveled here from
6:45 am
massachusetts. they were in town on a work trip. they told us they wanted to go see the golden gate bridge. they weren't able to do that. one of them, it was her very first time in san francisco. >> i was a little bit nervous about veering out from the hotel due to the smoke. i wasn't able to get a mask, unfortunately. >> reporter: the women we spoke with did say they would be willing to come back to san francisco. we have been checking on the air quality inn decks at the airport. right now it is showing a 217. reporting live from sfo, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> that is very unhealthy air. thank you so much. people have been stuck indoors all week. it is especially hard for parents with restless kids. >> they are turning to indoor playgrounds like this kids gym in berkeley to release pent up energy. it allows kids to run around without breathing in a chestful of smoke. >> we're trying to find a place other than home with good air for her to play in.
6:46 am
she needs to bounce around. >> busy day would be 300 kids. >> busy day would be 300 kids. a normal day 100 kids. the last few days, we are averaging 750 kids, not including their parents. parents who let their children play outside are cutting play time short. some noticed their kids coughing more than normal because of the smoke. now your morning money report. another round of layoffs at wells fargo. >> the company is cutting a thousand jobs across the u.s. including eight in the bay area. most are in the company's home lending division because there's been a decline in mortgage applications. affected employees are el visible f -- eligible until january 13th. the company announced new features just in time for the holidays. you can now purchase items directly from your feed or save items to buy later in a special
6:47 am
shopping session. brands have to opt into a business page to offer the sales. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange s. trading got under way this morning. tension in the united kingdom over brexit. if you are planning for the weekend, hoodline suggests a new show under the big top. it's pretty great. >> jessica saw it from the audience point f view. that's what it looks like there. i saw it from backstage. it is called volta. it is really interesting because they push their bodies to the limit here in eworkout facility where i met bradley henderson. they do that so they can do the act on stage and it feels a lot easier. he is a san francisco native. he taught me his act, which essentially is jumping through
6:48 am
hoops. >> you have to aim for the center of the hoop. we will start off with a dive roll. you jump and do a dive roll through the hoop. through the hoop. that's the basic move. >> that's it. perfect. >> i was unreasonably proud of myself. i made it through the other shapes. and i was so humble about it too. >> you stuck the landing. >> you can find it on [ applause ]. >> thank you. >> tall, limber athletic one. oh, that's fun. >> yeah. looks like a great show.
6:49 am
>> all right. let's talk about the air quality. let's talk about a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of sunshine without moving through the smoke. delays at sfo once again because of the reduction and the visibility. we can barely see the bay bridge from our studios here on front street because of the smoke. let's talk about what's going to happen. this is day eight of unhealthy air. listen to your body. if you work outside, god bless you. it must be tough. chilly tonight. unhealthy air lingers. we have the rain and the cleaner air by thanksgiving. here's one of our new products. see the oranges, reds, purples, they are sitting on top of central valley all the way into the bay area. it will stay that way until even through tonight, 1:00 saturday morning. look as we wake up the southerly winds start to kick in and the
6:50 am
air becomes cleaner. it could still be poor. sensitive groups could have issues saturday afternoon into sunday. for the rest of us, it will get a little bit healthier. there will be unhealthy air rat 4:30. 62. here we are thursday, 7:00 in the morning. smelling the turkey for the rain. sunday night, 7:00, a chance of rain. moderate rain rolling in. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. back to average. thank you, mike. we have a commuter alert. actually, two situations here. the first a smart train. a pedestrian was struck in santa rosa is this morning. significant delays in both directions. and a bus bridge has been set up between santa rosa and rohnert park. the other issue is with bart. bay fair station remains closed due to a large amount of smoke
6:51 am
coming from a train. they shut down the entire station. it is causing major delays in richmond, warm springs, daly city. they set up parallel bus service by ac transit. a live look outside, boy, i feel like. more daylight we get just the more smoky it seems here. metering lights are on as of 5:20. unless you're using carpool lanes, you will have a wait. >> next the seven things you need to know before you go. instagram picture on the day. if you haven't yet, follow us. you can see more photos like this one. yosemite might be a good place to head. it certainly isn't great around here. yeah. let's take a live look outside this morning. speaking of terrible air quality, it looks like fog but it is not. it is smoke. very dangerous to be outside. wear a mask if you have one. keeping you up to date with weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break. we'll be right back.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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6:54. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are 7 things to know before you go. >> number one, i'll take it,
6:55 am
poor air quality. not a single reporting station in the bay area showing healthy air. all of us are breathing unhealthy to hazardous air which are the three worst categories. there is better air in the mountains and southern california. our air quality will improve slowly this weekend. >> number two, the smoke is causing many schools to close today. oakland unified and other districts canceled after getting complaints from students and staff about headaches and breathing problems. >> number three, due to the poor air, sfmta stopped cable car service is. instead, there will be bus service. flight daelays at sfo becaue of the smoke. today is a busy travel day with people leaving town early for thanksgiving. here's a live look at the airport. a lot of people trying to leave the bay area to get out of the bad air quality. >> number five, 63 people have been killed in the camp fire in butte county.
6:56 am
the fire has now burned 141,000 acres. it is 40% contained. the white house says president trump will travel to california to get a firsthand look at the fire damage. he will come tomorrow and land at beale air force base and travel to paradise. >> number seven, two commuter alerts to talk about right now. batter, bay fair is closed. major delays for bay fair riders. ac transit providing parallel service due to a train that had a lot of smoke coming to it. they shut it down as a precaution. smart train, unfortunately a pedestrian was struck in santa rosa. bus service between santa rosa and row nert park. >> it looks like the fog we are used to but it's not. >> if it was, that would be a sign that the cleaner air is coming in. we won't get that.
6:57 am
we will get a southerly wind
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good morning, america. the new warning, a historic deadly winter storm causing chaos across the country. snow, rain and ice blasting 24 states. the nor'easter sparking hundreds of crashes, shutting down major bridges and roads. frustrated drivers pushing cars, walking home instead, trees snapping. >> watch out! watch out! watch out! >> students stranded at school overnight. families sleeping in airports, packed into bus stations. now the new alert for your morning commute. more snow on the way. and out west, the desperate search. authorities now saying more than 600 people are missing from those california wildfires, as president trump prepares to head


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