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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 16, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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look at air quality and california cities are the worst. as we want to breathe easier the truth is we will not. we do have team coverage of the worst air quality most have ever seen in the bay area. we'll go to alameda with the emergency measures taken. we'll start with meteorologist now. >> you mentioned the worst air
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quality ever in the city. look what we are dealing with. let me show you the numbers right now or at least the colors. the purple is very unhealthy. it is getting more and more of the bay area in its grip. we have no where to go in the bay area for healthy air. we are either unhealthy or very unhealthy. right now the three areas with very unhealthy air, oakland and you can see everybody else is red, so many are getting on cars we'll have more on that in a second. you can see there are changes it comes in the wind. it is through the afternoonened evening hours. i can't give the
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cap is not going away until monday. it is a weird time to be a resident here and restrictive time to be a tourist. we are live in san francisco with how all of us are dealing with these unhealthy i want to show you what's going on down here. the city giving people a reason to why and get them off the streets. tourists are cutting their va ska declared all rides are free today due to unhealthy air. muni rider said it's the right
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thing to do. >> you feel better wearing that mask? >> i have been well protected because things are micro continuic. i'm protecting myself with the math. >> it is one of hundreds of schools that cancelled classes friday due to smoke hazard. there was can i say more? >> some were disappointed by the air quality. the family is cutting their bay area trip short. >> it is really bad. we are leaving. we were going to be here all
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weekend. as for us here in the bay area stay indoors if you can. >> keep wearing those all important face masks. abc 7 news. >> make sure your wear them right. you have to have both of the straps around your head. you need a tight fit in order for this to work. what about finding these masks? one bay area city stepped up and gave them
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>> and because two thousand are gone there are a couple of other places you can get your hands on them. >> it wouldn't stop. the word was out that masks were in. >> it is a little big. it is better than nothing. >> she knows these aren't for kids. her daughter has asthma. >> she came home and she says her eyes were hurting. she is having a hard time breathing. >> one might suggest ordering a bet are fit online. david lee tried that and they are gone. >> places like this are wonderful for an emergency. >> when masks were donated she snagged some for her neighbors. >> ty i'gettgome them.ig >> itng
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all. i went down to see the sharks yesterday and we had to -- a lot of people didn't have anything. >> everybody called them. >> the police station gave out early so people could get clean air. they tell us they feel the smoke is getting worse which is why they are getting out of town. >> we want to get fresh air. we are going for the weekend. >> we have also learned from a community organizer that the movie theater is offering cheaper tickets today. $6.50 per person so the kids can have an indoor activity. abc 7 news. >> sounds like a good deal. let's take you to sfo this morning. as you can see the skies above hazy with smoke. the airport did issue a travel alert saying there are delays and cancellations because the smoke is drastically reducing visibility. we were at the airport talking to travelers.
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some of them were heading to thanksgiving holiday destinations. others were trying to get somewhere with fresh air. she booked a last minute flight to portland. >> i was like i need to come visit. i said i'm tired. i'm burnt out on it and working. i'm older now so it's really effecting me. >> she seems to have the right idea. >> they are all offering free rides and you don't need to pull out your clipper card. one thing you will not see today, cable cars. they stopped service yesterday and they won't be rolling around san francisco today. they are replacing it with
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service. people lined up to get refunds on their tickets. i was happy. i finally goet to explore. the ice rink also closed until further notice. some businesses have closed around town also because of the smoke. >> while classes are cancelled the status of the big game tomorrow remains unclear. the word as to whether that decision will actually be made. they did cancel last game against detroit because it was infiltrated with smoke. now to the reason behind the smoke, the campfire burning. it will show you the new numbers. the campfire burned 142,000 acres. it is 45% contained. 15,500 structures are being
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threatened. this terrible number, 63 people have been killed. and in southern california the fire has burned more than 98,000 acres. it is 69% contained. the smaller hill fire is now 100% contained. we are live now with more on the devastation from the california wild fires, maggie. >> reporter: they are battling the smog in southern california. weather conditions changed dramatically. firefighters say they finally had the upper hand on the fire and that is fairly well contained. unfortunately here we have already lost thousands of homes and now people in this neighborhood are trying to figure out how they can ever start to rebuild. more than a week after wild fires began tearing across california. >> literally looks like somebody dropped a bomb. >> people are left grappling with widespread destruction. >> the fire moved so fast. i have never seen a fire move
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that fast. i mean they didn't even have time to tell us to evacuate. >> more bodies were discovered in northern california. the list of those still missing grew by the hundreds. their names plastered on the wall in thi cit theyre livg inlma art parking l kindness of strangers. some driving hours to drop off food and supplies. >> i don't have nothing. i lost everything. they are like -- i feel like -- i mean i was -- me and frank we were capable of doing it. >> in southern california flames ripped through and thousands are coming home to see if there's anything to come home to. >> my house would have been gone for sure. definitely. >> she said she is blessed her home was saved by one man and as is like i bal
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an t him to come this way so we can all hug him. >> reporter: her home was saved but so many of her neighbors lost theirs in this fully compr the sheer scope of the devastation across the state. the president will be here tomorrow to see this destruction firsthand and to meet with survivor vors of the wild fires. abc 7 news. >> it will take many years to recover from the fires. thank you. if you would like to help fire victims we have a full list of resources you can turn to on you also make a donation. you can text the word red cross to 90999. moving onto other news. cnn is back in action after a federal judge ordered the white house to return his press pass. his reaction to today's initial victory against president trump and several of his top aids.
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a heated clash. >> i want to thank all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week. i want to thank the judge for the decision i made today. let's go back to work. >> that's enough. >> white house spokesperson said this morning but said they will develop rules and processes to ensure fair and orderly press conferences in the future. a man whose face became disfigured will share his new face tonight on abc's 20/20. doctors were able to successfully perform a face transplant. he tried to end his life by shooting himself in the face. he survived. now after numerous surgeries underwood has a new lease on life all thanks to another family who donated their son's
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face. >> can you imagine all of us who are mothers out there who ak th personal as your child's face and then to say good-bye to your child, to be dealing with that grief then to see your child's face live on someone else, it's a remarkable moment and one that words can't really describe. >> fascinating. the exclusive interview tonight on 20/20 at 10:00 p.m. cirque du soleil is playing in san francisco. the hoops i had to jump through to interview a performer. by the way, the performing happens to be mike from san francisco. >> i can't wait to see how you do. this is impressive in the other way. we are in the 23rd hour of very unhealthy air in san francisco. almost a full 24 hours if we hit
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the visibility you see there, that would be nice. i'll show you how the fog this weekend will start the healing process. this visibility gets lower and lower and lower. this is about a half a mile in walnut creek. we are looking down north main street. we have delays again.
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busy holiday. your plane may be delayed if it is coming in because of reduction in visibility. our eighth day of unhealthy wednesday or thursday the rain starts to come in. mid-50s to low 60s. same as they have been the last three days. the air quality gets worse and worse. we have mid-to upper 60s in some neighborhoods. here is a look at san jose. it did not look this bad yesterday at all at this time. . like yesterday we could see the smoke increase and air quality decrease. my 12 hour plan low to mid-60s at noon. we'll be around the upper 40s to mid-50s at 8:00.
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by midnight low the mid-40s. look at this tonight. you can see temperatures. it is the same tonight. what's that? that is a small on shore flow starting to develop. it could bring you a little bit here. a lot of smoke over the ocean right now. see that southerly surge? it will bring us the beginning of healthier air. we can't get rid of the unhealthy air. it is tomorrow evening into sunday. for the big game we'll have a little bit better air quality. take that mask anyway. i want to show you the latest rain. it is coming in friday morning and friday afternoon. the rain rolls right back in and that's when we say oh, thank goodness. all of that smoke is gone and the temperatures will be in the
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low to mid-60s. i know the timing the terrible. i don't think anybody cares. >> no. i'll take it any time any place. i never looked forward to rain more in my life. you can rain out all you want in thanksgiving. >> i agree. people are starting to get kind of stir crazy. >> thanks, mike. all right. here is something to talk about. if you need a last minute family friendly idea our partners suggest a new show under the big top. i usually jump through hoops. it is performing through cirque du soleil. >> i'm 34 years old. i am one of the shape divers in a show, i did gymnastics at eight years old. i joined a program in san francisco. i did that until i was 18 and left to montreal and worked for
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the hand for a long time and finally got chance to work for se cirque du soleil. >> okay. >> so this thing you'll to do is aim for center of the hoop. we'll start off with a dive roll. you jump and do a dive roll through the hoop. the mats, nothing hurts. >> yes. >> that's it. that's it. >> perfect. >> i have told all of my friends and family back home, just going to show them what i have been traveling for the past 15 years. this one is really special for me. >> yes. >> you do a little dive roll and you get cocky. it plays next to at&t park and then it goes to san jose for performances there through
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>> welcome to "millionaire," and our special episode celebrating the show's $100 million season. we've given away a grand total of $100 million over the past 16 years, and to commemorate that milestone, one of our all-time favorite contestants is about to take another run at that $1 million prize. and one lucky viewer out there is gonna be selected to win a magical disney cruise line vacation, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] everybody, welcome to the show. this is our show's $100 million season special. all week we have been showing you clips of some of our all-time favorite players from the past 16 years. let's take a look at o f


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