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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 20, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning, deadly rampage. >> 10-1, 10-1. shots fired. >> a gunman storming a chicago hospital. a police officer among the dead. patients barricading themselves in rooms as officers rush to the scene. the chaos inside and why the suspect opened fire. email controversy. ivanka trump facing criticism after a new report reveals she used her personal email for government business. did she violate federal rules? hello again, everybody. welcome to america's top ten. >> the shocking new claim about the death of casey kasem. was the radio icon murdered? what his family is now saying
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and the new investigation. plus, security breach. how someone got through security at the nation's busiest airport nearly boarding a flight without a ticket. caught on camera, what caused this car to slam into a crowded restaurant. and end of the road. why ford wants to say good-bye to the new car smell. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with new details in that deadly shooting at a chicago hospital. chaos and panic triggered by a domestic dispute that left four people dead. >> the first victim was the shooter's ex-girlfriend. an emergency room doctor gunned down there in the parking lot. also killed, a pharmacy worker and rookie police officer. you see him there. he leaves behind a wife and three children. abc's elizabeth hur joins us with the latest on the attack and the lives that were lost, good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: kendis and janai, good morning to you. authorities say the shooting was senseless and that officer died
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a hero. they say if not for the officer's quick response, the outcome could have been much worse. overnight a solemn procession for a fallen hero in chicago. officers lining the streets saluting the ambulance carrying the body of one of their own now identified as 28-year-old chicago police officer samuel jiminez. >> we cannot thank him enough for his courage and bravery today. >> all units we're getting a so 10-1, 10-1 outside mercy hospital. no further information. shots fired in front of mercy hospital. >> reporter: gunshots first reported around 3:30 monday afternoon, terrified doctors and nurses then seen here rushing out of mercy hospital with their hands in the air. >> it was chaos. it was just mass chaos. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the suspect first opened fire in the hospital parking lot. that's where authorities say he shot and killed dr. tamara o'neal with whom he was in a relationship. >> the gentleman turned around and shot three times in her chest then once she fell to the ground, he stood over her and
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shot her three more times. . >> reporter: officials say the gunman then stormed into the hospital shooting at random and killing dayna les, a pharmacy tech, before exchanging gunfire with responding officers. >> the subject fired multiple shots at the officers before they could exit their squad car. >> the city of chicago lost a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant and a police officer. this tears at the soul of our city. >> reporter: well, police say at this time it's unclear if the suspect died by police gunfire or from a self-inflicted shot and we're told a second officer was also hit but the bullet struck his holster and that officer was not injured. kendis. >> and it was quite a scene there in chicago overnight as his body was led away. our elizabeth hur, thank you. we turn now to the new controversy brewing in washington surround the use of a personal email account for government business. but it doesn't involve hillary clinton.
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this time it involves president trump's daughter ivanka and this morning her legal team is responding. this morning, the first daughter is facing questions following a bombshell report from "the washington post" revealing ivanka trump violated federal records rules after using her personal email account for official white house business. ivanka, who is a presidential adviser, reportedly sent hundreds of messages from her private email discussing government-related details with white house aides, cabinet officials and her assistants. while many of the message related to scheduling and travel details, "the post" reports nearly 100 emails discussed policies and official business. the scandal bears obvious similarities to the controversy over hillary clinton's misuse of private email. [ chanting "lock her up" ] >> reporter: an issue the president used against clinton on the campaign trail. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> this is bigger than
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watergate. >> reporter: and still criticizes. >> crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: overnight, a spokesperson for ivanka claimed trump was unaware she was not supposed to use her personal email when she first joined the president's team and made it clear that no classified information was ever shared. writing in a statement, when concerns were raised, ms. trump reviewed and verified her email use with white house counsel and explained the issue to congressional leaders. and ivanka's legal team acknowledges her use of personal email but says this alleged violation is nothing like what hillary clinton was accused of because trump didn't use a personal server and never deleted any of the emails. on capitol hill there could be a significant new threat to nancy pelosi's goal of becoming house speaker yet again. 16 democrats have now gone public calling for new leadership saying they'll oppose her election as speaker. that could be enough to sink her chances assuming someone else runs. pelosi has said she's 100% confident she can reclaim her old post. and there's new legal trouble to tell you about for stormy daniels' attorney michael
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avenatti who was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence just last week. an aspiring actress in los angeles has now requested a restraining order against avenatti. he tweeted last night, though, that he looks forward to clearing his name. he denies any abuse. it remains unclear whether the actress is the same accuser from the domestic violence case or if this stems from a separate incident. there's a setback for the president's immigration policy. a federal judge in san francisco has now barred the trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. the policy was put in place two weeks ago in response to migrant caravans heading toward the border. meanwhile, the white house is expected to announce today that u.s. troops on the southern border will be granted new authority allowing them to defend border patrol agents. currently the troops can only act in self-defense. the remains of two more victims of the wildfire disaster in northern california have now been found. the death toll is now 79. nearly 700 people are still unaccounted for. but there are some glimmers of
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hope including a man separated from his brother when they evacuated the hard hit town of paradise. they checked every shelter and makeshift camp until they found each other. and then they called mom. >> hi, what's up? >> i'm just giving you some good news here. >> what? you found maurice? >> i found that lunatic. >> i'm so glad you're okay. thanks, johnny. >> oh, god. love you too, mom. >> reporter: the brothers were adopted so dna testing wasn't any help. their home in paradise was destroyed but the family plans to rebuild. well, grab the coats. it could be the coldest thanksgiving in decades for millions of americans in the northeast. let's take a closer look at the forecast on this tuesday morning. good morning. if you're trying to get an early start on your holiday travel looking good along the west coast but we will have some snow showers here scattered about
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especially through new england where travel will be a bit slow. as we step into wednesday, some slow spots around houston thanks to heavy rain, also some in new england but the story will be the heavy rain that works into the west coast here so watch out for significant travel delays there. thanksgiving day itself still wet in the northwest, and we're talking about a bitter blast of cold for the northeast. i'm accuweather meteorologist melissa constanzer. well, coming up, the search for a suspected liar whose pants were really on fire. also ahead, the first legal marijuana shops on the east coast opened today with big concern in massachusetts. but first when we come back the new claim that radio legend casey kasem was murdered.
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we're back with that terrifying crash at this pizza restaurant in lake city, florida. an out-of-control suv slammed through the front barely missing some customers. a girl was knocked over but we're told that she's okay. the driver was turning into the parking space and is charged with careless driving. the family of radio legend casey kasem remains locked in a bitter feud four years after his death with each side now accusing the other of murder. kasem's second wife jeannie is facing a wrongful death lawsuit and his three adult children from his first marriage accuse her of elder abuse and according to cbs, she's now accusing casey kasem's children of getting his doctor to unhook his feeding tube leaving him to die. kasem was worth up to $100 million. his death is now reportedly under investigation as a possible homicide. we're getting new insight into the life of notorious mexican drug lord el chapo who is on trial here in new york.
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a witness for the prosecution claims el chapo's temper was so explosive, he once killed a man for not shaking his hand. a witness also testified el chapo was obsessed with guns including this one, a pistol engraved with his initials in black diamonds. legal recreational marijuana comes to the east coast for the first time this morning as sales get under way in massachusetts. currently only two stores in the state are allowed to sell it and they expect big crowds. one store owner has a warning for customers. >> you know, obviously there is an immense demand, and we've been preparing for awhile to help meet this, but, again, we can't make any guarantees on how long our supply might last. >> the state law says products can only be used in homes or other private spaces. a third store is expected to open soon. martha stewart has just taken her first uber ride. she's not that impressed and complained on instagram the car was a mess and she says the first car she ordered didn't show up at all. these are pictures she posted
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from the second car including someone else's water bottles. she also says the car parked halfway down the block from her pickup point, which was tiffany's on fifth avenue, of course. >> of course. >> we've all been there. >> right. >> that's what's it's called. coming up, the ending of an epic monday night football game. but first, a surprise at the nation's busiest airport. how someone nearly boarded a plane without a ticket. and later, the one step you can take online right now to track the lowest prices on black friday. track the lowest prices on black friday.
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in america, the zip code you're born in can determine your future. but no matter what neighborhood you grow up in, the y creates opportunities for all. for a better us, support your local y today. for a better us, when i walked through a snowthat's when i knewtte, i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why, needs a great how. we're back with this explosive scene in portland, oregon, where police say the man in the background there was trying to siphon gas from a u-haul truck when his pants caught fire. he took them off and ran away. police are now searching for him. >> i think they'll be able to track him down somehow. we turn now to colorado, that awful story where the man on tv for the safe return of his family has now been sentenced
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for killing them. >> we've also learned some new details about how chris watts tried to cover his tracks after the death of his pregnant wife and their two young daughters. judgment day for the man who confessed to killing his family. chris watts first facing his agonized in-laws. >> this is the heartless one, the evil monster. i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them and then you take them out like trash. you disgust me. >> reporter: their daughter shanann brutally killed along with their two granddaughters and unborn grandchild. >> your children adored you and they also trusted you. your daughter bella marie sang a song proudly, it was, daddy, you're my hero. >> reporter: prosecutors revealing gut-wrenching details about how he strangled his wife and smothered 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bella who apparently fought back. >> imagine the horror in bella's mind as her father took her last
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breaths away. >> reporter: the girls were then violently stuffed into an oil storage tank while shanann was buried in a shallow grave. the motive, prosecutors say, was simple, watts wanted a fresh start with a new woman. >> if he was this happy and wanted a new start, get a divorce. you don't annihilate your family and throw them away like garbage. >> reporter: prosecutors say while shanann was trying to save their marriage, watts was texting his girlfriend, and the morning after the murder, he looked into selling his home and even unenrolled his daughters from school. >> would you like to make a statement? >> no, sir. >> reporter: the judge handing down five life sentences without the chance of parole. >> this is perhaps the most inhumane and vicious crime that i have handled out of the tional scene there indeed.have the district attorney said he didn't see a shred of remorse from watts.
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prison officials say watts will undergo an evaluation to figure out where he'll serve his sentence. he will not face solitary confinement because in colorado it's against the law. the family of the american woman who mysteriously died on a cruise ship is speaking out. in an exclusive interview with abc news, almarosa tenorio's children say they have little information about what happened. investigators say she plummeted 14 stories onto a life boat. local media report the fall came after a struggle with a man. she was traveling with her husband who police say is not a suspect. the couple's children say they're standing by their father. >> i mean, that was the crazy thing. he specifically said they were going on this cruise because they wanted one week in order to work on their relationship just like them two alone. they just wanted to be alone. they wanted to work on their relationship. >> he wouldn't do it. he was trying to help my mom out with everything he possibly could, try to make everything perfect. >> investigators have not
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released the autopsy report. you'll hear more from the victim's children later on "good morning america." the tsa says an 11-year-old boy was able to sneak through security at the nation's busiest airport without a ticket. officials tell our station in atlanta that the boy nearly boarded a plane after trying to blend in with another family. they say because he's a minor, he didn't need to show identification at the security checkpoint. but they deny there was any breach of security because the boy was screened. he's now back home with his mom. >> savvy kid. the former manager at a chipotle in minnesota has been offered her job back after she was accused of being racist. she was fired when a video showed her asking a group of black men to pay before getting their order. >> you never have money when you come in here. >> we never have money. >> in that video dominique said she suspected some of those customers hadn't paid for their food in the past and days after she was fired, evidence emerged to support her claim. one of the men previously bragged on social media about staurants inclchipotle.
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she is now considering whether to take her job back. to sports now and an epic monday night football game featuring the rams and the chiefs. they more than lived up to the expectations. two 9-1 teams here rolling up more than a thousand yards of offense and scoring 14 touchdowns. you're watching all of those touchdowns right now. the rams scored the winner with just under two minutes to play. they won, 54-51. first nfl game in history in history in which both teams scored more than 50 points. >> exciting night. well, up next in "the pulse," the end of the road for the new car smell. and also ahead, we tackle the question just how long does it take to microwave a whole turkey. later, the apps that will save you money on black friday and the apps that won't. black friday and the apps that won't. the potential of cited about once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven
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time to check "the pulse" starting with that new car smell that americans savor but in china not so much. >> ford is applying for a patent for a process that can get rid of the new car smell. that's because many drivers in china dislike it. they even rank the smell as a bigger problem than excessive fuel consumption and safety. >> ford actually hired smell testers to sniff out any unwanted odors that could turn off chinese buyers. well, next, a big ns are crowned on "dancing with the stars." >> yes, country radio personality bobby bones, you recognize which one that is, right, he and his partner sharna burgess were never the favorites with the judges during the season, but they were the favorites with the americans. in fact, they consistently scored though below their rivals. >> they got lots of votes from viewers. that was enough for them to take home the mirror ball trophy. they'll be on "good morning america" later this morning. >> he said i wasn't next to the thanksgiving
4:24 am
prank that is taking over social media. >> so here's how it works. people are texting their parents to ask how to cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave. the responses are then posted on twitter. some of them are hilarious. one mom responded wrap it in foil, microwave for 30 minutes then go to the store and buy a precooked one because you'll have to feed the fire department. it makes sense. good job, mom. >> i love the wit. another mother responded, it's not possible. are you drunk? >> maame be on to something. the people who make reynolds wrap have a solution if you don't want to give up your snack food for thanksgiving. >> reynolds kitchens has a recipe on its website for a roasted turkey with a coating of hot cheetos. you crush the cheese puffs and then put them inside an oven bag made by reynolds, of course, with the turkey and there you have it. >> okay. that is something new to try. >> that actually sounds like a good idea. >> no, it doesn't. okay. come on.
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hi, good morning. it's tuesday, november 20th. thanks for join, us. and it's another day that we're dealing wit with the same kind thing. feels like deja vu yet again. >> today is supposed to be the same thing. >> deja vu, about 12 days over. today is the last day. the rain is coming, thunderstorms are possible. that's later in the forecast. we're already starting to see signs of cleaner air. it's moderate in redwood city, union city. look at all the red surrounding that. you can see, yes, we still have unhealthy air. let's talk about temperatures when you're stepping outside right now. we're still very chilly from mid-30s in our deepest valleys to mid to upper 40s around the bay. where we end up this afternoon, more sunshine, a little warmer. low to mid-60s on this last
4:28 am
"spare the air" day. we'll take a look at the accuweather 12-hour planner coming up next. >> taking a look at the roads, we do have a crash reported in east bay around willow avenue. before you get to the highway 4 split, sounds like a vehicle is facing the wrong way and blocking the far right lane. not seeing any delays due to that yet but i'll keep an eye on that situation. if you're continuing westbound to emeryville stretch trying to get to the bay bridge or downtown oakland, everything moving along fine. visibility looking better than yesterday at least for now. developing now, wildfire survivors are bracing for the rain on the way. >> a flash flood watch goes into effect tomorrow in areas burned by the recent fires. that, of course, includes the camp fire. also the carr fire and mendocino complex fire. while the rain is expected to help put on the the fire in butte county, there's other concerns. the heat from wildfires can make soil impermeable which could
4:29 am
wash away debris, ash and then mudslides. >> the incoming storms could complicate the search for those who lost their lives in the fires. the search now involves hundreds of people. >> this is the largest search and rescue operation in california. we have over 500 volunteers and that's just unprecedented. >> this morning the number of people listed as people missing in the camp fire is going down. at last check, just under 700 names remain on the list. that's down from close to 1,000 yesterday. the number is fluctuating for many reasons. some people don't know they were reported missing. others have not checked in with family or friends. and also some people may be listed twice with different spellings. >> 79 people are now confirmed dead. 64 have been tentatively identified. the fire has scorched more than 151,000 acres and containment is now at 70%. full containment is expected by the end of the month. if you are just joining us
4:30 am
and waking up, let's check our weather and traffic. mike, once again, that storm is on the way. >> it is on the way. it will be a two on the storm impact scale. we'll talk more about that as we get deeper into the forecast that's coming in as quickly as tonight. right now we still have an offshore breeze. that's why we're waking up to unhealthy air the 12th consecutive day. the winds will start to shift and the smoke will start to move away to the east. we'll see increasing sunshine and air quality throughout the day. upper 30s a 6:00. mid to upper 50s at 7:00. an hour by hour look at the rain coming up. we're checking out the bay bridge toll mraz sgra. no metering lights.


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