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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 22, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PST

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for online orders over 50 bucks. amanda del castillo is live for for younger fans, the warriors us this morning. will offer a 20% discount on all amanda? >> reporter: patrons tell our holiday basketball camps. partners at the east bay times, so there's that, mike. one man appears to have taken >> stocking stuffers. >> there you go. his own life outside in the today will not be a rainout. parking lot here at the saddle rack. it will be a shower here and there, right? this was after a verbal >> during the morning hours. altercation inside of the club. and then the north bay gets rain now, the scene is calm right this afternoon. the rest of us get a lot of rain now. westchester to get a look at tonight and tomorrow. what it was like just a few here's a look at what's going on. hours ago. they roped up the parking lot you can see the clearing taking place. you'll need the sunglasses for the saddle rack. today. a look at san rafael south along it is a large popular 101. country-themed nightclub near let's move on and show you pacific commons shopping center what's going on in other places. in fremont. and what we're going to do is hundreds were here last night and into the early morning for take a look from our roof camera and show you, oh, yeah, youf e e the black wednesday event. a huge celebration the night before thanksgiving. a guitarist said security came to haen, running in telling everyone inside there is a feared an act situation was unfolding. you'll remember two weeks ago a gunman opened fire and killed 12 befo more rain etuda people at a country bar in
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thousand oaks. following that shooting, the een so wet up in saddle rock held a special the sierra th. have not yet confirmed last night's shooting this got my attention. death. this is what's going to roll in. however, the guitarist told the it creates winds in the north east bay bay above 1,000 feet. we could have gusts up to 50 rack employees know the man who miles per hour. took his own life. so trees down and power outages he regularly came to the club would not be nice on thanksgiving, but it is possible and taught dancing here. the scene cleared out at 4:00 through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. this morning. at that time,ive saw several here we are at 7:00. a few splotches of green. employees from the saddle rack those are random light showers. exchanges hugs after an another push around lunch hour. unfortunate night. all is quiet until 3:00. i'm live here at the saddle rack you can see the light green to in fremont, amanda dell cast yellow. moderate rain in the north bay. it stays until the evening industry -- hours. then it goes across all of our cast industryeo, abc 7 news. neighborhoods. it continues overnight. from the airport to the yellows and greens all the way roads, the rain made for a tough thanksgiving getaway for through about 7:00 tomorrow travelers across the bay area. evening. lots of frustration at sfo. yellows and greens. and then it tapers to showers friday night. 45 flights were canceled saturday, increasing sunshine. yesterday. the bigger problem was 500 other all right. so let's take a look at the flights were delayed an average of two hours. rainfall totals. i will go through the entire
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system. thousands waited in long lines that is more than an inch. for tickets, check-in and security. except the peninsula, two inches erratic winds was the problem that forced planes to get in the north bay. sit a 2, moderate. diverted. it created more delays. enjoy the warmer and dryer they tried to book new flights. weather saturday is, sunday, we spoke to one man who really monday. 1, light, and 2, moderate is on took things to an extreme. the way tuesday and wednesday. he arrived to the airport six a problem earlier in san hours early. rafael. >> i prefer to be sitting here that is now cleared up. no more sig-alert. waiting for the flight than get all lanes are open. stuck on the freeway and get which means you see scenes like late for my check-in. >> man, hope he had some netflix this. movies to watch. san jose, 101 cam, deserted. this is one of the busiest travel times of the year. no problems of the roads. you are free and clear. airport officials say sunday a stunning theft targeting will actually be the worst day silicon valley executives. however a 21-year-old made off in the next few days. if you're headed for tahoe this with a million dollars without weekend, stormy weather could even stepping foot in make getting there tricky as you california. plus, a thanksgiving gift like no other. can see from the caltrans the ceo who dropped $20 mil cameras. a winter storm warning for the sierra until tomorrow. chains are required on a stretch of 80. higher elevations could get up to 18 inches of snow. power coming on for people across the bay area. nearly 1,300 people are without
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electricity right now, down from 3,000 last night. for switching to progressive? the majority are in the north [ engine revving ] bay where 630 customers don't have the lights on. you cannot hear me at all, you can track the rain with our can you? news app. live doppler 7 so you can get hour by hour conditions as they affect your neighborhood. federal officials have arrested a man they believe set one of the fires at construction sites. he is a construction worker. bellinger is accused of setting fires to the hollis oak apartments along peralta streets. two other fires broke out the same day. so far he hasn't been arcoti th. now to the camp fire in butte county. the death toll has gone up again. 83 lives l count, 563. the fire is now 85% contained.
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abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson has a look at how rain is causing problems in the wildfire zone. >> reporter: this wasn't the night before thanksgiving jessica williams had planned. >> cold. soaked. . >> reporter: food floating in gravy-colored water. the rain has posed its challenges for evacuees. relief showed up just as we did. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: this group dropped off thanksgiving dinners. at least for the moment, things seemed to be looking up. things can't be said for first respond issers. >> rain is a concern for us. there is certainly the potential for mud flows. >> reporter: day one of the search for victims in the rain-soaked burn zone. >> i was out there with the searchers and the an throw
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pologists. >> there are still 563 people unaccounted for. >> what we are learning for here are very small bone find as the rain continues to fall. it could threaten the safety of first responders. >> we move staff from there or make sure they are aware of it. what a thanksgiving for them in that area. now to the half moon bay brewing company helping people impacted by the camp fire. the ocean front brewery and restaurant donating all proceeds to the north valley is community foundation fund. a minimum of $10,000 will go their way. they are serving a three-course thanksgiving meal for 40 bucks. reservations are recommended. in a few hours, the salvation in need.le ith you're never more than 7
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minutes away. air quality is good. no need to worry about smoke. city. they will start delivering at the next storm comes in for the north bay. the rest of us tomorrow. with so many of us out on the sacred heart community service roads because it's black friday, in san jose is accepting turkey donations today. the organization has put hydroplaning even more so than together more than 4,000 holiday yesterday. flooding on the roadways is more likely. food boxes. food donations will be accepted i have had to upgrade for the next storm. through mid-december. the big turkey trot race in all right, mike. we will be prepared. a man has been arrested in downtown san jose. it was in jeopardy after many connection with a decades old runners hesitated to sign up cold case. because the air was so bad. 74-year-old john arthur gatrue now that the skies have cleared, the race is on. there's a last-minute push to get more runners and walkers to show up. the goal here is to raise a has been arrested for the murder of a 21-year-old graduate. million bucks. and proceeds go to five her car was found near a quarry west of stanford. non-profit organizations including local food banks. during a recent review, >> last year we were able to investigators made a dna connection from samples gathered provide 2.9 million pounds of years ago. >> we were preserving evidence fresh produce from the money we raised at the race. that's really critical for all 45 years ago in leslie's case. the families and seniors we
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there was never any thought that serve every single week. this could be technology in the >> so far about 20,000 people future that could bring her have signed up. they need 5,000 more to meet killer to justice. that $1 million fund-raising it's amazing what we're able to goal. if you feel like running a do with dna now. now, the suspect was little this morning, you can sign up online or even just show previously convicted of rapeing up. you have until 8:30 to do it. you will find all the details at a girl in 1975 and had been convicted of raping and killing still ahead this thanksgiving, the dire warning a 16-year-old girl in germany from the cdc not to eat any when she was 18 years old. romaine lettuce. new this morning, a now we are learning the tainted produce may have come from 21-year-old computer whiz california you are never more than 7 reportedly stole 1 million minutes away from my accuweather forecast. dollars from hacking into phones or it seems like rain now that the storm door is open. starting this afternoon in the north bay and for the rest of us and stealing cryptocurrency. he tarbgtd bay area residents in tonight through tomorrow, a 2. a sim card swapping scheme. this storm is going to even be a little bit stronger than the one we just lived through with gusty winds and heavy rain at he ran the operation from his cushy new york city high rise. an extraordinary gift for pharmaceutical works in new
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jersey. they attended a gratitude luncheon this week. but it is the workers who got much more than a free meal. they got $20 million. they range from 5 bucks for new employe employees to 10,000. people worried about theirn neighborhood. and the developing news we continue to track in fremont. b thanksgiving turned into a special honor for survivors of the camp fire. it's all thanks to the warriors. it is 6:26 right now. we're going to take a little break. we will leave you with abc 7 news now hoping to help you have a
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♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ world's best inflight entertainment. you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. early risers waking up to cooler conditions this morning. north bay, you can see some of the clearing taking place. 44, santa rosa. 49, los gatos. the rest of us in the low to mid-50s until you get to oakland at 57 degrees.
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we will hover right around 60. you can see the whites. not a solid shield. so a little bit of sunshine in you will need them from time to time. then it rains all night with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. mild once again. the north bay, pretty quiet from 8:00 until 2:00. rain at 4:00. it will be moderate all throughout the afternoon and evening hours. south bay, you're quiet from 8:00 this morning. 54 to 62 at 2:00 to about 6:00. that's when the rain starts for you. scattered. then it becomes more numerous in the 8:00 hour. east bay, rain and on your way also. reggie. for those of us who do have to go to work, you're not going to have much trouble getting where you need to go. even our slow spots we usually have on a thursday morning not a problem today. tracy to dublin, just 25 minutes. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge.ple
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up and out this morning. traffic very light if you have to get somewhere right now. the warriors are spreading some holiday cheer to fans. now at 6:30, developing news the special offer for black in fremont. friday. while we're on that subject, police investigating a tparlt we'll check out the sho -- parking lot shooting at a popular nightclub. the death toll continues to grow in butte county. now they are having to deal with rain. there was thanksgiving cheer. how they were honored at last night's warriors game. in america, a live look at our south beach the zip code you're born in can determine your future. camera. but no matter what neighborhood you grow up in, it is so nice to see the clear air. if you are heading out this thy creates opportunities for all. morning, it is going to be damp. one storm moving out. for a better us, another is about to move in. support your local y today. mike, it was pretty heavy at times yesterday afternoon. you're telling us now this next storm coming in we could see even more rain. >> i really think so. on top of what we have just had, more run-off, hydroplaning a big issue with the next storm.
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the timing not all that great either. what i have is live doppler seven, santa cruz mountains, san mateo to half moon bay. over the last hour or so, that's been the biggest player in town. let me show you what's going to happen the rest of the morning. scattered, random, maybe a few around lunch. but for the most part, the big storms is during the evening hours. 280 and 17 in san jose. it's not raining right now. there is plenty of moisture on the roads. so slick conditions out there. low to mid-50s at 7:00. we'll hang around 60 throughout the afternoon hours. notice at noon, yeah, you'll need the sunglasses from time to time. rain into the north bay at 4:00. the rest of us at 7:00. let's get some news from reggie. all right. first, i'll look at what the traffic is doing.
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a sig-alert northbound 101, seaport off-ramp. a car hit a fans and overturned. chp said it will be closed for about an hour. and right now it doesn't look like this is impacting any traffic. just wanted to let you know about it. a live look at the emeryville camera on 80. as you can see, traffic is flowing nicely. if you have to go anywhere this morning, you're in good shape. all that rain yesterday in san francisco. crews tried to fix the issue while wading through knee-high water. this is southbound 101 near the paul avenue off-ramper roug traffic to was so badtert down the right lanes. >> they won't let us go. they won't let us leave. >> rain caused multiple power outages, including here in san leandro. a viewer september us this of a sparking power pole outside the home on daley drive.
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>> we are learning california you can track the rain today and may be the source of a romaine tomorrow as it impacts us. lettuce blamed in an e. coli outbreak. live doppler 7 so you can get the cdc said do not eat any hour by hour conditions in your neighborhood. romaine and throw it out if you now back to our developing have it. news we have been tracking in it ishe same strain fremont. which came last year at the end one person is dead after a shooting at a popular nightclub. of the season harvest in california. dozens of people started getting it happened on one of the sick last month. busiest nights of the year. at this point federal officials have not ordered any recall. amanda del castillo is live at you can find a list of symptoms. saddle rack bar. >> reporter: the saddle rack hosts a black wednesday event the countdown is on. just before thanksgiving. millions of americans making it's sort of a pre-thanksgiving final preps for black friday. celebration. as you rush to get the best but that celebration took an deals, we have tips on what to unfortunate turn last night. buy and what to take a pass on we want to get you to earlier this holiday weekend. footage taken just hours ago. this morning, the final patrons tell the east bay times, countdown to the doorbuster deals. ♪ one man appears to have taken his own life in the parking lot after a verbal altercation shoppers are already lining up, inside the club. this video shows fremont police but you may not have to. investigating late last night mark elwood. into the early morning. the saddle rack is a large >> sit all about the online door popular country themed nightclub
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buster. you don't have to get up and get in fremont. a guitarist on stage at the time out of the house really early, you have to get up in your p.j.s of the shooting, says security came in running, telling and stop before dawn breaks. everyone inside, there's a >> thanksgiving and black friday shooter, everybody out. of course people feared the are your best bet for budget tvs. of if you areghvariety, cyb mon. worst thinking an active shooter was unfolding. with toys "r" us shut erred, walmart, target and amazon are trying to fill the void. >> the weekend before christmas, the toys will be slashed in prices. >> if clothes are on your list, police have not confirmed last consider holding off as well. night's shooting at the saddle apparel sales will pick up right rack. however, the guitarist said he before christmas as retailers and saddle rack employees know rush to make way for new stock the man who took his own life in the new year. if you insist on braving the because he regularly came to the crowds tomorrow, consider club and taught dancing here. putting on a smile and we have did go through twitter. negotiating. many retailers offer hidden deals and promotions, but you there was a lot of confusion last night into the early morning with a lot of people only posting that there was some have to ask. sort of shooting here at the saddle rack. reporting live in fremont, let's talk about the amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. warriors. they
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>> amanda, thank you. in butte county,e but we can be thankful for black found two more sets of human friday deals. remains. they will 83 lives lost. the number of missing continues to fluctuate. the latest count, 563. the fire is now 85% contained. the rain is slowing their progress in conducting the search operations. >> with the weather, the rain coming on, it extends the time. and actually the ability to do -- >> the fire has charred more than 153,000 acres and is now 85% contained. a wrongful death lawsuit filed against pg&e in the wake of the camp fire. that suit filed on behalf of retired u.s. navy sailor jerry rodriguez. his remains were identified last week.
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the newport beach firm that filed the complaint lists a series of safety failures dating back to 1981, including gas explosions and cites maintenance practices as a critical factor. abc 7 news was at oracle arena where warriorsudents. >> i have never been this close to any nba player before. and this is the warriors too. etetr than that. >> very nice for the team to do this. another offer of kindness, all paradise high school students will receive $1,000 each from a man in the san diego area. he's never been to paradise but he said he felt a desire to help. if you feel that same desire, you can go to we have a list of resources where you can donate or
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volunteer your time. you can make a $10,000 to the red cross. next "red cross" to 90999. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area, which means we're spending extra time looking closely at issues that affect our quality of life. if you don't feel safe walking down the street, that's a big issue. that's one san francisco police are doing something about. check out this map. it shows where crimes happen in the city. a lot of them are along market street. now police are adding officers to control the mid market area on foot to makehard to find mero do not want more cops. they say they are tired of it being an eyesore and dangerous. >> our customers are telling us we are not coming here because the people are bad outside. >> if they are walking around outside, it's easy to grab the police officer and say, hey, i need some help.
6:20 am
>> they will ask two sergeants to walk the area between 4th and 8th streets. the new staffing will be completed in two weeks. we want you to be part of this area. how can we work on building a better bay area and make it safer. #betterbayarea. you are never more than 7 yr forecast. oakland, from novato, san francisco, pacifica, all the way to the south bay, into the east bay valleys. right now fremont -- i should say fairfield, 49. santa rosa, 44, our cool spots. as we head throughout the day, you can see the clouds open up a little bit. you'll need sunshine. in fact, we are seeing breaks in the clouds already. as we say good-bye to one chance of wet weather this morning, another chance develops in the north bay. that will keep us in the upper 50s to low 60s. low to mid-50s tonight with even
6:21 am
more rain. the peninsula, 56 this morning. all the way through 3:00. you're dry. right around 60. scattered showers develop at 4:00 with steadier rain at 6:00 and 8:00. east bay valleys, pretty quiet, 53 at 8:00 through 4:00 in the upper 50s. scattered showers at 6:00. and steady rain at 8:00. and for san francisco, pretty quiet from now through 2:00. scattered showers at 4:00. steady rain at 6:00. reggie, this will be a pretty heavy storm. i'll show you that coming up. get out your rain jackets now. the richmond-san rafael bridge. one car. two cars. i think you get the idea. mass transit, bart is running a sunday schedule. pretty big gaps in train service. no train service for ace and cable cars are back in service for all the folks visiting out of town who want to get on the ride. muni is running a modified schedule just like bart.
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heads-up if you plan on visiting the golden gate bridge. they have once again closed the parking lots near the toll plaza in san francisco and vista point in marin county. only tour buses, cabs and ride-sharing vehicles can access those lots. they get too mobbed on holidays like this one. a dog missing for days reunites with her family in san francisco. plus, the viral challenge plus, the viral challenge that starts tomor
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if you're headed north or east, you willun into mountain upper 60s to 70s los angeles,s. noon tomorrow, look at and debris flows on the wildfire burn areas, all the areas you see in green. winter storm warning feet. nearly 2 1/2 at the highest peaks. travel not recommended. but doesn't it look awesome compared to what we saw yesterday, which was brown ground. my tahoe forecast. breezy to windy with snow through tomorrow. and then we'll get another chance on tuesday. winter is here in the high country. reggie? >> thank you, mike.
6:26 am
the man you see here capture odd security camera trying to set a market on fire now faces charges. san francisco police say they have arrested him for setting a small fire sunday in the mid city market. this is when he lit some toilet paper on fire and caught a bunch of other rolls on fire and made a mess. he is from massachusetts. he has a long criminal record. he's on probation on another arson charge. a survivor of the butte county fire is with her family. herer came to san francisco to get her. the touching reunion between a dog named maggie may and her human michael fray. maggie is the black and white dog. will the other is her best friend taxy. they have not seen each other since november 8th when the massive butte county fire broke out. michael left for work taking
6:27 am
taxi but leaving 12-year-old maggie at home. >> by the time i realized the fire was at bad as it was, there was nothing i could do. >> maggie was more than just lucky. she was smart. she went to a local cemetery that was the only safe place to hang out. turned over to an animal rescue. like thousands of others, he lost everything to the flames except the things that he replace who mean the most. so glad to see that. happening right now, glad memorial chuh g rea for e a thanksgiving day dinner. they will help a thousand people today. the ceo is live for us this morning. karen, good to see you this morning. i know you're going to have a lot of guests. how many folks are you planning on helping out today? >> we are expecting to feed almost 5,000 people today. like every day of the year, we
6:28 am
serve three meals, even today. but we have the special meal right in the middle, which is a thanksgiving meal for almost 5,000 people today. >> karen, the great need that we have in san francisco and the bay area in general has been really identified throughout the country. so many stories showing homeless on our streets and people in need. how have you seen that change this year at glide? >> for us at glide, we see it every day. our lines are getting longer. the demand for our services is through the roof.h. our community at glide of volunteers and of donors is really growing. everyone is looking for a
6:29 am
exclusion to the challenges. glide is really the place to come to be part of that solution. >>ed normal, average person, what can i do to help the problem? >> so one of the things is coming to glide, volunteering your time. monetary donations are always helpful. donating food and other in-kind gifts. part of it is also about the humanity in those around you. when you are seeing people on the streets, just notice what's going on around you. and that's -- it's a big challenge because there's suffering going on all over the city. it is very visual. very much out there. i think just being aware of it and understanding that there's humanity in everyone. and these people really need to
6:30 am
be treated with dignity and respect. >> karen hammerhan, we appreciate all that glide does. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. a dedicated group of people is preparing for a very unusual holiday challenge. their trying to avoid a really specific christmas song starting tomorrow. we have the rules now for the little drummer boy challenge. ♪ >> reporter: the holidays are approach. with them, the pa, rum pa, pum pum challenge. it is black friday to december 23rd. you simply have to make it to midnight of the 23rd without hearing the song is the little drummer boy. that includes any parody, any interpretation, even a slight piece of it. if you recognize the song, you're out.
6:31 am
♪ >> reporter: which version has proven most lethal? >> bing crosby, david bowie version. year in, year out, that's number one, number two. ♪ movies that take the most people out. after that, it is bing and bowie. and a newcomer is pent people like that as well. ♪ of the myriad of christmas songs, why this one? >> it is played just enough to make it a challenge. also, it's a song that is just really kind of weird. you're going to tell me when there is a baby sleeping, they want a kid banging on a drum? that's the gift we are going to
6:32 am
give this child? pa, rum, pum, puming in hollywood. >> for someone? his choir his whole life, this is one song i can't stand singing. your mind wanders because it is so repetitious. you suddenly realize, or i don't know where i am in this song. have i done the first song? >> go back to the drum. >> i don'tinit >> okay. ris thereou rathisteto. >> mariah carey, all i want for christmas. >> yes. did she not open the door for everybody else to start doing christmas albums again. hers was so good, i'm going to jump in and start doing them again. we will a hrlull from the 50s a 60s. that's your mariah moment for now. the san matteo bridge. it's not raining but there are a
6:33 am
lot of slick streets to deal with. the exploratorium. a gorgeous morning. rain and breezy conditions this evening through tomorrow with heavier and longer storm. the weekend break, yeah, before rain comes back. let's talk about tonight through tomorrow. the highest impact in the north bay. the winds will be the fastest. that's where the heaviest of the rain will tpaupl. the rest conditions and light to phodz rat rain at times. 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, 24 hours of wind gusts. 30 miles per hour in the valleys. bay. you can see some green at 7:00. it kind of goes away. and then 3:00, here you go. light to moderate. green to yellow moving into the north bay. by the time the sun sets, it's moving across all of our neighborhoods. watch the timeline. continues throepbt through tomorrow morning at 7:00. and it continues tomorrow up until 7:00 when it turns over to scattered showers. we wake up saturday with clearing conditions. look at the rainfall totals.
6:34 am
i'm going to go all the way to the end of this system. look at all the green. man, there will be a lot of rain out of this system. hydroplaning and minor standing water will be an issue tomorrow when you're out and about black friday shopping. if you can put it off to saturday is, it will be much better then. >> or go shopping today. if you do, you're not going to have any problems on the road. walnut creek, 680, no problem. drive times all in the green. you're good to go on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?e it's time yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. 6:54. here's 7 things to know before you go. let's talk about lingering ligh through 9:00 this morning. then we'll have sunshine. scattered showers will develop in the north bay and become numerous during the evening hours. the next storm at 2, moderate, even stronger than the one we just went through. fremont police are investigating a shooting outside a popular music nightclub at the saddle rack overnight. we're waiting for an update from police about possible injuries and motive. >> number three, the death toll from the camp fire in butte
6:38 am
county is now 83. two more bodies were found yesterday. crews say rain is slowing down the recovery efforts. but it is also helping firefighters put out the fire once and for all. a scary moment in new york last night. two cars broke loose from a strain. nobody got hurt. they are saying this is a mechanical issue. >> number five. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see, if you want to go somewhere this morning or you have to go to work, you're not going to have any trouble doing so. it's a cover girl morning on the roads. easy, breezy, beaufu did you like that? >> i did. >> i'm trying it out. number six, glide will serve thousands in need at its annual thanksgiving celebration. they will begin breakfast in 30 minutes. then they will dishp full thanksgiving dinners starting at 10:00 a.m. number seven, if you want to run off calories before you hit the
6:39 am
turkey, the turkey trot is good to go. the rain helped clear our air. organizers are hope to raise a million dollars this year. so they're a little short, mike, on runners this morning. so you can still sign up right now by going to the website. you can also just show up before 8:30. they want to rse the money for charities. and they're a little short o their goal because people were avoiding it because of the bad air. >> way to give thanks, give some money, work off calories. it's a win-win. >> that's right. >> and air quality couldn't be any better this morning.
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine.
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♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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good morning, america. bone-chilling blast. millions waking up to frigid temperatures as windchills is plunge below zero in many areas. single digits in new york for the world famous parade. will the bitter blast and wind
6:43 am
gusts keep those balloons grounded? travel nightmare. on one of the busiest travel days of the year, amtrak train cars separating. hundreds of passengers stranded in freezing temperatures. the incident under investigation. the president versus the chief justice. in a rare rebuke, chief roberts standing up to president trump after he lashed out at an
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