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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 30, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories on this friday night. the powerful earthquake in anchorage, alaska. a magnitude 7.0. several aftershocks. tonight, a disaster declared. roads buckling. cars swallowed. people diving for cover. you will hear the air traffic controllers telling pilots not to land. and tonight, the new fear. also, the midair scare. the engine disaster. passengers could see it through the windows on a flight across the country. and the police officer indicted in her neighbor's murder. she says she thought his apartment was hers. the major storm on the move. several accidents on highways. tonight, bracing for hail and possible tornadoes, and then
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blinding rain and wind in the northeast. rob has the new track tonight. president trump on the world stage. after learning his personal fixer has flipped. and then this moment today. putin and the saudi crown prince, and their high five. the two leaders the president has defended. and the nfl star seen on surveillance, taking aim at a young woman. the health alert involving popular medication for blood pressure and the heart, and possible cancer risks. and what somebody did with millions watching, defying the odds. who is our person of the week? good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a friday night. a very busy news night. we begin with the powerful earthquake rocking anchorage, alaska. a 7.0. people running outside, then back indoors when they thought
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it was safe, and then aftershocks. parts of the ceiling in this courtroom coming down. lawyers dropping to the floor, crawling on hands and knees. you can see one hiding under the desk to the right. at the airport, a scare for air traffic controllers. with flights getting ready to land. you'll hear them in a moment. massive damage inside this newsroom, and buckling roads everywhere, swallowing cars. authorities warning people to shelter in place. tonight, the governor declaring a state of emergency as they brace for more aftershocks. matt gutman leading us off. >> reporter: the shaking started at 8:30 this morning. this anchorage courtroom seemingly on rollers. debris crashing, pictures flapping. and those inside holding on, then diving under desks. >> oh, my god. >> it's okay. >> reporter: and terrifying moments at the airport. >> earthquake!
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earthquake! >> reporter: panic everywhere. inside this home, you can hear the rumbling. this mother frantically searching for her son before grabbing him and rushing to safety. >> another house on fire there. >> reporter: for hours today, as fires erupted from burst gas pipes, alaska's biggest city seemed completely cut off from the world. the 7.0 magnitude quake struck about 25 miles deep. but its epicenter, just miles from downtown anchorage. >> there are tvs on the ground. >> reporter: the local cbs station, livestreaming the damage to its studios. ceilings caved in, offices flooded. roads cratered, this car marooned where the road ripped apart. >> holy smokes. can you get out of there? >> reporter: for several hours, the city's airports shut down. and before evacuating their tower, air traffic controllers frantically waving off incoming planes.
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>> fedex, go around! fedex, go around! >> going around, fedex 49. >> reporter: fear ripping through colony high school, north of the epicenter. >> we're gonna die. >> reporter: students cowering beneath their desks. and sarah palin posting this video of damage at her parents' home. emergency responders inundated with calls. >> don't overwhelm the phone lines. we know some cell towers are not working. >> reporter: and when the quake struck, dr. owen ala was operating on a patient. >> the patient can't protect herself, so we had to basically give the patient a big bear hug so the patient doesn't fall off the bed. >> incredible. they were operating on these patients while the earthquake hit. matt, already a number of aftershocks, and authorities are warning they could last for a week or longer? >> reporter: that's right. we've been keeping count of the
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aftershocks. there have been well over 50 of them so far. we're told alaskans should brace themselves for many more, including some that could be powerful enough to liquefy the earth. that means that they could turn the soil into a consistency that's similar to quicksand. that's what we likely saw today. thankfully, no one was killed. david? >> matt, thank you. and a terrifying flight for passengers who saw the cover of an engine rip off. passengers alerting flight attendants that the engine was exposed. this was a flight from las vegas to tampa. here's david kerley. >> reporter: this is the result of what passengers saw while racing down the runway for takeoff. >> everyone started yelling and looking out the window, yelling, "stop the plane. the engine's on fire! stop the plane!" >> reporter: but the frontier jet got off the ground in las vegas, terrifying some of the
5:36 pm
166 onboard the airbus a320. >> we can see that metal had been ripped off of the engine. >> frontier 260, i think we got something wrong with one of our engines. >> reporter: and it wasn't just passengers who saw the damage. >> someone at the airport said that you're -- they just told us now your second engine cowling appears open or something like that. >> okay. we need to declare an emergency back to the airport. >> reporter: it was the engine covering, it's called a cowling, that had been shredded, exposing the actual engine, which can still operate. but the turn back to las vegas couldn't come soon enough for the passengers headed to tampa. >> it was panic. complete panic. i was shaking. we were kind of preparing for the worst at that point. >> reporter: the jet landed safely and got to the gate on its own power, with that exposed engine. >> david, as you point out, that plane was taking off, too late to abort takeoff. but it was some time before it could get back down. >> reporter: it had to circle around and come back to the airport. the airline says passengers were
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never in danger, because the cowling is an aerodynamic cover and doesn't affect the performance of the engine. >> david, thank you. and now to dallas, with the police officer who was seen pacing after going into her neighbor's apartment, shooting and killing him. she's now been indicted tonight for murder. she had claimed she thought she was in her own apartment, and that he was an intruder. here's marcus moore from dallas. >> reporter: tonight, with botham jean's family by her side, dallas county's district attorney announcing that a grand jury indicted former dallas officer amber guyger on a charge of murder in jean's shooting death. >> whether or not i'm black, white, purple, green. whether i'm a police officer or not. equal justice is what we're talking about. >> reporter: guyger, seen here just after the shooting, lived directly below jean and told investigators she mistakenly entered his apartment thinking it was hers. court documents show guyger told investigators she saw jean's silhouette and thought her home was being burglarized.
5:38 pm
she claims she pulled out a gun, gave verbal commands, and shot twice, hitting jean in the abdomen. botham jean was unarmed. guyger was fired after weeks of protests. and jean's mother, tonight, hoping for justice. >> i look forward to the next step, which is a conviction of murder. >> reporter: david, the district attorney said they spoke to 300 witnesses in preparation, and tonight, guyger is free on bond. >> marcus, thank you. and now to the severe weather, the flash flooding in southern california. accidents causing a nightmare on the roads. then moving into arizona, burying flagstaff under deep snow. at this hour, severe storms firing up in the south. possible hail and tornadoes. and winter storm alerts in the north. rob marciano is here with the
5:39 pm
new track for us. >> reporter: the storms are popping as night falls. so, a scary night ahead. and a tornado watch including dallas, up to oklahoma city, and through tulsa. over 12 million people in the threat zone. that red zone gets through new orleans in the morning, and will be even through atlanta. tornadoes possible, even hail and big winds, rain getting to d.c. and richmond. at least half of the weekend will be a washout here, and heavy snow in the plains. david? >> rob, thank you. and now to president trump in argentina for the g-20 meetings, after learning his personal fixer has flipped. the president joining world leaders, including saudi arabia's crown prince and vladimir putin. the two leaders who have been defended by president trump. but that meeting with putin
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and the president, abruptly cancelled. jonathan karl is in argentina tonight. >> reporter: in argentina today, an epic greeting. the russian president and the saudi crown prince, two men portrayed as supervillain dictators, were all smiles. donald trump at that moment in the background. he had abruptly cancelled a one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin, citing russia's aggression toward ukraine. >> hopefully they will be able to settle it out soon, because we look forward to meeting with president putin. >> reporter: the russians aren't buying it. a spokeswoman saying trump cancelled the meeting because of "the domestic political situation in the united states." she was clearly talking about this. >> mr. cohen, how are you feeling? >> reporter: the news that michael cohen, the president's with special counsel robert mue. cohen admitted the trump organization was in talks to build a moscow trump tower while trump was running for president, something that seems at odds
5:41 pm
with what trump has long said publicly. >> i have nothing to do with russia. i have no relationship to russia whatsoever. i have nothing to do with russia. i never did. >> reporter: abc news has learned cohen and a business associate were even talking about giving putin the $50 million penthouse in trump tower moscow. cohen had planned to travel to moscow during the campaign, but according to the special counsel's court filing, he cancelled that trip on or about june 14th, 2016. that's the same day "the washington post" broke the story that russia had hacked the dnc. the president today dismissed the cohen revelations, saying he continued to run his business while he ran for president, and that's, quote, "very legal and very cool." and that he had "lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in russia. put up zero money, zero guarantees, and didn't do the project." >> jon karl with us live again tonight. and jon, even though the president cancelled the meeting with putin, he's calling their
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relationship very good. >> reporter: he said that in an interview tonight. but earlier today, sarah sanders said the mueller investigation, which she called the russian witch hunt hoax, probably does undermine america's relationship with russia. david? >> jon, thank you. now to the developing headline. the nfl star seen on surveillance fighting with a woman at a hotel in cleveland. tmz obtaining video of the altercation involving kareem hunt. here's steve osunsami with the fallout already. >> reporter: for a league accused of not doing enough to address violence against women, tonight's video shared by tmz sports may underline the problem. kansas city running back kareem hunt, one of the nfl's biggest stars, is seen arguing with a young woman, shoving her, and then kicking her in video from surveillance cameras at a cleveland hotel from february. >> i was assaulted by a player on the 23rd floor. >> reporter: this is the body
5:43 pm
camera video of police responding. the team was alerted, hunt was never disciplined or arrested, and he is currently having a stellar season. the police report shares what happened before the fighting, she says she wouldn't have sex with one of his friends. he tells police she called him a racial slur when he asked her to leave. hunt is a big deal. a star on one of the best teams in the nfl, that has a shot at getting to the super bowl. almost ten months after this incident, espn reports hunt was sent home from practice today, where he will stay, pending further action. david? >> steve, thank you. next this evening, to the investigation of the colorado father who begged for the return of his pregnant wife and two young daughters, even though authorities say he had already killed them. tonight, for the first time, we hear from his mistress. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tonight, new videos revealing the double life of a family man turned killer. chris watts, seen here shortly
5:44 pm
after his arrest for triple murder. a neighbor's security camera captured watts backing into the family garage august 13th. police say he loaded the bodies of wife shanann and daughters cici and bella into his work truck, dumping them in a remote oil field 60 miles away. two days later, leading police to the spot. >> is that "s" for shanann? okay. and where are the girls at? >> here and here. >> reporter: drones above spot a bedsheet police say watts wrapped around his pregnant wife before burying her in a shallow grave. the girls, stuffed into storage tanks. >> i don't know. they're not coming home. >> reporter: prosecutors say watts killed his family to start a new life with his mistress, nichol kessinger. >> he lied to me, because if i had known that he had a child on the way, i'd have never wasted my time with him in the first place. >> reporter: investigators say kessinger googled the name amber frey, the girlfriend of scott peterson, who murdered his pregnant wife. kessinger allegedly searching for how much frey made on her book deal. and, "did people hate amber frey?" >> you told her about the
5:45 pm
affair? >> i didn't tell her. she just knew. >> reporter: before watts pleaded guilty to all three murders, he would blame his wife for murdering the children. >> i freaked out. you understand me? >> and you choked her, or -- >> that's just, it's rage. >> good god almighty, son. >> reporter: we spoke to the family of chris watts today. they tell us they still believe his version of the story and say they still love and support him. david? >> clayton, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the search for the escaped inmate. also, the deadly plane crash in the heartland. the jet disintegrating as it disappeared from radar. the health warning involving popular medication. and now, the possible cancer risks. and the postal worker seen
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tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. finally tonight here, our person of the week. a boy defying the odds to reach his dream. he's inspired millions, fpn. eye cancer. but he was still on that field. jake had already lost his left eye at ten months old. but the cancer had returned, and he would soon lose his right eye, too. >> we fought so hard, and yet
5:57 pm
cancer wins. then it's like, well, i'm gonna experience something that no one else can experience. >> i said, "jake, how you doing, buddy? you okay?" and he goes, "yeah, mom." he goes, "you know what," he goes, "this is just gonna be a new stage in my life." >> reporter: a major usc fan, they invited him on the field when they heard his story. >> all right, go get them, guys. >> reporter: in fact, jake was at their practice the night before he would lose his sight completely. >> everything's gonna be all right, man. >> reporter: but he never gave up hope he'd play. this is jake years later, in high school. >> and i started thinking, you know, what position could i play that, you know, wouldn't require me to have sight. then i came upon long snapper, >> reporter: in fact, his high school team would help him with signals. >> i clap so he knows the distance that i am. >> so i use that as a directional source. >> and then the left guard taps jake's leg, and it's whenever jake wants to snap at that point. >> reporter: after high school, he would play at his dream
5:58 pm
school, usc. >> and he did it again. >> reporter: and just this past week, jake walked onto that field one last time, his dad with him. so was his guide dog. >> jake olson. he's all smiles. >> reporter: one more chance for the fans to cheer on that boy with a dream. and so we choose jake olson, a young man who taught us all never to give up on that dream. good night. dui arrest is raising a lot of questions. allegations of a dozed off driver as the car barrels down a
5:59 pm
bay area highway. why one lane of the bay bridge toll plaza has been closed since a deadly crash nearly a year ago. tonight, they have an answer. it's divestiture. how it's being used on climate change. a major earthquake rocks anchorage, alaska, sending people scrambling for safety and causing e ining extensive damag. the shaking was felt hundreds of miles from the epicenter. >> it shook like i have never felt anything shake before. it didn't stop. >> the video and comments showing you how intense it was. >> thanks for joining us. the earthquake hit at 8:30 a.m. local time, measuring 7.0 in magnitude. there have been dozens of
6:00 pm
aftershocks. >> alaska's governor declared a state of emergency. we have not heard of any deaths. it was centered near anchorage and felt as far away as fairbanks, 350 miles to the north. >> we have team coverage tonight. we start with eric thomas in oakland. >> he spoke with one family who is worried they about what they are going to return home to. they don't know. >> reporter: the singer family of anchorage flew down to spend the weekend with relatives. they were intending to fly back home today. intending is the operative word here. >> alaskans are resilient. we will figure it out. >> reporter: it will be a couple of days before katherine and her parents can begin figuring it out. their flight home out of oakland was canceled today because of the quake. >> they said they could reschedule us tomorrow or sunday. we figured we would go home in a couple days to give them time to