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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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has passed away. >> next,
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that breaking news, an american president has died. 41st president george h.w. bush passed away at age of 94 in his houston, texas, home. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. he spent his life in military and civilian service. look back at life and legacy of an american hero. >> i george herbert walker bush do solemnly swear. >> sworn into a world he called rich with promise. >> for a new world refreshed by freedom seems reborn. >> president and his presidency shaped by upheavals of the 20th century. 18th birthday enlisted to fight
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world war ii, youngest pilot in u.s. navy. by 1948 married barbara pearce and moved to texas, elected to u.s. house of representatives. rose to become ambassador of united nations and china, director of the national intelligence agency, vice president. then ran for president himself, defeating michael michael michac >> made a promise he would later break. >> read my lips, no new taxes. >> fall of the berlin wall and end of communism in europe, liberation of kuwait after the iraqi invasion. in 1992 bush was defeated by bill clinton. with the election of george w.
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bush in 2000, joined john as president and presidential father. raising money with president clinton for tsunami and hurricane victims. >> easily could have chosen a life of ease, instead when offered a chance to serve, he seized it. >> bush like his son decided to let history measure his legacy. abc news, new york. >> at the white house, flag is flying at half staff in remembrance of the 41st president. president trump is in buenes aires, argentina at a summit. >> released a statement. we join with a grieving nation to mourn the loss of president george h.w. bush, inspired
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generations of his fellow americans to public service to be in his words a thousand points of life illumating to the world. >> office of barack and michelle obama says america has lost a patriot and humble servant in george h.w. bush. life is a testament to the notion that public service is a noble, joyous calling. >> bill and hillary clinton released this statement. i will be forever grateful for the friendship we formed. few americans have been or will ever been able to match president bush's record of service to the united states and joy he took every day from him. >> visited bay area multiple times, most notable after deadly ear earthquake. >> spoke with former
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san francisco will never forget the visit. led the city after the tragedy. says he was responsive after the quake. came and toured the places hardest hit by the quake. stopped to listen to what first responders and city officials needed from washington. >> deeply moved by this. sad in some ways and yet genuine appreciation for the way this community is pulling together, this state. >> he was a president who cared about the entire country and showed it in the loma
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earthquake. administration was responsive when we asked for the kind of help to bring this city back. >> 1989 san francisco 49ers at the white house after super bowl victory against the denver broncos in 1990. and visited later on to campaign for gubernatorial republican candidate pete wilson who won. joins in condolences to the family. called former president a true statesman. abc7 news. >> you can remember george h.w. bush on the abc7 news facebook page, invite you to share posts and write tributes. earthquake. >> frightening images of chaos and confusion after massive earthquake hits anchorage.
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>> terrifying. >> widespread devastation but amazingly, no deaths. >> i grew up in california but this was next level. >> hit about 8:30 a.m. local time, seven miles north of anchorage, tremors felt up to 200 miles around. >> no deaths or injuries are being reported luckily but officials are dealing with damage to buildings and roads. 22,000 power outages initially reported. including downtown anchorage and the military base. power has been restored to all about 250 people, but there's a water boil advisory. officials say it's an uphill battle. >> arj swinging, floors covered in debris.
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8:29 in the morning, cold and icy day in anchorage when everything started shaking. >> lived here since '83 and that was the strongest. >> in the news affiliate, could hear the quake before feel it. >> rumble like train on the tracks, huge jolt, just huge. >> fear ripping through this sho high school north of the epicenter. students forced to take cover under their desks. it was a scramble to safety for this mom rushing to get to her child. air traffic controllers yelling at pilots to pull up, cancel th posting this vidparent's house. newsroom left in shambles.
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>> computers, camera. >> alaska governor declared a disaster. >> i don't think this is a matter of week or two, much more sitting th signature than that. >> in the bay area threat of major earthquake is always present. >> latest technology for absorbing quake. >> wall dampers, floor to ceiling steel panels filled with viscous material as thick as peanut butter. >> they absorb the energy, shock absorber, up and down or side to side motion. >> first building in north america to use this innovative technology. california pacific medical center is opening in 2019. >> on we have a
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complete list of earthquake kit in your home. good reminder to check it twice a year. we're expecting showers overnight. live look from embarcadero center, meteorologist sandhya patel is live with the time line. >> live doppler 7 right now, first signs of the storm, not locally but around mendocino county. around ukiah and hopland, seeing spotty rain showers across highway 101, street level, south and state street and moderate pockets around point arena. here's a look at perspective. cold air and energy associated with it. lighter system, level one. scattered cold showers. less than 0.4 inches and breezy. 12:30 in the morning, showers
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moving southward. 3:30 all in north bay with you 5:00 a.m., other areas getting wet. light and moderate through 8:00 a.m. rest of the bay area and how long, i'll let you know in the forecast. ruffling feathers in south bay, billboard sparking a
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in the south bay, this new billboard is ruffling feathers. calling out egg eaters. some say it's controversial,
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others call it confusing. amanda dell castillo is live with details. >> reporter: you can't miss this billboard. along oakland road near 101. san jose made for perfect location peta says and metometo movement the perfect time for message. woman, blue shirt, blonde hair, bizarre egg face. >> face it, can't claim to be a feminist and still eat eggs. >> dairy and eggs a product of the abuse of females. first reaction, didn't get it. >> reporter: pita says it's clear. >> anybody upset about the the e sexual abuse of women should be by any species. >> reporter: boasts highest
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medi medi median income for women. >> thought would be septemberreo the message. >> reporter: we asked for thoughts. said animal liberation and human are on the separate levels. agrees. >> it's a bit of a stretch. can respect women and enjoy scrambled egg. >> reporter: peta maintains it's incompatible. >> being a feminist and supporting women has nothing to do with how one eats. it's how one treats other people. >> reporter: went up steps from a burger king. they also hope customers consider the animals on that menu. billboard continues to stay up. reporting live in san jose, abc7
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news. marriott said it's victim of massive data breach back to 2014. 500 million customers across the world affected. names and credit card information to passport numbers and account information possibly exposed. experts warn people to stay vigilant in monitoring finances. >> shouldn't be surprising to anyone to discover that social security numbers and credit card numbers are available on the dark web for anybody to buy. >> routinely check in with credit agencies. watch out for phishing scams about marriott. deal only with marriott. >> chains, none required on 50 and 89 but 18 inches of snow is forecasted overnight.
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skiers are happy but driving there is tough. >> but get there, skier and boarder paradise. >> one to three feet and counting for more snow. live doppler 7, we have showers developing around point arena. moderate pockets. heading to ukiah as well. light returns into hopland across highway 101. this storm has cold air with it. going to change up air mass. snow levels are coming down. winter weather advisory for lake and shasta counties until 6:00 p.m. snow totals are for shasta mostly. in lake county in the hills, couple of inches of snow.
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sierras, above 4,000 feet, one 2 two feet, travel not recommended. significant reduction in visibility. deficit. october 1st, san francisco 88%, oakland 85%, santa rosa 90%, livermore, 57% but still need more storms. getting them. 39 in los gatos, chill in the air. east bay hills, great visibility across the bay. showers spread overnight. colder mornings follow sunday and monday and more rain in the forecast for next week. storm impact scale, light level one. overnight to afternoon light to moderate showers. less than 0.4 inches, breezy. sleepy, raindrops in north bay
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at 3:00 a.m. waves of showers between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. coming through the region. umbrella handy. 12:30 less widespread, for afternoon. chance to dry out. nothing like that storm that came through but it is going to change up air mass. mi mid-30s to upper 40s, bundle up for early morning. afternoon, temperatures in 50s with partly cloudy skies and isolated shower not out of the question for big game at memorial stadium. 53 at noon going up to 55. take a sweater to the raiders game sunday against the chiefs. cool, mid-50s, dry.
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accuweather seven-day forecast, level one storm impact. sunday morning, winter chill. another system monday through thursday. sit near the coast and slide towards southern california, daily rain chances. friday another storm, level one. >> just keep coming. >> six out of seven days with storm impact scale. that's good stuff. >> that's a pattern. light
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abc7 news was at san francisco's golden gate park. conservatory of flowers previewed the night bloom light and sound experience. botanists and amateurs alike can take in the light show.
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hundreds of exotic plants. runs to january 6, fun holiday thing to do. larry beil is here with sports. not sure the giants are feeling zen. >> making moves. giants closed door on the man who was their
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ford. built for the holidays. time to get our best offers of the season. good evening. washington's win over wazzu knocked pac-12 out of the playoff race but the rose bowl is nice consolation prize. huskies, small but enthusiastic
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at levi's stadium, half empty. bounces twice off utah's mariner and the huskies, he grabs it, takes off. 66 yards only touchdown of the night. washington will go to rose bowl. cal and stanford, big game in berkeley. delayed two weeks because of the smoky air, cardinals have opened up offense. costello throwing touchdown passes. cal have turned into a gritty, physical, nasty team on defense. five takeaways against colorado anford had t ax eight years and cal wants it back. >> use that energy the right way, how to play the next play
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at your best, it's good. >> high scoring, great. 10-6 and need another touchdown to win, great. whatever the situation is, guys will play hard, try to win. nfl news, kansas city chiefs will come on sunday, without kareem hunt. cut the star tailback after tmz obtained this video of hunt attacking a woman in february. why did it take ten months to come out? who knows. chiefs and nfl both claim not to have seen it until today. claim that hunt was not truthful about what happened in their investigation. losing young star. baseball moves of note. hunter strickland is not back with the giants. throws smoke, drilled bryce harper, broke his hand. punching a wall this last season. not a new contract. and a's not bringing mike fiers back, he was solid ands had
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ligaments intact unlike most of the a's rotation. stanford volleyball, tournament, take with authority. game one, two, 25-17. nice soft touch there. stanford sweeps to face lmu
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morning news at 5:00 a.m. will have more on the passing of george h.w. bush.
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that's our report. >> on jimmy kimmel, bono. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's the jimmy kimmel live special. bono, will ferrell, snoop dogg, mila cue brad paisley, zoe saldana. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you! i'm jimmy. a very special special. thank you for watching it.


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