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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 1, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, remembering our 41st president. [ playing "hail to the chief" ] >> george h.w. bush passing away overnight nearly eight months after saying good-bye to his beloved wife of 73 years, barbara. the president known for his lifetime of leadership and service. >> i've been very blessed. when you look around and compare your life to others, how lucky we've been. >> leading his country from the battleground, as the youngest navy pilot in world war ii to the oval office. >> i want a kinder and gentler nation. >> protecting our freedom as the cold war came to an end and launching "desert storm." >> kuwait will once again be free. >> all while remaining the ultimate family man marrying his
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>>he jt so kinand the leader of our family. and she's an amazing spirit, amazing, unselfish spirit. >> raising a future president, befriending former foes and looking forward to what's next. >> when i was a little guy, i feared death. i worried about it. i'd be scared. i'm not scared anymore. >> the world uniting this morning as we remember the life and legacy of our former president. >> god bless you and god bless the united states of america. good morning, everybody. as we remember the life and legacy of george herbert walker bush, our 41st president, he was a devoted husband to barbara who passed away herself in april of this. he was the son of a u.s. senator and, of course, the
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father of george w. bush, the 43rd president. a man who brought to the white house a dedication to traditional american values, who promised to bring to the world a kinder and gentler nation. >> you're looking at a live shot right now out of houston where there is a statue of the former president and you can see some have already left flowers. >> at the white house the house is at half-staff to honor the man who devoted his life to serving this country. we learned that the president and the first lady will attend his funeral at the national cathedral in washington. we have team coverage this morning and begin here with abc news senior national correspondent terry moran who is in washington. terry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. good morning, guys. it is really the end of an era, isn't it? the passing of a remarkable american. george herbert walker bush is often called the most successful one-term president the country has ever had. he became president at an absolutely critical time in world history, the end of the cold war, as you said, and he handled it all superbly.
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his whole life seemed to have prepared him for that moment and what a life it was. january 1989. >> i, george herbert walker bush, do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: 64 years old and he had at long last reached the pinnacle of american power. but for george h.w. bush, the presidency was really just one chapter in a remarkable lifetime of service to our country, a record of heroism and leadership he found hard by his nature to discuss. >> i may sometimes be a little awkward, but there's nothing self-conscious in my love of country. >> reporter: today in a noisier and coarser political era, it's almost hard to imagine that such a man so thoroughly decent and so moderate in his beliefs and style could be president. >> you must feel responsibility to others. you must believe in serving others. i think that's a fundamental tenet of my life. >> reporter: george bush was born on the 12th of june, 1924
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into the privileged world of the eastern establishment. his father prescott bush would later become a united states senator from connecticut, a republican. on his 18th birthday in 1942, george enlisted to fight in world war ii, becoming the youngest pilot in the u.s. navy. two years later on his 50th mission, his plane was shot down over the pacific. >> i knew if i wasn't rescued, i would be captured, and it was a harrowing experience. >> reporter: just months before the war ended, bush came home and married his teenage sweetheart barbara pierce and over the years they had six children, future president george w. bush, future florida governor jeb, sons marvin and neil, daughter dorothy and a little girl named robin who died of leukemia at the age of 3 in 1953. the pain of that loss was still evident years later in an interview with abc's diane sawyer.
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>> but he was very close. >> i was very close to her. >> she adored him. >> what was it that pulled you back up on your feet afterwards? >> he was very strong then. he was wonderful. >> reporter: george and barbara bush were married longer than any first couple in the nation's history. a love story that lasted more than 73 years. after college at yale university, bush moved to texas, became a successful oil man and won a seat in congress in 1966. then came a string of high-profile appointments serving the country in so many ways. >> now ambassador bush. >> reporter: from the united nations to envoy to china to director of the cia. >> i will put politics totally out of my sphere of activities. >> reporter: but there was one goal that remained. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am a candidate for president of the ran as a t 1980r:19nd
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was ronald reagan's year. reagan picked bush as his running mate and for eight years george bush was a loyal vice president. when his own time finally came, he offered his own vision, a reflection of his deepest ideals. >> i want a kinder and gentler nation. >> reporter: as president george bush led the nation skillfully on the world stage as the berlin wall came down and the soviet union collapsed and when saddam hussain invaded kuwait -- >> a line has been drawn in the sand. >> reporter: -- bush pulled together a broad coalition of allies including many arab nations and launched "operation desert storm." >> kuwait is liberated. our litary objecti bet for re-election in 1992,
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but the economy tanked, and the moderate bush had broken a pledge to the increasingly conservative republican party. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> reporter: it might have cost him the election, and defeat was so bitter for him as he recalled with diane sawyer. >> i just had a great feeling of letting down a lot of people, a lot of people that worked for me. you have this ghastly feeling you let them down, then you get over it, and you go on with your life. >> reporter: but so typical of this gentle man, years later he forged a surprising friendship with the man who beat him, bill clinton, when they raised money together for the victims of the south asian tsunami and later for those in hurricane katrina. >> i think it sent a good sign across the country that you don't -- because you run against somebody doesn't make you an enemy. >> reporter: that's the way we'd like it to be. in george h.w. bush's america that's the way it could be. he died a man of character, a man of faith, a man ready as the old saying goes to enter his house justified.
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>> i do think that you go to heaven, there is a heaven, and i don't fear it though. when i was a little guy, i'd fear death. i'd worry about it. i'd be scared. not anymore. >> and we're back now with terry moran in washington. terry, talk a little bit more, if you will, about the remarkable friendship between george bush and the man who defeated him, bill clinton. we were sitting there watching these pictures on a saturday morning, and as eva was saying, it's clear that bush really came to enjoy the presence and company of the man who defeated him. that kind of across the aisle friendship seems vanishingly rare in our current environment. >> it sure does, dan. and it was even more remarkable because as we heard from george h.w. bush himself, he was devastated by losing to bill clinton. that was a tough election. they went after each other
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hammer and tongs. bill clinton from a different generation, a different set of values. they didn't have much in common, but they worked together, and it's a testament to president george h.w. bush's character that he was able to rise up from defeat and befriend bill clinton, also a testament to clinton's charm. president bush once said, you just can't stay mad at that guy. >> terry moran, thank you. we also want to bring in abc news political commentator cokie roberts in d.c. cokie, i imagine in the coming days there will be many comparisons made between the style of george h.w. bush and the style of our current president. you knew bush senior. what are your observations this morning? >> well, they couldn't be more different. george h.w. bush was a great respecter of american institutions including the congress, even though he had a congress that sent him a lot of bills that he vetoed, though he was very proud of the americans
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with disabilities act which he worked on with the democrats, but i last saw president bush a couple of months ago, and i said to him, you know, your mother always said don't brag, and he said, right. and i said, donald trump's mother didn't tell him that. >> we talk about president george h.w. bush as this transitional president. the end of the cold war between reagan, between, you know -- before clinton, but in hindsight what will be his signature achievement, do you think? >> well, i think the end of the cold war has got to be the signature. i mean, the fact that it came -- the berlin wall came down and eastern europe was liberated on his watch is enormous, and the fact that it happened peacefully and a lot of that had to do with his, again, respect for international institutions. he talked to me at one point about why he didn't go to baghdad after he liberated kuwait, and he said, i had told the united nations that's what i was going to do, and i didn't baghdad. was right to lie to the
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so he always kept in mind what those institutions meant, and he cared about them. >> yes, of course, his son would go on to make a very different decision as it pertained to baghdad. cokie roberts, we really appreciate it. >> good to be with you. president george w. bush posted a photo of his parents on instagram overnight saying, george h.w. bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. >> and the bush family has cemented their name in american politics. john adams and john quincy adams are the nation's only other father and son duo to hold the highest office. abc's amy robach looks back at the bush presidencies. >> reporter: they shared a unique and rare bond, not just as father and son, but as former presidents, only the second such pair in u.s. history affectionately known as 41 and 43. >> i accept your nomination for president. >> i proudly accept your nomination. >> reporter: each campaigned for
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the other during their respective bids for the presidency. >> this son of ours is not going to let you down. he's going to go all the way and serve with great honor. >> i, george herbert walker bush, do solemnly swear. >> i, george walker bush, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: and eight years after his own painful re-election defeat, a father watched his son win the nation's highest office. >> i want to thank my dad, the most decent man i have ever known. all my life i have been amazed that a gentle soul could be so strong. dad, i am proud to be your son. >> reporter: but the men shared much more than just time in the white house. >> i have no choice but to drive saddam from kuwait by force. we will not fail. >> reporter: as both were st a
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common enemy, saddam hussain. >> coalition forces have begun leading the 2003 u.s. invasion of iraq 12 years after his father declared war on the same country. >> i don't know th he's a man of strength, of character. he's a strong person. >> tell me which is harder, to be president and to be subjected to the criticisms that come with the job or to watch your son be subjected to those same criticisms? >> it's not a close call. far worse is watching your son come under fire, far worse. when you're responsible for your own acts, when you're the president, you take it. now i'm just a sentimental father who doesn't like it when his kids are criticized. >> reporter: father and son at barbara bush's funeral. our 43rd president dutifully pushing our 41st in his wheelchair but more than that a son supporting the father he revered. >> he served our country in many
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ways. ch integrity and courage and dignity. he showed the world and future generations how to lead and reject tyranny's ugly character. his leadership was distinguished by the quiet everyday acts of principle and in character that instill in others the belief that they too make a difference. he was a great president, but more importantly he's the best dad a fella could have. president george bush. >> that was our amy robach reporting there. it was interesting to hear him reflect back and as a father and being more hurt by the criticism his son was receiving than he was receiving. we do want to bring in our chief white house correspondent jon karl who is traveling with president trump in argentina where he's attending the g20 summit, and, jon, what is the
7:15 am
president saying this morning about the passing of george h.w. bush? we know that the two had a prickly relationship at times. >> reporter: whit, they had a very prickly relationship, but we have a very gracious statement coming from president trump, both a tweet, which take a look at this. he says of president bush, he led a long, successful and beautiful life, and then adds, his accomplishments were great from beginning to end. he was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all. really kind of a remarkable statement coming from donald trump because he had so relentlessly attacked the bush family, of course, throughout the campaign, even since president he's continued that theme. as a matter of fact, there were stories during the campaign of george h.w. bush now over 91 years old being so infuriated by what he was hearing from donald trump, that he was throwing his shoes at the television set
7:16 am
whenever he came on. i, by the way, noted that before -- right before trump's inauguration because george h.w. bush and barbara bush did not come to the inauguration. i noted they weren't coming and told that story, and then i got a phone call from president trump saying, by the way, do you know that 41 sent me a wonderful letter, and, in fact, he did. and he sent it to me, and take a look at this letter. this is just classic george h.w. bush, a letter to donald trump telling him that barbara and i won't be able to make the inauguration. he jokes that their doctor says that he would be six feet under if he came, but then he says, if i can ever be of help, please let me know. pure grace to somebody who he really resented during the campaign. >> jon karl, thank you very much. jon karl reporting in from argentina. we also have with us this morning matthew dowd, our chief political analyst. matt joins us from bush's home state of texas. matt, you worked with george w. bush, 43.
7:17 am
what are your observations on this morning? >> well, i got to know 41 through 43 having worked for him, and as everyone has said up until today, he was such a decent, kind, gentle man, but one thing, don't be fooled, i got to know 41 in politics. i worked for lloyd bentsen, who was a senator from texas who beat then president bush in 1970 and i worked for bush in '88 when bush beat bentsen in texas. but george herbert walker bush was extremely adept at the rough and tumble of partisan politics. there's no question about it. he was a decent, kind man, but he would bring out the bare knuckles in a political race if that's what he thought he had to do to win. he was just such a decent man and i think he's such a commitment to public service and one line from his -- in the inaugural speech in '89 that i think signifies his life is when he said, america is such an
7:18 am
important part of a country that standing on high moral principle is what defines america, and i think that's really what led his life of public service from his time in world war ii to his presidency. he believed in america's high moral principle, and he sort of pushed that throughout his presidency. >> it shows you can be tough and decent at the same time. matthew dowd, thank you very much. >> yeah, it's such -- >> go ahead. >> it's such a great lesson for today. no, dan, it's such a great lesson for today. it's what we've talked about in john mccain's funeral, and i think we have another that committed to public service and really was a decent man. both of those men that passed this year. >> matthew dowd, thank you. >> thanks, matt. we will have much more on the coverage of the passing of president bush, but we want to check in with rob for a quick look at our weather. hey, rob. how are you doing over there? >> good morning. a powerful storm moving across the central part. this is what hit california a day and a half ago, and we had a tornado, a potential tornado touching down southeast of oklahoma in blackgum, oklahoma.
7:19 am
a lot of damage there, potentially some injuries. we're trying to confirm that but obviously looks to be at least some wind damage. we had over 80-mile-an-hour wind gusts. on average oklahoma averages one and it happened yesterday potentially on the last day of the month. strong storms across parts of the south today. this will move down across the panhandle. heavy rain there. a nasty day in chicago, snow on good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. a one on the storm impact scale pushing through the beau this morning through early afternoon. light to moderate showers. anywhere from two to three tenths. ad some very breezy winds. this is a look at sand rafael right now. we are getting a a little bit of blue sky. heaviest rain in the north bay. we'll have scattered showers to partly cloudy in afternoon. chilly for tomorrow and the accuweather seven-day forecast a break on sunday, more rain next on a good news front hurricane season is over. welcome to december. >> nice. >> okay.
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>> we'll take that. >> now we just have winter. >> there you go. >> blizzard season has begun. >> yes. it's always something. >> yeah. >> it's always something, and you guys have been doing a great job in telling the story of our 41st president. as we remember president bush this morning, we remember how family was so important to him. less than two months ago despite battling ill health, he attended the wedding of his granddaughter barbara pierce bush to craig coyne at the bush family's estate in kennebunkport, maine. he was beaming that day seeing her walk down the aisle. barbara says she wanted a small wedding with just her family and was overjoyed that her grandfather was there on that very special day. >> such a great photograph and we've seen over the years he had a number of health scares but then kept fighting back, and then he would make -- he made an appearance here and the next thing you know, he's jumping out of an airplane. >> i remember that birthday, 90th birthday. i thought how courageous and how resilient of him. to go out there and do what he loved. >> and the smile on his face as he was jumping out. >> cokie roberts said in an email to me earlier today that the president -- the former
7:21 am
president was talking about jumping out of an airplane when he turned 95. sadly that did not come to pass but it is a sign of his bravery which he demonstrated throughout his career. adrienne, thank you for that. i want to say we do know some detail about president bush's funeral plans. the president's body will go to washington where he will lie in state at the u.s. capitol then there will be a funeral service at the national cathedral in washington and finally the president's body will return to texas as he requested for a journey by train from houston to college station where he will be laid to rest on the grounds of his presidential library right next to his wife barbara and their daughter, robin, who again died of leukemia at a very young age. >> all right. we'll have much more on the death of president george h.w. bush coming up. and also ahead on "gma," the alaska earthquake. a look at the major damage from the quake that shook buildings, ripped up roads and frightened residents. and an nfld kicking a woman in an altercation months ago. why kansas city says the video
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may see a column of black smoke near davis and alfredo streets that may be visible from b.a.r.t. and 880. call 911 only if you see smoke and are unsure if it's coming from the training site. turning to weather in the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. morning showers, breezy winds. the rain pushing out of the north bay. san ramon hayward, 580 wet. peninsula andwoodside and in the south bay scattered showers by the afternoon. partly cloudy school and breezy, just 50s today. >> thanks for joining us. the the news continues right now with good morning america. as always you can
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welcome back to "gma" on a historic and sad saturday morning as we remember former president george h.w. bush who died at age 94 at his home in houston. bush was president from 1989 to 1993. his one term marked by both highs and low, the end of the cold war and victory in the gulf war in 1991 then a severe recession, a decline in his personal popularity and his re-election defeat to bill clinton. bush, of course, also one of only two american presidents to be the father of another president, so let's go now to abc's marcus moore who is right there in houston. marcus, we know they loved the bush family in houston. tell us what you're seeing and hearing this morning.
7:31 am
>> reporter: well, dan, good morng. we are in downtown houston where you'll find a statue of the former president and people have already left flowers at the foot of this monument that honors his legacy. the former president passed away late last night here in houston and one of his five children, former president george w. bush, released a statement overnight saying in part that his father lived a remarkable 94 years and that he was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for and certainly his passing will have a huge impact across the globe. but also right here in texas, because this is where the former president retired, he's the adopted son here, and certainly this is where he was often seen attending baseball games for the houston astros. his library is also here in texas in college station, which is about an hour and a half from where we are this morning, and that's where he was often seen skydiving to celebrate his birthdays. well, overnight a hearse arrived
7:32 am
at the george lewis funeral home here in houston, and we know that the president will lie in state at the u.s. capitol and there will also be a funeral in washington. all before he is brought back here to texas where he will eventually be laid to rest on the grounds of his presidential library in college station. guys. >> we will be seeing many more heartfelt tributes pouring out of texas in the coming days. marcus moore, thank you very much. we do appreciate it. we do want to turn now -- we do have more on the passing of george h.w. bush in a moment. first to the powerful earthquake that hit anchorage, alaska, with dozens of nerve-racking aftershocks still going on. >> buckling roads and damaging buildings and causing power outages. president donald trump assuring the state the federal government will spare no expense to help. abc's will carr is in anchorage this morning. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, whit and eva. this is an off-ramp that looks
7:33 am
like a construction site after that earthquake hit. check out this twisted steel. this is a pipe that was actually underneath this road. there is damage across this area. i just spoke with the governor. he tells me he's thankful that nobody was killed and so many people across this region were prepared. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the 7.0 earthquake rocking anchorage crumbling roads and sparking fires and rattling residents. this surveillance video shows a mother racing to grab her son while the walls in her home shake violently. a doctor who was in surgery describes the terrifying moment when the operating room started rumbling like a roller coaster. >> we had to basically just give the patient a big bear hug so the patient doesn't fall off the bed. >> reporter: for a time fears of a massive tsunami, the quake damaging the foundation of homes, buildings and schools. students ducking under desks. >> oh, my god. we're gonna die. we're gonna die. collapsing inside of a local television station, the floors
7:34 am
flooded and scatter with debris. the control tower at the airport evacuated. flights shut down for hours. >> earthquake! >> we're going to evacuate the tower. we need it inspected. >> reporter: inside a local library, a sea of books scattered along the floors, goods littered in the aisles of local grocery stores. at one point thousands left without power in freezing snowy conditions with limited cell phone service. what type of help will you need moving forward? >> financial. we're in a tough time financially. >> reporter: even alaska's most famous resident sarah palin sharing this video of her parents' damaged home. >> president trump tweeting to the great people of alaska, you have been hit hard by a big one. he goes on to say, your federal government will spare no expense. a federal promise while the impact will continue to ripple on the local level. along those lines there have been hundreds of aftershocks
7:35 am
since the initial earthquake hit and in just the past couple of hours, dan, we have felt several strong ones. >> will carr, be careful there. thank you very much for your reporting in anchorage. time now for the weather and rob marciano. rob, you have more to say on this story. >> dozens of aftershocks. this just in the last 24 hours, you talk about the ring of fire. there have been small earthquakes this morning across parts of california. but here in the anchorage area a new product by the usgs says there is a 24% chance of seeing a magnitude 6 or higher in the nix week and considering how compromised those buildings and the infrastructure are, that is a significant one in four risk. california no stranger to earthquakes. you got another storm after a rough week coming into the northern sierra and heavy snow there. then our big powerful storm that hit california two days ago now into the central u.s. we have winter storm warnings on the northern side of this. nebraska, south dakota getting into parts of southern minneapolis or minnesota. could see a foot or more of snow good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen.
7:36 am
in really tells the story from the golden gate bridge. a lot of folks staying at home. not many folks out there. but take it slow if you have to be out. it's breezy. the rain ends >> this weather report sponsored by prudential. a lot of college football championship games today. good luck to all involved. >> i was excited about the snowboarding. >> you took a peek of that video. we'll show it tomorrow. i know you're a big shredder of the gnar. >> shredder of the gnar. >> what? what does that even mean? >> so, all right, all right. >> translation, please. >> california snowboard talk. gnar short for gnarly. so if you're going to shred the gnar, you're going to shred the gnarly. >> i loved you in "fast times at ridgemont high." you were so good. >> high hair was a little longer back then. good point. coming up here on "good morning america," beyond shredding the gnar, we also have other things to talk about. why president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen says he deserves no jail time after admitting to lying to congress. and how a mom-to-be pregnant
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this saturday morning. we've been remembering the life of the former president george h.w. bush, tributes pouring in from all over the world this morning, but there is, of course, also other news to tell you about. lawyers for president trump's former attorney are asking for mercy for their client. michael cohen's defense team filing court papers pleading with the judge to spare him prison time after he admitted to lying to congress to help trump during the presidential campaign. they say cohen deserves leniency because of his cooperation with the special counsel, robert mueller, and has resolved to lead an ethical and law-abiding life. protesters are in the streets of paris again for a third weekend announcing rising gas prices and the government of president emmanuel macron. dozens have been arrested as riot police used tear gas and water cannons to control crowds along the champs-elysees. the unrest is the biggest sustained challenge macron has faced in his year and a half as president. dramatic images this morning as an airliner loses parts of an engine in flight. take a look.
7:42 am
the frontier airlines airbus a320 taking off from las vegas to tampa when one engine's covering came loose and flew off. passengers witnessing it all. frontier says the exposed engine kept running normally as the pilots turned around and then landed safely back in las vegas. >> not what you want to see when you look out the window. >> no. and there's this news this morning from dallas, the fired dallas police officer amber guyger is now facing a murder charge for fatally shooting an unharmed black man who lived in the apartment above her. prosecutors announcing the grand jury's decision to indict guyger for murder instead of the initial manslaughter charge she was facing. guyger says she entered botham jean's apartment mistakenly thinking it was hers then opened fire when he appeared in the darkness. >> it was an emotional story out of dallas, texas. i want to give you some inspiration this morning and the greatest gift of all ahead of christmas. a southern california woman due to give birth to twins in less than a week has found a life-saving bone marrow donor
7:43 am
just in time. susie rabaca was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia just after learning she was pregnant just two months in. after a desperate search and a dramatic plea on our los angeles abc station, a perfect match turned up. and now she looks forward to meeting that good samaritan. >> if they're out there and they see any of this, you know, thank you from the bottom of my heart. just you're giving me my christmas miracle. you're giving me my life, my future with my kid. >> now, again, she made the plea. 50,000 new people ended up signing up to as a result of her request to please, please sign up. >> that is a cause near and dear to the heart of our colleague robin roberts, be the match. >> absolutely. >> great thing to sign up for. >> yeah, it's a beautiful story because she was a particularly hard match to make. even her sister was only a 50% match, and because of the aggressive form of cancer she had, they needed a 100% match. >> stakes so high in that case.
7:44 am
>> and now 50,000 other people have. >> exactly. coming up on "gma," cut from the team, kareem hunt's career with the kansas city chiefs is over after video surfaces of the star nfl player allegedly shoving and kicking a woman in a cleveland hotel. plus, more of our coverage of the death of president george h.w. bush when "gma" comes back. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. ♪ ♪
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orhen you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. a star football player is a man without a team this morning. kansas city chiefs running back ret t he roster. >> that's after a video came to light of a confrontation between hunt and a woman inside a hotel. abc's zachary kiesch joins us with more of this story. zachary.
7:48 am
>> dan, whit and eva, good morning to you. kareem hunt, one of the game's top offensive threats, is gone. it took almost ten months for this disturbing tape to come out but within hours he was fired. this morning, one of football's rising stars disgraced and dumped by his team. pro bowler and second year running back kareem hunt was released by the kansas city chiefs friday night, this hours after tmz sports shared a video showing hunt in a cleveland hotel allegedly involving and kicking a young woman identified in police reports as abigail ottinger. ottinger, who police say suffered abrasions seen here on body cam talking to officers called to the scene. >> i was assaulted by a player on the 23rd floor. he shoved me. he pushed me. >> reporter: news of the incident broke back in february of this year. hunt was not arrested or charged by police. the nfl maintains friday was the first time seeing the video after trying but failing to obtain it. the chiefs say hunt wasn't honest about what happened that
7:49 am
night writing, as part of our internal discussions with kareem, several members of our management team spoke directly to him. kareem was not truthful in those discussions. the video released today confirms that fact. we are releasing kareem immediately. two police reports obtained by abc news show differing versions of what happened. hunt told police that ottinger called him the "n" word after he asked her to repeatedly leave when he realized she was only 19 years old. ottinger told police she was supposed to stay in hunt's room with his friends but was told to leave after one of them realized she, quote, didn't want him. in a statement hunt apologized for his actions saying, i deeply regret what i did. i hope to move on from this. abc news contributor christine brennan stressed the gravity of the move to release hunt from one of the best teams in the nfl. >> they just got rid of one of their top players, and it's a stent to dosuivs everyw pe, it put h its nfl saw the
7:50 am
commissioner exemption list barring him from playing or practicing, and the nfl says it will continue its investigation. a lot of moving parts here but certainly not good ever when you see this kind of stuff happen. certainly not for this young man or for the league as a whole. >> and some questioning the consistency of the league as well because we've seen incidents with other players and not all are treated the same way. >> absolutely, i mean, when things like this happen, you wonder if it's a moral compass issue or if it's just about getting caught, right? would they have made these decisions if this tape didn't come out? >> ten months of investigating. >> that's right. >> zachary kiesch, thank you so much. we'll be right back with more on the passing of former president george h.w. bush. president george h.w. bush. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon,
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"good morning america" is sponsored by subaru. love, it's what makes a subaru a subaru. and welcome back to "gma."
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recapping the breaking news this morning, former president george h.w. bush has died. the nation's 41st president was 94 years old. bush's one term marked by the end of the cold war, victory in the gulf war and a severe recession that cut into his popularity but he lived to see his son george w. win two terms as president. >> and one final note, the president will be buried alongside his wife and beloved daughter robin who died of leukemia at age 3. son george w. talked about how his dad spoke about a day where father and daughter would meet again. >> late in his life as he contemplated his own mortality, dad asked his minister whether he would meet robin and his mother in heaven. it was telling that those were the two people that he wanted to see. he asked whether robin would still look like a child or whether she would have grown up over the 60 years since her death. as part of the great mystery, but i think dad knows in his heart that he will see his
7:56 am
daughter again. >> questions that a lot of parents who have lost young children have and certainly was integral to george h.w. bush's life. may that faith be a peace to him and his family this morning. >> there was such a mix of pain and happiness in his life. we will see you right back here tomorrow. back here tomorrow. >> announcer: abc 7 morpg. >> all news all morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nice. . thousands fwagter in san francisco for world a.i.d.s. day. abc 7 news was in golden gate park for a candle light vigilte ceremony.
7:57 am
today's event is free starting at noon at the national aides memorial in golden gate park. thousands of competitors will take over san francisco for the world's largest obstacle raise race. the spartan race returns to at&t park. bringing a three-mile sprint race with more than 15 obstacles to the park. participants climb stairs, race down narrow concourses. face rope climes and stairs and much more. there is be a spartan race for boys and girls as young as 4. happening today the caltrain holiday train returns this week. the glittering show train has been a tradition the past 16 years. it's decorated with more than 75 now lights. the festive events bringing holiday treats and characters to nine stations. visitors are asked to bring new unwrapped toys for the toy drive. the train arrives at 4:00 this afternoon at the station at 4th and king in san francisco. let's get a check of the bay area forecast with meteorologist
7:58 am
lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> a cold windy soggy start to the first weekend in december. the storm is a 1 on the impact scale. showers in the north bay. heavy rain towards livermore, pleasanton 58 oh and 680. perhaps a break in fremont in the next hour. but raining in boulevard south. the hills there and mountain view. santa clara, rain showers. you can see the heavier cell by boulder creek. a live look here at walnut creek. we see the wet weather continue through noon. brezy partly sunny and chilly in the mid-50s. chris. >> thanks. up next, remembering george h. w. bush, the 41st president of the united states has passed away. next local reaction to his death and his legacy in the
7:59 am
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without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. ask your diabetes care specialist about tresiba®. >> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 morning. it's saturday, december 1st. foerng and thanks to for being with us. let's look at the accuweather forecast. our meteorologist lisa argen is tracking live doppler 7 for us. maybe the rain and the wind woke you up early this morning as the cold front marched through the bay area. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. right now through early afternoon we are experiencing the light to moderate showers. less than 0.2 left of the system but breezy northwest winds behind it. you can see the snow in the


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