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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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while until they can determine exactly what caused this. pan up to the top you can see the they are working on this at the moment. that is the source of where all of this started. i talked with neighbors who say within ten minutes the entire building filled with smoke. there are nine units inside. everyone made it out safely. a can did not survive. visibility was low when firefighters entered. one neighbor told me it smelled like someone was barbecuing inside the building and passer by was able to see what was actually happening. in the building. >> extremely big smoke. like big smoke very dark. deep gray. coming out like this. there's huge flames. like big flames. >>
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you can see the red cross is here on the scene. and california street. that is where a cable car has been shut downright now. it's not clear when that will begin running. it can only start once crews work here ends. for now reporting live in san francisco. much appreciated. thank you. in other news today marks the second anniversary of the ghost ship fire that claimed the lives of 36 people. >> the cause remains a mystery. we went back to the warehouse location and showss h victims are being remembered. >> reporter: they called it a boom box procession. making their way up international boulevard in memory of friends and family. lost in the ghost ship warehouse fire.
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>> after two years it doesn't go away. it's still there. >> making a painful return to the ghost ship on two year anniversary. to remember their daughter. donna. who died here. >> she had bright red hair. and she really liked people. people liked her. >> she managed the courage to come back to the painful spot. >> i felt like it was important to be here. to be there for anybody else who wanted to talk. >> 36 party goers gathered for a concert december 2, 2016. and were trapped with no way out when a fire became a raging inferno inside. she got emotional reading the names of the victims. >> this is where i lost my best friend. a whole community of talented people. >> oakland mayor tweeted. today the community mourns the second anniversary of the fire. that claimed 36 beautiful lives. oakland grieves together, remembers together and heals
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together. the defendants in the fire were both involved in running the they struck a plea deal. that was rejected by a judge. both are headed to trial. >> as long as it doesn't happen again and the people responsible get justice. >> firefighters had stopped by the scene to pay respect. a memorial of flowers and candles continues to grow. many say they would like to see a permanent memorial here. a trial in the case is set is to begin april 2, 2019. thank you. ai landed in houston to transport former president george bushes casket to washington. the 41st president is going to be honored during private and public events in houston and the nationals capitol before being buried in texas. he'll lie in state through
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wednesday. his funeral is thursday morning in houston. and will be buried at his presidential library. politicians are opening up about their experience with president 41. including arnold schwarzeneggar. >> he was always kind of like very kind to everybody. and i learned from him. the good sides of politics that you can cros the aisle and you can talk to the other side and respect the other side. even if you disagree. >> schwarzeneggar along with many others who thu bush sr. cite his modesty and humility. we have full coverage of his passing on our web site. you'll find many of the tributes as well as the plans for the funeral. >> on the peninsula a man accused of being passed out while his tesla was driving. is due in court monday. he was arrested friday for
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driving under the influence. it eventually forced the car he was in to a stop. he was taken into custody in redwood city and it cannot confirm for sure it suspects the tesla was on autopilot. >> tomorrow california legislators will take the oath of office as the legislature starts up a new two year session. democrats will have super-majorities in both chambers. the number of newcomers and the lowest since the 1988 election. there are eight new assembly members. compared to 26 in 2016. >> special guest on friday for hundreds of oakland high school students. civil rights icon visited with the school leadership class before giving a speech in the auditorium. one of the reasons jackson decided to visit was because it gives students access to computer science classes. also the school has seen an
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increase in the graus rate for african american girls. >> north bay. set to become the latest city to place restrictions on antennas for cell phone service. the city counsel is expecting to draw up an ordnance tomorrow limiting installation in certain areas. companies are getting ready for the new wireless technology. residents are worried about the neighborhoods being flooded with antennas as well as potential health risk. >> one holiday is under way. hanukkah. it begins at sunset. and lasts eight days. the jewish holiday commemorates the victory and rededication of the second temple. legend has it there was only enough oil left to keep the flame going for one day. but it burned for eight. >> alaska continues to be rattled by earthquakes. the stunning number of after shocks following friday's shake.
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>> this is this not what you would expect in december. the unusual tornado out break that hit. and the stories coming from survivors. >> later, let it snow. up to the sierra to see what the storms have done to the area. >> we are in store for a cold night. freeze warnings into effect. before we return rain. details ahead. sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans
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people are sifting through te rubble of communities tonight seeing if they can rebuild. after tornados devastated parts of illinois. >> storms injured 20 people and nobody is sure how many homes were levelled. >> reporter: it's a miracle. no one has been killed in the tragedy. >> a tornado out break. leaving some parts of illinois flattened and in mangled mess. >> walking out and just total chaos. trash, debris. houses. smashed. everywhere. >> reporter: the national weather service says more than 20 unconfirmed tornados were reported in the central part of the state. local officials say at least 20 people were injured because of of tornados knocked down trees, snapped power lines
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and damaged buildings. >> the second alarm went off. i got my kids. we went to the basement and about ten seconds later it was like a train. running through. >> reporter: at the height of the storm as many as ten thousand customers in illinois were without power. >> the garage is gone. my car was in the garage it's smashed. the garage is in the back of the kitchen. blew the windows out. >> reporter: in the town of butler. one tornado ripped through a car dealership. peeling off the roof. hundreds of classic cars were damaged. >> the wind must have been strong. >> along the path of destruction. rain and snow is expected sunday. survivors begin the clean up effort. >> update now on the major earthquake that rocked alaska friday. there have been well over 1,200 after shocks. since the 7.0 shook the area. more than 150 registered 3.0 or
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greater while the earthquake was powerful most of the damage is to infrastructure. the state is busy repairing roadways and expects to have the work done in the coming days. >> what a difference a couple of weeks make. we are sure the sierra didn't look like this in the middle of the november. how much snow there is in the mountains. >> meteorologist is up next with the weather forecast. >> we know officially which bowl game stanford and cal are headed to. the defens
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new brand localish is sharing inspiring stories in a weekly series called more in common. >> the woman saved the day when the brides mom declined to attend her same sex wedding. >> we picked it up october 13. >> more mom she coming?
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>> if your mom attends, call me i'll be there. and bring the bubbles. to not be accepted by family, it's devastating. everyone needs acceptance from their mother. for me the day is bittersweet. because i know the journey i took. and i regret i would have had i not accepted my son. and i was able to see him visible living awe theuthentic . i have seen that in her throughout the her journey. >> over night and weekend snowfall made for a winter wonder land. these photographs were taken of the fresh powder on the slopes. three inches fell over night brings 14 inches in the last 24 hours and it's not over yet. more snow is expected over the next week. a lot of folks happy to see
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the snow. we're in for a cold night. freeze warnings in to effect shortly before rain returns to the region. live doppler 7 along with satellite tonight. we have high clouds streaming in from time to time. we finished out the weekend on a dry note. tonight we'll take you to santa cruz the board walk. walking around the holiday lights decked out for the season. it will be a cold night over the next 12 hours. certainly feeling like winter right now. 40s to low 50s. 45 right now in santa rose. 51 oakland. 48 that current number in 52 mountain view. san francisco temperature of 53. the big story over night tonight is going to be a cold night. for many of us. you can see for the inland east bay and much of the north bay. dropping well into the 30s. if not below themark. it's f t ft the natiol weather service issued a freeze warning. this goes into eec over
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nighlasting through 9:00 in the morning. and the areas affected livermore. walnut creek and east bay. north bay. napa and fair field. will feel the chill. into lake county temperatures could drop into the upper 20s there. you want to bring in the pet and protect the plants. it will be a rather cold night. tonight. tomorrow after that frigd start have the winter jacket. you don't need the rain gear tomorrow. temperature wise it will be similar to where we were today. temperatures struggle to make it into the mid-50s. under partly cloudy skies. the clouds are in advance of the next storm system tuesday. the storm impact scale a level 1 system tuesday. light showers most cities it looks like tuesday afternoon picking up less than quarter of an inch of rain. winds pick up gusting close to 30 miles per hour. we'll time this storm out for you. future weather. joo we'll jump ahead 6:00 tuesday
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morning. there could be a spotty sprinkle. the latest information is probably the rain will hold off into the late morning early afternoon. 1:00 tuesday starting to see light showers on shore. we'll continue to track that light rain through the evening commute. and into the over night hours into wednesday morning. it does looks like you need rain gear on tuesday. rainfall potential it looks like most cities you can see with the storm system. likely ending up with less tlan a quarter of an inch. a couple low indications a hair above that. level 1 system on tuesday. 7-day forecast. tomorrow it's about the morning chill. had the winter jacket the hat and gloves. tuesday the light showers return continuing into wednesday. thursday the best chance in the morning looks to be the south bay for wet weather. we dry out thursday afternoon. we stay dry through friday and saturday. and showers return at night. next sunday.
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raiders 33 points today the most they have scored since week 4 over time win against the browns. they were not enough against the chiefs offense. came in averaging a league best 37 points a game. this guy is looking for win number three in the season. a long wait. oakland trailed in the third. car threw for 285 yard and three scores. 25 yards here to cook. raiders down ten after the mised two point conversion. all three running backs fumbled the ball away and the chiefs scored off each turn over. mahomes was stellar downs. 33-16 after three. fourth quarter. car bobbled a snap. his only target of the game smith made the most of his opportunity. first touch down since 2015. back at it. nine yards. his first career touch down. oakland down three. of the defense couldn't get a
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stop. mahomes two yards to conly on third and goal. chiefs win. 40-33. raiders drop 2-10. >> credit the young quarterback. this is his first year starting in the league. he ticked me off today. he's a heck of player. nothing but respect. he's a great man. a good guy nice to talk to. respectful. i wish him the best except when we play him. >> a 49ers sea hawks match up a battle. now that is becoming the 49ers and themselves. they were never competitive today. richard sherman returned to seattle. wilson had just four completions in the first half. three of them were for touch down. 52 yards there. two minutes left in the half.
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seattle punting from their goal line. three time outs. instead james muffs it. the sea hawks recover and score another touch down. wilson to, 20-3 80 yard punt return. 27-3 seattle at this point. 49ers wouldn't go home empty handed. it was little too late. 17 yards for the touch down. niners lose 43-16. they're also now 2-10. the packers fired long time head coach shortly after an embarrassing home loss to the 3-9 cardinals. he won super bowl 45. and3 seasons. this season has fallen short of expectations. he's only the second coach in history to win a super bowl with team and not finish the season he started. offensive coordinator will serve
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as interim. >> alabama clemson. noter dame and oklahoma. the four will vie for the national championship. georgia and ohio state on the outside. it will be played january 7. cal will play tcu in the cheese it bowl. formerly the cactus bowl. the sun bowl. cardinal and pit face on off years eve. sharks ending the road trip in montreal. intercepting the pass and blasts it. first lead of the road trip. later in the period. san jose on a power play. brent ferns his first goal since october. 2-0 sharks. canada cuts the lead in half. back with his 17th goal of the season. the sharks lead 3-1 midway through the third period. >> hope they can finish it off. >> wouldn't that be nice.
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>> we need good news for local teams. >> thanks. >> can he rise to the t
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so, be open-minded. oh, and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. tonight at 11:00. update on the investigation into why a greyhound bus went up in
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flames on 580 in oakland. >> this weekend is the businessest for people buying christmas trees. they're in for sticker shock. the reason tree prices are continuing to climb. that tonight at 11:00. >> sequel takes the top spot at the box office once again this week. ralph breaks the internet. didn't go quite as well in opening week. it held out the top spot. the disney film sends the video game characters into cyber space. >> ralph took in nearly $26 million. the grinch was second. followed by creed 2. fantastic beasts, crimes and rounding out the top five was rhapsody. >> i have to see that. >> i think the star of the show. he looks freakishly like mercury. >> you have to get the teeth
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right. >> quite a group. back in my day. >> thank you so much nor joining us. that's it for the news at 6:00. see you back here at 11. ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyles, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, a v.i.p. tour around north beach. >> sotto mare -- it's the best fish restaurant in north beach. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> then, helping others, one cup of coffee at a time. >> we've learned so much, and we're always learning about specialty coffee. >> plus, finding your free. >> we're appealing to a younger audience. we're reaching to the new generation so that cirque can continue to thrive in the future. >> and simple ways to deal with holiday stress. >> building yourself up strong as you work towards the holiday season, i think, is really helpful. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪


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