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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 6, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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eastern. houston around 11:00 a.m. eastern. making news in america this morning, the urgent search overnight in the pacific for several u.s. marines missing after a midair collision. a tanker plane crashing into a fighter jet. word coming in that a survivor has been found. the final good-bye for an american hero and patriot. >> the best father a son or daughter could have had. >> after the emotional service in the national cathedral, the final memorial and burial today in texas. the navy preparing to do something today that they've never done before to pay tribute to george h.w. bush. returning home to paradise. >> it's just terrible to see
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everything that we've worked so hard for in our lives just gone. >> residents now going back for the first time since the wildfire that destroyed 14,000 homes. what they're finding and the hope in the rubble. plus, tough love. a father faces criticism after forcing his daughter to walk miles to school in the frigid cold because she was a bully. cheesecake chaos. violence erupts when the cheesecake factory runs out of dessert. >> and -- ♪ baby it's cold outside >> the push to pull "baby, it's cold outside" off the air. now it's getting a chilly reception. the new move by radio stations. ♪ i simply must go ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ the answer is no here, terrell. >> back to that again, huh? >> good thursday morning,
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everyone. i'm maggie rulli. >> and i'm terrell brown. kendis and janai are off. want to get started with breaking news. the search for several missing marines. there was a midair collision over the pacific. >> a tanker plane and a fighter jet crashed off the coast of japan. overnight the pentagon confirmed at least one survivor has now been found. abc's emily rau is tracking all of the latest. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning, maggie and terrell. that's right. one marine in good condition at the hospital, but we know they also rescued a second person, and that marine's condition right now is unclear. officials are calling this a midair mishap. it happened in the middle of the night about 200 miles off the coast of japan. the fighter jet may have been attempting to refuel from a casey 130. so two marines were in that fighter jet, we know, which does have ejection seats, and five more were on board the refueler. now, u.s. and japanese ships are involved in this search and rescue mission, which is still happening right now. not many details. they are still coming in, but we know the marine corps already
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are working to figure out what went wrong. >> a lot of questions. thank you, emily. now want to get to former president george h.w. bush. after all of the moving tributes he'll be laid to rest today. >> we're looking right now at st. martin's episcopal church in houston where the president is now lying in repose. the navy's honoring him with a special flyover as he's laid to rest today. that flyover will have 21 fighter jets. it's the largest ever missing man formation. meanwhile, people across president bush's adopted home state are paying tribute. the number 41 lit up at this hotel in dallas. >> another tribute in light, this one on the "uss george h.w. bush." the crew assembled on the deck to spell out his initials with flashlights. abc's t.j. parker has more on what's coming up today. he's with us from houston. t.j. >> reporter: well, good morning, terrell and maggie. yes, president bush lies in repose at st. martin's episcopal church on the city's west side and houstonians have been coming
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out throughout the night. they've been coming on these met throw buses all night long to pay their final respects ahead of the funeral this morning. >> we're going to miss you. your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have had. >> reporter: a celebration of life from the national cathedral in washington, d.c. to the city where president george h.w. bush called home for many years, houston, texas. carrying the president, special air mission 41 flying over college station, texas, where bush will be buried at his presidential library at texas a&m alongside his late wife barbara and daughter robin, the plane then landing at ellington airport in houston, a motorcade taking the president to st. martin's episcopal church. the bushes longtime members of their neighborhood parish there.
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houstonians gettg a chance to say their final good-byes. >> and he talked about creating a kinder, gentler nation and we're not that anymore and i'm here to say thank you for putting that out there, mr. president, and unfortunately, it may be your death that brings us all together. >> reporter: bush was very active in the houston community and he lived here since the '50s where he raised his family. after this morning's funeral, the president will journey to his final resting place on a train whose engine is named for him, bush 4141. houstonians proud of their 41st president and now will forever remember what he did for texas and the country. >> he was so nice, so kind to me. >> reporter: now that private funeral service is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning houston time. family and close friends expected to arrive here soon and then that train to college station is expected to leave houston at 12:30. maggie and terrell. >> another special day today, t.j., thank you so much, and abc news will have live coverage of today's memorial service starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern. we're following breaking
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news from central illinois where at least two people are dead after a semi truck traveling on the wrong side of interstate 74 slammed head on into a school bus. the bus was carrying 11 people including members of a high school basketball team. police say the truck driver and another adult were killed. at least three others were badly injured. a democratic member of congress is now demanding an emergency hearing on allegations of election fraud in north carolina. unofficial results have republican mark harris leading by only about 900 votes, but the state's election board is investigating the actions of a longtime republican political consultant, mcrae dowless. two women say dowless paid them to pick up ballots and drop them off at an office building. it is unclear what happened to those ballots. the election board will hear evidence in the next two weeks. well, there was a major scare at an amazon warehouse in new jersey. 24 workers had to be rushed to the hospital after an automated machine punctured a can of bear repellent, which contains the same active ingredient in pepper
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spray. one person who was listed in critical condition is now expected to recover. critics say amazon needs to improve worker safety with seven deaths reported since 2013. the company says safety is a top priority. i want to get to the emotional homecoming now for people who lost everything in paradise, california. many of the evacuation orders have finally been lifted, but that historic wildfire has nearly burned the town off the map. this morning, going back to home and to heartache in the california fire zone. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: families hope to find precious possessions in what's left of their homes. >> it's just terrible to see everything that we've worked so hard for in our lives just gone. >> reporter: this saturday will mark one month since the most destructive wildfire in state history. entire neighborhoods were destroyed. nicole jolly barely got out alive. this pile of twisted metal and ash was her childhood home. she and her husband had just
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recently bought it. >> and i remember my grandma always sitting in front of this window waiting for us to come over, and we had thanksgiving in this house every year. this was the glue to our family was this house. >> so my house is up there. i don't even know. everything looks so different. >> reporter: to amanda wagner her entire neighborhood, her old life is now unrecognizable. wagner and her teenage son combed through the debris. this is where their house once stood. >> the hot tub. this is right where my bed was. >> reporter: wagner is 1 of 65 members of the same family who live in the paradise area. altogether they lost 15 homes to the flames. >> from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, you know, everything is different. school and work and just our routines, eating dinner, all the simple things that we were used to is just -- it's different. >> reporter: we're also hearing
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stories of heroism. joe kennedy saved four nurses as flames surrounded their hospital. >> get in. >> reporter: kennedy was using a bulldozer to clear roads when the nurses flagged him down for help. they all piled into his bulldozer and managed to get to safety. >> well, the dozer is made for one person to be in it, so it makes it difficult to operate tactfully. >> those pictures are unreal. the death toll from the fire was recently lowered from 88 to 85. the number of people listed as missing has dropped now to 11. staying in california, much of the state has seen rain this week, and now that storm is about to sweep across the country. let's take a closer look at your forecast for this thursday. good morning. the rain continues to spread throughout the desert southwest and southern portions of california. thunderstorms along with burn scar, mudflows and local flooding. in texas, a push of cold air from the north helping to create more wide spread scatters shower in texas going into the
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connection between oklahoma and arkansas. five to ten degrees below normal and the chill remains in the northeast with a squall problem around the great lakes region for the north central part of the country. 10 to 15 degrees below the norm and it's going to be even worse on friday. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. well, coming up, what a homeless man did when he found $17,000 inside a paper bag. >> yeah, we'll talk about that. but first the ceo of general motors was heckled on capitol hill defending job cuts. what she's now promising workers. and later, did this parent go too far? the daughter forced to walk miles to school in the cold
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we're back with a surprising image this morning. take a look. you may remember this video from last week after an earthquake collapsed a highway in
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anchorage, alaska. well, imagine this. it's already fixed. look at this before and after picture to show last friday compared to tuesday. now, that quick repair job prompted someone to say it's just another reason why living in alaska is the best. that's pretty incredible. >> yeah, it is. the ceo of general motors got an earful about her company's planned layoffs during a visit to capitol hill. >> people want to stay. what about my friends and family? >> this is mary barra right there. she was in washington to talk about gm's plan to lay off more than 14,000 workers with lawmakers from the affected states. barra said the company is working with the united autoworkers union to find ways for workers to get new jobs. >> it's incredibly difficult to make these types of decisions, so our focus is on the gm team members that are impacted making sure they understand all of their opportunities and then also looking at what are the retraining opportunities as well. that is our focus right now. >> the ohio lawmakers barra met
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with tried to convince her to save a plant that was slated to close. barra says that she has an open mind but did not commit to any action. the usa gymnastics organization has filed for bankruptcy hoping to stay afloat as it struggles to reach settlements in dozens of sexual assault lawsuits. more than 350 girls and young women abused by team doctor larry nassar blamed the organization for failing to supervise him. nassar was convicted of molesting them under the guise of medical treatment. a homeless man who found a bag filled with $17,000 in cash on the street is being called a hero. kevin booth is who we're talking about here. he is from sumner, washington. he could have just kept that cash, but instead he turned it over to the nearby food bank which has set up a gofundme page to help raise money for him. and because of his honesty, police have now awarded him a citizen's citation. >> good for him. >> he deserves all the good things that come his way. coming up, a ten-minute test that can detect whether you have cancer. >> yeah, that's coming up.
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also ahead, an american woman was viciously attacked by a hippo. we'll check in on how she's doing this morning. up next, the growing backlash over a decision to pull the song "baby, it's cold outside" off the airwaves because of its lyrics. the new response from radio stations. ne investment opportunities firsthand. like e-commerce spurring cardboard demand. the pursuit of allergy-free peanuts. and mobile payment reaching new markets. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t.rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪
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taking on a different meaning amid the me too era. radio stations across the country have banned the song, which was written in 1944, but many stations have now brought the song back after an uproar from listeners. one station in denver saying 95% of people in an online poll voted to keep the song. a california professor with family ties to the song's composer, frank lesser, says the song should have never been pulled in the first place. >> my great uncle was the producer of "guys and dolls" and "how to succeed in business" and a variety of other frank lesser shows and was involved somehow in the creation of this song, so i've heard this story since i was so little that i couldn't even sing. >> reporter: that story according to karen north started when the composer and his wife would leave lavish hollywood parties, and years later their story would become a movie. >> and in the movie it was about a man pursuing a woman and a woman pursuing a man, and it was sung in both directions. it was not about a male predator. >> reporter: still people seem to have mixed reviews about the song, especially the line,
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what's in this drink? >> hey, what's in this drink? >> well, now that seems inappropriate. >> we all need to just stop taking ourselves so seriously. ♪ ah, but it's cold outside >> i love the reactions pouring in. well, north says producers of the original song would not understand today's interpretation of the classic. she says they just wanted to make people happy. >> yeah, a lot of debate about that. a lot of debate about this. in medical news this morning, a stunning claim from researchers in australia. they say they've come up with a blood test for cancer that could detect everything from breast to lung cancer, and it can happen in just ten minutes. a scientist found a unique dna pattern common to all cancers that are released into the bloodstream, and they've discovered that it reacts to gold. so far the test has been 90% correct in detecting various kinds of cancer, but experts caution while it shows great promise, other tests like this have failed during development, so much more research is needed. well, a dream vacation turned into a nightmare for an american couple traveling in
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africa after the wife was attacked by a hippo. kristen yaldor and her husband ryan were on a canoe trip near victoria falls when their tour company says a hippo capsized the boat. now, this is file video but you can see how powerful those hippos are. her family says the hippo pulled her under water locking its jaws onto her leg and breaking it. she's already undergone two surgeries so far. >> scary. in sports this morning dallas cowboys star ezequiel elliott is appealing a fine from the nfl. elliott threw $21 into a big salvation army kettle when he scored a touchdown on thanksgiving. for that, the nfl fined him more than $13,000 for excessive celebration. elliott says the league should donate that money to the salvation army. he is calling this whole thing ridiculous. we'll see what happens next. coming up next on "the pulse," a lot of talk about this one. the color of the year, the shade that will soon be the focus of fashion world. but first the chaos and actually the violence that
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erupted when the cheesecake factory ran out of free dessert. how dare they. later on, some words of wisdom from those who paid tribute to president george h.w. bush. tribute to president george h.w. bush. you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. wheyou know your holidayt of tshopping is complete., [air guitar solo] [air guitar solo] feel free to celebrate. is time you make for yourself. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion
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help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. ♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with a cheesecake factory promotion that got totally out of control. take a look at these delivery drivers who crowded into a location in northern virginia waiting to pick up free cheesecake for their customers. >> yeah, the chain was giving away 40,000 cheesecakes if you ordered them using the service door dash, and all cheesecakes on the east coast had already been claimed by 1:00 p.m. >> what. >> police were called to that virginia restaurant when a fight broke out. at least one person was arrested. >> arrested? >> yes. don't mess with that cheesecake. police also cracked down on a rash of double parking out there too. >> people need their cheesecake. >> it was a mess.
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next to an ohio father showing some tough love to his daughter. >> yeah, matt cox posted this video that shows his 10-year-old walking to school in 36-degree weather. she had been kicked off the bus for bullying another student. >> now, that video has been viewed 14 million times, and most of the comments praise the dad, but some say he was too harsh. >> mixed reviews on that one. coming up next, the official color of the year. >> drum roll. pantone is the company that considers itself the world's leading authority on color, and it's chosen living coral as the color of the year. so the soft hue is described as animating and life affirming. >> yeah, and the company predicts that living coral will dominate fashion, beauty, home design and some new technology in the coming year. >> i am all in on this coral. >> all in on this coral? >> all in. a secret santa hoping to stay secret has been outed. >> yeah, gayle benson who owns the new orleans saints surprised some walmart shoppers by shelling out nearly $94,000 to
4:25 am
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empties the roomba bin for you. so dirt is off your hands. if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba. hi. good morning. it is thursday, december 6th. >> yes. . we are getting close to that time. we were just talking about buying presents. >> still haven't started. >> neither have i. >> i went to the mall yesterday. >> did you? >> yeah. >> good for you. you're a good person. >> were you alone? >> well, there were a lot of people at the mall. >> when i was there a couple weeks ago it was empty. >> no. there were a lot of folks out. >> that's good to hear. a lot. maybe they were buying umbrellas or something to keep you dry. or sunglasses for that matter. you never know. things seem to be changing by the hour.
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astro valley, a lone showers that will head northwest. it is cooler. 38, santa rosa. mild temperatures. mid-50s around san francisco, hayward, half moon bay,concord. this is what's going to happen today. much brighter in the afternoon. temperatures hovering right around 60 degrees. yeah. so far so good for the morning commute. just looking at a couple of typical slow areas. the cash lanes for the bay bridge toll plaza is one of our only slow spots typically 4:30 in the morning. no metering lights. that should happen a little less than an hour from now. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 32 minutes. dublin to mission, 14 minutes. 101 to cupertino, 15 minutes. the last farewell to
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president george h.w. bush. >> a service will take place in houston. st. maarten's church where mr. bush is lying in repose. all night people passed through to pay their respects. president trump arrived in texas yesterday. abc news repte t. parker picks up our coverage from texas. >> we're going to miss you. your decency, sincerity, and kind soul will stay with us forever. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> reporter: a celebration of life from the national cathedral in washington, d.c. to the city where president george h.w. bush called home for many years, houston, texas. carrying the special mission over texas where he will be buried at the presidential
4:30 am
library at texas a&m alongside his late wife barbara and daughter robin. a motorcade taking the president to st. maarten's episcopal church. >> you talk about creating a kinder, gentler nation. we're not that anymore. and i'm here to say thank you for putting that out there, mr. prea that brings us all together. >> reporter: bush was active in the houston community. he lived here since the '50s f journey to his final resting place on a train whose engine is named for him bush 4141. they are proud of their 41st president and will forever remember what he did for texas and the country. >> he was so nice, so kind to me. >> reporter: that private funeral is expected to start at 10:00 houston time with close friends and family attending.
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the train headed to college stio


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