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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 6, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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a motorcade taking the president to st. maarten's episcopal church. >> you talk about creating a kinder, gentler nation. we're not that anymore. and i'm here to say thank you for putting that out there, mr. prea that brings us all together. >> reporter: bush was active in the houston community. he lived here since the '50s f journey to his final resting place on a train whose engine is named for him bush 4141. they are proud of their 41st president and will forever remember what he did for texas and the country. >> he was so nice, so kind to me. >> reporter: that private funeral is expected to start at 10:00 houston time with close friends and family attending. the train headed to college station will leave at 12:30.
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t.j. parker for abc news, houston, texas. we will have live coverage of the houston funeral service here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 this morning. at 10:30, mr. bush's kafrcasketl be transport presidential library and museum. 2:15, mr. bush will be laid to rest next to wife barbara. >> it is now 4:31. if you're just joining us, good morning. a quick update on weather and traffic. hi, reggie. hi, jessica. everybody, here's a look at the showers that have been rotating ver light. they may put a damp spot on your commute for the next two or three hours. 43 to 50 at 7:00. a random shower near the south bay. by noon into 4:00, hanging out in the mid-50s to upper 50s with a whole lot of sunshine and a few passing clouds.
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by 7:00, all stars. 48 to 53 degrees. the weekend forecast looking really promising. here's alexis. good morning, mike. one new issue to talk about. we have debris in the east bay. a long piece of metal, programs even the hood of a car on east bound 580, near castro valley boulevard. chp getting quite a few calls about this. it sounds like someone has hit that. a vehicle is pulled over to the right shoulder. hopefully it's not a flat tire. westbound 92, volume looking great so far. nice and light on the eastbound side too. next traffic update 4:40. thanks, alexis. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. this morning we look at what happens when a bart route becomes too popular. the problem isn't the trains. it's the parking.
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bart will be addressing it this morning. cornell bernard joins us. cornell. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. that's the trouble here. too many riders, not enough parking. that he wants the issue that the bart board of directors will be discussing later this morning. this antioch bart station opened last spring. through, exceeding estimates big time, which predicted 2,700 riders daily. instead, 3,000 riders are commuting every day. there's only enough parking for 1,000 cars. me have be forced to park illegally. that's not going over well with neighbors. >> currently the antioch station, we have 1,006 spaces. we just, at the end of last month, finalized full funding for an additional 800 spaces at least to the east of the current
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parking lot. >> reporter: now, bart says it has identified funding to create more parking. but building those parking spaces won't be happening for at least another two years. bart is urging people to use carpools. the board of directors will discuss the issue this morning in a meeting at 9:00 a.m. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> that's the price of being popular, cornell. we want you to be part of this conversation. how can we work on building a better bay area and make it easier to get where you want to go. new this morning, just released report finds the muni driver shortage in san francisco is nearly twice as bad as officials were claiming earlier this year. sfmta has just under 1,900 drivers on a given day. that is more than 400 fewer than the 2, 00 needed to deliver
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service. the figure is more than twice the amount. former transit director claim -- the former transit director claimed during the summer. muni chief told the board of supervisors the shortage is caused by difficulty in recruiting and training employees. but muni drivers say it's low pay and dangerous working conditions that are the real reason. search and rescue operations are under way for two marine corps. aircrafts caught in a mishap during a train exertion off the coast of japan. there were five aboard a refueling tanker. two people on board the f/a-18 at the time of the incident. two people have been found by japanese officials. the first person was in good condition. the second person's condition is unclear. they were taken to a medical facility for evaluation. new developments on the sidelines of the camp fire investigation. a federal judge asked the state attorney general whether pg and
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he could be charged with a state crime if reckless power line maintenance is what started the deadly wildfire. pg&e says it is recrewing the court's notice. the official cause of the camp fire is still under investigation. new details in the gold ebb state killer case. the trial could cost taxpayers $20 million. he will be back in court today for a routine proceeding. it includes the prosecution and de a public defender is representing deangelo. the county wants the state to help pay for the trial. he faces 26 charges related to 13 murders and 13 rapes across six counties between 1970 and 1980. a top aide for senator kamala harris resigned following a sexual harassment lawsuit.
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the sacramento bee says layer wallace quit after a reporter asked about a $400,000 settlement in 2017 related to the suit. a woman who worked for wall there's at the california departme department of justice claimed he demeaned and harassed her. the senator has been a prominent figure against workplace harassment. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. temperature-wise, low to mid-50s up and down the east bay. a little bit cooler as you head into the hills er 49 in the res o neighb livermors gatos, pacifica, albany. clearing is taking place around santa rosa and novato. 38 and 39 there. here it is 53 clear sky from the sutro tower. roads, damp spots are left over. watch out for that early this morning. mass transit cool all day today. if you're on the fairy, take the
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sunglasses. you will need them this afternoon. north bay, mainly cloudy at 45. 53 at 10:00. 58 at noon. 61 with partly cloudy conditions. then we will drop into the mid-40s by 8:00. south bay, we start off at 48 with random showers up until 8:00. increasing sunshine and 60 at 2:00. 52 under the stars at 8:00 this evening. and our last stop will be san francisco, where it will take a little bit longer to shake the crowds. we will do that 10:00. partly cloudy all afternoon. mid to upper 50s. back down to 52 at 8:00. been dying to get outside? a little cabin fever because of all the rain. wait until you s cast. how is the commute going? quiet so far. we are hoping we can hold on to this day. in the east bay, we probably have some debris. chp saying there is a large
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chunk of metal in the roadway. someone said eastbound 580. but someone who actually hit it says it is west bound 580. so trying to get the exact location of that. chp running a break to clear that and assist the driver who hit the debris as well. as soon as i have more info, i will let you know. it does not look like it is causing any big backups s. southbound 680 looking fine around north main. slowly filling in. that is the theme this morning. overall, it is quiet. mass transit in less than 10. alexis, thank you. congress is honoring severa bay area students for their inventions. an app to make your travel safer. and
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or call your doctor. because... our storm system keeps sliding to the south. maybe connecting through l.a. or san diego, thunderstorms are possible today. you can see the moisture just coming in. and there's a lot of it. low to mid-60s. 56 in palm springs. one of upper 50s northbound through the central the sn the sierra. light snow this morning in tahoe.
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mostly cloudy this afternoon. snow free friday, saturday, sunday. monday it starts snowing again. thanks, mike. it looks like the foot patrol strategy to reduce crime is working. a new study finds a significant drop in assaults and thefts after the police department doubled foot patrols last year to address crime throughout the city. a 19% reduction in assaults, especially in the bay view, central and mission districts. and nearly 17% in larceny any theft. that's when someone takes someone else's property, like a cell phone. thereatesel side, richmond, northern and mission districts. the largest computer signs competition for students. >> we talked to one of the bay area winners and tells us how it is helping more students get involved in the tech and science fields. >> reporter: the congressional app challenge is an annual competition that engaging students in coding and computer
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science. >> my app is called bright path. >> reporter: students show what new app they have created. she have selected for bright path. >> it is the safest way to get somewhere not always the fastest way. >> reporter: it enhances google maps to reach a safer destination. >> sometimes i can't rely on google maps. i don't know if it will be a safe street. i don't really know >> reporter: it is only a prototype but she hopes to expand. her path is to great s. she started to teaching her own computer science class to fourth grade students. as you can imagine, her mom couldn't be prouder. >> we are happy. wherever she wants to go, we will support iou likece a well.ct managerap aital a
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va oo for rising star. carlos saucedo, abc 7 ne we have a complete list on robots to help kids about programming have been donated to several san francisco schools. the bots are human like. they can high-five, fist pump, and even do tie khaoe. san francisco unified received 10 yesterday. the girls coding club is developing applications that can work with robots like pepper. >> er seeing them stay with it and get more excited.
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>> i feel like i'm doing something more. it is not just on the computer. you are seeing the result. a free cheesecake factory giveaway we talked about yesterday, it turned sour when cu promotion celebrating its 40th anniversary. all you had to do is order through doordash delivery service. a lot of doordash started crowding into restaurants, including this one in arlington, virginia. police had to be called because a fight broke out. they even arrested one person. 40,0 slices were gone in two hours, leaving a lot of disappointed cheesecake
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lovers. >> folks were on that. >> i heard 40,000 and thought, wow, that's a lot of cheesecake. >> america likes their cheesecake. >> and they like to fight. >> more questions than answers about the we are a couple hours. not there. all right. let's take a look at what's going on outside. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the trend through the diablo range. we are definitely seeing dryer suotower. get the better commute. cool and dry this afternoon. the dry pattern will continue from today through saturday. the storm for sunday and monday
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is trending a little bit weaker. today's temperatures, 55 in lake port. 61 in rosa. a lot of mid-30s to low 40s there. same thing in the east bay valleys. low to mid-40s until you get to san francisco. here's a clouds. dry until we get into the afternoon and evening hours up in the north bay. it falls apart through monday morning. wet sunday and monday with a light on the storm impact scale. it looks like we will have a chance of slippery streets in. otherwise, look at all the dry weather. temperatures in the 60s. hi, alexis >> good morning. checking
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yeah, off to a pretty quiet start. that is typically what we see this time of the day. a few more booths will open shortly. fast track, no delays. no carpool lanes yet. and the metering lights probably 5:20, 5:25. mass transit off to a good start. 27 trains in service, no delays. ace 1 on time. normal service, no delays for muni. alexis, thank you. uber's self-driving car program is now making a comeback. bts rules the twitter verse. in "techbytes", uber tries again to put self-driving cars on the road. >> it stopped its test after a fatal accident earlier this year. now the test will resume but 2 meser mile loop acoany offes. >> a aiods gome competition. bh google and amazon will
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launch air pod clones next year. this year, twitter belonged to the pop sensation bts. ♪ so catchy. twitter ranked the boy banone. kanye west, drake, and ariana grande also made the list. >> catchy tune. those are your "techbytes". >> have a great day. eris a n of the there is also a new plan to try to reduce traffic congestion in the bay area. what you may soon seeing bearabling down highway shoulders video in the sky. the
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we have beach hazards still brewing along the coast. the west-northwest swells that will create sneaker waves. the heights may not be impressive, up to 10 fe wl veor noomorrow morning >> we know what caused a devastating firenado during a carr fire in shastacounty. a massive wall of fire, smoke, and ash produced a cloud that reduced the air pressure beneath it. that produced a whirlwind that exploded 17,000 feet into the air. the swirling cortex generated
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winds up to 143 miles per hour, the same as a class 3 tornado. the scorched part of reading, killed four people. it destroyed structures, most of them home. a plan would include bay and dumbarton, 280 and san mattei co county, highway 101, highway 87 through san jose. the idea is to speed up bus service and encourage more people to take mass transit. not everyone agrees with this plan. some are concerned the shoulder is too narrow. thy question what drivers would do if they have to pull over in an emergency. the san francisco salesforce tower gave people >> it was cool. it was a digitized short film. a trip down market street from
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a cable car before the great earthquake of 1906. it was a newly produced super high resolution scan of the film. most of the time we see art installations or colors at the top. so it was neat to see the movie projected there. >> i like it. it tkeflt got our attention. hi, everybody. so does the rain season. because we are in the heart of the rain season, usually a tenth, 1500ths every day, the percentage goes down. the next system is weakening for sunday and monday. it will be very weak over the sierra. one to two inches of fresh powder. get up there if you can with
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what fell this week. alexis. good morning, mike. we have one issueabout. if you're heading to sfo, southbound 101, before you get to oyster point, a i two-vehicle collision. a taxi and sedan got tangled up. chp on the way to the scene. no significant delays. it's pretty deserted. a piece of walt disney's family history has been restored. >> this childhood home in chicago looks like it did back in 1893 just a few years before disney was born. disney's father built the house at a cost of $800. the home has fallen into disrepair. the walt disney company paid to renovate it. as y can see, mickey mouse showed up. disney is the parent company of
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abc 7. it's out with the old and in with the new. ultra violet was apparently this year's official color of the year. i didn't get that memo, but it was. >> pantone announced the next trendy shade ahead of 2019 so you can get prepared. >> exciting. >> and that color is living coral. you can see it in sea reefs and sunsets. it describes living coral as orange with gold under tones and says it is warm, welcoming and versatile. >> my color of the year was nuclear winter this year. >> very drab. next at 5:00 a.m., a big drug bust in the south bay. the police operation that ended in four arrests >> should college tuition be free? the changes trustees are pushing for at city college of san francisco. also -- ♪ >> so excited for this. the hit musical here in
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new at 5:00, a two-year long investigation ends in four arrests. the major drug bust that happened here in the bay area. that's coming up. good morning to you. it's thursday, december 6th. hi, mike nicco. >> lingering shower or two is out there, reggie, jessica. good morning to you. hi, everybody. mainly in the diablo rain. these are heading to the northwest. our better chance is along the big sur


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