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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 6, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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new at 5:00, a two-year long investigation ends in four arrests. the major drug bust that happened here in the bay area. that's coming up. good morning to you. it's thursday, december 6th. hi, mike nicco. >> lingering shower or two is out there, reggie, jessica. good morning to you. hi, everybody. mainly in the diablo rain. these are heading to the northwest.
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our better chance is along the big sur coast, montry to santa barbara. we will see increasing sunshine today. 43 to 50 at 7:00. hanging out around 55 to 58. fairly comfortable. jacket weather, though. dry at noon. 56 to 58 at 4:00. by 7:00, 48 to 53 degrees. take a look at the weekend forecast if you're itching to get outside. first, i really appreciated driving on mainly dry streets this morning, alexis. how is it looking traffic-wise? >> i think everyone is enjoying that, for sure, mike. they did open up a few more cash lanes. and we have the cool pool lanes open. everything fine through the middle of the toll plaza. we should have the metering lights on the typical time. we have red showing up southbound 101 before you get to
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oyster point, brisbane area. right now five-minute delay. we'll see if that changes, though. two vehicles involved in the crash. that is blocking the left lane. next update just before 5:10. a final farewell for the 41st president of the united states. george h.w. bush. st. maarten's episcopal church in houston, texas. the 41st president is lying in repose inside the church. a funeral for close family and friends will begin at 8:00 our time. and coming up in our next half hour, we will of course take you live for a report on what's expected throughout today. several local and national agencies made a major drug bust in the south bay. they seized 800 pounds of marijuana. amanda del castillo is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: the group was making and selling drugs across the bay area and taking the
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narcotics to different parts of the country. on november 28th, a team of agencies across the county, the u.s. postal inspectors, and the u.s. drug enforcement administration, searched six search warrants and four arrest warrants in sunnyvale. this was a huge bust. in the raids, authorities recovered more than 800 pounds of marijuana, illegal anabolic steroids, hash oil, powder cocaine, and other drugs. plus, handguns and an expended rocket launcher. several bank accounts were also frozen. and $600,000 was seized. sjpd reports warehouses in four other states were identified as well. four men were booked into santa clara county nail. nail. anthony le, barry phan, alejandro garcia. this was a culmination of a
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two-year hpbg long investigation. reporting live at police headquarters, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. thank you, amanda. a 17-year-old is under arrest accused in a deadly shoot anything san rafael. the boy shot and killed 21-year-old errol matthew friedman monday night in pickle weave park. the victim was found dead in a vehicle. witnesses tell investigators they saw a man running from the area. police announced that arrest last night. >> new details involving a collision between a skateboarder and a san francisco police sergeant. >> a new report said the sergeant will not face punishment despite an oversight agency's recommendation that he be suspended. this is the incident in question. he was racing down delore else he was racing down delore else street
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event. it was recommended he be suspended for three days. the dba received numerous complaints, saying the sergeant used a police vehicle and his own body to block the path of skateboarders riding down the hill. the police commission is expected to discuss the report at a meeting set for later today. all evacuation orders in paradise will be lifted at 10:00 this morning. >> this comes nearly a month after the deadly camp fire first broke out. some residents were allowed to start returning yesterday. the fire killed 85 people and destroyed much of the town's utilities, businesses and homes. the lifted evacuation orders means residents whose homes were destroyed can now start going through what is left. and there is very little left. for people's whose homes are still standing they are trying to figure out what to do now. >> i'm going to stay here, restore it. clean it up. there's no place to go that's
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halfway -- that's as good as this. >> ten people are still considered missing. many animals are recovering with the help of fish skin. uc davis september us this video shows ugg the process. it is amazing. the sterilized tilapia skin acts as a nourishing bandage. it can heal protein and reduce the need for frequent bandage changes. this is the first time it has been used on cats and dogs. >> fascinating. >> another science, a fascinating story. love it. temperatures 50 to 54 across san francisco. some of our milder temperatures. 50s around the bay shore. santa clara, saratoga, 49, along with pleasanton. tracy, 50 when you step outside. american canyon, you can see the american canyon, you can see the trend of cooler weather. 6 to 15 cooler in the north bay.
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mt. tam showing clean air. you can see down to the san mateo bridge rapids, grab the sunglasses. exercisi exercising, a dry push of air. still have dangerous surf through tomorrow morning at the beaches. starting at 8:00, lingering clouds through 10:00. then partly cloudy. 50 at 8:00. 60 at 2:00. 51 under the stars at 8:00. in the east bay valleys, 45 to start. partly cloudy this afternoon. mid to upper 50s. buff you will fall fast at 8:00, 46 degrees. you need a heavier coat then. 49 this morning at the peninsula. mid to upper 50s noon through 4:00. 51 at 8:00. take a look at that weekend forecast next.
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hi, alexis. good morning. really just one incident so far today. that is southbound 101 before you get to oyster point. two-vehicle collision. we did have a decent backup forming behind that a few moments ago. that is improving. the left lane is blocked. emergency crews are on the scene. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. in the green across the bay bridge, 9. san francisco to sfo, not sure where the backup went, but we'll take it. in the green at 9 minutes. central valley next. thank you, alexis. happening today, a last-minute meeting at the city college of san francisco. >> the examiner reports the board of trustees will propose changes to the free tuition program. san francisco supervisors are considering a measure that would let voters decide on subs tuition. it will advance to the full board for full consideration. now trustees want an amendment. under the pilot program, students must apply for other grants and financial aid to
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qualify for free tuition. trustees want to take it away so funding will be available to students who do not apply for financial aid >> happening today, a chance to voice your opinion about a proposed shake shack in san francisco. the city planning commission will hold a public hearing during its meeting at city hall. it's at 1:00 this afternoon. shake shack wants to open a location at the corner of filmore and fill better streets. srerts have been written in opposition. they say there are enough burger restaurants in the area. supporters save it would draw customers to other businesses on filmore street as well. and that is your shake shack news. check for a drug that has been recalled. >> one person some charities think less money may be coming in and which really need some help. >> a musical making audiences laugh and cry.
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dear evan hanson just opened. you can score tickets. a live look as you begin your thursday morning. the financial district of san francisco looking nice. francisco looking nice. no showers
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season alley cool. we will be within a couple of
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degrees. in fact, on the warm side with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. if you like this, wait until you see the weekend forecast. thanks, mike. a woman from florida is recovering after her dream vacation with her husband turned into a nightmare. they were on a canoe in africa when a hippo attacked. an american woman is lucky to be alive recovering from a vicious hippo attack in zimbabwe. they were celebrating her 37th birthday on a canoe trip saturday. a source close to the family saying the guide alerted the couple that hippos were ahead on the right, urging them to paddle left. that source saying the hippo, who was apparently protecting her baby, then got under their two-man canoe and launched the couple into the air. ryan, swim to go shore. but the hippo chomping down on kristin's leg, fracturing her femur, dragging her under water.
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christine then punching the hippo repeatedly in the face before the massive mammal let her go. she was airlifted to the hospital after escaping. we will have more on this harrowing hippo attack. whit johnson, abc news, new york. definitely scratching going ska knowing in hippo-infested water. >> no kidding. that's awful. san francisco-based lyft just filed paperwork with the securities and exchange commission. the rideshare service says there was a draft document. no word how much the company thinks it's worth n. june it said its value billion tkhrao ibuprofen for babies is being recalled because it could have too much ibuprofen in it. this is the oral suspension medications. they were sold at cvs and walmart. the maker says the medicine
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could have a higher concentration of the drug and it could cause serious problems for babies who take it. so far no reports of any illn s illness illnesses. much more information on usa gymnastics filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. here in the bay area, some gym owners say this may help the sport land on its feet. the filing is an attempt to settle lawsuits from hundreds of sexual abuse survivors. they came forward in the scandal involving dr. larry nassar. it keeps the committee from dissolving the organization. the director of california "sportscenter" in san jose say this is important because his athletes travel across the country for competitions. usa gymnastics oversees those events. >> so they have to be worried as parents about whether that is going to exist. they have paid fees. they have got years of participation involved in this program.
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>> and they need to get back to training future champions. thousands of these fake nikes will not make it to their intended destination in chico. federal customs officers in new jersey seized 9,000 counterfeit pairs originally shipped from china. if the shoes were authentic they would be worth $1.5 million. customs and border protection is still investigating. the agency says it takes this very seriously. counterfeit goods are not good for u.s. consumers and businesses. the hit musical dear evan hanson is now playing at the curran theater. >> if you want to go, good luck. tickets are scarce. although there is a chance to buy tickets for only $25 each. buy tickets for only $25 each. ♪ >> it is the tale of a teen who
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feels invisible until tragedy strikes. it's amazing. ben levi ross stars at evan hansen. the performance may definitely leave you in tears. it is an uplifting and humorous journey. >> everyone can relate to those relationships. it is very tangible in that way. >> we are finding that they're laughing. and they're laughing a lot. because it's a really funny script. >> if you want a chance to buy tickets for 25 bucks, enter a digital lottery. right now it is open for tomorrow's performance. we have posted a link on dear evan hansen is playing through december 30th at the curran. i'm telling you, go sign up for that digital lottery. why not, right? >> why not? you loved it. >> i have been looking forward to it all year.
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>> it mirrors what he lived through in high school. >> well, it's not a true story. but it's a complicated story but it is basic live about a kid who is not popular and facing a lot of pressure to be popular. so he tells a little lie and it becomes a big lie >> oh, yeah. that happens. >> it does happen. yeah. in petaluma, you can see fog. visibility down to about a mile. it's the only game in town with fo tomorrow morning, we will be dealing with more widespread fog. 101, still a few clouds out there. until the sky completely clears, it will keep the fog away. accuweather highlights, the main push is dry weather, partly cloudy conditions. grab the sun glasses. more fog and cooler conditions. heater may run. may need an extra blanket
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tonight. 59 to 61 degrees. mid to upper 30s in the east bay valleys. low to mid-40s in the south shore, south bay. san francisco will be the warm spot, upper 40s. let's jump ahead to sunday. increasing clouds during the increasing clouds during the morning hours. monday afternoon, dry once again. 6s return tuesday and wednesday. we'll be in the 60s also away from the coast. be careful if you're at the coast. still have the beach hazards.
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alexis. all right. good morning, mike. check out the roads. i want to take you to the tracy area. a crash on westbound 205 before you get to mountain house parkway. parkway. two vehicles involved. 16 miles per hour. lanes blocked at 205. here's a quick check of golden gate bridge. southbound 101. still very late from marin county. yes, as mike has been telling us, it is dry. we'll take a look at the bay bridge commute. that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. thanks, alexis. opponents are firing back at a housing bill that would allow for more apartment complexes near public housing stops. liveable california hit back at the proposal. it says the bill will have a trickle down effect and cause housing prices to go up.
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the crew claims rezoning would destroy neighborhoods, while providing no protections for open space. >> it would impose high density development next door to single-family homes in our communities. many backers of this plan actually believe that single family hopes are somehow morally wrong. state senator scott wiener is behind the measure. he made a similar proposal last year. that bill died in committee. it's the season of giving. several charities in the south bay are seeing a drop in donations. >> second harvest food bank is down $1.1 million this year compared to last year. sacred heart community service fell $50,000 short of its goal in november. charities believe an increase in the tax code standard deduction takes away a big incentive for contributions. people who donate are turning to other causes like supporting camp fire survivors. 13-year-old joey childs collected toys for tots the past
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seven years. this is the first year he has seen a decline in donations. >> so far i have 259 toys donated. by this time last year i had around 300, 400. if you want to help, we have posted more information on how to donate to the charities at we hope you will take a look >> coming up, the 7 things you ned to know to start your day. muni shortage. why it may be worse than reported.
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which means i'm free to rock on with this gang. move free ultra. movement keeps us coected. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listere® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. wa go for 100. bring out the bold™ it is 5:24. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, a final farewell for george h.w. bush. a live look at houston, texas where he lies in repose. family and friends are going to
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attend a funeral there later this morning. abc news coverage at 8:00 a.m. >> number two, a huge drug bust in the south bay. authorities recovered 800 pounds of marijuana and other drugs, including anabolic steroids and cocaine. $600,000 also also seized. >> three three, bart is scrambling to solve problems at its antioch station. building hundreds of new spaces to accommodate all the riders. >> number four, new overnight, lyft just filed paperwork with the securities and exchange commission, the or first step to becoming a publicly traded company. >> number five, the heaviest rain across southern california. live doppler 7 dialed in down there. we had a few random showers overnight. definitely seeing a dryer trend. enjoy the dry commute today. >> a much smoother commute, as
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you would imagine. no official word that the metering lights are on yet. 12 minutes into san francisco. >> golden globe nominations have just been released. christian slater announcing some of the nominees. details later on "abc 7 mornings". the san francisco zoo getting into the holiday spirit. >> it has three reindeer visiting right now. there is a contest to name the baby. take a look. this is the reindeer calf that is yet to be named. the zoo says it was not expecting the baby. only the adult reindeer, holy and peppermint. they need help picking out a name. it will be announced on the 21st, just in time for christmas. coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including robots taking a local school by storm. and the big impact police foot power is having on crime here in san francisco. a live look outside at 5:26 a live look outside at 5:26 of downtown
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a final farewell for george h.w. bush. live to texas as loved ones gather for his private funeral today. and the gold especially state killer will be in court today. why taxpayersould end up paying millions of dollars for that trial. also, we're looking into a problem some bart commuters are facing before even hopping on the train. good morning on this thursday, december 6th. it's coming up on 5:30. thanks for being there. you are never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> it's drying. how about that? let's jump in and talk about that. live doppler 7 showing a few showers over the diablo range. otherwise, pretty quiet. fog around petaluma. visibility was 1 just a few minutes ago. now it is up to a 2. the fog is thinning out a little bit.
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a look at the exploratorium, pier 15, looking back towards san francisco. gorgeous, isn't it? we'll see increasing sunshine, partly cloudy. 55 to 58 at noon. 56 to 58 at 4:00. cooling into the 40s and 50s by 7:00. alexis? >> all right. taking a look at the roads this morning. san rafael area. southbound 101 still light. we have a little bit of fog forming on live doppler 7 north of here. it could be part of your commute but not widespread. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, two crashes out of the central valley. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the green 1010, san kwrrafael to san 1010, san kwrrafael to san francisco, 16 minutes.
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the last farewell to president george h.w. bush. >> a service will take place in houston. st. martin's church where mr. bush is lying in repose. all night people passed through to pay their respects. president trump arrived in texas yesterday. abc news reporter t.j. parker will have that coming up next. >> this morning we look at what happens when a bart route becomes too popular. the problem isn't the trains, it's the parking. bart will be addressing it this morning. cornell bernard is live in antioch. cornell? >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. this station could be a victim of its own success. lots of riders, burr not enough parking. this station opened just last spring. already a million riders have come through, exceeding estimates big time. bart expected to see 2,700 riders daily. instead, 3,000 use it every day.
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trouble is, there is only enough parking for 1,000 cars. there's only enough parking for 1,000 cars. some have been forced to park illegally. that's not going over well with neighbors. >> if you get here after 6:00, there's nothing. i live three minutes away. so it's kind of silly that i have to worry about parking. >> what time do you have to get here to get a space? >> 5:30. after 5:30, it's full. >> reporter: yeah. lots of frustrated riders out there. bart says it has found $16 million in fund to go build an additional 800 parking spaces. that lot still in the planning phases and won't happen for at least another two years. bart is urging people to use carpools. the board of directors will discuss the issue this morning cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> consider nell -- cornell, thank you.
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we want you to be part of this conversation. how can we work on building a better bay area and make it easier to get where you want to go. #back seat better -- #betterbayarea. new this morning, just released report finds the muni driver shortage in san francisco is nearly twice as bad as officials were claiming earlier this year. sfmta has just under 1,900 drivers on a given day. 2,300 are needed to deliver service. the shortage is caused by difficulty in recruiting and training employees. muni drivers say it's because there's low pay and dangerous working conditions. developing news this morning, search and rescue operations are under way right now for two marine corps. aircrafts caught in a mishap off the coast of japan. there were five aboard a refueling tanker. two people on board the f/a-18 at the time of the incident. two people have been found by japanese officials.
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the first person was in good condition. the second person's condition is unclear. they were taken to a medical facility for evaluation. new developments on the sidelines of the camp fire investigation. a federal judge asked the state attorney general whether pg&e could be charged with a state crime if recless power line maintenance is what started the deadly wildfire. pg&e says it is reviewing the court's notice. the official cause of the camp fire is still under investigation. new details in the golden state killer case. the trial could cost taxpayers $20 million. deangelo will be back in court today for a routine proceeding. it includes the prosecution and defense. a public defender is representing deangelo. the county wants the state to help pay for the trial. he faces 26 charges related to 13 murders and 13 rapes across six counties between 1970 and six counties between 1970 and 1980.
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in contra county, we have learned about a deadly confrontation. the sheriff's office said the suspect shot at a deputy during a struggle. the suspect's girlfriend disputes that. >> he was just running from them and they shot him. he tackled him to the ground and shot him twice before he even turned around. they shot him twice before he even turned around. >> the girlfriend identifies the man as 41-year-old paul ridgeway from discovery bay. investigators say he was well-known to police and had gang ties. a top aide for senator kamala harris resigned following a sexual harassment lawsuit.
5:36 am
the sacramento bee says larry wallace quit after a reporter asked about a $400,000 settlement in 2017 related to the suit. a woman who worked for wallace at the california department of justice claimed he demeaned and harassed her. the senator has been a prominent figure against workplace harassment. hopping now, preparations are under way this morning for one last farewell to president george h.w. bush and a service for family and friends will be held later this morning in houston, texas. the 41st president will be buried alongside his wife and daughter. abc news reporter t.j. parker picks up our coverage from texas. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. nearly 12,000 stopped by to pay their final respects ahead of this morning's funeral. >> we're going to miss you. your decency, sincerity, and
5:37 am
kind soul will stay with us forever. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> reporter: a celebration of life from the national cathedral in washington, d.c. to the city where president george h.w. bush called home for many years, houston, texas. carrying the special mission 41 over college station, texas where bush will be buried at his presidential library at texas abc alongside his late wife barbara and daughter robin. the plane then landing at ellington airport in houston. a motorcade taking the president to st. martin's episcopal church. >> you talk about creating a kinder, gentler nation. we're not that anymore. and i'm here to say thank you for putting that out there, mr. president.
5:38 am
unfortunate unfortunately, it may be your death that brings us all together. >> reporter: bush was active in the houston community. he lived here since the '50s where he raised his family after this morning's funeral, he will journey to his final resting place on a train whose engine is named for him, bush 4141. they are proud of their 41st president and will forever remember what he did for texas and the country. >> he was so nice, so kind to me. >> reporter: that private funeral is scheduled to start at 10:00 houston time with close friends and family attending soon. station will leave at 12:30. live in houston this morning, t.j. parker for abc news, houston, texas. t.j., thank you. we will have live coverage ofhe houston funeral service here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 this morning. at 10:30, mr. bush's casket will be transported two and a half
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hours away at texas a&m university. 2:15, mr. bush will be laid to rest next to wife barbara. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i tried to watch that entire funeral yesterday. very moving. 49 in san mateo. daly city, 49. low to mid-50s on the peninsula. east bay shore, 40s showing up around san ramon. 48. los gatos, 44. santa rosa, that's where you know the clouds have cleared out. here's a look the a our commute. the western side of the bay bridge, roads, there are few damp spots early this morning. they will dry quickly. mass transit. cool temperatures all day today. the ferry, tkpwhrgrab the sungl. you will need it. 43 at 8:00. a little bit of fog around petaluma. sunshine by noon, 58. 61 at 2:00. look at the 40s by 6:00. 44, grab that heavier coat, by
5:40 am
8:00. 40s in the south bay. clouds hanging a little bit longer as the storm system is down south of us. 60 at 2:00. 52 at 8:00. how about we stop in san francisco for our last destination on this journey. 50 at 8:00. partly cloudy all the way through 4:00. hang out in the mid to upper 50s 50s. 52 at 8:00. getting cabin fever with all the rain. i have a great forecast coming up. let's bring in alexis and talk about the commute. overall, we are pretty good. issues in the central valley, though. we will head out there momentarily. i want to pass along the metering lights are on for the bay bridge drive. carpool lanes are open. if you are using fast track, a wait back into the maze. let's take you to the tracy stretch. mountain house parkway, we had a three-car crash. they have pushed it to the off-ramp. it is blocked. heavy on 205.
5:41 am
a new collision blocking the slow lane, 580 near grant line road. we'll look at those speeds coming up shortly. two issues. heavy on eastbound 580. that is due to some road work. lanes scheduled to be closed from greenville to 205. that is causing a delay. next traffic update in less than 10. >> thank you, alexis. happening today, the annual lighting ceremony for the capitol christmas he tree. >> here is video of it arriving in washington, d.c. last week. the 82-foot tall noble fir came from oregon. outgoing house speaker paul ryan will light the tree at the white house. president trump and first lady melania will host a reception. ho, ho, ho. >> the christmas tree lighting
5:42 am
ceremony did not go as planned. only part of the tree lit up. the grinch was spotted at the ceremony. maybe that has something to do with it. after holiday performances, the full tree finally lit up. it was kind of lagging behind a little. it finally made its debut. >> what are those >> those are also trees. >> we buried the lead. we should have said look at these outfits. the woman accused ruben foster of domestic violence is now telling her story. >> and $25,000 robots get to work in some san francisco classrooms.
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look at the areas shaded here. that's where thunderstorms are in the forecast. you can see the waves of showers. light to moderate. even a heavy one right there towards malibu. let's hope there is no flooding on the burn scars. low to mid-60s there. expect delays if you have to fly through and connect. 47 in yosemite. valley rain showers. mountain snow showers. you can see the snow falling on
5:46 am
heavenly. mostly cloudy by the afternoon hours. our next chance of snow monday. >> it looks like the foot patrol strategy to reduce crime is working. a new study finds a significant drop in assaults and thefts after the police department doubled its foot patrols last year to address crime throughout the city. here are the numbers. a 19% reduction in assaults, especially in the bay view, central and mission districts. and nearly 17% in larceny theft. that's when someone takes someone else's property, like a cell phone. the greatest in engel side, richmond, northern and mission districts. robots to help kids learn about programming have been donated to several san francisco schools. the bots are human life. they can high-five, fist pump they can high-five, fist pump and do tai chi. san francisco unified received
5:47 am
10 yesterday. the girls coding club is developing applications that can work with robots like pepper. south bay says the robots help students get motivated for careers in computer science. >> we are seeing them stay with it and get more excited about pursuing that and wanting to go home and tell their parents, hey, i programmed a robot today. i want to do this for the rest of my life. >> i feel like i'm doing something more. it is not just on the computer. you are seeing the result. >> they are very lifelike, cool, but expensive. they are usually $25,000 for ichiro bhatt. and, again, san francisco getting 10 of them out of 100. >> that's really cool. >> alexis and i were just talking the other day how in our school we had a computer that had the internet on it. >> all right, kids.
5:48 am
www, the world wide web. >> with the oregon trail. >> we're never going to use this stuff. okay. did you have typing class? >> we did. on a typewriter. >> yes. >> wow, you're old. >> liquid paper. >> yeah. >> the little tabs you stick in there. >> good for you kids and your pepper robots. >> how about programming on a commodore 64. google it. here's a look at san jose. 87. pretty dry down there. a few damp spots. we had a few random showers overnight. partly cloudy, cool, and dry for the rest of today. dry pattern not only today but through saturday. sunday and monday, it is trending a little bit weaker. near narrow temperature range. 59 to 61 degrees. pretty close to average, if not a degree or two warmer than average. tonight we feel the onslaught of the cooler weather. clouds dropping down to near
5:49 am
freezing levels. rohnert, petaluma, santa rosa, sebastapol. low to mid-40s through the bay shore and out to the coast. san francisco a little bit milder at 48. let's jump ahead to our chance of rain. 7:00 sunday morning. nice shield of rain moving in the northern part of the state. it gets weaker and stays mainly in the north bay in the afternoon and evening hours. it falls apart through the rest of our neighborhoods monday morning. monday morning it will be our next wet commute. before that, look at all that sunshine. 58 to 62 saturday. once that system leaves us tuesday and wednesday, we will reach the 60s again. have a good one. here's alexis >> good morning, mike. taking a look at the roads here this morning. we'll take you to a new problem. just getting word about, from chp, off-ramp to tenny son.
5:50 am
a solo vehicle crash. someone somehow lost control. emergency crews coming to scene. typically not too heavy in that area, in that direction. no backup yet. heavy on the southbound side north of 92. a little update here. a little bit better news. 205 to 580, the crash in tracy has cleared. we do still have the collision near grant line road, though. tracy to dublin at 56 minutes. you're definitely in the rain. dublin to mission still looks good at 16 minutes. 101 to cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. thanks, alexis. the tale of piggy smalls hals come to -- smalls has come to an end. he has a new home. we'll have the details coming up. devastating firenado in shasta county. >> plus, thousands of dollars in >> plus, thousands of dollars in renovations on a home that
5:51 am
5:52 am
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sneaker waves, long run-ups. this will continue through tomorrow morning. another 24 hours of not turning your back at the water if you're on our beaches. thank you, mike. the woman accusing ruben foster of domestic violence is sharing her story with abc news in an exclusive interview. she shares the outrage voiced by some across the country after her ex was signed by the washington redskins days after he was released following his domestic battery arrest. she said they were on a break
5:54 am
and trying to work on their relationship when they found out he was seeing other women. >> he invited me to come see him in florida. he came and he took one of my phones. phones. and he slapped me and pushed i told him i was going to tell his new girlfriend he paid for my trip out there. that's what triggered it. >> earlier she accused him of battery but later recanted and dropped the allegations. we know what caused the definite stating firenado in has definite stating firenado in has the county. a massive wall of fire, smoke, and ash produced a cloud that reduced the air pressure beneath it. that produced a whirlwind that exploded 17,000 feet into the air. the swirling cortex generated winds up to 143 miles per hour,
5:55 am
the same as a class 3 tornado. the scorched part of reading, the scorched part of reading, killed four people. it destroyed structures, most of them home. so far so good for the south bay. no issues this morning. 101 and 880 slowly starting to fill in volume-wise. that is pretty much it. mass transit, i have updates. no issues with bart. 48 trains in service, no delays. ace 1 delayed 12 minutes due to a mechanical issue. and capital, trains delayed system wide. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. we are falling a little bit behind our averages as the rainfall amounts have been lighter than what we normally lighter than what we normally get this time of year.
5:56 am
the percentages are dropping a little. if you want more new snow, there is plenty out there. mother nature blank eeting the sierra. a piece of disney history has been restored. several years ago a couple heard the disney childhood home was in bad shape. disney's father built the house at a cost of $800. the home has fallen into disrepair. the walt disney company paid to renovate it. >> it really needed a lot of work. it didn't have this layout at all. we had to take the entire house apart to see how it was put together originally. >> pretty cool. disney fans visited yesterday. there was a celebration marking the end of the five-year project
5:57 am
and what would have been disney's 117th birthday. pretty cool mickey house showed up too. >> hey, rumor has it people love shake shack. >> really? i hadn't heard. just every day. >> next at 6:00, where you can plan to put a shake shack in san francisco. the central subway project are planning to expand. residents are pointing out a problem or several problems >> police in the south bay make >> police in the south bay make a massive
5:58 am
5:59 am
hi. good morning. thanks for joining us. it is thursday, december 6th. yes. you are waking up wondering will it rain on me today. we have the answer from mike nicco. >> the answer is, no. live doppler 7 showing rapidly clearing conditions outside. the rain continues to slide down
6:00 am
to our south. socal will get drenched today. for us, increasing sunshine. and temperatures, if the clouds are clearing over your neighborhood, they are going to drop up until 7:30, 8:00. then the sun will take over. mid-40s to 50s. 55 to 58. 56 to 58 at 4:00. back down to 48 to 53 under the stars at 7:00. extended period of dry weather lasts through the weekend. that's coming up. how about this dry commute. ful here's alexis. we are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are stacked up as usual. no incidents on this route. metering lights on 5:26. that is your average drive on the bay bridge commute. we are in the green. walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 57. northbound 17, santa cruz mountains, highway 1, going to take you 20 minutes. overall looking good.


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