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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  December 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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it wasn't that he was in the
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wrong place at the wrong time. it's that there's too many guns in our an emo emo emo emo emo eo victims of gun violence. thanks for joining us. people at the vigil were calling for change in gun laws. they say enough is enough. >> reporter: people came here today to remember victims of gun violence in the bay area and ash the country. politicians and activists demanding better gun safety laws. ♪ >> reporter: a sung to remember those who died to gun violence. >> i put them on so people can read them. >> reporter: this man wears
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wristbands. his son was shot and killed at u.c. santa barbara four years ago. >> after chris was shot, we were calling him over and over again, trying to find out if he was okay. his phone was there with him and he was dead. >> reporter: he has become a gun safety advocate, joining forces with groups like moms demand act, calling for what they call gun sense in america. the mayor calling for change. >> it's time for a change. a change so that no other parent has to ever bury their child again. >> reporter: this comes near the six-year anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre, where 26 people were killed, mostly small children. nancy pelosi vows to make gun safety a priority for the new congress. >> we cannot anymore just say people, i'm so sorry or congress has a moment of silence and no
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action. this is different. >> good luck. >> reporter: this man says new gun laws are not the answer. he is chairman of the san francisco hispanic republicans and a life long member of the nra. >> the problem is not the weapons. the problems are the people. nra people are not the problem. >> reporter: he admits the solution is complicated. the wounds of losing his son will never heal. >> there's not one easy answer to gun violence. we can do better. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says gun control is one of her top priorities. she hopes to pass what she calls common sense gun violence prevention legislation next year. live in san francisco. >> appreciate it. thank you. shiftig gears. more rain is in the forecast starting overnight. we have more on the track of the storm and what we can expect. >> live doppler 7 tracking those showers that are off the coast. the next storm system will move
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in overnight tonight while many of us are sleeping. overhead right now, we are dry. the wider picture, there's that cold front beginning to move onshore in northern california. it will bring light showers to parts of the bay area. the storm impact scale for monday morning, tomorrow, light showers, really weak wind. this is a quick moving system. dry skies do prevail by noon. hour by hour we go. later tonight, by 10:00, the showers are beginning to move into the north bay. by 4:00 tomorrow morning, you can see the showers just approaching santa rosa. we will time out the storm system, show you when you can expect the rain where you live and the full forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good. check the weather conditions in your area on the abc 7 news app. you can click on the bottom weather tab to see live doppler 7. it's free to download. firefighters raced to the sunset district to stop flames in a burning restaurant. you are looking at images shared
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by the fire department showing what happened. this afternoon's fire began inside a restaurant and spread toward a walgreen store. they don't know how many people had to leave their home above the restaurant. look at this. a man hitched a ride on the back of a train this morning. a twitter user shared this with us. he took the church street. it's unclear if the train entered the tunnel with the man still on the outside. we reached out to transit officials. they say they are looking into it. probably not the safest thing to do. tomorrow, mental health clinicians at two bay area facilities are planning to begin a five-day strike. this is video of workers on the picket lines during a strike back in 2015. organizers say clinicians will hold rallies across the state, including in san francisco and
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san jose. union members say patients are not getting the mental health care they need. >> we're trying to advocate for greater access for our patients. kaiser has been making greater effort to get patients in the door. once they are in the door, it takes them about on average four to six weeks to get back in to see their therapist again. >> they would like to decrease the amount of time the therapists spend with each patient. that's something that we are not able to do. we're challenged by that. >> kaiser says offices will remain office and they are making arrangements so the strike will have a minimal affect on patients. police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a thief. police released this video from this morning. they say the thief entered the back of rene's cafe at 6:45 when staff were getting ready to open. you can see there the thief didn't look around long before
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finding an employee's purse in a cabinet. investigators didn't specify what was in the purse but do say it is a grand theft case. the golden state warriors have teamed up with levi's to surprise a few bay area families in need with a shopping spree. abc 7 news was in san francisco at levi's plaza handed out gifts and a warrior jersey. >> spreading joy when the kids walk in. the interaction, that's what it is about. to know the kid and they can see you are more than just a player in a jersey. we are humans. we were kids once. it goes a long way. >> so well said. an excited abc 7 news reporter m mc-ed the surprise event. two families live in oakland and are part of a program for
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and children who have experie e experienced homelessness, violence or addiction. the other is a single mom from san francisco. just ahead, caught on camera, a woman throwing hot coffee at a california doughnut shop owner's face. that owner explains the tough position it has put her in. why the winner of the heisman trophy and oakland a's draft pick is apologizing just hours after winning his award. before we head to break, we are sharing stories in a weekly digital series called more in common. this week, meet two young native americans who found love their their tribal traditions. >> why is this so important to the tribe? >> this is the land that we ca. got really >> i'm a member of the tribe.
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police are trying to track down the woman who threw hot coffee in the face of a doughnut
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shop owner. it happened in a los angeles area store. amy powell explains what led to the outburst. >> reporter: screams and chaos inside this doughnut shop. cameras rolling when a woman throws hot coffee into the face of the owner. the owner says her face still hurts but she's back at work today. the frightening uncounter happened friday morning. a custom's young daughter started crying because the woman was wailing. >> i asked her to quiet down because she was scaring the girl or leave. then she just f you and threw the coffee at me. >> reporter: employees and customers told the woman to leave and called the police. she says it's not the first time the woman has been in her shop. >> she's homeless. mentally ill. we have had her in here several
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times. she's just yelled or she will curse at somebody. she's never been this violent. >> reporter: she has a number of homeless customers and believes everybody should be treated equally. after yesterday's experience, she may be more cautious. >> kind of a hard situation to deal with when you feel compassion for people and then it kind of backfires. >> reporter: amy powell, abc 7 news. >> hard video to watch. hours after winning the heisman, murray is apologizing for homophobic tweets electric ye from years ago. he apologized for his old tweets and says they are from when he was 14 or 15 years old. he says his poor word choice doesn't reflect who he is or what he believes. those tweets are now deleted. "baby it's cold outside"
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could be coming back to a radio station tomorrow morning. 96.5 dropped the song after some fallout over its lyrics that some compared to date rape. the decision to pull the christmas classic got so much reaction, koit posted a poll asking listeners to vote. more than 22,000 people voted and 77% said they wanted the song back. right now, a massive snowstorm is heading -- is hitting parts of the area. we are tracking the impact where in the united states and it is where thousands are without power. roads are a mess and flights are being canceled left and right. we are tracking showers that will move in overnight tonight. we t wi
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right now a potentially historic storm is hitting the southeast. this footage was shot in raleigh, north carolina, today. you see the snow on the ground. the national weather service says 12 to 20 inches of snow could fall in virginia and the carolinas by monday. already in north carolina alone, nearly half a million people are without power and troopers have responded to close to 500 crashes. more than 1,000 flights in the area have so far been canceled. getting to our weather situation here. nothing quite as severe. i'm sure you are tracking it. what a disaster over there. >> it's a mess in the southeast tonight with the mix of rain and heavy snow. here locally tonight, we are tracking very light showers moving through with a cold front overnight. live doppler 7 right now, giving you the active sweep over the bay area. we are dry. you can see that cold front just beginning to move onshore in northern california. not a lot of rain expected
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overnight. it will impact some for the morning commute. all day today, we have been dealing with fog and haze in our atmosphere. it has reduced visibility. it continues to do so. visibility down to three miles in livermore. once this cold front moves through tomorrow morning, it's going to help to clear out our skies of the fog, this smog. clearer skies will prevail tomorrow afternoon. temperaturewi temperaturewise, it was cool today. 40s and 50s for afternoon highs. that's where we sit right now. 52 in san francisco. 53 in san jose. santa rosa coming in at about 48 degrees. overnight tonight, we will see showers arriving after midnight, starting in the north bay. cloud cover overhead. overnight tonight, temperatures holding in the mid 40s over the next 12 hours. the bigger picture, you can see the cold front defined moving
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into northern california right now. it's a real thin ribbon of moisture. it won't be a lot of rain moving our way. on the storm impact scale for monday morning, it's a level 1 light system. light showers. the winds will be light as well. that rain is out of here by noon. it's really short lived. hour by hour, let's time this out. tomorrow morning, early in the morning, we will stop the clock at 3:00 in the morning on your monday. the showers just beginning to approach santa rosa at that hour. that cold front will sink south. by 6:00, 7:00 in the more thanie expect wet roadways, especially in the north bay, also in san francisco, approaching oakland and through the delta as well. watch what happens in the morning. this cold front loses a lot of its moisture. by 9:00, 10:00, this is going to fall apart. then it's out of here by noon. rainfall is going to be very light with this storm system. the best bet would be in the north bay. once again, i think a lot of
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cities in the south bay and inland as well will remain dry over the next 24 hours as this front falls apart as it sinks south. some wet roadways in the north bay tomorrow morning. highs monday, early morning showers giving way to afternoon sunshine. 56 the high in san francisco. 58 in oakland. the same in san jose. here is the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, it's that morning shower for some. clearing in the afternoon. then we enter a dry stretch tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a lot of sunshine. our next rainmaker is friday. the weekend, 50/50. saturday is dry, but sunday our next storm arrives in yaafterno. >> you are trying to please everyone. a little bit of something. >> it's nice. >> thanks. sports, you covered all the sports yesterday. >> today it's football. it was drama on both sides of the bay. coming up, by george, he's got it. the records george kittles set.
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the curse of the black hole lives on for big ben and the steelers. highlights from a wild finish at highlights from a wild finish at the california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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or call during business hours. george kittle had a game for the history books. the most receiving yards in the first half by any nfl player since 1991. he set the record for most yards by a tight end in a single game for the 49ers on his way to becoming the first tight end to have more than 1,000 yards receiving in a single season.
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he had 94 receiving yards in the first quarter. in the second, left all alone, 85 yards. franchise record for the longest touchdown reception by a tight end. 210 receiving yards in the first half. he was shut out in the second. five yards shy of the nfl record by a tight end. 12 seconds left in the first half, 20-0, san francisco at the break. broncos would get the next two scores late in the fourth. hamilton on fourth and goal, it's 20-14. the 49ers had 32 yards of offense in the second half until the final drive where they had 41. the six-yard t it. the 49ers win. they improve to 3-10. >> the fact that we got the win is all i care about. the coach apologized twice to me for not getting me the ball. i will put the blame on him. it's okay. >> blame that on me. it would have been cool to get him that record.
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>> i told him, he needed to apologize for not getting 215 in the first half. i'm just joking. i apologized to him. >> raiders and steelers, ben roethlisberger, 0-3 in the black hole. 14 seconds left in the half. it's 14-10 pittsburgh at the break. big ben suffered a rib injury and missed most of the second half. great catch. the raiders would take the lead in the fourth. 17-14, carr with $322 yard and touch two touchdowns. here comes big ben. he was six for six for 70 yards and another td pass. it's 21-17 steelers. carr responds with an eight-play 75-yard drive. six yards on fourth and goal. oakland up. steelers got into field goal range. look at that. he slips and the raiders win it 24-21. >> we overcame way too many
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penalties. the character of this team is -- it's impressive, no matter what anybody says or saw today, the character in there is special. >> this is my second favorite win ever. if they were in our division it would be first. it was my second favorite. >> dolphins and patriots, miami needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. down five, seven seconds from their own 31. tannehill to stills. lateral to parker, then to drake. he is not going to go. he is not going to go. look at him go all the way for the touchdown. gronkowski there to make the tackle. the big tight end couldn't do it. that's your game winner, the miami miracle, the dolphins beat the patriots 34-33. back to the raiders and 49ers, despite their wins, both teams remain in the hunt for the first pick in the upcoming nfl draft. both teams are tied with arizona with three and ten records.
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anybody thinking the raiders and 49ers don't have fight left in them, that would be wrong. today's games were very exciting. >> take that. >> they are still playing hard. >> thanks. next on abc 7 news at 5:00, gearing up for winter. the adorable way this police dog reacted to his new b
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a police dog in south dakota is gearing up for winter in an adorable way. officers wanted to protect his


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