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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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boy, you see it there, the rain is starting to show up on live doppler 7, and we are tracking another storm headed toward the bay area. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. we are watching the weather tonight. not a bad view of san francisco right now, but there is rain on the way. abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma joining us with when it'll arrive. >> you saw that picture from san francisco. the clouds are thickening at this hour and the showers are with a cold front that's going to swing through overnight tonight. that cold front just beginning to move onshore in northern california. not a lot of rain with this next
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storm system, but nonetheless it will bring showers for some of us tomorrow morning. on the storm impact scale this is level 1 light system tomorrow morning. with those light showers winds will remain weak as well, and it's a quick moving system as well. by noon we have dry skies prevailing. that front is already out of here. hour by hour we go, tomorrow morning the showers first in the north bay. by 7:00 you can see there will be some scattered showers, some wet roadways. we'll te out the rest of this system and tracking other storms on the horizon. and a great time to remind everybody you can check the weather conditionin your area any time on the abc 7 news app. just click the bottom news tab to see the live doppler 7. the abc 7 news app is free to download. tesla founder elon musk called twitter a war zone after he answered questions about a series of questionable tweets he made. one of those tweets about taking
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tesla private triggered federal officials to take action against musk. musk agreed to resign as chair of tesla's board to settle that complaint. and tonight musk made no excuses for his online behavior. >> first of all, i am somewhat impulsive and i don't really want to try to adhere to some ceo template. >> musk described this past summer as being crucial to tesla's future. he even said it was, quote, life and death to meet increased production goals for tesla model 3. tesla produced 5 "news now" model 3s per week by building an assembly line inside a tent inside its plant. this is video of workers on the picket lines during a strike in 2015. organizers say clinicians will hold rallies at facilities
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across the state including in san francisco and san jose. union members say patients are not getting the mental healthcare n healthcare they need. >> we're trying to advocate for greater retain access for our patients. kaiser has been making greater effort to get patients in the door, but once they're in the door it takes them an average about 4 to 6 weeks if not more to get back in to see their therapists again. >> they would like to decrease the amount of time that the therapy therapists spend with each patient, and that's something we're not able to do. we're challenged by that. >> it's also making arrangements so impact to patients is minimal. in the east bay tomorrow dozens of oakland high school teachers are planning to walk out every stalled pay negotiations. that walk out is not sanctioned by the union. the teachers have been without a contract for about two years
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now. district officials say they are aware of the situation and other teachers could join that walk out. on the peninsula, we do have an update on the story abc 7 news first brought you this past tuesday. residents in pacifica have been trying to get a tilting pg&e power pole removed fearing it could fall on their homes. it was tagged for removal in august but four months later it was still there. after we aired our story pg&e came out the very next day. abc 7 news reporter hunter assan spoke to some very relieved neighbors. >> reporter: it's what residents in pacificy had been complaining about for months. for pg&e to finally remove this tilting power pole. >> it's an early christmas present. it's great. >> reporter: neighbors first contacted pg&e back in may. then in august pg&e marked it for removal, even tagging it as
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dangerous. but taylor said only after our story aired last tuesday did pg&e finally take down the pole. >> with the weather coming in i was concerned it was going to fall on the house. >> reporter: they quote determined that the pole remained safe and secure and is not in danger of falling. however, inspection showed that it needed to be replaced. that finally happened today. >> bigger and stronger pole. straighter, it's three times as big as the old one, looks real steady. so that's good. >> reporter: she says she's relieved that a new stronger pole stands on their street, but many residents say the problem isn't fixed. >> look how close it is to the house and it's been there since '62. >> reporter: they say other power poles show signs of tilting as well and they'll get them to be moved underground. >> i was discussing that with the neighbors. i think we might ask about that just so this doesn't happen
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again. in the east bay san ramon police pulled out all the stops to honor a police k-9 with an aggressive form of cancer. you can see hector here in a photo posted from his handler's twitter page. hector was honored with a procession as he was driven to a clinic where he was put to sleep. his handler tells us he was under going chemotherapy treatments for several months. he was given the all clear and went back to work, but that cancer came back a month later. hector was 7 years old. gun safety advocates in the bay area say enough is enough. many called for change in gun laws today at an interfaith vigil for victims of gun violence. cornell bernard was there and tells us there are no simple solutions. ♪ >> reporter: a song to remember victims of gun violence. those who know the pain of losing a loved one came to this
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vigil. >> when i put them on i always put them on so people can read them. >> reporter: richard martinez wears wrist bands in memory of victims of gun violence including his own 20-year-old son shot and killed at uc santa barbara four years ago. >> we were trying to call to find out if he was okay and he was dead. >> reporter: joining forces with groups like moms demand action, calling for what they consider gun sense in america. this vigil comes near the six-year anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre where 26 people were killed, mostly small children. peninsula congresswoman jackie spears survived after being shot five times in jones town in 1978. >> stunning to me that we can take romaine lettuce off the shelves because 55 people get sick, but 30,000 people can die each year and we can't do anything about it.
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>> reporter: how minority leader nancy pelosi vows to make gun safety a new priority for the new congress. >> we cannot anymore just say to people i'm so sorry, you're in my thoughts and prayers, or as congress does have a moment of silence and no action. this is different. >> good luck, madam pelosi. >> reporter: he's chairman of the san francisco hispanic republicans and a lifelong member of the nra. >> the problems are not the weapons, the problems are the people. nra people are not the problem. >> reporter: richard martinez admits the solution is complicated, but the wounds of losing his son will never heal. >> there's not one easy answer to gun violence, but we can do better. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says she hopes to pass what she calls common sense gun violence legislation in the new year. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. new details emerging tonight from the investigation into the sandy hook elementary school massacre in new town, connecticut, six years ago.
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court ordered released documen revealed the gunman's anger and deep isolation in the years leading up to him shooting and killing his mother, 20 children, six educators and ultimately himself. he wrote online, quote, i incessantly have nothing other than scorn for humanity. well, take a look at this shifting gears a little bit, a man hitched a ride on the back of a muny train this morning. a twitter user shared this photo with us. he took it at church street and debose avenue in san francisco. it is unclear if the train entered the tunnel with the man still riding on the outside. we reached out to transit officials and they say they're looking into it. yeah, probably not the safest thing to do. still ahead, from the ashes of the camp fire rises a song to provide relief. meet the duo who has been invited by a grammy winning producer to record a song to help fire victims.
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and a bay area couple is moving out-of-state. but hear what they are going to leave behind to those who lost everything in butte county. and how's this for a little holiday surprise? a little later watch one of the
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two friends from paradise went from playing a song in their living room to recording it in a studio in nashville. their music is not inspiring their community but also giving back. >> reporter: you may have noticed these men playing in the background of our coverage of thanksgiving for camp fire victims in chico. the duo calls themselves cold
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weather sonuns.unsuns. nathaniel smith lost everything in the camp fire. >> he came over to check it out, and we didn't intend on it but we ended up writing a song. ♪ i can still remember the first time that i fell in love with this town ♪ >> reporter: the song is called one of these days and it's gone viral. cold weather sons was invited done to nashville by a producer to record it. >> we know the media attention is turning away from the fire already, and it needs to be long-term help, too. people purchasing it, it's music. it can go on and on. >> reporter: the band plans to give 100% of the sales back to victims. >> we want to inspire hope. we want people to be inspired to rebuild our town. >> reporter: one of these days
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it's slated to make its way itun itu itunes by the end of the week. sounds like a hit. well, a south bay couple has donated all of their belongings to firefighters who lost their homes in the camp fire. a combat veteran from gilroy is packing up to leave the state permanently. he was out at the camp fire helping crews, but instead of bringing their belongings with them, he and his wife are leaving their belongings behind in a 25 foot storage truck for those who lost their homes trying to help others. >> if we can donate everything we have, we'll start over, it'll be a memory for us and how we helped. >> the fire department is helping to distribute those items. baby it's cold outside could be coming back to radio station tomorrow morning.
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96.5 dropped the song following some fall out to its lyrics that some people compared to date rape. the decision to pull the christmas classic got so much reaction, they posted a poll asking listeners to vote. >> if the listeners decide to hear that song, you're going to hear the song sunday morning. >> as of this afternoon 22,000 people voted and 77% said they wanted the song back. all right, maybe not the song, we'll see about that, but the rain definitely is back. meteorologist drew tuma standing by with the time line on exactly when it'll hit your part of town. drew? >> yeah, some of us for the morning commute will be seeing some showers working through your neighborhood. everybody will see the rain tomorrow, but the rain will be moving through in the morning. we'll widen out the picture and show you the showers we're tracking beginning to move into northern california. and some of this wet weather is going to sink south over the
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next 12 hours and bring about that chance of some showers. much of today, we were dealing with haz in our atmosphere. reduced visibility, and tonight now fog spilling in from the central valley. look at livermore right now, visibility down to a third of a mile, at 3 miles in concord, and this dense fog will be with us first thing tomorrow morning away from the coast. not only the rain we're contending with there will be some visibility issues thanks to pcommute.on your monday morning out there right now it's chilly. it was a cool day today. right now in the 30s and 40s for the most part. down to 39 in fairfield with that fog at this hour. 37 in san ramon. right now mountain view checking in at 44 degrees. we'll also track those showers arriving after midnight first in the north bay overnight tonight. with that cloud cover overhead it kind of limits how cold we get overnight. so the bigger picture, live
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doppler 7 along with satellite you can see that thin line of moisture very nicely. that's the cold front that is moving onshore into california at this hour. not a lot of rain, but showers certainly in the forecast for your monday morning. so the storm impact scale, we'll bring it on back for you tomorrow morning. a level one system, some light showers. winds will be weak as the cold front moves through. and it's a quick moving system so by noon these showers are out of here, and we'll turn to sunnier skies by the afternoon. 6:00 in the morning, and you can see future weather pinpointing those light showers first arriving in the north bay. by about 8:00, 9:00, that cold front is going to cross pretty much the heart of the bay area, so we're seeing a couple of light showers along the peninsula even into the east bay and a few light showers pushing inland. but this front really falls apart and by noon it's out of here. and i do think a lot of the
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cities in the south biwill end up with a dry monday. it'll be less than a quarter of an inch. anespecially in the south bay, mountain view, fremont, livermore, brentwood, likely ending up with nothing with this overnight cold front tonight. upper 50s to lower 60s, 62 in santa rosa. 56 in san francisco. about 58 in oak lnlland, and so fran sunshine. a morning shower for some, dry in the afternoon. that dry pattern continues tuesday, wednesday, thursday before our next storm arrives here on friday. better bet for more people to see rain. sunday another storm arrives. and meteorologist mike nico will be here at 4:30 tomorrow morning tracking any showers that will move through. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, yesterday they were on bar crawls but today santas are
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that was not english, by the way. germany is getting into the holiday spirit. you're looking at today's santa run in brandonberg. men, women and children of all ages put on their santa suits for a festive race. the goal behind the run is to encourage people to be active in the winter months. not just in the summertime. it's the third biggest santa run in all of europe. >> thanks for clearing that up because i was listening to that i was like i don't know the words to that song. >> that's a pretty bad sign if you didn't know that. here's a good sign, the 49ers and raiders, both some big wins today. coming up nearly breaking an nfl receiving record. and a late game slip-up by
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the steelers has the raiders celebrating in the black hole. highlight from a w
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ george kittle, they call him stone-cold, but he also set the 49ers record for most yards pie a tight end in a single game, on his way to becoming the first tight end in team history to have more than
11:29 pm
receiving. was shutout in the second, five yards shy of the nfl record by oo tight end. nick mullins hooks up with dante pettis. late in the fourth, fourth on goal, and that made it 20-14. the time drive where they had 41. this six yard throw to trent taylor ices the ball game. niners win it 25-14. >> the coach already apologized twice to me for not getting the ball. so i'll put the blame on him. it's okay. >> it's really cool to get that regard. >> i told him he needed to apologize for thought getting 215 in the first half. no, just joking. i definitely apologized to him.
11:30 pm
>> 0 and 3 in the black hole. great catch. 14-10 pittsburgh at the half. big ben suffers a rib injury, misses most of the second half. now, the raiders take the lead late in the fourth quarter. derek carr 3 yards to lee smith. 222 yards and two scores. here comes big ben, first drive of the half and another touch down pass to smith 78 yard play drive, six of them right here. oakland up three. the steelers with a chance to tie the 40 yarder from chris, well he slips. the raiders hold onto win a wild on 24-21. >> we overcame way to many penalties, but the character of this team is impressive. no matter what anybody said or
11:31 pm
saw today the character in there is special. >> this is my second win ever. if they were in our division it'd be first, but it's definitely my second favorite. >> so wins on both sides of the bay. the raiders and 49ers, they are both 3 and 10 on the season. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. coming up in 20 minutes a draymond green and golden state warriors update. he is coming back. >> in the meantime we'll saver those wins for this week. >> oh, yes. that's very important when you've got three of them on the season, right? >> all right, anthony, all right, speaking of warriors, a special holiday treat today for some bay area families where the warriors sean livingston surprises them and helps with their shopping. and it sures looks like winter in some p
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with advil liqui-gels, what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. once again, good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now mental health clinician at kaiser facilities across the state including san francisco and san jose are planning a five-day strike starting tomorrow. you're looking at video of works on the picket lines during a strike in 2015. union members say patients are not getting the mental health care they need. kaiser says it's making arrangements to keep offices open during the strike. also tomorrow dozens of high school teachers are planning to walk out during pay
11:36 pm
contract negotiations. the teachers have been without a contract now for about two years. bay area gun safety advocates gathered in a church in san francisco today for an interfaith vigil for victims of gun violence. many in in survived gunshot wounds or lost someone to them. san francisco hispanic republicans chairman and nra member leo says people are the problem, not the weapons and not the people at the nra. happening right now, a huge storm is blasting the southeast dumping snow and canceling thousands of flights. for those on the ground the roads are slippery and driving is treacherous. the abc news reporter daria albr
11:37 pm
tells us the snow is already hitting conditions. >> reporter: georgia seeing freezing rain and several inches of snow, while further north residents in virginia and north carolina facing as much as a foot of snow. governors in both states declaring a state of emergency. >> it's time to hunker down and to stay safe. >> reporter: this storm creating treacherous driving conditions. motorists struggling to keep their cars on the road. airline passengers across the region stranded by a growing number of flight cancellations. power knocked out to thousands of customers. some area residents not wanting to take a chance on losing power checked into area hotels that have generators. the storm bringing out the grinch in some people.
11:38 pm
but not everyone is unhappy about the snow. this woman drove up from florida with her dog. >> i've lived in florida for ten years and i haven't seen the snow in ten years. and i know she has never seen it before so i wanted to bring her up and we were going to play in it tomorrow. >> reporter: kids are also taking advantage of the opportunity to play in the snow. the storm expected to move out into the atlantic ocean on monday. abc news. well, take a look. this is live look at san francisco international airport. only a handful of flights have been canceled today because of the storm hitting the southeast. flights coming to and from atlanta appear to be okay. most of the problems are out of charlotte. democrats say impeachment for president trump is possible if he did indeed direct legal hush money to women to influence the 2016 election. >> even though they were committed before the president became president, they were committed in the service of
11:39 pm
fraudulently obtaining the office. that would be an impeachable offense. >> representative nadler is the incoming chairman of the house judiciary committee when the democrats take control next month, he said what we see from the indictments and charging statements surrounding president trump is a much broader conspiracy against the american people. well, you can't help but smile when you see the reactions in this next story. abc 7 news was in san francisco today as three bay area families got a major holiday surprise from the golden state warriors and levis. >> reporter: hey, everyone. the golden state warriors and levis have teamed up for a really great holiday surprise. let's meet these families. these families weren't expecting to see us at levi headquarters
11:40 pm
on wednesday. they were told they'd be going holiday shopping with the warriors cheerleaders because of the mother's progress at oakland elizabeth house, a home for women and kids who have experienced homelessness, violence or addiction. as they snapped away we met erica banks and her kids. she recently graduated from the program and turned those skills into a new role to support her family. i mc'd the event and told each family they had $1,500 to spend inside levis. >> i'm so excited. >> i know. >> reporter: excitement was everywhere making it the perfect time to bring in the real surprise. sean livingston. >> hey, what's going on? all right, come on. what's up, man? >> what's up?
11:41 pm
>> my son started crying. it was exciting. i was just like >> being able to get them out and, you know, have an experience like this, again, it could change their whole, you know, their whole year let alone their day. >> we're still on a path of getting together and being strong. but seeing him in this position, this environment like this is any, my wildest dreams. >> reporter: the day wouldn't be complete without signed injuries, game tickets. abc 7 news. >> what a special experience. well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 a marriage proposal you've just got to see. not on one knee but on two feet. watch a man overcome major
11:42 pm
medical obstacles to pop the question. and this officer is ready for action. watch how a police dog gets prepared to go out in the snow. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. live dop lpler 7 tracking a few showers. we'll have the latest timing in your forecast ahead. and abc 7's new brand sharing inspiring stories in a weekly series. this week meet two native-americans who found love through their tribal traditions. >> why is this powwow so important to the tribe? >> this is the land that we originally came from, and it just turned into a big city and got really colonized so we were forced to
11:43 pm
>> you eventually met someone at one of these powwows. to see that dance, you guys are quite the pair, huh? >> i feel lucky. he's singing for me, so i dance for him, i guess. >> pretty romantic. i like that.
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a florida man paralyzed by a rare neurological condition stands up for love literally. abc news reporter tells us the next steps. >> reporter: when she saw the candles, the red carpet and those flowers, she just knew, but there was one more surprise mary didn't expect to witness. >> come on. >> reporter: the father of her three children jacob newborn
11:47 pm
battling a rare neurlogical syndrome that attacks the nervous system. >> i know you love me and i love you. >> reporter: he's been in rehab, and this moment right here was the first time he stood up in a month to ask this -- >> baby, so will you mry me? >> yes. >> reporter: getting back on his feet has been tough. walking down the aisle will be tougher. but he's shown he's ready to take that first step with his bride to be. abc news, new york. >> it is remarkable. breaking in new shoes never is easy especially for gary, a k-9 member for one florida police patrol. >> good dog, gary. >> oh, no, winter in the dakotas
11:48 pm
of course means lots of snow and that's why his handler had to help protect his paw. but as you just saw poor gary needs the feelers of his paws to keep him grounded. the k-9 slowly but surely got used to his new footwear. all right, maybe no snow, but definitely some rain in the forecast. with just how much let's get to drew tooma standing by. >> we're going to see that rain move in overnight, and for some of us it'll stick around. live doppler 7 already tracking it all. light scattered showers across redding approaching ucaya at this hour. dense fog, and rivlivermore down a third visibility right now. some light showers but bigger story dry skies prevail by noon. a really short-lived event. hour by hour 6:00 in the morning
11:49 pm
some light showers moving through the north bay. we do expect as this front kind of moves through, it'll just kind of fall apart. a lot of places in the nrgt bay tomorrow will likely remain dry. morning showers for some on our monday, dry in the afternoon. and that dry stretch continues into tuesday. and another one will approach on sunday in the afternoon. so a good dry stretch coming our way midweek. anthony flores in for sports talking football sunday. >> in the nfl it's all about offense, offense, offense. tonight defense grabbing some of the spotlight. coming up bearing down on the rams. how chicago's defense dominated against l.a. and the warriors prepare for the return of their
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the warriors are one step closer to becoming completely healthy. tomorrow their emotional leader returns. draymond green will play against the timberwolves. he also had that one game team suspension. and the they're 6 and 5 in their 11 game absence. and he was asked about his return in that stretch. >> for the circumstances we played we're doing pretty well. for everything that's going on, i think we're in a pretty good position. over the last few games i think we're starting to get some momentum back, and, you know, it's coming at a good time for us. >> they're all pretty mild-mannered human beings, and draymond's a fireball. he comes in and just stirs it
11:54 pm
up. and we need that. >> damian jones spoke for the first time since suffering a torn left pectoral muscle. unfortunately, the recovery time for this injury takes a long time. he had surgery on wednesday but can't start rehabbing for another six weeks. his season is done, but his attitude remains positive. >> you know, i try to look at the positive, you know. being depressed about it, you know, it's not going to get me anywhere. it happened so just got to think about, you know, the recovery. putting on clothes takes a lot longer. everything takes a lot longer, but, you know, some people don't have a left arm, too, so i mean, hey, make it work. >> back to the nfl, dolphins and patriots, keep your eye on the ball. down 5, 7 seconds remaining. the lateral to parker and then to drake. now, he's not. no, no. yes, yes, yes. look at that, 69 yards for the touch down.
11:55 pm
rob gronkowski can't make the saving tackle. the miami miracle, the dolphins win it 34-33. eagles and cowboys, philly wins and they tie dallas for first place in the nfc east. the game was tied in the fourth and that's when cooper takes ov over. 17-16 dallas. and the eagles answers, so the game is tied up at 23 entering into overtime. into the hands of the defender and right into the arms of cooper. 217 yards and three touch downs. how about them cowboys? they win it 29-23. colts and texans, remember when people thought an drew was done with a neck injury? yeah, he's third in pass attempt this season, 27 of 41, 399 yards
11:56 pm
and two touch downs and including that one to eric ebron. and in the third the three-point lead puts a perfect touch pass, and the colts up 10. two minutes to go it's a three point game. luck gets the texans to jump offside and that seals the victory. 24-21 snapping houstons nine game win streak. fourth quarter, chased from the pocket and dropped from the safety. two points for the bears and the ball, which they turn into seven more points. mitchell with the special to bradley soul. the big man scores and we love it. 15-6 chicago. goff one of his worst games since a pro. the rams dropped 11 and 2 on the season. 15-6 the final. saints trailed 14-3 at half.
11:57 pm
brees had minus 1 yard rushing on the day, but here he goes up and over on the dog pile. saints up 4. game on ice in the fourth quarter with a 17-yard touch down run and the saints go marching on 28-14, and they hold the tiebreaker over the rams. that is a look at sports. >> that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. for drew and anthony and all of us here deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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