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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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excuse me, ma'am, if you could please control yourself. >> a packed meeting over the fate of rvs in one san francisco neighborhood quickly turns heated tonight. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> the director for san francisco's department of homelessness estimates there are more than 400 vehicles in san francisco with homeless people living inside. >> in an effort to build a better bay area he other leaders spoke at a meeting tonight on what can be done. >> reporter: a meeting in san francisco's neighborhood was full of people frustrated by the rvs parked on their streets were homeless people are
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living. >> at issue is the health, safety and quality of life -- >> i'm at my wit's end. >> reporter: the supervisor has been holding meetings about the rvs in her district since october. >> i've had such a hard time getting the city to move with a responsible visionary solution, but i can't allow my constituents to suffer in the meantime. >> why can't you propose legislation to create an park? >> that's exactly what i'm going to do. >> reporter: the director of the department was also at the meeting and says six weeks ago he redirect ed a team. >> we're looking at short-term storage and also how we can help people with maybe a subsidy or deposit assistance for people who want to move into the rv parks. >> reporter: also at the meeting to discuss enforcement for the vehicles parked overnight. one resident took this video of
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police towing several rvs this week. but towing the rvs doesn't necessarily solve the problem. in fact it can cause new ones. >> now they're trying to get rid of us. >> reporter: she says she moved out of a tent and into an rv. >> when you tow the vehicles and mess with that life, guess where they're going to go, they have no vehicle they're going to be on the tent on the street again. >> reporter: they can change parking rules but that just may push rvs into different neighborhoods. and abc 7 news was in san jose city hall, and the 80 square foot houses providing temporary places to live for people battling homelessness. right now 3,200 people live outdoors. 80 tiny houses could be built at two sites by next summer. >> the san francisco mayor
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london breed is looking to do something about vacant store fronts across the city. include speeding up the permitting process, allowing some stores to expand without a second permit and easing rules for pop up stores. one business abc 7 news spoke with says they were fined $300 for an outside sales table. the fine comes from one of the many regulations small businesses must follow in the city. the owners of hartfelt say they applaud the mayor's plan. >> we add so much to a neighborhood with community and kindness. it's really important to have small business in a walking block in san francisco where people live. >> the city plans to allocate pproblem. million to address the so do you have ideas about building a better bay area? we really want to hear them.e t
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conversation online. tonight we have video of a celebration turning ugly. >> out of control. uh-oh. >> san francisco police tell us they're looking for two female vandals who got into a fight with workers at shalimar restaurant. the damage is estimated at more than $1,000, which makes it a felony. seven santas were arrested for intoxication during the annual santa pub crawl in san francisco. the event was not permitted this year but santas showed up anyway. in the east bay a proposed hotel project is facing push back tonight. neighbors say it would block their view of the bay. it would be located on alameda's harbor bay island. a planning meeting just wrapped up this evening. cornell? >> yeah, in fact the planning
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board just voted giving the green light to the hotel project despite complaints from neighbors who say they don't want it. >> do something else. >> reporter: strong opinions about the future of nice 5-acre lot on alameda's island where marriott wants to build a five-story 172 room residence inn on waterfront property zoned for commercial use. >> beautiful view. >> yeah, absolute le. and now they're going to put a hotel there. >> reporter: he says the hotel would block his view and bring too much traffic to the area. >> issue a bad idea for family, for kids, for it look of the bay. >> 24/7 it's just not appropriate. >> reporter: some home owners oppose the project. >> cars would be parked there overnight, people from out of town, criminals know this. it's really not about the view.
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it's about having a 24/7 operation right next to residential property. >> reporter: the hotel says a commuter and extra parking would be built. >> you'll never be able to please everyone but i think we're building a high quality project and a restaurant facility. >> some say an upscale hotel project is something alameda needs. >> the location is ideal for a full amenity hotel. >> we need every project of this nature that we can get. >> reporter: and the vote to approve the project was unanimous tonight. the planning director says it will add more than 300 construction and hotel jobs. neighbors say they will appeal the decision to the city counsel. in alameda, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. oakland teachers plan to protest again tomorrow to ban a
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new contract. earlier today students from oakland high school joined them for a rally outside city hall. the group of both adults and students hoped to meet with oakland mayor libby shaft, but the mayor wasn't available. teachers have been without contract for nearly a year and a prepar.we wanho we are ready and we are serious. >> the teachers union is organizing several demonstrations tomorrow after school. the district is offering a 5% raise over three years while teachers want 12%. the starting salary for a oakland teacher is $46,000 a year. we're getting new details tonight on the progress of repairs on cracked beams supporting san francisco's new sales force transit center. results on tests of steel from the building should come out next week. on thursday engineers will udate the governing board on repair plans. the center closed abruptly after cracked beams were discovered i.
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uber is back up and running after customers saw problems with its app. it includes the bay area as you see. some users complained about being charged for rides they never took a. google's ceo will testify on capitol hill tomorrow. observers expect him to face questions how google handles political content on its online platforms. other silicon valley leaders testified at a similar hearing opalo ban corporate caf reg aonalit is m bldin cate h toby ain
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a many tech companies attract employees by offering free cafeteria food. not just a fashion statement, how these special socks for dogs and cats are helping wildfire victims. >> and it looks like santa's workshop. why these bikes will bring much needed smiles to their new owners. and prepare to jump to light speed. disneyland reveals its first official picture from inside star wars land. and clouds are clearing out leading to a chilly night on the way. but i am tracking two storms over the next seven days. we'll have details ahead. a look at what's coming up ahead on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> do you like to read? well, you're in luck tonight. >> it's like you're a >> it's like you're a hi was
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a south bay woman is using her small business idea for a good cause. her dog socks are being used to help pets injured in the recent california wildfires. we're shown how she's helping more victims of the camp fire. >> reporter: for almost a decade she's run her small business out of her san jose home. she's designed socks for dogs known as power paws. >> they love that they're soft and warm and comfort. >> reporter: following last month's devastating wildfires in northern and southern california she wanted to help especially since her relatives lost homes in paradise. she decided to use her product to lend a helping paw on those injured pets. >> we allow the wounds to heal. they're also for warmth. >> reporter: she donated more than 900 sets of socks and shipped them out to vets and rescue centers caring for burnt
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animals. >> this is giving them comfort as well as the warmth as well as the healing. >> reporter: the dammed for these socks so-so great lorraine is now raising funds to ship more of them out to pets injured in the camp fire. she started a gofundme page to get more people's been an addit 450 so sets that have gone out, and i've got more ready to go. >> reporter: with the holiday rush in fool swing she's balancing running her business while also giving back. she wants camp fire victims to know someone is watching out for them and their pets. >> i think when their pet is doing better, they're doing better. >> isn't that great? now speak of dogs that are doing better, madison's heroic story is going viral. how this dog guarded the remains of a burned paradise home for weeks after its owner was forced to leave. website.ehory h to
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a retailer in santa rosa is building backs to give to victims of both the camp and bay wildfires. the last few dozen bikes will be ready to go by tomorrow afternoon. >> that's awesome. >> yes. well, listen to this, disneyland is quietly revoking annual passports from guests suspected of profiting from selli selling park merchandise. >> the orange county register reports some people have profited from selling limited edition collectibles online. disneyland bars pass holders from reselling discounted items. and there's this han solo's millennium falcon has landed in disneyland. the $1 billion star wars galaxy's edge is due to open
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next summer. the walt disney company of course also owns abc 7. >> it's going to be awesome. all right, our weather looks pretty good this week. >> it does. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking it closely. >> we're going to have a chilly start tomorrow morning but we'll have a couple of dry days before we do see our next storm enter the picture. live doppler 7 giving you an active sweep. we had a couple of early morning showers today, and those showers are getting out of here. and a beautiful picture. showing you plenty of stars out there. and with those clear skies that means we're going to be chilly overnight tonight. but i do want to take you into the sierra, show you what we're dealing with in terms of snowfall. this time last year our snowfall was only 42% of normal. fast 95% of normal. and more snow is likely in the sierra over the next seven days
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so great news for winter weather lovers. back here at home if you don't like winter, certainly 30s and 40s for many of us. 47 in san jose, down to 39 though in santa rosa. 31 that current temperature in san ramon. plenty of stars out there. really good raidational cooling, meaning we're going to cool off quickly. and most cities close to the bay shoreline will drop into the low if not mid-40s over the next 12 hours. so the bigger picture, live doppler 7 along with satellite had a weak cold frontove throug that's clearing. what's building in right now high pressure along our coastlin a t setup shop over ca tomorrow and for next several days bringing us dry weather to start our tuesday. grab the winter coat, the hat, the scarf, the gloves it's chilly. upper 30s, lower 40s. also grab the sunglasses.
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it will be a bright day. by 4:00 a few clouds from time to time, mostly sunny. if you like today's temperatures you're going to like tomorrow's. the same in san i don't say, about 58 for oakland and san francisco. 63 for santa rosa and fremont up to about 59 degrees. we're dry through thursday. rain returns on friday. and on the storm impact scale friday evening it's a level one system. so light to moderate showers, but i do think there's a better bet for most of us to see showers this next system compared to what we had today. a little breezy at times. we'll go through friday afternoon into the early evening. there we go with that rain arriving. it's not so much the amount of rain, it's the timing when a lot of us want to be out and about on our friday evening. by 4:00 it's sinking south. pie 8:00, 9:00 we do expect those showers in the north bay and then it's out of here. here's the accuweather seven day
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forecast. mostly sunny and dry tomorrow. that dry stretch continues into thursday. there are those evening showers friday. weekend now to fearless and 102. why this grandma decided to take the ultimate leap opfaith. and tomorrow good morning america singer lukas graha
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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> look a a fearless 102-year-old grandma in australia went skydiving for a great cause. irene oshay jumped from a plane 14,000 feet in the air yesterday to raise money for motor neuron
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disease research. she wanted to honor her daughter who died from the disease. oshay had to get a supply of oxygen before making the jump, but everything went smoothly. this is her third trip. puts everybody else to shame. >> her daughter would be proud. >> absolutely. >> she is so much tougher. there are times i feel like i need oxygen down here. the warriors healthy again. and you know what, that means trouble for everybody else. draymond green ret
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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good evening. reunited and it feels so good. you remember that song, or
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google it kids if y don't. draymond green is back. warriors back to full strength for the first time in a long time. check out draymond's pants. draymond back after missing 11 games with toe injury, knocks down the three, seven assists, bench loving it. carl anthony he went for 31 points. that tied it. loony working the glass. finds steph curry. if he's alone like that just count it. final second of the half look at the pass from steph t draymond, what a pass to klay thompson for the buzzer beater. draymo to kevin durant, three ball corner pocket, doves by 11, 22 for k.a and efin the rht place the right time, steal, spla
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warriors win 116-108, four straight wins for the doves. this is great, abc 7 sports reporter scott morring highlighted ringside. timo meyer scored twice in this game. and late in the first on the rebound for his 20th of the year. it's his tenth career. twirls and fires his ninth of the career and producer scott lving life, a smile. sharks win 5-2. we knew this was coming just not today. the raiders fired gm mckenzie. trader stars like khalil mack and omauri cooper. today gruden tried to convince everybody he had nothing to do
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with this change. >> when you're 3 and 10 i'm not surprised with anything that happens in this league. i've been fired, i've been traded. i've just been a dark shaft room working hard trying to get ready for the next game, so this was all somewhat surprising. >> a lot of surprises in the dark shaft room. you can't see anything. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> somebody turn on the lights. >> when you've got a $100 million contract over ten years you're calling all the shots. can't see a thing. >> thanks, larry. >> abc 7 news continues now online, twitter, facebook and mobile devices with our abc 7 news app.
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let's take on the issues, let's call out the problems. >> let's face it, we have a trash problem here in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. our concerns might be different but we're in this together. in building a better bay area takes all of us. >> indeed. that is our report on this monday. we appreciate your tim d ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. thanks for joining us. on jimmy kimmel live, ellen. >> see you tomorrow.
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"jimmy kimmel live" presented by tonight -- ellen degeneres. comedian pete holmes. and music from cole swindell. and now, jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: thank you all for


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