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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 11, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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video show "right this minute." a surprise gift has school students capturing hearts all over the world. now they reveal something behind the story somethingit. >> because they had been around. he just loved them. >> a biker rides around smaller motorcycles. >> that was a cop. >> some skiers got the selfie sticks out but see what puts an end to that fast.
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>> we've got christian, charity, nick and gayle. a woman recording a romantic video. the shocker when the attention turns to her. >> one of santa's special elvess lives in florida and goes to maricopa high school. he has a special gift for that young man there. that is matthew. >> i can't wait. >> we can't wait either. >> oh, my goodness. >> he was so happy. he didn't even finish opening it, he went to hug bret.
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>> a cement truck. >> those are hard to come by these days. i want one. >> look, it turns whoa. >> it makes noise too. >> jake a senior at the high school. he is a sophomore. he knew matthew wanted that truck. he told his mom he wanted to get him this gift. we have matt and jake via skype. >> matthew, you've been friends with jake a long time. tell us about jake. >> he's my best friend. >> how did you meet. >> i was going to a class.
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matthew will talk to anybody. >> why did you give him the cement truck this year. >> he's always talking about them. you'll show him a picture and he'll be just as happy. >> matthew, why do you like cement trucks so much. >> because they spin around. i like pictures. >> matthew's mom tweeted a picture. >> every kid here is the same way to matthew. they love talking to him. >> how do you feel that has gone viral? >> it is very special. >> jake, this is a simple thing to do. what would you say to other people this? >> you don't have to go out and buy something special, just talk to them, get to know them.
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be friends. they just want to have somebody that cares and is there for them. >> through the years, bikers have been accused of doing some bad things. not all bikers but some. >> that was a cop. two cops. >> this video very short in mexico city of a couple. they approach two officers. the female passenger goes up and slaps the cop on the back of the head. >> an idiot move. >> doesn't look like anybody was injured. a dumb thing to do and report thabe put on line.the report is t this couple has been identified. no word if they'll face any charges or penalties for this dopey behavior. >> now to south africa, reports are that that traffic officer
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was tired of issuing fines toe and seeing no change. so this officer was like, okay, fine, you are not going to pay attention. how about pushups? he was picking up fares in the middle of the road instead of going to the taxi stand. the officer said he's fined him a number of times. >> you are always going to know the bad drivers because they'll be jacked. >> the taxi association was quoted as saying there on board for this idea. they are all for it and quoted another driver as saying, i don't want to get that kind of fine. i'm not going to break the rules. >> what if you can't get that last 20? >> don't break the rules. >> these people are in the
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delta. hear that noise? they start shifting, running, marching. >> what is going on? it is an elephant. >> this is one of those cases. you don't have to be fast, just don't be slower than the slowest person. >> they were game walk. the elephant came out and charged some females. saw them and came at them instead. they redirected its attention. we've seen a lot of these. let's bring it back to the soft cuddly side. this is tanya. she is expecting any second now. >> she has one on her chest right now. >> she gives birth
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polar bear. >> how many are coming? >> looks like there is just one. they are in their habitat, bonding. >> we are always looking for the excitement. the drama, the extreme. it doesn't have to be like that. for example this video, posted on the instgram. just about beg chill, man. to be honest, it is just about the sound as it is the video. they start carving through pure white powder. it is just blissful. they are easing their way down. they just want to enjoy that run. they come up to each other and they are like, give us a high five. >> this is so special.
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i would point out these guys do look like they know what they are doing. >> this is the next video. they are having an awesome an aa sometimes this happens. >> you big tree hugger. >> that was actually best case scenario. >> he's going to carve it up. he sees an opportunity. he went for a ski tap. didn't work out that way. >> the shot remains perfect the whole time. >> as the video continues, you can see. everyone is amused more by the situation. you you are right. perfect, perfect framing. >> the holderness family is covering a cool christmas classic, exception it is not the traditional version. ♪ ♪ i'm trying super hard
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the price and coverage that's right for you >> closed captioning provided by. with seven moisturizers, three vitamins. gold bond. there are hundreds of great traditional christmas songs. one song has been in the news lately. "baby, it's cold outside." for reasons some can understand. the holderness family thought it was time to update the classic
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"baby, it is cold outside." to "baby, get outside." ♪ ♪ i really can't stay okay. you are fo go. ♪ super appropriate ♪ i do understand consent ♪ ♪ >> this is the one they'll put back on the radio. >> replay. i don't have anybody that it would have a problem with this other than it is not the traditional version. ♪ ♪ i don't know ♪ how to spell harassment ♪ i'm trying super hard ♪ just go out ♪ just go outside ♪ >> it is amazing. >> yes. i can't stand it. >> people on the interer net
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love it. >> while there has been a lot of controversy, some people close to the original content say it was never meant to be anything like that. but it is a new day and it is a great new song. both songs are great in their own decade. ♪ ♪ people will talk tomorrow ♪ wonder what they'll imply ♪ please do not ♪ ♪ imply anything >> that is the best they've ever put out. >> new holiday classic? >> genius. this video is hilarious. >> we've seen this one too many times. so much so that the employees are ready for it. the employee puts the necklace
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around her neck and she starts running. the employee hops over the counter. >> she did it on purpose. she bolted. it really looked like she was making a run for it. we had that video from malaysia where he ran out. >> in the woman's defense, there are no mirrors anywhere near she is trying on that necklace. >> friends that know that woman says she never walks anywhere. she always runs in transition. >> we'll see a ton of these pranks. she was like not on my watch. >> that looked like handbook stuff. that woman was on top of it. >> here comes this man. talking to the owner of the jewelry shop. the owner puts on the necklace.
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the man puts it on. >> where is the mirror in this one? >> the whole wall there. >> testing, testing the security system. >> the man behind the counter was like, not so fast. he called authorities and the man was arrested. the man said he didn't have any weapons. he just needed some extra money because he just lost his job. >> make-up to help a friendcome big pooches making the nice list next. >> plus, he's tearing through the snow. >> sign me up. >> see how his perfect run ends with eating major powder. >> oh! just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira.
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eight times out of ten it doesn't work out. turns out, there is a solution. don't take your kids. take your dog. this is dallas, from sweet life of dallas. you can see he's definitely on the good boy list. just sitting there and santa is like woo, woo. >> rub my ears. >> walter was drying to cement himself on the good boy list. >> he's like hey, man. what's up? when it is time for some santa kisses. you smell like candy canes and maple s maple syrup. >> if you really want to please the crowd, a big old truck full of gold
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>> they love these dogs. they breed them and they bring them out into the community. everyone is like cuddle. >> i'm not a huge fan of cold weather or snow sports but have a wide open playground like this, sign me up. perfect conditions in whis ter, british columbia, canada. this is chris stratton. he goes upn othe hill and just alabama. >> oh, a little hill. >> it was a little hill but a big crash. chris sort of did a superman. floor board cameof he wasn't able to get set back up. even though he's laughing here. >> that's a hurt laugh. >> that's a broken ankle laugh.
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>> oh. >> as he came down, he described that his foot smacked on the rear bumper of the sled. >> you know any time it is just open and nice ready to go. >> he had plenty to ice it with. >> this is true. >> similar looking scenario here for william. he's working up to do something big. >> i'm nervous now. >> he's taking it slow. >> for now. >> i was just about to celebrate that one. he caught some air. he went wa, wa. >> he had it, man. >> he did. he kind of has it. hard to tell what caused him to go off.
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the sled goesling. he had it until he didn't. >> she's capturing the couple's special moment. >> she realizes something is not adding up. sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... choosing the best plan for you. through covered calipert help and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for.
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for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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well. >> martha pays great attention to detail. you should try it. >> october 26, 2018. hyde park, london. zoey visiting the uk from the
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united states. while she is there walking around, this really cool couple asks her to take a picture. it turns out the guy was about to propose. >> just the right time of day. look at the sun going down and the colors change. you notice the tables start to turn here. >> i love that that zoey is like, i'll get it. i'll get the whole thing. ♪ ♪ i wake up every morning with you in my bed. >> you see her there sending a text. >> this is where things change. ♪ ♪ every time he looks in her eyes. >> she is no longer recording and she realizes something doesn't add up. >> that's got to give it away, my name is in this song. >> it might start dawning on
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her. >> the second she puts her hands on her face, she realizes her man is also in the uk. in a completely different country and pulling somebody else's proposal. >> you tell that man, yes. he is tall, dark and handsome. do what he tells you. say yes. this is a proposal. >> she says yes. the video ends with a smooch and hug to them. that is her clapping. congratulations to ♪ >> thanks for hanging with us. catch us next time on an all new rtm.
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come on the air. the terror attack at a klchrists market. families running for cover. the death toll rising in france at this hour. many others rushed to the hospital. the man hunt right now for the shooter. the images coming in from the scene. here at home tonight, the other breaking story. three officers shot. one of them in the face. and now, the police standoff. we'll go to the scene. breaking developments in an american mine. three trapped tonight. t in the ol going deeper shoutn nancy, as he calls them. it did not go well. and you'll see it. the new storm. the third one can now to sweep across the country from west east, bringing several feet of snow in some places. ginger has the new timing tonight. there is news tonht


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