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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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th i'mike >> igor said it's kept hear frg two days. >> i keep hearing that thipg again, ah. >> reporter: until this morning when he we want nt to investiga this is what he found. a man covered in grease stuck in a vent at the business next door. >> i start asking questions. your name. just please help me. get me out of here. okay, but what is your name? please don't hurt me. >> reporter: campos called 911. when first responders arrived, all they could see is the man's leg and foot. >> i've got a person trapped in the grease shoo>> found him stu the stove area here. >> reporter: in order to free the man, alameda county firefighters had to dismantle
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the vent. >> our crews had to dismantle the sheet metal and bring him down through into the kechb kitchen. >> reporter: when he was freed, he have loaded into an ambulance and talken to the hospital. >> we can confirm this gentlemen was not santa claus and didn't have authority to be here. >> reporter: ray kelly say he's not sure yet what charges the 29-year-old will face! often time, suspects try to break into vacant businesses to steal wire and plumbing and recycle it for money. so this appears to be something along those lines. >> i know he's facing some consequences, but the good thing is that he's alive. you know and that i was able to save his life. >> reporter: now last word the suspect was being check ed out t a local hospital. we understand he has no serious injuries, but the chief from the fire department told me had he been in the vent for one more day, he might not have made it. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> really is lucky.
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thank you. san francisco police have released video of a fatal hit and run ellier today. the crash happened about 3:30 this morning near bush street. investigators say this video shows the car that hit a 58-year-old woman. the woman driver stops at one point, gets out of the car and looks down the street. she then gets back in the car and drives away.rives away. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital where she died. polic are looking for help in identifying that driver. former santa clara judge is asking supporters to help him pay for $135,000 debt. our media partner at mercury news reports he sent an e-mail asking supporters to donate to his failed campaign by december 13st. he's under court order to cover the legal bills of the critics who headed the campaign to recall him following the controversial sentence he handed down to a former stanford
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athlete. he became the first california judge to be recalled in near lya century in the june election. it was one year ago today san francisco mayor ed reed died of a heart attack. today, city officials, employees and his family gathered today to celebrate his life and legacy. amy was there as people shared their memories. >> i got so him. >> london fondly remembered her predecessor today, describing to the crowd a humble man whose focus was on making san francisco a better place. she told the story of how ed lee would dplgladly let supervisors have his spotlight. >> we were always in his office. always asking for stuff and saying mayor, do you mind if we take the credit on this? and he would always say, go ahead. no problem. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown talked about how lee care ared a broom and shovel in his car so he could clean up city streets.
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>> he was so modest. so well prepared. and so unselfish in every way. >> reporter: city leaders, city hall employees and ed lee's family gathered to remember him this morning on the an verseniv of his death. his daughter acknowledged it has been a tough year as their personal pain became public. >> the outpouring of love and support from our family members, our friends and the community at large here in san francisco has been absolutely unforgettable. >> reporter: unforget word many used to describe ed lee including one of hi favorite musical groups, pure ecstasy. ♪ unforgettable >> it is with a great degree of pride that we celebrate this man's life. >> reporter: the mayor wrapped up the ceremony using ed lee's
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own words, saying now, let's get to work. absolutely 7 n new details about a high school teacher that forcibly cut a student's hair in her classroom while singing the star spangled banner. ♪ what so proudly we hailed the strange incident and an attempt by a teacher to cut a student's hair caught on camera as you can see here. she later told police she knew the incident was scary, but she was getting irritated by kids using their cell phones and said she wanted to cut the hair of an exchange student who was living with her. records on a state website indicate she had her teaching credential briefly suspended in 2007 and 2016, but reasons were not given. it is a beautiful day along the san matteo county coast.
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particular ly at the famous mavericks surf spot. but that's expected to change in the next few days with a huge swell headed toward the beaches. everyone is waiting to see if the world surf league calls for the challenge contest. matt keller joins us from the harbor with why this could be a first for the big wave comp competition. >> reporter: hi, yes, the maverick survf means big busines here and for anything with the words mavericks on it. this is the surf shop. jeff clark's surf shop here. they have a sip and shop event that started at 4:00 and goes until 8:00, but if the contest is called, this place will be crushed with tourists looking to be around the big waves. the surf contest founder and big wave lenld is drilling down on the surf forecast. mavericks could see 50-foot waves by sunday. >> yeah, if conditions are right, i'll go. you know. that's still love it.
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you know? >> reporter: but this season is unique. this is the first time ever he's not officially involved in the surf contest. now named the mavericks xal challenge. the world surf league has taken over. also, the timing would be a first. >> with the swells come, i hope we get the conditions and this will be the first december cop test ever. merry christmas. >> this is good as it gets. >> that's 52-foot seas. >> reporter: mark is the lead surf forecaster for he says the conditions could make for an historic surf contest. >> we're talking 50 foot faces. you know, that's, quite a large wave. consistently 50 foot. >> reporter: mark's conditions could change and winds could ruin the rideablety of the waves, but opportunity may strike again. >> there's possibly another one behind this system. so we could be cued up with
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multiple large swells impact in the coast over the next week. >> reporter: i talked with the pillar point harbor patrol and they say they're ready to go if the contest is going to be held on monday, but they have a recommendation for you if you want to come watch. they say don't go to the water. the cliffs are going to be closed. don't get on the water. it's going to be too dangerous for boaters, but instead go to a local restaurant or bar. in fact, even santa is going to be staying off the water even though he's on a jet-ski here. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> i think santa could take any wave. >> i don't know about that. i surf much smaller waves. a 50 or 60-foot wave is frightening. you wipe out on that, you're talking about a life threatening situation. you have to really know what you're doing get out in that. >> well the one thing that can make mavericks a go is a good storm kicking up monster waves. >> for a look at our chances of seeing what develops and will they be a go, here's sandy. >> i've been out there covering
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the mavericks and it's swrus something else. let's look at live doppler 7 tracking some high clouds and also tracking the swell. so let's look at the forecast for the wave heights. 12:00 sunday afternoon, those wave heights begin to build by sunday into monday. north, northwest swells, breakers, 30 to 40 feet, up to 50 feet, which means mavericks could be happening. typically, that happens around january, february march, but this time it could be earlier. 50s and 60s now. really comfortable thissen evening. expect sun and high clouds early on. the sun goes down at 4:51. cool evening later on and starry skies with temperatures dropping to the 40s and patchy fog developing by the time we head towards 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. white house showdown for the ages. nancy pelosi confronting president trump over the border wall proposal. up next, a prominent political analyst will break down this confrontation and a look at the future of the democratic party.
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the 7 on your side covering california hot line is now officially open for business. if you have a question, 415-954-7621. >> could you soon be paying for your text messages? just wait for it. we're going to tell you about a new proposal. >> you may be get r far few er texts from me. it's 4:10. not a good thing. this is the back up on 101 south in san jose. at least the car pool lane is moving. that's nicely. if you have to couple of people in your vehicle there. over the top is moving nicely. so is northbound. but southbound backed up as back with more after the break.
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we have a better picture today of just how much financial damage was caused by the recent wildfires in northern and southern california. >> it's staggering. kristen zee is here with the new numbers as well as new details about the camp fire's origin. >> $9 billion. that is staggering. that's the total amount of the claim so far made between the camp fire, the woolsey fire and other southern california fires. we want to let you know that what they're saying while i pick this up, pardon me, is also that in addition to the $9 billion that could be more as claims continue to come in. also, we have this letter that is new from pg&e today sent to state regulators talking about how there were these electrical lines that became disengaged
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from the transmission line on the day of the fire and that is one first good look at a possible reason for the fire starting. we also want talk about how it could take a year for the full pick up and removal of debris to be completed. >> in paradise. the challenge of course is that you've got limited roadways in and out and community itself a small roads. you can only get so many resources safely into a area that we can. >> now just yesterday, the state office of emergency services opened a new processing center in beaut county to help residents deal with the paper work for debris removal, but it's a long and difficult process. guys. >> thank you. we have breaking news right now. gavin newsome's father has passed away. a statement reading avid environmentalist and retired justice passed away peacefully
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this morning at 9:59 a.m. this morning in san francisco. this continues as he was a proud lifelong californian, a public servant and powerful voice for individual rights and environmental protection. william newsome was a former judge for the state court of appeals. had deep rooted political ties in california. he worked with pat brown and his sister was married to nancy pelosi's brother-in-law. back in 2004, mr. newsome swore in his son, gavin, as the mayor of san francisco. something he would do again when his son was lieutenant governor. he went to st. ignatius and then attended the university of san francisco and stanford law l school. besides being a judge, he worked as a financial adviser for the getty group and managed the family trust. his loyalty was to deep in 1973, he help eed deliver ransom mone after one of getty's grandson's
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was william newsome was 84 years old. when senator harris was sworn in last year, she became only the second african-american female ever to serve in the u.s. senate. her asengs comes at a time when it seems efforts to diversify politics are gipg beginning to off. our guest knows what an uphill battle it can be. i'm joined by donna brazile. now you have a book that you've written with three friends and colleagues who have also worked in politics for decades. it's called for colored girls who have considered politics. that's what you and your friends call yourself? >> absolutely. we came out of age at a time when the country was changing. parents and grandparents were called colored. it's about not only our unique
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friendship, but we have been eyewitnesses to history. american history. not just democratic party political history and tonight at the commonwealth club we're going talk about that political history which also involves electing more women to congress. so we're very excited to be b back in san francisco. and your book is sort of a road map to help people navigate getting there, correct? >> we wrote a chapter called dear sister candidate. at the time i was writing that chapter along with my colleague, london was running for mayor here in san francisco and i sent her some of the early drafts. so i'm proud of her success. proud of kamala, but of course this is a state that is produced so many amazing women leaders. dianne feinstein, barbara boxer and here in the city of san francisco, speaker nancy pelosi, who i am part after team pelosi. we all are. >> do you feel like we have made strides over the years and the decades to get more black women into politics?
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>> no question. 50 years ago, shirley was the first african-american woman elected to congress and now, this year, we're going to have over 124 women in the house in the united states senate. are we there yet? no. women are still very underrepresented in government, but we are making tremendous strides and i do believe in the next decade, we're going to see more and more women enter the political pipeline and begin to take their seats at the table. >> and you are helping that effort. >> absolutely. >> now we cannot let you leave without talking about what's been happening lately, especially what we saw in washington this week. we know d.c. is divided, but what we saw in the oval office was a little stunning. the president, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. we want to play a clip then get your reaction. in case you missed it. although we've been talking about it a lot, is a discussion about funding for the border wall and a possible government shutdown. listen. >> if i kneed the votes for the wall in the house i would have them in one sessio we'd be done. it doesn't help because we need
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ten democrats. >> put it on the senate. on the negotiation -- >> we do not want to shut down the government. you have called 20 times to shut down the government. you say i want to shut down the government. dwoent. we want to come to an agreement. we have solutions that will pass the house and senate right now. and will not shut down to government and that's what we're urging you to do. >> i will be b the one to shut it down. not guilty going to blame you for it. the last time you did, it didn't work. i will take the mantle of shutting it down and i'm going to shut it down for border. >> you shouldn't shut it down. >> thank you very much. >> what do you think when you see this? it's like bickering in the oval office? >> first of all, we're nine days away from the government running out of money. many of the aproep rag bills did pass this year. we have seven left including homeland security. president trump would like to see $5 billion in proep ration
4:20 pm
for the border wall. the democrats agree we should spend 1.3 billion. the same amount we spent last year. so the president would like to get this passed, but it's up to the house and the senate. right now, the republicans are still in control of both chambers in the legislative branch of government. if he wants to get this wall funded, he should go to the house and senate now and say pass this bill, but he doesn't have the votes. that's why leader pelosi and leader schumer said we don't want to shut down the government. b we believe there's ample money for border security. let's keep the government functioning. >> i have to ask. a lot of americans, they see what's going on and they talk b about how divisive everything is. how volatile politics are right now. is it worse than we've ever seen or is it just now more out in the open? >> i think we're seeing more because of cable news and social media, but if you go back and look at 19th century american politics or some of the early 20th century, was there contention, yes, but what we're doing now, i call it growing pains. we're a democracy and the
4:21 pm
ability to get along to forge compromises take time and it takes leadership. and what you'll see in the 11 u 6 f congress is leader pelosi. she's a proouen leader. has a tremendous track record. she is willing to work with this president, but she's not going to allow this president to basically have a temper tantrum without holding him accountable. >> thank you for coming in. you're in the commonwealth club tonight. it is sold out. you'll be talking about your book and i know a lot of people will be talking about it. >> it's a great gift, a wonderful christmas gift. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. we're going to change gears here and shift to the weather. no divisiveness in the weather office. it's pure harmony. we see rain a few days out. >> right. we doept argue in the weather department. we have a few high clouds passing through the bay area. we did have some dense fog this morning, but look at how sunny
4:22 pm
it is right now from our tower camera. looking at downtown san francisco, visibility is much better. 60 in the city. it is 61 in mountain view. oakland, san jose, morgan hill in the upper 50s. mild than yesterday, believe it or not. we're watching those clouds passing through. low 60s from santa rosa to napa. we've seen the temperatures climb up into the mid-60s in concord and vaccaville. there aren't too many places you can say you can go to the beach in santa cruz in december. it is absolutely beautiful out there. patchy dense fog tomorrow with a a chilly morning ahead. sunnier and milder in the afternoon and a wet pattern is setting up from friday through monday. not a complete washout for your weekend, but i want to show you the forecast. first thing tomorrow morning, mid-30s to 40s. chill in the air and areas of dense fog for the morning commute. into the afternoon hours, sunshine with temperatures in the low to mid-60s for just about everyone. 64 in san jose. 61 in liver mothmore and half m
4:23 pm
bay. level one store comes in friday afternoon through saturday. mainly light rain. about half an inch for most areas. it will be b breezy. a few sprinkles can't be ruled out friday morning, but it's friday afternoon we start to see the main band moving in by 3:00 p.m., it's in north bay. mountains, you're getting wet. by 6:00 p.m., the central bay then it falls apart, but there's still a little bit of moisture lagging behind so we're going to keep in a chance of showers for your saturday morning as we head into saturday afternoon, mainly cloud cover that lingers. now here's a look at your rainfall totals. this is a weak system. not expecting much. anywhere from a few hundreds perhaps a half an inch. second storm coming in sunday. that one looks stronger. chilly morning ahead. mild afternoon. low to mid-60s for thursday on the accuweather seven-day forecast. light level one system for friday afternoon going into saturday. light shower, scattered in
4:24 pm
nature then the level two storm is going to bring wind. it's going to bring rain, moderate at times and the dangerous surf. the big waves going into monday morning, which will be a wet morning commute. tuesday and wednesday, we're going to see temperatures bouncing back and we'll get a chance to dry out. but really, the thing with the mavericks is typically we see it during the winter months. but january, february are prime time for mavericks and this time around looks like it could be said in that story, an early christmas present perhaps in december. >> wow. >> we'll see. >> absolutely. >> thanks. have questions about signing up for health insurance for next year? probably do. michael finney is is here to help. there's a new chapter to steph curry's doubts. he addressed it again
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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if you want health insurance coverage begin january 1st, you have to sign up through cover california by saturday. >> yeah, that deadline right around the corner. today, a panel of experts are taking your questions and providing answers. how's it going? >> great and we're doing that and even more. we'll help get you signed up if you need health insurance. joining me now is james, from covered california. that's the affordable health care obama care if you will. here in california. let's start with the simple question. is it still alife and well? >> wouldn't be here if it wasn't. afford b bable care act is still the law of the land and not only is cover california open for business, but if you're hoping to get coverage, we have a key deadline coming up. >> larry was talking about it but, say it again. it's december 15th. >> two deadlines. the first is december 15th. if you want to be covered on new
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year's day, you want your health snrns plan to start then, you need to sign up by midnight on december 15th. if you miss that, we have open enrollment through the 15th and your coverage would start in february. >> not too bad. you were just giving me some l stunning numbers here. >> we've looked at it and throughout the state, we estimate there's about 1.1 million californians who didn't have health insurance that would be eligible. here in the greater bay area, that's about 120,000 people. neighbors, relatives, people you work with. it didn't take long the figure out whether or not you qualify and what your options would be. >> how much does it cost if i sign up through covered california? >> it's based on different things from your age, your income, your zip code. if you go to, we have a button. enter a few pieces of information. your zip code, household income and the ages of the people who would be covered. not only will you find out for
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help, but you'll see what hans you have able the in your area and the price that you'd pay. >> or they can simply call right here now 415-954-7621. also go to my facebook page or the twitter page as well. live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> thank you so much. getting taxed for texting. tell you about the proposal that could have california cell phone bills going up and what the money would be used for. >>
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a suspected would be burglar got stuck many the grease vent of a vacant san lorenzo restaurant for two days. his muffled cries were heard and he called 911. clu it's unclear what charges he will face. vick lee tweeted a photo of a new policy draft by police. the police chief says officers should avoid seating detainees on the ground or sidewalk curbs, saying it's viewed as demeaning. we'll have more on the news at
4:33 pm
5:00. chris tweeted a photo of a special ice skating session in san jose. former olympic skaters are teaching kids their tricks. chris will have more on the bay area ath lees giving back on the news at 6:00. president trump's former personal attorney is headed to prison. cohen was sentenced to three years prison for a laundry list of charges. linda lopez has the story. >> michael cohen departed federal court in manhattan wednesday without addressing reporters and cameras. just minutes before, an emotional cohen had apologized at his sentencing hear, pleading for leniency. say iing that president trump, s former boss of more than ten years, caused him to quote, follow a path of darkness rather than light and quote, cover up his dirty deeds. cohen had pleaded guilty to eight felony charges brought by the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york including campaign finance
4:34 pm
relations relateded to hush money paymented cohen arranged to two women during the 2016 campaign. he told prosecutors he arranged the payment at the direction of then candidate trump. he also pleaded guilty to a charge brought by robert mueller who's office praised cohen's cooperation. the judge sentencing him to 36 months. >> the fact he's now getting 36 months i think is a win. keep many mind in the federal system, that means he would have to serve at least 85% of this time with good behavior. >> judge polly saying cohen had quote lost his moral compass and as a lawyer, he should have known better. despite president trump insisting he's in no legal je e jeopardy, cohen's adviser suggests that cohen has more information to tell prosecutors about president trump. >> michael cohen is now released to tell the full truth. >> now cohen is required to report to prison on march 6th, 2019. he's also facing substantial fines before the court.
4:35 pm
he owes nearly $1.4 million in restitution. plus, $500,000 for financial and campaign finance crimes. he also is facing an additional $50,000 fine for lying to congress. linda lopez, abc news, new york. a republican lawmaker says president trump's threat to shut down the government should be taken seriously. louisiana senator john kennedy says he doesn't believe the president is bluffing with this. yesterday, mr. trump warned democratic leaders nancy pelosi and charles schumer that he would shut down the government unless congress approve ed 5 billion for the border wall. here's how they reacted today. >> i don't know whoa going to win or lose this. i know too many people are preok pied with the politics of it. we ought to try to figure way out of this. just saying based on what i've seen. sxwl so if president trump wants the continue his temper tantrum ahead of the holidays and cause a shutdown, it is now so clear,
4:36 pm
it's solely on his back. >> shuman irschumer says democr presented him with two options yesterday and he hopes the president and republicans will accept one of them. british prime minister may has survived a confidence vote by ore hen party. a secret ballot conservative party lawmakers backed may 200-11 p 7. she said he's grateful for the support, but did acknowledge a large number of people who voted against her. deliver on brexit, a no confidence vote can't be held against may for another year. a massive man hunt is underway for the suspect on the deadly terror attack in france. authorities believe sharif is the man who opened fire killing two leaving a third dead and injuries 12 years. he shouted arabic for god is great before opening fire. authorities say the 29-year-old
4:37 pm
has a long criminal history. in fact, officers visited his home yesterday morning to arrest him on suspicious of homicide. a group of retired judges is calling on immigration officers to stop making arrests at courthouses of people suspected of being in the country illegally. some 70 former judges from 23 states say immigrants should be free to visit halls of justice without fearing they'll be detailed. they made their appeal in a letter to the acts director of i.c.e. they defend the practice saying courthouse arrests are safer because most have metal de detectors that keep weapons out. texting may soon be taxing, believe it or not. the california public utilities commission is set to vote next month on a proposal to add on a surcharge for your text messages. amanda tells us where that money would go. >> if you've reviewed your bill, recognizing what you're being charged for can be a challenge. >> when hard working
4:38 pm
californians are feeling tax and feed to death, that not every idea needs a new tax to fund it. and here's a great example. the cpuc is sitting on $1 billion for this purpose. >> carl with the silicon valley leadership is referring to the public purpose program. the federal government in states put the program in place charging customers a fee for telephone telephone service. that money helps fund programs for the poor. this would extend the existing tax to include text messages. >> i don't use it a lot unless i'm texing someone on android. not often. >> the way it's written, this wouldn't be a tax for services like apple i message or facebook messager. but for text messages sent on your cell phone. >> this is the grinch that is stealing christmas by stealing the texts for taxes on your phones. we can do better than this. >> in a statement to abc 7 news,
4:39 pm
they say some wireless carriers assess surcharges for texting. other carriers don't. this proceeding seeks to clarify the rules on whether texting revenues are surchargeable or not. they say the money needs to come from somewhere. if it doesn't come in the form of a text tax, you may see higher charges elsewhere. the fcc is expected to meet today on the issue. they say the proposal will go to vote january 10th. >> nobody wants more taxes. >> no. all right. so here's the thing. steph's moon landing doubts, they had nasa talking. also got the attention of dance mom. >> it's a trick. steph, don't do it. they want you to go to the moon. >> it's lebron's idea. >> yeah. >> you need to hear her take on this whole thing.
4:40 pm
>> soak up the sun. fs a beautiful view.
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
"sesame street" is breaking new ground again. the program is reintroducing the puppet, lily, as its first homeless character. she first appeared in 2011 as food insecure. the creators decided to modify the character as part of its "sesame street" in communities program to eliminate the stigma
4:43 pm
around homelessness. the journey will not appear in televised episodes. only online. the library of congress is adding 25 more movies to the national film registry. steve spielberg's highlights the 30th anniversary, which includes academy award winners. the library of congress chooses films to be preseved that quote, document our history, culture, hopes and dreams. did your favorite make the list? among the 25 are -- documentary on the ground breaking 1967 rock festival. to see the list, go to our website. >> none of the fast and furious movies made it? >> how could that be? >> i don't know. i watched. zblncht here's a selfie that's going to be hard to matched by anybody on earth. that's the mars insight from the
4:44 pm
planet mars. staff, are you watching? it landed there two weeks ago. it will soon begin conducting experiments and dig 16 feet under the surface. but first i it used its robotic arm for a self-portrait and to take picture of a surrounding area because that's what we do. nasa, they say they're delighted that it landed in an area free of rocks, hills or craters so it can roam easily. speaking of steph and the whole moon landing thing, took on a life of its own. the warriors dance cam mom, she's not only worried, but posted this message on instagram for the warrior's r star. >> hello, everybody. dance cam mom here. i just had to weigh on this little controversy that steph curry thinks that there we've never been to the moon. i just want you to know it's a trick. steph, don't do it. they want you to go to the moon. and i know you're going to want to go to the moon because you can hit golf balls on the moon.
4:45 pm
alan sheppard back in the day hit a golf ball and it actually went two and a half miles. check it out. that's a true statement. took about a minute to come back down. but again, steph, don't do it. it's a trick. because if you go to the moon, you could lose your balls. >> really say that? >> what can you say after that. serious though. stance. >> no, she's great. we've done a lot of stories with rob robin. steph, clear that up today telling espn his comments were 1,000% a joke. he said he has accepted nasa's invitation the tour their lunar lab. worked out nicely because otherwise he might not have gotten the red carpet treatment. >> don't want to lose anything. >> no. let's get to sandy because she has been checking our weather closely. >> that's right. let's take a look at live doppler 7. clouds passing through the bay
4:46 pm
area. a light system. friday night into saturday. mainly light rain. 500 for most of you. bree breezy at times. tomorrow afternoon, you have sun and it is going to be mild here. most areas will be in low to mid-60s with plenty of sun there. then level two, a moderate strength storm comes in. sunday night into monday, that one is going to bring us much more rain. rough and dangerous surf, is mavericks could be happening by monday. hour by hour we go. sunday morning, it's just really light stup up to the north and as we get into the day sunday night into monday is when the main energy passes through the bay area. do expect strong winds and wet roadways for your monday morning compute. sierra will see snow, which is a welcome sight with this one. snow level dropping down the 6,000 feet. dry tomorrow, level one. friday afternoon through saturday. level two, sunday and a level one on monday. we like the storm impact scale getting those breaks in between
4:47 pm
because that's what we need to dry out so we don't have major problems. >> all right. thank you. zblnc coming up, new details on the massive marriott data breach that affected 500 million guests. who was behind the attack? >> i'm michael finney. the 7 on your side health care oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes,
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7 on your side is helping us prepare for next year. if you want health insurance coverage to begin january 1st, you have to sign up by saturday. >> today, a panel of experts are taking your questions and providing answers. michael, what's going on at this point? i know you've got everybody there. the whole group. >> we have got a ton of non-profits here working. we have a certified insurance agents going to be talking to bob. you're running out of time to sign up. it is still open. whether you call it obama care, affordable care act r or here in california, it is covered california. it's still operating.
4:51 pm
if you give the hot line a call right now, we can take your calls as you'll see in just a moment in farsee, russian, chinese, spanish and if the language you need or a person a friend of yours, family member isn't listed, we'll find them for you. so just give us a call and we'll get it hooked up. now bob is a certified insurance agent. what does that mean in terms of obama care? >> it means we're licensed by the state and regulated and have a certain code of ethics and basically if we don't do everything right, the state will revoke our license. so we're there to help the public and to understand insurance and hope tli they'll pick the plan that's most suitable for their needs. >> now back in the day, if you did not sign up for health insurance and you got it at work or signed up then you could be fined. that's over with, right?
4:52 pm
>> it is. i've had people who one year, they say oh, i'm not going to do that. then call you know, i just had an emergency room bill. it was $14,000. and okay x i was able to negotiate some of it, but boy, i wished i had signed up. and you know what, they did the next year, they signed up. >> exactly. bob, thank you very much. he's going to be on the phones here. when you call, you may be talking to bob. the point is, the government no longer fines you for not having health insurance. okay. think you're getting by with something, wait until you get sick and you'll see. so call our hot line we'll be here until 8:00 or go to my facebook page or the twitter account. we have information there, too. live from the 7 on your side >> thank you. mcdonald's says it's working to reduce the amount of antibiotics use d this beef.
4:53 pm
health experts say they affect human health. drugs used to fight human infections become less effective when we eat meat with antibiotics. they'll set the goals by the end of next year. they've started cutting back in its chicken simply. new details on the data breach that affected 500 million marriott hotel guests. chinese hackers are suspected of being behind the attack. they discovered the k has be beening at its starwood hotels like weston back in september. started at least four years ago, they say. hackers stole everything from credit card to passport numbers. marriott is offering identity theft monitoring. fortune reports that they'll also pay for pass r port replacements. up next, we are there as a bay area teenager gets a holiday surprise. wait until you hear what she's overcome to earn this gift. and nancy pelosi cuts a deal, a plan that all be ensures
4:54 pm
her for house speaker. >> facial recognition. who should be getting ready for their close up? >> and you know those kids who hang on for dear life when they get out on the ice? i've been there. to
4:55 pm
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit coming up tonight at 8:00, it's the goldbergs followed by american housewife at 8:30 then
4:57 pm
at 9:00, modern family then single parents. at 10:00, it's a million little things and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. in antioch today, the renewal of a holiday tradition that changes lives. we've watched this happen for 18 years now. wayne friedman looks forward to kickoffing this every year. and here's why. >> a room filled with anxious people. outside, five covered cars with five red ribbons. >> healthwise, not being able to prooet is probably the scariest thing. >> forraly, these pictures belong to the past and define her future. she'd been a typical teen until -- >> she swrus had stroke in the middle of the night at age 14. >> since then, three lung transplants, a family in so much debt they can't even afford a car for her. this all changed today. >> lift it off.
4:58 pm
>> this the 18th year that mike's auto body has partnered with its own employees to give cars to needy people at holiday time. >> it begins in the shop with the techs. they donate nights and weekends ficki infixing cars. they have performed these holiday miracles 79 times. >> i come from mexico. i understand that when somebody needs somebody. i understand the need. >> for erica and her daughter, it means no more bus trips and as she told us, it means security in a tough neighborhood. >> to get home safely. it's something that we don't have right now. >> as forra ali, she plans to u this car to work in the medical field to help people like her. >> when is the last time you had tears of joy like this? >> when i got my transplant. >> when we say it's the second happiest day, that's the context
4:59 pm
times five. in antioch, abc 7 >> makes a huge deal to those families. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. the news at 5:00 starts now. for so long, we've been at the back of the education bus. it's about time to walk to the front of the bus. >> some parents aren't waiting for oakland unified to make a decision. >> plus, treating suspects with respect. a class ic move may be getting make joef. >> could mavericks happen federal government first time ever in the month of december? >> and looming deadlines. michael finney is here to answer your health insurance questions. >> and to the moon, steph. steph curry weighing in on his notorious comments about the lunar landing. did it or did it not occur?
5:00 pm
>> good evening. >> we begin with a new move by san francisco police. the chief wants his officers too treat suspects with more compassion, but what does that mean? >> jik lee live at police headquarters with some answers. >>. >> this is what we're talking about. sitting an a curb while being detained. it may soon change. you've probably seen this before in movies or real life. suspects sitting on the curb while being detained. police chief william scott would like his officers to stop using the practice. this draft says seating any handcuffed or unhandcuffed subject on the ground or sidewalk during an encounter should be avoided. dan lawson, a former police captain, who was in charge of the academy explains why. >> they feel it to be demeaning. sit down on the concrete, people walking by.
5:01 pm
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