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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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enjoy these clear skies tonight because things are about to change. two storms taking aim at the bay area. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> the first of back-to-back storms is expected tomorrow morning. >> we'll start with live doppler seven. clouds moving into the bay area sky. look at what's coming our way. the first storm coming in tomorrow and continuing on ranks one on the scale. wind targets in the north bay first and sweeps southeastward. pobably a wet commute tomorrow evening. that will be followed on sunday by a second and stronger storm continueling into monday.
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it be produce anywhere from a half inch to an inch and a half of rain. sunday into monday we may say breaker waves reaching heights of 25 to 40 feet. a kwloeser look in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. new at 11:00, the castro muni station has reopened after a man was rescued from on top of a train. fire department had to rescue him from the top of the train as seen here. firefighters say there were some risks. >> we had some challenges because we had to make sure that the power was shut off and maintain safety for the rescuers mpl. firefighters say the man has minor injuries. you see him there. firefighters aren't sure why the man was on top of the train. >> abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. that means we dig deeper into issues like housing.
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big is a word used to describe a rez dented shall tower. >> it would be the tallest building on the east bay and 14th tallest in california. the first meeting was held tonight and some neighbors are concerned. >> our reporter is live in emory swril more. >> reporter: there's a lot of details to be hammered out. this is the site where this high rise will be built. the developers will tear down these cities so the city of emeriville can move up. l up, way up. this is animation of the 54-story residenceal building. >> tights biggest project like this. >> what's being proposed? almost 640 apartments, 16 floors
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of office space, a park and a six story garage. the canadian based developers say they're open to more possibilities. >> we're here to take notes and hear the concerns of the residents. >> the area's already zoepd for mixed residential use this favors the developers. some residents welcome the modern design. not everyone agrees. >> donald trump couldn't build a 50-story high rise in moscow. what are we doing with a 54 story in emeriville? it's crazy. >> like many, this woman says traffic is a problem. this could bring in a thousand new residents. her biggest concern is the view of the bay. >> once they start putting up one high rise as tall as that one they're going to put 7-more. i think it's going to obstruct
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some of the views out here. >> reporter: the city says they're a long way off from any vote. they have to decide whether they will be rental units of residential. >> thank you so much. several other big developments around the bay area have sparked heated debates. a week ago snoem city council approved a major landfill to google. they plan to transform it to include 10,000 new homes and apartments. the process was contentious until the very end with the rest at the city council meeting when the plan was approved. >> if you have an idea about building a better bay area, let us know. >> new at 1 1:00, your pg & e bill could be going up. they've asked for a 12% rate hike in 2020.
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the average bill would go up about $10.50 a month. they want more revenue with half of it going towards wildfire prevention. none of the money would go to the 2019 fire victims. right now pg & e decides when to deactivate its liechblts however they want set standards. earlier today the public utilities commission voted to plan outages. >> pulling into the abc 7 garage today, the first thing we saw were police and a bomb sniffing dog. we were one of the businesses around the country, and even canada that received bomb threats. now the search is on to find out who made the threats.
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cornell? >> reporter: who did it is still a mystery but a truss r frustrating day for police and beyond. dozens of bomb threats demanding ransom in bitcoin. a wave of fake bomb threats prompted scenes like this across the country. dozens of office and schools evacuated. parts of san francisco sfwleen chaos after 20 businesses got similar e-mails thursday morning. >> the types of businesses affected by the bomb threats range from officings, financial institutions, parking garage. >> sky 7 was over california street where police formed around the jewish community center where members were evacuated. >> i had a towel on my head and i ran out. >> the san francisco fire credit union called 911 and evacuated more than 100 employees. >> we received a call from an individual notifying us they had
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planted an explosive device. >> abc got the same e-mail. the sender demands bit county to guarantee everyone's safety. >> no suspicious devices have been found. >> you want that person arrested for making a terrorist threat. >> he says although the threats don't seem credible, they must be investigated. >> looks like an overreaction but it really isn't because what's law enforcement supposed to do but react and handle these things? >> the fbi says those responsible face federal felony charges and up to five years in prison if caught. >> cornell, thank you. we use the abc 7 news app to send out a push alert about the threat today. downthrowed app to learn about
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news as soon as it breaks. >> cracks were first discovered in september, forcing the transit center to be closed ever since. holes cut into the steel during fabrication may have led to the cracks which likely worsened once the beams were installed. they say the findings are preliminary. a final report is due next month. >> former first lady michelle obama will be making a stop in the south bay tomorrow night. she'll pay a special visit to a silicon nonprofit helping build future leaders. carlos salcedo is live with more, carlos? >> reporter: larry, the sharks game let out about an hour ago. this place will be busy tomorrow with a different type of crowd, those wanting to see a former first lady. her likeness shines light on the
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electronic marquee. meant to highlight her new best-selling memoir "becoming." she's made stops to much fanfare. before the event michelle will meet with young leaders at this community center in san jose. >> we're super excite to have her come tomorrow, roll up the slooefsz of the staff alumnus of the program. >> he says the head of that program called public allies. the national organization works to develop diverse community leaders across the country, including the bay area. a dprgroup near and dear to michelle's heart. >> she's just proof of our mission. >> reporter: mrs. obama will join the silicon valley chapter for leadership training. >> her engagement is an inspiration. i think it helps all of them want to strive and do more, be more effective around make the country more equitable.
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>> reporter: now, that event is closed to the public. there are still tickets available for the main event here at the s.a.p. center. that event starts at 8:00. abc 7 news. >> carlos, thank you. southwest flight forced to return around. the reason: a human heart was left on board the plane. we'll explain. >> the fda zeroings in on the source of the e coli outbreaked in romaine lettuce. >> a smash and grab at a berkeley apple store. >> if you love tv shows this is your lucky night. >> i realized i can't hug him because i have pink eye. and i was like no, no, no! i became the first woman in
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. new details tonight. u.s. health officials have traced the latest e coli outbreak to one farm in central california. a water reservoir at adams farms in santa barbara county tested positive. along with that county officials say people should still avoid lettuce from monterey and san bon ito. if you're unsure, toss it. >> berk reply police searching for people who tried to break into the apple store on hurst avenue. they showed photos of the truck used to ram the glass. the mettle security gate remained intact.
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the thieves took off. >> a flight out of sacramento boumd for dallas had to turn around because someone left a heart behind. you heard that right. a heart. passengers splanld the crew wanted to make sure it got to a hospital. >> even though we were on the far side of idaho at that time, flipped the planearound and took us back into seattle so the situation could be rectified. >> he captured >> at the time everyone was saying to save a life we're happy to do that. >> they say they recovered the heart with the sole sfwoentd use the valves to heal lives. it was going to seattle. >> we were notified it was going to be late from the original time but there was plenty of time on the heart for it to be processed. >> life net health said it received the organ unform and
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was grateful to the pilot who brought it back. it will take around 30 days for the valve and a patch to be ready for an unknown recipient in need. >> at some point in time a recipient is going to be thankful because their life will be changed. >> southwest gave passengers a a voucher for another flight. >> how does that happen? >> i don't know. >> rain is on the way. >> yes. spencer is tracking it. spencer? >> oh, we've got some clouds moving in right now. we should get ready for rain. here's a look at live doppler 7. the clouds are thickening and will continue to do so overnight. right now temperature reegts of 53 in san francisco, 50 at
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oakland. even chillier in other spots. hold on. here's a view from the east bay hills camera. 54 in napa, 50 san rafael, vacaville, 39 and liver moore, 43. pier 15 in san francisco, looking back at the skyline, these are our forecast features. the next storm arrives tomorrow and continues into saturday. second and stronger storm comes in sunday. that will couldn't into monday. tomorrow's storm ranks one. it's expected to produce light rain and showers and it will be breezy at times but not gusty. cloudy skies will greet commuters with a few sprinkles. by midday we'll see a widespread wave of rain moving down through the north bay. it will be sweeping through the central part of the bay area and finally into the south bay and the peninsula.
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tomorrow's commute will probably be a wet one. overnight lows will be mainfully the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow it will be mainly around 60, 61 degrees in most locationings. upper 50s in much of the north bae. sunday's storm is of moderate intensity. it will produce gusty wind with high surf. here's the forecast animation for that one. starting late saturday night, rain developing into sunday morning,s becoming more widespread during the day and into the evening on sunday. pockets of heavy downpours are likely. that will continue into monday morning producing snow in the sierra. we have a large northwest swell developing that will produce breaker waves of 25 to 40 feet high because of the intensity of this storm, which is out at sea at the moment. here's the accuweather seven-day
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for the. a little bit of break between storms late saturday with some partial clearing. that won't last long. we get the sunday storm and monday morning showers. finally, dryer pattern develops on tuesday and continues through the middle of next week. get ready for the rain. >> thank you, spencer. >> ok. >> space tourism just took a giant leap forward today. how soon you could be taking off for an out of this world trip. >> tomorrow morning, president trump's former attorney michael cohen will appear exclusively on "good morning america." he talks to geo ♪ ♪
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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. virgin galactic is on track to send tourists into space next
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year, they say. the rocket powered plane, the space ship unity today climbed to the bound above the earth and outer space. >> it looks cool. >> it does. >> 600 people have paid up to $250,000 for a ride. >> who wants to go to outer space? >> i do. >> really? >> i don't. spencer? >> we're good. >> have a good trip. >> i'm in for dan. >> timo meyer, what a season he's had. hoe came through again tonight. sarks,
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. the sharks not yet halfway through the but tonight with their third and final meeting against the stars. san diego looking to avoid the sweep from dallas. the sharks get it back. second period off the face-off. timo meyer firing through the screen in front of the net. ties it up at one. third period, meyers three often one. logan couture. 18 goals on the season for meyer. sharks get a fortunate bounce and joe thornton deposits it into the open net. sharks win a third straight. 3-2, the final. today steve kerr put the warrio warriors blowout victory in perspective. he said it's hard every when
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defending a title for a third straight season. he noted the team's lack of focus and lack of energy against toronto. >> you have to rely more on execution and discipline rather than emotion. and looking at last night's game, we didn't have much emotion but rehad very little discipline or execution. that's a recipe for disaster against a great team. >> we're not invincible from getting smacked in the face if we don't show up and execute, and so we got to learn that lesson. >> well, one of the most dominant teams in the bay area hails from the rm fa. stanford women's volleyball took a 32-1 is record into tonight's final game. middle blocker tammy alante was not going to let them get the best a second time. look at holly campbell.
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morgan, 20 digs. look at her. one of her 14 blocks. the senior so excited. the stamford advances to their 15th championship game. they will play nebraska on saturday for the national title. chargers/chiefs vying for the top spot on thursday night football. justin jackson, three-yard score makes it a one-score game. look at this. the ball's back. mike williams in the end zone says let's go for two for the win. ok. kansas city, you don't win afc championship with defense like that. unbelievable. the chargers come from behind to win in the last four seconds of the game 29-28, the final. both teams now 11-3. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino.
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yes, you can hear the groans, because -- especially larry. philip rivers, what a comeback for him. are you ok? >> i love philip rivers when he's the quarterback i'm facing and it's a two-minute drill and he has the ball. it's fatal almost every time. >> he's fantastic. great season. >> thank you, mindy. mipdy will be advancing. i'll be watching. >> news continues now on line, twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices. >> our next nice cast
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thanks for watching, everybody. >> thanks from >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, amy adams, comedians jeff ross and dave attell, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from kurt vile. and now, why not, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome. welcome, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. i'm glad you're excited, because -- that's very nice.


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