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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a great rapper who used to be a rapper used to say back to back like i'm on the cover of lethal weapon. >> we have back-to-back storms. >> you see it's a drake sign. on the cover of lethal weapon 2 the actors were back to back. we're trying tkeufdifferent thi. >> why i agree to these these te shenanigans, i don't know. >> i liked it. >> original lethal weapon, i'm being told. apologies to lethal weapon 2. >> or 3, 4 or 5. live doppler 7. radar returns this morning. the air is way too dry below 13,000 feet for it to reach the ground. here's a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner. wild temperatures. look at this. 46 to 58 degrees by 7:00.
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near 60 at noon with rain moving into the north bay. it will start spreading into the rest of our neighborhoods after 4:00. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s during the evening. evening commute a little dicier than this morning where it's dry. here's alexis with the news. >> yeah. we will enjoy it while it lasts. pretty ideal driving conditions. bay bridge drive into san francisco. a minor two-car collision on the harrison off-ramp. that is not slowing down the main line. it is just blocking the shoulder. not having a big impact. a big check of drive times as well. all bridges looking good at this point. 580, richmond san rafael, 16-minute drive. and westbound 84, westbound across the dumbarton in the green at 9 minutes. alexis, thank you. building a better bay area by finding carpool cheaters. you might be surprised how many of you -- well, not you obviously because you're a good person. but how many of your neighbors are illegally driving in hov lanes. >> if you are one of those
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people, beware. cops are cracking down. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live in the east bay. amanda. >> reporter: good morning, reggie, jessica. the commute is smooth now but in several hours this route on 880 southbound is a nightmare made worse when drivers cheat the system. so abc 7 news took to the toll lanes with officer chris torres to get a better idea of the problem. golden gate division officers throughout the bay area wrote 18,000 citations in 2017. this year the number has skyrocketed to 31,000 hov violations. 26 team members by metropolitan transportation can commission showed 24% of drivers are in the carpool lane illegally in the morning. in the afternoon and evening, that's 19%. besides staying away from
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sitting dummies and dolls in the passenger seat, let's get straight to another excuse worth avoiding. >> has anyone ever tried to claim their dog passenger? >> yeah, yeah. it is sensitive to people. i'm like, no, you can't do that. >> reporter: keep in mind chp tracks drivers who use exit ramps to go around. we know it will accelerate into the new year. reporting live from 880 southbound, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. amanda, thank you. if you have an idea about building a better bay area, let us know. use #betterbayarea to join the conversation. a car plowed into a tree in the south bay on great oaks boulevard and via del oro. thes discovered the crash after responding to a report of a tree down. and we're told the victim was taken to a local trauma center to get checked out.
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police are investigating a very bad crash on hamilton avenue. all we know right now is one person was taken away in an ambulance. there is a car seat on the ground, and empty bottles of alcohol near the scene. we have reached out to investigators. we will bring you more information as we get it. developing news near the u.s./mexico border. a 7-year-old girl has died in border patrol custody. the girl and her father crossed the border into new mexico last month. eight hours after they were taken into custody, the girl started having seizures. she had a 105-degree temperature when she was taken to the hospital where she died. she did not eat or drink water for several days. they said they took every possible step to save the girl's life. the coleman highline developing site shows a marriott
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location. it is just west of the stadium and just south of the airport. officials say the big driver for the five-story hotel is the san jose airport and the tech companies that will be next to it. >> part of our commitment to building a better bay area is to take a closer look at building, literally. and it's been a busy week in the east bay when it comes to new views of the bay. earlier this week, a alameda approved a five-story marriott hotel and that upset residents. now a new proposal for a high-rise ten times its size is happening in emeryville. last night.ld its first meeting some neighbors are concerned. >> if approved, the skyscraper on christy avenue would be the tallest in the east bay and and the 14th tallest in the state. developers say they are open to more possibilities.
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>> they may start putting up more. and i think it will really obstruct some of the views out here in emeryville. >> the city is a long way off from my kind of vote. the environmental review could take up to a year. would you pay more on your bill if it means an increased effort in wildfire prevention? the push from pg&e to raise rates. we joke all the time about a robot takeover here on "abc 7 mornings". but a leader of a major company says fears about a.i. are legit. and that's not all. >> great. you're never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. let me get out of the way. we have back-to-back storms starting today through monday. the first is light. the second is moderate. i will show you those number coming up. all right. mike, thanks. a live look with abc 7 news now.
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and we have your weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break.
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let's expand phone the weekend forecast. rain arrives today. kind of lingers through tomorrow. the other storm comes in sunday. notice it will be mild with temperatures in the low 60s. for today's planner, let's take a look. it is all about the rain this afternoon. we have a small craft advisory. east bay valleys, dry up through 4:00. that's when the rain starts to come in. steady rain. the peninsula, scattered showers. by 4:00, steady rain rolls in. for san francisco, it's coming a little bit earlier. at least by 2:00. and hanging around through 8:00. a check of the morning commute. hi, alexis. hey, good morning. one of our only issues was in castro valley. notice i said was. it is gone. a disabled semi westbound 580 past redwood. it was blocking one lane. the backup approaching the scene has cleared. a little heavy before that. folks slow down to approach the 880 connector.
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5:22 the official time for the metering lights turning on. no major issues the rest of the way into fran. -- san francisco. >> your pg&e bill could be going >> your pg&e bill could be going up. they are asking state regulators for a 12% rate hike in the year 2020. if approved, the average bill would go up $10.50 a month. they want to raise a billion dollars in new revenue with half of that going toward wildfire prevention. but the company says none of the money would go toward claims filed by the victims of the camp fire or last year in the north bay. and in the north bay, state utility regulators will meet in santa rosa to eliminate the need for emergency power shutoffs. part of the focus will be on how the disabled and people requiring life-support devices are affected. the california public utilities commission voted to strengthen new rules for planned outages tied to high risk fire weather. new demands for h usage is
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three, two, one. whoa! that is so cool. it looks like a video game. we are getting new perspective of something very real this morning. if you take virgin galactic's tour into space, the company's rocket-powered plane unity climbed more than 50 miles high above the mojave desert. t 600 people have paid for a ride. i feel we have been talking about this for so many years now. it starts next year. the future is now. how exciting. i left my heart in san francisco. what a great son by tony bennett, right? >> yeah. >> not such a great song, i left my heart on a plane.
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>> a flight out of -- not san francisco. sacramento. it was bound for dallas. it had to turn around because someone left a heart behind. and you heard us right. they left a heart after leaving sacramento sunday, the southwest flight landed in seattle and was continuing on to dallas. on the way to dallas, though, someone discovered that human heart on board. a southwest spokesperson learned it was supposed to be it was supposed to be to dallas. >> they will be so much more thankful because their life will be changed. >> it will take 30 days for the valve and what's called a patch for the recipient in need. they typically don't travel with a human carrying it. that is a bit of a mystery, as well as who found the heart. >> how is it found and how did
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the person walk away from the plane and not realize i'm missing something? >> especially if that's your sole mission. you are going to deliver the heart >> did i leave my earbuds in the seat? no. it's probably nothing. oh, i left the heart there. how does that happen? >> i don't know. moving on. under is the state plan, home and businesses in san francisco could face reductions of 40% or more during prolonged dry periods. the agencies that draw from the san joaquin and its tributaries say legal action may be a necessary backstop in case they are forced to cutmore than they can afford. water agencies have until march to flesh out alternative wh great tenology comes with great responsibility. people's fears are artificial intelligence are very legitimate. he agrees with critics who say
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if the tech is in the wrong hands it can spread misinformation as we have seen recently. he said tech companies should self regulate so they don't cross the line. it involves a.i. using military it involves a.i. using military drones. >> we'll see how that goes. >> starting to think this news block is scaring us about a.i., surveillance. we did that story yesterday. >> that is not what we are trying to do. >> humans are leaving hearts on planes. you tell me. >> you need surveillance, absolutely. that would have been a good spot for it, yes. all right. let's talk about what's going on weather-wise. live doppler 7 to see it and our tower cam. i guess we are watching you too. especially driving on 87 south of san jose international airport. improving chance of rain today.
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chance remains north this morning. heavy rain sunday afternoon through monday. pretty mild. upper 50s to low 60s. southerly push of warm humid air. coolest with mid-40s. rest of us in the upper 40s to mid-50s. 7:00 in the morning. rain not reaching the ground. too dry. below 14,000 feet. it starts reaching the ground when you see the yellows and oranges. that is moderate moving into the north bay during lunch. scattered light showers scattered light showers elsewhere during that time. light showers during the evening hours. the storm pushes back to the north. we wake up with light rain in theor bay tomorrow and the chance of light rain and
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scattered light showers in the north bay or or for the better part of the day, into the evening hours all across the north bay. you're going to be sock indeed with grayness. we will get about a tenth of an inch around the bay. maybe no rain in places like liver moore, san jose. a half inch in the north bay. half inch to an inch sunday into monday. much stronger storm. alexis. okay. good morning, mike. we are prepared for a busy commute monday. right now, though, we are enjoying a it from light commute. commute. no complaints over here. we are down to about 27 miles per hour once you get through bay point. but that's about it. we have not had any blocking issues so far for you this morning o. a quick check of drive times. 101 to petaluma, 14 minutes. castro valley to the maze, 14. 280/680 in the green at 13 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. good morning america at 7:00 right here on abc 7. ginger zee is live with a
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look at what's ahead. hi. good morning, ginger. >> hi, reggie. hi jessica. so good to be with you on a friday morning. everybody is pumped up around here. coming up on gma, we have the big abc news exclusive. president trump's former lawyer and fixer now goes one on one with george. in his first interview to being sentenced three years in prison. why he went public with the stunning claims implementing the president in a crime. also this morning, the 17-year-old race car driver who went air borne in the horrific crash. that video is so hard to see. that video is so hard to see. flying into a fence at 17 per hour. >> exciting break through for women struggling to have a baby. we'll tell you all about it, how it works and answer lots of questions only on gma. okay. lookingwao .
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skwreupg ginger, thank you. >> you can save a ton of money on a locally made gift. i think it is something everyone can use. the secret revealed next. nothing is official yet. why are preparations under way at levi's stadium as the raiders look for a new home next season. a live look outside at the embarcadero as people are going to work.
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our first storm unloads on the north bay more than anywhere else. hardly any in the south bay and east bay valleys. more than an inch of rain neighborhoods with half an inch to an inch of rain. here's reggie. >> all right, people. you have this weekend and next weekend to do your christmas shopping. this is pretty much last minute. what can you buy that's cheap, neutral, age neutral? >> so i see the sign says hand made in san francisco. and that is true. >> oh, yes. here we are in our san francisco factory here in the mission district. we have been building bags custom made since 1989. >> timbuktu makes world famous
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bags, luggage and fanni packs. once a year they have a few warehouse sale up to 70%. this is not heavily advertised. you have to be in the know. saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 6:00 in the mission. give me an idea what i can get. >> this is the co pilot. it's around $209. i will sell for 100 bucks this weekend. this is a great travel backpack. normally $140. 40 bucks this weekend. this is our classic messenger bag. normally retails 90 bucks. this weekend, probably 30, 35. this weekend, probably 30, 35. >> good-bye. >> we talked about this yesterday. alexis has a 1-year-old and she's on this shift. but i'm saying it's not actually
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a present for you. it's a presented for your husband. >> oh, my gosh, yes! >> i'm giving you the gift of time. you don't have to go and shop for this. it is now in your hands. >> seriously? i was like is he going to give me something. and then i was like i hope he gives me something i can regift to my husband. i do not have time to take advantage of the sale. advantage of the sale. oh, my god, this is so sweet. >> you can always bring it back if something happens with the zipper. >> in case the 1-year-old breaks the zipper off. >> hope chris is not awake right now. the another bizarre incident involving someone not using muni correctly. we are learning a
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how good are you at giving gifts to the person you're closest with? fear not. we have some tips that will relieve some of your stress this holiday season. >> find someone like reggie who will do your shopping for you. >> i have a list. >> i was just making mine. when do you need it? >> give it to me whenever you want, mike. i'm available 24/7 for you. what is your gift, mike? rain? >> just like a championship. a look at some of the fog. stockton, tracy, discovery bay,. nothing to worry about quite yet. the winds are fairly calm. east bay hills, back towards san francisco. temperatures milder this morning. mid-50s.
6:32 am
by noon, random sprinkles. 60 degrees. after the noon hour, spreads across the rest of our neighborhoods. still pretty mild. mid to upper 50s. hi, alexis. hi, mike. mild on the roads as well. friday light. we did have minor issue that crews are working on clearing right now. they did run a traffic break. very minor issue. i don't think it will cause much of a delay. bay bridge toll plaza, we have a breakdown. someone out of their vehicle with the hood up looking at that. at least one lane blocked past the toll plaza. heavy there. next traffic update at 6:40. an exclusive interview with president trump's former fixer michael cohen.
6:33 am
>> the longtime former attorney of donald trump was just sentenced to three years in prison. amy hollyfield is look at the new interview coming up. >> he said he is done with the lying. in an exclusive interview, george stephanopoulos, he is done covering up for the president. he said he will not be the villain any more. he was sentenced to three years in federal prison for finance violations in connection with paying two women to keep quiet about past affairs with president trump. he said of course the president knew it was wrong to make hush money payments. >> did you know what you were doing? >> i'm angry at myself because i knew what i was doing was wrong. i stood up before the world yesterday and i accepted the responsibility for my actions. the actions that i
6:34 am
man, whoeudz i was loy i said i. i should not be the only one taking action for his lying. >> those charges were just agreed to by him in order to embarrass the president and get a much produced prison sentence. cohen said that is not true. he did not do it to embarrass the president. he said he believes the president is lying about the russia investigation. i have been watching his twitter page this morning. he has not responded to this interview. amy, thank you for the preview. michael has a lot more to sa you can see it on gma at 7:00 after "abc 7 mornings". san francisco firefighters tackled this massi at a three-story apartment building. you can see the flames shooting out. the fire started just before 11:00 on baker and hayes
6:35 am
streets. one apartment burped, six others were damaged. 20 people are now displaced. firefighters are investigating what caused it. san francisco police are trying to figure out how a man ended up on top of a muni train. >> bizarre. >> it happened on castro street station. you will see the man's head popping up from the light rail train. the fire department was called in to make a rescue. >> we had some challenges. we had to make sure that the power was shut off and maintain safety for the rescuers. >> firefighters say the man has minor injuries. he was taken to a trauma center to be checked out. police had to close the station for almost an hour while the man was rescued. this is actually the second bizarre incident involving muni in less than a week. we told you about this man caught hitching a ride on the back of the train sunday morning. this photo was taken at church and dubose avenue. officials think they figured out what caused cracks in two beams at the salesforce transit
6:36 am
center and they have a fix. >> they were first discovered in september force it will be closed ever since. holes cut into the beams with a welding torch are likely to welding torch are likely to blame. but the company responsible for fab indicating the beam say that might not be the whole story. okay. we're having some sound issues >> engineers will sandwich the beams between two steel plates and bolt them together. a final report on the root cause of the cracks expected by next month. and that's when we hopefully will get a better timeline of when they will finally get the transit center back open. the search is on to find out who made fake bomb threats to many businesses around the country and canada. in fact, abc 7 was one of many
6:37 am
bay area companies that received threats via e-mail yesterday demanding ransom by bit contain. demanding ransom by bit contain. -- bitcoin. 20 businesses got similar e-mails. each had the same threat. an oddly written e-mail which began, my man has carried a bomb into the building where your business is conducted. the sender demands a $20,000 ransom in bitcoin to guarantee everyone's safety. former fbi agent rick smith says although the threats don't seem credible, they have to be investigated. >> it kind of looks like an overreaction. it really isn't. what is law enforcement supposed to do but react and handle these things. >> the fbi says those responsible face federal felony charges and up to five years in. a college student who grew up in redding was killed in the netherlands. she graduated from foothill high school. she was attending college. her mom said she was beaten and stabbed to death by her roommate
6:38 am
yesterday. police arrested the suspect at a train station shortly after the incident. this morning, the bay area is better prepared for a worst case skin they're like a major earthquake perhaps. yesterday officials christened the water emergency authority or weta at alameda point. it could prove critical in a big emergencies. it has 12 berths for ferry boats to be refueled and maintained. in case of a major earthquake, it would take on a whole different role. >> in the case of an earthquake, we would be able to move first responders from where they are to where they need to be. >> the $50 million facility includes an emergency operations center which would oversee the deployment of ferry boats to the areas where they are needed most. you're never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures. upper 40s to low 50s along the east bay shore.
6:39 am
richmond, 46. heading into the hills, orinda, 44 degrees. pretty mild in san francisco, san carlos, pacifica. 50s there. same for los gatos. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s. santa rosa, 40. cool in pleasanton. richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. getting a little interesting there ased cars stack up. it is not because of the rain. that is the evening commute. ferry ride, breezy after 10:00. north bay, speaking of you, 8:00 to 10:00. cloudy. a sprinkle or two. steadier rain at noon. it keeps raining through 5:00. in the east bay, looking at pretty quiet conditions until 2:00. then the rain moves in and hangs around through the evening hours. one more spot towards san jose. dry most of the day. random showers in the south bay. i guarantee the next storm,
6:40 am
sunday, will soak you. we'll look at that coming up also. let's bring alexis in. i like to peer over your shoulder and look at your maps. not too many rough spots. >> no. it's been a fairly quiet morning. no complaints over here. we're definitely enjoying that. i have a surface street collision to talk about. a vehicle flipped over camino tassajara. all lanes back open by 6:50, 6:55. a hefty backup. it is looking better. 280 and 17, inbound traffic. northbound side definitely starting to fill in. no significant issues for you so far this morning. a quick check of drives times. highway 4 to the maze, 14 minutes across the bay bridge. san francisco to sfo in the green at 10 minutes.
6:41 am
thanks, alexis. well, for more than 50 years it has been barbie and ken. but one couple has a huge opportunity to change the aisles around the world. and you're looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange. we are pretty down. 234 points right now. we will check in and see what impact china is having on the stock market this morning. beach bums and sightsorry beach bums and sightsorry seers should thank napster. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm on the abc 7 news app. news app.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. some challenges to tell you about if you're traveling around the state by car. you can see the southern san joaquin into the grapevine, gusts up to 75 miles per hour. as you head up the incline, gusts that will hit 65 miles per hour through 100.'s a look at t. eureka, chico, sacramento, just mainly cloudy in sew cal. here's a look at tahoe. pretty quiet. a slight chance of snow is today. a better chance of light to
6:45 am
moderate snow monday. all right. thank you, mike. if you drive during the commute hours in the bay area, you've seen these freeways and you probably have also seen some carpool cheaters when there is a ton of traffic like this. in fact, some people even go to extreme lengths like this. it is a dummy. so they can drive in the carpool lanes. well, watch out. as part of our commitment to build a better bay area, we are digging deeper into some of your traffic issues. so is chp. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live in the east bay. amanda. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. traffic is moving along pretty smoothly along 880 southbound. i want you to take a look. in 15 minutes, you should take the time to evaluate whether you should really be in that carpool lane. abc 7 news took the passenger seat to officer chris torres. he has seen it all. dolls and dummies in the
6:46 am
passenger seat and other creative ways to cheat the system. 2016 numbers showed 24% of drivers are in the carpool lane illegally in the morning. in the afternoon and evening, it is 1%. another obvious sign, people who zip out of the carpool lane when officers approach them. they have already issued 31,000 hov violation invitations this year. that's up from 18,000 in 2017. keep that in mind as you head out the door this morning. reporting live from 880 reporting live from 880 southbound, abc 7
6:47 am
>> in the east bay, berkeley police are searching for people who tried to break into an apple store. the abandoned u-haul truck was used to ram the front of the store on hearst street just after 3:00 yesterday morning. the security gate remain indeed tact. they took off empty handed. there have a smash and grab robbery at the same store two years ago. u.s. health officials have traced the latest romaine lettuce e. coli outbreak to one farm in california. a water reservoir near santa maria and santa barbara county tested positive for the strain. people should still avoid lettuce from monterey and san benito. they encourage you to check labels which should tell you where the lettuce was grown. if you are unsure, toss it. if the raiders leave oakland by the end of the year, they will need a place to play before their new stadium in las vegas is ready. and maybe that place is levi's stadium. according to our media partner
6:48 am
at the mercury news, it is looking at lease documents. the raiders ended negotiations to play the coliseum next season after the city of oakland sued the team and the nfl over their the team and the nfl over their decision to move to las vegas. napster's co-founder created an app to help people enjoy beaches the. sit not out of the kindness of his heart. >> no, it is not. it is payback for breaking the rules. shawn parker teamed up with the california coastal commission for the app which will come out today. it is called your coast. it shows beach access points along the california coast. in 2013, parker had an elaborate wedding in an ecologically sensitive area of big sur without getting the proper without getting the proper permits. he paid $2.5 million in penalties and has agreed to help build an educational tool that would benefit the people of california. so here it is.
6:49 am
michelle obama brings her book tour to the south bay today. friday's event is billed as an intimate conversation with michelle obama, meant to highlight her new best-selling memoir "becoming." before the event, michelle will meet with young leaders at this community center in san jose. they have been together for 12 years and are planning to get married next year. they were shopping for a gift for their niece when there were no doll sets with same-sex couples. so they bought a regular barbie and ken wedding set and an extra ken doll to create their own set. they thought something needed to change. >> it is going to come up in your family no matter what. of as more same-sex couples are having kids, your kids will have kids in the class with gay parents and things like that too. it is not a huge shock any more.
6:50 am
>> the couple is hoping their meeting could change toy aisles around the world. now your morning money report. china announced it is suspending its 25% penalty tariff on u.s.-made cars following a trade cease-fire. >> dow futures were down overnight. that was before the news broke. so let's see what's happening. we are pretty down earlier. we remain so. down 200 points. we will keep an eye on that throughout the day. you may run into this issue. the person you're closest to is the hardest to buy for. >> michael finney has your back with tips. he talked with founder of enclose. they are focused on helping husbands and boyfriends specifically. she says buy something that's unique between the two of you. look for gifts that play off of pet names for each other. emphasize the secrets that you share. and avoid comparing the value of gifts that you exchange.
6:51 am
so buy something between you two. >> so i am buying my wife oreo cookies? >> veto all of that. >> oh, pet name for her. >> i thought you said my pet's name. i'm glad you said that. >> she is very forgiving. >> you should get woodstock figureian. >> they need help a little bit more. >> i need heaven obviously too. >> really quick, it says don't compare the values of the gifts. are you two okay with that? >> no. it should be pretty equal. >> that's what i think too. >> that's what i strive for. >> uh-huh. >> exactly. >> do whatever you need to do. >> good luck. all right. so let's move on. 6:51. eating oreos this morning, good
6:52 am
breakfast. kind of fuzzy conditions out there with gray sky over top of us. improving chance of rain rolls in. the chance remains mainly in the north bay. heavy rain sunday into monday. let's jump into our highs today. 59 to 61 under the cloud cover. lows tonight will be mild. milder than this morning. mid 40s in the north bay. upper 40s to mid-50s for the rest of us. back-to-back storms today and tomorrow. 1, light on the storm impact scale. sunday, early monday, 2, a moderate, with much heavier rain. here we are. a few radar returns possible following us on the app or website until 12:00. a lot of it will not reach the ground. it is too dry. by 4:00, you can see it reaching all the way into the bay but not the south bay and east bay valleys. they will be the hardest to get rain. by 11:00 through tomorrow morning, it moves back up across the north bay. that's where it stays for the better day. the better part of tomorrow. now, sunday it will stay up
6:53 am
there also. waves of it all throughout the day. here we are at 6:00. you can see the downpours moving across the rest of the baze. we will get half inch to inch and a half out of the stronger storplgs sunday and monday. tuesday, weapons, thursday looks grated. alexis. all right. good morning, mike. looking at a pretty empty southbound 680 through walnut creek. so even some of our typical heavy spots aren't too bad. not going to get a break out of tracy, unfortunately. westbound 205 to 580, down to 12 miles per hour on 205. 22 miles per hour once you get a little bit closer to altamont pass. the fog starting to settle in on the visibility layer as well. of so that could start to be a factor for you too. a quick check outside. 280 and highway 17, definitely one of our slower spots. no significant blocking issues. >> thank you, alexis. happening today, expect to see more of the ford go bikes around the area.>> the c
6:54 am
today. a group ride and refreshments in oakland to celebra o telegraph avenue and 23rd from 10:00 to 2:00. the company is adding hundreds of bikes to its fleet in san francisco. ebikes can go up to 18 miles per hour. they were developed by genz, a fremont based company. here's one for the folks too lazy to go to the nearest corner because there is a starbucks nearly on every corner. they plan to offer delivery for nearly 2,000 u.s. locations starting next year. starbucks delivers first launched in china and serves 30 cities there. the coffee chain has been testing its delivery service in tokyo and also miami through uber eats. they are hoping to reach more customers through delivery because fewer people are going into their coffee shops. this morning the royal family getting into the holiday spirit. >> this is very nice. kensington palace released two imagings overnight. the first is super cute.
6:55 am
the duke and duchess and prince george pulling up his feet. >> princess charlotte is looking so sassy. she is sweet and sassy and i identify the kids who is pulling focus. this is prince harry and meghan markle from their may wedding. they are enjoying the fireworks overhead. beautiful chris cards. >> maybe we shoul
6:56 am
♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, we are hearing from president trump's former long time personal attorney michael cohen. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, the president's so-called fixer says mr. trump knew it was wrong to make hush money payments during his campaign. hear the rest of the interview at 7:00 on gma. >> number two, back-to-back storms the first one today in the north bay. today 1 on the form impact scale. stronger storm arriving sunday afternoon and evening. >> number three, a fire at a san francisco apartment building. the red cross is helping 20 people who were displaced last night. the fire on baker street burned one apartment and damaged six others.
6:59 am
number four, pg&e is proposing a hi year 2020. they want the extra money to pay for wildfire prevention. >> number five, lime is fighting for its scooters in san francisco. it was unfairly denied a permit for the scooter pilot program, it says. number six, we have had a decent morning commute. we are seeing fog settle in. it's not terrible. decent volumes into san francisco. no major incidents. >> eric, do i have to share the story? the producer says i have to share this. if you like to travel and take photos, this could be the job for you. of a wealthy english family looking for a photographer to travel with them around the world, take amazing vacation photos and they will pay you $100,000 a year, plus travel expenses. no one else apply because i'm applying. >> it looks like you're doing it right now. >> at >> jessica at
7:00 am
>> jessica at >> i actually want this job. good morning, america. abc news exclusive, michael cohen, the president's former lawyer and fixer, speaks out for the first time since being sentenced to prison. >> so you're done with the lying? >> i'm done with the lying. i'm done being loyal to president trump. >> the man would once said he'd take a bullet for the president now implicates him in a crime. >> he was trying to hide what you were doing, correct? >> correct. >> and he knew it was wrong. >> of course. >> his message for the president. >> how does this end for donald trump? >> the interview only on "gma" this morning. also this morning, that dangerous storm on the move. lightning, flash flooding and snow. now the system heading east. cbs bombshell. the $9.5 million payout to the


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