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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  December 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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part of our program has really been invested in this. and for these kids to win a record 12th game in a season, they're a historymaking team and i just can't be more proud of them and they have done it with class and integrity. >> laura: your quarterback marcus mcmaryion, rarely makes mistakes, couple of interceptions how was he able to turn it around being the leader that he is for this team. >> we turned the ball over three times in the second half which isn't like us. but it says a lot of team to continue to believe. we persevered. you know, i want to congratulate herm and his team. arizona state is classy football team. well coached. we're fortunate to get a win today. >> laura: you showed a little bit of that quickness we remembered from your playing days with that ice bath there. >> yeah, that's always nice. i'll probably be sore tomorrow.
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>> laura: thank you, coach. rece. >> rece: i don't think they got a single ice cube on him there. not many hands were put on ronnie rivers in the second half. 213 yards. second-best performance in las vegas bowl. for our entire abc crew, i'm rece davis saying so long from las vegas. let's send you to kevin neghandi in the studio. thank you so much. football still going on on espn. this is eastern michigan, their last bowl win happened three decades ago. tied up against georgia southern. georgia southern responding. . the touchdown, 17-7. the eagles up by 10 at the half. more football over on espn. enjoy the rest of your night.
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they can definitely see a whole group of dogs barking. >> are they in the water, the dogs? >> yes. chasing this. a bunch of dogs have this deer cornered in the river. these three feel bad for the poor deer distressed. they paddle up and scare the dogs away. >> poor little baby. >> who knows how long this struggle was going on. he's obviously cautious here at this moment and not quite ready to move out of the cold water. >> the water may be cold. they give the deer space and it eventually runs to shore and doesn't immediately run off. >> it needs a minute. >> and an area to climb up. that's not conducive to escape. >> eventually, they get out of their boats and give the deer space trying to peep on it from a distance. maybe just the sound of the
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crackling leaves behind it gives it enough of a spook to eventually run off into the woods. >> oh, nice. >> successful intervention by these three fishermen and they have a heck of a story. there's something good about a little girl who knows who she is. >> i'm beautiful, i'm black and i'm pretty. >> okay. she doesn't need to wait for anybody for anything. >> she doesn't need to say anything. watch her body language. she's owning that bed. >> and then, i'm smart. >> she's wise beyond her years. >> she knows what's up. >> i'm smart. >> and -- >> that's right, girl. everybody else going to learn today. >> she's the kind of friend you want to have but don't ask her for advice if you don't want the truth. >> she will give it to you
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jay top o'hare is a reacher he gets to do pretty cool stuff like this, drop a camera in icy cold water like this. jay top o'hare is a researcher. >> what are we studying for? >> they are studding the effects of undersea ice. we get a cool shot and eventually the researcher jumps right in the water. this is the shot jason really wanted to capture. then, coming into the water, they also get the added treat of the seal hanging out while they do. >> this is the shot where you can totally understand how sharks get confused sometimes. you know, there's not much of a difference between that seal, dinner and that researcher, not dinner. >> tonight's video is also pretty awesome. it combines two pretty cool
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things. scuba diving but they're doing it in a this one was too cold in iceland. that is ice forming on the surface of the water before the divers get out. >> they have time to get out before it ices over and they're stuck. >> they said this started happening recently in the last few years. not many people have gotten to scuba dive here. this was filmed by julian o'neill. he says the water temperature was just over 35 degrees fahrenheit. >> not everybody gets everything right all the time. tough to do that, especially in restaurant situations. in this case in russia, you see this blonde woman appears to be the waitress, trying to deal with an angry customer.
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she didn't like the type of soup she got or she thought the soup was too hot. she just takes this to another level. >> okay. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. >> i wouldn't be her friend anymore if that were me. >> if it's super hot, you just threw hot soup on your friend. >> there's better ways to go about this obviously. the restaurant did apologize to her and gave her free lunch. >> i want to know who raised you, sis, you're out there acting like that. >> bad behavior? oh, it's bad behavior you're looking for. let's go over to this restaurant in china. he's the boyfriend of the young lady that he's talking to. he doesn't like that she's seated with these three guys. he especially doesn't like the guy over to the right. tensions begin to rise and then it tops off and it's five on one. >> no!
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all because of jealousy? >> it looks that way. seven chairs tossed. you see him on the phone and maybe calling for backup. the floor is slippery and the fight goes on several minutes and multiple people getting it on camera. the guy is cornered by these guy, give me a break. the police are investigatingnd $1500 in damaging being split from both parties. >> for the girlfriend, she needs to get out and away from him fast. >> uh-huh. >> christopher is a rescue mini pig. as you can see, this elf needs to get to the north pole. >> i feel i've never seen a pig walking through the snow. i don't know how that's possible at my age. this feels very unique. >> i feel the same way. >> or a pig with aefls on its back. >> that's for sure. >> you get your rides where you
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need it. it was available and they decided to use it. of course, it has to make frequent stops for hydration and eating. meanwhile, why did the rooster cross the road? >> to get to the chicken? >> it's crossing the road to get brie and hot cocoa to be kind to animals. two animals you don't expect to see in the snow. >> unless you have a farm with a pig and a chicken. this glittery makeup is for a very good reason. >> they put on a very silver reflective base. >> see the surprise that opens a whole new door. is this a hoverboard wind video? how mom got stuck in a tough spot. fa la la la la la la la la♪ and the new ones too.
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this. >> that was a strike. >> ryan went bowling every week for two years. this is what came of it. bowling can be a team sport, too, right? >> you going to throw that guy down the alley? >> no. just use him for a little support. >> all right. you've got this, bud. >> dang, he keeps getting all the strikes. >> wow. >> i told you. he's good. >> more people would watch professional bowling -- >> no, no. >> yes, yes, he did. >> oh, come on! >> everybody can't be as graceful -- >> is this a video of us? >> it could be but, no. >> what do we know about cover
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boys? >> never try them out next to the christmas tree. >> too late. >> there it is. there she goes. yep. oh, oh, oh! >> now, almost at the christmas tree. >> she got it. >> the fellow had no inclination -- >> they had been out partying and were a lit the in even briated when she got home and went crashing into the tree her daughter decorated. she said she wasn't mad, just disappointed. inebriated. >> i am very nervous for today's
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video. >> you know gabby, she has a pretty cool trick up her sleeve. >> you know my friend, molly, a video youtuber. she is blind and when we went shopping and something was sparkly, the would stop in her tracks and go, my god. she can't see but can see the sparkles. >> she was legally blind andt 4 years old was diagnosed and lost her sight completely at age 14. >> somebody commented on my clothing video where we went shopping, said if molly can see sequin and glitter and light, you guys should cover her family members in glitter and sequins to see if she can see them. >> that's a cool idea. >> they wait for molly and her cameraman, jake, to go on a shoot and these guys get to
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work. molly meets her mom and her friend, braden is also there. they put on a silver reflective base and will black out their eyes. >> that will create a lot of contrast and black in this way she sees best. >> and they decorate them with se skin sequins. >> i can't predict where this is going. >> they open the door. she immediately notice something, can't quite figure it out but is seeing that sparkly bright light. >> what is happening? >> i immediately thought of you. i feel like gabby. >> is this doing anything for you? >> the thing is, i can see that she's glittery but not what she looks like. >> she has no depth perception but what she does notice is the
4:24 pm
sparkly parts of the face and missing black parts. now, her friend, braden, comes out from hiding. >> my best friend, braden. >> they weren't sure what to expect. obviously, it's a complete experiment. >> i feel they're on to something and should explore it more. >> you made a valiant effort. a big birthday surprise for the biggest "friends" fan. >> it is sick. >> see how he's calling in courtney cox
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she pays great attention to details. you should try it. he and his crew are up to their usual shenanigans in a japanese restaurant and kicking in the face. the key to this video is this young lady right here. this is suzie. you can probably tell by her t-shirt and poster in her room she is a massive gigantic fan of the tv show, "friends." they're taking her down to this house in malibu. it is sick. >> wow! it has its own ping-pong court.
4:27 pm
>> tennis court. >> we should start off with the birthday festivities. >> they have to get her a "friends" birthday cake. >>. ♪ happy birthday to you >> they all sing the birthday song. >> i don't trust them. >> you should. because then -- >> blow them out! >> happy birthday! >> ooh! >> yes, they're at courtney cox's house and out of nowhere she comes up and wishes -- >> happy birthday. >> as you may imagine, she is somewhat overwhelmed in the moment. >> i have makeup on. >> wait, wait, wait. oh, my god! >> is this real right now? oh, my god. >> that is so sweet for these guys to put that together, for courtney to do it and sweet for suzie to be watching the show
4:28 pm
all niece years later. >> i watch the show every single night. [ laughter ] >> look at your shirt. >> oh, my god. it's a celebration. >> what boils it down for me, she's feeling so much love from her friends for a wonderful surprise. that's our show. we'll see you next time on an all new "rtm."
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♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're bringing in some holiday cheer with shopping. [ bells jingling ] then, a workout to burn off those jolly calories. >> so now everything's engaged. legs are straight. we're nice and tight. >> plus kid-friendly diy crafts. >> mess might still happen, but it'll at least be fun, and it's not too complicated. >> and a delicious way to bake using natural sugars. >> so it's really an opportunity to make some of your favorite things but bump up the flavor using these alternative sugars. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪
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hey, everyone. the holiday season is officially upon us, and that means it's time to get shopping! i'm at the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo, where there's something to do and see for folks of all ages. [ upbeat christmas carol plays ] hillsdale shopping center kicked off the 2016 holiday season with its annual tree-lighting ceremony. you came all the way from fremont tonight. tell me why you guys are out here. >> oh, we're so excited about the tree lighting! and then the jingle bells! [ laughs ] >> is this an annual family tradition? >> it is. ever since my oldest daughter was about 2 years old, we've been coming. >> really? >> yeah, it's been very fun. >> what do you like most about being out here? >> the crowd, it's all very festive. and like i say, once they see santa, it's all exciting, and they love it. so it's like kind of the start of the season for us. >> 10... >> together: 9... 8... 7... 6... 5...
4:32 pm
4... 3... 2... 1... [ all cheering ] >> welcome, you all! thanks, everybody! >> ♪...come a-wandering, so fair to be seen ♪ ♪ love and joy... >> and once the tree was lit, the celebration continued with music, merriment, and, of course, a visit from santa. what did you ask santa claus for? >> i'm gonna ask him for american girl dolls and bitty babies. >> oh! >> i love to see the looks on the children's faces. the first-timers are the best. >> really? >> yeah, that look of wonderment, can't beat it. it's a great thing to do for them. >> well, the tree here at hillsdale shopping center is officially lit. i'm talking with christine. boy, you've got a lot going on here. >> absolutely, absolutely. you know, holidays here at hillsdale shopping center are really quite a tradition. some families have been coming here for over 50 years with their children. we really hope that the families will come in.
4:33 pm
santa will be here now all through the season. [ festive music plays ] >> the hillsdale shopping center prides itself on bringing the outside inside. >> we want people to enjoy the beauty of the center, the beautiful marble floors that we have, the brass railings -- just the whole concept of it. it's just a beautiful environment with the bright skylights and the oversized palm trees. really makes it a warm, comfortable place to be. [ music continues ] >> exactly how many retailers do you have here? >> we have over a hundred right now, and we have three major anchors. >> really? >> yes. and, actually, interestingly enough, two of the stores here were here from 1950s, and those stores were see's candy and edwards luggage. they're still with us today. >> really?! >> absolutely, absolutely. >> wow! >> yes. about five years ago or so, we had a mervyn's here, and that was all torn down, and we replaced it with a cheesecake factory, h&m, and a
4:34 pm
forever 21 mega store. we have a brand-new paul martin's american grill restaurant. and we also redeveloped the south end of the center with barnes & noble booksellers, dsw shoes, trader joe's, and the guitar center. [ "hark! the herald angels sing" plays softly ] >> christine, tell me about this northblock expansion project. >> so, the new northblock project is going to really consist of and focus on creating kind of an outdoor park setting, gathering. there will be restaurants. there will be cafés. there will be a luxury cinema, fashion retailers, banquet venues, and an entertainment bistro. >> with all the changes in the bay area, it's hard to believe the shopping center has been here since the early 1950s. it's one of few family-owned shopping centers in existence, owned by the local bohannon family company.
4:35 pm
>> it was built and developed by david d. bohannon, who started the company. and he built it in 1954. and, really, this shopping center was built as an open-air center. so, really, through the decades, david bohannon and the bohannon family -- they actually remodeled and updated the center. so, in 1981, they enclosed the center and expanded it, and they added a second level, as well, too. and then, in the 1990s, they also made a dramatic change to the center and kind of updated it to the way you see it today. >> another recent update includes the concierge guest service. it provides free kiddie-cruiser rentals, bag storage, and a family lounge. [ music continues ] >> we certainly hope that everyone will visit the shopping center here during the holidays and during the rest of the year. we're conveniently located right across the street from the caltrain hillsdale exit. and, also, we're right off the
4:36 pm
highway 101 off of hillsdale boulevard in san mateo. we have over 5,500 parking spaces here at the center. so it's very easy access. >> for more information on extended holiday hours and event activities at the hillsdale shopping center, go to coming up, burn off those holiday calories with this workout. >> you got to put the work in, but it's not hard if you can just make it routine and you listen.
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>> what's going on, everybody? it's mario d'ambrosio here. welcome to kinetic playground. ♪ ♪ so, when you hear "playground" -- it's, you know, you're stressed out in school, you're stressed out at work, you have these presentations, you have homework, you have all these things, but when it's recess, you get to go hit the playground. it's a place to just go do you. >> that's it. >> so, i mean, it all started young, playing sports all my life. went to de la salle high school. learned so much from there. had such great mentors. but the thing that really allowed me to understand who i was and where i was going with my life was a major injury back in college, portland state. snapped my right knee in half last game of the season. they said, you know, "we're gonna have to amputate your leg. it's a possibility, and we're gonna have to do immediate surgery." i was like, "you know, just let me get five minutes.
4:39 pm
i need to see what my life's gonna be like now, what it's gonna look like in the future, so i can better prepare myself when i wake up." so i wake up, first thing i said to the nurse, i said, "i have my leg." she goes, "yes, you do, but don't get too excited, 'cause the doctor said you have a 10% to 20% chance of walking again." so i laid back down on the bed, and i said, "well, i have my leg. i have one chance. i'm walking. i got to play with my kids someday. i got to play. i got to teach people the way to get back." so now everything's engaged. legs are straight. we're nice and tight. our thing here at kp is really -- it's not about reps. it's about really tuning in. that's what this knee really taught me. 'cause i still have no feeling in it, so just understanding how to really listen to what works for you. so we take you through the right steps of really engaging. so when you can really listen to what your needs are, that's when you're gonna become most successful. so, we're gonna show you some kinetic exercises. ♪ so what we're gonna do, we'll go ahead and get on our forearms in a plank, so go ahead and match me. so, let's make sure that our forearms are nice and flat.
4:40 pm
a lot of people would just be putting pressure down on their elbows. let's imagine squeezing those elbows together. that's gonna get everything recruited in the core. now, from here, let's go nice and high. use the obliques on the bottom to [exhales sharply] lift and contract. and we're gonna lift with that bottom oblique, keeping those elbows nice and engaged. nice, guys, yeah. and it's okay for the butt to be high here, 'cause we want to lift that extra weight through those obliques. we're gonna try to tap the booty down. if it doesn't get down, all good. it's all about engagement and efficiency, so just keep breathing. [ breathes deeply ] >> sweating. >> yes, you got it. you know you got it. nice rotation. and efficiency. you don't need a ton of reps. you don't need to kill yourself. let the body do the work. perfect. and relax. nice, guys. all right, here we go. so, here comes the back-and-forth ball toss. so what we're gonna do, we're gonna be working the booty, the core, the quads, the groin, everything. so what we want to do, we're gonna be nice and bent over, balls out in front. we're trying to find a nice little rhythm, nice little cadence, so we're gonna go back
4:41 pm
and forth. we're gonna start nice and slow. [ breathes deeply ] and then we're gonna pick up the speed. it's all about the catch. keeping the body still flat, engaged. we want the heels drilling, knees tight, core tight, everything's constantly recruiting, getting everything where it needs to be. so, at home, if you have a bag of flour, you're on the tile, the hardwood, put a towel down, you could pull it, push it, pull it, push it. you have five seconds -- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> love it! >> yee-hoo! ♪ all right. so, the third and final exercise, lot of people, "what can i do without weights?" so, one of the most beneficial things is manual resistance. it allows the body to recruit itself. so i'm gonna bring in a partner. so, tilly, come on in. okay. so, what we're gonna do, tilly is gonna lay right underneath me. so we're gonna be in a nice, bent-over row position, and we're gonna link up. so, the whole point here, we want to get a nice resistance to struggle, but we don't want to fight. we want nice, efficient movement. so she's gonna resist me up, and then she's gonna pull me down,
4:42 pm
and i'm gonna control that through my scaf. we're working both ways, so we're getting double the work in. lot of people might just pull, pull, pull. it's all about working both ways. so recruit that body, get all those compensations out. and then we would switch, but we got another idea for you. so we're gonna do some -- come on up. we're gonna do some push-ups. so i'm gonna be on my back, and this is what we're gonna do. so, i'm gonna get all my shoulder stability down here. i'm gonna retract my shoulders so my lats are on, and tilly is gonna go ahead and do the same, but she's gonna be doing the push-up end of it. so we get that natural push-pull. so we did a back exercise. now we're gonna get the chest. so we're getting nice and even, and that's what it's all about, the natural recruitment. so, love partner resistance. ♪ the biggest thing all of our trainers here do at kp is really understand how to read a body, 'cause there is no one-trick pony, there's no magic pill like everyone wants to take. it's -- you got to put the work in, but it's not hard if you can just make it routine and you listen. ♪
4:43 pm
>> coming up, keep the little ones happy with simple craft projects. >> fold your string in half. >> okay. >> and then... >> and voilà! >> ...voilà! >> how cute!
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
♪ >> hey, everyone. welcome back to the show. you know, the 2019 honda insight has a mode to suit your mood. you can activate econ for fuel efficiency or activate sport mode for an enhanced experience that will make you feel the thrill of the road. ♪ all right. if you're anything like me, you're probably gonna be at home over the next few weeks, wondering, "what do i do with my children while they're out of school?" well, i've got a perfect idea for you that takes us right into the holiday season. so, i am here with
4:46 pm
rachelle doorley. she is an author, creator, art educator, and you've got a fun project for us today, right? >> i do. we're gonna be making salt-dough ornaments today. >> a lot of people get intimidated -- i know i do -- about, "oh, there's gonna be a big mess" and "i don't have all the right stuff," but you're gonna make it really easy and show us how easy it is. >> i hope so. i hope so. the mess might still happen, but it will at least be fun, and it's not too complicated. so, salt-dough ornaments are made with just one cup of flour and one cup of salt and then a little bit of water. >> that's it? >> so, you can go ahead and mix those together. >> and this is -- yeah. i like that you've got dry ingredients here. i think it makes it easier for the little hands. >> mm-hmm. and then, at this point, if you wanted to, just for fun, you could put in some glitter or some cinnamon or cloves just to make it smell good and be sparkly, but... >> oh, how fun! >> can just do the salt and flour, too. >> no, if you add cloves, then while these are baking, they'll get that wonderful holiday... >> yeah. >> ...smell. >> they'll smell great. >> i like that! >> yeah. >> that's mixed.
4:47 pm
>> right, and then you're gonna add up to one cup of water, and i say, "up to one cup" because it can get really sticky, so this is almost half a cup. so, you can put that in and start mixing that. >> okay. >> and it'll probably take a little bit more after that. and you basically just want the dough to come together, and when it starts to come together, u'll take your hands, and then you just kind of form it into a ball of dough, and then we'll roll it out. and this is the fun part, and they enjoy -- my kids in particular enjoy -- picking out the different shapes, so while we might pick out something seasonal for the holidays, like trees or candy canes or even dreidels, they also like ducks and flowers, and so i just let them have at it and, you know, use their imagination. >> what's the next step? i noticed you have straws here. >> we do have straws here. so, you can do a few different things. you can just leave them as they are, and they can just be cute decorations that might go on the table. you can also use the straws to poke a hole near the top... >> oh, 'cause you're gonna use it as the ornament. >> ...and you can turn it into an ornament. >> so, after you get your shapes and your little holes for
4:48 pm
your ornaments, then these go... >> into the oven. >> okay. >> so, what you will do is put them on a cookie tray and bake them at about 200, 220 degrees for 2 to 3 hours -- the lowest heat you can. >> and why is that? >> the idea is just to dry them out without parching them. so, you have these completed ornaments. they're something like this. and then you'll set up something like what we have here for your child to paint. we just took a simple, you know, throwaway paper plate and put some acrylic paint on it. you want to use acrylic paint because it's more lasting and it won't flake off the surface. acrylic paint will stain if it gets on clothes, so just be sure that you have an apron or some old clothes on that you're not too concerned about. >> and then make the ornament, right? here. i'll give you some... >> thank you. >> ...string. >> so, you can just fold your string in half... >> okay. >> ...and then poke it through the back. >> and voilà!
4:49 pm
>> voilà! >> how cute! >> you can hang it on your tree. we've also hung these off of presents as kind of a gift tag, and then the recipient puts it on their tree. >> what a great idea! >> yeah. >> you're just so creative. see, i never would have thought of that. >> yeah. >> i just would have had a tree full of salt-dough art. >> which would also be great. [ both laugh ] >> rachelle, thank you so much! >> thanks for having me. this has been fun. >> i love this. coming up, impress your guests with a mouthwatering dessert. you're gonna make a cake. [ both laugh ] but i'm gonna try to assist. >> you're gonna help me make a cake.
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♪ >> hey, everyone. welcome back to "bay area life." you know, backing up in the 2019 honda insight is so much easier thanks to its multi-angle rearview camera. it lets you choose from three different angles -- normal, top-down, and wide -- so every time you move in reverse, you get a better view.
4:52 pm
♪ all right. it's time to do a little baking. so joining me now is cookbook author -- shauna sever's got a new book out, right? >> yes, i do. it's called "real sweet." it's a book that's all about baking and sweet treat making with natural sugars, which is to say white-sugar alternatives -- anything that's not white sugar, so that could be anything from turbinado to muscovado, maple syrup and maple sugar. today we're gonna be using honey. so it's really an opportunity to make some of your favorite things but bump up the flavor using these alternative sugars. >> i'm really excited to try this. so we're going to make a cake today, right? is that what we're gonna do? you're gonna make a cake. [ both laugh ] and i'm gonna try to assist. >> you're going to help me make a cake. so, this cake is called the five flavors party cake. and the reason it's called five flavors is because it has five flavors. >> okay. >> we have the honey, of course, which is our sweetener. we have lemon, almond, vanilla, and then raspberries.
4:53 pm
actually going to start with homemade buttermilk, which is a cup of whole milk, and then into the whole milk i've got a lemon, and i've already zested the lemon 'cause we're going to use the zest -- i'm making a little bit of a mess. and the reason i'm doing homemade buttermilk is simply because most of us have milk in our fridge already. >> right. >> and the lemon -- just a tablespoon of lemon juice into the whole milk. and, actually, after a few minutes, this is going to curdle just like homemade buttermilk. >> really? >> so for me, this is a way of just using the whole lemon. there are so many recipes where you just use the zest, and then it's sad -- it's like you have this sad zested lemon. so we're using the juice to make our homemade buttermilk, and then our zest is going to go into the batter. so i have two 8-inch round cake pans. this is a two-layer cake we're going to make. and i have a tablespoon of unsalted butter that's really soft, and i've divided it between the two pans. so, you take one, i take one. we're gonna get our hands a little bit messy. >> okay. >> and then you're gonna grease the pan with the butter. we're going to take first 1/4 cup of almonds -- about that.
4:54 pm
you know, a handful or so. and these are the sliced ones, not slivered. see that? >> i see that. >> okay. and then you take the pan again. just kind of shake it around. so then what you have to do is put a little of this evaporated cane juice that i was telling you about, also labeled as organic sugar -- about 2 teaspoons in each pan, but you can just kind of eyeball it. so now we can make the batter. butter first. why don't you grab the rest of that evaporated cane juice? >> okay. >> and just really slowly pour that in. okay. so, once it starts to look creamy, this is actually the point where i like to add in my flavorings. so, when you add your vanilla, which i'm gonna do about a tablespoon -- and this is when you want to pull out the big guns, like your really good-quality vanilla extract. this is a great recipe to save it for because we're really sort of -- >> it will kick up the flavor. >> oh, it absolutely will. we're also going to put in our lemon zest. >> lemon zest. >> okay. so now we can add our eggs. we have 5 large eggs, and we're going to add them in one at a time -- give each one about 30 seconds to incorporate before you add the next one.
4:55 pm
so, this is the base of our dry ingredients. then we're going to add in some baking soda, baking powder, and fine sea salt. so let's set this aside. the drys are done. let's go back to our homemade buttermilk. >> oh, look at -- wow! >> it's really curdled. we need about 1/2 cup of honey. and then you just want to mix this together. you can use a little fork or a whisk. so, we have our homemade buttermilk with our lemon juice and honey in here and then our dry ingredients -- flour, almond flour, leavener, some salt. now we get to the part where we finish up the batter. 1/3 of the dry ingredients... >> okay. >> ...1/2 our wet ingredients. you always want to give the batter a fold by hand, just to make sure, again, that we're getting everything off the bottom of the bowl, and then we fill these up. and you just do half -- half in one, half in the other. we've got the oven preheating, 350 degrees. these are gonna go in anywhere from 40 to 45 minutes, depending on your oven. when you're baking with honey, something really important to remember is that honey gets really brown really fast. so you may take a glance at the
4:56 pm
cake around 30, 35 minutes and go, "oh, my god!" but that's what it's supposed to do. >> okay. >> that's where the flavor comes from. so, let's get it in the oven. >> let's put 'em in the oven. >> all right. >> all right. the cake is done. >> it is done. so, they baked for about 45 minutes, and then you want to let them cool in the pans for about 10 minutes, and we'll loosen them and turn them out. let them cool completely so we don't melt our frosting. okay. so, we have our bottom layer right here, and then we're going to just get to finishing this cake off. so in here -- we've got the recipe on the website -- this is actually a honey-lemon cream cheese frosting. so now comes the fun part. we get to add on our raspberries. >> okay. >> i remember when we were photographing this cake for the book, and i remember thinking, like, "it's so pretty. this is what the book is all about." you know, these are natural ingredients. it's really fresh. you can find these things in any grocery store. but it's natural. there's nothing artificial that contributes the beauty to this cake, you know? i just like it. okay. so, to finish it off, this is the rest of our cream cheese frosting.
4:57 pm
and i just take 7 or 8 little clouds, and then you take a little raspberry in the middle of each thing. >> okay. >> these are more of the sliced almonds. and then we're going to take about 6 or 7 per raspberry. and these become... >> oh, petals! >> ...flower petals! isn't that adorable? >> that is. >> it's so cute. >> i can do that. >> you can totally do it. >> there's so much to explore, so we'll be back with more stories to share. in the meantime, we want to hear from you, so send us your favorite pictures, videos, and places in the bay area. all this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. for more information on the vehicle featured in this episode, visit ♪ ♪
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