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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  December 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> in is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning and thank you so much for joining us on this sunday, december 16th. i'm kate larson and we will start with meteorologist lisa skwen, -- lisa argen, and lisa, of the rain won't get here une till later this afternoon. >> that is right, kate. live doppler showing you that the active si far northern california and going in for a clo closer observation. in mount st. helena it is raining and in cloverdale. and out towards the coast, we have seen showers, and mist and drizzle towards san a ra fell, and marin county and two on the storm impact scale. tonight from half inch to inch of rain, and 30 to 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts, and very high surf out there.
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it is 59 in half moon bay, and you see the cameras shaking there in sutro and up there in the mild temperatures. 2 to 8 degrees mild er this morning. and you can see in diablo the winds will get strong er there. and that is an element generating the high surf warning throughout the day. it will be stronger and peak tomorrow over 35 feet. so we are asking you to stay away from the local beaches. we have got a lot of rain headed ourer way and i will tell you how much, where with and when in a few h minutes. kate? >> thank you, lisa. officials are trying to get the word out about the big waves and one agency is warning that you could risk your life by getting too close. but as cornell bernard found out, many people are still trying to take a look. >> it is exciting. mother nature is awesome.
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>> reporter: vanessa is watching and waiting for big waves from the pacific. waves were crashing near the pacifica pier and the surf drawing a crowd of curious tourists. from moraville. >> they are huge already. >> reporter: and they are bracing for the waves that may a break the sea wall, but these are not close to the ones that the officials are saying are coming to spots like ocean beach in the next 24 hours. >> if anyone is even steps foot on the sand, these waves could creep up onto their chest and take them out into the ocean. >> and that could cover most of ocean beach, and from where i am standing all of to a way to the seawall. the waves could top three feet. san francisco fire and city officials warning people to stay off of the beach, and the warning is now posted here on the fire house in gary and that
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are tweeting this message, stay well back of the ocean or risk certain death. joy andrews is heeding the warning. >> that is like a tsunami, and i mean it really could b and we need to keep ourselves off of the beach. >> and the warning is double for daredevil surfers. >> it is a small number of people who can surf waves like that at ocean beach. >> cornell bernard, a bshgs krshc 7 news. even the local stores were trying to get the word out. walgreen's had a warning oner their marquee on jones street? san francisco. and with all of the high is surf, the mavericks surf bl it is simply too go, o dangerous come petition, and the pillar point harbor master office says that no competition will be held on tuesday either, but the mavericks could be called for
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wednesday or thursday, and we won't know until a few days from now about that. and remember, you can always monitor the weather wherever you live with the abc 7 news weather app. and you can also be notified with push alerts to know of changes with the high surf warning. overnight, one person is dead and another arrest after a crash in south bay. the two-car accident happened just before 11:00 last night on highway 101 near tremble road in san jose. one person was thrown from the cars and three other people were with taken to the hospital with significant injuries. the crash closed the highway for nearly two hours. and contractors that have been hired to clean up the burn fire have been fired after offensive fires posted on rage sparked outrage from the community. steve larch has the details.
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>> reporter: pictures on facebook showed people on burned out property mocking the destruction they were look hired to clean up. one was a cat with a beer bottle near his mouth, and the post is also offensive captions. a paradise spokesperson says that the police are now looking into whether the photos show evidence of laws broken like trespassing. and the company are responsible for crews fired three companies saturday. and they said they have identified three participants in this abhorrent event, and there have been fired. and they say that the residents of pa paradise and other areas have suffered egregious assault in this emotional time. and this as they are trying to clean up learning of their cold hearted actions. >> and steve is saying that the victims of the camp fires are
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returning to their properties. the butte county sheriff's office says that i have to have proof of residency, and the camp fire was the deadliest and the most destructive wildfire on record in state history and 85 people died ander more than 14,000 homes were destroyed. all right. in the east bay, the chp is investigating a possible case of road rage after someone shot at a car oner interstate 680 friday night in pleasanton. i it may have started with an altercation in freemont, and ended with a stopping in livermore, and officers say that multiple gunshots were fired and friends were saying that the shooting was random, and the victim is in his 20s and expected to drive. they say they were with driving home too stockton after work, and right now they have limited description of the suspect and the vehicle. san francisco police teamed
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up with a community group the take hundreds of guns off of the street. abc 7 news was there yesterday as the group united to staff a gun buy-back event. 244 guns were collected and included seven assault rifles and 45 shotguns and 51 rifles and the rest were revolvers and semi semiautomatic pistols and the latest gun buybook for the department and the playas to k make the streets safety. >> homicides have gone down, and the chief says that he believes that it has to do with the gun buybacks that are happening. >> those who brought in weapos s are received $100 for a handgun and $200 for an assault weapon. all right. lee is a is here with a little bit about the weather with si quite wet this afternoon, and for most everyone in the bay area, right? >> yes, exactly. we have a good storm moving in, and it has generated high surf,
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and we are looking at the winds picking up. 60 degrees on the coast right now, and half moon bay, and you are looking at the east bay camera where it is cooler in concord, and mount diablo is gusting at 40er miles per hour. so we have it coming together with the wind and the rain and the heavy surf that is all going to bring a soggy end to your weekend and i will have the details straight ahead. >> all right. thanks, lisa, and all right. starting those who serve us, and those making a merry christmasfh curry jokes that the moon landing may be fake, and what else he said on the
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>> a junldge's ruling in texas s created confusion about the future of the affordable care act. a bshgs krshgsbc 7 news reporte has more on what it could mean for you and your coverage. >> reporter: the affordable care act known as obama care was obama's signature's piece of legislation, and friday night a federal judge in texas ruled the law unconstitutionali following changes in the tax law. >> we will be able to get great health care and sit down with the democrats. >> reporter: and what health care would look like without the
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aca is up for debate. >> it is reading between the lines, and sure, coverage for pre-existing conditions will be available, but at what cost? right now, you cannot discriminate against anyone for a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: as politicians battle it out over the aca, california's health care marketplace covered california is extending its enrollment deadline. >> to eliminate any potential confusion from the texas court ruling, we will be giving the consumers more time to enroll in january 1st coverage. sunday was the deadline for coverage at january, and now you have until until friday december 21st for the coverage. the judge's ruling on the aca will be fought in the courts meaning change if any won't be happening soon. >> we are telling the folks not to be discouraged or dissuaded from checking out the options from finding out if they areal
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eligible for financial help. >> california's attorney general along with others have vowed to fight the judge's ruling, and this case could make it for the supreme court, and the court up hheld the aca in 2012 and again in 2015 and congress modified the law just last year. katy euless, abc 7 news. with abc 7 news on your side, we have answered questions and the that information is helpful so the entire q&a is posted on our website dozens of bay area residents gave a small token of their appreciation to brighten the day of some families. it was a donation no the annual toy drive and those toys will be distributed to military families who may not have a loved one around to make the holidays
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special. and speaking was the president of the chapter. >> in the marine chapter of san francisco chapter of the gold star families they said they have had a hard time putting christmas togethert with the loved one gone or deployed. >> isakson said that he will be distributinging the toys, and le have the help of those volunteers. and now, everyone will have what they need from a warm blanket to socks. this group is launched to help foster children with packs filled with items like toys, toothpaste, books and school supplieses, and it is called project keep. >> there is a gift card in each one, in case they need to run out to target to get themselves something. there's a blanket in every one to give them comfort and teddy
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bears, because they are teenaged b bags which they don't appreciate, but it is the point to have a gesture to say, here is something to snuggle. >> never too old for a teddy. kids do arrive in the foster care system with little. if you would like to donate, this is a lis of the things they need. and so you will find the complete list and a link on how to help on and now the forecast with lisa argen. >> two potent is systems knocking on the door. there's the front and the cold sector of a air that could provide a slight chance of thunderstorms later on, and we are in the warm portion of the system now. it is mild and winds are breezy and scattered showers, and here is the sweep, and rain from hillsburgh to geyserville, and so scattered showers, and not
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much going on, but you are noticing the winds and the front that is about 70 miles away, and as we widen the perspective, you will see that we have not only the front to move through but the possibility of thunderstorms and with the front the gusty winds is going to generating the high swellts out there, and the dangerous surf. this is emeryville, and it is morgan hill with the upper 50s on the coast, and the golden gate bridge, and dry, and the wind is blowing here, and certainly gray out there with the clouds lowering throughout the afternoon. and you will see the rain first here in the north bay, and 55 in santa rosa and 50 in vacaville, and it is going to to be coming down good for a portion of the afternoon and in the sierra nevadas. and it is a high at the tahoe airport of 50. so the breezy winds with the showers, and then the rain and the wind is going to increase throughout the evening hours, and we will see then sunny and warmer weather throughout the
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week ahead. it is on tap to bring us a pretty good soaking throughout the day today, and here is 12:30, and you can see cloverdale and sonoma county getting wet. by 3:00 in this afternoon, the front is slicinging through north bay and by 5:00, over the heart of the bay, we will have heavy downpours and could see a little bit of the flood iing on the roadways, and those winds will be accompanying the front. it exists the north bay by 8:00, but then the action is going to keep going with the east bay and the south bay and throughout the evening hours, and this is going tom pact the game perhaps, and the amount ms in the north bay d into monday morning we will have a kocouple of hundredths additional, but about an inch in the north bay, and an inch in the east bay and around ben lowman and around the peninsula. and so it is a two on the impact sca scale, and the winds will really bring in the gusty conditions and perhaps bring down some of
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the trees and the power lines. you see how clearly this is marked as it defines the cold front, pushing through the bay area, and 6:00 tonight. the cold front is pushing through the north bay, and still p pushing into the peninsula, and the south bay and the east bay, and then it is behind uses by the overnight hours, and that is when we will pick up a couple of, i would say another tenth or so, but overall, the action is this evening and the afternoon in the north the bay. so we have the winter weather advisory in the sierra and the yosemite, and the winter storm warning at 5,000 feet for the west slope a hand is going to to bring about 8 inches at donner, and so ahead of the system, mild and breezy with the the scattered showers, and 59 in oakland and santa cruz, and the seven-day forecast, we have about a two on the impact scale, and about a quarter inch on the peninsula, and the east bay, and dangerous surf that is going to peak tomorrow morning. we will be looking at a slight chance of a thunderstorm as well.
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tomorrow, it is tomorrow, it is going to be sunny and milder, and download the accuweather app, and you can keep track of the doppler 7, so good idea to get things done earlier today than out in the thick of it. >> and lisa, a little bit of rain in every week in december so far, but you are saying it is not nearly where we should be. >> only 40% of mountainview on average. >> and that is how we get to used to the drought years. >> yes. good point. >> and now sh, localish is shar stories on a weekly digital series called "more in common." this week, meet a 14-year-old who helps a perfect stranger with dementia remember her life. >> i'm bonnie lou, and i live in -- >> let's go this way, bonnie. ♪ country road take me home ♪ to the place i belong
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>> reporter: the 14-year-old in high school who thinks the world of you. >> will he marry me? >> i don't know, but he likes to spend every weekend singing with you. >> and what kind of friendship have you formed? >> me and bonnie, we didn't have anything in common, but then we started playing music, and just became a great time for both of us. i put a smile on her face. i play stuff like music that she likes and brings back good memories for her. >> what is the feeling when you sing? sgloe, i can't explain it. it is a wonderful feeling. it makes me want to cry. ♪
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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it is of course the giving season, but doesn't it seem that the person closest to can with be the hardest to buy for? we have all been there so 7 on your side michael finney has tips to avoid bad gift giving for the one you love. >> reporter: it is a holiday ritual and we invade the mall or crash our favorite websites in search of gift. then, the day after christmas, the the mad rush to return gifts begins. the company specializes in gift returns and says that consumers retu returned $90 billion in gifts last year. laura reed gives her husband a
9:25 am
below average grade when it comes to choosing gifts. >> he would do okay, but it is mostly the things that he thought that i would like. >> and debbie says that she has returned gifts from her husband for a variety of reasons. >> well sh, it is usually, size color, style, and not quite right. >> reporter: a all threesome. >> yes. all three. the trifecta of error. >> reporter: and antonia townes wants to take the guesswork out of gift giving and the founder of enclosed, a concierge for men specializing in lingerie. >> men are not mind readers as much as as we would like them to be. >> reporter: men pay enclosed the pick out the gifts for them, and the company even packages it in a bed of rose pedals and includes a romantic note from the man. >> they want something to eir latiship and something say something that you would not give your omother. >> townshend suggests buying something that is unique between
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the two of you, and look for gifts that play off of pet names for each other, and emphasize the secrets that you share, and avoid comparing the value of the gi gifts that you exchange, and p both the reeds and the longenettis believe they have found the solution. >> i ask her to go out the find what she like, and she then decides what it s and i simply give her some money and pay for it. and it saves a lot of hassell. >> i will ask her to buy something for herself that we can wrap up, and then we can open it up that way. so it is still fun, and a little bit of the surprise. >> reporter: and townsend emphasizes that women want quality and not necessarily costly items. michael finney, abc 7 news on your side. and now, steph curry joked about a podcast that the moon landing may may
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yesterday, steph did an instagram live with scott kelly who if you will have remember lived on the international space he sent this screen shot saying that he enjoyed the talk, and he apologized for how the comment came across, and he did not want to demean their accomplishments. and so kelly said to shoot a three-pointer with the 1/6 gravity, the feet would have to be a court about two football fields long. still to come on "abc7 morning mornings", thousands of people need their secret santa wishes filled. how you can express your joy for those in need.
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all right. it is just about 9:30 on this
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sundayer morning, and we will start this half hour with weather as lisa argen is keeping track of the rain coming. >> yes, we have some showers coming, and as you are looking at the doppler 7, you can pick out the yellows and the shade of green that is the cold front sweeping through the bay area later on today, and right now, live doppler 7 picking up on the scattered showers are the from cloverdale to pen grove, and you can see this the widened perspective that it is dry and breezy and it is a two on the impact scale. half inch to inch of rain with 30 to 40 miles per hour rain, and the dangerous surf we have told you about. and you can see the wide shot here with the wind in the mild numbers with 59 in mountain view, and 56 in san francisco, and as we are looking at sfo, delays of over 2 1/2 hours now, and stacking up with the temperatures mild, but those breezy winds are allowing for perhaps some problems with with the landing and taking off.
9:31 am
54 in livermore and napa and we are looking at the mild start and the possibility of aer thunderstorm later on p but look at the winds on top of mount diablo. and looking at port arena coming up to 17 feet, and we are anticipating bigger waves from monterey and straight on through to be beginning of the week, kate. >> thank you, lisa. questions are being raised about nick mulvaney's is support or the president after he was named chief of staff. this is white house correspondent tara palmieri. >> this morning, new questions of the loyalty of the president's pick of chief of staff. nick mulvaney, the office of management and budget abruptly appointed to the role friday night, but within hours of being named, this video of abc news suffering. >> and role model for my sons? absolutely not. >> the south carolina senator blasting trump days before the
9:32 am
election. mulvaney said that the remarks were old news and made before he met mr. trump, and added that he likes and respects the president and believes in the president. mulvaney was made after a week-long search after the vice president's chief of staff nick a ayers and former new jersey governor chris christie backed up. >> how many people are you considering? >> five people, mostly well known. >> reporter: mulvaney is the third person to occupy the role of chief of staff in less than two years, and at the same time another sudden shake up, interior secretary ryan zinke is stepping down involving a complicated interest involving real estate in his home state, and pricey charter flights when his wife traveled with him and
9:33 am
government vehicles and in some case he had been cleared, but acknowledging the situation in a tweet, he said that i cannot justify spending thousands of dollars defending myself and my family against false allegations. tara palmieri, abc news, washingt washington. peninsula officials joined harbor house to bright en the lives of tens of thousands of people. 20,000 gifts were distributed to the samaritan house. and it has been serving san a matteo kocounty since 1974 and e giveaway has been organize for months to lift the spirits for the holidays. >> the people are here, a and the children and the families and these are hard-working families living in san mateo county, and they are struggling to be here very hard, and struggling to
9:34 am
community, and we are here to brighten their lives. >> and many joined in on the festivities. if you need to mail some holiday packages a little bit of good news, because post office s s i the bay area are open today even though we know it is sunday. 14 post office ms in the east b will be open along with two post offices in san francisco and one in san mateo and one in s sunnyvale, and we have a list of the open post offices on a bshgs krshgsc 7, and also on sunday, december 23rd, and that is postage that could be expensive then, and nearly 3 billion pieces of mail is expected to be are processed and delivered this week. santacon in san francisco last week with, and now it hits the streets of oakland for the first ever. the red suited mr. and mrs. clauss g clauses got it started. and one santa this we spoke with with said that everybody should be be a santa at least one time.
9:35 am
>> being santa changes people's lives. they walk up and they see you as santa, and they are just, they are happy as can be, and i love to make people happy. >> that santa looks like he has done it more than once. as always, the santas are encouraged to donate a toy or make some sort is of other holiday contribution. now, there are people all over the bay area in need of gift giving this season, and one north bay organization just made it a lot easier for you to help fulfill some important holiday wishes. >> grab them, and scan them and sort them, and volunteers at the secret santa workshop in santa rosa are busy making 18,000 wishes come true. >> this is the cherry on the top for the holidays. >> buffy welch is the secret santa coordinator and works with 125 sonoma county nonprofits to collect holiday wishes from those in need. >> making sure that people have
9:36 am
a gift or food and making their season a little brighter. >> for the first time in 30 years, secret santa is online with a new website. when you go to with website, you can adopt a letter like this one from a single mom in santa rosa who wants gifts forer her children or adopt a heart. isaac wants a bike and scooter, but the heart wishes are not just for kids, because maria is 100 and she asked for a sexy man calendar. >> when you are 100, you can get whatever you want. >> wish granted. and you can also donate money on the website. >> sometimes they need money for prescriptions. >> sharon works at the breast cancer center for st. joseph health, and she is using secret santa help because of a struggling cancer diagnosis. >> we can get on the phone and help people pay pg&e and help people from losing their home because we have paid rent. >> it a wonder ful oorganizatio
9:37 am
and thousands of wishes to be fulfill and we can do it by going online, and pick a present off of the list or donate moneyment and we ve that information on the website,, and happy shopping. also happening today, free christmas trees a. san francisco n nonprofit is going to be giving away hundreds of trees to families who would not be able to afford one this season. the guardsman organization is teaming up with mayor london breed, the san francisco police department and the housing auth authority for the tree give away in hunters point. the event is 1:00 to 4:00 and happening on jennings street between evans avenue and cargo way. the trees are coming from the guardsman tree lot in may sashgs a -- mesa, and it is entirely volunteer based, and h
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help send kids to camp for any donations. and coming up, a inside look from the jeweler of the royal family. and a live look from santa cruz. the clouds are -- excuse me, the skies are cloudy and a little bit of surf there, too. and coming up, lisa argen is going to have the forecast and when rain is on the way for when rain is on the way for diffcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. it is 9:40 on this sunday morning, and we have a a new study that finds the sierra nevada snow pack is on the way to a huge decline. a according to lawrence berkeley national the current rate which the climate is warming, the snow pack is going drop 79% this the next 60 to 80 years and the study finds more of the precipitation
9:41 am
falling in the see areas jer si and not snow. and so this is going to increase the flood and wildfire risk a because the rain won't be held in the mountain snow. lisa, it is interesting to keep that in mind when you see the be. >> yes, those who go up there are regularly can see it. but a beautiful shot in san jose 101 where with you can see the sun and the temperatures are in the 50s, and so it is mild and breezy and a little bit of rain in the north bay, but later on this afternoon, we will all get soaking rain, and you may want to plan your day according to when that rain falls, so i will have the answers in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also, next, a busy saturday for stanford. upset and a
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never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. and welcome back. in sports, a few weeks left in the regular season for the niners and the raiders and this morning the silver and black will face the bengals at paul brown stadium at 10:00 a.m., and the nine rs and the seahawks at levi's stadium and kickoff is 1:05. down and the farm, stanford is celebrating another national championship. mindi bach has the details in this morning's sports. >> the stanford women's
9:45 am
volleyball team has been so dominant this season a the and the cardinal lost two sets in the match only three times all season. the first was byu and the second in a win to colorado and the third last night in the national championship game against nebraska, the defending champs, and only the fifth time they have gone to the third set. and there was a career best 32 digs for the national player of the year. that is kathryn plumber with one of the 19 kills starting a 5-1 run by stanford. and look at senior jena gray catching nebraska off guard with the triple-match point now for the cardinal. and megan mcclure from the back row bringing home a ncaa record eighth title for the cardinal and the second title in last three seasons for stanford. congratulations to them. we will stay on the farm to tara vand veer and her squad had an
9:46 am
early reg yu already season squad as they hosted baylor. all was quiet on campus because of the winter break except for naples papa vil yon. a alanna smith led the cardinal with 21 points and 8 boards and 5 threes and most of them come ing in the second quarter. and carrington added eight points. she is going to drive, lay it in and get the foul. and keyian na williams has amazing highlights in this one. look at this one from distance, and then this is a beautiful fake. lays it in, and picked up 13 points in in one. everyone played well and shannon coffey had a career high, and that snapped baylor's 36-game win streak with a 68-63 upset. more stanford, the men hosted east gton, and t wit a bad s here. it goes right to dajeon and he throws it down the lead
9:47 am
the team. and corpsman ryan had a nice catch and three. and stanford takinging the first lead of the game and off to desilva who added 13 points and two threes on the night. and eastern washington down two. davis, the turnover, and the eagles think that they have the time back, but look at davis' effort to get back to swat it away. great hustle. then he gets a turnover of his own and he is going to tomahawk it home. stanford wins, and they improve to 5-4. the cal men picked up their second straight win with a 67-66 vi victory over cal poly and the raid rers going for their fourth win in senatecincinnati. and seattle has yet to beat san francisco in levi's stadium, and so we should have some great highlights tonight at 5:00. >> and now the forecast with lisa argen. >> sunday morning, breezy and mild. looking at walnut creek, maybe
9:48 am
you are dry, but you may have heard the wind. in mount diablo it is howling. and temperatures in 40s and some 50s for you. we relooking at a storm headed our way in the next three to five hours for everyone. it is a two with on the storm impact scale, and that means a moderate storm to bring from a half inch to over an inch of rain, and the with wettest l location, and the winds have been blowing and accompany the front, and the dangerous surf has been advertised for days. looking at mount tam, it is wet and windy and picked up a tenth of an inch, and live doppler 7 is showing us the shape of the coldront here, and the area of low pressure, and the rain from reading to mount shas ta, ata ae rain. and in north bay, maybe three to the five hours away perhaps in the south bay. and the winds in calistoga, but further south, wet pavement and
9:49 am
drizzle and you will see with the yellows and the darker shadings of green are still up to the north. it will swing to the south and the east. could get into thunderstorm activity. you can see the clouds here depict i depicting some of the colder air. and we are are looking at santa cruz, where you will see a good dose of rain as well with theer temperatures in the 50s and the rain is about 4:00 or 5:00. and 56 in san francisco, and 58 in san jose, and half moon bay at 59, and gray sky here from the exer plploratorium shot her and 46 at the south lake tahoe airport and going for high of 50 here. we will get some snow, you will see the rain, because we are going to be seeing theer temperatures warm before we get colder air behind the system. so breezy with scattered shower showers, and waiting for the rain to increase and sunny and warmer, and so this is the one-shot of rain in the next seven days and 12:30 and raining good from cloverdale to push
9:50 am
into santa rosa and it is in marin and then by 4:00 or 5:00, is pit east bay getting nailed from san francisco to half moon bay, and then san jose, just doorstep, and the dinner hour, and santa cruz hours, we have the rain over perhaps in livermore and san jose, and then by 9:00 or 10:00, it is still going to be seeing some showers around the valley there, and the east bay valleys, and looking at the totals, and the greens indicate the highest amounts in the north bay, and half an inch in hayward and in san jose, it would be nice to pick up 0.7, and notice how vigorous the cold front is, because you can really mark that the line buy se bisece bay there. and looking at the wint with ri advisory for the west slopes of the sierra nevada, and i should
9:51 am
reverse that, the winter storm warning and the warning for the sierra with the highest elevation elevations there, and you will see on the panel lesser amounts in some of the locations here close to tahoe and 13 inches would be the best at kirkwood, and 62 in freemont, and 59 in oakland and the accuweather seven-day forecast and we have rain and wind on the way and the big waves through tomorrow, and two on the storm impact scale. you can download the doppler on our app, and follow it along. and now, imagine designing some of the jewelry for the queen of england? one of the top jewelers was in snow onoma and shared some information. >> reporter: shes in the
9:52 am
silicon valley to have a wedding ring creation. >> ti am here to design a weddig ring. >> reporter: it is her fashion that she has designed with a krystle and gold brooch for queen elizabeth. >> you are not allowed to touch a member of the royal family, but we presented it alongside the craftsman who created it. >> and she has created pieces for kate middleton. >> kate is very beautiful and obvio obviously accomplished. >> i came for some gossip and so i moved closer to try to force her to revealer more. >> give me a little inside information. who is a real royal beep. >> i would say that prince george has a mischievous qual y quality. >> and princess char lot? >> definitely a daddy's girl.
9:53 am
>> and is will there really a royal rift with between kate and meghan markelle? >> she is a di vor say, and so obviously, there are go g parallels drawn there. >> and this is as p much as she was going to the dish out. so we will play a game, and you will select one item and going to deskrcribe the item using on word, and a word that would be used in england and i will use a word that would be used here in the united states. >> i would say scintillating. >> i would say rad. >> okay. okay, these? >> this one, i would say it is very elegant. >> okay. i would say mine. >> okay. oh to, have an opulent lifestyle, simply enchanting. cheers n. sonoma, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. >> leeann had the right idea there, and it is -- take ath
9:54 am
santas will be descending on the south bay where you can dress up and get a
9:55 am
9:56 am
as if they weren't busy enough, santa and the reindeer are getting in a work without in san jose today. it is the annualta run silicon valley, and they will dress up as santa, and mrs. claus and the reindeer, and
9:57 am
there is cash prizes for the first male and the female finers, but you have to be in a full suit. and it starts at 5:00 p.m. on almadin boulevard. and there is also a kid dash, and you can still register for the run on time, but before you do, you might want to hear from lisa, because it is going to be a wet run. >> yes, you need the gortex suit. and this is where most of the active is in extreme northern california. and we have scattered showers in the north bay, and the rain is moving to the southeast in next couple of hours. it is two on the impact scale, and we will have gusty winds and high surf this a afternoon but then it is all over tonight. >> i'm kate larson along with lisa a ar jen, and the news is going to continue online, and twitter and instagram. and we will see you again at 5:00 p.m. have a great day, everyone.
9:58 am
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coming up, as part of our comfort spectacular, you can cradle your feet in comfort anytime you want with our all-new memory foam slippers, a $30 value for free! made of a soft and luxurious velour top with durable anti-slip soles, the form-fitting memory foam insoles shape to your feet, for unmatched custom comfort. and they're yours just for trying the walkfit platinum orthotics, giving you pain-free comfort and stability with every step you take. >> they-- phew, they feel great. there's no pain. >> i can do a lot of those things that i'd given up that i thought i'd never do again. i can do them now. >> the pain in the small of my back, the pain in my knees and certainly the pain in my feet were gone and, uh... and that was unbelievable. >> i will neve


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