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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 18, 2018 4:00am-4:20am PST

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>>fe afghanistato army documents he s after fox news siin difcult for mil i aitf th thamer cash grab in new
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cash grab in new jail ng to scoop up the cash.e g.see vacine.peth sa) les moonves is respond the loom
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henicodermcq. ne season of "the simpsons." it's now the longest running tv sitcom in history and longest running scripted show so it was lit up in yellow as a result last night and the cast visited the observation deck on the 86th floor to mark the milestone. "the simpsons" have aired more than 640 episodes since 89. decision by cbs not to give its
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former ceo, les moonves, his $120 million severance. >> the decision follows a series of sexual misconduct allegations and a new claim that moonves has not cooperated with the investigation. and now s a defiant response. this morning cbs with that bombshell announcement denying its former chairman and ceo les his $120 million severancs e the network releasing a statement saying there are grounds to terminate for cause including his willful and teria. moonves, one of the most powerful men in media for decades stepping down after 12 women came forward with allegations ranging from harassment to sexual assault over three decades. phyllis golden-gottlieb accused moonves of physically restraining her and forcing her >> he really hurt my career. >> reporter: and this coming after more troubling revelations at cbs. the company paid a staggering $9.5 million confidentially in a
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settlement to actress eliza dushku after she accused michael weatherly, the star of the current hit, "bull," of sexual harasent and the list of accusers against moonves has only grown. phitbicy ulcltiermately cost her her sho >> my show could have run another five years, but i didn't fall on the right side of les. >> reporter: overnight attorneys for moonves releasing a statement saying cbs' decision is without merit and consistent with the pattern of leaks that have permeated this process. the press was informed of these baseless conclusions before mr. moonves further damaging his name, reputation, career and legacy. while moonves denies any nonconsensual sex and insists he cooperated with investigators, he now has 30 days to fight this decision. two police officers near baton rouge, louisiana, now face charges because of a fight with a student. the officers are seen on video appearing to slam the ea-y14d olr- it happened in october but only
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came to light after this surveillance video was leaked to the media. the family's lawyer calls the grand jury indictment a slap on the wrist. one of the officers claims the boy had reached for the officer's gun. a prosecutor says there is no evidence of that. a missouri judge is making forgets his crime. david berry is spending a year in jail for killing the animals. and while he's behind bars, a judge ordered berry to watch the disney film "bambi" at least once every month. his first viewing is next week. >> how about that? a nasa engineer is getting revenge on so-called porch pirates who steal packages delivered to homes. mark rober posted a video showing the glitter bomb he developed. it looks like a box containing an apple product ripe for the picking, but when someone opens it, glitter sprays out the top and a mist of foul odor is sprayed. so far four thieves have fallen for it. as soon as they tried to open it, they were showered with
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glitter and, look, cameras inside recorded everything. >> but who doesn't like glitter? >> glitter and unicorns they're stealing.running back christianc panthers had the gameye's othera qukland can be f my bargain deret vci. ag 2ainslyt nimeab1 itouts
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n en driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. for me chantix worked.boom. end of story. talk to your doctor about chantix. ♪ time to check "the pulse" on this tuesday and the famed carlton dance is now part of a lawsuit. >> yeah, so "fresh prince of bel-air" actor alfonso ribeiro is suing the makers of the online video game fortnite. he says that they stole the dance and capitalized on his celebrity by selling dhe t cean as an in-game purchase. he's also trying to copyright the moves. >> he gets his hips into it.
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>> he gets everything. >> am i doing it backwards? i don't know. >> i think so. wow. >> whatever. next one man's strange habit landing him in the hospital. >> all right, so a man in china told doctors he's addicted to smelling his own socks after work gross. >>e's what? >> addicted to it. the man went to the hospital with chest papers. doctors thought it was pneumonia but further testing showed he developed a fungal infection in uss hicas ng b dirty socks. how diy were they? >> well, the sock sniffer is expected to make a full recovery, by the way, but part -- it's the fungal -- why smell it if there's -- why ithell ame s funga -- i don't judge. i mean -- >> no judgment here. if your beloved pet ge stressed out by loud noises, a new high-tech doghouse may be the trick. canceling technology from some of its latest cars to create a safe haven for the most
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e bity fireworks and loud parties can chill in their own noise-free zone. >> nice. the quiet kennel is just a prototype for now. no word whether ford will mass produce it. and finally the end of the holiday decoration scandal here in the new york ar.ea trees at the holland tunnelsebe uver tod" now it's over the "a" where it should be.d e tree over to the " >> all is right in the world. >> merry christmas. look at god. ..and i found out that i'm na from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabriaal all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at excedrin sees your intense, piercing headache
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