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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 21, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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officials have been on the hill including jared kushner, the vice president, and the incoming white house chief of staff as the senators try to work and find a deal that will make president trump happy and keep the government open. >> despite last minute appreciate from president trump, a partial shutdown of the federal government is on the horizon. >> i hope we don't. on l this vote the yays are 47,a the naes are 47. >> reporter: working to approve the spending bill that passed last night. >> a motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: it would provide $5.7 billion for the trump southern border wall. >> there is no path forward for the house bill. the only path forward is to a bill that has an agreement between the president and both houses of congress. >> reporter: the president summoned senate republicans to the white house demanding mitch mcconnell use the nuclear option, a simple majority, not
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the 60 votes to get the bill passed but mcconnell opposed changing senate rules urging bipartisanship. >> the need for greater security on our southern border is not a partisan invention. it is an empirical fact. and the need is only growing. >> president trump, you will not get your wall. a band on your shutdown strategy. you're not getting the wall today, next week, or on january 3rd when democrats take control of the house. >> reporter: the president is ramping up attacks on democrat, blaming them for closing the government. but last week trump forcefully declared he would own the shutdown. >> i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. >> reporter: again, no deal if the senate but negotiations continue here on capitol hill. a quick rundown on who and what will be impacted by this partial government shutdown, 800,000 federal workers are facing furloughs, tsa agents and air
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traffic controllers will be forced to work during this holiday travel season and also some federal parkers and monuments will be closed starting tomorrow. reporting live on capitol hill, kenneth moten, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this looming shutdown is put wall street in a panic. the dow has seen its steepest drop since 2008 closing 441 points lower, a 1.8% plunge and the nasdaq fell 3% closing in the first bear market since the great recession. stocks and major can bes like facebook, apple and netflix and twitter dropped sharply and analysts say other factors are at work, including the u.s./china relationship and the rate hike. we have an art. >>le showing what will stay hope if the shutdown does occur. check the complete list on our home page at a cement truck crashed into a power pole northwest santa rosa and crews are still on
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scene making repairs around 9:45 on porter creek road near the mark west query. no one was hurt. pga has set up rod blocks while crews repair the 12 customers have lost power and it may not be 10:00 tonight. millions of people packing up and hitting the road or hopping on a plane today. >> that is right. here is a live look francisco international airport. as well as highway 101 in san jose which looks normal for this time of the day. aaa is warning drivers to be prepared for delays and sfo expecting the busiest day of the year. >> amy hollyfield talked with travelers one thing throwing them off. >> reporter: the weather is causing minor delays at sfo but it is the people that could cause you major delays. >> there is a lost people here and wandering. you run into people who don't know what the airport is. >> reporter: and they don't move through quickly or travel
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lightly. >> my luggage was 45 pounds 45 it's only allowed 33. so i need to open my luggage six times. but i did it. >> reporter: today is the busiest airport day of the holiday season. and the lines were long at sfo this morning. the number of people caught the knight family off guard. >> we're going to throw tags on our bag and rup for the gatd -- for the gate. and not wait in the line. i don't think we'll make it. >> and the category lines are throwing off some people. >> and they close one of the security areas and made it for private only to clear and it used to be tsa, so we had to walk back here so this is -- they said they changed that about a month ago so that is a shock. so we did a lot of walking back and forth to get through security. >> reporter: all of this is why daniel rodriguez gave himself
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extra time. >> we got here earlier, about an hour earlier because we knew the lines would be all over the place. so, yeah, so excited to get home. >> reporter: it is this weather that caused some delays. the airport had to put its ground delay program into place because of the rain and the low cloud cover and so that means the flights couldn't land simultaneously on the two runways, they had to land single file. at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> early to the airport person? >> i try to be. i plan to. but we still get there on time. >> we are a disaster. along with busy roads and airports, somebody who may enjoy a white christmas. >> take a live look at heavenly mountain resort in south lake tahoe thanks to lake tahoe tv. spn is here with your controversial forecast. >> snow may arrive in time for christmas but right now things are dry but travel delays in some spots. we talk about airport delays.
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still 52-minute delays at sfo but oakland and san jose looking good and airports in the western seven-eighths of the country good but delays from boston down to washington, d.c. and all points in between. meanwhile, if you are driving around the state of california, these are your current weather conditions. bright skies and a few clouds around, no major precipitation yet. so this might be a good night to get on the roadways, but coming up over the weekend we'll see some christmas storms approaching. i'll show you those later. >> thank you, spencer. well, brick and mortar retailers are bracing for shoppers on tomorrow's super saturday. could be the biggest spending day of the year. consumer growth partners estimates u.s. shoppers will spend $26 billion tomorrow. that is more than the $24 million spent on black friday. it helps that super saturday that falls three days before christmas giving shoppers a little extra time for that last-minute purchase. now if you are looking for christmas presents at a big
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discount, check out san francisco oldest department store. because after 157 years in business, gump's last day of business is on sunday. the post street retailer opened in 1861. filed for bankruptcy this year. all items 70% to 90% off. so i know where i'm getting your present, ama. >> nice. nice that you wait until the last second. >> best deals. so we want to know, are you done with your holiday shopping? head to right now to weigh in. >> along with the big retailers, smaller businesses are gearing up for what will be a very busy weekend. abc 7 news reporter david louie in san jose with more. david? >> reporter: hi, larry. small shopkeepers are getting a nice gift -- a holiday gift from their online competition. major delivery services say that the door has closed or is about to close on guaranteed delivery by christmas day. so that means that boutiques and
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gift shops along the street and many others are getting a real boost. it is four days of holiday bliss for small shops on main street. last-minute shoppers are pouring into stores because with few exceptions, the window has closed for guaranteed doorstep delivery of gifts purchased online. >> it is going to be a very busy -- probably the busiest season of the year. >> kim has been here for 15 years and including online. her shop gussied up could fill the purchase that online can't. >> the window closed now. >> i know that. in fact, there is something i ordered that i don't think i'm going to get for christmas. >> reporter: online shoppers tell us they know what they want and are looking for a low price but retail customers may find tempted by impulse buys when an item catches their eye and that helps boost sales for shopkeepers. we caught up with charlotte and andrew. >> it seems like you're buying a lot today.
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>> more than we should. >> reporter: and last-minute shoppers do make a sacrifice when you go to the store. >> you have to get dressed and leave the house. there is a part to staying home and shopping online but it is nice to get out and see people shopping and support the local stores. >> reporter: local stores also can provide another perk. complimentary gift-wrapping service. nikola embraces the sudden surge in shopping. >> it is important. it is great for us. we rely on this time of the year. people coming in and buying gifts or having the last-minute shopper tz, we're pleased. >> reporter: another benefit to small shop owners over the next few days is an opportunity to show case their personalized customer service and show off some of the unique items they have in stock. maybe they'll lure some of the online shoppers back to their stores on a more regular basis. live abc 7 news. >> thank you. and we're running a 50/50 on are you done with your shopping. >> some people are.
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and some people are scrambling this weekend. >> gumps. >> hundreds of bikes for kids assembled who lost bikes in a campfire. four trucks head out this morning. the deputies had been deployed to the fire zone last month. they wanted to do something to help so they reached out to dick's sporting goods which donated 400 bikes and helmets, plus another $20,000 in sporting and activity equipment for kids. the effort has proved so successful, the deputies plan to roll it out again for kids in need in the bay area. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, we have a sad update on the little boy who became an honorary police officer and the special visit he received a few days before his end of watch. and a new look at the housing rental market. the trend in the bay area different from what we're seeing nationally. and it is officially winter today. unfortunately that could lead to mar asthma attacks for some people. i have a doctor live
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updating our top story, the breaking news out of daly city. b.a.r.t. police have cordoned off an air and a damaged window gunfire. there were reports of shots fired. we're told no one was hit. there is a live look from sky 7. we did receive a call who lives across the street from thetation thought he heard three gunshots 50 minutes ago. trains were delayed for a time. we'll continue to bring you updates as more information is available. oakland police are looking for the gunman who pistol-whipped and t
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a man. >> outside of the macarthur b.a.r.t. station, the scene of a high-profile murder this year. eric thomas has the latest. >> reporter: police dialed up presence at mcarthur b.a.r.t. after the attempted robbery on the sidewalk just outside of the station just after 7:30 this morning. >> officers learned the suspect approached the victim and during the attempted robbery struck him firearm. >> reporter: the scene was the 400 block of 40th street. either during the attack or immediately afterhe handgun the suspect was using went off. no one was hit by the shot that was fired and police are trying to figure out if it was an acischgerdecial if the suspect was shooting at the victim. >> the victim in this incident suffered minor injuries and is currently in the hospital. >> reporter: this man has sold lotions and oils in a stand inside of the station for 20 years.s ai s'sit used to be. >> it is nowhere near how it used to be. it is way, way more fe.
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rider is more nervous now. >> i do have ahat i don't often carry with me but it is definitely go gs to be living in my purse for a while now. >> reporter: macurge you are b.a.r.t. is where nia wilson was attack and killed by a man with a knife. his lawyer said he is unfit to stand trial council member said the city is working hard on crime reduction. >> we need to do better and try to reduce the number of robberies. we won't eliminate all crime in the city or any city. but if we could reduce the amount of violent crimes, that is our goal. >> reporter: police are checking surveillance in hopes of identifying the gunman. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a young san jose boy diagnosedit tumor who become an honorary sunnyvale police officer in march has died. the department of public safety said officer miles timothy o'connell end of watch was wednesday. they said his tour of duty is through. you gave as much as anyone could
4:16 pm
be expected to do. you'll live forever in our hearts until we meet again. miles' uncle is a sunnyvale officer and in march and the folsom police department posted this video on facebook saying it was an honor to meet a true hero. we have a new snapshot of the bay area home rental market. loke at renters appear to be falling the national trend. they are paying more. >> but they are bucking the trend in another way. abc 7 news anchor kristen zse is here with the new data. >> well this data is compiled by hot pads, it is an online market place for rentals. this is the website and each red dot represents an apartment or home for rent in san francisco. now they crunch the numbers for 2017 and 2018 and this was what they found for the san francisco metro area which includes the north bay, east bay and also the
4:17 pm
peninsula. so take a lookt that. renters spend $17 billion this year and about 780,000 households rented and a medium rent is $3,500 per month. all of the numbers are uprom 2017. the same trend is seen in the san jose metro area which includes santa clara and san benito counties. economists say you can blame our crazy real estate. >> you did see a decline in the home ownership rate in the bay area so it is a little bit more difficult for people to buy their homes and prices have gone very high. when it is high, people rent longer. >> and the national trend is different. renters are paying a little more fet renting. analysts say a growing economy has allowed people to save and become hwn bfitit- not so much here. as we mentioned. so what about next we the fed raised interest rates againg borrowing more expensive and that could mean -- you guessed
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it -- more renters and higher rents. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> increasing high clouds over the bay area but we have bright spots in the sky as well. this is the view from sutro tower looking westward. 58 in san francisco right now and in oakland also upper 50s in mountain view and san jose and morgan hill at 55 at half moon bay. this is the view toward the golden g in emeryvilleat. and 60 in santa rosa.59 napa. petaluma 61 and mid to upper 50s in fairfield and concord and livermore and this is a nice view of blue sky over the san francisco skyline looking back from the pier 15 exploratorium camera. forecast is bright skies tomorrow, increasing clouds on sunday. cold showers arrive on christmas eve. we also have a coastal flood advisory in effect from 8:00 tomorrow morning to noon tomorrow. king tides or high tides are expected over the weekend. high tides tomorrow at the golden gate, 10:20 a.m. height of about seven feet or just under so minor flooding is possible under these conditions and low-lying areas.
4:19 pm
just bear that in mind. overnight we'll see mainly clear skies and cloudst srt patches o in the inland valley. upper 30s inland to low to mid-40s around the bay. and then highs tomorrow under hazy sunshine will be mainly in the upper 50s for a fewlotions tomorrow. then on monday, christmas eve, our next storm. a stormht in at hall bshowers, cold show moving from north to south, most locations will receive less than half inch of rain f brethm ezy times. here is our forecast animation taking us into monday and through the day. it will be a wet day andhen the rain will probably end before christmas day. but that rain will move over into the sierra as snow and then a winter storm watch is in effect christmas eve to christmas day and the western slope of the sierra where we ma. the accuweather seven-day forecast, bright and dry tomorrow and dry on sunday but light rain on sunday night and then a wet and windy day or breezy day on monday.
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christmas eve should end and give us partial clearing on christmas day. ama. >> thank you so much. well winter is officially here and cooler weather may be triggering asthma attacks. if you suffer from asthma, there are some thingso t prevoent serious attacks. and joining me now is dr. ngocly from director of thesthm program at ucsf children hospital. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> first talk about why the cooler weather is a problem for people who have asthma. >> so first of all, cold air could trigger asthma for some patients with asthma. but during the cold and flu wonet g and viruses including the flu. and so those are triggers of asthma as well. >> okay. interesting. why is it the colder weather causes a problem. >> i think it ise cold airre p the airway it causes the spasm
4:21 pm
and causes you to have a asthman attack or asthma symptoms. >> so what are things people can do during the winter months to prevent that from happening. >> if you need to go outside and you know you have symptoms related to cold air, we recommend that you take your rescue inhaler when you are outside. try to wear warm clothes and put a scarf on if you know that cold air is a major trigger for your asthma as well. mo outh crould help keep that c air from triggering that. >> correct. so the humidity and warmth will help with the asthma attack. >> so maybe using a humidifier at night could help. >> the humidifier, the only concern we have about using it at home is that itiaproblem fol. so we don't recommend it in the home. but outside, certainly when you are out humidity and keep the air wnym
4:22 pm
small children? >> for small children obviously try to keep them warm and do your best to protect them from the cold air. sometimes if you have to go outside,ecomtaermend ly that if you know they are problematic with cold air, i would just recommend taking the rescue inhaler. >> okay. and sometimes during the winter we get the spare the air days and those are more problematic. >> correct. when the air quality is not good, we often recommend that patients try to stay indoo if possible to preventrs exposure the air pollution. >> okay. doctor, thank you so much for coming in and giving us insight as we kick off the winter season officially. >> thank you. >> thank you. up next, a recall from trader joe's. the product the store is warning customers about. also four things that you might want to try if you want to
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trader joe's is recalling some protein bars. the company said the chocolate sea salt and bars may con train traces of peanuts and if you an allergy do not eat these bars and throw them away or return them to any trader joe's for a full refund. >> that could be dangerous. many of us have attended a few parties this holiday season but researchers say we have to watch out for extra pounds. >> studies have found people gain about a pound from november to january. and that is a major contributor toward yearly weight gain and there are things you could do to try to prevent that. one, never show up to a party hungry, limit alcohol intake or skip drinks high in sugar and alternate with a glass of water. use a smaller plate. if you are hosting, sends your guests home with any left-overs. >> i don't get that.
4:26 pm
i won't keep the left-overs but you take the extra food. >> and you gain the this ideiew. >> with all of that food. >> it is tough. i'm surprised people only gain an average of one pound. >> me too. i'm shocked. >> there you go. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, breaking news. it appears we're headed to a government shutdown. we'll have the latest on that next. and an rest in the case of missing more in colorado. the suspect is somebody investigators say she knew very well. also supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg recovering from surgery and what the latest tests show on the 85-year-old's health. >> and my first year, i had 150 and next year 275. >> a bay area boy on a mission to give to others. the
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. and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. breaking news out of washington, within the last ten minutes the house adjourned without a deal on a short-term spending bill so that virtually guarantees a partial government shutdown will begin at midnight. with a partial shutdown, hundreds of thousands of federal employees could be furloughed or unpaid. tsa agents would stay on the job. because of holiday travel will
4:30 pm
take place. but they would get paidat later date. moving on. another big day of big losses. the stock market saw the worst weekly drop in more than seven years amid fears a recession is coming. a man was killed and more than a dozen people a fire at a san jose apartment complex. this happened this morning on blossom hill road. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: at 4:00 a.m., a smoke alarm rang out in the no complex on blossom hill road. a 911 caller also reported smoke coming from the apartment on the second floor. firefighters arrived and went straight into flames while also trying to get everyone out of the building. >> i opened up the door and what is going on and what is going on and the firemen go, get out. it is fi. was able to escape safely except for the man living alone in the second floor apartment. firefighters brought him out and started cpr. they tried to save his life for 20 minutes but in the end the man died at the scene. >> our guys got in there quickly
4:31 pm
and did their best and our rescue is our number one priority and it is -- and it is disappointing to us and sad for everybody involved when things work out this way. >> reporter: 15 residents from five nearby apartme awe otck could be done and utilities turned back on. the red cross is helping them with money for food and shelter through the weekend. but the loss of a home pales in comparison to the life lost this morning. >> it is tough on everybo voinus, tough on the neighbors. they know each other. but yeah, it is hard o donn't l happen to people at all. >> reporter: i talked with a building inspector with the city of san jose and he saidsour apa reopen this afternoon. that means those residents could return home. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. a colorado man is now in custody accused ofceho vanished thanksgiving day, patd -- ictrra fe arrested 115
4:32 pm
miles southwest of denver charged with first-degree murder and solicitation of first-degree murder. kelsey berreth was last seen in a grocery door o tnsgnkgin pick couple's 1-year-old daughter. the arrest comes after a methodical a timeon-csungmi multi--state operation. >> while we have not found kelsey at this time, information has been developed that is helping to narrow down our search. as you can tell from the arrest, sadly we do not believe kelsey is still alive. >> investigators believe she was probably killed at her home but where her body might be with her little baby there. the resignation of jim mattis has alarmed lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. veterans of gros director of tp america said active duty troops and veterans are stunned by this move, adding it is a very concerning fragile moment in
4:33 pm
american history. paul rikeoff biesve the president trump video anouchbsing the withdrawal of troops from syria, that is the last straw forattis. >> it was the most disgusting pollicization of our military i've ever seen and i've been working in this space for 15 years. i think it outraged mattis. no one speaks for the dead. >> mattis resigned yesterday. sending mr. trump a letter that harshly criticized his military judgment and suggesting the president was not treating allies with respect. general mattis will leave his post in february. 85-year-d justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering from surgery for her lung cancer. >> maggie rulli has the positive news from doctors. >> reporter: a champion of women's rights and institution on the supreme court bench for decades. >> i ruth bader ginsburg do -- >> reporter: justice ruth bader ginsburg is once again showing she doesn't plan on going
4:34 pm
anywhere. announcing she's recovering after surgery to remove two cancerous nodules on her left lu hdi, pitaerovlhe w last mont broken ribs suffered after a fall. it is her third bout with cancer since taking the bench in 1993 having undergone surgery for colon cancer when she was 66 and treatment for bank c-- pancreat cancer. >> it is possible to beat cancer not once or twice but more than that. >> reporter: at 85 years old, she is the oldest member of the supreme court. her health is often a focus of scrutiny. but she's known as a fighter. with a life story large enough to make it to the big screen. the movie about her is set to be released this week with ginsburg meeting the cast who will recreate her story. >> ruth just adored them so much. she was -- from what i smitten with mr. hammer. >> that might be the nicest compliment in my life. >> reporter: it seems like she
4:35 pm
has quite the following with many calling her the notorious rbg. now she is in the hospital recovering and doctors say they found no other evidence of the disease and that no more treatment is planned. rk. ie rulli, abc news, new > airport is open after being shut down again over yet another drone sighting. authorities stopped all takeoffs and departures 80 minutes just as a precaution. officials say military measures reopen britain's sedecond busie airport. they didn't elaborate on the measures. drone sightings shut down the airport on wednesday night and all day yesterday. today marks the 50th anniversary of america's first manned mission to the moon. steph curry -- >> i forgot about that. apollo eight was launched on this date in 1968 with frank boreman and william anders and jim level aboard. >> they became the first humans to leave low earth orbit and reach the moon and fly around it
4:36 pm
and then return home. >> their mission provided the first ever photograph of the entire earth. check it out. and set the stage for the eventu eventual moon landing by apollo 11 in july of 1969. >> they landed. >> they did. >> is that what happened? >> that is confirmed. >> okay. >> christmas display made up of a million lights. we'll show you this impressive setup. >> and also an update on this sea lion rescued twice fromanntt . the marine mammal center named him cruisin and how the pup is doing. and the bay area boy's toy drive getting bigger and bigger ever year. the big shipment now heading to toys for tots. >> i'm spencer christian. another beautiful sunset as seen from the south beach camera. i'll have the forecast for christmas weekend coming up. s> and taking a look at our bayi greataway friday. you are only getting away if you are in the carpool lane and
4:37 pm
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e stiousidctoeasyour doctor abo. or if you'r ve hadngb. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah!
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a youngea calorni found near the oakland airport thursday was suffering from dehydration. animal rescue officials say cruisin, as they named it, was a male pup and likely separated from his mother before learning to forge on his own. he's being tube fed, ground
4:40 pm
hairing and should be transferred to a standard rehab pool pen in the next few days. it is expected he will be released back into the wild. we are worried because he ended up there twice. ruisin is a goof or him. a 13-year-old boy is on the mission to bring smiles to kids he hasn't met. over the thousands of toys for toys for tots. >> and this year he had a personal record. chris nguyen has the story from san jose. >> reporter: for the past six years joey spent his winter collecting for toys for tots. >> it is just absolutely amazing. everyos just so nice and they care about their community and everyone els >> reporter: joy's toy drive grows in popularity every year. joey and his closest friends loaded up tna ttiruons to the u corp. a team effort led by a 13-year-old who collected more
4:41 pm
than 10 toys this holiday season. >> just a good, warm-hearted boy. just wanting to do right for rsa ndot community to help others the goal. >> reporter: local toys for tots organizers are grateful for the support. >> it is exciting for him and for his family and what they stand for. we're very appreciative. >> reporter: and for this pnaoo neri to athe cause. >> i didn't always have the best christmas growing up. so for me, to take part in this, it definitely hits home. >> reporter: organizations stop by this afternoon to pick up their allotment. >> we see the children receiving the toys and the happiness and the smile on their face. it is really going to change your life actually. it will really changed me. >> reporter: toys for tots expected to give out 65,000 to s
4:42 pm
to 350 groups in the san jose. >> without them and the people who give, we wouldn't be able to do this. so kids get toys because of them and because of all of the people in the community that donate. so it is wonderful. >> reporter: a local teenager dedicated to making a difference. >> you just got to keep working harder and harder and reaching out to more places and that is how this is possible. >> reporter: on a mission to make christmas brighter for some. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. whoa -- look at this. this is one of the country's best out door christmas displays up and running whole city. this is started in 1948. it is cozier's christmas village in pennsylvania lighting up for 71 years. it is like an amusement park. it come along way since he began decorating the farm property. the family now uses more than 1 million lights to decorate the lake, the walkways and the trees and fences and the buildings, anything that you could put a light on, they have a light on it. >> i wgo. t
4:43 pm
>> that is unbelievable. >> that is neat. >> the winter wonderland is open to the public for two months around the holidays. great job. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we're starting with live doppler 7 showing a few clouds oundhe t bay area. and patchy fog in the inland valley and overnight lows from upper 30s inland to low 40s near the bay. tomorrow high temperatures reaching into rt upper 50s. maybe a few south bay locations top out at about 60 degrees. and then coming up on christmas eve, we have our next storm ranking one oe imptac n sc sale,rm of light intensity a most locations will see under half an inch of rain and breezy forecast so through the day on monday, christmas eve it is going to be a wet and breezy day. but notice the storm is out of s it looks like ay night into it is dry for christmas day. but it will be snowing over inr watch is in effect from 10:00
4:44 pm
a.m. monday to 4:00 p.m. tuesday and above 5,000 and from seven inches to 15 inches of snow and here is the four-day forecast developing up in s the ridges on sunday with gusts as well up to about 70 miles per hour. snow and rain into monday and partial clearing on tuesday. here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. after mainly dry weekend, we may see a couple of light sprinkles late sunday night and then a rainy and breezy day on my.da s taper off tuesday morning and so most of the day christmas day is dry. then it gets cold later in the week. early morning thursday look for temperatures dropping down to about freezing in some spots. >> goodness. thank you so much. netflix breaks down the most binge watched showed of 2018. right at the top of the list, a show that might surprise you. it ended more than ten years ago. hockey players of all ages hit the ice. they are on a team sponsored by
4:45 pm
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new details about big tobacco big investment into juul. the employee will soon become a millionaire. the deal announced by tobacco giantality rhea included $2 billion in bonuses to employees, coming down to $1.3 million to each of the 1500 workers. not everybody will get a million if you just started. you won't get it. but if you were there a while you'll get paid and investors will get paid $0 they are spending $13 billion to buy a 35% stake in juul. americans love to spend time with friends. the tv show, that is. >> a new report said the sitcom off the air for 14 years was the most bing-watched tv show of 2018. i would have thought "game of thrones" but friends is up there. reports based on analysis by an organization called tv time to track app users and that is big news for netflix agreed to pay
4:49 pm
around $100 million to keep the >> that is good news. well if you are hosting friends or family for the holidays, new tests show you don't have to spend a lot to find a comfy air mattress. >> consumer reports found you could buy one of the best ones for as low as $27. >> really? >> that seems -- >> we're skeptical. >> that seems a little low. >> 7 on your side michael finney. >> you are not sleeping on it. >> yeah. >> so it is cool. it is like a pallet. >> no. it is better than that. my house is packed so i was happy to hear about this. let me tell you that extra friends and family at home are leaveake the holidays, buttimed so your house feeling cramped, especially when it comes to sleep ago where air mattresses come in, like aero bed and coleman and here are some recommendations. >> jane loves entertaining family and friends, especially
4:50 pm
during the holidays. her air mattress makes a convenient for her to accommodate extra guests. >> so why spend a thousand dollars on a bed when you could make do with $50. this is one of the best purchases and i would recommend them to anyone. >> they are on to something. it is latest test of air ttmaesssndou to sacrifice comfort to get a good night's sleep. chester's looked at both double m sdattreseglsesghei and an important distinction you want to consider. >> don't buy mattresse tend to cost more and esasierha get out of when compared to since -- single height. >> thib inflate and deflan and then get down to watch really important other known at consumer reports as the deflection test. testers place a weighted dick on the air mattress and then measure how much it sinks. the more it sinks the less
4:51 pm
support you have. mattresses with a sn alltun pro support. co double height mattresses deliver. this one deflects very little. about one and a half inches. but this $120 king coil sank almost six inches. >> not only is the king coil the most expensive mattress that we tested, it sank the most in our deflection test and also the happiest mattress so fur trying to move it around -- it could be a little inconvenient. >> in the end the simons beauty rest for $68 ison cmer top-rated mattress. if a single height mattress will do, consider this coleman for $27. it performs well and stores easily. and here is another word of advice from consumer reports. >> you want to buy an air mattress that comes with a pump so that way you are not scrambling at the last minute when guests come over trying to blow it up yourself.
4:52 pm
>> and many could not agree more. >> it took less than two to five minutes toin flight the entire thing and so it is a win-win for all of us. >> now you might want to keep your pets and cats and dogs away from the bed with any sharp objects or anything with a point in its tests consumer report found it took very little force to puncture a hole in any of the air mattresses. $27. >> so the $27, it is like a the. shh. >> just keep the pets off of it. >> thank you, michael. up next, they share a love of hockey and something else, the team proving noeg could slow them down on the ice. >> and dan is here with the abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the paradise fire did not stop the event. a home for the holidays, a family reunited to celebrate what is important this time of
4:53 pm
year. and from tamales to high tea, people are weighing in on their favorite seasonal
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
tonight in prime time on abc 7, at 8:00 it is i want a dog for christmas charlie brown and then the great christmas light fight and then 20/20 and then abc 7 news at 11:00. a program sponsored by a pro-hockey team is giving
4:56 pm
visually impaired players to -- a chance to hit the ice. >> it is the chicago blackhawks blind hockey team. >> i never thought i would be able to go out and actually play hockey. being blind doesn't mean that we don't want to play sports so it is a great opportunity. >> it is incredible to see the hockey family we have here at the chicago blackhawks hockey team. ♪ >> blind hockey started about three years ago. we're sponsored by the chicago blackhawks, we're lucky to have their logo. right now we're at the center ace at dupage in glen ellen from 3:30 to 5:00 every saturday and we have players from 4 to 5 up to 50. we have players of all different pectrums and players born visually impaired and our goaltenders are completely blind and defensemen haveou ft -- our
4:57 pm
have better vision to make the plays and get the puck up the ice. >> for the puck has a noise maker inside of it, like a tin material. >> so it rattles thecr a ice. >> so a personal like me who has less vision can find the puck. >> i like playing sports but i would say blind visually impaired person it is hard to find activet -- activity to participate in. >> i was amazed because i thought it would be a real challenge because i never thought we would put david on skates. it wasn't a sport with visual impairment you would think he would do. >> for parents it is nice because it forms a community of people who know the challenges thathildren face and that ur our families face. >> they go weeks for hockey and they truly love the sport. >> be out there and shoot the puck and pass the skate
4:58 pm
around. >> it is one of the things where you find a passion and run with it and you just keep going until your body tells you you can't any more. >> it is humbling to be on the ice with the great athletes and what they are doing is ground breaking, no bteing it is a abl and i'm lucky to be here every saturday. [ cheering and applause ] >>e at happen for those kids. >> i'm blown away. if you think how hard it is just to skate. itious absolutely. >> and then with a stick in your hand. and then locating the puck and shooting the puck and a guy trying to stop a puck just by his hearing. are you kidding me. >> and they do it. >> and they're great. they're skating is skilled. it is that program -- i'm just blown away by that whole thing. check out abc new brand at and on facebook and instagram. >> and get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app.
4:59 pm
that has enhanced live video and more customization and first alerts to get more of the news you want delivered to your phone in realtime. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and ama daetz. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> we saw fbi police raid the whole place and taking cars and files. >> a prominent east bay solar company, many consider the a philanthropist and others claim he's running a ponzi scheme. and a gun goes off at an october station and now a shooting near the daly city station. the struggle to make robo cars safe to prove it ps off. start-up that just got the first permit to carry passengers in california. and what a day to be at the airport. friends and families reunited just in time for the holids. ann live, this is abc 7 news. sky 7 found the stt b at th city bus station parking lot as
5:00 pm
b.a.r.t. police investigate the report of shots fired. >> and b.a.r.t. said no one was struck by the gunfire. it happened at around 3:30 this afternoon. a resident who lives across the street told abc 7 news he heard three gunshots. b.a.r.t. service was halted but everything is up and running with some residual delays. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. this is the second violent incident at b.a.r.t. today. police are looking for a man who pistol-whipped and tried to rob someone outside of the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station this morning. >> more on this from eric thomas. >> reporter: what was first reported as a fight on the sidewalk outside of macarthur b.a.r.t. attracted this po ce s. but investigators quickly learned it wasn't a fight, it was an attemptedeictirm am was pistol-whipped and the suspect got away empty handed. >> officers learned that the suspect, and during this attempted robbery struck him with a
5:01 pm
firearm. >> reporter: the scene was the


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