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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm PST

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hazmat teams wrapping up. we were told the man was injured,jubers were working on an underground plumbing issue here at gate gourmet, they cater for flights at sfoment th. they were cutting concrete when a co 2 canister ruptured, his partner tried to drag him out, but given how tight quarters were, he couldn't get him out all the way. when he got out he called 911. i spoke to the international airline pio. he says initially they didn't know the extent of the rupture so out of an abundance of caution, they initiated a huge response. 12 fire trucks, hazmat teams, and pleases. two hours -- and police. two hours into the search, they found him. >> the individual the fire department was searching for was actively moving around, attempting to find the exit were searching. and luckily they turned the corner, and he's coming to them. he was alive thankfully.
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he's being transported right now to the hospital for further evaluation. >> reporter: now like he said, he's being transported with injuries. we don't know the extent of his injuries at this time. i also want to add that the air quality is clear here. there was no need for evacuat n evacuations, and no flights were impacted either. reporting live at sfo international. >> thank you very much. the partial government shutdown still in effect tonight after 20 hours of failed negotiations. here's a live picture from washington, d.c., tonight where the senate adjourned this evening. disagreements over how to fund border security had fueled the debate. we have the latest. president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. >> reporter: a on capitol hill. lawmakers convened on saturday hoping to work out an end to the partial government shutdown. vo.
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majority in the house. and president trump's signature. that's what's needed. >> reporter: roughly a quarter of the federal government shut down at midnight on friday forcing the departments of homeland security, justice, housing and urban development, as well as other government agencies to close. for days, the debate stalled on capitol hill. the main point of contention -- president trump's request for $5 billion to construct a wall along the southern border of the u.s. >> the only thing that's going to stop that is great border security with a wall or asula s fence or whatever you want to call barrier. >> reporter: senate democrats disagree, shifting the blame back to the president. >> so the tmp shutdown security. it's because president trump is demanding billions of dollars for an expensive, ineffective wall that the majority of
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tee t nailed down this weekend, but president trump warned the shutdown could go on for days if no agreement is met. kim hutcherson, abc7 news. the senate adjourned this evening without striking a deal but will return to capitol hill on monday. some fear it could be after christmas before any real progress is made. the shutdown is hitting tourism-heavy cities like san francisco pretty hard as national parks closed their gates during a holiday weekend. many people who showed up at popular places around the bay area ended up disappointed. cornell bernard is at the hyde street pier in san francisco with more on the local impact. cornell? >> reporter: so much disappointment out here today. lots of tourists hoping to see lands -- landmarks like the hyde street pier, but shut down because of the government shutdown. >> this is what i got -- nothing. >> reporter: ricky avila from
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las vegas was hoping to see ft. point but got a closed barricade. >> sad, man. no walking, park, sad, man. i'm not coming back. >> a shame, isn't it? i don't understand why it is, why it's happening. >> reporter: blame the partial government shutdown that's forcing the closure of landmarks operated by the national parks service. shuttles to mere woods were running. the park remained open because they received partial funding from another source. daytime tours to alcatraz were also going, but nighttime and ranger-led tours of the rock were canceled. the high street pier maritime museum was locked up y fwa t ei the bigships? >> yeah. >> reporter: the ober family from utah made this the first stop on their vacation. >> another time, i don't know. >> reporter: 700,000 federal employees are impacted by the partial shutdown. some are working without getting
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paid. >> they can never do without a full week's paycheck or a day's paycheck. and especially in the holiday season when there are extra expenses, it's outrageous that they're being forced to go without. >> reporter: the municipal pier near aquatic park was another spot off limits. >> i just don't understand how the government got so much money and they can't get somebody to come open this gate. >> reporter: james perez had this message for the president -- >> trump, i need to talk to you, call me. >> reporter: no telling how long the partial shutdown will last. the national parks service says anyone who had their alcatraz tours canceled will get refunds. live in san francisco tonight, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thanks. to find out what's opened and what's closed, lead to we put together a list of agencies that will stay open and the ones that will shut down. we are also on the lookout for some rain that's supposed to come our way over the next few
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days. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma can pin it down. >> the next storm will come on monday. right now we're tracking moisture above the surface in our atmosphere. live doppler 7 showing you green on the screen. this is a lot of moisture in those clouds above the surface right now. so much of this not even noticeable, not even reaching the ground. but perhaps you might feel a drop in the north bay, but whatever is in the north bay tonight will stay there. the majority of the region is dry. can't say the same about christmas eve. we're tracking a system that ranks a one on the storm impact scale. we'll detail that in a few minutes. >> thank you. the california highway patrol says officers will be on the lookout for drunk drivers and takg trafficaws behind the wheel during the christmas holiday. we are in what's known as a maximum enforcement period where which and other agencies will send all available officers on the highways and roads. officers will pay special attention to intoxicated
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motorists since booze plays such a large part in so many holiday parties and events. >> they will have saturation patrols, officers will be out there. it's not worth it, you know, plan ahead. plan to have a designated, sober driver. >> the period began last night and will end at 11:59 christmas night. it will gear up again on new year's eve. well, if you haven't finished your holiday shopping, you've got lots of company. abc7 news has more live from burlingame where a lot of people are panicking today. carlos? >> reporter: that's right, eric. we are seeing a lot of lastinoprs her in downtown burlingame. traffic has picked up. there are a dozen stores here. there's options here if you haven't done that christmas shopping yet. as you know, the saturday before christmas is considered super saturday, as all those last-minute shoppers head to the stores to make their final purchase and cross off everyone on their list. the national retail federation
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says 56% of holiday shoppers plan to shop this weekend. that's about 134 million people. that number is up from last year. and that could be a reason why you're seeing a lot of those bigger crowds at the malls, at the stores. now whatever budget you're on, there always seems to be a bargain out there. these last-minute shoppers say it pays to wait. >> i've done a lot of amazon. but i'm trying -- this is the final push, last 15%, 10%. >> been a big crowd. especially actually here. i was in the mall this morning, and that was not as packed, i thought. i think people want to be outdoors. >> reporter: the conditions are just about right to do that shopping outside. it's nd too cold, not tooyet. again, the rush is on for the last-minute shoppers. we only have a couple of days left before that christmas holiday. reporting live in burlingame, abc7 news. >> thank you very much.
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just ahead on the abc7 news at 6:00, a christmas crab shortage. the high tides keeping fishing boats in shallow waters. plus, pg&e says it will play ball. what struggles the company could face following its role in recent wildfires. and setting sail from a san francisco port. the po
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range of solutions to make its energy system safer after state
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regulators said they'll consider drastic measures including breaking up the utility. the commission says it's looking at possibly replacing the board of directors, breaking up the company into smaller divisions, or making pg&e a public agency. this comes after the utility's role in recent gas explosions and wildfires which includes last month's camp fire that killed 86 people. there are lawsuits against pg&e claiming it did not maintain its equipment. despite damage from the camp fire, paradise opened its outdoor skating rink today. the town of paradise shared this video of the terry ash recreation center after cleaning it up. the recreation and park district opened the rink at noon. christmas tree lighting was also held about an hour ago. a special ship that's on an around-the-world tour just left san francisco today. [ horn ] the polish tall ship named "dar
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board, 150 young cadets and students on a goodwill tour. the teens are taking part in cultural exchanges to celebrate the 100th anniversary of polish independence. the ship was docked at pier 17 during its stay. still to come at 6:00, high tides are enthralling tourists but keeping fishing boats at bay. how that's impacting fish markets and your christmas dinner. and meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> reporter: the sharks rallied for two goals in the third period. would it be enough to lead to the victory against the kings? and looking to stay perfect on the hilltop.
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high tides rolled into parts of the bay area this morning. abc7 was at mill valley where you see road flooding at the park and ride. earlier we were under a coastal hazardollowed by extremely low tides. stream high and low -- extreme high and low tides are also expected for tomorrow. dangerous waves off the bay families' traditional crab feasts crab fishermen are finding waters too trough take
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out boats leading to the shortage of dungeness crab for the holidays. if you find available crab, prices are going to be much higher than usual. we're tracking rain moving in here on christmas eve. the good news, it's not going to linger all night long. it will slow down travel as many of us are out and about. we have a weak ripple of energy in the north bay right now. and most spots in the north bay are dry. however, i don't think it's out of the question, you might feel a drop or so as the energy scoots by to the north. it's not going to last long. not going to give it a number on the impact scale. the storm moving to the pacific northwest. moving on shore in seattle and portland. much of the energy will stay north of our region. another storm will bring us more widespread showers on monday. right now in the 40s and the 50s.
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we'll call it comfortably cool. 53 right now in oakland. 55 in hayward. down to 49 in fairfield. and 54, the current number in san mateo. overnight tonight, going to hang on to a lot of cloud cover we have upstairs. fog going to be limited overnight tonight. not nearly as widespread as previous nights. upper 30s to mid 40s is what we'll drop to over the next 12 hours. we have another coastal flood advisory that will go into effect tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning. it coincides with our high tide time tomorrow. around 11:00 in san francisco in the morning. again we could have a little minor flooding close to the water during that time of high tide. hour by hour we go on your sund sunday. similar today. a lot of cloud cover. future weather showing you there's the chance around ukaia. there could be a light sprinkle. again, most reads will be dry. an uneventful end to the weekend. that cloud cover will stick with us even into monday as rain
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arrives monday morning. overcast, mid 50s to low 60s. 56 in santa rosa. 59 in fremont. high about 61 in san jose. we'll top out at 57 in san francisco. the rain returns on sfeef. a level -- on christmas eve. a level-one light system. light scattered showers on monday. most cities less than a quarter inch of rain, but breezy. we'll time it out. monday morning, 7:00 a.m., there you go. there's the light rain starting in the north bay. on and off scattered showers. midday we still see the rain kind of working through the region. even to the evening, by 5:00, light, scattered showers. the good news, as christmas eve comes to a close, this storm system is going to get out of here. christmas day itself will be dry. we're tracking snow in the sierra. a winter storm watch in effect 10:00 above 5,000 feet. 20 8 to 12 inches of fresh powder. the highest peaks seeing up to
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18 inches. if you want to go to tahoe, a good idea to travel tomorrow. monday, travel will be rough with the snow moving through. for the next seven days, lots of clouds tomorrow. there's the showers on christmas eve. out of here for christmas day on tuesday. a bright finish to the day. cool mornings wednesday and thursday with dry weather on friday and saturday. rope f-- >> reporter: warriors trying to do what they've been unable to do this season. te two-handed finish, nice cut. veot touaboree guys left. watching frankie ferrari, wide open. he cans it. stanford got the l usf goes back the other way. getting the basket and the foul.
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usf wins it 74-65. they improve to 12-1 on the season. and in berkeley the bears taking on number-one uconn. both teams undefeated. asia thomas turning defense into offense. the steal and the bucket. she had a team-high 22. katy lou samuelson with the drive and basket, she had 20. thomas from behind the arc. one of her six threes in the game. it wasn't enough. cal suffers its first loss of the year 76-66. uconn, get this, has won 126 consecutive regular-season games. the warriors are going to be busy for the holidays. tonight they tip off the first of three games in a four-game span highlighted by their christmas day showdown against lebron and the lakers. the dubs taking on the mavericks. green struggling behind the arc hits the early three. that's good for your confidence. steph curry doing a little sharing, throws it to kevin durant who gives it back.
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he knows what to do with it. he cans the triple. draymond's next three-point attempt goes in, as well. then the mavericks hot. 14 points in the first quarter. mavs up by three after one. now they lead by seven in the second quarter. longtime rivals hitting the tice tank. the sharks in the matinee. the big hit on austin wagner.wa. kobulchuk missed the last ten games due to an ankle injury. the kings had the 1-0 lead. l.a. led 2-0 in the third when meyer with the great pass easy tap made it 2-1. with 30 seconds remaining, the re offfreat jonatha quick. we're heading to overtime. in the extra frame, the breakaway.
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winning the second goal of the game. the kings with the surprising overtime win over the sharks. your final 3-2. washington facing the titans. both teams fighting for a playoff spot. former 49er blaine gabbard came in for mariota. threw the lone touchdown pass for the team. two yards to michael prewitt. the titans up three. josh johnson, quarterback for washington, threw a touchdown, had two picks including this one. the last play of the game by malcolm butler. takes it all the way back to the house. people in vegas very unhappy. 56 yards for the touchdown after once leading the division. washington has lost five of the last six games. the titans win it 25-16. let's go bowling. birmingham bowl. deamon deacons' quarterback jamie neumann fights his way into the end zone for the three-point lead with 34 seconds left. memphis needed just one play to get into field goal range. and they had two time-outs and plenty of time to get in -- at least try for the end zone. instead they decided to kick the tying field goal.
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first, a false start. back it up five yards. riley patterson misses wide right on the 43-yard tying attempt. wake forest wins the birmingham bowl. 37-34. we'll have complete highlights of the warriors game tonight at 11:00. the warriors, a little rusty. got some players that need to shoot their way out of it. a couple of games to do it. >> this is not the time to worry, panic. >> all right. thank you. next, a merry christmas for military families. the unexpected s
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, the new year will bring a pay raise to some people in the bay area. the cities where the minimum wage is going up. and what would you do if you found a purse with $10,000 in it? you might be surprised at what one man did. finally tonight, an annual holiday tradition delighted hundreds of military families. abc7 news was at moppet field where santa had a hand in giving away hundreds of toys to the kids of military families. the toys came courtesy of the nfl alumni association which collected the presents specifically for military families. >> the service men and women and their families that sacrifice so much, it's just, you know -- to see the joy on their face, all i can say is, you know, god bless
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and merry christmas. >> thisou t for many military families. the event is a big help especially when loved ones are deployed or injured during the holidays. kel well done, you guys. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. the three of us will see you back here at 11:00.
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