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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 23, 2018 7:00am-7:58am PST

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be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning, america. the breaking news overnight, tsunami in indonesia. a volcanic eruption triggering a wall of water. slamming into this concert stage, sweeping people into the ocean. the death toll climbing this morning. hotels and popular tourist areas wrecked. the desperate rescues with streets in ruins. we have team coverage of this unfolding disaster. shutdown stalemate. >> if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. >> the two sides not even close to a deal. >> i don't think i would take an offer of 1.3 when you had previously offered me 1.6. >> the search for signs of
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movement this morning. >ewalut tthe s. against isis stepping down. his comments and possible implications of the president's syria decision this morning. under investigation, new jersey's civil rights division now launching an investigation to cut off his dreads to compete. this as a former olympian weighs in on the matter. and christmas crunch time. the mad dash for last-minute gifts. the discounts stores are offering to get you in the door, plus, how to get your gifts in time but skip the lines. and good morning. we begin with that breaking news overnight. the damage from a devastating tsunami. that struck in indonesia.
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warning. you can see this concert stage suddenly heaving forward from the water's impact, dragging people away. >> the tsunami may have been triggered by a volcanic eruption on an island formed after one of the largest eruptions occurred -- the crakatau volcano more than a century ago. >> here's what we know so far. at least 222 people have been reported dead. 843 injured and at least 28 missing. those numbers are sadly expected to rise. we have team coverage. we kick things off with julia macfarland in our london bureau. julia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. indonesia is still recovering from the last time this happened only three months ago. this time, however, huge waves have devastated an area close to the most populous part of the country, just a few hours' drive from the capital. this is the terrifying moment the massive wall of water came
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crashing on to the shores of indonesia's most populous islands. the tsunami slamming into this celebration without warning, sweeping away everything in sight. the killer wave may have been triggered by this volcanic eruption just after 9:30 in the evening on the island of krakatau. the massive fire exploding from the volcano visible for miles. the underwater landslide happening 124 miles from the capital of jakarta. local or 200 are on firmed dead. with more than 800 injured. the number of missing growing and expected to rise as rescue crews sift through the mangled mess left behind. the water crashing 65 feet inland, decimating towns and hotels in the popular tourist area, packed with travelers on vacation for the holidays. the huge tide may have been affected by the full moon, making the wave more devastating. the aftermath horrifying. the tsunami tearing apart hundreds of homes, sweeping away
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hotels, flooding streets and overturning cars. this morning the lead vocalist of a popular indonesian band performing under a tent peeking out announcing to his fans several band members were killing in the wave. asking for prayers for the one the injured rushed to hospitals in the area, many needing to be tended to right on the streets. rescue teams rummage through the rubble in search of survivors. >> and the priority is to make sure that if there isbblet ey r safety. >> reporter: the view from above capturing the devastation. entire towns swept away. local officials say indonesia doesn't have a tsunami warning system for detecting tsunamis from volcanic activity because these systems rely on detecting earthquakes. this wave triggered by an underwater landslide. this latest incident comes just
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three months after a massive tsunami hit killing at least 382 people. the areas around the straight are usually accessible. but aid workers have told us that roads have been damaged. there's now fears the devastation will prevent help from coming quickly to those who need it most. >> julia, you were born in jakarta and are familiar with this region. what can you tell us about the tsunami warning system and whether or not it worked in this case? >> reporter: whit, it's know dwroirsly unreliable. it suffered in recent years through lack of funding. indonesia is hooked up on blackberry, messenger and whatsapp. so news travels fastest on apps. the issue with this latest disaster is that the tsunami warning system monitors earthquakes and there wasn't one registered this time. we think this may have been caused by aunds water landslide. and as far as we know, there's
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no system in place that monitors that. whit? >> truly a devastating event. julia macfarland, thank you. joining us now by phone we have a reporter with an australian newspaper. you spent the day in the disaster area. talk us through a little bit of what you saw as you started going through. >> this main area where -- last night is about 10 ks from the indonesian capital of jakarta. all along the road we drove today you saw village after village hit hard by the wave. we saw cars picked up and overturned and strewn a dozen or so shipping containers. we saw a tractor that looked like it had been sent flying. we saw houses that basically had been flattened by the wave when it swept through last night. >> talking to those people in those areas, are they able to get in touch with their loved ones to find out if everyone is okay?
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>> unlike with an earthquake, there's been a couple of those in indonesia, most of the communication infrastructure seems to be working. it's really quite -- some villages have a strong phone signal. some villages that have none. the other thing that stood out because it's near the capital, more help seems to be getting to people than the previous two disasters in indonesia this year. we saw dozens of army trucks, police vehicles, heavy earth-moving equipment, all those sorts of things. help is getting through after what nearly 24 hours or so. there are a lot of people without power who lost their homes and lost their lives. >> where are all those people staying now? >> seems like a combination of elters set up for people who are now homeless and they're spotted through villages. usually attached to a local mayor's office or something like that. some will be sleeping in temporary shelters essentially
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outside tonight. >> for people who have never been in that area, can you give us a sense of how populated that area is? >> java, which is the main indonesian island is home to something like 140 million people. it's a small island. it's very densely populated. >> i'm sure lots of help continues to pour in. james, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your help. >> of course. pleasure talking to you. >> that devastation just incredible to look at this morning. >> one thing we have seen from the video, just the element of surprise. people carrying on and obviously didn't know it was coming. >> it's a beautiful country. they've dealt with a lot. it continues this morning. >> sure have. >> the impact of a tsunami can be devastating. rob is here with more on what causes them. rob? >> good morning, again, guys. as we mentioned, we had a tsunami just about three months ago out there.
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all around this ring of fire we get around the u.s. and we have the combination of threats of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. from the aleutian islands back through krakatau, cht has been erupting for years. we do think because of eruption there we had an underwater landslide which does the same thing that the regular tsunami does. you get a displacement of water. these things can travel up to 400, 500 miles an hour. when you look at where the krakatau island is to java, it's less than 100 miles away. so even with a warning system, it would take less than ten minutes for this tsunami to get to where it was. i'll say this as well. the usgs and the tsunami warning centers, very limited information coming out of there this morning because in part of the government shutdown. guys, mack over to you. >> rob, thank you. that gets us to our big story here at home this morning. the all but evaporated chances that the partial shut down of the federal government
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will end before christmas. members of the house and senate heading home until the 27th. they stopped negotiating with the president locked in a seeming stalemate with democrats over funding for his border wall. >> abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is on capitol hill with the latest this morning. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, eva. both sides are calling this a political stunt. republicans don't want to settle for less than $2 billion in wall funding and democrats don't want to pay for the wall. after all the president did say during the dmanlt mex -- campaign that mexico would pay for the wall. >> negotiations continue. >> reporter: house and senate leaders declaring the congress out of session until after christmas. >> will it get done before christmas? >> doesn't look like it. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: conservatives urging the president to hold his ground. >> the wall at our southern border is a promise you made, ran on, got elected on and must keep. >> reporter: the president feeling the pressure. skipping his palm beach vacation to stay in washington while
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400,000 government employees work without pay. tweeting i will not be going to florida because of th staying in the white house. after hours of negotiation the deadlock still over the wall. both sides still digging in. >> president trump, if you want to open the government you must to sus lg tdn necessary. >> reporter: after a lunch meeting with president trump on saturday, republican lawmakers said they would settle for less than the $5 billion president trump originally demanded. republicans were not willing to accept the $1.6 billion that schumer offered the president before the midterms. and his latest offer is even lower, at $1.3 billion. >> if i wrote a book called the "art of the deal," i don't think i would take an offer of 1.3 when you had previously offered
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me 1.6. you want to know how silly this is, america? >> reporter: in a meeting with senate minority leader chuck schumer, vice president mike the booffered he also asked they loosen restrictions on how border security money is spent. this is much lower than the $5 billion that president trump originally asked for. even that schumer said they're very far apart. eva. >> thanks, tara. president trump also facing new fallout over his decision to withdraw troops from syria. a second member from his administration who is key to the fight against isis is stepping down because of this move. now the president is fighting back. abc's lana zak is at the white house with more on this story. >> reporter: overnight president trump reacting to the resignation of brett mcgurk. after the top u.s. envoy to the global coalition to defeat isis said he could not carry out the president's orders to withdraw from syria and, quote, maintain my integrity. the president hitting back in a
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flurry of tweets, calling mcgurk a grand-standing and downplaying his resignation as a nothing event. president trump said if anyone else made st critics of the syria decision are actually alice of the president. >> this decision is a disaster. on multiple were tsat leave w. >> reporter: mcgurk's announcement comes on the heels of the resignation of secretary of defense james mattis who in his resignation letter wrote we cannot protect our interests without maintaining strong alliances, the example mattis specifically mentioned, mcgurk's defeat isis coalition. >> as the u.s. pulls out, there will be other players in the region who will rush in to fill the void, syria, saudi arabia, russia, iran. all of these countries will have a vested interest in moving in. when the u.s. moves out. >> reporter: now, mcgurk had planned to leave the administration in february.
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he's now moved that up in protest. still no word who might replace general jim mattis as secretary of defense. meaning that the trump administration will have two major holes to fill in the new year in the global fight against terrorism. dan?ouuch toolics isorng t's brings chief white house correspondent jon karl who will be hosting "this week." jon's in d.c. jon, good morning. the resignations of mcgurk and mattis come on top of a government shutdown, a tanking stock market, and swirling investigations of pretty much almost every area of donald trump's life. it's adding to the media story line about a presidency going off the rails. we're seeing big stories in "the washington post" and "the new york times" this morning. my question to you is, haven't we heard this story before? what, if anything, is different this time? >> dan, you're right. we certainly have heard many times before major crisis, chaos in the west wing, disorder. staff shake-ups, all of that, but i've gotta tell you, this does feel different.
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what you are seeing this time that i believe is different is you are seeing a parade of republican senators, many of whom have been consistently loyal to this president, backing him up at every turn, raising questions about his leadership, particularly on the decision to withdraw from syria, but also on i mean, vice president pence went to capitol hill onlod lunca then suddenly two days later you have the president shutting the government down. there is some real concern expressed, not just in the media here, but concern by some of the president's strongest allies or what have been the president's strongest allies on capitol hill. >> so that may be what's different this time. let's drill down meantime on this government shutdown. you've got the president's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney, a new hire on the show
7:16 am
this morning. the two sides seem to be digging in. how do you see this thing ending? >> this is a big interview. it's mulvaney's first interview since he was named acting chief of staff. he's also the budget director. he's also a former conservative member of the house, one of the founding members of the freedom caucus, somebody who has been in favor of government shutdowns in the past to push his point. i frankly don't see how this ends any time soon. democrats have made it clear they're in no mood to compromise on the wall. the white house led by mulvaney, as well as the president, seem to be prepared to set in for a long showdown with democrats. so it's unclear how this resolves. one idea that was interesting was on the pages of "the ayg pnt on coutri a shld willing to provide a hars er fund hisalp for the
7:17 am
maybe some grand compromise like that, but we're a long way from that happening. >> always great to see you, jon. thank you. notwithstanding the afore mentioned dysfunction. i want to remind everybody jon has a big show. he's going to go one on one with mick mulvaney. plus the power house round table debates another especially chaotic week in washington. it's all coming up on "this week." jon, thanks again. >> let's get a check of the forecast. rob marciano is here. no pressure, the christmas forecast is very important. >> i see what you're trying to do there. good morning again, guys. we have storms lining up in the pacific and doing a little bit of damage. let's get to washington state. there you go. birch bay up near the canadian border. they had a storm surge there with one of several systems beginning to roll in and do some damage to the ocean front
7:18 am
businesses there. up in the queen charlotte you can see a swirl in the atmosphere. that's driving the jet stream which is plowing some of this rain and higher elevation snow into seattle and portland. let's show you the computer models. there's another one behind this one, as well. this comes in today and the rain getting down into san francisco, snow through tahoe and pushing farther east inland. then another system. this one is a little further to the south around 8:00 on monday, christmas eve. you'll have a bit of a white christmas there if you're at elevation. another disturbance is rolling across parts of the northeast. we'll talk more about that on christmas eve. some of you will get some white flakes if you want them. that's the latest check on the good sunday morning. plenty of cloud cover here in san francisco. visibility is good, though, throughout the bayar ki loong at a chance of showers mainly in the north bay. could see a renegade shower throughout the day today anywhere. but more likely tomorrow when we bring in the storm impact scale. it will be breezy ahead of the front and cool behind it.
7:19 am
highs today with scattered showers in the north bay. 57 in richmond. 59 in fremont. >> incredible images of that tsunami out there in indonesia. we'll show you images of a tsunami off the southwest coast of florida triggered by some weather earlier this week. a pretty rare ev we'll have that in the next half an hour. >> so interests. thank you, robert. appreciate that. t-minus two days until christmas. stores are pulling out all the stops to get you in the door before time runs out. >> it is ticking away. erielle reshef is outside the old navy in times square with the last-minute shopping scramble. good morning. >> reporter: the last-minute holiday shopping rush is still under way. but the clock is ticking. these retailers still reeling you in with last minute deals. the last-minute holiday shopping
7:20 am
whirlwind down to the wire. >> last-minute shopping is more exciting. >> reporter: the final countdown, a procrastinator's paradise. >> it's the pressure. i've got to find this. when you do find it, it feels so good. >> reporter: this weekend on pace to beat out black friday as the busiest shopping stretch of 2018. are you looking for anything special? >> last minute presents. >> reporter: retailers still slashing prices. from tvs to toothbrushes, deep discounts this weekend on tech, toys and apparel. best buy up to $150 off mac book pros. target with a $100 gift card with the purchase of any new iphone. this nespresso on amazon, nearly half off. to get the gifts there in time amazon offering prime members free same-day delivery on christmas eve. more than 20 stores like old navy, target, macy's have extended hours on christmas eve. some open as late as 10:00 p.m. check the hours and locations in your area. up to 75% off at old navy and it's already opened. so i gotta go.
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i gotta go check out. >> let's go around the horn. did you finish your shopping? >> i went shopping yesterday and bought nothing. i spent time in a mall and didn't buy a thing. we got our santa picture for the year. >> otherwise, #fail. >>t's the effort that counts. >> did you finish it? >> it's the spirit of giving. i haven't bought anything yet, but i have the spirit. >> i haven't started. >> you guys are terrible. >> have you? >> i have one person to buy for. my wife. i deal with that in november. >> it's miserable. >> hopefully yours is going better. there's still time to get christmas gifts.a," the latest on our top story. the tsunami in indonesia. and new fallout from this video. a high school wrestler being forced to cut off his dreadlocks to compete. the investigation being launched into the incident. plus, the new shopping trend
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good morning everyone. i'm chris nguyen. telegraph holiday street fair in berkeley is going on. more than 200 artists have their best work for sale, including jewelry, clothing, photography and poverty. the fair is on telegraph avenue between dwight and bancroft. it runs from 11 to 6:00 and runs again tomorrow.
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turning to weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. a live look outside to san rafael. a little bit of the sun there. visibility is good. 50 in san francisco. 46 in half moon bay. from walnut creek, another beautiful picture there. 43 in livermore. a little rain for the north bay. elsewhere, we're dry and more rain for everyone tomorrow. thanks so much for
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welcome back to "gma" on this busy sunday morning. we're following two big developing stories. first here in the u.s., the partial government shutdown stands, after they couldn't strike a deal. lawmakers heading home until after the holiday. hundreds of thousands of government workers furloughed or work without pay, as president over boarder wall funding. now the tsunami in indone a indonesia. let's go back to julia in our london bureau. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the tsunami struck at night without warning, just after 9:30 local time, sweeping away buildings, flooding streets, overturning cars. we now that at least 222 people
7:31 am
have been killed and at least 843 injured. officials believe an underwater landslide may have caused this. indonesia's monitoring agency didn't pick up earthquakes or any signs the wave was co whent did, it destroyed hundreds of buildings, including popular tourist beaches. this area is incredibly populous. the beaches are only a few hours away from the massive capital city of jakarta. aid workers are struggling to reach those in need. dan? >> julia, a terrible story. an unfolding one we'll continue to cover throughout the day. we do move on now, though, to the growing outrage over what happened at a high school wrestling match? >> this video showing the young wrestler getting his dreadlox snipd off, told he had to do it.
7:32 am
zachary kiesch has the story. >> reporter: this young african-american athlete comp e competed this whole year with his locks. and that ended when a white referee, who apologized for a racial slur in the past, refused to let him compete until he cut it. this morning, new jersey's division of civil rights has launched an investigation. andrew johnson, an 11th grader was given an ultimatum as he stood ready to compete. cut the locks or forfeit the match. johnson reluctantly agreed. the governor of new jersey says no student should have to ne needlessly choose between his or her identity or playing sports. on limpk wrestler jordan burroughs weighed in. >> it's magnified because of how
7:33 am
closely r identity and heritage dreadlox are. >> reporter: league rules state if player's hair is too long they can choose to wear a cap. why cap wasn't an option in this case is not known. people, including celebrities, want know what role race played. director ava duvernay tweeting, i don't just wear locs. they are part of me. a gift to me. they mean something to me. to watch this young man's ordeal wrecked me. the league will not assign this referee before the incident was reviewed. according to the courier ad tos in . he w sen toensiti
7:34 am
training. the young man rose up. >> i was proud of him. that was not easy to do. >> reporter: it's been incredible how much people have been impacted by this story. ava's tweet resonated with a lot of folks. certainly touched me. a lot of people have reached out and been touched by this story. >> a lot of people talking about. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. let's check in with rob. >> rare event in florida. a tsunami. not nearly as horrifying or deadly as the one in indonesia. this is cap tooef have a island. a wave came through. a sneaker wave. took people by surprise. flooded out a couple of homes and businesses. there you see it caught on video. a veer line of thunderstorms rolled through. some of the wind wave and the low pressure behind it lifting the weather, as well.
7:35 am
rare event in parts of florida. rare event coming, snow on christmas for some folks. a little disturbance going to come across the area tomorrow. from the mountains of west virginia and up through central pen, central new york. you'll see a coating of snow for a white christmas, a good sunday morning from the roof camera. plenty of cloud cover. we're looking at a mild day with mid and upper 50s. more peeks of sun in the south bay. looking at rain for everyone on monday. this weather report is sponsored by amazon. want to give you an update and remind you about our giving my all event. lots of you are stepping up to pay for layaways. we have gnaw tally. over $307,000 have been raised. including one angel that gave a
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shipping or curbside pickup. or in-store pickup. it's all about convenience. >> reporter: data coming in from adobe, it shows the practice of buying online, but picking up in store rose 47%. erin quick, a working mom sees the need. >> i'm such a fan of online shopping. >> reporter: erin orders items from different websites. even groceries. she chooses curb-side delivery, so she doesn't have to go into any stores. same day delivery is expensive and has limited inventory. the promise of drone delivery hasn't taken off yet. but pickup in-store options have grown dramatically. walmart and nordstrom offering it, with target rolling out curb side pick up in over 1,000 locations this year. >> people want to shop how they want to shop, when they want to shop, and where they want to
7:42 am
sh shop. companies have to offer all these different options now. >> reporter: a few hours after ordering -- >> i don't have to get my daughter in the car, out of the car, in the car seat, out of the car seat. >> reporter: in minutes erin has all the things she needs. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for shopping with us. >> you bet. enjoy your day. >> you as well. >> reporter: even this convenience turns into a pumpkin at some point and disappears. if you can place the order today, some retailers need a full day to process orders. others can turn them around in as little as two hours. bottom line, cross your fingers and good luck. >> gotta get on it. i don't want to name any names, but his initials are rob marciano. >> i've done this shop online and go pick it up. if you have to get out of the car and go stand in a line, it can be a while to wait. this is nice having them deliver it to the car. >> another excuse for rob. >> get gift cards. >> money is always good. >> i hear you. coming up on "good morning america" we'll take a look back at this year's heros. our robin roberts with the names in the news in 2018. robin roberts with the names
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welcome back to "gma." speaking out, standing tall, and stepping up.l nder me lis is tat w eyid 100 young athlinus that heroism and courage go hand in hand. >> we may suffer alone, but we survive together. honoth arthur ashe courage award for coming forward to seek justice against their former doctor, larry nassar, after years of sexual abuse. >> i was at the espys when they all stood on that stage.ment mt.
7:47 am
>> there w sisterhood between them. it came from something awful and ugly and really dark, but they together were so strong and not scared. >> i hope that people can learn from what happened to us, that this should never, ever, ever happen again. >> heroes are people that stand up and step up when the time calls for it. there were a lot of people who did that this year. >> reporter: across the nation we were graced by many acts of bravery and compassion in the face of hate and terror. now to our exclusive, the quick thinking hero who helped fight at a yoga studio. >> the only thing that was there was this vacuum. with a heavy end. i hit him over the head with it. >> reporter: joshua quick credited with helping fellow yoga students escape. >> i want to thank that guy from the bottom of my heart. he saved my life. >> reporter: james shaw jr. also saved lives by stepping up in that waffle house in tennessee.
7:48 am
>> i'm not a hero. i think anybody could have did what i did. >> reporter: others who heard his story thought differently like "black panther" star chadwick boseman sharing his best hero award with james at this year's mtv movie and tv awards. >> james shaw jr., come up here. this is going to live at your house. it's going to live at your house. >> you can catch "the year in 2018" with robin roberts, a look at all the year's highlights tonight at 9:00 on abc. coming up here, the young girls folding their way to fame ahead in "pop news." tolerant. turns out i was just ssive aroo ... ...i can finally enjoy cereal again. it's delicious like real milk. because, it is real milk! a2 milk® is...
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come on, come on, come on! alright! come on, come on! come on! yeah! ♪ so how about another game?
7:52 am
♪ it's "pop." it's the seasonally dressed adrienne bankert.
7:53 am
>> look at that. >> digging the outfit. strong. >> you know what? 'tis the season for flannel. plus it feels like pajamas. that's why i wore it. >> you're like our poinsettia. >> poinsettia? >> it didn't come out right. >> i'll be the flower. >>hank youwh get right to "pop news," right? demi lovato updated fans on her recovery. the singer has taken to twitter about her health. that's taking aim at the tabloids. in a series of posts she writes if i feel like the world needs to know something, i will tell them myself. otherwise people stop writing about my recovery. it's no one's business but mine. i am sober and grateful to be alive and taking care of me. she was rushed to the hospital in july after a suspected opioid drug overdose and spent three months in rehab. she adds she's grateful to fans and some day will tell her story. a sweet story from dallas.
7:54 am
katherine and isabel are only 12 and 15 years old. they're already ceos of their own nonprofit, paper for water. the girls learned the art of origami from their dad. after some serious persistence, and now a worldwide army of volunteers, they sell their handmade paper ornaments in shops and now , eyr $1 seasons in dallas to sell two trees full of their creations to fund their efforts in kenya in 2020. and, guys, the girls wanted each of you to have these gifts. eva, this is for you. >> this is dan's. >> whit, you have one. >> if you guys could open them up. >> look how pretty they are. >> they're beautiful. >> these are awesome. >> oh, my gosh. they're so intricate. >> the thing about origami there are no scissors used. there are no cuts. it's all folded paper. no glue involved except for the beading. each one handmade. you can find out more on or you can contact the four
7:55 am
seasons dallas if you want to y it's going to a great cause. and you already saw here on the table. we have oreos. here for you oreo fans. they dabbled in a lot of unusual flavors as fillings. we have a classic for you. dark chocolate, this flavor is a permanent addition. look for them on store shelves on january 2nd. >> this is new? >> it is. >> i'm a yankees fan. >> tastes better than the poinsettia. >> i'm never saying the fame of that flower again. >> i want to send out a special beautiful human beings who work at a hospice in new york city. they do incredible work for vulnerable people all year round. they work for the visiting nurse service of new york. this is my buddy ronnie who has defied the odds and thrived in hospice where i volunteer for several years. ronnie, i love you. thank you for teaching me so
7:56 am
much about how to live. guys, i love you. merry christmas. such an honor to work with all of you. we do it for all of you out in the audience. thank you for watching. merry christmas to all of you. >> stay tuned for jon karl and "this week" coming up. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas, everybody. "this week" coming up. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas, everybody. good morning everyone. i'm chris nguyen. happening today, hundreds of kids receive a new bike this holiday season thanks to san francisco firefighters. it's all part of the toy program. the city's largest and nation's oldestfamilies each year. it provides more than 300 bikes to children in need. the union is still accepting other toys. if you'd like to donate, you can drop them off at any of the fire
7:57 am
stations in the city. san francisco's oldest department store is officially closing its doors today. gump's on post street near union square opened back in 1861 as a frame and mirror shop. it eventually became an exclusive store selling an array of luxury items. gump's filed for bankruptcy. all items heft in the store are 70 to 90% off. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast. lisa argen. live lirnia. see a few slip south, mainly into the north bay later on this afternoon. but the more organized system is holding off until christmas day. here's a live look outside where it looks good in san francisco. 46 in morgan hill and for mt. tam, you can see the cloud cover. the visibility is good. 44 napa and petaluma. checking in at 44 degrees. milder this morning, anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees milder with all the cloud cover.
7:58 am
today the chance of showers pretty much staying in the north bay. mid to upper 50s there. 61 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a 1 on the storm impact scale. a tenth to .2 and the winds kick off into christmas as well. this week with george stephanopoulos is next. we'll see you in been an hour for abc 7 mornings at 9:00.
7:59 am
not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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>> announcer: "this week" with christmas chaos in the capitol. >> we're totally prepared for a long shutdown. >> an impasse over how to pay for the president's border wall forces a government shutdown in time for the holidays. >> you're not getting the wall today, next week or on january 3rd when democrats take control of the house. >> after saying he would be proud to shut the government down over border security the president is blaming the opposition. >> totally up to the democrats. >> under pressure from the far right the president upended a deal to keep the government open. how long will the standoff last and who will blink first? plus -- >> we're coming on the air with breaking news. >> preside t


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