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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 24, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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day. alexis, you'll be here. >> i will be here along with mike nicco. we wish you and your family and your loved ones a very merry christmas. >> yes. from all of us here at good morning, america. deadly tsunami. hundreds killed as the massive wave slams indonesia without warning. inside the terrifying strike that caught a nation off guard as rescuers race against the clock to find survivors, and officials warn more devastation could be on the way. shutdown stalemate. hundreds of thousands of government workers working without pay, and hundreds of thousands more at home this morning. that battle over the border wall. trump wants billions. democrats saying no, and this could all go on well into january. referee under fire after forcing a high school wrestler
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to choose, cut off his hair or forfeit the match. the moment caught on camera, sparking questions of racism. the investigation under way. and it's our final countdown to christmas morning. santa is on the move. we're tracking the big guy and his gang. plus, we're watching all those last-minute deals. secrets to getting the final items on your list and we're checking it twice. ♪ and good morning, america. great to have you with us on this christmas eve. just letting everyone know at home, we are keeping tabs on santa this morning as he pops up and down chimneys all across the globe. get this, we already have a gift tracker. he has delivered more than 300 million gifts so far already, this according to our source, norad. >> i have a 4-year-old at home who is tracking the story very closely. he actually has a t-shirt that reads, dear santa, define naughty. >> a lot of us have the same question.
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>> exactly, my son. karmic torpedo. anyway, this santa tracker is operating despite the fact that the government is actually shut down. it's now in its third day, this shutdown, and we'll have the latest on that showdown and what president trump is saying about it all. of course all of this is happening as there's a massive tragedy unfolding as well. >> dan, that's right. we begin with that devastating tsunami, hit without warning overseas. a volcanic eruption triggering under water landslides and officials fear it could happen again. >> here's what we know. at least 373 people dead. at least 1400 people injured. and 57 people still missing. for rescue crews working around the clock, time is running out. abc news senior foreign correspondent ian pannell right there in jakarta this morning. ian, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dan. heartbreaking images emerging from the devastation caused by yet another tsunami to strike in indonesia.
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while the frantic rescue operation is now under way here, there are warnings that the damage may not has passed. fears grow of yet another tsunami. the military of volunteers racing against the clock to find survivors, digging through the endless piles of debris for anyone trapped underneath. the grim sight of body bags, now, becoming all too common. ♪ >> reporter: a popular indonesia band were performing on the beach when the tsunami suddenly crashed through the stage, taking band members and the crowd in its path and many of their lives. the tsunami destroying hundreds of buildings, hotels and homes after coming to shore. cars and trucks thrown into buildings and on top of each other, and now its aftermath showing the devastation it left behind. these rooms where people were staying are just completely destroyed.
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you can see the beds there, ruined. >> reporter: the national disaster management agency confirming this morning that indonesia's early warning system isn't set up to monitor landslides and shockingly hasn't been working since 2012, meaning people had no time to escape. more than 370 killed, over 1,000 injured. and those numbers continuing to rise as rescue workers try to get into areas that haven't been reached yet. with hospitals either wrecked by the tsunami or too far to transport, doctors are flooding the areas to treat who they can. and families outside clinics and hospitals hoping to reunite with their loved ones. nearly 12,000 have been displaced. the tsunami triggered by an underwater landslide after a volcano erupted. the so-called child of krakatoa has been erupting since june. it is situated in the ocean between indonesia's two most crowded islands. the areas lined with beautiful
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beaches, a popular destination with tourists and ex-pats, especially during the holidays. well, this morning, residents living in those coastal areas being told to stay away and not go home because of the fear that more tsunamis could happen as that volcano continues to erupt, dan. >> ian, thank you. let's go right now to steve mcandrew who is head of emergency operations for the international federation of red cross. steve is in jakarta right now. steve, thank you for joining us on what we know is a very busy morning. let me ask you, since we know time is of the essence in a situation like this, what are the biggest challenges you're facing right now? >> well, the biggest challenges we're facing right now is that it's now nighttime, and our search and rescue teams are still going through debris, through -- through houses that have been affected and they're still trying to find survivors at this time, and at the same time, we have still an open risk
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of other tsunamis that may occur within the next 48 hours. >> we know there are hundreds and hundreds of injured. what kind of impact is caring for the injured having on the rescue and recovery efforts right now? >> we have recently run tsunami simulations and exercises prior to this within the previous months. so, it's having an impact because we have to bring in resources from all parts of indonesia and from jakarta. so we're bringing in emergency health teams. we're bringing in ambulances, but we're still doing the basic search and rescue teams while those other resources we're bringing in are helping to triage and transport patients to the local and regional hospitals. >> how much hope are you holding out that you can find more survivors to be rescued? >> so we are holding out full hope. so, we have seen -- i personally have seen people that have been rescued in some of our red cross
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earthquake operations up to 11 days after the event. >> and can you give us a sense of the extent of the damage that your people are seeing on the ground? >> as in any coastal area, especially a tourist area, there is damage to hotels. there is damage to resorts. there is a lot of damage right along the coastline, and some of the coastal roads are affected and they are inaccessible. we're having to access different areas via helicopters, via boats and at the same time, the indonesian military and government are going full out with their efforts and making access -- every minute, the access is getting better. the challenges are access. the damage goes inland, but there is a point where the tsunami did not reach and everything is as it always was before. >> steve mcandrew from the international federation of red cross, we thank you very much for your time during this incredibly busy time, and we wish you the best of luck with
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what you have described as a monster job. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> he called it a monster job and i'm always struck when we talk to rescue officials and authorities during times like this at the can-do attitude. >> exactly. the fact that this happened 14 years at the same time of year in the same area but the one thing that makes this tsunami different, it struck without any warning. it's a reminder that it doesn't always take an earthquake to unleash these devastating walls of water. abc senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us with how this happens. rob? >> 2004 and the one three months ago caused by an earthquake. this was caused by this, a violently erupting volcano, krakatau. it's been erupting on and off for about 100 years and building its own island underneath it. these pictures just taken yesterday, and it can slough off that land and displace that water. these red dots are some of the earthquakes that have occurred
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in the last ten days. no earthquake around here. so for that reason, we're suspecting this was an underwater landslide caused by this volcano. sumatra, java, these two islands, the shorelines, less than 100 miles from this volcano and when these tsunamis occur, they can travel in excess of 400, 500 miles an hour. so, even if that warning system was activated, it would give a lead time of less than ten minutes. horrible situation. >> all right, rob. thank you. we are turning now to washington and the government shutdown entering day three this morning. the white house warning it could stretch into the new year as the president and democrats battle over funding for the border wall. abc's tara palmeri has more. >> reporter: this morning, the government shutdown entering its third day with no end in sight. the hallways of capitol hill empty after gridlocked lawmakers left negotiations until after christmas. the president's new acting chief of staff says the shutdown could creep into the new year. >> this is what washington looks like when you have a president
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who refuses to sort of go along to get along. >> reporter: while insisting that president trump will stand his ground on demanding a border wall, behind closed doors with lawmakers, the white house is backing down from its original demand of $5 billion for a wall along the u.s./mexico border. >> the discussions now are between $1.6 billion and $5 billion. >> reporter: in those meetings, senate minority leader chuck schumer also lowered his original offer of $1.6 billion in border security to $1.3 billion. allies say the negotiations are going in the wrong direction. >> if i wrote a book called "the art of the deal," i don't think i would take an offer of $1.3 billion when you previously offered me $1.6 billion. >> reporter: as for that headlining campaign promise -- >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> reporter: mulvaney now acknowledging the money to fund the wall won't come from south of the border. >> the department of homeland security can't actually spend
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money from mexico. we have to get it from the treasury. >> reporter: now, here's some more shutdown drama. on friday, a man climbed the national christmas tree here in washington, d.c., damaging some of the lights. but it was complicated. because the national park service is shutdown. dan? >> tara, thank you. as if the shutdown wasn't enough, there is more political news during this holiday week including an unexpected personnel move. president trump showing the defense secretary, james mattis, the door two months early. he announced he would leave at the end of the february, but on sunday, apparently angered by the scorching tone of mattis' resignation letter, president trump tweeted that patrick shanahan will step in starting on january 1st. meanwhile, president trump is facing turmoil on the economic front. he reportedly mused aloud about jerome powell, chairman of the federal reserve. the president unhappy about interest rate hikes that have helped drive down the stock market.
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wall street is hoping for a christmas miracle today after the market's worst week since the 2008 financial crisis, now down more than 4,000 points from the high in october. and treasury secretary steve mnuchin looking to reassure investors, saying on sunday that he called the ceos of the country's six largest banks and issuing a statement that the banks do have enough credit to lend. amy, over to you. all right, well, now to the great holiday getaway. millions of last-minute travelers set to hit the roads, rails or skies this morning, hoping to be home in time for christmas eve dinner. abc's gio benitez is our road cam on the new jersey turnpike with more. gio, a little rainy there in new jersey. >> reporter: a little rainy, but you know what? i'm happy to be on the road this morning because take a look at that road cam. it is nice and clear and this is why. because christmas eve this year ended up on a monday. that means that over the weekend, everybody got all their travel done and so a lot of people are already there. so these roads are just totally clear right now.
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it turns out tomorrow is actually a really good travel day too. if you are already thinking about when you are going to head home, maybe after a little lunch, a little dinner with the family on christmas day, you can get on the road. if you wait until wednesday, you have to do it really early. you have to leave very early because that will become the worst day to travel, amy. >> i have never seen the new jersey turnpike look so good, gio. also, a christmas gift for drivers, gas prices. >> reporter: oh, yeah. right now ill very still very low, $2.32, and so you're also seeing that in some places you're going to get gas at less than $2 a gallon. >> that is certainly a christmas gift indeed. all right, gio, stay safe out there. thank you. whit? amy, now to new developments in the case of that missing colorado mom. just days after the arrest of kelsey berreth's fiance on a murder charge, investigators have turned up evidence 700 miles from berreth's home.
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abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are following new leads in the disappearance of kelsey berreth. police now confirming they have recovered evidence in idaho, more than 700 miles away from the missing mother's colorado home. idaho is also where investigators had earlier detected a ping from berreth's cell phone shortly after she vanished back in november. investigators declined to comment on evidence they have collected, but just days ago, berreth's fiance, patrick frazee, was arrested by police on suspicion of murdering the mother of their 1-year-old daughter. >> while we have not found kelsey at this time, information has been developed that is helping to narrow down our search. >> reporter: officials conducting multiple searches on both the home where she lived and frazee's home. officers and police canines scouring the suspect's 35-acre property for clues and escorting the couple's daughter, kaylee, away. the missing mother was last seen in public at a grocery store
7:15 am
on thanksgiving day, captured on this surveillance video. following frazee's arrest, berreth's family shared this picture over the weekend as a tribute to her showing berreth holding her daughter. the question now is, what are the items of evidence police processed 700 miles from colorado in twin falls, idaho? now, frazee has been arrested for first-degree murder and solicitation to commit murder and police tell us there is a, quote, absolute possibility that frazee had help and that we could see additional arrests. amy. >> a lot more to come. matt gutman, thank you. now to a new warning about turkey products connected to a deadly salmonella outbreak, killing one and sickening more than 200 people in 38 states and washington, d.c., dating back to last year. a minnesota company is recalling more than 164,000 pounds of raw,
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ground turkey products that may be contaminated. the jennie-o turkey store products have use by or freeze-by states of november 12 or 13th. the recall includes plain ground turkey or turkey with taco or italian seasonings with the tag p-579 marked on the lower left corner on the front of that package. whit? it is the final countdown for christmas shopping. your time for procrastinating is almost up. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is at a best buy to help us all out with some last-minute deals. rebecca, good morning. >> reporter: hey. good morning to you, whit. let's be honest. if you are still out shopping now, you're just interested in getting the job done and a lot of stores like best buy will help you do that with extended hours today. best buy, most stores across the country today, open at 7:00 across this country this morning. there are a number of other retailers with extended hours today including macy's, target, ulta, and tj maxx. kohl's will stay open throughout
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the day today. if you want to go that online shopping option, there still are some opportunities to do that. amazon prime members can take advantage of free one-day and free same-day shopping and shipping. the one thing you have to make sure of here is that you're in one of those cities that is a participator and also that the items that you want to ship, whit, are eligible for that same-day option. >> got it. very important. we know there are places to shop, places to go, but what about the last-minute deals? >> reporter: well, look, you have got some tvs right here at best buy, but some of the best deals today you're going to find on things like clothing. apparel, 60% to 75% off at a number of places. gap and eddie bauer have the entire store on sale, 50% off. also, toys at target right now, up to 50% off toys, and there is always that iou coupon, whit. >> thank you so much. dan looking for some new yoga pants. 75% off, all you. >> or man spanx.
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i do want to show you something incredible. one of the most incredible plays in the final seconds of a football game we've seen in a while. it hammond -- happened at the high school level. three seconds on the clock, and the texas state championship on the line. the north shore quarterback throws an unbelievable 45-yard hail mary touchdown pass. i love this. afterwards the qb said this was not luck, they actually practiced this play every week. >> wow. >> i love it. >> and the crowd went wild. >> it's all skill. let's go over to rob with the major storm that could impact your holiday travels. >> we're looking at snow across the northeast, and that's the storm we're looking at. more on that later in the hour. for now, your select cities brought to you by amazon echo dot.
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coming up, backlash for a referee. the high school wrestler forced to choose between his hair and the match. the incident under investigation for possible racial bias. and doctors facing accusations still able to practice after surrendering their licenses. surrendering their licenses. ♪ you gotta see this!
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i find it very...appealing. new kellogg's raisin bran with bananas. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a great job of raisin ya. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. in the east bay, the raiders are playing what could be their final game in clands. they host the denver broncos tonight. the raiders pulled their offer to lease the coliseum after the city of oakland filed a lawsuit against the nfl and the raiders over their move to las vegas. so their 2019 home is up in the air. the san francisco giants right now are in talks with the raiders about potentially hosting games at at&t park. regardless, you can watch tonight's game at the oakland coliseum here on abc 7. our monday night football coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. >> we'll look at the roads right now. looks pretty light out there for your pre-holiday.
7:24 am
a lot of folks have a holiday today. taking a look at the san mateo bridge. about a 14-minute drive from 880 towards 101. no rain there yet. it is raining at the golden gate and bay bridge, however. leaving san francisco, first reports of an accident just near cesar chavez, blocking the slow lane. >> sue, thank you. for more ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪
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an energetic storm on the way today. we're already seeing light showers out there, but they'll get heavier and even thunderstorms with small hail possible. it's all green over top of us right now. a little bit of that light rain showing up on the embarcadero. caution if you're out commuting today. the storm is a two, moderate, which means we'll get rain around one quarter to three-quarters of an inch.
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coming up, the controversy of the high school wrestler told by a referee to cut his dre dreadlocks or
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7:31 am
there, and new tsunami warnings this morning. also happening right now, the government shutdown now in its third day and this may go into january. hundreds of thousands of people out of work this morning. and if you are wondering what movies to go to see, there is a hollywood record at the box office, revenues expected to cross $11.3 billion for the year even before the lucrative christmas stretch, "aquaman," set in 2016. "mary poppins returns," expected to come in second. also, a miracle rescue in the caribbean. two costa rican fishermen stranded at sea for more than three weeks, saved this morning by a cruise ship that wasn't supposed to be in that area. "the empress of the seas" was forced to change course and that's how they spotted the men. how lucky are they? >> glad everyone is safe this morning. we begin with the fallout over that high school wrestler forced to cut his air before a wrestling match.
7:32 am
outrage over a decision many are calling outright racist. adrienne bankert joins us and an investigation is now under way. >> reporter: that's right, amy. good morning to you. a spokesperson with the new jersey interscholastic athletic association says all teams have agreed to not assign this referee to any event until this investigation is done. this video shows high school junior andrew johnson getting his dreadlocks cut off just before competing. the referee allegedly tells johnson he would forfeit the match if he didn't submit to the haircut. the young wrestler appears visibly upset as his locks are shorn. a teammate is seen trying to console him. now, the state's division of civil rights is launching an investigation. the video has created a firestorm on social media, many calling the episode racist. ava duvernay tweeted, to watch this young man's ordeal, wrecked me. new jersey governor also
7:33 am
weighing in. no student should have to needlessly choose between his or her identity and sports. it's said referees are supposed to meet with both teams about an hour before the competition. >> he checks each wrestler on each team to make sure that they are in accordance with whatever rules would apply when they are out there on the mat, and so for him to allow for this to wrestler to come to the mat and have his hair cut mat-side is something that i have never seen before. >> reporter: according to the school district's superintendent, the referee decided johnson's hair length and headgear violated regulations. that referee, alan maloney, has been benched while state officials investigate the matter. on facebook, the teen's mother writes, he is good now, but that was brutal, emotionally and physically. in the end, johnson won his match in overtime. now, according to a report by "the courier post," maloney made racial comments toward an
7:34 am
african-american referee back in 2016, but maloney said he did not remember using the offensive word, but believed the accounts of witnesses who told him he said it. the video of this young man having his hair cut has been viewed around 12 million times. >> it is hard to watch and hard to imagine there wasn't another option. all right, adrienne, thank you. whit? adrienne, thanks. we want to turn to an alarming report. hundreds of doctors in the u.s. have surrendered their license after being accused of unprofessional conduct, but they are free to practice in other states. abc's erielle reshef is here now with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, whit. this morning, a warning from a woman who says her life was upended by a surgery gone wrong and a doctor with a history of alleged misconduct who kept practicing. when this woman awoke from neck surgery, something was terribly wrong. >> i told them i couldn't feel my legs. >> reporter: she never walked again after that procedure performed by dr. cyril raben, a
7:35 am
physician with a troubled past. >> he has taken away my life. now i sit in bed all day. >> reporter: he had faced complaints in disciplinary action in ohio in 2014. he allegedly used a loophole for doctors accused of unprofessional conduct, surrendering his license, able to practice medicine in another state. >> we found cases of hundreds and hundreds of doctors who have, you know, fit that m.o. of getting in serious trouble in their home state and leaving once they are disciplined and setting up shop somewhere else without any restrictions on their license. >> reporter: an investigation by "usa today" network med page today found more than 250 doctors who surrendered a medical license, managed to build new practices across state lines. suspension of a license can be done when a doctor faces evidence of misconduct like handing out improper opioid prescriptions, having inappropriate relationships with patients or repeated surgical mishaps.
7:36 am
but the newspaper's investigate found that information isn't always passed from state to state. >> the business of disciplining doctors is done on a state by state basis, but medical boards don't have jurisdiction in other states. >> reporter: despite the data bank that includes medicare fraud, criminal arrests and other disciplinary actions, looking up a doctor's past isn't a simple. >> the problem is it's secret. it isn't available to patients. the people who need to know the information the most are not allowed to use it. >> reporter: usa today was told he worked until he died and did a lot of good for his patients. he says in a lot of cases the harm was caused by others and not him. >> erielle, what can people do to get more information about their doctor? >> as we mentioned, it can be difficult to get that information, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your research. look up the state medical board's information, and they usually have a website
7:37 am
that has the medical records for the doctors. if you know your doctor has practiced or has been certify in another state, look up that website as well. >> great information. thank you. >> important. >> thank you, erielle. coming up on the show this morning, you're going to hear chilling 911 tapes of a university of utah student reporting threats from her ex-boyfriend just days before he killed her. new questions this morning about missed warning signs that could have possibly prevented her death.
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7:41 am
studio and on the story. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. a trail of lauren mccluskey's own reports to police about her harassing messages and extortion threats after the breakup tell the story of a young university of utah track and field athlete who knew she was in trouble. >> i -- i have been blackmailed for -- for money. >> reporter: that's the voice of a young woman murdered on the university of utah campus. we're hearing her pleas for help for the first time in newly released 911 calls. >> let me go ahead and get you over to university police. >> i have talked to them already. i just wanted to call you as well. >> reporter: police say lauren mccluskey was shot to death by a man she dated for a month before learning he lied to her about his age and identity. he also failed to tell her he was actually a registered sex offender, leaving a devastated family to wonder, what more could have been done to save her? first, she files a complaint with university of utah police about her ex-boyfriend, melvin
7:42 am
rowland. following up with a call to the police the next day. then, a week later on october 19th, she calls salt lake city police again to report the ongoing harassment. the chilling calls published by "the salt lake tribune." >> i'm worried because i have been working with the campus police at the u. >> uh-huh. >> last saturday i reported and i haven't gotten an update. >> reporter: she is again referred to campus police. >> they haven't updated or done anything. so the case, it involves extortion and those people are still reaching out to me. >> reporter: three days later -- >> shell casing and possible shots fired. >> reporter: lauren mccluskey is heading to her dorm and on the phone with her mother when the tragedy unfolds. at that moment, police say mccluskey was grabbed by her ex, and police say, pulled into her own car and shot to death by rowland who later killed himself. her father places a call to salt lake city police about what would be the last time the
7:43 am
mccluskey's hear their daughter. >> she was abducted while we are talking to her on the telephone. so we heard her being assaulted. >> reporter: the school opening an investigation, but finding this. >> the report does not offer any reason to believe that this tragedy could have been prevented. instead, the report offers weaknesses, identifies issues and provides us with a road map for strengthening security on our campus. >> reporter: mccluskey's parents, as you can imagine, are outraged writing in a statement, there were numerous opportunities to protect her during the almost two weeks between the time when our daughter began expressing repeated, elevating and persistent concerns about her situation. failures include lack of follow through, reporting and urgency, and guys, you have to imagine that family is heartbroken. this young lady went through all the steps. >> she did all the right things. >> what more could she do? >> and on the phone with her mother. unbelievable. >> thank you so much, stephanie. coming up next, we have the remarkable story of a resilient
7:44 am
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7:47 am
we are back now with a christmas miracle. a courageous young woman fulfilling her dream to dance in "the nutcracker" after surviving a life-threatening condition, and abc's janai norman is here with this remarkable, remarkable story, janai. >> reporter: it absolutely is, and such a perfect story for the holidays. she's not only a dancer, but a fighter, battling a chronic disease that could have sidelined her dreams, but instead, she has beaten the odds. just in time for christmas,
7:48 am
eighth grader addie jamison has overcome incredible odds to star in her school's production of a holiday classic, "the nutcracker." >> there is no limits. you can just be creative and kind of just express yourself. >> reporter: but it's been a long road to get to this moment. the young girl enduring severe pain that almost dashed her dancing dreams. >> i can remember times, like, sitting in my living room, like, mom, my chest hurts. mom, my chest hurts. >> reporter: addie suffered from acute pancreatitis that caused her liver to fail. >> as a parent to see, you know, them getting sick and the doctor saying we're not sure what the best course of action here is, that's -- that's, you know, it's a parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: her family turned to cincinnati children's hospital for a necessary but dangerous surgery. the doctors had to remove her pancreas, with devastating complications. >> this is a big deal.
7:49 am
i said i don't know -- they are going to have to convince me whether or not this is something i'm willing to watch my daughter go through. >> she is testing us. >> reporter: ultimately, addie braved the surgery and after 15 hours, she woke up, determined to make her dreams come true this holiday season, to star as clara in the christmas classic, and that's exactly what she has done. >> i kind of just wanted to prove to everybody, but mostly myself that, like, i had surgery less than a year ago, but i'm here and i'm going to dance all of these eight shows 110%. >> how incredible is that? surgery less than a year ago. she has been determined to keep dancing as she has battled all of this, and as she said, she is giving more than 100%. >> incredibly resilient. >> exactly, inspiring everyone who watches. thank you, janai. coming up next, we have the big question this morning. are you done? are you done? >> yes. >> are you done? >> i'm done. >> are you done, janai? oh! last one. you should listen. we are talking christmas
7:50 am
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7:54 am
great exercise losing lbs. that's not the real deal. the real guy is busy in the north pole right now with his elves. florida, 69 degrees. rudolph, wisconsin, 28. santa, idaho, 29, and evergreen, 38 degrees as well. this segment is sponsored by
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm jessica castro. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> early present for the holidays. up the scale to two, a moderate storm because of the showers and downpours and the thunder and hail that's possible. right now it's very light. as we head from 9:00 to noon, it's going to remain light. from noon to 5:00, that's when the heaviest stuff starts to roll through. by 9:00, it starts to taper. we'll wake up tomorrow under partly cloudy conditions. >> and rain on the golden gate bridge and light traffic conditions in the southbound direction. we had an earlier accident midspan in the northbound direction. that's been pushed off to vista point. just use extra caution. the roads are slick this morning. >> sue, thank you. coming up on "gma," the ultimate guide to last-minute christmas
7:57 am
gifts that won't look like you threw them together in a rush. that's coming up. we'll have another abc 7 news update here in about 30 minutes and of course we always have your news on our news app and we hope you're having a merry christmas eve. stay warm out there. grab that umbrella. see you in a bit. ♪
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hundreds killed as that deadly tsunami hits indonesia, destroying hundreds of building and displacing thousands of people. now the desperate search and rescue to find survivors. also this morning, christmas countdown. the clock is ticking to get those final gifts. the surprising places to do your last-minute shopping. everything from tech to toys, to concert tickets. "gma" is here to help. ♪ we are family a very royal christmas. new details this morning. how the fab four and the little princes and princess are all celebrating with the queen. hack your happiness. secrets from this school that puts joy at the center of their
8:01 am
curriculum and what gratitude has to do with it. >> it makes you feel all bubbly inside, and makes you smile. >> the simple exercise that can completely chang your outlook on life. and how "aquaman" star, jason momoa is giving back for the holidays. plus, the ultimate photo bomb. and poking fun at his blockbuster role as he says -- >> good morning, america. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas ♪ good morning, america. it's christmas eve. we're feeling the excitement here in times square. >> the audience anticipation building for the big day. the new york holiday choristers are here as you can see, singing "we wish you a merry christmas," kicking off our
8:02 am
holiday celebration. >> plus, are you still planning that holiday menu? do you need last-minute ideas? chef richard blais and dominique ansel are here with some delicious and easy recipes. we have a lot to get to this morning, but we begin with that deadly tsunami in indonesia. the massive wave killing hundreds and others injured. let's go back to foreign correspondent ian pannell in jakarta with all the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. heartbreaking images emerging from the devastation caused by yet another tsunami to strike indonesia. while a frantic recovery operation is under way here, there are warnings the dangers still may not have passed. this morning, desperate search and rescue efforts continue on the destroyed coast of sunda strait after a tsunami. the military and volunteers racing against the clock to find survivors. digging through the endless
8:03 am
piles of debris for anyone tracked underneath. a popular indonesian band playing when the tsunami crashed the stage, taking some of the band members and many of their lives. showing the devastation it left behind. these rooms where people were staying, just completely destroyed. you see the beds there, ruined. indonesia's early warning system isn't set up to monitor landslides and shockingly hasn't been working since 2012. meaning, people had no time to escape. more than 370 killed. over 1,000 injured and those numbers continuing to rise. doctors are flooding the areas to treat who they can. the tsunami triggered by an underwater landslide after a volcano erupted. well, this morning, residents living in those coastal areas are being told to stay away and not go home and that's because of the fear of more tsunamis as that volcano continues to erupt, amy.
8:04 am
>> frighten situation there still. ian pannell, thank you. dan? now to the story at home, the government shutdown, a stalemate forcing hundreds of thousands of government workers to either stay home or work without pay during the holidays. let's go back to tara palmeri. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. president trump is here in washington. instead of taking off for florida for the holidays and he is home tweeting up a storm. here's the latest. quote, you can't have border security without a wall. the drones and technology are just bells and whistles. this morning, the government shutdown entering its third day with no end in sight. the hallways of capitol hill empty after gridlocked lawmakers left negotiations until after christmas. the president's new acting chief of staff said the shutdown could creep into the new year. >> this is what washington looks like when you have a president who refuses to go along to get along. >> reporter: while saying the
8:05 am
president will refuse to back down on his border wall, behind closed doors with lawmakers, the white house is backing down from its original demand of $5 billion along the u.s./mexico border. >> the discussions are between $1.6 billion and $5 billion. >> reporter: chuck schumer lowered his offer of $1.6 billion for security, to $1.3 billion. this weekend, treasury secretary mnuchin called leaders of six major banks to reassure they have the credit to support their lending. this comes after one of the worst weeks on wall street in a decade and many are concerned that this rocky road is not over yet, guys. >> as we said, tara, they are hoping for a better today on the street. >> hundreds of thousands of government workers caught in the middle of it too. >> yes. coming up here, the incredible benefits of expressing gratitude. with our series hack your happiness. plus, if you still need to do some shopping, don't worry.
8:06 am
becky worley has last-minute gift ideas that won't look last minute. and we're cooking of course. chefs richard blais and dominique ansel have some mouth-watering recipes for your guests. that's all coming up here in times square. we'll be right back. ♪ one-horse open sleigh in times square. we'll be right back. ♪ one-horse open sleigh . with neulasta onpro patients get their day back... to be with family, or just to sleep in. strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the day after chemo and is used by most patients today. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing
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♪ it's the season to be jolly ♪ fa la la la la la la la la very nice. [ applause ] >> hey, welcome back to "gma." we have got a fantastic audience here on this christmas eve. merry christmas. thank you for joining us.
8:11 am
also, we have the new york holiday choristers as we came back from break. we love your sweaters, guys. also, we're also keeping tabs on santa. he is making excellent time according to norad, dropping off 650 million gifts. >> wow. >> he is very efficient, that santa claus. >> where is he right now? can you pronounce that? >> that's over something i can't say. i see the letters. i don't know how to put them together appropriately. >> geography. >> my question is, how do we incentivize good behavior after santa leaves? >> the easter bunny. and it's time for "pop news" with adrienne bankert. [ applause ] >> thank you, dan. merry christmas to all to came into our studio this morning. my goodness, what a way to spend if holiday. we begin with jason momoa. it was a huge weekend for the "aquaman" star. he had time to crash a wedding in his home state of hawaii.
8:12 am
newlyweds katie and taking photos when they spotted momoa and his family heading to the water. the photographer asked if he would join them for a few photos and this happened. he had been given a plastic trident. used by another family on the beach. they just happened to have a trident laying around. they said jason was super kind and generous. we'll have more on his holiday in hawaii, and how he is giving back. >> when you said his name, a woman in the audience said, yes. >> well. >> yes. >> i think there are a lot of women in the audience saying yes. absolutely. they're nodding. they're nodding in unison. >> it's one of the choristers actually. >> well, can you blame them? oscar winner tom hanks is famous for playing powerful roles on screen, but look how sweet this is. he played not so secret santa for some unsuspecting customers
8:13 am
in an in-n-out in fontana. he was there with his wife, rita wilson, shaking hands with everybody, and then he paid for everybody's lunch. in the entire restaurant. one customer posted, i had the absolute honor of meeting tom hanks and his beautiful wife. the coolest people i have ever met. >> when you have that "forrest gump" money, you can play for lunch. i mean, that's what it is. >> i have to tell you dan harris bought all of our crew and cast on saturday, cookies. >> yes. >> you know how this is. you have the same -- >> a little bit less expensive. >> right. >> than tom hanks. we have an update on giving my all "gma" angels event. we wanted to help families put gifts under the tree with pay away the layaway. let's look at how much money we have raised since we kicked off the campaign thursday. cue the trumpets. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] $328,565.
8:14 am
more than 3,000 people have donated. so many people are being helped by your generosity. you have until midnight to donate. every donation, even as little as a dollar makes a difference. go to our website or >> it's great. it all adds up. >> if 300 people give a dollar, hey, that's somebody's present. finally, christmas can mean so many different things, but for some families, it's about putting on the christmas jammies and busting a move. we have a few highlights from families that know how to get down. known on the internet for these dances. check out the stir family in which santa catches the elf. there you go. what about the moffet family? kids doing the christmas break dance. get with it. finally, the lacey family in the snow-capped mountains. much respect to these families who were able to get their christmas presents under the tree and choreographing dances and i haven't even sent
8:15 am
out christmas cards. >> new year's cards. >> that's what i will be doing. >> easter. [ laughter ] >> that's "pop news," guys. merry christmas. [ applause ] >> thank you. all right, now to our "gma" cover story. we are in the homestretch. it's crunch time. less than 24 hours before christmas. if you wanted to shop or you forgot to shop for somebody on your list, you're in luck because becky worley joins us now from san francisco with tips to make you look like a holiday pro. becky, i'll walk over to the first podium here because you say there is a way to do something last minute that will feel personal. tell us what we're looking at here. >> i think the best idea in this sort of emergency situation is a subscription box. i mean, granted it's kind of weird to give a piece of paper on christmas day that says, you're going to get something from me later. so do give a figurative representation. maybe print out the card and the person will think fondly of you
8:16 am
many, many times throughout the year. i'm talking about some of those that you have right there in studio. bark box, fabfitfun, birch box, wine club, they all kind of go together. remember, to make it personal, you want to beef up the packaging. you can go to the drugstore and get something that represents the subscription. now, a similar concept. event tickets. it's a big deal to a teen or 20-something to go to a concert or a sports event. so this could be a big hit for someone who is tough to buy fur. >> thank you. i'm stepping over to pedestal number two, it's possible to go to the supermarket and get good stuff last minute? >> you know, back in the day. we used to talk about going to the supermarket and making life a pasta basket, but the supermarkets have changed, right? head over to whole foods these days. they have amazon products, kindles, alexas. they also have nice bath and spa-type products. you can bunch something together here that looks pretty fancy, a
8:17 am
lot nicer than the old pasta basket that looked really desperate. >> or what i was telling whit to do, which is go to 7-eleven and get a six-pack. >> no. >> we have gift cards, always a stand by. you say there are deals to be had right now? >> yeah, good news. there are lots of buy one get a bonus gift card deals out now. i have seen itunes gift cards for 10% to 20% off. so, first, there are discounts and then those buy one get ones for a lot of restaurant cards. you buy, say, a $50 gift card and you will get a $5 or $10 bonus card that you keep for yourself. >> now, we have all heard about gift card debacles. how do you make the right choice here? >> okay, so, if you do buy a gift card from a store rack, the ones that are right out in the public, first of all, best practices for safety. if you can, you want to grab one from the middle of the pack.
8:18 am
you want to check that the metallic strip hasn't been tampered with, and it looks like the strips on all the other cards, and you can even buy ones that are in tamper-proof packages. that's nice. also, think twice about those credit gift cards, the ones that have credit card logos and you can use anywhere. they often have monthly fees on them that eat away at the balance. good luck with your last-minute shopping. i'm so ready for santa to be here. >> i know. becky, i want to thank you because you have done an ace job of guiding us through the shopping season. you're a ninja. we appreciate it. thank you so much. there you go. [ applause ] shopping and wrapping ninja. amy, over to you. all right, dan, no one does christmas like the royals. the glitz, the glamor, the feast, the tradition. here's abc's james longman. he has a glimpse behind the scenes of the royal holiday. >> reporter: this has been quite the year for the british royal family. two weddings, a royal birth, prince louis was welcomed to the
8:19 am
world and then the big announcement. harry and meghan are expecting their first child. so it will be a full house for this first christmas. how will they spend it? so it's christmas eve and the royals do what the germans do and they give their gifts the night before christmas. so in that spirit, i have got you a little chutney. >> thank you. that's so kind. a personal gift because one year kate made chutney for the queen. >> reporter: now, according to the royal chef, the men of the household come down and have breakfast alone on christmas morning. i think i need some more tea. >> yes, james, and he also said the royal ladies would generally opt for a light breakfast delivered to their rooms. >> reporter: christmas morning, the big family outing. >> that's right. it's tradition for the family to attend the 11:00 a.m. service. it's the only public outing they do on christmas day and it's one of the few times we get to see them all together. and of course, this is an opportunity for us to see the fab four in festive spirits for
8:20 am
the second year. >> reporter: back from the walk and it's christmas lunch, right? >> yes, lunch can start off with a lobster salad. >> that's very posh. it wouldn't be complete without turkey and all the trimmings. after lunch, royal families like families all over the uk sit down for tv time. >> and at 3:00 p.m., it's time to watch the queen, otherwise known as granny give her speech. >> reporter: she is in the room, right? >> yeah. >> i wish you a peaceful and very happy christmas. ♪ >> oh, that's so lovely, and this is the evening party, and it would not be a royal event without multiple outfit changes, so we are. >> we are changed for the evening and the royals continue to celebrations, they have a buffet dinner in the evening and by the time, princess charlotte and the princes are tucked into bed. >> the parents can have fun. >> cheers. >> cheers, and happy holidays, everyone.
8:21 am
>> happy holidays. >> wow, that was a detailed itinerary. i'm impressed, rob. i feel like we have to be formal now. i'm pretty sure this doesn't happen for the royal christmas mornings but it may happen at your house, amy. there's always one or two children are the troublemakers and we found one for your "gma" moment. this is harley, the cockatoo. one of your kids spends all this time building a little tower or a design on the floor and there is always one brat that wants to spoil everything. as you can see on the screen there, all rights are reserved for harley the cockatoo.
8:22 am
[ applause ] >> thank you, robert. time now for our series hack your happiness science-based ways to live smarter and happier. this morning, we're talking gratitude and this is not just about superficial gratitude where you take a picture of your washboard abs and post it, #blessed. instead, we're talking about the profound practice of not taking the many, many good things in your life for granted. look what we found at one incredible school. inside this junior high school in schaumburg, illinois, they're embracing the idea that happier kids and staff -- >> what kind of things make you happy? >> reporter: -- make better learners and teachers. i like this exercise because there is no math in it.
8:23 am
it's a year-round happiness curriculum where their key a gratitude. i know what i'm grateful for. the students write letters to someone they are grateful for. 12-year-old ally wrote to her grandfather to tell him how much she loves and appreciates him. how does it feel to write that? >> it makes me feel excited. >> it makes you feel all bubbly inside and makes you smile. >> reporter: i see you're getting a little emotional. >> yeah. >> is it powerful to write all this down? >> yeah. >> how does it feel? >> happy. >> you feel happy? >> yeah. >> reporter: 12-year-old zach miller sharing his letter with his dad. >> i wouldn't be the person i am today without your help. thank you. >> you wrote that for me? thanks, big guy. it's nice to know you appreciate me, bud. >> reporter: your amazing philosophy is it's not enough to teach these kids math and reading. >> right. we'll teach them through this curriculum how to be better people and we really believe that's the most important thing we do. >> reporter: the architect of this push for gratitude is shawn
8:24 am
achor, author of "the happiness advantage," where he outlines gratitude at any age can reduce stress and depression and increase optimism and social connection to long-term happiness. why is gratitude something we should be trying to operationalize in our lives? >> all this research shows that we can create these happiness hygiene habits. we have a kid talking about three things they are grateful for, and your brain basically creates a background app, taking some of your resources to scan all day wrong for the positive. >> reporter: so, over the next few days, i tried it out. there were two assignments. first, every day, i thought of three new things i was grateful for. sometimes right before bed. >> what am i grateful for? >> reporter: and other times with my son, alexander. you were away and you came back today and i'm happy about this. i made a new friend today and mommy and i had a delicious dinner. >> with me? >> yeah, you didn't eat it.
8:25 am
>> reporter: i took time every day to write e-mails to people i really felt deserved it. i'm sending to my meditation teacher who spent an hour and a half on the phone with me in a really useful way. so i'm going to send him a thank you. we also recruited chase hampton who did the same. >> i'm thankful for video games, my teachers, our principal. he does a lot for me. it just makes you and your whole self feel happy. >> reporter: but one thing was still bothering me. there are many people who have really grave personal circumstances, illness, abuse within the family. is it possible for those people to be grateful? is this too much to ask for people in extreme circumstances? >> we've found levels of happiness at every aspect of this world and every environment we have looked at so far from cancer wards to prisons, to people who have been in combat zones. we can find meaning in the daily activities that could move us forward and happiness could remain an option wherever we live in the world. [ applause ]
8:26 am
>> okay, so, here's something at home. you can write things down and put them in a bowl or a jar. i brought down one of my -- one of the things i'm grateful for. i wrote here i'm grateful for my son alexander even though i'm pretty sure you like mommy better, and even though you told me other day i'm, quote, smelly, i think you're the smartest, kindest, cutest human i know. amy, what did you write? >> i'm grateful for today. it's simple, but powerful. >> yes. >> mine's a two-parter. family and tacos. we went big and small. >> in what order? >> family first. >> okay. >> if you can have both together, even better. >> yes, beautiful. >> i want all of yours, but i put i'm grateful for my job because it really is a dream to sit here every single time i'm allowed to sit here. family time last week and christmas lights in new york city. it puts you in the spirit. >> thank you. coming up, we have got two experts here with last-minute recipes. experts here with last-minute recipes.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. a san francisco christmas eve tradition returns today. a holiday toy drive at its new location on fisherman's wharf. lefty's hosted its last toy drive at its old location two years ago. they want to exceed their record of more than 10,000 toys donated in a single day. let's take a look at the christmas eve traffic. hi, sue. >> hi. it's a getaway day for a lot of folks. we'll take a look at
8:28 am
right now we have a problem in san jose. it is northbound 85 just after the almaden expressway. five vehicles blocking lanes here. >> thank you, sue. me
8:29 am
i've upped the storm impact scale. i've increased it to a two because you have downpours with isolated thunderstorms.
8:30 am
you can see starting at noon through 5:00 and up until 9:00, that's our greatest chance. alexis? >> thank you, mike. another abc 7 ♪ we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish awe merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ [ applause ] it smells so good. we welcome you back to "gma" on this christmas eve, and the new york holiday choristers have been helping us kick off the celebration, right? thank you very much for that. >> yes. we're also here with two great chefs to show us last-minute easy to make meals and desserts. this is richard blais, and dominique ansel. >> the cronut people.
8:31 am
>> dominique will be on dessert. but you tell us what we're starting with. >> people wait in line to see santa or to get into "gma." i wait in line to see dominique ans ansel. amazing for me to be here, and i'm feeling, like, you know, christmas elf and i'm in the spirit of giving. this is my easiest christmas style recipe. it's going to be a pork roast that i'm going to just wrap up in foil and bake, right? >> okay. >> i'll start with this bone-in pork shoulder which is also called a pork picnic butt which will make your kids and that one uncle giggle around the holiday. >> i giggled too. >> we should say this is the side dish. >> yes. it's easy. pork is easy to cook and it's also inexpensive and i'll start by making this rub for it and it's just brown sugar, yellow mustard and if you want to take it to this level which i do,
8:32 am
because i'm an award-winning chef, this is white miso paste. >> what does that do for it? >> this is going to give it a little bit of salt, sweet and a little spice. >> okay. >> i'll mix this up. i'll add also a little bit of five spice powder. do you want to salt that? >> i will. >> five spice has cinnamon and cloves which will remind you sort of of potpourri or christmas flavor. >> do you have -- >> no, sorry. >> i was going to get in. i like it. >> you have got the gloves on. >> how do you keep it from going dry? >> this is going to keep it from going dry. one, the pork has got enough of sort of natural juices in it. it's fatty. it's going to keep the juice in it and what you are going to do -- >> i love it. okay. >> with your gloves, you're going to take this mixture and rub it all over that boar. you want the texture to be like sand at low tide. i'll swap spaces with you and we have this mixture, right?
8:33 am
i'm going to add some onions to the top of it and a little bit of garlic. dominique, what do you think? am i doing all right? >> it's awesome. >> did anyone tell you? this is a christmas competition. i'm going first. just kidding. >> when you see the pastries, you may not want to compete. >> this is true. here's the easiest thing, especially around the holidays last minute. i'm just going to wrap this up in two layers of aluminum foil. >> okay. >> very, very simple. by the way, aluminum foil is also perfectly fine for wrapping gifts in the last minute. just saying. >> i like that. >> i just wrap it up very easy. it's in the roasting pan and wrapped up. i put it in a low oven, 325 degrees for, like, four or five degrees while you finish your shopping. >> it smells amazing. >> like the set does now. does it smell really good? >> tell us about the sizzles. >> this is the side dish. it's potatoes that i have roasted. i'll add a little bit of p
8:34 am
pancetta. you have my back. >> i feel like i'm in the middle of a bromance. >> it's happening. a christmas miracle. >> you can do that with a lot of things, right? >> you can do it with brussels sprouts and vegetables. >> or potatoes. >> or both. and that rosemary again, it's pine. if you really want to harvest some needles off the christmas tree, don't do it. don't do it. just use rosemary. that's my pork roast. now it's time for the best course though. it's a holiday meal. dessert time, chef. [ applause ] >> it's all really good and smells amazing here. for me it's all about baking. i do also bake at home. i cook at home, but i also bake. today i'll show you how to make this. this is a cake which is and you're going to help me out. we have flour. >> that didn't sound like it was optional, sir. >> sorry.
8:35 am
we're going to have sugar, salt, a little bit of baking powder. this is something that you have to do ahead of time. we're going to add the eggs here, and mix this here. it's going to be very easy. start stirring. >> we're not going to interrupt. >> oh my gosh. >> go for it. >> mix all of this together. very nice. >> can you tell i don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen? >> i can't tell. you're doing well so far. we'll make this ahead of time because there is baking powder inside, and we want it to rest overnight. this is a simple recipe and you can do it at home for the holidays. once this is all combined, just put it down a little bit, and we'll add butter, honey and brown sugar and mix this all. >> you don't know how to whisk. come on. get into it. put your elbows in it. >> this is my bromance. all right? [ applause ] >> next step -- >> you're doing well. >> carry on with this. >> you're doing fine. >> does this come with a defibrillator? >> we have a piping bag ahead of
8:36 am
time and we're going to pipe this batter inside this mold. >> i love that too. >> that's great. >> i love it. >> i have a rotator cuff injury, so am i done? >> do you recommend this instead of cookies? >> i would recommend this for everyone. it's really easy to make. only bakes for four minutes. once this is done, we're going to put it in the oven. >> i just totally -- who wants to taste that discertificaesser. that looks amazing. >> we get the chance. >> i want to do this. >> this right here. only four minutes in the oven. >> what do you top it with? or does it not need a topping? >> it doesn't need anything. just a little bit of powdered sugar. >> i have experience. >> i love that. >> it's all ready for you guys to try. >> try this now, right? >> richard blais and dominique
8:37 am
ansel, thank you so much. appreciate it. get these recipes on our website. dominique is giving everybody in our audience a one-year online subscription to a master class. coming up here on the show, aquaman himself jason momoa giving a big surprise in hawaii.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ santa claus, down through the chimney with lots of toys ♪ ♪ all for the little ones, christmas joy ♪ [ applause ] we're in the holiday spirit here, and back now wit with "aquaman" star, jason momoa who traveled back to his home state of hawaii for a huge surprise for some special kids just in time for christmas. >> our cameras were right there with him to capture it all. ♪ >> i had no choice. >> reporter: "aquaman" swam to the top of the box office this weekend. the d.c. comic book character story about self-discovery has earned $67.4 million domestically this weekend. jason momoa has been on a nonstop tour around the world hitting london, new york, manila and his last stop, home. >> we're going to go to the boys and girls club and surprise them and give them tickets. >> reporter: the children of the boys and girls club in hawaii are in for the surprise of a
8:41 am
lifetime. [ cheers and applause ] >> what happens tonight? >> "aquaman". >> who wants to go see it tonight? all of you get to come and watch it tonight. >> reporter: and now jason mo a momoa's dream has come true. giving back to the place he calls home. >> this is one of the greatest moments of my life. i'm so honored to play this role because it represents all of us, all of polynesia. a wise man once told me, we as polynesians, are not separated by land, but we are all connected by water, and i'm here to combine land and sea. i love you guys so much. >> that's so special and you say that's your wife's home state.
8:42 am
>> he is from oahu, and my in-laws are in the audience right here. they pay attention to their local heros. he is doing a great job. do you know who else is doing a great job? rob marciano because he has been talking about the spirit of giving all season long. >> from aquaman to weatherman. >> ma hwarm coats and warm hear. the "gma" team with our sponsor burlington and delivering good to give the gift of warmth by donating gently worn coats and we have celebrities pitching in including the queen of christmas herself, mariah carey, because all she wants for christmas is to make sure everybody's warm and cared for. you can donate a coat by going to a burlington location and dropping off the coat in one of these bins and as a thank you, burlington is giving you a gift of
8:43 am
[ applause ] all right. now to a group of kids dedicated to a choir heading back to school and they are part of the musical theater in a show called "the little dancer" and i'm here with steven fischer and audim brokenbough. >> i have four full-time shows as the boy choir, pennsylvania girl choir. i have a part-time job as a musical theater writer, and i wanted to write a show where our kids could make their off broadway debut and they are. >> i love it. it's all going to a great cause.
8:44 am
audim, you have been in the choir for six years now. >> yes. >> your school didn't have an arts program when you started. how has this transformed your life? >> i traveled the world and made a lot of amazing friends and now i'm off broadway now. >> how does that feel? >> good. >> this show is practically sold out because these guys are so talented. do you want to hear a little bit of it? all right. performi performing is the theater gate chorus. ♪ ♪ the christmas show, right on the stage, hey hey hey ♪ ♪ then you know, then you know, then you know ♪ ♪ christmas show
8:45 am
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[ applause ] and we are back now on "gma." the movie "vice" hasn't even hit theaters yet and it's raking in the awards nominations. it starts christian beale as dick cheney and you sat down with him and the rest of the star-studded cast. >> when i asked adam mckay to describe this, he called it a tragic comedy. the characters are controversial. on and off camera though, the actors are brilliant and hilarious. >> you look amazing. >> reporter: the cast of the movie, "vice" is a party of powerhouse actors. >> the makeup for her? >> reporter: with the distinct sense of humor, starring in the season's most controversial movie about some of the most controversial figures. >> i want to show the world the
8:48 am
true power of the american presidency. >> reporter: it is truly your belief that dick cheney was doing the right thing in his mind and wanted to do what was right for the country? >> in his mind, being the important part, yeah. >> reporter: for director adam mckay, it may have literally saved his life. >> we did our first scene where there was a heart attack and christian came up and being a very good actor, he was, like, i researched all the different kinds of heart attacks and he said, duo you want me to do it n the hand or the arm or the chest? he said, the other way that's very common is a queasy stomach. >> reporter: a few weeks later, while working out -- >> i'm all right. my hands are all right and i feel queasy. i was, like, bing bing bing. i remember this fella ran upstairs and took babiesy aspir about four of them and called 911. when he saw the doctor he was, like, why did you do that?
8:49 am
i was, like, my lead actor told me. >> reporter: it turns both comic and tragic and features sam rockwell as george w. bush. one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie is when you are eating some -- i think it's chicken with barbecue sauce and you are licking your fingers. >> oldest trick in the book. eating and acting, yes. >> the vice presidency is mostly a symbolic job. >> right. right. i can see how that wouldn't be enticing to you. >> i think i was channeling a little elvis presley or something in there. i don't know. >> reporter: a little george w. we with elvis swagger. >> yeah. and that boyish charm. >> i happen to know he is in there right now. >> reporter: and steve, obviously you played the secretary of defense. >> hard to play. >> reporter: one thing i thought of in this movie, i think of gru
8:50 am
from "despicable me." your segue is fascinating, but go for it. yeah. >> go for it. >> what about the other people who ordered cookies? >> life is full of disappointments. s are. >> reporter: in "despicable me," he is a villain and you find endearing qualities and he becomes a loveable villain. my question is -- >> here we go. >> reporter: watching christian play -- >> i love where you are going with this. >> reporter: what endeared you to these characters? >> i approached rumsfeld very much in the way i approached gru. i just wanted to say that. it's not true. >> half the room wants to be us. the other half fears us. >> reporter: the movie also delves into the power behind-the-scenes influence of lynn cheney. >> one of the most beautiful
8:51 am
things was this love story between a man who was really defined by his love for his wife, amy and christian, you did this amazing portrayal. >> he is certainly a bit like fabio, isn't he? you wanted to see him on the front of the romance novels. his absolute loyalty and devotion to his partner, lifelong, right? he will do anything for her. there is no limit. unfortunately, you know, there is a very tragic side to that, and in that yes, i have a wonderful partner who i will do anything for, but i won't go to war or torture people, right? ♪ won't do that >> sorry. i just went to meatloaf. sorry. >> and you had the courage to become someone or i'm gone. >> reporter: lynn by herself, i mean, take out whatever politics, you know, take politics out of the equation. >> yeah. >> reporter: she was amazing.
8:52 am
>> oh, absolutely. i mean, i thought, you know, at a time where ambition and drive inside of women wasn't necessarily encouraged or seen as a trait that was, you know, ladylike, she sort of just, you know, plowed through people's expectations. >> reporter: what do you hope that people will gain from coming to this film? >> history is not one thing. it's not tragic. it's not dramatic. it's not -- it also can be and lewd chrieu da chris and ab. >> i haven't seen it. >> you haven't seen it? >> completely uncut. >> it is animated, right? >> "vice" is in theeters right now. >> you covered a lot of ground. >> i sure did. >> heart disease and gru. and i'm glad we got fabio in there. >> can't leave out fabio.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
"gma's" season of giving is sponsored by carmax. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ thanks for watching, everyone. before we go, we have the final tally for our giving my all "gma" layaway angels event. $331,518 raised for 3,160 supporters. that's incredible. >> thank you for joining us. everybody, have a wonderful holiday. >> merry christmas. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
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[buzzer] ...while you're getting tackled by a guy named aaron. order a pannido with doordash today. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with mike nicco for our christmas eve forecast. >> good morning. hi, everybody. want to make sure this storm doesn't surprise you with its intensity. we have showers, downpours, and thunderstorms with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. you can see from about noon through 5:00, 6:00, that's when we have our best chance. then it starting to taper to more skacattered showers by 9:0. freezing cold wednesday and thursday morning. >> good morning, everyone. pretty holiday light out there, but we have a couple problem spots. san jose, north 85 after almaden expressway, a five-vehicle crash
9:00 am
there. also, eastbound 24 near camino pablo. multicar accident here as well. >> thank you, sue. time for "live with kelly and ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 for the >> announcer: deck the halls. it's time for "kelly and ryan's christmas eve." today seth macfarlane stops by for some holiday cheer, and a classic christmas song from superstar martina mcbride. and some of your favorite stars--michael bublé, kerry washington, catherine zeta-jones, and mariah carey--tell us what christmas means to them. and a birthday surprise for ryan from his "american idol" friends. also, a holly, jolly visit from the man in the red suit himself. plus, the award-winning young people's chorus of new york city. all next on "kelly and ryan's christmas eve." >> ♪ deck the halls ♪ with boughs of holly th announcer: and now here are


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