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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and wet christmas eve out there in some spots right now are seeing downpours move across the neighborhood. live doppler 7 tracking the action. we'll take a couple of stops in neighborhoods seeing the wettest action. what i want to do, you can see in the east bay around oakland, i'm going to zoom in closer, this downpour is just soaked. many in the east bay, it's slowly moving to the east. so pouring on 580 right now. look at that red cell, rain is falling at an inch and a half per hour. that is a blinding downpour moving through the east bay right now. the wider picture showing you dryer skies are prevailing in the north bay right now. but still, some in the south bay ae waiting the rain and the rain will move in over the next hour or so. snow in the sierra. you saw that live picture earlier. we have snow falling at this hour. and the snow impact scale, a moderate level system over the next three to four hours. tracking showers and downpours
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and the chance of a thunder shower popping up, as well. we'll show you what you can expect for tomorrow when i see you in a few minutes. >> drew, thank you. take a look at the rain that cornell bernard encountered on his drive to work today across the golden gate bridge. win shield wipers in full effect. he's live now with a look at how people dealt with this wet weather. hi, cornell. >> reporter: hey, dan. the rain throwing a holiday wrench into some last-minute shopping plans here in union square. we have seen lots of umbrellas today and shopping bags and still fairly crowded right now. but getting here or anywhere in the bay area today wasn't easy. slick roadways made for some rough going. >> it was slippery. >> reporter: bill maynard is feeling lucky to be alive after his truck spun out in the rain on south bound 101 in the rain. >> there's no way to save it. and i'm just real fortunate i
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didn't hurt myself or my wife. >> reporter: he was driving to spend christmas with his daughter in scotts valley. >> got a lot of presents for the grand kids and everything. so it puts a stop to the weekend for us. >> reporter: the chp says the rain caused a lot of spinouts, but speeding drivers likely made it worse. >> some of the officers were getting speeds consistently upward in the 90s. so on wet roadways, obviously not a smart idea. it takes very little to go wrong at 90 miles an hour. >> reporter: flooding came to mill valley, some drivers going for it, trying to make it through. caltrans was closing down parts of the highway off of 101. >> there was a little concern making it off the off ran here. last week it was closed. >> reporter: rain and flooding didn't stop shoppers from getting it done. >> the rain has kept crowds down, which is nice.
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i got in and out. now i'm going to retire from christmas shopping. i'm all done. >> reporter: and bill has this message to anyone hitting the road. >> please slow down. there's nothing in the world worth getting hurt for to save five minutes. >> reporter: yeah, really good advice, slow down out there. he thought his spinout would cancel his holiday plans, but his relatives pitched in and gave he and his wife a ride down to scotts valley today so they could all spend christmas together. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." >> that is so nice of them. cornell, thank you. you can access live doppler 7 on your phone any time with the "abc7 news" app. download it and tap the weather button and click on the radar image and you can customize the app to get the forecast right where you live. >> >> certainly a little rain isn't going to keep raiders' fans from seeing their team play tonight.
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it could be their last game ever at the coliseum. the game will air here on abc 7. coverage starts at 5:00. this is the raiders' final home game of the season and it's not clear where they'll play next year, their final year before leaving for las vegas. we have live team coverage on both of the fans and the players on this big night. let's begin with anthony flores. anthony? >> reporter: well, dan, as you can see by my suit, and this is not a rain suit, it is going to be a very wet and emotional night here in oakland as the raiders take on the broncos in their final game. the raiders have called the oakland coliseum home for 40 seasons, including the last 24 since returning to los angeles in 1995. the team withdrew from an agreement to play at the coliseum after the city of oakland filed a federal lawsuit after their move to las vegas. if this is the raiders' last game in oakland, it's going to
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be a bittersweet game for players, including quarterback derek carr. >> people talking trash, saying our machines are broke or the field is terrible or the locker room stinks. and i just laugh, because it's home to me, you know? this is where i was drafted. this is perhaps some of my favorite memories. even when i got hurt, that's still -- that's a moment for me that i'll never forget, just the love that the fans would show, and driving on the outside of the stadium, just to find the x-ray machine, because there's no way straight up to the locker room. those are things that i'll never forget. >> reporter: you can see some of the raiders and broncos special teams players on the field. several members of both teams were on the field, but then it really started raining and they went inside trying to stay dry. the emotion will add to the intensity and the rivalry of the raider
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raiders/broncos game. reporting live from the oakland coliseum, anthony flores, "abc7 news." the oakland raters coliseum opened in 1966, becoming home for the raiders, until 1982 when the team moved to los angeles after owner al davis atevenlted to have improvements made to the coliseum. in 1995, davis returned the team to oakland after city and county leaders agreed to stadium upgrades that the east bay is still paying off to this day. two years ago, the raiders, rams, and chargers filed application qus the nfl to love to los angeles. the raiders didn't get it. but in 2017, they did get approved to move to las vegas. and just weeks ago, the city of oakland sued the team and the nfl over that move. the raiders pulled their offer to lease the coliseum as a consequence. it's not chelear where they wil play.
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at&t park in san francisco has been mentioned as a possibility. the raiders are set to move to las vegas for the 2020 season where they'll build a nearly $2 billion, 65,000 seat. throughout it all, fans have stuck with the team. tonight could be a bittersweet game to watch, too. our reporter continues our live team coverage with the fan perspective. >> reporter: you are looking at commitment out here, dan. around ten minutes ago, we had a huge band blow through here. these light washed jeans are now dark, and the tents were flipping over. but they're here to celebrate the leaders for what looks like to be their last time to play here. check out this flag on your screen here that says thanks for the memories. that's certainly the theme out here. many are very sad to see the raiders go, and fans are trying
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to go out with a bang tonight and let the raiders know they still support them. they just wish they could do'9" in oakland. >> i've been a season ticketholder for about 11 and i'm really sad that they are going off. but i'm going to celebrate every single second that we have left here in the oakland coliseum. yes! i'm excited. >> we're going to miss the opportunities of the future to come out and be with friends and fans and have a good time out here. >> reporter: there is talk of fans taking mementos from the coliseum tonight. we'll keep an eye on that, so tune back in at 11:00. >> okay, have fun out there. watch tonight's game here on abc 7. once again, our monday night football coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. right after what you're watching now, "abc7 news" at 4:00.
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this isn't what we want for christmas. today was the worst christmas eve trading session in u.s. history, ever. markets tumbled following a tweet from president trump which he criticized fed chairman jerome powell. the white house spent the weekend trying to assure markets that powell's job is safe. the dow closed down 653 points, to end at 21,792. the nasdaq stayed in bear market territory. it was down 140 points. the s&p lost 65. an investigation is under way into a san francisco house fire that claimed the life of one prominent philanthropist and put his wife in the hospital. and at 4:30, a live update from washington on the government shutdown that seems to have no end in sight. it's a busy time of the year for the
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. a fire overnight at a house in san francisco in the presidio heights neighborhood claimed the life of a prominent philanthropist and put his wife in the hospital. he supported lefty drive. >> they really helped us out. really sad to hear what happened and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. they always had the spirit of christmas, very big donors and would drop off toys every year. >> the fire happened on clay street between cherry and maple, just before 1:00 this morning.
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amy hollyfield was there. >> reporter: san francisco's fire chief came to the scene on clay street when she heard an elderly man died. >> reporter: once i heard there was a fatality, i knew there would be family gathering. it's something that i just wanted to come out and talk to them and console them. >> reporter: the division chief on scene helped explain why the couple couldn't explain from their third floor bedroom. >> they were in bed. it had been going for some time, and with the center course stairwell, the best thing you can shut your door, but you're not going to exit through your normal means of egress, so the windows would have been the only way to escape, and that just was not possible this time. >> reporter: firefighters got the call just before 1:00 a.m. they believe the fire started in the living room, where there was a christmas tree. the fire was so huge,
4:14 pm
firefighters had trouble getting into the home. >> when it hit the foyer, it rolled the roof, which came down on the firefighters. so therefore, there was materials landing on top of them. and the firefighter had minor burns to the neck and hands. >> reporter: the chief says she knows this is tough on the family and the neighbors. she says it's hard on her team, too. >> we're trained to help people and we want a positive outcome. don't always get it and we didn't this morning. so it's all of our hearts are a little heavy this morning. >> reporter: that firefighter was treated and released from the hospital. the victims have had some adult nephews here at the home this morning, dealing with the aftermath. they say this time the family does not want to comment. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc7 news." in the north bay, police charged a man with domestic violence, talking and assault with a deadly weapon after a frantic 911 call.
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30-year-old pedro rivas morales is accused of attempting to break into his ex-girlfriend's home. officers tracked him down as he continued to call and text the woman. she told police he had previously tried to strangle her and held a knife to her throat. he's now being held on $250,000 bail. investigators are trying to determine what caused a pickup to plunge down a cliff off of highway 1. one person is dead following that fiery crash about 90 feet from the road. bodega bay firefighters were called out this morning for reports of a burning vehicle on salmon creek north. the chp temporarily closed north bound highway 1 to remove the vehicle and that victim. cher riches are seeking the extradition of two suspects arrested for a double murder that dates back to 2016. robert lee randolph, jr., and
4:16 pm
maria larong were arrested in texas on friday. both were linked with these homicides. two men were killed during an argument over a marijuana sale. along the peninsula, an suv ran into the rancho market san mateo. injuries turned out to be minor. the suv that hit the building had to be towed away. the market itself suffered a little damage, and as you can say, it stayed open for business. moving on. all throughout san francisco today, hundreds of volunteers have been serving christmas eve meals to the homeless and those struggling. over at the salvation army, they are preparing thousands of meals that will be delivered tomorrow on christmas day. that's where our reporter is live for us tonight.
4:17 pm
>> reporter: yeah, dan. the salvation army says this is one of the busies times of the year for them. they just finished prepping off the meals. now everything is inside this freezer. 4,000 meals will be served tomorrow, christmas day. even on christmas eve, the assembly line at the salvation army doesn't stop. for more than 30 years, mary martis has been a volunteer here, motivated by how many people need help in san francisco. >> they're getting younger. and it's sad. you see a lot of senior citizens with a good place to go, and you're starting to see a lot of people in the 20s. >> reporter: the salvation army will provide 4,000 meals, the lunch made up of ham, rice and vegetables. lindsey allen delivered meals with her family last year. >> very positive, everyone is in a good mood, just willing to help out.
4:18 pm
>> reporter: over at glide in san francisco's tender loin neighborhood, hundreds lined up for christmas eve lunch. about a hundred volunteers served 3,000 meals. she says this is a big day for her, it's one of the biggest meals she'll meet all year. >> very important. and it's so beautiful. and the people are so cheerful and nice and kind. it makes it so complete for this christmas. >> reporter: she says that just the past five years, they're serving more families with young kids and more people dealing with mental health issues. >> you look back 30, 40 years when we started to discontinue funding aroundment mental healt care, you can see this is the result. >> reporter: back here at the salvation army, meals will be warmed up tomorrow morning starting at 5:00 a.m. and deliveries begin at 8:00. >> and every one of them needed and appreciated. thank you very much. well, as you know, it's really coming down.
4:19 pm
how long will that continue on this christmas eve? meteorologist drew tuma is here. rudolph is going to need skis tonight. >> for sure. the southern half of the bay area is dealing with the heaviest rain right now. you can see a lot of action at this moment. i want to zoom in to where we're seeing the heaviest of the rain in the east bay. you can see the pops of yellow and orange and even red on your screen. going to zoom in closer. i see live doppler 7 updating live on the air right now. just had a downpour in danville. so seeing the rain pushing to the east right now. the south bay, didn't see a lot of rain, but you're seeing light to moderate showers moving south and east of san jose, you'll see more rain. san jose, wet roads, gray skies, and you can see some parts of the region are getting a brief break in the cloud cover, a
4:20 pm
little late evening sunshine right now. but we're not done with the rain quite yet. so we're going to take a look at your overnight planner. by 5:00, we're seeing the showers still. and i think those showers are really confined to the peninsula, the south bay, and the east bay. i think the north baby 5:00 is seeing quiet weather. we're tacalming down by midnigh. drier skies prevail tomorrow morning. by 7:00 in the morning, the rain is out of here, sunshine returns, and christmas day is looking really nice around here. so the rain sticking around for a couple more hours. temperature wise, 40s and 50s. 55 in santa rosa. 54 in san francisco. on the storm impact scale, over the next couple of hours, we continue to track the showers and downpours. at least through 7:00 tonight, there's the chance of a thunder shower popping up. otherwise, tracking widespread winds, 20 to 40 miles an hour.
4:21 pm
by 5:00 later on this evening, the main energy focused in the east bay and south bay. fwi 9: by 9:00, the main action is out of here and tapering to widely scattered showers. that trend will continue for christmas day. by 8:00, 9:00 christmas morning, it is bright and nice, but breezy out there. the winds are 20 to 40 miles an hour. by 11:00 tonight, those winds will calm down. tomorrow morning, breezy out of the north. nowhere near what we're experiencing this current night. winter storm warning in effect for the sierra. do not try to travel to tahoe tonight. we could see 16 inches at kirkwood. back at home, showers right now, clearing after midnight. mid firt 30s to 40s. tomorrow, upper 50s to low 60s. seven-day forecast shows you
4:22 pm
it's really quiet tomorrow, sunshine, and cool mornings with thursday a wednesday and thursday. so a little wet and breezy this evening and then dry tomorrow. stay with us. struck without warning. a tsunami has i am a techie dad.n.
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another deadly natural disaster overseas in indonesia. officials say that at least 373 people are known to have died after a tsunami rushed in, close to the capital, jakarta. the waves were triggered by a volcanic eruption, which wals undetected. julia mcfarland shows you the damage. >> reporter: indonesians are once again racing to find survivors in the wreckage just three months after the last
4:25 pm
disaster there. this time, an erupting volcano displacing huge amounts of water, triggering killer waves which swept through coastal areas. hospitals and buildings lost in the deluge, residents receiving treatment on the streets. >> you are seeing some villages that have been destroyed, has swept around, tossed around like corks in the ocean, and buildings demolished by the surge of sea. but then you're seeing other villages that remain untouched because of the angle of the coastline. >> reporter: while desperate family members search for their missing loved ones, noeindonesis no stranger to natural disasters. but in six months, there have been three devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. and now this tsunami in the sunda strait. once again, the indonesian government is confronted with tough questions. why has the tsunami warning system not been repaired since
4:26 pm
2012? and why is there no system in place to measure threats arising from volcanic activity. the president offered more sensors to mitigate risk, but in a country of 17,000 islands, indonesia will never be safe from these horrors. the body of a 7-year-old girl who died while in u.s. border patrol custody is back in guatemala. her body arrived yesterday and then taken by hearse hours to the countryside and handed over to family members for her funeral. she and her father were taken into custody earlier this month. when she got sick, she was ultimately glo lly glob lly flol and died of septic shot. next, a live update from
4:27 pm
washington on where negotiations stand for the government shutdown. plus, it's not too late to help keep a christmas tradition going and help set a new record in the process. stay with me. more to come.
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> all right. welcome back. thanks for being here on this christmas eve. let's check in on today's top stories. this is live top lerldoppler 7. we have dealt with a storm that ranks two on the "abc7 news" storm impact scale. today, the dow lost more than 650 points, and the stock market suffered its worst christmas eve on record ever. this is on track to be the worst december since the great depression. the raiders could play their last game at the oaklan coliseum. it's not clear where they'll finish out their time before moving to las vegas for the 2020 season. the raiders' game against the broncos airs right here on abc
4:31 pm
7. coverage starts at 5:00, half hour from now. the partial government shutdown is entering day three on this christmas eve. president trump remains in washington where he continues to attack democrats over funding for his border wall. kenneth moton has the latest on the holiday negotiations and live in washington tonight for us. >> reporter: since today and christmas are federal holidays, the government would have been closed any way. wednesday is the first day the public could see and feel the effects of a government shutdown. the nation is seeing and feel a government shutdown. the president making christmas eve calls to kids, pausing to say -- >> it's nothing new in the shutdown. nothing new. except we need border security.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: the president summoned homeland security officials to the white house to discuss border security. trump tweeted, i'm all alone, poor me, all alone in the white house, waiting for the dems to make a deal on border security. democratic leaders struck back. it's christmas eve and president trump is plugging the country into kay use. -- >> i think the offer billion a couple of weeks ago. >> $5 billion is a lot of money. and to spend it on a fourth century strategy rather than on stuff that improves security is not something we're going to do. >> reporter: in washington, the national christmas tree damaged by a trespasser who tried to
4:33 pm
climb it over a weekend. it likely won't be a good holiday for 800,000 federal workers. dan, back to you. >> kenneth, thank you very much. what are you hear thing in washington, is it likely the shutdown will continue through the holidays into the new year? >> reporter: very likely. the white house and the president have indicated that this will likely move into the new year, this partial government shutdown. the fight is likely will intensify when it comes to the democrats taking control of the house. that is why -- that is the reason we're only seeing the fact that a stalemate, both sides not budging. the president believes this is his last chance to get substantial wall funding and the democrats believe they can wait him out. dan? >> kenneth, live in washington.
4:34 pm
merry christmas to you. here's a live look at san francisco international airport. because of the shutdown, the center taking applications for global entry is gloes closed, wh allows entranlts to speed through the process. another impact of the shutdown, night tours at alcatraz are being canceled. the san francisco municipal pier and the hyde street pier are closed. and yosemite remains open, but visitor centers are closed and camp grounds are not staffed. but government workers at norad are still tracking santa on this christmas eve. that will not be affected. government authorities are closely monitoring his every move, of course. right now, santa is approaching brazil. go to if you would like to follow santa's group as he makes his way around the world and to the bay area. one san francisco holiday
4:35 pm
tradition is back. toys were collected at the new lefty o'cool's location, located here jefferson and mason streets. this will put presents in the hands of thousands of kids who would otherwise do without. amanda has our donation details. >> reporter: we are in the holiday homestretch. all day monday, many are making lefty's the merriest place to be. >> san francisco is famous for lots of things. but one of them is always the toy drive. >> reporter: now at its new location at 145 evjefferson street, the lefty o'dool's toy drive is bringing out city leaders past and present. >> some kids won't necessarily get anything this christmas. and just imagine how that might feel. >> reporter: a survey by the
4:36 pm
census bureau estimates 12,738 children under 18 are living below the poverty level in san francisco. toys dropped off here will go to making their spirits bright. >> we heard 12,000 kids may wake up without toys, so help us out. >> reporter: you have until 10:15 tonight. >> san francisco is giving back to young children and families that don't have the ability to purchase toys for their children. >> reporter: a little last-minute holiday help. >> for what we get here out of san francisco, billions of people want to come here, but then they forget about the people who are in need. >> reporter: they've collected more than 10,000 donation items to beat that 2016 collection. do you think we can do it, lucille? i think so, too. >> all right.
4:37 pm
thanks, amanda. tomales are a big christmas tradition and tales were brisk at the tamale factory on white e road. no one knows where tamales came to be part of the holiday feast. some say it's a tradition as families gathered for the holiday. either way, delicious and a big part of the festivities. the largest mega millions jackpot ever will be drawn tomorrow, worth an estimated $321 million. that's almost $194 million in cash. if you take the lump sum. since the game began six years ago, there have been four drawings on christmas day. seven mega millions jackpots have been won in the days before and after christmas.
4:38 pm
i did ask santa to win that jackpot. warming centers opened up to provide a place for people to sleep during the holidays. "abc7 news" was at one shelter location today, the lenninger center in san jose. this is one of four locations open, both tonight and tomorrow night. another location is the baskam community center. a lot of shelters are closing right now because of the holiday. and it is never easy to be without shelter and a place to stay, certainly the holidays are among the worst of times. and in the rain, it's worse than that. meteorologist drew tuma is here now with more on the forecast, how cold it will get. >> once we get the rain out of here, cool temperatures will settle in, some spots in the low firts. we'll drop to the 30s, even inland very close to the low
4:39 pm
40s, upper 30s. so a chilly night. but the rain is with us at hour. so we'll zoom in just a little closer here, show you where the rain is at this hour. you can see we have a line of showers stretching over to sunnyvale. the south bay right now dealing with wet weather. just had a heavy cell move over brentwood. that is pushing off to the east at this hour. still this evening, tracking the showers and downpours for the east bay, the south bay, the peninsula, and the winds are high, 20 to 40 miles an hour. we're going to plan out the next several hours. the focus right now, the downpours in the south bay, midnight, drier skies do prevail and we'll see a dry christmas day tomorrow. much closer look coming up. >> drew, thank you very much. more to bring you here. a haircut has gone viral for the outrage it's caused. we're now hearing from the family of a high school wrestler
4:40 pm
who was ordered to cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit the match. plus, new jeer means new laws. see what kind of insurance way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need.
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this small plane crash landed in miami. on board, a student pilot, instructor and two passengers. the cessna 172s engine failede and the pilot would not restart the plane and forced to land.
4:44 pm
the crash is being investigated. a united airlines flight that took off from sfo bound for dulles in washington, d.c. had to turn around and land back in san francisco. here's the flight path. the plane was only in the air for about 34 minutes before it looped around and landed safely. we're told some unusual noises were heard, so the plane came back. the flight took off around 1:00 p.m. more than three hours after its original departure. outrage continues to grow over what happened in this video that you're watching here. a wrestler at a high school match getting his dreadlocks cut off. he was told to do it or forfeit the match. >> reporter: the new jersey's attorney general's office is investigating this. a varsity wrestler was told to cut his dreadlocks or forget.
4:45 pm
the video of johnson complying went viral and sparked outrage. >> for me, it's magnified because of how closely related to culture and identity dreadlocks are. >> reporter: the referee, allen maloney, said johnson's hair was against the rules. but wrestlers in new jersey are supposed to be given the choice to wear a hair cover attached to the ear guards. the new jersey state athletic association said the referee would not be assigned to matches until this matter has been reviewed. maloney reportedly used a racial slur at a social gathering of referees in 2016, prompting another official, who was black, to slam him to the ground. the state attorney general's division on civil rights is investigating. the statement released through their attorney, johnson's family said he was shaken by what they called the prematch ultimatum, but said andrew has been deeply moved by the support. however upsetting this was for johnson did not show. he pinned his opponent and won
4:46 pm
his match. >> actor kevin spacey is being charged with a sexual assault of a teenager in massachusetts. a state prosecutor said he's accused of indecent assault and battery on the son of a boston television anchor in july of 2016. the former news anchor came forward saying spacey stuck his hand down her then 18-year-old son's pants and grabbed him. spacey is scheduled to appear in court on january 7th. he was dropped from the hit series "house of cards" after numerous allegations of sexual miss condu were made against him. governor brown has set a record for pardons in california. during his past eight years in office, he's granted 1189 pardons and 152 commutations. when she was governor between 1975 and 1983, he
4:47 pm
and one commutation. he's tried to eliminate the state's money bail system. one of the people not pardoned was the mayor of london breed who had written a letter asking her brother's 44-year sentence to be commuted. the mayor says part of her motivation to write the letter was the issue of racial bias in the criminal justice system. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> dealing with these heavy downpours and dealing with some coastal flooding thanks to high tide. this video earlier today, the king tide flooding in san francisco, there you can see the cars driving right through it. this is a thick street in harrison, thankfully we're done with this round of king tides.
4:48 pm
we're just dealing with rain, and right now it's focussed in the south bay. some of the heavy showers. drying out in the north bay for the most part. so much of this action is winding down. as we head into christmas day itself, the showers are out of here. sunshine prevails, and it will be a nice holiday on the way tomorrow. seven-day forecast, tomorrow it is dry, it is sunny. it's a little on the breezy side. a north wind of 10 to 20, ushering in cool mornings. friday, we're below average for this time of the year, but the upcoming weekend, saturday and sunday, looking nice. temperatures in the 50s. >> thank you, drew, very much. we are focused on christmas right now, but the new year will be here before we
4:49 pm
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wlooebelieve it or not, thim next week we'll be counting down to 2019. a new law is the ban on short term health insurance plans in california. that law counters a trump administration rule allowing insurers to offer the limited plans to consumers and extend them for up to three years. the so-called junk insurance does not cover a wide scope of health services. health care advocates say the
4:52 pm
plans are a threat to the market and leave people up covered for services they may require. >> so not just trap people in junk coverage that may not cover them when they need it,ut raise the premiums and prices for everybody else because of the impact on the market as a whole. >> insurance companies like anthem blue cross oppose this soon-to-be enacted law. they say the coverage is a good alternative for consumers who miss enrollment deadlines. also starting in 2019, california's driver's licenses will have a new gender option. nonbinary in addition to male and female. and your car is xevenexempt fro smog check until it's eight years old. here's jessica castro with more on what's changing january 1st. >> reporter: drivers with more than one dui will be required to install an ignition device.
4:53 pm
you can't turn on the engine until you prove you don't have alcohol in your system. and if you hit someone on your bicycle on a bike path, you are required to stop at the scene or face charges for a felony hit and run. stay laws for scooter rides will change. no longer will riders over the age of 18 be required to wear helmets. also changing in the new year, those white and green clean air sticker also no longer qualify cars to get into the car pool or express lanes. the car pool lanes were getting too crowded and the state wants newer, cleaner cars on the road. we have more changes and new laws at i'm jessica castro, "abc7 news." now, here's a live look at three bay area bridges, the richmond, bay, and san mateo.
4:54 pm
the bay right there in the center. tolls go up a dollar on every bridge except the golden gate starting january 1st. and tomorrow, many transit agencies are changing their schedules because of christmas. ac transit is running on its sunday schedule. muni is also on a schedule. parking is free. the san francisco bay ferry will not operate tomorrow. stay with me. we spoke with the warriors about what they love about
4:55 pm
westbrook returns the pass and punter is there with an incredible -- give me some of that! was a theme on sunday. hunters showing up. returners don't wlik it. and barner, receives a kick. finds his team. he is laid out by matt bosher. is one more look.
4:56 pm
bosher squares it up and might be the tackle of the season. punters, way to go. returners, c'mon man. >> let's go to detroit. cousins at the line and the snap. >> hut, >> what? what was that p. >> c'mon man. >> we will to -- >> and fourth and five, and roosevelt, and he gats a tackle and the steelers, they got the first down. you got the guys on the offense, you got the guys on defense, both guys celebrating. come on, pittsburgh, you are a yard shy. why you are celebrating? boy, i would be embarrassed if i see it again. steelers, c'mon man. >> all right, national signing day in college football, and he is holding a press conference in
4:57 pm
lsu's practice facility. i think it was a little too noisy for coach. >> hey! i'm having a press conference! okay? thank you. >> he picked up where he left off. and about 20 seconds later, look at it again. >> hey, stop the balls and stop the drilling. i'm having a press conference. thank you! >> c'mon man, get them quiet in the building. good stuff. back to more football, but the raiders playing here on nbc 7. christmas is about traditions. they make the holiday season so much more complete. but a lot of it has to do with family, not just about who you're related to. check out what some of our
4:58 pm
favorite golden state warriors stars look to. >> favorite holiday tradition is waking up on christmas morning with family, and eating. >> my favorite holiday tradition is holiday meals. they're so good. and the family is usually all together. >> my favorite holiday tradition is watching the nba games while eating food. >> my favorite holiday food is collard greens. >> biscuits and gravy, and cheesecake. >> favorite holiday food, dressing. >> mac and cheese. >> my favorite holiday tradition, just being around family, thanksgiving and christmas. >> my favorite christmas day tradition is going to eat with my family. my mom's birthday is christmas eve. >> happy holidays from the warriors and abc 7. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
4:59 pm
>> happy holidays from the warriors and abc 7. >> merry christmas. >> they did a great job, the warriors, for shooting those spots. we really appreciate it. lots of fun and interesting to hear how some big sports superstars think about the holidays and what they appreciate. the warriors are praying lae lakers tomorrow at 5:00. it's the third game of our triple-header of basketball coverage that begins at 11:30 a.m. the nba on christmas day. and of course, i hope you'll stay here on abc 7, because "monday night football" is next. the raiders taking on the denver broncos. a great rivalry game. will this be the final time the raiders play at the oakland coliseum? we'll have to see. but we hope that you're enjoying the holidays and on this christmas eve, we really
5:00 pm
appreciate your time. thanks for joining me. for drew tuma, and all of us here, have a great rest of the evening. merry christmas. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. , and the raiders are bigger than oakland or l.a. or las vegas. it's an international brand. >> lots to watch for tonight, history and tradition. ♪ o'holy night. >> it's more than


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