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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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called a humanitarian crisis at the border. >> a bay
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." i'm surprised that these kids have not passed away, because it's so bad. >> a young guatemalan boy died in u.s. custody at the border, and tonight, we're hearing from a local woman who has seen the shocking conditions firsthand. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. it's the second child to die in just three weeks. kate larson has more on the major changes being made by homeland security. >> reporter: tonight, immigration and customs enforcement officers released another 500 migrants in texas and new mexico. shelters in these border towns say they're overwhelmed and running out of spice. i.c.e. has apprehended 24,000 children at the border and another child died in their
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custody this week. homeland security ordered mandatory medical checks on every child under 10 in u.s. custody, prompted by the death of a second child under the agency's care. the boy, who was accompanied by his father, died on christmas eve in new mexico after getting released from a hospital. >> we saw children that were dehydrated, children that needed medical care. >> reporter: belinda hernandez is a professor and licensed clinical social worker. she's traveled to the border two times this year. she was in texas earlier this month, right before 7-year-old jacqueline makeen died after crossing the border. she says she's surprised more young migrants haven't died. >> you're talking about this i.c.e. facility that's freezing cold with food that we heard stories of being rotten, frozen sandwiches. one little girl talked about a
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worm in her sandwich. children have stopped eating. >> we have a humanitarian crisis. we have an immigration and asylum crisis that needs to be remedied. >> reporter: he says it's the responsibility of the u.s. government to provide more infrastructure and services at the border. >> the asylum seekers are doing what's afforded to them under u.s. law. we should be putting more money into el salvador, guatemala, and nicaragua to help with the rule of law because of the violence. >> reporter: the congressman tells me that he hopes once congress is back in session next week, that lawmakers can work towards a bipartisan solution to this immigration crisis at the border. back to you. >> kate, thank you very much. developing news tonight, a manhunt is under way for an alleged cop killer. 33-year-old officer ranil singh was gunned down this morning, about 100 miles from san francisco in the tongwn of newm,
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between san jose and merced. our reporter is there now and joins us live with the community's reaction to this terrible tragedy. >> reporter: we've watched people walk up all evening long, dropping off flowers and candles. you can see some of that display behind me, in front of the police department here. newman, as you mentioned, is a small community. we also know that there are only 13 sworn officers with the department, so many people in this community interacted directly with corporal singh. >> flowers for loyalty. >> reporter: we worked up to her after she added to the pile of flowers sitting outside the police department for corporal singh. sanchez brought her grandchildren with her. >> i want them to learn and show respect and may he rest in peace. >> reporter: he was shot and killed at a traffi spot around
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1:00 a.m. >> he told me the name, and i was like oh, he does to my school. >> reporter: he was a mentor to self-childr several children in the community. >> he talked to my sons. >> reporter: as this memorial continued to grow just a couple of blocks away, susanna martinez came back to work after talking to deputies. a manhunt is still under way for the killer. she rang up the suspect's items moments before the shooting. >> as he left, my friend came inside and said the officer just pulled him over right down the street. >> reporter: martinez said she heard the sound of a gunshot from inside the store. the suspect took off. hours later, police found his truck, not far from the crime scene. singh was father to a 5 yieyie d and a husband. >> he was very loving and
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offering his kindness to everybody. >> reporter: investigators say if you see the suspect, do not aproach him. just contact police right away. >> we first sent out the alert about this breaking news through the "abc7 news" app this morning. enable the push alert feature to receive updates. >> if you would like to help out the officer's family, the sheriff's department has set up a memorial fund. you can find a link at this has been a deadly year for police officers. in california, 11 officers have been killed while on duty. across the u.s., 86 law enforcement officers have died. at least 45 by gunfire. let's move on and get ready to bundle up. chilly temperatures are headed to the bay area. >> you can see the wind is w already blowing.
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drew tuma has the forecast. >> we're only hours away before a wind advisory goes into effect. wind advisory begins at 7:00 a.m. thursday morgue tomorrning and the santa cruz mountains where winds will turn breezy out of the north. closer to the surface, what you'll feel tomorrow morning at 8:00, the winds, 15 to 30 miles continuing for much of the day. we'll take a look at when the winds will relax and the cool air they will bring in. new at 11:00, arizona authorities say a san jose area girl fell to her death near the arizona/utah border. the 14-year-old was found 700 feet below an overlook. the girl's family reported her missing christmas eve. a helicopter later spotted her body. officials say it appeared she
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died from what appears to be an accidental fall. there are no barriers at that overlook. driving was a little more dangerous over the holiday. chp officers made 157 dui arrests in the bay area during its maximum enforcement period over the past four days, an increase of 144 arrests last christmas. the chp also reports three people died in crashes over the holiday, up from one fatality last year when the chp says an impaired driver hit and killed an officer. president trump's secret journey to visit u.s. troops to iraq was his first to an active combat zone. it happened at the president faces criticism for his plans to remove troops from syria. our reporter has the latest from washington. >> reporter: tonight, president trump greeted u.s. troops during his layover in germany. earlier, the commander in chief and the first lady surprised troops in iraq, west of baghdad.
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>> we came here, our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep america safe, strong, and free. >> reporter: it was trump's first visit to service members in a war zone since taking office nearly two years ago. 5,000 troops deployed in iraq. the president praised their efforts in the fight against isis. >> two years ago, when i became president, they were a very dominant group. they were very dominant. today, they're not so dominant anymore. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the president said u.s. troops will remain in iraq, but will withdraw all 2,000 american troops from syria. >> our presence in syria was not open ended and it was never intended to be permanent. >> reporter: the trip in the middle of a partial government shutdown, shrouded in secrecy. military jets escorted air force one on the 11-hour flight.
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>> i had concerns for the institution of the president, not for myself personally. i have concerns for the first lady, i will tell you. >> reporter: the president's visit comes after allies in congress criticized his plans to withdraw troops from syria, a move that led to the resignation of defense secretary james mattis. the dow staged a massive comeback after its worst-ever christmas eve. today, it posted its biggest daily point gain ever. the dow closed at 22,878. the nasdaq picked up 361 points, and the s&p 500 gained 116. in the east bay, teachers could get a 4.5% pay raise under a new tentative agreement. the school board will vote on it january 22. oakland teachers may strike as
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early as next month if the district doesn't meet their demands for more pay and student support. more to come, a data breach, thousands of customers had their information stolen. how to find out if you were affected. christmas wrapping, bows, even the actual trees. the dos and don'ts of christmas trash. >> and see how the bay area is celebrating kwanzaa. >> and here's jimmy. >> we need your attention. what you are about to say is important. trump hated christmas like he hated don lemon and people in yemen. no one knows why he's mad this
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new at 11:00, if you have placed an online order, a hac may have accessed your information on bevo. it may have affected online orders between august 2nd and september 22. they began notifying k ining cu last week. so what do you do with all the holiday trash, the wrapping paper, the boxes, the tree? melanie woodrow shows you what can and can't be recycled. >> reporter: unwrapped here in san francisco. this is the busiest season for wrapping paper recycling. >> more than 90% of christmas wrapping paper can be recycled. >> reporter: but some things can't be recycled. >> something that would have two or three typlsll
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in one. >> reporter: like wrapping paper with velvet or metallic flecks on it. this wrapping paper are okay to recycle, but not this ribbon that's attached. the folks here say reuse it next yar. >> this is a good idea to have a bag or a box somewhere in your house where you would store ribbon to reuse them. it's birthdays, mother's day. there's many opportunities throughout the year to give gifts. >> reporter: save your holiday bows, those can't be recycled, either. here's another tip for when you're wrapping gifts next year. >> our feeling about tape is less is more. when you're wrapping a gift, we encourage you to put a tiny bit of tape. you don't even have to put tape. there's clever ways shown on the internet to wrap gifts. >> reporter: of course, it's not just the gift wrap under the tree but the tree itself that will need to be recycled. they ask that youait fieek in january to put
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your christmas tree outside for collection or your regularly scheduled collection day. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." we have all the information in melanie's report on our website, a celebration of community, family, and culture began today. >> young singers took part in this kwanzaa celebration at san francisco city hall. an san francisco studies professor began the holiday in 1966 to celebrate african traditions. >> it focuses on seven core princip principles. >> happy kwanzaa. take a look at the stunning snsets across the bay area. aren't these nice? but colder temperatures and wind are on the way. >> meteorologist drew tuma has the forect for to cool off overnight tonight before the winds kick up
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tomorrow morning. live doppler 7, not a drop of rain to be found, so the active sweep is dry. a live look from our south beach camera in san francisco. moonlit skies, quiet surface. the hills are ramping up. the winds will just continue to rise overnight while we're sleeping, so that wind advisory tomorrow will go into effect at 7:00 in the morning, closer to the surface. those north winds will gust 20 to 30 miles an hour and our ridge tops even stronger than that. those kind gusts will go close to 55 miles per hour. that's why the wind advisory is in effect for the east bay hills. so a good idea, secure any outside objects, because they'll bloi arou blow around in the afternoon tomorrow. we're down to 39 in fairfield, 41, that temperature in napa.
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42 in san malone. numbers continue to fall. overnight lows in the north bay and inland east bay. temperatures dropping well into the 30s. closer to the bayshoreline, low to mid 40s tomorrow morning. you want the winter coat, feel crispy. it's dragging a cold front here through qua california as we sp but will not bring us rain. what it's doing is it will kick up the wind. so the day planner on your thursday, breezily and it's chilly first thing in the morning. it's a bright looking day. we have a lot of sunshine similar to today but that wind will be an issue in the afternoon, gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour, even higher in the hills, keeping temperatures limited into the 50s. highs on your thursday, bright and breezy conditions.
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59 for concord. 57 in san francisco. 58 in santa rosa. vallejo up to 58 degrees. if you have to travel across the state, besides the wind, it's a quiet day tomorrow. a lot of sunshine from northern to southern california. if you are flying to southern california, we have temperatures in the mid if not upper 60s. traveling to tahoe, you'll be good to go. temperaturing tes topping out a degrees. it's a breezy and bright day tomorrow. winds continue to friday before the winds relax over the weekend. it will be a dry finish to 2018, and all indications for new year's day is a dry start with that dry pattern continuing the next seven days, guys. >> thanks, drew. four people will live, yes, live, on a san jose bill board for nearly two weeks.
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>> and tomorrow on "good morning america" the new movie "green
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sky 7 shows you a bill board in san jose where four college football fans will live for 12 t days. each fan represents a fan in the playoffs. the two fans rooting for the teams who make free tickets. the living bill board will be unveiled tomorrow here on abc 7 on "good morning america." >> you can watch that national championship game on our sister network espn. levi stadium is where it's all going down monday, january 7. >> it will be fun. living on the bill board sounds like a good idea for the first
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two days. anthony is here with sports. >> cal trying to get their first bowl win. defense dominates with nine interceptions. will
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the cheese it bowl was tonight. it was not guda. all right. cal's defense coming up big here. ca capitalizing off the interception. chase garver here for the touchdown. cal up 7-0.
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after another pick, garver with a shot at the end zone, but guess what? he's picked off. the teams combine for nine interceptions in this game. 7-0 in the second. a seven-yard run here. check out the effort in the third here. reaches of the line for the touchdown. after a tcu missed field goal at the end of regulation, they get another shot in overtime. tcu wins it by the final of 10-7. this has been a disappointing season for the silver and black. one bright spot has been the second half play of derek carr. he hasn't thrown an interception since week five. g pick. he was asked if he thinks about the streak. >> not during the game. as a human, it flashes through your head like on friday, like okay, stop thinking about it.
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but during the game, no, no. obviously i hit a bb in the chest in cincinnati. stuff happens, man, you know what i mean? the gold state warriors set the bar so high, they've having a hard time living up to their own standards. they have the third most wins in the nba and everyone is wondering what is wrong with this team? the ws are coming off a 26-point loss to the lakers. it's their fourth loss at home, but they're still on pace to win 54 games this season. one area where the team is struggling is from behind the arc. last night they were 9 of 36 from three-point land. that's not good. steve kerr was not about to panic. >> 54 wins, get win of everybody. imagine uttering those words at any time over the last three decades. would the settle for 54? the bar has been set high.
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and i told them that, they have set the bar really high. >> the ws are at against portland. i keep saying this, don't worry, it's still december. if it was april, then there would be cause for concern. we have a long way to
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we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for all of us, thanks for being >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- beastie boys mike d & ad-rock. from "queer eye" jonathan van ness. "this year in unnecessary censorship." and music from mitski. and now, goodness gracious, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you very much. welcome. happy holidays. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. it's the most wonderful time of the year. as we prepare to go into


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