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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we have live team coverage on the search for the two men. >> one shot and killed a police officer. >> he told me he came to america to become a police officer. that's all he wanted to do. he truly loved what he did. >> and this is the picture of the suspect who is believed to have taken the life of corporal singh. investigators are not yet releasing his name. >> the shooting happened christmas night in newman, about halfway between san jose and merced. there are late breaking developments on this manhunt 30 miles from the scene. >> laura anthony is live from the merced county town of nedo where deputies just served a search warrant. >> reporter: that's right, dan. we just saw deputies and officers from various agencies leave this area.
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this is a property that appears to be a dairy farm. when we arrived, we saw investigators still inside a small house here, appearing to wrap up an investigation. they served a search warrant earlier today. of course, they are looking for the suspect. that is part of a larger manhunt, but we learned from the sheriffs that the suspect himself was not here. >> i did not know christmas morning at 4:00 in the morning when i said goodbye to him, and sent him off to his family, that it would be the last time that i saw him. >> reporter: clearly wracked with grief, the chief of the tiny newman police department asked that corporal singh be first remembered as a husband and father, and then as a cop. >> what needs to be known is that he was truly just a human being. an american patriot. >> reporter: the 33-year-old
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singh was shot and killed just before 1:00 a.m. on wednesday during a dui traffic spot. the man believed to be the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras buying beer moments before the shooting. >> it was a gun fight. >> reporter: the sheriff adam christianson did offer other details. >> this suspect, unlike ron, who emxwrigrated to this country lawfully, to pursue his career of being a police officer, this suspect is in our country illegally. >> reporter: the suspect's gray truck was found at a mobile home park in newman but the man himself is still at large. in the meantime, this small town is left to cope with the loss of an officer. >> he bent over backwards for everybody he stopped or just as a friend he was a friend to everybody. >> and his 5-month-old he will
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never hear talk. he will never see his son walk. he doesn't get to hold that little boy, hug his wife, good night any more, because a coward took his life. >> reporter: the small farmhouse we're showing you right now in the county is the one that officers and investigators were focusing on when we arrived here. but, again, sheriffs are saying that the suspect was not located here. the manhunt continues. in the meantime, plans are under way for the funeral of corporal singh. laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> laura, thank you. more police officers died this year than last year. 144 in total. according to information released today from the national law enforcement officer's
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memorial fund. officer fatalities are up 12% from 2017. most off the deaths were the result of a firearm. california is tied with three other states with the highest number of officer fatalities at 11. today, investigators revealed that the suspect in this case was not supposed to be in this country. it didn't take long for president trump to respond. he posted this tweet, capping it with the words, time to get tough on border security, build the wall. the sheriff's department says there is only one authorized fund set up for the family of the officer through the association. if you would like to donate, we have a link on the search for an inmate who escaped from san quinten last night. he's serving a five-year sentence for armed carjacking. the prison holds more than 4,000
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inmates. only about 15% of them are on death row, including scott peterson. cornell bernard joins us live with the search for the man who should be behind bars. cornell? >> reporter: that's right, and so far police say absolutely no sign of mendoza, who escaped from san quentin about 20 hours ago. police show the escapee moments before he's suspected of carjacking a woman. >> really surprised that anybody could just walk away. >> reporter: wayne wexler lives only yards from the gates of san quinten, where the man walked away from a work crew wednesday night. he was discovered missing after a head count. >> the prison gave a description that he was in the jump suit, but we have learned that they had found that jump suit. >> reporter: these surveillance images show a suspect matching the description as mendoza,
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approaching a woman moments before a carjacking. it happened in the home depot parking lot about 9:15 p.m., about a mile from san quentin. >> they reported a hispanic male approached a feoff maimale, sima weapon through his t-shirt, demanded the keys from her, threatened to kill her. >> reporter: police say he took off on the woman's silver toyota with this license number. it's unknown where he was headed. he's 5'5", with a distinctive tattoo over his right eye. he was serving a five-year sent tense for using a deadly weapon during an attempted carjacking. >> i checked my phone and nothing came through. i didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: laura lives three miles from the prison. she wants to know why she never got an electronic alert on her phone warning of the escape. >> i think the prison could have
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did a simple alert to think this is the information we have, this is what's up. >> reporter: now, prison officials who did not want to appear on camera today say they alerted the media before midnight, but did not alert neighbors in the vicinity. that carjacking victim was not injured. police say mendoza likely armed and dangerous. if you see him, call 911. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." >> thank you. in the east bay, a delay today in the case against the man accused of murdering an 18-year-old woman at an oakland b.a.r.t. station. they were attacked at random in july. a judge ordered psychiatrists to examine the suspect and determine whether he is competent to stand trial. here's eric thomas. >> reporter: outside the courtroom, he was clear that the father concluded that the murder suspect is mentally fit to stand
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trial, no matter what his defense attorney says. >> for him to do what he did, to carry out what he did so smoothly, you know, i think that's pretty competent. >> reporter: police allege in july he fate llly stabbed 18-year-old mia wilson and wiped off the knife, dumped it and changed his clothes. but today, the lawyer says he's showing signs of delusions and paranoia. a mental competency check could be the first step towards an always difficult-to-prove insanity defense. >> there aren't that many insanity defenses posed, and few succeed, because the standard, in fact, is quite high. >> reporter: he says the attorneys would have to prove that at the time of the attacks their client didn't know what he was doing or didn't understand he was morally wrong.
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>> reporter: juries tend to be skeptical of that. the family's civil suit against b.a.r.t. for failing to keep dangerous people out of the stations is not affected. we spoke with their attorney by phone. >> we're not talking so much about the culpability of perp tr perpetrator, we're talking about the laxness of b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the victim's family is still pushing for a death penalty trial. eric thomas, "abc7 news." happening now, a wind advisory is in effect and will continue all through the night. you can see clear skies in this picture from our camera. meteorologist sandhya patel is here now with a look at those winds that we definitely felt if we were outside. >> absolutely, ama. it is still blustery, especially
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in the hills. right now, gusting to 43 miles an hour on mt. diablo. 33 east foothills. earlier this afternoon, we had stronger winds and this morning, gusting to 30. a wind advisory is up until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow for all higher elevations in the hills above 1,000 feet. the possibility of downed trees and power lines with sustained winds of 20 to 30. definitely be caref fuful out t. we're not tracking any rain. i'll let you know if there's any heading into 2019, coming up. >> sandhya, thank you. toxic levels of ammonia, dumped in a county creek, ended up in san francisco bay. those are the allegations at the heart of a $67 million lawsuit just filed. next, a look at who is
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accused of mistreating the environment for years. >> it's not quite time to put these out on the sidewalk just yet. i'm dion lim with when the city
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in the south bay, san jose's police chief says it's tragic that a 24-year-old woman was shot and killed by officers after a high speed chase early christmas morning. turns out, officers were chasing the wrong car. the woman's parents are calling for a federal investigation. david louie was on hand as both sides talked for the first time
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today. >> it was reasonable and justified for the officers to feel that their lives were in danger. >> reporter: police chief eddie garcia is describing to what led up to four officers opening fire on two women inside this camera that led police on a high speed fish. the women wore shot when the driver tried to back into a police car. vasquez was killed. a witness told police the suspects were in a white car. so police tried to stop it. >> had they not been in a stolen vehicle or tried to ram officer's cars, they wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: they were not involved in the shooting incident. the parents of jenny vasquez and maria vasquez talked to reporters. >> she doesn't understand how they can use that much force against her daughter, especially with a woman, the circumstances
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of what they were, they could have been resolved better. >> reporter: the family is demanding a federal investigation, that the officers face criminal charges, and the police body cam video be released. for now, the video is in the hands of the district attorney. a vigil was held late thursday afternoon. >> everybody, justice for jenny, please. >> reporter: contrary to what police said, her aunt says the car was not stolen, it was borrowed with permission. but police say jenny vasquez had previously been arrested and led police on a chase. david louie, "abc7 news." a san jose church pastor has been killed in a skiing accident. krig the senior pastor shared news of the loss saying his writing and speaking ministry has helped countless homes and lives around the world. he will be missed as a pastor,
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leader, and teacher. but most of all as our friend. he leaves behind a wife and three kids. a morgan hill mushroom grower is being accused of dumping toxic waste water into a creek that ended up in san francisco bay. a $67 million civil complaint was filed against monterey mushrooms. this happened here highway 101. here's melanie woodrow. >> reporter: the santa clara county district attorney's office say these pictures show waste water being dumped into fisher creek. >> they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: denise robbie is a deputy district attorney in the environmental protection unit. >> the case was brought to our attention from the california department of fish and wildlife in early 2016. >> reporter: fish eer creek flo into coyote creek, which flows into the san francisco bay. >> it's a source of our drinking
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water and flows into the bay. and it is totally inappropriate to be continuing to discharge or dump waste water into creeks. >> reporter: she says the morgan hill facility allowed contaminated storm water from its compost processing. investigators documented two occasions in january of 2017 where monterey mushrooms pumped approximately 700,000 gallons of waste water into fisher creek during a 48-hour period. the d.a.'s office says the discharge waste water sample tested positive for toxic levels of ammonia. the california department of fish and wildlife and d.a.'s office gave them an opportunity to correct the situation. >> if we can't reach a settled judgment, then we file suit. >> reporter: neither monterey mushrooms or their attorney responded to our request for comment. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news."
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time to turn to the forecast, because it was a little windy out there today. >> it was really breezy. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> those strongest winds were ore the higher elevations. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we still have gusty conditions. we are tracking no rain. we need it here in the bay area. i want to show you what's happening. we have a ridge of high pressure that's building in, sending the storm track well to the north of us, which is why we are going to remain dry. but we're going to have to deal with these gusty winds. this is a live picture right now. that camera has been shaking, as we look back towards san francisco. but look at the view as a result of the wind. it is stunning. mid 50s, san francisco. morgan hill, 52 degrees. san jose cameras showing you the shark tank. 49 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. this is where you're feeling the chill. 52 livermore.
6:19 pm
if you're getting out of town, i want to show you the tahoe forecast. a winded a voizry in effect until tomorrow afternoon. 6 degrees tomorrow morning, up to about 33. so a blustery saturday, bright and windy. sun and clouds for new year's eve. absolutely need the snow there. but i don't see anything there until the beginning of the year. kgo roof cameras, all decked out. gusty winds in the hills overnight. looking at a dry end to 2018 and beginning of 2019. here's your 12-hour planner. sun comes up at 7:24. bundle up in the morning. 30s, 40s. sunshine at noontime. the sun goes down, it is going to be crisp out there. and turning chilly by nighttime. hour by hour we go. the winds dialing back. 11:30 tonight, winds will be
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about 25, 30 miles an hour. breezy but not nearly as windy as it was earlier in the day. by noontime, looking at lighter winds. here's a look at your morning temperatures. coldest spots in the wind protected north bay valleys. low to mid 30s there. mid to upper 30s around parts of the peninsula. for the rest of you here, looking at 40s. still going to be chilly. a cold air mass in place. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 60 in santa cruz. 58 in san mateo. pacifica, nice day with bright skies. san francisco, 58 degrees. north bay temperatures 59. napa, 60 degrees. about where you should be for santa rosa or slightly milder. oakland, 59. hayward, fremont, up to 59. 57 in livermore. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. winds will ease. it's a bright end to the workweek for those of you who
6:21 pm
have a workweek. the holiday weekend, cold and frosty in the morning but qufrtable qufrt ab -- comfortable in the afternoon. it is going to be dry. a bright start to the new year but looking for rain and snow. right now through thursday, i don't see anything but perhaps a week from tomorrow, we may be tracking showers around you. >> all right, sandhya. that's very good to know. >> we are going to go live to san jose now to check in with our reporter. a special contest that got kicked off today. >> hi. i'm standing 40 feet below a group of college football fanatics, who are
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6:23 pm
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happening now, four college football super fans, are living on a bill board in san jose. that's right, living there. >> sky 7 shows these aerial views of the group. this is a little earlier when the sun was out. they're getting fired up for the national championship game. >> it's all great fun. amanda is live with the story tonight. amanda? >> reporter: good news. the wind and chilly weather did not keep these people from their temporary living quarters atop that bill board you see behind
6:25 pm
me. and they'll stay up there until their team loses. 45 feet above park avenue in downtown san jose, are four college football super fans. people chosen to represent their college team. >> i'm jeanette here supporting notre dame. >> roll tide. >> ruben hunter, boomer sooner. >> nancy, clemson tigers. >> reporter: the four teams will play this saturday. fans of the two losing teams will have to leave. the remaining two to stick around january 7th for the college championship game and levi stadium. >> hey, guys. go, irish! >> reporter: until then, they'll tough it out in tents atop the bill board. >> it's going to be worth every minute of it. >> reporter: they're going head to head in different challenges, performing in front of a few on the ground and others back home, live streaming on espn 3.
6:26 pm
the take home, prizes and cash. >> it's about the chance to go to the national championship. but these side prizes are good, too. it's a lot of fun to engage with the fans. >> reporter: super fans say this once-in-a-lifetime experience can't be topped. >> tofi'm happy to be here. >> it's just an amazing experience. i'm a huge clemson fan and i'm glad to represent clemson. but this just blows away anything i've done in the past. >> reporter: i've been asked about their sleeping situation, and their bathroom breaks. the tents are already up for night two, and they will be bathing and using the bathroom in separate trailers. reporting in san jose, "abc7 news." >> all right. good to know all those logistics are figured out. watch the college national championship on espn. levi stadium is where it's all
6:27 pm
going down, monday, january 7th. >> stay with us. we're just about to close out the first year of legal recreational cannabis sales in california. >> some predicted a new green gold rush. others, a spike in crime. what really happened didn't match expectations. >> we'll break that down. and the federal government shutdown is probably going to oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> day six, and still no deal to fully reopen the federal government or fund president trump's wall on the u.s./mexico border. >> negotiations with democrats department go anywhere today. here's the latest from washington. >> reporter: from the war zone to washington, president trump back at the white house, the senate in session for four minutes thursday. negotiations to fund the government going nowhere. >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall, we're going to have safety. >> reporter: the president took his fight straight to the u.s. troops in iraq. >> i think i'll say, i don't want the wall, and then they'll give it to me.
6:31 pm
i figured out the solution. >> reporter: no pay for 800,000 federal workers. the president tweeted, do the dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are democrats? virginia's democratic senator mark warner responded. federal employees don't go to work wearing red or blue jerseys, they're public servants and the president is treating him like a poker chip at one of his failed casinos. >> it's just a deep frustration on the part of myself and many other federal employees that we just want to do our jobs. >> reporter: vice president pence reportedly countered chuck schumer's $1.3 billion off for fencing, asking for $2.1 billion. the white house thursday received no response from democrats. nancy pelosi fired back, democrats offered republicans three options that include
6:32 pm
funding for border security. but not the president's expensive wall. the senate and house are scheduled to reconvene next week. lawmakers have been told they'll receive a 24-hour notice before having to rueturn for a vote if there is a deal reached. u.s. homeland security secreta secreta secretary nielsen directed all immigrant children to be medically scheduled after two children have died while in u.s. custody. both were from guatemala and detained with their fathers. u.s. representative beto o'rourke spoke today about the boy's death. >> it's just tragic. and we're thinking about his family right now.
6:33 pm
>> nielsen blames the rise in border crossings on the immigration system. he is expected to travel there this week. also today, a prominent shelter in el paso, texas, is calling on i.c.e. to not release migrant families into the streets. the enunciation house says 1300 migrants were released with nowhere to go. 320 more were expected to be released today. it was another wild day on wall street, as stocks went through some whiplash. then staged a late rally. at one point, the dow was down more than 600 points, but a late surge brought it up 260 points before the bell rang. even with today's gains, all the indices are on track for their worst december in nearly 90
6:34 pm
years and headed for the steepest annual loss since the financial crisis of 2008. as we close out 2018, this is the year when can bills became legal for recreational use in california. it hasn't necessarily met expectations. john haskell from our sister station in los angeles explains. >> reporter: marijuana has been legal in california for about a year, and there's no doubt the market is more visible. but the state estimated 6,000 cannabis shops would be licensed in the first few years. so tar that nufar 600. >> we might be reaching or obtaining those sales goals, but none of that revenue is going to the state because of all these illegal operators. from what i've heard, a lot of these illegal guys are really busy, where sometimes these legal operators don't have enough money to cover the costs. >> reporter: michael and his brother, steve, operate the
6:35 pm
green easy dispensary in l.a. they welcome the regulation of the industry but says there's a lack of enforcement. >> 600 shops over the period of a year in the most mature cannabis market in the world is not somebody that anybody would consider to be a win. you need a ton of capitol to weather the store of overregulation. >> reporter: that's driven up the price of marijuana on consumers. therefore, the black market has thrived in an environment designed to do the opposite. in a statement, alex said we would all like to have more businesses licensed at the end of the first year of legalization in california, but the reality is, our system is built on dual licensing and local control. and the fact is, most jurisdictions desided to take a more wait and see approach.
6:36 pm
adam gillman, which distributes to 80 shops in california, sid overregulation has driven up the price for the customer. >> you'll get one testing facility that gives you different results than another. and it's created an environment where businesses often have to pay multiple times for tests. >> reporter: in los angeles, josh haskell, "abc7 news." we are just a few days away from ringing in 2019, and the counterdown is on in new york city's times square. workers are putting the finishing touches on the ball that will drop when the clock strikes midnight. you can watch the ball drop starting at 11:30 monday night. and stay with us for live coverage of the 2019 rose parade starting at 8:00 a.m. on new year's day. coming up here at 6:00, check fraud exposed. michael finney walks through the
6:37 pm
clues in this case that helped a woman get her money back. chipper, see
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do you till have your christmas tree up? i do. or have you already taken it down? >> here's dion lim with a message to san francisco tonight about what to do with your leftover tree. >> reporter: i know it's depressing to see a christmas tree on the side of the road so soon after christmas. but there's a reason why they say not so fast. tree after tree after tree. discarded on curbs across san francisco. >> it was just two days ago. why are you throwing your tree away? >> reporter: sad reminders of holiday cheer gone by. >> in a couple of days, it's just going to be overwhelming. just too much. >> reporter: in addition to being an eye sore, there are reasons why trees discarded too soon can be a hassle for people. >> the rainwater makes them stick to the ground, so i have to wait for it to dry up.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: trees don't get picked up until your scheduled pickup on january 2nd. a message they want to get out so much, they brought in the tree chippers to see what happens to a tree after it's collected and why it's important to not put it out early. >> it's a big safety issue. every year we have situations where they're dry and they get it will up and have started fires. >> reporter: trees also become hazards for pedestrians and traffic if they get in the road. >> i know christmas is over, but you have to be considerate of your neighbors. >> reporter: so soon you may see your own tree contributing to the 500 tons of trees the city recycles as mulch somewhere else. in san francisco, dion lim, "abc7 news." it's been windy today. tonight, that wind is going to make it feel
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
a tenant whose rent check is automatically debited each month received a delinquency delinquey
6:45 pm
>> and michael finney ste ste to help. >> 7 on your side took the information she had and we showed it to the bank of america. nancy and her pastor play with their feline friend. back in april, nancy received a notice from her land lord she missed a rent payment in 2017. the pastor has financial responsibility for nancy and couldn't figure out what happened. >> it didn't make any sense, because i have her set up on an automatic bill pay. >> just don't understand losing $500. >> reporter: sue reached out to bank of america, requesting copies of checks charged to nancy's account. she said she received it on july 31st. this is a copy of a rent check for the amount of $481 made out
6:46 pm
on june 20th to walker landing, the company that processes her land lord's rent checks. this is a copy of a check dated may 19th for the same amount as her subsidized rent, $481. only this one is made out to an individual, james krunich, the same month her land lord believes nancy missed the payment. >> this one, it looked like maybe it was whitted out and they typed over another name and address. >> reporter: she suspects someone stole the check, substituted their name and cashed it. the police department agrees. and an officer wrote, i examined the check and noticed it was altered. she has no idea who he is. sue also filed a r says the
6:47 pm
bank didn't seem anxious to investigate. >> they kept switching me from department to department. >> reporter: by september, bank of america dismissed her complaint. that's when we contacted the bank. the money was returned to nancy's account that day. bank of america told us, once we were able to validate that the issued check was altered, we worked with the customer customr intended payee. >> i only watch 7 on your side. i never thought i would be a recipient. >> reporter: we hear that often. i really want to thankba bank o america for taking care of the problem. my hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> great stuff. >> thank you, michael. happening now, four college
6:48 pm
football fans, i mean, super fans, are camping out on a bill board in san jose. >> they represent all four teams trying to reach the college national championship. only two teams out of four will make'9" to levi stadium next month. >> of course, the super fans will endure the elements. sandhya patel has a look at what the weather will be like for them. the elements are going to cooperate, it looks like. >> in terms of rain, yes. hopefully they have layers. let me show you the forecast. this is the forecast on the bill board in san jose. tomorrow morning, 38 degrees. 58 by the afternoon, with sunshine for this upcoming college football playoff championship -- national championship coming up. tomorrow morning, they're going to have to brave that chill. a few clouds near the coast, as we take a look at the forecast for the state. windy from tahoe to yosemite.
6:49 pm
29 tomorrow there. 44 at yoes mimt. your rika, 55 degrees. 62, los angeles. the sierra is waiting for more snow. i don't see any through the end of the year or the beginning of next year. statewide, it's 79% of average. if you're heading up there, it's going to be dry, but watch out for the winds. our winds ease tomorrow. it's going to be a nice day, a cold start saturday morning with frost and a dry holiday weekend heading into new year's eve and new year's day. no rain around, so that's what our accuweather seven day forecast is looking like. >> that will be good. thanks, sandhya. on to sp. k abt. >> a big game and a big decision in the near future. coming up, he signed with the a's, but is kyler murray ready to give up football? and is klay thompson worried
6:50 pm
about his shot? hear why he isn't
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
klay thompson is one of the best shooters in nba history, but this season he's been a little off the mark. he's shooting just 34% from three-point land. that's a career low. in his last five games, he's just 4 for 22 from behind the arc. today at practice, he didn't seem too concerned when he was asked about his slump.
6:53 pm
>> i don't care. i don't think it's a shooting slump. i really don't. i don't know, what do you think it is? are we in first place? exactly. i would rather have it fall off in december than come playoff time. i mean, just because i've had a few bad games, i'm not going to worry about not shooting the ball well. i'm one of the best shooters that ever played, so i don't care what people say. >> confidence is important when you're a shooter. scoring on alabama's defense isn't the only thing on kyler murray's mind. the heisman trophy winning quarterback is still facing a tough decision, football or baseball? they'll take on alabama this weekend in the semifinals of the college football playoffs. he signed a $4.6 million contract to play baseball with the a's, but hasn't ruled out
6:54 pm
playing on sundays in the nfl. >> right now, i'm going to play baseball, but i'm not focused on any of that right now. my main focus is saturday, getting ready to play this game. obviously, you know, it's -- i've always been -- it's never bad to have options, but right now, my main focus is this game. it's kind of like, what do you do? but i'm taking one day at a time and doing what i've always done. bowl season continues. miami in wisconsin at yankees stadium for the pinstripe bowl. jack cohen with his touchdown pass. 35 yards to kendrick pryor. first play for the hurricanes. they had just 48 yards passing. that's right, 48 yards passing. six completions. ten if you include the four picks. jonathan taylor taking care of
6:55 pm
the west. wisconsin routs in a win 35-3. temple and duke. blue devils quarterback daniel jones. he puts a perfect touch on that touchdown strike. duke down six at half. in the third, he's gone. 85 yards to the house. 12 catches, 240 yards and two touchdowns. jones with 423 yards duke wins it 56-27. and back to the warriors, they are back on the court tonight against portland at oracle. it just takes one quarter for klay thompson to get it going. >> i think these bowl games, there's like 130 division i schools and they have 350 bowl games.
6:56 pm
>> 2/3 of the schools are playing in a bowl game. >> thank you, anthony. join us tonight at 9:00. always the good buguy, toguy, gm proves it again. and she was carjacked by an inmate two escaped san quentin. and coming up at 8:00 p.m., "happy new year, charlie brown." and stay tuned for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it is jimmy kimmel live, with jennifer aniston and chris elliott. >> that's all for now. we appreciate your time. look for breaking news on the abc news app. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. n for all of us here, have a great night.
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we're less than a week away from the start of a new year. but you know what? time flies by quickly when you're having fun, and that's what we're all about on "jeopardy!" it applies to our young champion, jon, here, who won $1 under $20,000 yesterday. heath and kathryn, you know what? it could happen to you also. good luck to you. here we go. ♪ here are the categories for the first round today... uh-oh. that's easier. notice the spelling there. then... "g-l-a-s-s" coming up in each correct response. and finally, we'll deal with... once-upon-a-time sponsors and current sponsors. jon, start. let's go with alliterative people, $200. kathryn. - who is barbara bush? - yes. alliterative people, $400.


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