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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 29, 2018 8:00am-8:59am PST

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whoa! >> announcer: good morning, buerre. let's get up and getmornings. the mercedes-benz winter event is back, it's saturday, december and you won't want to stop for anything else. 29th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7 lease the gla 250 for $359 a month for us. hey, dries. fwoerng. it's chlor. at your local mercedes-benz dealer. live doppler 7. because we are looking at a mercedes-benz. chilly start. the best or nothing. the atmosphere dry. beautiful picture of emeryville. you can see the camera shaking a bit. upper elevation winds are gusty. 40 in mount view. process a few clouds around the golden gate bridge. colder in the north bay valleys. many places at freezing. but slowly coming up to the upper 30s in concord. that's a look at tahoe where it's breezy. for the bay area, a cold start by the next hour or two we'll nb the 40s. sunny skies throughout the day. low to mid-50s. we will look for the humidity
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remaining low. the atmosphere remains dry with sunshine. sun setting before 5:00 and we will add plenty of changes to the 6-day out look. >> thank you. this morning a total of 8 people are in custody suspected in the death of corporal ronil singh. the 33-year-old officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in newman one day after christmas. the stanislaus county sheriffs department released this booking photo of the suspect. epps 32-year-old gustavo perez arriaga. investigators say he was trying to flee to mexico. >> announcer: the following is a authorities arrested 7 other special holiday presentation of suspects including these four espn on abc. his girlfriend. two brothers and a coworker. the 7 suspects including three naught pictured are accused of >> adam: it's finally here. misleading authorities about it is playoff saturday and how arriaga whereabouts ob helping about we start o him evade authorities. as contracts authorities continue the investigation the newman the kmount c to rembeorporal
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la night adeew repte amand thou action newman police corporal leaves behind. his wife, 5-month-old son, his not surprise the family. >> i know ron. ron, he was just that kind of a person. >> testimony through tears and the thin blue line. many tell abc 7 news friday's vigil is proof that smalltown spirit inspect stronger than what some might assume. >> we come out when someone is hurt, in need of a show of faith zblrp a faith tested wednesday morning when police say this man gustavo perez arriaga shot and killed singh during a traffic stop. arriaga got away leading authorities on a stant statewide manhunt. two days later the news everyone waited ford. >> any got him they got him. >> i'm glad he had singh's handcuffs that jewelry on his
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wrists on his way up here. >> for singh's plm, what the community calls a victory does little to ease the pain of the loss. >> it's unfortunate we lost a role model. our kids, grand kids lost a role mod zblool but memories of the cor corporal will lass. >> the people coming together make sure of it. >> if he wasn't good, there might have been a showing but not like this. ♪ >> reporter: and whether from lasting moments or minutelong encounters insanity ipts clear he impacted the lives many many here and beyond. in newman, i'm amanda tell castillo, abc 7 news. >> if you'd like to help the family of corporal singh the sheriffs department says there is one authorized fund set up. it's through the stanislaus sworn deputies association. if you'd like to donate we have
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a link on our website. abc 7 this morning we learn more about the arrest in in case. s in a picture of the suspected shooter gustavo perez arriaga taken into custody. a family friend of corporal singh posted the picture to facebook. he got from a law enforcement source. ago li arriaga was taken into custody near bakersfield, 200 miles south of the where the shooting took place. he was returned to stanislaus county with the repineder of the officer he is accused of killing. >> officer singh's handcuffs were brought down and they're on that guy. for his trip home. >> three of the eight suspects are reportedly in the country illegally. including arriaga. one of his brothers. adrien virgen and coworker erik razz orr quiroz. this puts the issue of illegal immigration back in the
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spotlight. the stanislaus sheriff spoke at length about how he believes the sanctuary laws impact the country. >> why are we providing sanctuary forimals, gang members? it's a conversation we need to have. >> reporter: stanislaus county sheriff asserting that ronil's death could have been prevented. he says the suspect gustavo perez sarg aire who shot officer singh was in the country illegally from mexico. he says arriaga had two prior dui arrests and was a known gang member. >> law enforcement should be able to turn people over to i.c.e. who are committing crimes. gang members, victimizing others zblrp president trump tweeted in part time to get tough on border security, build the wall. back in map sheriff clinesance appeared at anti-antingary city counted table. he won speak about the president
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today. >> i'm not here though speak about the president of the united states. bup repeat what i said before. border security goes hand in hand with national security, hand in hand with public safety. hand in hand with the safety of our community. >> reporter: law enforcement officials found arriaga near bakersfield. the kern county sheriff had this to say. >> when you tie our hands and don't allow us to work with federal partners and communicate with our federal partner base people committing crimes in the country illegally we are having incidents like in not just on police officers but on the public that we serve and protect. >> reporter: still kern county sheriff called the immigration status secondary in the case. a reporter asked the stanislaus county sheriff whether arriaga had prior deportations. he said he didn't have information on that yet. and today president trump threatened to close the southern u.s. border completely unless congress agrees to fund a border wall. in the newsroom, melanie
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woodrow. abc 7 news is staying on top of new developments in the case. we sent out the push article when the arrest was announced. you can get updates on your phone downloading the app and enabling push alerts. developing in morning, the manhunt is expanding for an skapee from san quentin state prison. 21-year-old shalom mendoza walked away wednesday night. they are not saying how he skabd. but he was assigned to work outside the security perimeter. sky7 was over the nearby area where waste water is pumped out to the central marin sanitation agency. the general manager says it's common for inmates to maintain the pumping station. >> he was probably one of the fellows keening the racks out of the influent channels of the pump station. >> mendoza was serving a five-year sentence for a car jacking in los angeles county. the time is 8:07. happening today family and friends remember a 2-year-old yemeni boy mo passed away after
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hospital in elbowed. he suffered from a rare and i brain disorder his mother was reunitwood her dying son thursday after not being able to enter the country as a result of the travel ban. a lawsuit was filed and she was then grant add waiver. hassan's faurnl is scheduled for in afternoon in lodi. in the east bay a large policies presence is expected this morning when tree cutting crews return to berkeley finishing up work in people's park. this comes after a protest delayed the removal of dozens of trees yesterday. uc berkeley owns people's park. a campus spoke person tells abc 7 news the trees are being cut down as part of a project to catch up on maintenance. this is also happening at other uc owned sites. people's park is locate add few blocks south of the uc berkeley main campus, the scene of many controversies and protests since the 60s. >> mandate reached historical
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landmark status yet. but they are trying to basically tear down the park before it reaches historical landmark status, which would be next summer. >> protesters say the should have been doing a better job of informing public about the plans to cut treen. more than 1,700 people signed a petition to save the trees located near the main library apartment sf civic interpret process. they are working to replace the trees overshadowing the swuk process a community organizer appealed the decision alleging clearing the trees is an effort to reduce maintenance costs. a hearing is scheduled for next month. santa clara county firefighters helps tap a batch of special grew. at rock bottom brewly in campbell. sierra nevada created the special ipa to help victims of the camp fire asking other breweries across the country to brew and sell the same beer with all of the proceeds going to the
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camp fire relief fund. always great to see the community band together in times of need. and of course lisa you've been tracking the forecast for us. and overall a clear start to saturday. >> it looks nice out. there sparkly gusty in the upper he feels but from the east bay hills camera you notice it's blue. but temperatures slow to recover this morning. 42 in oakland. 34 in san ramon. 33 santa rosa. temperatures today not approaching 60 degrees. but we will be looking at winds to come back into the forecast and also rain. i'll have it for you next in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thanks. also ahead an extra set of eyes even when no one is around. the technology helping crews
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welcome back, if found gmt of starting the camp fire in beauty county. the official cause of the fire is still under investigation but the camp fire was the deadliest and most destructive in state history. 86 people died and 14,000 homes destroyed. a federal judge is demanding answers from pg&e.
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and it's possible role in starting the fire by new year's eve. in the north bay firefighters have a new set of tools to discover and locate wildfires sooner and better than ever. it's a new network of cameras. abc news reporter wayne friedman has the story. >> reporter: sometimes the destination does eclipse a journey. marin's mount tam would be one of the places. from the gardener look out, san francisco seemed almost touchable. mount diablo shoutable. and far in the distance that really is the sierra snow pack. how rare is today. >> rare. >> the marin county fire captain keith wallace didn't bring us to the lookout to show off the view. instead the newest tools taking advantage of it high definition cameras two of six soon to be eight and linked to a north bay network. >> they all see each oerp. >> it's the difference technology makes. used to be to spot a fire you had to have a man or woman looking out at a place like
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this. not anymore. with the cameras the lookout can be anywhere. literally. >> i'm here. >> that's marin fire deputy mark brown mo watches ups from his table in his kitchen. >> you followed. >> us i did. >> the freeze frame demonstrate how well it works. the first time firefighters can move and pan the cameras from anywhere. they made a big difference when an apartment caught fire in sand rafael. chief brown had electronic eyes on it and relayed information before crewed arrived from his kitchen table in sonoma county while on vacation. >> it gives us context, help with shortening our reflexes time to get to the incident. >> you know what you are getting into. >> correct. >> pg&e paid for the cameras soon covering more than is thousand square miles as far as lake county. it's not the same as hiking to the top of mount tam on a clear day. but in terms of spotting wieflds it's the next best thing.
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from marin county, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. your pg&e bill will be going up in the new year. the company increasing rates for gas and electricity customers by about a dollar starting tuesday. company officials say it's because of a jump in natural gas prices. earlier this month pg&e requested a increase by 2020. the public utilities commission is rchg the proposal. the time is 8:16. a bird strike forced a helicopter student and his teacher to emergency land near hayward executive airport. >> may day, may day. >> sky7 was over the scene of the crash just after 11:00 yesterday morning at sky west golf course. airport officials say a large turkey vult yur smashed in the windshield and the back pro peler breck off. >> i was looking behind and the helicopter was spinning out of control. >> i thought that doesn't look
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good. amazing. i look at it now that's an incredible pilot. >> both the student and the instructor were able to walk away. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning to you. here is a live doppler 7 where it's clear. our weapon top of mount st. helena showing cloud free conditions. we feel the effects of the cold air mass with chilly temperatures. the jet stream, the storm track well north keeping us dry for several days. but we have rain in the seven-day outlook. sfo looking sunny. 46 in san francisco. 42 in oakland with 37 in san jose. 43 half moon bay. morgan hill at 35. and nice view here from our sutro tower camera where the visibility is good. low 30s for many of our valleys of the north bay. radiational cooling and the cold air draining in the valleys. the relative humidity is really low. we have a dry atmosphere. the dew point is low.
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and that stacks up the numbers in the low 30s. 37 in livermore. finally from santa cruz for a short time you were 39 degrees. temperatures today in the upper 50s. so cold morning with patchy frost. dry we could but the winds kick up again late sunday into monday and then we look for a chance of rain coming in friday. so watching the games today, well in san jose this morning for those die hards trying to win the tickets, 37 degrees by noontime 53 and we'll see a high of 58 and then by 7:00 the sun will be setting after about 5:00. and then the temperatures dropping through the 50s. so as we look at the morning lows in the north bay certainly cold this morning. tomorrow slightly warmer due to a west wind today. some of that humidity allowing for the numbers to come up just a bit. and hold on to a little bit of moisture and heat. but as we get into tuesday and wednesday, below freezing again. more cold mornings as we start
8:19 am
2019. our beach hazard statement from sonoma to monterey. the current wave heights and looking at sneaker waves a possibility today. looking at our yearly -- seasonal rain total in review, mountain view sticks out with only two inches. 49% of average with low 70s percentagewise appear and about 9.5 inches in santa rosa. we need more rain. it's been an okay start to the season. you translate that into snow and we're about 82% of norm f the northern sierra 73% snow pa percentage of average so far definitely a rainy season with us and we hope that maybe getting into the end of next week we can get back into a more rainy regime. but between now and then it's been the cold mornings, the droi amps, and some of the breezy winds. 58 in fremont. 57 in napa and richmond. with 59 in santa rosa.
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the accuweather seven-day forecast, a frosty start. sunny day tomorrow. wind in the hills. setting up a dry and gusty evening for new year's eve. and then as we get into 2019 it will be sunny and cool. looking slightly milder wednesday and thursday. download the app and tracking live doppler 7 perhaps next friday for some rain. >> those fans on the espn billboard are getting off easy with this forecast. >> i think so. >> thanks. spotify why not ford or volvo. i'm michael finney with the latest on car subscriptions
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tv subscription through netflix, perhaps your music subscription is with apple. why not a car subscription through ford? 7 on your side's michael finney has been looking into it and explains why some may like it better than actually owning a car. >> the ford parked outside of this burlingame home is neither leased more bought. gianna didn't win it either. back home in the bay area after living in new york city for years she went online pan subscribed to ford's used car subscription service canvas.
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as in blank canvas. >> quite literally clicked buy and it appeared in front of my house two days later. >> seriously. >> yeah. i didn't have to go anywhere, do anything. disrupt the workday. came at 9:00 a.m. signed the paper and went to work. it was as if nothing happened. i just in a car. >> canvas is headquartered in san francisco. it offers a car and all the fixings for a single monthly price. >> we bundle everything. the insurance, the maintenance, the warranty, the roadside assistance all you have to do is add gas. canvas is asolution. >> allison brayly heads up marketing for canvas. can you sign up for a month, several months a year or more. so what's the catch? >> you have to have a good driving record to use canvas. you have to be 21 plus. and you have to be having a u.s. valid u.s. driver's license. >> 7 car makers offer subscription services in various u.s. cities.
8:25 am
of those only canvas and care by volvo here in the bay area. carol is a director of consumer advice with >> the auto makers are test driving this. they've set up tests in nashville and philadelphia. atlanta, to see how these programs work before they take them wide. >> she says subscrptions can appeal to auto w like to trade in and out of cars. they also appeal to drivers like gianna. >> i don't know anything about considers. i don't want to know anything about cars. i just need it to get me around. that's -- that's my whole thing is i don't really care. i just want it to work and get me where i need to go. that's whichdy canvas. >> there are another half dozen car subscription services offered by third parties and dealerships. scattered across the country and operate different niche services. a company called less operates here in the bay area. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side.
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next tuesday on new year's day, nassa will make the most distant fly-by of any solar system object ever when the space craft new horizons will take images of ultima it's about the size of elbowed and san jose combined. it's an object that sits in what's called the kyper belt. >> the kyper belt objects formed in the outer part of the solar system early on mostly have been sitting there we think in deep freeze out there. so we are kpoited to see this absolute object because it may be a piece of the early solar system we can study. >> ultima is with about a billion miles from pollute pluto. >> still to come on abc 7 mornings day eight of the government shutdown. the concern for local families this morning. also, it's the end of an era on the peninsula for two brothers. the shop that's closing after four decades.
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>> announcer: good morning, south by backup let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at weather. here is lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. good morning to you, chris. the topic of conversation happens to be the chilly numbers. i'm hearing from you. we are looking at a pretty shot with high clouds but numbers still in the upper 30s in san
8:30 am
jose. 35 in morgan mile. 40 mountain view. 46 in san francisco. mount tam, you can see the bay is flat there. low 30s. napa. 37 in livermore. so we're certainly a lot colder than we were this time yesterday. three to 13 degrees colder. and a live look from the exploratorium camera where we will warm up just into the mid-and upper 50s today. sunny skies through the afternoon but still in the 40s by 9:00. low to mid-50s by noontime a and maybe upper 50s 4:00 in the around. the gusty winds gone for now. they'll be coming back. and we welcome some rain back to the forecast. i'll tell you when and how much next time we do weather in a few minutes. >> happening today, homeland security secretary kirstin plans to visit the border tourpg the border following the recent death of two migrant children from guatemala while in u.s.
8:31 am
custody. she visited the border patrol agents yesterday working near el paso, texas. she met with the mayor to discuss immigration needs on the border promising, more author tlor omedical krengs for detained children after an 8-year-old boy died monday. president trump has cancelled his trip to moormg the second time this holiday season as the government shutdown continues into day number eight. the president wants money for the border wall but the democrats are refusing to provide it. president trump tweeted a threat to close the southern border entirely if any don't. meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are furloughed or working out pay. the u.s. coast guard found out they will be getting paid for the past week but future paycheck are not guaranteed. abc 7 news reporter splaps how it impacts families. >> the skmirn are happy but there is stress behind the mother's smiles. >> we are a proud coast guard family. but there are surprises we have
8:32 am
to make we never thought not getting a paychek was one of them. >> sister in laws kristine and amber kroll's husband's are members of the coast guard, the only branch of the military not paid during the government shutdown sfwloop our husbands are going to work every day, staying late, going early, doing everything they always do. >> about 42,000 active duty members nationally and 4,000 in the bay area are working wourt bay are pay. we asked the coast guard how many members were fuloughed locally. but the person who could provide the answer has been furloughed. the coast guard released a statement saying the longer the shutdown lasts the more difficult it will become for the coast guard to maintain mission readiness. >> people are afraid that they're not able to make rent, not able to pay bills. >> a one-time emergency action is allowing coast guard members to get the december 31st paycheck but everything else is up in the air. >> great in the moment it's a band aid we still need to figure out what's happening if they can't come to resolution. >> yes we will be back payed but
8:33 am
do i look at my child and say i'll feed you eventually? you know what i mean that's clearly not an option. >> there are some resources in place to financially assist military families such as loan programs and the coast guard mutual assistance. kristine kroll tells me her family did not qualify for that. she has calmed dozens of lawmakers across the state of california to share her family's stories and many others like theirs. from alameda. jobina fordson. for a complete list of what's open and closed during the federal government shutdown go to our website. time now is 8:33. sears might have avoided e take just before a deadline to buy the bankrupt retailer expired. "the new york times" reports the proposal would allow more than 400 sears and kmart stores to remain open. also saving 50,000 jobs. but another 18,000 employees would be laid off. sears ceo intends to buy the
8:34 am
company for $4.6 billion. a federal bankruptcy court still must approve any sale of sears. it's the end of an era for pennsylvania shoe repair shop on the peninsula. two cobblers who are brothers bothrighting after running the business nearly four decades. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story. >> came in to say goodbye. >> thank you. >> a steady extreme of longtime customers have been filing into marios on west 25th. the brothers kept the name of a previous owner when they took over 39 years ago. the brothers are immigrants from syria. harry came first and then his brother robert. putting in 14 hour tai and developed a reputation for goods. >> you know, you get favorite pairs of shoes you do not want to give up and he has always been able to repair
8:35 am
customers since the beginning. >> me too. >> any inherited and managed to maintain century old cobblers machinery that stitched soles and polish shoes. sadly there is no market to sell them as a result of wanes demands as customers switch to shoes cheaper to replace than repair. harry robert used the best quality leather soles from italy and germany. some rare american soles from a defunct company will be going to a collectorer. football players are commerce. and also abc 7 news anchor kristen sze. >> the mother-in-law send her unclaimed even after the customers were reminded. >> if you are getting concerned about what happens to these shoes harry and robert have recipients in mind who will get them. in san mateo.
8:36 am
david louie, abc 7 news. a facial salen will take over the shoe repair shop store front preponderate younger brother plans to travel in retirement with his wife. the older robert will move closer to his daughter. an expanded program to combat drunk driving in california goes into effect new year's day. senate bill 1046 requires ignition interlock devices for all repeat dui offenders and first time offenders who want to continue to drive rather than have a suspended license. a driver has to blow into the device to check blood alcohol levels for the car to start. >> ignition interlock devices ar a game changer. in the fight to stop the revolving door of repeat offenders. >> an interlock pilot program has been in effect in some california counties since e dec people from cringing and driving
8:37 am
more than a million times. every year in california drunk driving kills 1,000 people and injures 20,000d otherbc 7 morni final preparations for the rose parade on fleers day. a preview of the gloerl floats ready for the ride. but first a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera. you can see the sun out, shining. these drivers have a smooth ride into san francisco this morning. lisa argen has the full forecast in a few minutes. also abc 7 has more news, weather and more local hot topics coming your way. abc 7 news at 11:00 a.m. is expanding to a full hour of midday live. join the news team every weekday at 11:00 a.m. after the view starting january 7th. stay close. we'll be
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new details about the sand geronimo golf course it has closed permanently for the second year in a rope .president of touch stone golf says there are no plans to keep it open. the advocates are pushing to put an initiative on the march 2020 ballot that would maintain operation of the golf course on the land unless voters approve a change. the group collected more than 10,000 signatures to submit to the county next week. 8:who is the time and weatherwise off to a chilly start the not much wind. >> no but temperatures coming up to the 40s. woo who, a live look from the
8:41 am
sproer toerm camera. low 40s from oakland fremont and hayward. that's grochlt. still in the low 30s santa rosa. but nobody at 60 degrees today. cool amp. at least we have the sunshine. the winds will be back. the rain is coming back. it's feeling more like january. i'll tell you when we return. >> our version of the bay area winter in full force. thank you. also ahead a jimmy garoppolo siting, why it's a positive sign oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that the risk of majorcaular events increase like heart attack, stroke, or death.
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if ozempic® is right for you.
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. in sports, the warriors will try to bounce back from thursday night's disaping home loss to the trail blazer. tonight the dubs play the blazers in portland. tip off at 7:00 p.m. the 49ers prepare for the season finale tomorrow against the nsk west division leading rams. yesterday the niners in a welcome site hhedetails. gd morning, everyone. the 49ers close out the regular season sunday in l.a. but when you are 4-11 there is looking ahead it next season. here a positive sign jimmy garoppolo working out at practice. the 49ers held the last practice on friday.
8:45 am
jimmy g was doing rehab work on the sited. under the supervision of a trainer. garoppolo suffered a season ending knee injury in week three. he got off crutches and has been able to stand on the sidelines during games. >> i think it's always good for guys to sit back and watch, especially when you know the offense inside and out. that's the first time you get to do it for myself when you became a coach. and you wish you could play because it helps. it's a situation players don't want. but if you get in that situation you take advantage of it and it can help. >> the power of nick sabine on full display at media day for college football playoff. an alabama defensive lineman was asked about facing kyler murray. watch what happens when he raemzed he is about to criticize the ou quarterback. >> have you gone up against any quarterback that slightly resembles quarterback. >> i don't feel like i have gone
8:46 am
a quarterback slightly resemble kyler murray. but i feel kyler murray is not worried about -- >> what's that. >> no, i'm good. >> that is classic. this bowl, the "wealthtrack" state and iowa state, going for a school record 11th win. this great catch. it's 21-7. cougsp iowa state comes back. need a 2-point version. blocking, in trouble. david montgomery stopped well zoine c 12 ers bow win ear. mid-198049ers lineman gathered at the house of prime rib biggest piece of meat. that's the owner dlifrpg what appeared to be half a cow to
8:47 am
this player. the annual dinner has been going more than 30 owes and no one leaves hungry. >> it's very interesting. faces change. but the character is the same. of course this is an incredible nice group of people. they have to work together. and they are just showing it. they are fantastic. >> who says lineman never get any love. that's a look at morning sports. have a great weekend and happy glory. i'm anthony flores. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast ncht good saturday morning. chifl out there in spots. a live look outside. san francisco nice and sunny now. we're not even halfway towards the rainy point is about january 18th. plenty of time for more rain. although in the next couple of days we're not seeing any. in fact it's been cold and looking at numbers in the morning for santa rosa coming up a bit tomorrow morning to the upper 30s but then look what happens as we go through the
8:48 am
middle of next week, it's 2019 and looking at numbers below freezing. so we've got more cold nights ahead. but a sparkling morning for you in emeryville where the upper elevation winds are still a little bit active. but at the surface it's quite calm. live doppler 7, the swe on top of mount st. helena. we are clear and watching the storm track north. and bringing rain up into canada. eventually another system brings the winds become. and then we see another system really knock the ridge out of the area. and hopefully bring a return to the rain. by the end of the upcome work week. here is santa cruz in the 40s. it's 46. been that way all morning in san francisco. 42 in oklahoma with 40 in mountain view. 37 in the san jose. so certainly cold out there. 357 morgan hill. 44 at half moon bay. and looking at sunshine here from the east bay hills camera. 33 in santa rosa and napa with temperatures in the mid-30s out
8:49 am
by the delta. upper 30s in the inland valleys. in the sierra nevada, 10 degrees right now. a lot of sun for you. it's been gusty in the upper elevations that continues today. a cold morning out there with patchy frost. a dry weekend for new year's eve. our next chance of rain comes friday. we have a beach hazard statement from the nashlt weather servicing the current wave heights not impressive. but sneaker waves a possibility. and so if you are headed out for a walk or heading to the beach never turn your back on the ocean. it's dangerous. especially ocean beach out statewide heading north to south it's mild around eureka. 54 np 64 in southern california and some breezy winds in the mouptens. but headed to the sierra nevada by in afternoon, 44 degrees, sunshine, more sun with a little bit milder conditions for sunday. and then on monday the numbers dr. plat. ment clouds inside.
8:50 am
a slight chance partly cloudy, 39 on tuesday. a temperatures in a narrow range. upper 50s seems to be the popular number here. plenty much sunshine that wind eventually coming out of the west. 58 half moon bay. 57 in richmond today. and we will look for the numbers just to be slilt below average. as we get the west wind that allows above freezing in the protected valleys. slightly warmer numbers for sunday. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny, but the winds kick up again in the hills. new year's it's dry. it's a bit breezy out there. and then 2019 will be sunny and cold. slightly milder hoping for the rain to arrive friday. you can download the accuweather app to stay up to date. >> quite a ways from the rain. >> yes. >> thank you. in southern california, volunteers prepare dozens of floats making sure they're ready for tuesday's rose parade. lee anne suitor from our sister station in los angeles has a
8:51 am
look. >> the count down is on as hundreds of volunteers bring the floats to life. >> it's awesome to go from scaffolding and framework to actual float with beautiful flowers and a story to tell. >> from cutting to gluing. to sticking. tedious tasks a as they work on covering every inch in natural material. >> what we have to do is cut the leave down to the stem all the way down to the stem. and they're glued on the big leaves in the back of the crocodile rock guy. >> at phoenix decorating company they create more than 19 of the three dozen floats you see rolling down colorado boulevard. each with a different story just like all the volunteers. >> it's like a community. and everyone getting together helping out. and i'm doing the city of hope float. and also my dad -- he is a patient at city of hope. it's like double fold. >> from setting up to rock the crowds to going to new heights to help make these masterpieces.
8:52 am
>> i'm on the scaffolding. and i have to put these silver leaves on the back of in razor. >> it's all in the name much art and knowing the handywork will be a key part of the rose parade. >> i really enjoy it because of one. i watch the parade and see the floats go boy by. i see the one i glued the flower por seeds on it's cool. >> liam souter abc news. you can watch the parade right here on abc 7. coming up maybe it's the new year's resolution to become a multimillionaire. the pr
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only december 26th to january 6th. ikea.
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start the new year with $415 million. that's how much tuesday's megamillions jackpot is worth. the prize rolled over again after no one matched the numbers in last night's drawing. they were 9, so, 25, 37, 38 and the meganumber 21. again the drawing for the $415 million jackpot is tuesday night, new year's day. today is the semi finals of the college football playoff and one of four fans living on a giant billboard in downtown san jose is waking up a little bit warmer this morning. >> you win this giant abc 7 news parkay which will come in handy. how excited are you. >> i'm pumped because i'm really
8:56 am
cold. >> notre dame fan janette kim has been named the ultimate fan thanks to the abc viewers who voted in the all-day poll. the group has been hanging out 50 feet in the a air since thursday vying for a chance to watch the favorite team compete in the college football playoff national championship at levi stadium on january 7th. two teams and two contestants will be eliminated today. >> i want to apologize in advance. we are winning again. we are going to do it begin and bring home number 18. >> the fans were picked from a rool of roughly 700. the college football playoff semi time number three note dame faces clemson at 1:00 p.m. in the cotton bowl. then number 4 oklahoma battles alabama at 5:00 in the orange bowl. you can watch both claims on the sister network espn. and don't forget the national championship is at levi stadium on monday, january 7th. you can also watch it on espn.
8:57 am
those parkays are expensive. you'll pay attention to the games this afternoon, i know with notre dame your alma matter >> cold in south bend. but in san jose, yes, it's chilly there too. 3753 at noontime. 58 for the high and dropping into the 50s after 7:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast we're dry and milder tomorrow. new year's eve looks breezy maybe rain on friday. >> thanks. and thanks for joining us on abc 7ings. i'm chris nguyen with lisa argen. bowl season continues. and 9:00 a.m. south carolina battles virginia live from bank of america in charlotte. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and 5p. until then, make it great day, everybody. >> announcer: let's take on thes
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he i san francisco. >> announcer: and filed real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel the community has failed people of color. >> announcer: and hear one another. >> we can use words. we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different but we're in this together. and building a better bay area
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