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tv   Action News  ABC  December 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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he car jacked a woman in nearby san rafael. >> the car was spotted some 190 miles away from the central coast city of paso robles with the sighting reported yesterday in san miguel before he was captured back in paso robles. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has a look at how police caught up with mendoza. >> reporter: >> i went to my table i was sitting at and i recognized this gentleman who had a tattoo right above his eyebrow. >> reporter: crystal thought the man having lunch inside this taco bell in paso robles looked strangely familiar. she had no clue how close she prison escapee. >> there is a booth i was sitting in and he was in this booth. >> reporter: minutes later police came in and arrested 21-year-old san quentin escapee, shalom mendoza. >> he said his name was andrew. an officer goes, no, i know your name is not andrew. don't thereby me about your
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name. >> reporter: the california department of corrections searched mendoza and found no weapons. he was wearing a black shirt and sweatpants which police say he bought at this dollar general store in nearby san miguel friday night. after ditching the silver toyota rav4, he was arrested for driving. >> he is also our carjacking suspect from the incident that occurred at home depot here in san rafael. >> narrator:er police say this was mendoza driving the bay bridge toll plaza 15 minutes after carjacking dieng nguyen who was shopping 2e home depot. >> he came fast and had something inside. he held a gun. give me the key. if not i'm going to kill you now. >> reporter: san quentin officials say mendoza somehow walked away from a supervised work detail outside the security perimeter december 26. he was using a deadly weapon in a carjacking in l.a. county. crystal is glad he's in custody.
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>> i'm glad he was caught and he's no longer a dane be gerry to anybody. >> reporter: the police department of corrections says he is now in custody. his case will be referred to the marin county d.a.'s office. it is unknown whether he will return to the san quentin prison. >> when the news first broke of mendoza capture, if you'd like alerts like this in the future, the app is free to download in the app store. >> a funeral will be held a week from today for corporal ronil singh. people gathered for a vigil including his wife and 5 month old son. the vigil was held hours after the man killed singh after he pulled him over the day after christmas. >> the void will never be filled, but the law enforcement community that helped, people who gave tips to get the guy,
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thank everyone. >> 33-year-old gustavo perez was found at a miami heat in kern county. several other people were also arrested. officials say he is in the country illegally. the stanislaus county sheriff said he has a known gang association and blamed california sanctuary law for preventing them from reporting the suspect to immigration following two dui arrests. a spokesman for governor brown said if the suspect was a known gang member, police could have provided that information to federal authorities. >> funeral services were held today for the 2-year-old yemen i boy whose mother couldn't travel to see her dying son because of president trump's travel ban. mourners said good-bye to abdullah in lodi. he suffered from a rare brain disorder and passed away at children's hospital in oakland. his mother was granted a waiver to travel from yemen to oakland to see her dying son last week. she was reunited with him last thursday at the hospital. >> the mother of a murdered college student with bay area ties has taken in the son of
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mexican immigrants who knew her daughter's accused killer. molly tibbetts was murdered in iowa back in july. she spent parliament of her child hood in the east bay. christian barrera was arrested for tibbetts' murder. her mom tells the washington post she took in the son of a couple who worked at the same farm as rivera. they left iowa after rivera's arrest. call der wood said she thinks mollie would have wanted her to care for the teen. >> a government shutdown is now in its second week and will likely continue several more days. the president continues to demand a deal on border security. democratic leader nancy pelosi says democrats won't fund a border wall. pelosi, the incoming house speaker, says the house's first vote on january 3rd will be to reopen the government. that first day is also when democrats take control of the house. >> some popular tourist sites are feeling the financial
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fallout of the shutdown. all ka traz island is open but canceled its behind the scenes and night tours. yosemite says all park centers are closed and dogs are banned on all trails. yosemite also closed wawona as well as mariposa grove. many parking lots, rest rooms and visitors facility were closed as several bay area beaches. we posted a complete list on >> happening now, there are three college foot ball super fans left on a billboard in san jose. one more of them will be going home in just a few hours. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live for us in san jose and just talked to two fans who faced off earlier in the college foot ball playoff semi finals. amanda. >> reporter: i did, dion. this unique camping trip came to an end. she was the college super fan backing the notre dame fighting irish. if you watched any of the game
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or any of the live stream from the several cameras up there on the billboard, you know it was ugly for the fighting irish. we want you to take a look at the moment kim's fate was decided by the college foot ball playoff game. 3-30, ouch. looked like the fighting irish didn't have much fight in them today. but, hey, it hasn't always been bad news for kim. she's one of four college foot ball diehards who set up camp on this 40-foot wide billboard in downtown san jose earlier this week prepared to stay through the college foot ball playoff championship game. the four were picked by our sister network, espn, beating out a pool of roughly 700 people for this opportunity. unfortunately for kim, her team couldn't beat the clemson tigers. and she had to come down from the billboard about an hour ago. >> i guess i can look forward to a warm night of sleep tonight. but, yeah, pretty disappointed. i mean, i wish i could say the irish left it all out on the field, but i think we under performed tonight. >> my heart was racing almost the whole game as the minutes were clicking down.
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i'm thinking they still can come back. i love my tigers. i love watching them and i can't wait for them to come out here. >> reporter: at the end of the day today, nancy who you just heard from and another super fan will remain. the two will stay atop this billboard until january 7th. that's when the college foot ball playoff championship game will be played at levi stadium. for now you can always live stream on espn 3, but i'm reporting live from downtown san jose. amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> amanda, i appreciate it. i feel bad for jeannette. she had so much spunk and energy. >> the cold will drain that out of people if you're atop a billboard. drew tuma is here with the weather they're facing. >> it's not that bad in the south bay. 60s, sunshine, with clear skies it does get rather chilly. over the next couple of hours in the south bay, we're going to drop from the 50s into the 40s.
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so by 9:00, 10:00 we're well into the mid upper 40s. if it gets colder tonight, 30s on the board over the next 12 hours. what we're watching after a cold night on the way tonight, the winds will begin to pick up. a high wind watch will go into effect tomorrow night. and this will last through tuesday morning, so we're tracking some very strong winds headed our way to round out the year. we'll take a much closer look at those winds hour by hour, show you when the winds will calm down in the forecast. >> sounds good, drew. don't forget the national plaintiff championship is at levi stadium on monday, january 7. >> mindy willel about on espn. ire in e castro -- castro valley this morning hurts a man and kills his pet. how the cold weather may have contributed to the blaze. >> and the tsa is bringing more floppy eared dogs to airports. how they say it's the ears' impact on passenger satisfaction. >> and kwanzaa celebrations
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still underway in skf.
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a man suffered serious burns and two dogs were killed when fire raced through a castro valley home early this morning.
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the blaze broke out at around 6:00 a.m. at the home on mill more boulevard on 7 hills road. the injured man was burned while trying to use a garden hose to put the fire out. a woman and an 18 month old girl escaped unharmed. firefighters put out the flames in about 20 minutes. they suspect a space heater started it. >> conservatives across the country, including meghan mccain are remembering a young writer and tv contributor who died after a sudden illness. federalist magazine said staff writer and commenter died in san diego friday at the age of 26. according to a fund-raising cite, payton was found unresponsive thursday and rushed to a hospital. there she was diagnosed with h1n1 flu and meningitis. tributes are pouring in for payton today. meghan mccain tweeted, payton was wonderful, fearless, and vibrant. >> san francisco residents took in a delightful show of music and dance to celebrate kwanzaa. abc7 news was at the boys and girls club in the city's western edition where organizers with a
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village project and community put on a colorful it is secelebrated through new year's day. many have community themes. today's was about local business. >> the tsa says it is going put more floppy-eared dogs in airports in 2019. it is an effort to put passengers at ease. the tsa administrator explained the decision to the washington examiner. he says passengers, listen to this, are more accepting of floppy-eared dogs as opposed to pointy-eared dogs. kids are also less scared of floppy-eared canines. >> a southern california park is becoming a dangerous spot f birds. the latest attack on a goose days after other birds got sick from eating pills dumped at that park. >> and meteorologist drew tuma coming up next with the accuweather forecast. >> college bowl ramped up with
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the championship game. the first semi final game is done. clemson going back to the title
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an orange county park two birds were sickened by
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prescription pills. it is another seen of a heinous crime against animals. >> a canada goose had an archer i arrow through its neck. it had been flying around with the arrow in its neck. two birds were ill from eating pills. police examined the incidents to determine if they were connected. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> a sunny start to the week with the clear skies. we are in store for chilly temperatures before the winds begin to pick up tomorrow night. live doppler 7 showing you the sweep across the region with a cloud-free sky. we are dry, and we will remain dry over the next 24 hours. so tonight the picture from the explore or yum camera atop pier 15 shoewing the beautiful light of the embarcadero and the holiday season. not a cloud to be seen from this vantage point. the sunshine earlier got us into the 60s in our warm est spots. but tonight we are quickly
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falling into the 40s and our coldest spot at this hour. fairfield 45. san ramon checking in at 49. closer to the bay shoreline, temperatures now from san francisco to oakland to san jose holding in the low 50s. so overnight tonight with those clear skies, temperatures can cool off pretty quickly and the majority of the region, it will get chilly over the next 12 hours. a lot of spots dropping into the 30s tonight, like oakland, san jose, concord, napa, 33 the low in the north bay for napa overnight tonight. so tomorrow once again, it will be a chilly start with our 12-hour day planner on your sunday. kind of a carbon copy forecast tomorrow. similar sky like we had today. after the cold start in the morning you have a lot of sunshine throughout the day. maybe a few clouds streaming in from time to time. the sun going down tomorrow exactly at 5:00 p.m., but before it does, afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. so in the afternoon tomorrow, it's pretty comfortable for this time of year. about 62 for concovered, 60 the high in san jose. about 57 in san francisco. about 60 in san rafael and san
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mateo high of about 5hillyrt in morning. here's the bigger picture. live doppler 7 along with satellite, what we are tracking to our north, there is a cold froblt bringing wet weather to portland and seattle. as it inches closer to california the next 24 hours, it will not bring us rain unfortunately. what it's going to do is kick up our wind. we have a high wind watch that will go into effect tomorrow night. so future tracker wind gust tomorrow evening, we'll begin to see the winds pick up first along the coast. i think it really gets going monday morning, so by 6:00, 7:00 monday morning could see winds racing out of north with gusts as high as 40 miles an hour. and monday itself looks like a really windy day, even by 7:00, 8:00 in the evening, those winds do continue 30 to 40 miles an hour. so for the new year's eve forecast, it will be brisk. it will be breezy with those winds 20 to 40 miles an hour at times. so as we ring in the new year, temperatures mainly in the 40s, but if you're going to be out
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late at night on new year's eve, those temperatures will quickly drop into the 30s in our coldest spots. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny tomorrow, monday it's all about the winds gusting 20 to 40 miles an hour. we welcome the new year, those winds will relax in the morning. then we're dry through friday. our next chance of wet weather comes on saturday. >> announcer: now abc 7 sports with mindy bach. >> the university does not belong to a conference, and creates its owen game schedule. you can see the conflict there. today's cotton bowl did little to change the skepticism. playing clemson, the tigers reach the title engagement two of the last four years. in the second quarter, jus ross. ross does a little shake and bake. 52 yards to the end zone. the tigers up 9-3 after the missed extra point. under 2 to play in the first half, the pair connect again. this time from 42 yards out. ross had 148 receiving yards.
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clemson got the ball back with 39 seconds left before the half, and the drive ends with lawrence, a freshman, throwing his third touchdown pass of the quarter. look at that grab. 19-yard score. tigers led 23-3 in the half. he he iced it with a 62-yard touchdown run. he had 109 rushing yards. that's the longest play notre dame has given up this season. clemson coming to the bay area for the national championship game. they trounce the fighting irish 30-3 the final. florida and michigan in the peach bowl, gators quarterback felipe franks, he rushed for 74 yards, including this 20-yard touchdown run. that was in the second quarter. florida led by three at the half, but michigan had four starters skip the game to prepare for the nfl draft. it showed. gardener johnson picked up shea patterson twice in the second half. that was pick number one. franks followed it up with a 5-yard t.d. pass. yeah, not impressing michigan
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fans. especially when he added a 53-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. florida claims peach bowl victory in a rout, 41-15 the final there. arkansas state, nevada in the arizona bowl, 59 minutes in, and the wolf pack finally reach the end zone. devontae lee drove it out from a yard out. nevada took a 2-7 lead. he nailed this 32-yarder to send the game to overtime. groupie added a 24-yard field goal in o.t. so nevada needed a touchdown to win. they get it. 11 yards to reagan roberson. nevada wins arizona bowl ta aut inconsisia s 7 points inh quarter, south carolina none. that was a nine-yard run. he had 106 yards on the ground. bryce perkins took over. he had had three touchdown passes. all of them to zach them to zact
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he had 12 catches for 100 yards. virginia wins the belk bowl 28-0. the sharks will start the new year on the road and san jose's trip is sure to be better with eric karlsson on the team bus. the defender has served his two-game suspension. he's back first up in edmonton. i think this is the marvel comic edition. san jose gets 3 on 1. karlsson scored for the goal. then brent burns. he's going to find hurdle in front. space. the sharks take a 2-1 lead in the dressing room. sets up logan couture for one of two goals. karlsson is going to find the net with a quick shot from the point. yeah, providing the screen. a goal and three assists for karlsson. the other carlson melker had two goals. he had an assist from eric.
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7-4 the final. orange bowl right now getting a little out of hand. it's a only the second quarter. alabama up by 21. >> shocker. >> you'd like some of the games to be closer. you want oklahoma to be competitive. hopefully they'll come back in the second half and make it a game. >> most teams are competitive against the tide. >> they're not. have cal mari to have a little success. >> mindy, thank you. >> sure. >> coming up, a dog reunited with its owners more than three years after
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, a brutal attack at a busy san francisco intersection. hear from the woman who saw it all unfold and the reaction from police about their response. >> kamala harris may be ready to launch her bid for the white house, but reports say she won't be based out of california. the city she's looking at for her operations. >> finally tonight, a pretty remarkable story. a southern california couple has been reunited with their dog who went missing more than three years ago. >> joyce and randy culver house say shawnee crawled through a hole in the fence in 2015. this week somebody in a nearby city saw shawnee alone in the street. he took her to the vet and scanned her microchip and identified the culver houses. they got word via e-mail. >> i saw the word shawnee on my
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screen and told my husband, stop the car. she kissed up, snuggled under our necks. >> pretty amazing to have her back and she's not going anywhere. >> the culver houses say they never gave up hope they would eventually find shawnee. that optimism paid off. >> so sweet. dogs have such memory, too, right? they remember everything. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00, everybody. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. we'll see you right back here at 11:00.
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