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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 30th. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, chris. we have increased the clouds overnight. that's allowed for swhalt mit d milder temperatures. not everyone is feeling the effects of the cloud. right here in the south bay, it's cold in campbell. 36 degrees there as well as cupertino. mountain view is at 40. we're looking at 48 in 52 on the coast. certainly a wide variety of temperatures. looking at 30s, 40s and 50s through the 7:00 hour. by noontime, high clouds. mid 50s for most of you, partly cloudy afternoon with upper 50s
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to low 60s. the sun sets at 5:00 tonight. we'll turn breezy. details on a wind advisory coming up. that's going to last through 2019. palo alto police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman. this surveillance image shows the man on el camino reality. police say the woman was walking into an apartment complex. that's when she says the man grabbed her, pushed her to the ground and touched her inappropriately. she screamed, the boyfriend ran out of the apartment and tried to catch the suspect. the woman was not physically hurt. also happening now, san francisco police want to find the man accused in this brutal atta attack. it happened near the powell street b.a.r.t. station. police believe the suspect is melton kelly. >> reporter: the streets were
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bustling early friday evening. on the other side of market in front of the powell street b.a.r.t. station -- >> it was starting over here -- >> reporter: a brawl was unfolding. much of the video is too violent for tv. >> it maid me disgusted, but it angered me. >> reporter: police are looking for the man in the black hoodie identified as melton kelly. parts of the video show him repeatedly punching and stomping the victim in the face. some attempted to break it up. >> on one hand i was surprised, but i was really frustrated to hear this is anesque wlaeting on going issue. >> reporter: last week another video was taken of a man get stomped on a few blocks away from this latest fight. >> call 911. >> he was being wrestle dollar, choked, gasping for air. that day at that moment, where were they? i didn't see a single officer. >> reporter: this area draws
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thousands of tourists. many issues along with it. we had to stop our interview at one point because of harassment. >> can you get more of the guards to get these people out of here? >> reporter: our encounter didn't escalate. but she said in too many cases they do. she refuses to accept this as the new normal and says her video is her way of seeing something and saying something. sfpd is asking anyone with information to call their anonymous tip number. investigators say if you see kelly, don't approach him. reporting in the newsroom, joe bean nae fortson, abc 7 news. fairfield police looking for a two men who robbed a man and shot him. police say the victim was in a restaurant parking lot when the two men ap 3r0e67d and deplanned his property. there was a struggle over the gun. it went off and hit the victim.
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the suspects took off in a black nissan sedan. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. time is 6:03. this prisoner who escaped from san quentin state prison is back behind bars. shalom mendoza escaped wednesday evening. he's then suspected of a carjacking. the car was found abandoned friday. police also received a tip that mendosa was in nearby san miguel. they finally caught up to him at a taco bell restaurant. cover nell bernard spoke to a woman who saw the arrest. >> i went to go to my table i was sitting at, and i recognized this gentleman who had a tattoo right above his eyebrow. >> reporter: she thought the man having lunch inside this taco bell looked strangely familiar. she had no clue how close she was sitting to a suspected prison escape pee. >> it was the booth i was
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sitting in and he was in this booth. >> reporter: minutes later police came in and arrested 21-year-old san quentin escape pee shalom mendoza. cops first asked him his name. >> he returned as his name was andrew. officers go, i know your name isn't andrew. don't lie to me about your name. >> reporter: the california department of corrections says the officers searched mendosa and found no weapons. he was wearing a black shirt and swep pants he bought at this nearby dollar general store shortly after ditching the toy oelt that rach 4 he's accused of carjacking. >> reporter: police say this was mendosa driving through the bay bridge toll plaza 15 minutes after carjacking dang nguyen who was shopping at the home depot. >> he came very fast and had something in his hand. give me the key. if not, i'll kill you now.
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>> reporter: officials say m mendoza walked away from a up supervised work detail, serving a five-year sentence for using a deadly weapon during a carjacking. >> i'm just glad he got caught and he's no longer a dange to anybody. >> reporter: the department of corrections says mendoza is in custody at the salinas valley station. his case will be referred to the marin county d.a.'s office. it's not known if he'll return to san quentin. we've been sending out alerts about this story. you can download the app for free. enable push alerts to receive breaking news updates right to your phone. new details now on the capture of the man suspected of killing newman police coral ral ran nil singh. gustavo perez arriaga is due in
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course on wednesday. authorities say they believe they've recovered the gun used in the killing, but they haven't said where they found it. arriaga is accused of killing singh after singh pulled him over for suspicion of driving under the influence the day after christmas. singh's funeral is set for next saturday in modesto. a final good-bye for a 2-year-old yemeni boy whose mother was initially prevented from visiting him in the hospital because of president trump's travel ban. the boy suffered from a rare brain disorder. he passed away at children's hospital in oakland. his mother was granted a waiver to travel from yemen to oakland to see her dying son last week. investigators think a space heater started a fire in castro valley. two dogs died and one man suffered serious burns. the man was hurt trying to use a garden hose to put out the fire. this was on mill march boulevard
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off seven hills road yesterday morning. firefighters put out the fire in about 20 minutes. the first floor is a total loss. the second floor has significant damage. farmers and others who may need to burn stubble have until tuesday to do so. stubble burning is intentionally setting fire to straw stubble that remains after wheat and other grains have been harvested. the burn season for stubble ends tomorrow. in the south bay, the group of college football fanatics living on a billboard in downtown san jose is down to two. clemson and alabama will meet for the third time in the college football playoff national championship. the fans representing the two losing teams from the semifinal games were sent back home. abc 7's amanda del castillo has more. >> this once-in-a-lifetime camping trim has come to an end for two fans. for kim, her fighting irish didn't have much fight in them, losing to clemson. >> i wish i could say the irish
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left it all out on the field. i think we underperformed today. >> reporter: ruben hunter descending from the 40-foot-long billboard he and the group have called home for the last few days, too soon for the sooner. oklahoma losing to alabama 45-34. >> i wish i had another start o the game. it was really fun. this whole billboard experience. >> reporter: proof it hasn't been all bad news. they were part of a group picked by our sister network espn beating out a pool of roughly 700 people for this opportunity. their experience live streamed on espn 3. for the remaining two, 45 feet above chilly downtown san jose is where they'll live until monday, january 7th. >> i actually looked at the weather for this week and it's going to be the same thing. i've kind of psyched myself up that this is the way it's going to be. >> meantime nancy bowlen will join elliot ross until their teams go head-to-head in the college football national championship game at levi's
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stadium, the third time in four years the two schools will meet for the title. >> it's going to be a close game i feel. i feel we'll going to pull it out this year again. >> reporter: clemson and alabama met back in the 2015 and 2016 college football playoff championship games. each took home ws back then. we have a rubber match on our hand. i'm amanda del castillo, nbc 7 news. downtown san jose is transforming for events that start on friday. there are several activities scheduled for next weekend. caltrans crews are conducting litter cleanups this week along fl freeways and near the airport to get ready for the thousands of people expected to visit. the national championship is monday, january 7th, clemson taking on alabama. you can watch it on netwo network, espn.
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temperatures in the upper 30s. notre dame is out. we'll be looking at numbers this morning climbing through the 40s around the south bay. there's fog out there. we're looking at milder conditions around hayward and oakland. some for everyone. wind picks up. when does the rain return? i'll have the answered coming up. lisa, thank you. if you're taking down your christmas tree this weekend, why you may need to wait a few days before putting it out on the curb. also, an inside look at the sales force tower with founder marc benioff. the one thing you may be surprised to find that
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crews in san francisco will start collecting christmas trees this week. the department of public works says you should not put your tree out on the curb before your regular pickup day. it can become hazards for pedestrians and traffic. putting it out too early can be dangerous for other reasons. >> it's a big safety issue. every year we have situations where trees are dry and they get lit up and have started fires. >> to get rid of your tree, put it out on your regular garbage service day starting wednesday to the following week. make sure tinsel, declaration, stands and lights are removed. if your tree is taller than six feet, you're asked to cut it in half before putting it out on the curb. now to an exclusive inside
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look at the sales force tower and the man who built the company. marc benioff is leaving quite a mark on the city where he was born and raised. here is abc 7's dan ashley. >> reporter: we metality the top of the world. 61 floors, 1,070 feet above san francisco. the company's founder and ceo looms large as well. the biggest employer and the leading philanthropist in his hometown. on this day together, looking down and looking back. >> right at the top of coit tower, i used to live there. we rented the one-bedroom apartment right next to my house. >> reporter: that was 1999 and that one bedroom was where sales force started. 20 years later the company's digs are very different. a million-dollar view for a billionaire who doesn't even keep an office in his own building, in fact, not in any of
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them around the world. >> why? >> it's not really how i work. i'm not really an office person. i like to walk around. i can work in the conference room. i've got my phone with me, my modern day office. that's what i enjoy. >> reporter: that's hardly all this hometown boy turned tech titan enjoys. philanthropy, giving back, is a huge part of what makes him and his company tick. over the years, sales force has donated tens of millions of dollars to charity and so, too, has its founder, most notably to ucsf children's hospital at mission bay. then measure c passed by voters in november. marc pushed hard for a special tax on big companies like his which will raise $300 million a year to fight homelessness in san francisco. why would he support a new tax on his own company? >> i love the city and i love people and i love innovation and creating and making something new happen. that's where i get a lot of my joy.
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>> joy marc also gets from running a company consistently ranked as among the very best places to work in the country, with employee cafes and meditation rooms on every floor, you can see why. >> how does that make you feel? >> that makes me feel good. that's what i want. i want this to be a great place to work. not only are we making money, building great products, having great customer success, but also we're able to give back. >> reporter: this entrepreneur got the bug to create and innovate very early in life. >> have you enjoyed working on this? >> yeah, i've enjoyed working on >> reporter: that's marc when he was ten years old, appearing on kgo with an idea he pitched the station. perhaps there were early clues about where this man was headed. >> you stand on the 61st floor of the tower that bears your company's name. what a journey. >> i know. >> what do you think about it? >> i think wow. for me the most important thing is the city itself. i'm a fourth generation san
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franciscan. i'm always asks the city how are we going to make the city better. >> that was dan ashley reporting. that interview took place on the 61st floor of the sales force tower, a space you'll be able to visit eventually. benioff tweeted this back in september. it's called ohana floor. that's hawaiian for family and how sales force refers to employees. right now the floor is open for all the employees to enjoy. soon the public will also be able to register for a free visit. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good sunday morning to you. check out all the clouds over live doppler 7, maybe not bringing rain but at least keeping some of us warmer this morning, increasing the relative humidity. the atmosphere night quite as dry as it's been. that's bringing the subtle changes. this is how much warmer it is compared to this time yesterday. that's pretty significant. six to seven degrees warmer, hayward and oakland, a couple degrees warmer, mountain view and san jose. overall, the changes are
6:19 am
arriving due to the wind and the clouds. 52 in half moon bay, 48 in pacifica. belmont checking in at 47. it's a chilly 36 in redwood city. the delta in the 30s, 37 in livermore with santa rosa just above freezing. the winds one of the factors as well. gusting to 30 miles an hour, mount saint helena. we will be looking at these winds with us for the next seven days, gusting even higher by tonight. chilly in spots this morning. north and east bay hills getting quite gusty and looking at a chance of rain not until next weekend. wind advicely above 1 sth,000 f. it could bring down power lines and trees in this through early tuesday morning. then the winds dialing back. the winds picking up along the coast. at about 8:00, 20 to 30 to even
6:20 am
40 miles an hour. look at the oranges. then by new year's eve, the evening, it is still quite windy out there to breezy. by early morning hours, new year's day, still windy. it's the afternoon where the winds will dial back. then we get the colder air mass, the direction out of the north and get set for some very chilly mornings into tuesday morning and wednesday morning. if you're traveling across the state, 53 in yosemite. mid 60s, a bit warmer in los angeles. some clouds along the north and sierra nevada, mid 40s. 56 in chico. highs today around the bay. it will be seasonal. 58 oakland, san mateo, 60 in san rafael. looking for 60 in san jose and morgan hill. we'll be looking at things getting brez sy and cool for your new year's eve forecast. 8:00, clear skies with the brisk wind. mid and upper 40s bay and inland. by 10:00 in the lower 40s inland. by midnight, 2019, low 40s
6:21 am
inland, mid 40s along the bay. the numbers drop into the 30s through the overnight hours in the inland valleys. sunny with high clouds today. upper 50s to low 60s. download our accuweather app. you can see the temperatures hour-by-hour. monday we're windy for new year's eve. the wind advisory through early new year's day. it's dry and cold. in fact, kind of frosty for the mornings of wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week, we increase the clouds. the numbers will come up a bit and bringing in a rainy regime next weekend. >> as for monday evening, hopefully not too windy for all the folks heading in for the new year's eve celebrations along the embarcadero. >> it will be breezy. coming up next, finding the best mortgage rates is not easy, but
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the economy is improving and the federal reserve is hiking up interest rates. that means the days of super cheap mortgages are over. there are still ways to get the lowest possible rate. "7 on your side" michael finney las three tips to help you get a great deal. >> reporter: it's getting more and more expensive to borrow money for a home. according to, the average annual percentage rate
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for 30-year, fixed rate topped 5%. that's the highest in seven years. still experts say mortgages are relatively cheap by historic standards. >> when it comes to the decision of buying a house, you shouldn't let interest rates make a decision that big for you. >> both real estate investors and home loan officers say don't let the rising numbers scare you. >> more of a psychological impact to people than it is an actual impact on their finances. >> so how do you find the lowest price loan possible? experts say follow these three tips. number one, find an experienced mortgage broker. >> a mortgage broker's job is to shop your loans, every lender they can find, and find the one with the most competitive rate. >> look at community banks or credit unions. >> it's important to talk with someone who can help you through the different options to make sure you get the best program that really fits your needs. >> the third tip, shop around for lenders, don't stop after the first lender and look for estimates online to find the
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best deal for you. >> if you already decided to buy a house, you shouldn't waste time because interest rates are going to be going up. >> if you need help with a mortgage or anything else, let me know about it. you can call my "7 on your side" hotline monday through friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." breaking news out of contra costa county. crews respond to a big fire overnight. the new video and what firefighters say fed the flames. a chaotic scene at the baltimore washington airport. first responders and two airline employee
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thanks for being with us on this sunday morning. i'm chris nguyen. we'll start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi everyone. patchy fog along the coast is keeping temperatures there slightly milder this morning. half moon bay 52, pacifica 48. along the peninsula and belmont, 47. cold in redwood city at 36. pretty chilly from san ramon to livermore, freezing in santa rosa. fog in concord. 10:00, mid and upper 40s in our
6:30 am
inland valleys. for most of you around the bay, high clouds filtering in. numbers in the low 60s for your warmest readings in santa rosa, petaluma, upper 50s san jose. by the evening, in and around the low 50s, we'll be tracking stronger winds, gusty winds and new year's eve and new year's day forecast coming up, chris. to the breaking news out of contra costa county. a family has been displaced after an early morning house fire. this is the scene in martinez. you can see just how fast those flames were moving. neighbors first spotted the fire. thankfully the family living there got out safely. firefighters say the gas meter was blowing the entire time which fed the flames. once crews shut it off, they were able to get the fire under control. today is day nine of the government shutdown. president trump and democratic leaders are still far apart.
6:31 am
there seems to be no resolution in site. abc news white house correspond tara pal marry has the latest. >> reporter: no end in sight, negotiation at a standstill. the president tweeting i'm in the white house waiting for the democrats to come on over and make a deal on border security. >> we're in this for the long haul. >> reporter: with congress out of town, 800,000 federal employees either working without pay or furloughed are bracing for the worst. new mom angela saying her husband is among the 53,000 tsa employees that work with no paycheck. >> he's the sole breadwinner. >> reporter: she's battling with her credit card companies to defr her payments. >> reporter: the smithsonian museums set to close on january 2nd. national parks are seeing massive trash pileups and maintenance issues. >> i'm proud to shut down the
6:32 am
border. >> reporter: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen has been examining detention centers. her visit has been closed to the press. a filing published by the arizona republic paints a grim picture inside those centers where two children died in the past month. one stated, quote, the chish would vomit on their clothing, and the officials would not give us new clothing. there was never enough soap to wash anything. another said my daughter was sick the whole time. she kept vomiting. i told the official she was sick and he said why did you come from your country. they did not bring a doctor or any medicine. the president blaming the democrats saying, their pathetic immigration policies to allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our opportunity illegally. they can't. if we had a wall, they wouldn't even try. tara pal marry, abc news, washington.
6:33 am
as the government shutdown sets into the second week, ma that radditz speaks with a member of the incoming house democratic leadership. that's coming up on "this week with george stephanopoulos" on abc 7. it appears some democratic senators are gathering up to announce their 2020 presidential bid. according to "the new york times," senator kamala harris is likely to put her headquarters in baltimore or the atlanta. according to the report, she's also likely to maintain an office on the west coast. her team is scrutinizing her team in public office including as san francisco district attorney. other potential candidates mentioned are senators cory booker, keir still gillibrand and elizabeth warren. the home dubbed the house of horrors is up for auction. the california says that's where
6:34 am
david and louise turpin abused their children. bidding on the foreclosed home has reached $196,000. in january when they were arrested, investigators say the house was filthy and smelly. it is expected whoever buys the home will resell it on the open market. on investigation is under way at baltimore washington international airport after a jet bridge collapsed. seven people ended up in the hospital. first responders were called to meet the southwest flight from the dominican republic because of a sick passenger. as they were tending to that person, the jet bridge suddenly collapsed. four medics, two southwest employees and the sick passenger all fell to the ground. they are expected to recover. panicked passengers say the scene was chaotic. >> it was traumatic. everybody rushed to the front of the plane. the flight attendants were like, please sit down. nobody knew what was going on.
6:35 am
the maryland aviation administration owns the jet bridge. it's still not clear what caused the collapse. tsa said it's going to put more floop pi-eared dogs in airports next year. the agency says it's an effort to put passengers at ease. the administrator explained the decision to "the washington examiner." he said passengers are more accepting of floppy-eared dogs as opposed to pointy-eared dogs. many newspaper customers are expecting normal service after a hieber attack halted deliveries yesterday. distribution was delayed for several major newspapers that share a production platform. amy powell from our los angeles sister station has the details. >> reporter: the saturday edition of "the new york times" arrived late at the studio city newsstand. it was missing some sections. >> i tried to get my "l.a. times." it's misk like three sections. >> reporter: according to a
6:36 am
story first reported by the times nks, a cyber attack affected los angeles and several other newspapers from coast to coast. the hack appears to have originated from outside the u.s. >> i'm sure it's russia. >> that's craze se we're so hackable. >> reporter: also impacting distribution of the "wall street journal" and "new york times" on the west coast, which are printed at facilities in downtown l.a. in a statement, the department of homeland security says we're aware of reports of a potential cyber incident affecting several news outlets and are working with our government and industry partners to better understand the situation. for some, the incident heightens concerns about cyber security. >> stuff like that should be able to be kept secure and safe. they shouldn't be able to put a halt to our printing presses. that's spooky. >> that was amy powell reporting. subscriber data does not appear
6:37 am
to be affected. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, preparing for a party in new york city. why it was raining confetti in times square this weekend. first, as we head to break, the time right now is 6:37. we're taking a live look outside from our abc 7 camera pointed at the embarcadero this morning. lisa argen will here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪
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time is 6:39. taking a look from our san mateo bridge camera. temperatures expected to be a little higher today, but not by much. we'll get a check of the full forecast from meteorologist lisa argen coming up. dozens of new laws go into effect on new year's day this coming tuesday. california driver's licenses will now have a new gender option, non-binary. your car is exempt from the smog check until 8 years old. the current law exempts laws that are 6 years old. jessica castro has more ong what's changing on january 1st. drivers with more than one dui required to install a new ignition device. you can't turn on the engine until you blow into a device to prove you don't have alcohol in your system. hit-and-runs where someone is injured or killed will extend to cyclists. if you hit someone on your
6:41 am
bicycle on a bike path, you're required to stop at the scene or face charges for a felony hit-and-run. state laws for scooter rides will change. no longer will riders over the age of 18 be required to wear a helmet. also changing in the new year, the white and green clean air vehicle stickers will no longer qualify cars to get into the car pool or express lanes. cars have to have the new red sticker available for alternative fuel vehicles sold in 2017 and later. the car pool lanes were getting too crowded and the state wants newer cleaner cars on the road. we have more changes and new laws at i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. 6:41 is the time. lisa has been keeping her eyes on the forecast for us. are we going to hit the 60s today? >> possibly in santa rosa, san jose. you can see the sun coming up . plenty of sunshine today.
6:42 am
we'll talk about how the winds will impact your neighborhood and the rain will be returning. i'll have that next with the accuweather seven-day forecast. klay thompson finds his touch even telling his shooting hand, i missed you. could the warrior
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distance. lisa breaks down the coastal forecast coming up. in sports this afternoon the raiders and 49ers wrap up the season on the road. the silver and black take on the chiefs at arrowhead stadium. the 9ers and the rams at memorial coliseum. both games kick off at 1:25. abc 7 sports anchor mindi bach has the highlights. good morning everyone. any questions you may have had of exactly what the warriors thought about the horrific over time loss to the trailblazers on thursday were answered last night in portland when the two teams met again, only the sixth time in the last sec dade the warriors have faced the same team in consecutive games. who is going to score the first
6:46 am
three? of course, kevon looney, right? only his first three of the season. the team loving it. klay thompson found his mojo, 4 of 5 from distance. not everything went his way. you can tell by that smile, he'll take it. right here he misses a dunk on a breakaway. kevin durant had a good night, pitched in 25. the warriors led by eight at the half. they had to play the second half without andre iguodala who got ejected for hocking the ball into the stands at the buzzer. refs called it a hostile act. oakland native damian lillard put up a game high 40 points. portland's d looks drained. they don't get back on defense. durant makes quick work in transition. durant finds klay cutting down the middle. team high 32 for klay, his 50th 30-point game of his career. the warriors win 115-105 12-1 usf taking on ucsb.
6:47 am
put his team up three. usf was down two until this great shot. time running out, tied at 63, ramsey hit the three. he had 14. but jacory mclaughlin with 18 points, he had the final points, drives and banks it in. usf suffers its second loss of the season, 71-73. erik karlsson has served his two-game suspension. the first stop on saturday in edmonton. 16 seconds after surrendering the opening goal, tied at one. burns finds hertle with lots of room in front. that's dangerous.
6:48 am
hurdle gives the team a 2-1 lead. joe thornton behind the net in the second period. then karlsson is going to find the net with a quick shot from the point. a goal and three assists for karlsson. the other karlsson, melker had two goals. one of the assists came from erik. sharks win the second straight game 7-4 the final. today is the last nfl game of the season. the 49ers and the raiders both on the road. san francisco against the rams. the raiders against the chiefs. both of those games start at 1:25. we'll bring you the highlights starting today at 5:00. until then, have a great day. your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good morning. 40 minutes away from our official sun viez. check out mt. tam. such a nice sight. we have a mixture of high clouds, relative humidity has increased. so for some of you, it's a little warmer this morning. the winds will be impacting everyone in the next 24 to 48 hours. we are looking at some changes in terms of a wind advisory going into effect tonight through early new year's day. in the supper elevations, winds
6:49 am
will be from 20 to 25 miles an hour. guts could exceed 60, up to 70 miles an hour. check out this cool shot from the golden gate bridge where you can see the fog. this is another element that's allowed for increased relative humidity. therefore, not quite as cold around the bay. live doppler 7 picking up on some of the cloud cover. here is the sweet on top of mt. saint helena. a wind shift but no rain in the forecast today. another vantage point you can see looks nice downtown. sunny skies, it will warm up. going to take some time. 47 in san francisco, 46 in oakland. san jose just 38, 35 in morgan hill. half moon bay has been sitting in the 50s. 37 here in santa rosa -- i should say santa cruz. 37 in livermore. fog in concord. look at the numbers from napa to santa rosa.
6:50 am
petaluma, a good deal of fog, 35. freezing in sonoma county. with the wind shift and some of the low clouds, we're looking at temperatures two to seven degrees milder this morning. tell that to the folks in the north bay, shivering with numbers in the 30s. the winds from mt. tam gusting to 23 miles an hour, mt. saint helena and mt. diablo, the upper elevation winds continue to be more and more gusty as we go through the next several hours and several days. forecast highlights call for the chilly spots this morning. north and east bay hills getting gusty. a chance of rain coming in next weekend. as we look at the wind profile, check it out as we get towards the early morning hours. this is when it peaks. look at the oranges and yellows. by 8:00 monday morning as you're driving to work or taking the dog for a walk, going for a bike ride, you're going to feel some gusting out there. it's going to remain right through the day. new year's eve plans probably being impacted.
6:51 am
as we go through new year's, january 1st, 2019, the winds will dial back. in the mountains, 40s today, 20s tomorrow. sunny for january 1st. cold at night. upper 50s to near 60. filtered sun, 58 in oakland. revelers for december 31st will get into the winds. but that will keep the numbers for the 40s and 50s for most of you until after midnight when they drop into the 30s in the inland valleys. the accuweather seven-day forecast slightly warmer today due to the onshore flow. we're colder and dry all week long. we want to get the rain back in here by next weekend. we need the rain. you can always follow leaislisa forecast on the app. residents in colorado won't be able to try the famous burgers, fries and shakes for two years. in n how the wi-n-out will open.
6:52 am
construction of the distribution center is expected to start in the spring. the company says it's too early to say how many restaurants will open in the state. colorado will be the seventh state that's home to in-n-out. buy online and pick up in store spending went up nearly 50% from november to mid december. that's according to consumer research firm doeb analytics. stores like walmart, target and best buy offer the option. the vang is there's no cost to ship and it offers the chance to skip crowds and check outlines. dan harris joins us now to tell us what's coming up on "good morning america." >> coming up, the preparations before the party. security measures in place as cities across the country get ready to count down to the new year. ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy are giving us a speak peek.
6:53 am
an attempted yacht theme chased down. the dramatic takedown caught on camera. long time rivals clemson and alabama will match up again. both winning their bowl games on saturday. we'll take about a mishap at the clemson game involving a bald eagle. it's coming up on gma on a busy sunday morning. we'll see you soon. as we head to break, a quick reminder, abc 7 news has more news, weather and hot topics coming your way. abc 7 news at 11:00 is expanding to a full hour of "midday live." you can join us every weekday at
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $40 million powerball drawing. 12, 42, 51, 53, 62. the powerball 25. nobody picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $53 million. the winning numbers from the super lotto plus drawing last night, 4, '6, 17, 35, 42 and the mega number is 6. nobody picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday's jackpot goes up to $36 million. new year's eve party preps are under way in new york city. organizers are making sure the --
6:57 am
>> four, three, two, one. happy new year! >> that was only a test. employees took turns learning how to use the confetti machine in midtown yesterday. hundreds of thousands are expected to pack times square for a rainy celebration to ring in 2019. police will be out in full force. the new york city police department says for the first time it will deploy a fleet of drones to help keep an eye on the crowds. you can watch it right here on abc 7. dick clark's rockin i've with ryan seacrest starts tomorrow night. rain in new york city, windy conditions here for our new year's eve celebrations. >> a wind advisory. >> reporter: for tonight and tomorrow. today, upper elevations only. we have fog in parts of the north and east bay valleys and some of the 50s at half moon bay. 58 later today, the accuweather
6:58 am
seven-day forecast, dry and breezy. we'll have some cold mornings until the end of the week when the temperatures modify and hopefully getting rain in here next weekend. we desperately need it. >> lisa, thank you. thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. "good morning america" is next. a beautiful look outside as the sun is beginning to rise. abc 7 news returns with another full hour at 9:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
6:59 am
7:00 am
three, two -- >> good morning, america. countdown to the new year. the celebration from coast to coast. new security measures in place for the ball drop in times square. ryan and jenny ready for anything. >> she's the wild card. >> he's the captain. >> he gets to be the captain. plus the soggy scene expected. your all important new year's eve forecast. breaking overnight airport accident. fire and rescue responding to a report of a sick passenger when a jet bridge gives way. what went wrong? pointing the finger president trump tweeting about the deaths of two migrant children. they both died while in u.s. custody. this as the government shutdown enters its ninth day. federal workers feeling the


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