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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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low to mid-30s at 7:00 for inland and bay. 41 at the coast. 51 to 53 at noon. mid to upper 40s at 7:00.
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enjoy the quiet weather. it doesn't stay that way very long. let's talk about the commute with alexis. it is very quiet. no fog this morning. just chilly temperatures as you grab your keys and head out the door. golden gate, southbound 101, definitely no delays if you are coming in from marin county today. so we have had very few incidents. we don't have any significant delays to tell you about either. we're not complaining here. richmond, san a rafael, in the green at 7 minutes. westbound 84, faster than that. dumbarton bridge coming in at nine minutes. alexis, thank you. if you want to party with steph curry, today is the day to get free tickets. >> he is throwing a bash tomorrow at the fox theater. the tickets will be handed out at 9th and broadway in oakland at curry's pop-up shop.
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amy hollyfield is there with details. amy >> reporter: hi, jessica. there was confusion yesterday about how to get a ticket at the pop-up store. here is what we know today. this is from warriors star steph curry. he put this on his instagram saying there will be 450 free tickets. you get them at his store at 472 9th street. two tickets per person. this is only for youth. you must have a valid high school or college i.d. to get a ticket >> we are gearing this for the youth and students in oakland. keep that in mind when you're lining up. we want the young people to have a great time and celebrate oakland with me and my team. i'm going to be there on friday. it will be amazing. >> reporter: so the party will be at the fox theater tomorrow night. curry wants to celebrate his 10
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years in oakland and recognize the city as the team prepares to move to san francisco. his new curry 6 shoes will also be released friday. curry says he will be at the party. you heard him tell us that. he promises there will be fun-filled special pfrzs. performances. people just showed up with their chairs. a few hours to go. the line has official live started outside this pop-up store, which opens today at noon. again, we are a at 472 9th street here in oakland. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. well, they look relatively comfortable, so i'm for it. amy, thank you. developing out of washington, d.c., president trump is planning another meeting in hopes to end the partial government shutdown. now in its 13th day. congressional leaders met with the president yesterday, but those talks went nowhere. the president is refusing to budge on his demand for
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u.s./mexico border wall funding. reaching a consensus could become more difficult. lawmakers say it could be weeks before a deal is reached. of. trash bins are overflowing at national parks around the bay area. abc 7 news saw piles of garbage at lands end in san francisco. the golden gate manages it. public works is considering picking up trash in the city. >> we are going to see is what we can do to help out. our director made it very clear that he doesn't want us to just stand out. that if we can help, we will come out and help. >> i don't blame the government employees. if they're not going to get paid, i don't expect them to work. i'm sure we can all do our part to keep our own trash with us. >> the mayor of washington, d.c. also decided to have public works pick up trash on the national mall until the government reopens.
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and take a look at this new interactive map only on we are calling it the trash tracker. you can click on parks in the bay area, and it will show you photos of what they look like right now. in the south bay, san jose's mayor has checked out of the hospital and does plan to work from home this week. >> he got hurt after he was hit by an suv while cycling. police gave the driver involved in the incident a citation for failure to yield to another motorist. jobina fortson has the details. >> reporter: the wheelchair and back brakes gave it away because the mayor's high spirits weren't really what you would expect from someone who had been hit by an suv. >> i feel very fortunate to be walking because of the incredible care i had here. >> reporter: the mayor was released wednesday. he was hit at salt lake brave and mabury road while out on a new year's day bike ride.
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>> neighbors magnanimous live livecame out to help me. >> reporter: he has a fractured vertebrae and sternum. the avid cyclist is an for safety. bike lanes have been popping up all over the city. he plans to get back on the horse, but it will take time. >> i think it will be a few weeks before you see me on a bike again. doctors at benioff hospital saying leaving the bullet in the head of a young girl might be safer than removing it. a stray bullet hit the girl during a new year's eve party. while the doctor is not treating the girl and can't comment specifically in her case, he said he has treated hundreds of
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others including children. we don't actually go remove the bullet ever, unless the bullet is posing immediate risk. to try and remove it can cause if the bullet is laying somewhere that doesn't cause injury, we sort of leave it alone. >> investigators save it could have come anywhere within a mile. there is a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. . you are never more than 7 minutes away from me telling you how cold it is this morning. walnut creek in danville, 29. san ramon, dublin, pleasanton, livermore, 30. lafayette at 31. pittsburg at 32. the only places not freezing right now, pleasant hill, 33, along with black hawk and concord at 34. but i bet in some of the outlying areas there's freezing temperatures. we have 36 in oakland right now. san carlos, 35. 34 in san francisco.
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yard work may be a good day to do it. up won't be doing it this weekend. errands, yeah, grab the sunglasses and enjoy the calmness of today. same thing if you're exercising. comfortable this afternoon. 39 at 8:00. 48 at 10:00. increasing clouds in the mid-50s from noon to 4:00. back down to 48 by 8:00. won't be quite as chilly as last night because of the cloud cover. in the peninsula, 53 to 55, maybe 56 from noon to 4:00. 47, grab your coat, at 8:00. dry today in san francisco with 42 this morning. 47 at 10:00. low to mid-50s through 6:00. and 49, you'll be the warmest spot during of evening hours. all right. more on the big change in the forecast coming up. here's alexis. all right. good morning, mike. still looking at a really quiet commute if you're just about to head out the door here this morning. i want to take you out to the tracy area. it's not too bad. but things are heavy 205 to 580,
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25 on 205. 21 once you make it to earlier collision on the shoulder near grant line road has cleared. and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. of course that typically happens closer to 5:30. if you're leaving highway 4 to get to this point at the maze, it is in the green and should take you 18 minutes. thank you, alexis. the man accused of shooting and killing a central valley police officer will undergo a mental health evaluation burg the day against him continues. palo mendoza appeared in court yesterday. he was formerly known by an alias. he is charged in the shooting death of corporal ronil singh last week. he was shot and killed hours after christmas, around 1:00 a.m. last wednesday morning. authorities located the suspect's truck a little more than 12 hours later. the next day they served a search warrant in merced county. on friday morning, they were
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able to capture him south of bakersfield. corporal singh will be laid to rest saturday. if you would like to help the family, the sheriff's department says there is one authorized fund set up. we have a link to that fund on our website, a special ceremony set to get under way to celebrate the $550 million expansion of moscone center in san francisco. this improvement has been going %-p ground breaking ceremony in 2015. now that the expansion is finally done, 1,000 people, including the mayor, are expected to attend this morning's ceremony at 10:00 to get a first look. these representnderings show th and improved mass koco moscone tha almost doue google home devices have reportedly been hack. the hack is a youtube
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star. the hack will push a video message to your tv that says it is exposed to the public internet and is exposing sensitive information about you. it also provides a link explaining how users can secure their devices. it says you should also subscribe to beauty pie. wells fargo has agreed to settle for $5 million. the company agreed to give up its insurance licenses for two years. it will have to pay another $5 million if it wants to sell insurance in the state again. the bank is working to restore trust with its customers. a dangerous prank went horribly wrong. we will explain how it all started with throwing eggs plus, the new ruling from a federal judge which protects big
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tech companies like facebook, google, twitter. google, twitter. a fresh start for a
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the computer models, forecast models we use are not a consensus of what is going on. try to say that with a stuffed nose. heaviest rain saturday, monday, wednesday with lighter amounts on sunday and tuesday.
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and i'll have more on that in the 7-day forecast. >> a federal judge in san fancisco has dismissed a lawsuit against twitter, facebook, google. family members and victims of the 2015 mass shoot anything san bernardino accuse the companies of knowingly supporting isis by helping build its online presence. the attack left 14 people dead and 22 injured. isis claimed responsibility, burr it did not have direct contact with the two attackers. in today's gma first look, a 14-year-old boy in texas is facing murder charges after a prank led to a deadly crash. >> police say the teen was driving a car while he and his friends threw eggs at other passing cars. >> reporter:? this morning's gma first look, a 14-year-old boy faces a murder charge after a dangerous prank led to this deadly crash.t new year's day. three teenagers driving this gmc
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suv without the owner's permission, began hurling eggs a lot other vehicles. the driver of this yellow lincoln continental, flashing a handgun. the 14-year-old at the wheel fleeing through a red light and t-boning a pickup truck. >> looking at the damage, it's, you know, probably 60 miles per hour at least. >> reporter: her daughter in shock. >> wonderful, happy always. happy. independent. she was about to come home and get her stuff and say bye. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 come, more on this deadly crash. with your gma first look, geniez norman, abc news, new york. a suspect has been arrested in a series of burglaries targeting celebrities in the hollywood hills. investigators recovered millions of dollars in high-end items from his home and a storage unit in his name. they include designer watches, high-end artwork. they believe ackerman would pose as a real estate agent or
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prospective buyer to visit open skphousz then sear for valuables. >> they believed he was a buyer. when he showed up he was dressed to the nines. he acted the part. he was very slick. >> victims include usher, adam lambert. he may have been working with others. new developments on the future of a san francisco bakery. opening up shop again on the same street with a new name. it is khat corner of 24th and capp called victoria sf. they were forced to close up shop this past october. family in-fighting led to the end of the business. it won't start until the permitting is finalized. that could take to the end of the month. >> carl's jr. is offering a
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meatless hamburger or fl flexitarian. they showed off their beyond famous star burger. it features patties from an l.a.-based company called beyond meat. it is charbroiling at more than 1,000 locations, including here in california. >> it's the new year. this is the perfect time for people to start thinking about what they want to do different with themselves, whether it's with their diet. having a healthy alternative to the burger options they know and love is a good thing. >> the beyond famous star is paid with peas and other plant-based proteins. you're asking what is flexitarian? plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat. not fully vegetarian. >> but it is a meatless burger?
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>> right. you're a vegetarian and occasionally dabble in some meat. >> this really doesn't fit their m.o. the pictures of these big burgers on tv, big sloppy hamburgers. >> but they sell salads too. >> a lot of places are starting to offer other options. >> they are turning away from what they used to be and getting back with the rest of us. >> i don't know. for me a good cheeseburger, that's what i want. >> there you go. all right. let's talk about what's going on weather-wise f. you're heading out for lunch, you will love the temperatures. you'll be in the low to mid-50s with sunshine and high clouds today. more clouds but no more frost tonight. a series of soaking storms are on the way. look at your high temperatures. 55 to 60 degrees. close to where we were yesterday with light breezes once again. cold tonight. mid to upper 30s in many neighborhoods. just not going to see the frost we have seen the the last couple of mornings. especially this morning with the extra moisture in the area.
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moderate for saturday. half inch to an inch. downpours and thunderstorms possible. winds 30 to 50 miles per hour. here we are as we head into saturday morning. we're waking up with rain. and it continues through saturday evening. quarter to a half inch around the bay. three-quarters in the north bay. this is what this was showing for yesterday. it's sunday. we just have scattered showers throughout the day. totals jump up a tenth to a quarter inch. and monday now, the strongest part will hit the north bay. we are nearing three to four inches there. we are nearing an inch in all of our other neighborhoods. we are supposed to host the biggest college football game this season monday. it is trending to a moderate, one, for monday. another storm coming in
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wednesday. alexis >> thank you, mike. we are still extremely quiet. looking live at the north bay. here's 101 through san rafael. as you can see, no delays on that southbound side of 101. it is still very light. mostly green on our traffic maps. the biggest issue on the board is the construction cone before potrero avenue. someone called it in saying it is blocking lane number two. so that is it. definitely nothing major this morning. southbound 101, or santa rosa to petaluma, 14 minutes. skas troe valley to the maze in the green at 13. and 280/680 to h nu >> gearor crowds expected at the llball playoff national layoff fan central will be at the san jose convention center. and the game will be at levi's stadium. a giant banner welcomes fans.
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>> we are going to show off this great city for out of town fans but make it special for san jose residents to see your city in a way that maybe you have never seen it before. >> the stage is set up for at&t playoff play list live. the free outdoor concert series friday at discovery meadow. construction crews are working to finish the quad, the central gathering point of college football fans. sky 7 flew over treasure island which will host the halftime concert for the championship game on sunday. yesterday crews were busy setting up the stage where imagine dragons will perform. you ca watch on our sister network espn. clemson and alabama will face each other at levis stadium. >> coming up next, the 7 things you need to know to start your day. >> a live look outside right now. it is 5:22 on this thursday morning. some cars out there on the
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anna, do you yes! those plans?
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it's 5:24. here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, breaking news out of vallejo. crews are battling a three-alarm fire at a vacant building on sonoma boulevard. it started just before 4:30. this used to be a straw hat pizza restaurant. it's vacant now. no reports of any injuries. >> number two, a $75,000 reward for information on the person who killed a 7-year-old texas girl. jasmine barnes was riding in the car when another family pulled alongside the family and shot and killed jasmine. it was unprovoked. if you want to party with steph curry, today is the day to get free tickets. you have to have a valid high school or college i.d. to get a ticket a lot his pop-up store in oakland. ist is tomorrow night at the fox theater number four, president trump is planning another meeting in hopes of shutting down the government shutdown in his 13th day.
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talks went nowhere as leaders refused to budge on border wall funding. the first snow survey of the season will happen in a few hours. this year's resulteds are expected to be better than last year's thanks to late november storms. >> yeah. unfortunately we're steulg falling behind where we should be for average. as far as what's going on weather-wise today, it is freezing cold out there once again. that extra moisture is in the air.r car is outside this morning. >> oh, yeah. i had to scrape my windshield. or my wipers, poor me. number seven, very quiet commute once again. no metering lights yet. once you make it into san francisco, it should taeufbg you 10 minutes thank you, alexis. we're coming back with ag the c saying it did not to blame for wea
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now at 5:30, it has been 13 days and counting. the partial government shutdown continues as congress gets together for the first time this year. markets open in about an hour. investors are watching apple stock closely this morning. why apple says it is not meeting expectations. dogs dressed up in these colorful vests. what is this punk rock look? it is not just for the style. we'll explain. >> rock on. it's thursday, january 3rd. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. you will start off with a bit of chill in the air. >> yeah. need the heavy coat once again or credit card if you don't have an ice scraper. some of us are chilly with extra moisture in the air. the frost is developing. tphpts
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notice it is not enough moisture for fog. sutro tower 36. 51 to 54 at noon. 53 to 55 at 4:00. quiet afternoon with increasing high clouds. still need the sunglasses. 44 to 49 and dry at 7:00. here's alexis. good morning, mike. the only incident i have on the board right now is an orange cone that's blocking one lane of eastbound 0 in the east bay. really it is extremely light out there this morning. a live look at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. it looks like a little bit of a wait if you are paying cash. no issues if you're carpooling or using fast track lanes. drive times in the green. southbound 680, walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. 15-minute drive southbound 101, santa rosa to san francisco. and santa cruz mountains looking good. highway 1 to los gatos, just about 22 minutes. >> new this morning, house minority leader nancy pelosi is
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just hours away from becoming speaker of the house again. the congresswoman will accept the position with a speech today on the house floor. she plans to touch on several key issues from renewing the american dream to fighting climate change. this is the first time democrats will have control over the house in more than eight years. pelosi will mention the partial government shutdown now in its 13th day. she and other congressional leaders met with the president yesterday but neither party would really back down from their side. >> that's right. there are tux talks the the shutdown could take weeks to resolve. zachary? >> reporter: yes, good morning. as you mentioned, no breakthrough here in washington after the president met with congressional leaders yesterday over at the white house. in fact, the president said he would look foolish if he came to a compromise. it comes as 800,000 federal employees are still out of work. day 13 of the government shutdown hinges on the president's demand for $5.6
5:32 am
billion for a border wall with mexico. >> when they say the wall is immoral, well then you have to do something about the vatican because the vatican has the biggest wall of them all. >> reporter: the president met with lawmakers at the white house wednesday but with no real intention of compromise. this photo from inside the situation room where those contentious conversations were had. even publicly rejecting a $2.5 billion compromise proposed to democrats by his own vice president. >> we're asking for 5.6. and, you know, somebody says 2.5. no. look, this is national security we're talking about. >> reporter: democrats made clear they aren't budging either. >> we're asking the president to open up government. we are giving him a republican path to do that. why would he not do it? >> reporter: this morning the president is waking up to a new reality as democrats take
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control of the house. senate majority leader chuck schumer and house leader nancy pelosi plan on moving forward with two bills to reopen the government that were once backed by senior republicans. but that's a stphopb starter for gop senators. at joshua tree in california, no deal means nobody to help keep the place clean. >> i just hope we can end the shutdown soon and kind of come together as a people because this is getting ridiculous what we're doing. >> in addition to the federal employees that are working without pay, you have to keep in mind there are 2,000 plus contractors that are also out there working without pay. and there are also very susceptible to not getting back pay when this thing is all done. reggie and jessica, back to you. >> so frustrating for so many. we appreciate it. thank you. it is not only affecting federal workers but mom and pop shops that rely on their business. one is city cup cafe. this is right across from the federal building in downtown
5:34 am
oakland. the owner says he relies on federal workers to keep his business running. and now that many of his customers have been furloughed by the partial government shutdown, business is down nearly 60%. >> it is going down more and more. >> it is like a ghost town. normally you can smell the food cooking. there is a line. people are just wait to go get their food or their coffee. >> another consequence of the shutdown, taxes. you still have to file on time. but the government could not get your refund on time as that gridlock continues. apple warning investors about the last quarter of 2018. >> it is on a down trend. apple stock is falling. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in cupertino at headquarters. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica. only silicon valley would $84 billion be considered a disappointment. investors are not happy that
5:35 am
that is how much apple is estimating it made last quarter from september to december. at last check, it was down 8%, the stock price. the news of the disappointing earnings broke yesterday after the close of markets. apple ceo tim cook wrote a letter to the shareholders acknowledging the demand for iphones is lessening. the official results are expected to be released at the end of this month. cook said move of the tkop in revenue comes from increased competition and some analysts were thinking apple would react by reducing the price of the iphone. but that he wants not happening. at least not yet. reporting live in cupertino, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. new developments about pg&e and the tubbs fire.
5:36 am
according to the press democrat, court documents named the land owner pg&e believes is responsible for the fire. the company singled out a caretaker who says there was no license for electrical work done on the property outside of calistoga. the tubbs fire killed 22 people and destroyed near 4,700 homes. all right. never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. yeah, we have freezin cold temperatures on the peninsula. some frost around menlo park, 30. redwood city also. 33 there. maybe even foster city at 34. san mateo, you're at 37. eveybody else is low to mid-40s. except for san carlos, 37. oakland, 36 this morning. palo alto, 31. fremont, san jose, 35. 20 in san ramon. not much warmer in livermore. 30. antioch, 31. same thing in fairfield. san raf well, 41. santa rosa, napa, 32 and 34 degrees. 42 in pacifica and daly city,
5:37 am
one of the warmer spots. san mateo bridge, all is clear. weather-wise, everything is green. whether it's the roads, the bay, or mass transit. let's jump into our 12-hour planner. temperatures will swing from 34 in the north bay. frozen spots still at 8:00. 51 at noon. mi mi mid-50s this afternoon. east bay valleys, same thing. 35 at 8:00. still frost out there. 44 at 10:00. low to mid-50s noon to 4:00. back down to 44 by 8:00 with the high clouds getting a little bit thicker this evening. that will save us tomorrow, but not this morning. 3 in the south bay at 8:00. 47 at 10:00. mid-to upper 50s. you're going to be the warmest spot around the bay today. we have got maybe five, six, seven days of rain in the forecast. enjoy the dry commute and what else is out there?
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>> nothing. dry pavement. that's it. that's all we've got. so i did see earlier i thought we would have the metering lights turned on this morning. it hasn't happened yet. i may have to eat missed words. i hope i'm wrong. once it gets too backed up, they will flip on the lights. we'll see. it's not terrible yet. definitely heavier than it was 10, 15 minutes ago. looking at our traffic maps, we are seeing almost exclusive green traveling conditions for you. of course one exception out of tracy, 16 miles per hour on 205. 14 past 580. overall, our drive times are looking good. tracy to dublin, you are in the yellow but not terrible. under 40 minutes. antioch to concord, in the green at 15. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, also looking great at 17 minutes. thank you, alexis. in the east bay, oakland police need your help to find the
5:39 am
driver who hit a teenager and then dragged him for several blocks. and this morning that 14-year-old victim is in critical condition. the boy was riding a bicycle on 35th avenue near the fruitvale bart station yesterday afternoon when that car hit him. the driver then made several turns dragging the boy. police are urging the driver to come forward. >> accidents happen. we understand that there is panic. there is often not sure what to do in a critical situation. do the right thing, turn yourself in. >> investigators say they found surveillance of the car. crime lab experts are now reviewing that video. happening today, a day of remembrance for a man shot and killed by bart police one year ago. a march and vigil will be held for tindall at the west oakland bart station. he was killed by bart officer who was responding to shots who was responding to shots fired.
5:40 am
he saw two men in a scuffle and shot him and he was found holding a pistol. tin call's family has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit. a family is now demanding criminal charges be brought against four officers involved. the parents of 24-year-old jennifer vasquez want transparency into their daughter's death. police chief garcia said officers misidentified her as a suspect in another shooting. the chief says vasquez threatened officers by driving toward them after a high-speed chase. the chief said four officers opened fire, fearing for their lives. community members dispute that account. >> there is no way that a department could have a thorough, independent, open-ended investigation and at the same time have a conclusion already made.
5:41 am
>> in a statement released yesterday, the santa clara county district attorneys office said they are independently investigating the death with a "open mind." allowing home cooks to make extra bucks. just before passes for coachella go on sale, the music festival releases its lineup. wife one big star backed out. a live look outside right now. it is pretty chilly out there. you will need the extra coat, a scarf, maybe gloves. mike nicco has your forecast
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
here's a look at what's going on around the state. increasing high clouds from 80 northward. sacramento, tahoe, chico, aour he rica. 60 in monterey with a lot of sunshine. sierra snowpack. % average.guess survey.f that is going to change at 7:00 saturday morning to noon sunday. one to two feet of snow. locally up to two visibility. of dangerous travel saturday and sunday morning. get up there friday if you can. here's a look. quiet. 19 degrees in lake tahoe. moderate to heavy snow saturday.
5:45 am
another light to moderate storm wednesday. happening today, the first snow survey of the season. this year's results are expected to be better than last year. here's an aerial view of the sierra and lake tahoe. on the left is the green and last year. on the right with snow is this year. to toggle between the two and check it out yourself, head to our website, today marks the 100th day since the salesforce transit center close whd cracked beams were found. transit centero be closeever
5:46 am
the homemade food operations act allows small-scale home cooks to legally sell the food they make to the public. this gives home chefs a way to start without having an industrial kitchen. but don't grab the apron just yet s. individual counties still need to opt into the permitting process before home businesses can get started. >> this is a real positive thing for california communities that we can see at least a large percentage of counties by the end of this year opted in and end of this year opted in and offering permits. d $500inro sales. and home kitchens will have ann nelaws of the year, we have an extensive list on our website, new this morning, coachella's 2019 lineup is officially out. headliners include childish gambino, ariana grande.
5:47 am
other big names include janelle monet, idris elba. kanye was supposed to perform, but he has backed out over a disagreement over the size of the stage. passes go on sale tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> i looked this up for you because i know you were concerned about the kanye situation, ms. alexis. he doesn't want a standard stage. >> of course not. >> the last concert he had one that flew over audience members. so i guess he was looking for something more creative but couldn't come up with something they both agreed on. >> okay. >> so not necessarily the size, but the layout. >> yeah. his creativity will not be boxed in. >> no. of hey, i get it. plus, he has a new baby o way. >> a lot going on. >> coachella will go on. as we have learned, it's a pretty big event nobad he won't
5:48 am
though. maybe next year they can get a stage for him. san rafael, one of the warmest spots as we head into the north bay. 41 degrees. north bay valleys and east bay valleys, yeah, we're freezing cold with frost this morning. high clouds and sunshine today. temperatures about the same as they were yesterday. tomorrow, though, that's going to be our last dry day. a soaking storm could bring five, six days worth of rain. the two areas of that are dominating our forecast. storm traffic in the pacific northwest, a flew blowoff high clouds. we'll see a little dimmer sunshine today. but you will still he need the sunglasses. comfortable, 55 to 60 degrees. tonight is when you will notice it will be cold once again. we are not going to quite reach the freezing numbers we have reached this morning. mid to upper 30s in inland valleys, parts of the peninsula, south bay. and low to mid-40s elsewhere. but then by the time we get to
5:49 am
saturday, no chance of freezing weather not with a storm coming in. an inch of rain, wind gusts, at least a 50, maybe even 65 in our higher elevations. and the storm door, as it stays open, could bring us a lot of rain monday. the computer models, the forecast models keep flip-flopping on how heavy the rain will be on levis stadium for the clemson/alabama championship game. a two for saturday. monday, two. trending weather, especially across the north bay. tuesday, wednesday, next thursday be even, alexis. it will be a soggy week on the roads. right now it is dry. it is extremely light. i think everyone is still enjoying the holiday. no metering lights on yet. certainly a smooth ride if you are traveling from the east bay to get into san francisco. just getting through that toll plaza onto the city side.
5:50 am
only going to take you 11 minutes. i know yesterday that was a bit of a tough commute due to a disabled vehicle. nothing like that today. no incidents on the board. mass transit looking good. normal service no delays for bart. 46 trains in service. ace 1 and 3 on time. muni, normal service, no delays. thank you, a licks his. china is making history. state media reports it's the first country to land a space craft on the far side of the moon. that's the part of the moon facing away from earth. china is the third nation to carry out a moon landing after the u.s. and russia. the busiest day for online dating is almost here. but first a job opening in the bay area which pays six figures and covers room and board. of course, though, there is a catch. abc 7 has more news, more weather, and more local hot topics coming your way. we are expand to go a full hour. we are calling it midday live. join us every week day at 11:00
5:51 am
a.m. right after "the view." that starts on monday. 5:50. a live look outsi
5:52 am
5:53 am
all right. it's going to get noisy once again starting friday night. here's your clock. 11:00, 25 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts starting to move ashore. by saturday morning, we're up around 35 to 45-mile-per-hour gusts. it does taper a little bit. the winds do during the afternoon and evening saturday as the storm exits. another one starts to come in sunday at 4:00 in the afternoon. you can see around 25 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. but then they ramp up by midnight to 35 to 45.
5:54 am
and they stay around 35-mile-per-hour winds all throughout monday. it is going to be a blustery three days at least. reggie, jessica. thanks, mike. a colorado woman has come up with a creative pay to protect her pups from coyotes, rocker vests. she had lost her cat to coyotes that run the area and they even jumped her six-foot fence. so she went online and found these coyote proof vests online. they are made of bite proof kevlar. they include spikes perfectly suited for a heavy metal band. >> they do look very punk. they could be a doggie rock band. i believe they look like baby elvis. they're like punk elvis. the vests cost around $100 apiece. she said it is worth it for the peace of mind. >> i don't see elvis in that, but -- >> yeah.
5:55 am
elvis? he didn't wear spikes, did he? >> no. >> or fluorescent, as i recall. >> you had your rocker days. >> i sure did. i might wear one of those. maybe on the weekend. not right now, though. we are check out our traffic maps. overall, extremely light. we finally have an incident to talk about. it does sound minor. 880 before dakota road, a three-car crash. that has already been pushed off to the shoulder. it's not blocking. no delays in the area. drive times still looking good. westbound 580, 44 minutes tracy to dublin. 60, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 16. and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, wide open at 16 minutes. ist is chilly. let's check in with mike nicco. frost in a lot of neighborhoods. that will be a long, long ago memory by the time we get to saturday. our first storm comes in with a real punch.
5:56 am
this area teha e havehaef thunderstorms saturday. the rain potential from saturday in the morning to 8:00. look at that. quarter to half an inch around the bay. half inch to an inch in the north bay. quiet sunday. we have a chance of light showers. about a tenth to a quarter inch. north bay gets hit hardmon. the rest of us get a lot of rain. the total accumulation will be around a quarter, inch and a quarter to nearly three to four in the north bay. that is a good soaking. all right. more news with reggie. >> thank, mike. a new report shows a san francisco metro you housing market is worth $1.6 trillion. according to real estate website zillow, the market gained $134 billion in value in 2018. california captured one-third of the valley gained during the nationwide housing recovery since the lowest point in 2012. four of the ten most valuable are right here in our state, including san francisco and san jose. speaking of housing, there is a six-figure job available in
5:57 am
the bay area unlike any other. you will never be stuck in traffic during your commute. it's because the job is overseeing a bed and breakfast at a lighthouse in the strait that separates san francisco and san pablo bays. east brother light station is looking for a couple to run the inn starting in april. one must have a commercial boat operator's license. that's the catch. and they pay $130,000 a year, along with room and board. >> it sounds like a really good deal to me. >> i have to get my commercial boater's license. i'm working on it, reggie. i'm in. a chance to party with steph curry. however you can claim your spot today. and breaking news in vallejo as crews battle a fire right now the at an old pizza restaurant. a terrifying moment caught on video. what caused a
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
yeah, you're waking up to a rather cold morning. i'm supposed to say brr it's cold outside. >> which makes you sound like a cheerleader. >> it does. it will be cool. mike was right. grab the jacket before you go out the door. >> and a scarf and a headband thing to put over your ears. >> sure. if that's your style. hi, mike. >> hopefully you have an ice scraper if your car is outside and you live in our deeper valleys. that's where the frost is right now. a few clouds on live doppler 7 but not enough to keep our temperatures bottoming from under the conditions. 7:00, we will still be flirting with freezing temperatures inland at 31. 35 at the bay. coast milder, 41. we get homogenized. 53 to 55 at 4:00. high cud


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