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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 4, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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get reaction to how they feel about this news article. amy hollyfield, abc 7 new. thank you, amy. happening told, a procession will take place to honor the fallen newman police officer gunned down during a traffic stop hours after christmas day. corporal ronil singh's body will travel to newman 8:30 this morning. the suspect, paulo mendoza, previously identified by an alias, has been charged with murder. that happened murder. four others were charged with aiding mendoza. their bail is set at $100,000 each. president trump called the family to offer condolences. because he is an undocumented immigrant, he is pushing for border wall funding. the white house released the statement. the the president praised
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officer singh's service to his fellow citizens. >> time is 4:30. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic where you live. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. no rain today? no rain today. highway 4, brentwood, basco road, those areas, livermore, altamont pass. watch out for visibilities can be a little bit lower there. fog starting to develop around novato. something i will keep an eye on and alexis will also. east bay hills, my accuweather 12-hour planner, full of cloud cover today. pretty cool temperatures. mid-40s at the coast. 53 to 55. hazy and cloudy55o degree or two warm her this afternoon. southerly winds come in out healed of this next storm, which is going to stay away during the evening hours.
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7:00, stim dry, 46 to 51. after the clock strikes mid night, the gates open. we will talk about that coming up. back to alexis. thank you, mike. taking a look at a friday light commute. southbound 101, 880, very light on northbound and southbound side. it does look like we have a box truck pulled off to the side on the connector from 880 to southbound 101. we will keep an eye on that. i don't think it will turn into anything that causes a slowdown. santa rosa to petaluma, 15 minutes anyhow. castro valley to the maze, 13. 101, the stretch we just looked at, that is also in the green at 11 minutes. developing this morning, a promise from president trump. he will veto any measure that doesn't include a physical border wall. it comes after they used their new power to pass a spending package. zachary quiche has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning. attention this morning will be
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on the 1 1:00 a.m. will take place at the white house. what will come of it? nobody quite knows at this time. they flexed their muscles and reit rig reiterated there is little room for negotiation. >> the american people spoke and demanded a new dawn. >> reporter: the 116th house, led by the democrats, would effectively end the shutdown. the democratic package includes a measure to extend funding to the department of homeland security at current levels with $1.3 billion for border security until february the 8th. but it includes no money for president trump's number one campaign promise. a physical border wall with mexico. >> a wall is an immorality. it is not who we are as a nation. >> reporter: trump said he will veto the bill. and mitch mcconnell has pledged to block the measures from a
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vote. >> the senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing this chamber and getting a presidential signature. >> reporter: the president's demand for $5.6 billion in funding for a physical barrier on the southern border of mexico has shut down the government for 14 days. the dems outlining their priorities in the house, including protecting the robert mueller investigation and obamacare. zachary kiesch, abc news washington. the shutdown is making some of our parks trash has been piling up since federal workers were furloughed. san francisco public works started collecting trash at lands end at the national recreation area. now it will pick up trash at aquatic park and coverage of other areas is a possibility. officials say it is important
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visitors do their part as well to clean up. to oakland now. new year brings new goals for the police department. police chief ann kirkpatrick sat down with abc 7 news to talk about operation cease-fire, a program that identifies vicinity criminals and charges with community organizations to find a way to put the guns down. there is a decrease in car burglaries by 25%, but other property crimes are up. some residents say the community needs to step up or the community falls short. >> i feel like the police isn't working fast enough. or we are not getting our right a amount of justice. us as a community as in one voice. >> it impacts people. we've got to make it such that you are not a victim. >> the police department hopes to be fully staffed and complete federal oversight requirements by the end of 2019. new details about the man accused of sexually a assaulting
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a 99-year-old woman. teandre howard kidd is set to plead not guilty after yesterday's arraignmentment he is accused of pushing her and exposing himself and groping her. he was arrest indeed tenderloin the next day. ruben foster charges have been dropped. there is in sufficient evidence. he was arrested in november after his former girlfriend said he slapped her and tossed her phone out of her hand. the incident prompted the 49ers to release foster. he was claimed on waivers by the washington redskins. developing news on wall street. investors are watching the market closely after a steep selloff yesterday. the dow is down 660 points, almost 3%. nasdaq also down 3%. >> one of the main reasons, apple, the tech giant, had its worst day in six year, plummeting 10% and losing more
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than $74 billion in value. apple stock has fallen 40% since its peak in october. analysts are worried this could mean it is losing its luster, pushing its most loyal customers to their limits when it comes to price point. >> i'm fully in the ecosystem of apple. i have the watch, everything. >> did you buy a new iphone. >> no, i didn't. the one i have now is perfectly fine. i couldn't see myself shelling out another grand for that. all right. never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. look at the temperatures flirting with freezing in the east bay valleys. 33 up and down the san ramon valley, out towards livermore. the warm spot, concord, at 38 degrees. elsewhere, upper 30s in san carlos, mountain view, san jose. 37 in napa. novato, 31 and santa rosa.
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the rest of us in the low to mid-40s. oakland, 40. 45, vallejo. your commute pretty quiet, other than some of the fog we talked about in the east bay. it will be breezy on the way after 4:00. and then it's just a winter chill if you're going to be taking mass transit today. 40s through 8:00 and the east bay. we warm faster today. out of the 40s. 50 by 10:00. a lot of cloud cover and mid-50s. 55 to 56 from noon to 4:00. down to 50 by 8:00. north bay, stuck in the 30s at 8:00. 40s at 10:00. and then low to mid-50s most of the afternoon hours. even when all of that cloud cover. back into the 50s this evening but dry. low to mid-50s all the way until 10:00 this evening with a lot of cloud cover. i will let you know when the cloud cover lets go of the rain. first, let's take a look at -- hi. you moved over here. >> i did. thank you, mike.
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unfortunately, we have a serious situation in fremont area. we are working to confirm this right now. just starting to get a few details in. it sounds like northbound 880 is closed before fremont boulevard. i believe this is going to be a sig-alert. it sounds like this is possibly a crash involving a pedestrian. we are working on getting everything confirmed right now. obviously red showing up on the northbound side of 880. stick to alternates. take 680 heading through that stretch any time soon. working on getting more info. everyone else still very quiet. walnut creek to dublin, in the green at 15 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, under an hour. no delays northbound 17 through santa cruz mountains. coming up, the emergency forcing two uber passengers to jump out of a moving vehicle. >> you kind of put a lock around your heart, just go through the emotions
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mid to upper 60s in the south bay. western slope of the sierra,
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7:00 tomorrow morning, don't even try to get up there. you have to leave today. up to two and a half to three feet of snow possible through noon sunday. and in tahoe proper, we have of a winter storm warning with up to two feet of snow at 10:00 today through tomorrow. all right. here's a look at what's going on. not much this morning. that's why you want to get up there now. moderate to heavy snow saturday, sunday, wednesday. thank you, mike. uber says it's devastated by the death of a driver in sonoma county this week. the company says the 50-year-old driver identified only as john suffered a heart attack while driving on highway 101 in petaluma on wednesday. the highway patrol says his car rolled safely off the highway. two passengers were inside the car. they jumped out of the vehicle before it came to a stop. one passenger returned to the vehicle to perform cpr on the driver, who died later at the hospital. an east bay family has a message for all prospective parents. get genetic testing.
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7-month-old twins are battling a rare genetic disease of which there is no treatment or cure. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that. >> reporter: these beautiful baby twins are battling an extremely rare genetic disease called cataban disease. without the enzyme, it accumulates in the brain and is toxic. when the twins were three and a half-year-old, her son seemed to be looking through her rather than at her. they found a genetic abnormality. >> you don't expect anything to be wrong. i'm in complete shot. >> they often don't live past 10 years old. >> they can't do anything on their own. they don't even play. >> it would have revealed they are both carriers of the gene that carries the disease.
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armed with that information, gabby says she would have chosen in vitro fertilization so the couple's embryos could have been tested before implantation. kaiser permanente e-mailed her about the testing but didn't directly speak with her about it. in part it reads, kaiser permanente provides genetic testing for cana van disease. we follow recommendations. and offer testing to individuals who identify during screening that they are of jewish. they are raising $2 million for the twins to for research. >> it is to be translated with
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the fda approval. >> in the meantime, they are hopeful neuromovement therapy will help them to reach some milestones. anything to extend and improve the quality of their lives. in concord, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. certainly pulling for those twins. the results are in following the state's first snow survey of the year. some experts are encouraged by the early storms in november and december. but state water officials found water content is below average. the snowpack is 67% of normal. while these findings are there's than ideal, it is an improvement over last year. the state is developing systems to adapt as climate change causes snow lines to rise in the sierra. >> with that comes managing the water a that happens with each storm with rain rather than snow and the
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behaves. california's rain system typically goes through march, so there is still time for the snow to accumulate. >> the challenge is trying to capture that rain. usually it sits in the sierra and the snow and it melts slowly and you can catch it that way. now it is falling faster and you have to be able to catch it faster before it runs away. >> so they're having to adapt. >> right. there's not as much water in the snow because there's not as much snow. when we get later into the season, april, march, april -- march, april, may, sorry, there is not as much water left. >> interesting. >> we have a lot coming, though. >> really. >> a whole lot coming. will hi, everybody. you're never more than 7 minutes away. san jose, it's cloudy right now. temperatures running in the mid-40s. my accuweather highlights. our last dry day for about the next seven days. storm door opens tonight. it brings us a chance of rain
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through thursday. let's talk about temperatures today real quick. 55 to 59 degrees s. storm impact scale still a moderate storm with a chance of downpours, thunderstorms, and locally gusty winds. fast forward to 3:00 tomorrow morning. you can see the green is light. look at the yellows and the oranges. moderates to possibly heavy. downpours moving in. so that will move through rather quickly. 8:00. then we turn over to scattered showers for the rest of the day. still you see a lot of yellow in the showers. all the way to 7:00. we could still have locally heavier rain out of these storms. it may not be steady all day. sunday we start off quiet at 8:00. and then as we head to 3:00 to 4:00, another yellow and orange. a much bigger mass into the north bay and sliding across the rest of us during the afternoon and evening hours and weakening just a bit.
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quarter to half an inch around the bay. two-thirds to an inch in the north bay. most of sunday, at least in the morning, the afternoon, pretty quiet. sunday evening, look at that. we start reaching inch levels around the bay and two inch levels up in the north bay. and that's just the second day of our wet weather. in less than seven minutes, i'll show you the complete total through thursday. tuesday and thursday look like other dry days but there is still a chance for rain. that is going to be very soggy. right now we have dry pavement. we have a traffic alert to talk about. we have been able to confirm this major problem in the fremont area. northbound 880 before fremont boulevard. we have a fatal collision. a vehicle and pedestrian involved. unfortunately, all lanes are shut down. we don't have an estimate when this will reopen. right now stick to surface streets or 680 instead. we have a crew heading to the
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scene. we should have more information shortly now. avoid the area. you're not going to be able to get through there. drive times looking good. highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes. walnut creek to highway 13, in the green at eight. westbound 580, friday light and holiday light, tracy to dublin, 27 minutes. alexis, thank you. apple is no longer the most available company in the world. in today's "techbytes", the grim outlook for apple. >> the tech giant lost $74 billion in apple as the stock dropped 10% after tim cook said iphone sales are lower than expected. it is the fourth most valuable company. it held the number one spot for a time last week. segue is rolling out robot deliveries. >> the scooters will be able to work in crowded areas like malls and offices. they will be on display next week in vegas at the consumer electronics show. and it's countdown to dating sunday. >> dating sites have a huge
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spike on the first sunday of every year. the best site depends on your age. for people in their 30s and 40s. 50, perhaps try e harmony. >> happy hunting. those are your "techbytes". 49ers head coach reaching out after the camp fire.
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on the high end, look at santa rosa, napa, calistoga. nearly five to six inches. a good two to four for most of us the next six to seven days. thanks, mike. happening today in san francisco, the stpeufrpt seats at the warriors new arena will be installed. oracle has been the team's home for all four championship seasons since moving from philadelphia. but golden state will play their first season at chase center later this year. it's hard to believe it's already happening. i know. a heartfelt phone call from one coach to another, and a big gift to go along with it. >> coach? >> hey, coach. how are you doing, man. kyle shanahan here. >> oh, my gosh. >> i wanted to take care of you a little bit, man, because i know you deserve it. if you are interested, we have a
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couple tickets for you to go down and see the super bowl. if you want it. >> the 49ers head coach gave paradise high's coach two super bowl tickets. of course it is safe to say that gift was a big hit, mike. i'm sure he is very excited. >> oh, my goodness. can you imagine that? that is so nice. let's start talking about the wind. they pick up this evening, 20, or 25 miles per hour. they spike tomorrow 30 to 45 miles per hour at 7:00. they relax a little bit during the day and spike again at 7:00 were sunday evening. but this time we are starting to push 50 to 55 miles per hour. so make sure you have everything outside tied down or bring it in. a great day to be at cesar chavez today as the quad, if you will, for the college football championship is having events there. 8:00 this morning, 41. mid to upper 50s throughout the afternoon hours. 50 by 8:00. you may want to go to the
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convention center for saturday. we have all of than rain and wind coming in. it will be a little bit better frizz outside. sunday we still have a chance of some showers. it is looking like we have rain to start the game, but the chance of rain will start to taper as the game wears on, the game being the clemson and alabama college football championship on monday. i want to take you back to our traffic alert. a major problem in fremont. all lanes of northbo shutdown. this is a fatal situation. it happened 2:30 this morning. a vehicle hit a pedestrian. definitely some unfortunate news there. we have a crew on the way to the scene. for now, though, i would exit mission boulevard or just fully avoid this and head over to 680. use that for an alternate. we will continue to cover this for you. it happened about two and a half hours ago. westbound 580, light. tracy to dublin, 27 minutes.
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antioch to concord in the green at 14. southbound 101, nice and light out of the south bay. just 15 minutes. a group of neighbors use all the resources and technology they can muster to resedeer. it fell into is a frozen lake near syracuse, new york. they called animal control to help, but becidn't want to work. a few commuters made a pathway through the ice and used a drone to guide and usher the deer out of the water. it took three hours. but the animal made it to the shore quickly. >> so he was interested in the drone? he wanted to follow that? >> i guess. >> okay. very cool. >> or they could follow the deer. i don't really know if the drone actually hemmed the drone more than it helped the people figure out where to go. >> a lot least the deer is okay. next at 5:00, just days away from the college football playoff national championship.
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>> andhe he is just beginning. we have more on the event starting today for fans. plus, the backlash against plus, the backlash against ellen degeneres after her
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it is dry outside right now. but a storm is on the way. we have not a lot a live look at the embarcadero. but i can tell you with this animation it is looking dry outside. >> that is not going to last. we are expecting self days of rain to hit the bay area. >> good morning. it is friday, january 4th. off to a good start. >> oh, yeah. never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. hey, mike nicco. >> hey, guys.


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