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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 23, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, the deadly standoff inside a bank. gunfire erupting. images coming in at this hour. at least five people killed. the video of officers storming in. an armored police vehicle smashing through the doors. the state of the union standoff. tonight, president trump telling nancy pelosi he plans to deliver his state of the union from the capitol tuesday night, waiting to see how she would react. the reaction from the speaker right here. zwlichl the urgent plea for help in the search for this 3-year-old boy who vanished. the woman held captive in boston. the suspect crying in court today. authorities say the victim was able to get back her cell phone to call for help. the major storm across 20 states tonight. heavy snow, ice and rain, all the way east. rob timing it out. president trump's former fixer, michael cohen, suddenly
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saying he won't testify before the american people because of threats he says from the president. venezuela tonight in a freefall. the u.s. no longer recognizing venezuela's president. he retaliates, telling american diplomats they have 72 hours to get out. our team back on this tonight. the abc news investigation tonight. the young woman, a billionaire, who sold her tests at pharmacies, tests to detect diseases. but did she put americans at risk? tonight, we've obtained the deposition never seen before. and the major break, the woman in a vegetative state who suddenly gave birth. tonight, the arrest. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a busy wednesday night. and we begin with that terrible scene in central florida. the deadly bank standoff. at least five people are dead. a chilling call to police. a man saying he was firing shots inside this sun trust bank. a s.w.a.t. team and ne gauche
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you yeah torps rushing to the scene, and hours into the standoff, an armored vehicle smashing right through the bank. families waiting to hear about loved ones, some nearly collapsing in grief with the news. abc's linsey davis leading us off tonight. >> reporter: a massacre today inside this florida bank. >> this is a terrible day for sebring highlands county and for the state of florida. >> reporter: it was just after noon when shots rang out at this sun trust bank in sebring. inside, a man, who police say contacted dispatch, saying he had fired multiple shots. >> after an assessment of the scene, we're sorry to learn that we have at least five victims, people who were senselessly murdered, as a result of his act in this bank. >> reporter: after initial negotiations to get the barricaded man to leave the bank failed, the s.w.a.t. team using an armored vehicle to ram the front doors. the suspect identified as local
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resident 21-year-old zephen xaver, appearing to be the suspect led out in handcuffs. we've suffered significant loss at the hands of a senseless criminal doing a senseless crime. >> reporter: police have not yet identified the victims. at a nearby hotel, loved ones gathering, overcome with emotion learning the news. >> just an awful scene. linsey's been monitoring this all afternoon. and no word on a motive tonight? >> reporter: that's right, david. police say this is an active and fluid situation. the fbi joining the investigation. florida governor saying the suspect should face very swift and exacting justice. david? >> linsey davis leading us off. thank you. in other news, now to the president of the speaker of the house tonight. the president telling speaker pelosi today he has every intention of delivers his state of the union from the capitol next tuesday, even with the government shutdown. 800,000 workers not getting paid. he was then on camera today when reporters broke the news to him, the speaker's response. abc's mary bruce on the hill
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again tonight for us. >> reporter: president trump today tried to call nancy pelosi's bluff, writing, "dear madam speaker -- i look forward to seeing you on the evening of january 29th in the chamber of the house of representatives." adding, "it would be so very sad for our country if the state of the union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location." pelosi's reaction? >> stay tuned. safte canceled his congress, writing, "dear mr. president -- i look forward to welcoming you to the house when government has been opened." >> your response to the house speaker? >> i'm not surprised. it's really a shame what's happening with the democrats. >> reporter: the president later taking this stab at pelosi. >> she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on. she is afraid of the truth. i think it's a great blotch on the incredible country that we all love.
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>> stop the shutdown. stop the shutdown. >> reporter: today, fed up furloughed workers clogging the halls of the capitol. fbi agents are warning the shutdown could make us less safe. >> if the shutdown continues, what is the worst case scenario in terms of public safety? >> the fbi needs to be fully funded, so that we can do our jobs, stop terrorist attacks. we need to do that to keep this country safe. >> reporter: 800,000 federal workers now on the verge of missing their second paycheck. the coast guard commandant beyond frustrated. >> i find it unacceptable that coast guard men and women have to rely on food pantries and donations to get through day-to-day life as service members. >> reporter: in maryland, mandie jarvis, whose husband serves in the coast guard, is struggling. >> i actually applied for a second job. it's a night job. i already work days. even working a second job, i
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still wouldn't be able to supplement what he makes. >> so many people feeling the effects of this. mary bruce live on the hill tonight. president trump still hopes to deliver his address, if not the capitol, some place else, perhaps? >> reporter: sources tell us that the president is actively exploring his options, weighing whether to give the speech in washington or somewhere else around the country. we know he's been preparing two different versions of the speech, depending on where he delivers it. david? >> mary bruce, thank you. in north carolina tonight, there is an urgent search for a 3-year-old boy, casey hathaway. he went out to play with two other children and then disappeared from his grandmother's yard. here's abc's steve osunsami now. >> reporter: volunteers from the u.s. marine are helping authorities in eastern north carolina tonight, searching the thick woods for 3-year-old casey hathaway. the fbi is here, and more than 400 neighbors are also helping in the search, but so far, no sign of the boy. >> our number one priority right now is finding casey. >> reporter: the 3-year-old went missing tuesday afternoon from his grandmother's home in rural craven county, where he was
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playing in the backyard with two related children. by the time the other kids came inside, the boy had disappeared. it was freezing cold tuesday night and authorities are hoping the boy found shelter, but they're also searching nearby waters. >> i want to reiterate, the family has been extremely cooperative and we're thankful for that. so, no tip is insignificant. and if anybody out there has any tips, remember, casey is a small child. he's cold. he's hungry. >> reporter: county investigators here say they're treating this as a missing persons case, but say they're not ruling out that this child may have been kidnapped. david? >> steve, thank you. and we are also learning more tonight about the young woman held captive in boston. tonight, the suspect breaking down, crying in court. and authorities have now revealed that the woman was able to get her cell phone back and turned on, which is how they found her. abc's whit johnson is in boston. >> reporter: a crush of cameras greeting victor pena as he arrived at court. inside, the 38-year-old mumbling
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and sobbing, pleading not guilty to kidnapping 23-year-old olivia ambrose. ambrose arriving home overnight. doing okay. we are grateful and we know that many times the outcome isn't this. >> reporter: she went missing after leaving this bar saturday night, and her phone went dead. three days later, police identifying pena as a person of interest, releasing these surveillance photos. one showing him with his arms around her. >> it's obvious from the video surveillance that she did not go along willingly. >> reporter: court documents say police got a break when olivia reactivated her phone and texted her mother. boston police converging on pena's apartment, finding ambrose "crying with a horrified look on her face." olivia telling police she was being held against her will. the court clinician said pena showed signs of psychosis, so, he was sent to a mental institution to undergo manager thorough evaluation before his next court appearance february
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11th. david? >> all right, whit johnson in boston for us. thank you, whit. we're following yet another storm tonight. the dangerous system moving east. 20 states under winter weather alerts and flood alerts, as well. whiteout conditions in travis city, michigan. in fact, the detroit airport was closed for more than 12 hours. all of this, of course, heading east and meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this is a big storm. it's going to hit everybody on the east coast. mostly with rain. left's get right to it. we've got a flash flood watch posted for the big cities and the southeast is going to get some heavy rain with thunderstorms rumbling across the gulf coast area. atlanta you get it tonight. during the day tomorrow, heavy rain from raleigh to richmond, baltimore, d.c., new york and up through boston. high wind warnings, too, just a miserable day. most of it clears out by the evening rush. a little mixing in, but lake effect snows crank as temperatures drop 30 to 40 degrees and that settles in for the weekend. david? >> rob, thank you. and now, the warning tonight for u.s. diplomats in swen sway la. they have 72 hours to get out of
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the country. president trump no longer recognizing that country's leader as the president. instead, recognizing an opposition leader as the interim president, as thousands take to the streets in venezuela. as you know, we have reported for years from venezuela, on an company in freefall, little food, medicine and skyrocketing prices. abc's matt gutman is back on this tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the emergency unfolding in venezuela. tens of thousands braving tear gas swarming the streets for hours today, calling for venezuela's president nicolas maduro to step down. and tonight, president trump speaking out, no longer recognizing maduro as venezuela's president. >> we're not considering anything, but all options are on the table. >> reporter: the u.s. and other countries are now recognizing this 35-year-old as the country's interim president. juan guaido is the head of the opposition, and today, he was sworn in as president by the national assembly, which calls maduro illegitimate. maduro firing back tonight, calling this an american-led
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coup, giving american diplo 72 hours to get out. for three years now, we've been reporting on e millions once middle class fleeing venezuela, looking for food and medicine. it's hard to imagine when this boy came here, he was about nine pounds and now he's -- he's about 13 pounds. >> that report just a couple of weeks back. matt, 72 hours to get out now for american diplomats. and you've lirned they're taking this very seriously? >> reporter: very seriously, david. it is extraordinarily rare for an entire diplomatic mission to be expelled. i'm told that officials and their dependents have go bags packed already and it is very possible that we could see a has exodus of americans from venezuela in the coming days. david? >> matt gutman on this for us again tonight. this evening, the president's long-time personal attorney and fixer michael cohen now says he will not testify before the american people after
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all, at least for now, because of threats he says from the president. and the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani. here's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the president's long time attorney and fixer michael cohen today abruptly pulling the plug on his much-anticipated testimony to congress. cohen's lawyer citing "ongoing threats against his family from president trump and mr. giuliani." adding, "this is a time where mr. cohen had to put his family and their safety first." the president today denied making any threats. >> i would say he's been threatened by the truth. he's only been threatened by the truth. >> reporter: but he has called for cohen's father-in-law to be investigated, even though he is not currently accused of any crime. >> he should give information maybe on his father-in-law, because that's the one that people want to look at. >> reporter: and just this weekend, another unfounded allegation from rudy giuliani. >> so, it's okay to go after the father-in-law? >> of course it is.
3:43 pm
if the father-in-law is a criminal, we talked about ukrainians. his father-in-law is a ukrainian. >> that's not a crime. >> his father-in-law has millions and millions -- of course it's not. i'm telling you, he comes from the ukraine. this reason that is important is, he may have ties to something called organized crime. >> reporter: cohen says those amount to threats, and he fears for his family's safety. >> all right, cecilia vega with us live from the white house. and cecilia, i know house democrats are considering whether to subpoena michael cohen? >> reporter: they are, david. and they say they have offered him help with security. if, in fact, he is scared for his safety. but house oversight committee elijah cummings today was adamant that cohen will testify, he said, quote, whatever we have to do to get him here, we'll do it. >> cecilia vega, always great to have you. we turn next tonight to the abc news investigation involving the young woman, the self-made billionaire and her company. she claimed to have developed a blood test that could save lives, but did she put lives at risk? tonight, we have now obtained the deposition never seen before, and abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis reports.
3:44 pm
>> reporter: she's the stanford dropout who became the youngest female self-made billionaire and had legions of believers. elizabeth holmes boasted her company, theranos, could detect hundreds of diseases from just a drop or two of blood. >> we've made it possible to run comprehensive laboratory tests from a tiny sample. >> reporter: that pitch convincing everyone from rupert murdoch, to the owner of the patriots, to american retirees to invest. >> anything you want to say? >> reporter: but holmes is now facing criminal charges and up to 20 years in prison. she's pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say she knew theranos couldn't deliver accurate and reliable results for all its blood tests, which experts say potentially put thousands of patients at risk. >> okay, this is the walgreens. >> reporter: sheri ackert took a theranos test at her local walgreens and mistakenly thought her breast cancer had returns. >> the nurse called me back and
3:45 pm
said, "i'm so sorry. that's not good. there could be a tumor growing somewhere." i will never forget that day. >> reporter: a different test showed sheri was healthy. tonight, in this deposition obtained by abc news, never before seen questioning of holmes under oath. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the trust? >> i do. >> reporter: pressed about those hundreds of tests she said her company could perform to detect diseases -- >> how many tests could it run at that time in 2010? >> i don't know exactly what the number was. there was probably tens of tests. >> so when you say "tens of tests," you mean something less than 100? >> yes. >> did it concern you that a number of tests weren't working on theranos' devices? >> i know that we made so many mistakes on this front, but we were trying to take this forward and at that time thought that -- thought that we were doing the right thing. >> and rebecca has been reporting on this for some time
3:46 pm
for it. are any of these tests out there on the market? >> reporter: well, david, theranos is out of business and the tests are off the market. >> and what do we know about her tonight? >> reporter: holmes is awaiting trial, but insiders want to start another company. >> all right, rebecca jarvis, thank you. we should point out that rebecca will have much more on "nightline," and her kad capodc called "the dropout." it's excellent. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the major break in the case followed across the country. the patient in a vegetative state who then gave birth. now, the arrest tonight. we'll have more on that. the new headline about a police beating. the driver arrested for a stolen car. that car turned out to be his own. the major decision just in. andediately te a lot more news ahead tonight. a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition
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a woman in a vegetative state for years suddenly giving birth. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: in 24 hours, nathan sutherland went from trusted caregiver to accused rapist. >> mr. sutherland, you're here on one count sex assault. >> reporter: the 36-year-old nurse arrested after a helpless 29-year-old woman in a vegetative state since childhood suddenly gave birth to a baby bot at this phoenix nursing home. >> someone just had a baby. one of the patients just had a baby, and we had no idea she was pregnant. >> reporter: investigators say sutherland is the father. >> the sample obtained from sutherland matched the baby. >> reporter: hacienda healthcare says it has now fired sutherland and apologized to the victim and her family. >> we owed this arrest to the victim. we owed this arrest to the newest member of our community, that innocent baby. >> reporter: sutherland did not mr. a plea. tonight, the victim's family says they do not want to comment on his arrest, but the police say that baby boy is doing just fine. david? >> clayton, thank you.
3:50 pm
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. to the index of other news tonight, and the major settlement over a police beating in illinois. the city agreeing to play lawrence crosby $1.25 million. officers beating and handcuffing him in 2015. police arresting him for stealing a car. but it was his car. the young ph.d now says he doesn't want this to happen to inelse. actor alex baldwin was in court here in new york city today. he pleaded guilty over harassment. his lawyer calling ate violation, not a crime. baldwin agreeing to take anger management. he then tweeted "nothing that resembles justice ever enters or leaves any courtroom in this country." and the measles outbreak in washington state tonight. officials now declaring a public health emergency in clark county. 23 confirmed cases, mostly children, at least 20 of the cases, the patients were not vax nate. when we come back tonight, the remarkable moment for the
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finally tonight, america strong. amid ts government shutdown, the political battles, proof that so many americans are there for one another. >> well, hi. >> well, hi, how are you? >> how are you, stranger? i got a surprise for you today. come with me. >> reporter: vicky anderson works at a mcdonald's in kansas. a regular customer taking note how kind she is. she once asked if she knew anyone that fixes cars, but she didn't have much to spend. he never forget that. >> here's the title and heres the keys. that black car is yours. okay? >> no way. >> it's way. i'll give it to you.
3:58 pm
there. all right? >> reporter: chris ellis and his son, josh, behind him. >> that's my son, josh. that's his old car. we made a deal and we're giving it to you. yep. >> thank you. god bless you. >> reporter: vicky walks over to see it. >> it's all yours. >> for real. it's a black car. and it's yours. >> reporter: a 2009 pontiac. and it's hers. >> everything
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>> and out of consciousness. so the spokesperson says it remains to be seen what her long-term recovery will be. now, that violent brutal crime galvanized not only the public, but police who were determined to find his assailant. and over the course of two weeks, police worked tirelessly to identify him over that same
4:00 pm
period of time. the young suspect was committing other crimes. released even more details. he was committing robberies, assaults, one with a gun on a 14-year-old after that brutal assault on wong. he was finally identified by a dna match from dna found at the scene which matched his dna sample taken from a previous felony. here's the commander. >> there were some gloves. we were able to attain a profile off those gloves that matched the suspect in this that tied him to the crime. >> well, police always said he had been involved in a carjacking on january 16th. we got word of that at abc 7 news early on. we now know he later abandoned that car at a gas station. this security camera video was taken of him at that gas