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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 3, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>> announcer: "this week" with good morning, america. george stephanopoulos starts right now. refusing to resign. blackface furor. >> it's not me. >> it was offensive, racist and despicable. >> virginia governor ralph northam denying he was in that racist yearbook photo. >> virginia governor ralph the mounting pressure he faces. the stunning admission about a northam under universal fire. blackface moment and the moment his wife stepped in. >> what caused this stirup, i'm not responsible. >> from a racist photo from his medical school yearbook. breaking overnight, a deadly >> i finally had a chance to sit down and look at the photograph standoff. in detail. it is definitely not me. one police officer killed. another wounded. the suspect barricaded in his apartment. the attempts to end it peacefully this morning. >> northam says he is shocked and horrified, but remains defiant, refusing to resign even after calls to go from virtually every top democrat in his state back on stage. actor jussie smollett making his and the country. plus, a 2020 wild card faces fierce backlash. first public appearance at a soldout concert after his >> if i run for president, i alleged assault. will run as an american under >> the hateful rhetoric that gets passed around, it has to one banner, the american flag. stop. i love you. >> as the democratic field expands -- >> i'm running for president >> all the emotion moments. because i believe flash flooding. mud on the move in california sweeping through neighborhoods.
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this man airlifted to safety. flooded streets swallowing cars. now a second dangerous storm is on the way. and game time. super bowl sunday is here. the patriots and the rams taking the field in just a few hours. the rookie versus the veteran. the megawatt parties overnight. ♪ there goes my hero plus, bob kraft with cardi b. >> can i try one of those bad boys on? >> yes, you can. and our kid correspondent getting a little help from a football legend. we're still marveling over that bob kraft and cardi b dance-off. >> i'm worried about his hamstrings. >> might need an ice pack after that. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. it is super bowl sunday. excitement already building, hours away from kickoff at the mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta. >> dan and whit are split over who will be taking home the vince lombardi trophy. i'm separating them.
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>> we're split, but he knows he's wrong. the patriots will win. >> we'll explain to dan who s l show. >> well played. >> he's not an opera singer. i promise. >> all right. i know when i have lost. i'm going to move on now. we have all the pregame action, plus an in-depth look at the matchup coming up. first here, our top story of the morning, the governor of virginia coming out to say he's not stepping down. just to recap here, on friday governor northam admitted that he was in this racist yearbook picture from 1984 where you see one person in blackface, and another person in a kkk outfit. on saturday however the governor held a news conference to say it wasn't him after all. >> but while denying he was in that picture, he did admit to wearing blackface at another time. >> let's go to abc's zachary kiesch in richmond where the governor's explanation doesn't appear to be going over very well. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the governor is adamant it was not him, and despite calls for his resignation, he says he's not going anywhere.
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we're actually just outside the governor's mansion this morning, the site of that remarkable press conference. virginia governor ralph northam walked into a press conference, then walked back his own comments. after initially acknowledging he was one of two people in this 1984 medical school yearbook photo, he's now saying, after a closer look, it wasn't me. >> it's not me. >> reporter: northam now claims the picture was on the wrong yearbook page. >> my believe that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of other mistakes i made in the same period of my life. >> reporter: the governor acknowledged he did wear blackface, but that was for a dance contest dressing up as michael jackson when he was 25 years old. >> i look back now and regret that i d harmful legacy of an action like that. >> reporter: he continued with this anecdote about that night.
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glove and i used just a little bit of shoe reason i used a little bit is because i don't know if anybody has ever tried that but you cannot get shoe polish off. >> reporter: this stunning 40-minute press conference turned bizarre at times. at one point, a reporter asking northam if he can still moonwalk as he had in that 1984 dance contest. the governor appeared to consider trying to dance before his wife intervened. >> my wife says, inappropriate circumstances. >> reporter: a long list of politicians from both sides of the aisle have called for him to resign. >> he just made it worse. the idea that he's going to come out yesterday and say that he was in the picture, today deny it, he is completely tone deaf. >> reporter: overnight, the president weighing in on the growing controversy tweeting, un protesters, including some who voted for him on the promise of bringing people together, demanded he step down. northam says he was unaware that
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blackface was hurtful to black folks until later in his life. >> do you think as a grown adult that it's problematic that you need to have it explained to you that blackface is offensive? >> no. i'm not a person of color, and people of color experience hem differen.ngs. >> reporter: it was a truly unforgettable press conference. now the governor is suggesting that this incident can be used as a tool for healing, but beyond those photos, there are big questions about a racist nickname that was posted in an undergraduate yearbook. dan? >> our own zachary kiesch confronting the governor right there in virginia. zachary, thank you very much. let's bring in our chief anchor george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> so many democrats are doubling and tripling down on their calls -- >> can you name one who hasn't? >> there are a few who didn't at first, but now even most of them are coming out to say, this guy's got to go. is there any mechanism to force
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him out or can he continue to bluster his way through this? >> i don't see how he can survive this. you've now got both senators, both democratic senators from virginia, the leading african-american, the dean of the congressional delegation, bobby scott, calling for him to go as well. democrats universally calling for him to go. if he continues to be defiant, i suppose they're going to start impeachment proceedings although it would be difficult to figure out exactly what the grounds are given the fact that this has not dealt with his time in office. i don't see any way the governor will be able to survive because he has basically no support right now. the democratic party has unified itself against what happened there, against the governor. >> what about the democratic party nationally? we're heading into this 2020 presidential campaign. it has already started. you will have a presidential hopeful on your show this morning. what impact does this story have on the campaign as it starts to heat up? >> what you saw is they want to make sure it has no impact at all. the democrats want to be the party of diversity going into the 2020 election, the party that has stood up against white
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supreme similarism and racism in all its forms and want to show zero tolerance for any kind of racism. that's why you saw so many democrats, including just about every presidential candidate coming out and saying immediately, northam has to go. >> george stephanopoulos, thank you very much. great to see you on a sunday morning. i want to remind you george has a big show. he's going to have much more on the northam story later on "this week." plus he'll interview this gentleman, the new 2020 presidential hopeful mayor pete buttigi buttigieg. that's coming up right here on abc. and tune in on tuesday where george will lead our political team in the live coverage of the state out of the union and the democratic response. it all starts at 9:00 eastern. george, thanks again. >> thank you guys. >> appreciate it. to the breaking story overnight. one police officer killed, another wounded in a standoff with a gunman. >> that suspect in cincinnati, ohio barricading himself in this apartment. abc's stephanie ramos joins us
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this morning with the new details. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: eva and whit, good morning. it is a tense scene outside of that apartment complex just coming to an end a short time ago. here's how it all started. overnight, a standoff in an apartment complex erupted into gunfire, killing one sheriff's deputy and injuring another. the incident taking place just outside of cincinnati. authorities say they were responding the a call about a disturbance last night around 7:00. a suspect then apparently barricaded himself inside the apartment, saying he had weapons. just this morning, a fire was reported at the scene. at one point, police say the suspect started firing rounds. two sheriff's deputies were hit. >> two deputies from clermont county sheriff's office were struck. one is in stable condition at university of cincinnati hospital. the other deputy has passed away. >> reporter: authorities reportedly used megaphones to negotiate with the suspect. that suspect is now in custody following that 12-hour long
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standoff, and guys, it was a very tense and chaotic scene for residents and officers there overnight. >> stephanie ramos covering the breaking news this morning. thank you. we'll move to the actor jussie smollett back on stage. >> the "empire" star speaking out for the first time since telling police he was assaulted in a racial attack. abc's erielle reshef joins us with more. erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it was an emotional appearance. the star breaking from his performance to address the alleged attack in chicago last week telling fans he's okay and fighting back against his critics. ♪ overnight, "empire" star, jussie smollett making his first public appearance since reporting he was brutally attacked. [ cheers ] taking the stage at this soldout concert at the famous troubadour in west hollywood. >> these last four days i would not have been able to get through it without obviously my family, but also the love and support of all of y'all. >> reporter: smollett pushing forward with an emotional performance days after he said he was assaulted in chicago by
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two hooded assailants shouting homophobic and racist slurs. >> i was bruised, but my ribs were not cracked. they were not broken. >> reporter: smollett fighting back tears, saying the show had to go on. >> in times of trauma or hurt or grief, we still have a responsibility to lead with love. and if we don't, then we just die inside. >> reporter: the actor telling chicago police tuesday, one of the men put a noose around his neck. in a later interview with detectives claiming they yelled maga country as they beat him and then doused him with a bleach-like chemical. authorities only turning up this surveillance image of two shadowy persons of interest seen walking nearby. >> i love you with all my heart. >> reporter: smollett reassuring fans, friends and family he's okay, and appearing to slam critics who say his story may have changed. >> with the hateful rhetoric that gets passed around, it has to stop, and it has to -- guess what? it stops with the people that believe in love.
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we have that power. >> reporter: and in that soldout audience last night "empire" series creator lee daniels and smollett's family. police say they are making gains but there have been no arrests. a lot of people waiting to see what will happen there. >> absolutely. a lot of questions in the case. erielle, thanks so much. we want to transition to another big story on this super bowl sunday. of course, we are just hours away from the head-to-head between the rams and the patriots. >> and the patriots quarterback assembling his brady bunch on the field ahead of the game as he makes super bowl history yet again as the oldest player to start. abc's t.j. holmes is in atlanta with more. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: you know, eva, i really need to get everybody to stop talking about this man's age and how old he is and he's the oldest this and that because tom brady and i, well, we're the same age and it doesn't make me feel good. that's pretty much where our similarities and accomplishments end. yes, there's a lot on the line coming up in this game today
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here at the super bowl, a lot of history on the line but there's a lot on the line also for law enforcement as well as the halftime performance. >> reporter: the last time these two teams met in a super bowl, the rams were the st. louis rams and tom brady was an unknown 24-year-old quarterback leading the underdog patriots to their first super bowl win. my, how things have changed. 17 years and 5 super bowl rings later, brady is a legend, and he's now taking on the youngster, rams quarterback jared goff, who was just 7 years old when brady won that first championship. patriots head coach bill belichick has been working in the nfl longer than rams head coach, sean mcvay, has been alive. >> having been in all those positions myself, special teams, offense, defense, assistant coach, play caller, head coach, you know, you have a appreciation for everybody's spot there in the roster. >> reporter: at just 33, mcvay is the youngest coach in the league and could become the youngest to ever win a super
7:13 am
bowl. >> you appreciate the magnitude of this game. it's a blessing to be here. our players and coaches have earned right to be here. >> reporter: atlanta expected a million people to visit the city in the lead-up to super bowl sunday, though the majority of them won't be lucky enough to get a seat inside the brand-new, 71,000-seat mercedes-benz stadium, and as always, law enforcement has taken extensive security measures to protect the game and surrounding areas. >> they're here to watch the super bowl, they're here to watch over it. >> reporter: controversy over this year's halftime show is taking some of the spotlight from the game itself. maroon 5 is set to perform alongside travis scott and big boi. they have been criticized for their participation. several artists reportedly turned down offers to perform at halftime and cardi b told me this week that she also refused to perform in support of colin kaepernick, the former 49er who is still without a job after taking a knee during the national anthem. maroon 5's lead singer adam levine addressed the controversy on "entertainment tonight".
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>> most recently i think i wanted to make sure we were able to speak, once again, through the music. >> back live now with t.j. last night they handed out the league mvp award. who won that award? >> reporter: well, this was one that there wasn't a whole lot of debate about. you can debate rams-patriots, who's going to win that, that might be close but not really close of who's going to become the mvp of the league. he was pretty much a shoe-in. we're talking about patrick mahomes. he had a breakout year, second year in the league but first as a starter for the chiefs. he got 41 of the votes. drew brees got nine. so it wasn't even close here but patrick mahomes did something in his first year as a starter that only one other quarterback in history has done and that is throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns. only one other player has done that. you know who that other player was, peyton manning. so a special year for mahomes. >> t.j., for somebody like me who is a little older and wiser, do you agree that the patriots
7:15 am
are likely to win today? >> reporter: dan, i'm not in the habit of picking winners but how can you go against brady and belichick. these guys have been around so long. they've done it so well together for so long. of course you've got really the smart brain, the young coach over there, sean mcvay, which everybody says is a whiz kid and he's got young goff but how do you go against brady and belichick? >> and gronk. >> can't argue with that. by the way, dan harris, note the sports analysis from t.j. there. we'll take our guidance from you t.j. instead of dan harris in the future. >> fair enough. t.j., thank you. we'll see you in the next half hour with more on the super bowl pre-parties. now we'll transition to a quick note on a much less amusing story. 14 people including children injured in a bus crash saturday evening in west virginia. the charter bus was carrying the martinsburg high school girl's basketball team and it careened off interstate 64 and rolled over. 1 of the 12 injured students had to be airlifted to a trauma center in charleston. this morning, there is word that
7:16 am
all of the injured, including the girl who was airlifted, have been released and are doing well. the cause of the crash is under investigation. turning to a massive storm taking aim on fire-ravaged california. >> stunning pictures showing how heavy rain is triggering mud slides and flooding on major highways. abc's marcus moore is there in los angeles where mandatory evacuations were lifted overnight. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: eva, good morning. that is the los angeles river behind me and you can see and hear the massive amounts of water as it rushing downstream. at one point it was high neve to leave debris on the banks. in other parts of the flooding there was dangerous on streets. residents now recovering from a relentless deluge, triggering flash flooding and mud slides in southern california. >> the driveway was completely flooded and it looked like a waterfall. the water came through my garage and inside my house. >> reporter: the mud at times flowing like a river, violently snapping a tree here and snaking its way through neighborhoods
7:17 am
like this one in malibu. the flooded streets often leaving cars useless and underwater. a couch seen drifting into the middle of the road, and this santa maria resident describing a rude awakening. >> some guy woke me up telling me there was a tree on top of my car. >> reporter: pleas for help saturday all throughout the state. >> water flowing inside of the home, resident unable to get out. >> reporter: anaheim firefighters rescuing a woman trapped in this car crushed by a tree. you can see this dramatic rescue here in yuka valley, a helicopter fighting whipping winds to rescue an elderly man strapped in his car and more rescues like it. >> female stuck in the river bottom. >> we have swift water rescue in the river bottom. >> reporter: saturday morning, one rescue turning fatal. one first responder was killed rushing to help in a traffic accident. and we have gone through on and iajust aleig tea not yethe rain
7:18 am
expected to stay in this area at least until tuesday. dan. >> all right, marcus. thank you very much. we appreciate it. let's get over to rob now with the forecast. what's cooking? >> we have a couple of more pulses of powerful precipitation. didn't mean to illiterate like that but that's pretty much how it's lining up. we have half an inch in ten minutes across santa barbara county. we have a surge of cold air that will be dropping in as well. the pacific northwest will get into the action with this. maybe low elevation snow in seattle and portland, and then tomorrow morning, it's going to be some action as well with some rainfall across parts of san francisco, maybe some wind as well and look at all the white piling up in the mountains here as this cold low drops down and gets showery monday and tuesday. it lasts through tuesday, but the winter storm warnings have been posted and re flo waings will likely b areas where another one to two inches of rainfall is expected. we have seen five plus, and this is not a typo. up to 10 feet of snow in higher elevations of the sierras. there will be avalanche warnings
7:19 am
and very difficult travel up and over the mountains. that's a check on what's good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen waking up to the storm impact scale today of one. wewz have scattered showers, less than a half inch and winds less than 25 miles an hour throughout the day. it's mid-50s, 57 in fremont, but tonight we're looking at more heavy rain by about 10:00 through midnight. that takes us into monday with more showers and it's going to get cold. in fact, snow levels lowering locally for some snow in the higher elevations. they hate it when i pop my "ps" in this microphone. so no more "p"s for the rest of the broadcast. >> nobody knows what that means in tv land. >> pop the "ps"? >> yeah. >> how do you say the patriots are going to win? >> i'm not going to say that. i'm going to take the high road, the accurate road.ling.les ven. hawaii couldecome the
7:20 am
>> wowte >>he pwould ro out in stages, initially making it illegal for anyone under the age of 30 to buy cigarettes and then in five years banning all sales. the proposal which is being met with mixed feelings could go into effect as early as this year. >> that is a total change in culture. look at where we are compared to where we were 20 years ago, regarding cigarettes, if that happens. speaking of a range of emotions, we have some here at the desk about who will take home a super bowl win. so we went to some experts to see what they have to say. for the 12th year in a row, hugh and buffett, two manatees from the moat marine laboratory and aquarium in naples, florida have placed their bets. hugh is going with the l.a. rams while buffett picked the patriots, looks like buffett has the winning record. >> really? >> he has predicted the winner 9 look at the wisdom on his face. >> he's due for a loss just like tom brady.
7:21 am
>> really cute. >> hugh doesn't have a great track record. >> but he is streamlined. he's very fast, eats well, swims. he's an active manatee. >> he eats well and swims. >> he does. >> they should change buffett's name to buffet. >> i'm hoping it isn't buffet. >> maybe he was studying. that's why. >> right, right. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. coming up on "gma," caught on camera. look at this. a teenage girl tased inside of her high school. her father not happy about this. he's coming out to say this never should have happened. you will hear from him coming up. plus, we're taking to some of the hottest star-studded super bowl parties. the performances overnight ahead of the big game. and it's the veteran quarterback versus the rookie in an in-depth look at the matchup. which team could have the edge with espn nfl analyst darren woodson. we'll be back with that and much more. >> we'll make darren woodson compete against a manatee? >> buffet the manatee versus woodson. who wins? when "gma" comes back.
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7:28 am
the wrong-way driver also died in the crash. nine other people were hurt. they have all since been taken to the hospital. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> good morning, chris. live doppler 7 picking up a few scattered showers from livermore to the south bay. emeryville is dry. temperatures are in the low to mid-50s for you. and live look from walnut creek. you've had a shower there. 51 in napa. so, scattered showers today. they will be in and out, and then the heavier rain arrives tonight, lasting through monday. chris? >>
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, virginia governor ralph northam refusing to go as both sides of the aisle call for his resignation amid a racist yearbook photo scandal. after initially acknowledging it northam now backtracking denying he was one of the two people in this 1984 medical school yearbook photo. the governor saying that after a closer look, it's not him, but he does admit to wearing blackface at one point in the past. also right now, tensions mounting in venezuela with demonstrations against the president there, nicolas maduro, and in favthe risi rival juan gido. he is calling for military leaders to abandon the country's socialist government after the defection of a high-ranking general on saturday.
7:31 am
president maduro trying to regain ground by calling for an early election. and the festivities for the lunar new year are under way throughout china. lanterns and lit up buildings are helping usher in the year of the pig. the actual new year celebration will take place on tuesday when people will ring in the year of the pig at midnight. and the pig is the 12th of the 12-year cycle. it brings good fortune and wealth. >> i feel right at home. in the year of the pig. >> i want good fortune and wealth, so me too. >> honing in on that part. coming up, adrienne's going to help us pig out. she's got some super bowl food for us, and we've got your ticket to the celebrity-filled parties overnight and the top acts on stage. we start with the dramatic video of police in chicago using a stun gun at a student on her school. >> this is raising a lot of questions on how this incident was handled as we learn about what happened to the two officers involved. >> reporter: this morning,
7:32 am
disturbing cell phone video of a chicago police officer tasing a e videpolice irl at school. officers and a high school student in a confrontation while police say they were escorting her out of school. >> she had to walk the other way. >> reporter: howard, seen on the ground fighting back as police tried to handcuff her. one officer appears to aim his taser at the teen while stepping on her leg. watch as howard tries to reach for the taser, the officer swinging back. police say the incident occurred after howard whose family says has a history of behavioral issues, was asked to leave class for having her cell phone out. police say what you don't see in the video is the teen biting an officer, causing them to fall down a flight of stairs. howard's family sharing these photos with abc news showing
7:33 am
what they call are scars from the altercation. >> he pushed me, and was causing me to fall down the stairs and i grabbed his vest and we all fell down the stairs. >> reporter: howard's father who was called to the school to pick up his father, stunned as he witnessed the tasing. >> pleading with him she can't breathe. he's sitting on top of her. he had his foot on her back, on her stomach. the female officer close-handed punches her in the face. in the jaw. >> reporter: this morning howard's father telling abc news he blames the school for not following the protocol he says they agreed to in this behavioral intervention plan stating the teen should have been allowed to speak with a counselor first. now chicago public school officials call the incident disturbing. they are now asking for a full investigation. police say the two officers involved will not be returning to the school. they are on medical leave and then will eventually be reassigned when they return. >> the video is hard to watch. >> the father was actually there and saw this unfold because he was called to the school. you can imagine just why he's so upset. >> watching this happen to your child. >> absolutely. turning now to weather and rob marciano. >> hey.
7:34 am
>> i'm focused in on the good news which is that it's going to warm up. >> yes. tomorrow. tomorrow. >> i haven't left my house in days. >> we're going to change gears for you because there has been a lot of work done by y'all. i want to show you video of one of our world class journalists reporting from the storm. there he is. whit johnson tumbling and doing snow angels, you know, a shoe leather reporter if i have ever seen one. this was a serious story and my goodness, i might just have to revoke your junior weather ranger card there. >> slo mo. >> we don't have time for slo month. here's a warmup. we'll get right to it. these temperatures 60 degrees. warmer than they were 72 hours ago. just outside of milwaukee, 80 degrees warmer than it was 57 hours ago, and we're getting areas of fog because of that big warmup and even freezing fog over the northern states. be aware of that, but the temperatures will get into the 40s and tomorrow morning, warming up into the 50s and 60s
7:35 am
by tomorrow afternoon, and even warmer than that as we get through to tuesday and some parts of wednesday. near 60 degrees in philadelphia on tuesday and over 60 in d.c. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen waking up to a lot of cloud cover, some mist and drizzle. scattered showers throughout the day today, looking at highs in the mid-50s and then more rain tonight taking us into monday morning. atat this weather this weather report is sponsored by safelite. >> if you say you're welcome for the warm weather, can we pick on you when the weather is bad? >> no. it's a one-way street. that's the way it is in my marriage. wrong way is my way. >> i bet your wife loves that. coming up on "good morning america," getting serious about the gridiron. espn's darren woodson joins us >> quick snap. play action. wide open. snap. play action. wide open. spending time with the grandkids...
7:36 am
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save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. we a we are just hours before kickoff to super bowl liii. excitement building by the minute. joining us to talk about the big game is espn's darren woodson. great to have you this morning. >> thanks, eva. it's good to be here. >> you're a three-time super
7:40 am
bowl champion with the dallas cowboys. the big storyline in this super bowl is veteran tom brady versus that rookie, jared goff. the biggest age difference in super bowl history. who do you think has the edge based on your experience? >> well, just off experience, you know, this is bill belichick's 100th time being in the super bowl. he has seven rings to go along with that. as a head coach, five rings, two as an assistant. so the experience is there. he understands what it takes to get his team ready and prepared for the week coming up, and not only that, but being able to navigate the festivities along with the practices. that's what bill belichick has been dealing with for most of his career. so he understands that. the edge would go to bill belichick as far as the preparation, the experience of the super bowl, but at the same time, you can't count out sean mcvay. he has done a wonderful job with his team. they have been probably one of the most successful teams throughout this season, so they will be ready to play regardless. >> many are saying this will be a high-scoring game.
7:41 am
vegas has new england favored to win just so slightly. do you think this will be a close game or will it be a complete blowout? >> no. i think this is going to be a close game. if you have seen the history of the patriots, every time they play in a super bowl, it's always a close game. most of those games are decided by three points or less. i'm looking at both of these teams as far as, you know, i think it's going to be a close game early on. they'll keep it close to the vest but in the second half both offenses will open up and it will become a slug fest. two high-scoring teams and any time in the third or fourth quarter, i can see these teams putting up 20 or 30 points. >> looking at the quarterbacks of those two teams, you have brady versus goff. who has the edge in this game? >> well, of course, you go back to the experience in tom brady. he has seen it all. he has already taken these tests. he understands, you know, everything exactly like bill belichick. he understands this experience. he understands how the -- how to
7:42 am
approach a super bowl. jared goff is in his first super bowl. so we're still waiting to see how he approaches this game and if he has the jitters, if he can get over those jitters early in this football game because in the end, jared goff is going to be counted on to win this football game in the fourth quarter. >> it's going to be a good one to watch and there is going to be lots of food and lots of commercials and lots of fun. that's how we like it, right? >> absolutely. lots of food. >> darren woodson with espn, thank you so much for joining us this morning. and coming up on "good morning america," the huge night of celebrity sightings ahead of the big game. we'll take you inside those exclusive super bowl parties coming up. coming up. i realize i love you, but as long as you're with jessica, there can never be anything between us. listen cassie, there's no need to cry. besides, i've got really great news. you're leaving jessica? no. i just saved a load of money on car insurance by switching to geico.
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7:46 am
south. a-listers flocking to atlanta for the super bowl and of course, all the epic parties. >> of coat exclusive events and we are giving you a front row seat to all of it. let's go back to abc's t.j. holmes in the mix. t.j., good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you all. look. hey. it's not just the players who needed a good night's rest. it was kind of a quiet night in atlanta, and everybody was in bed by 8:30. and if you believe that -- people come to town, and they don't come for the game. they come to party, and we had some super bowl bashes you would not believe last night. cardi b and patriots owner robert kraft dancing the afternoon away. something you don't see everda celebrations are endless. parties thrown by directv and bud light, brought out some of the biggest stars to celebrate the upcoming game. this weekend performers including bno mars
7:47 am
and the foo fighters. they were all on stage as part d carpet in a custom-made suit. >> it's just classier than a jersey, right? i was lucky enough to present the mvp award tonight, and i got to present it to patrick mahomes. might have been the greatest moment of my life, you know?now my children. >> reporter: mad men's jon hamm told me what he won't be watching on super bowl sunday. >> are you looking forward to the halftime show as much as the game? we don't know what will happen. >> here's what i do on the halftime show usually. go to the bathroom. >> reporter: while i was here at the directv red carpet, our kid correspondent was on another. the nfl honors to interview some of the biggest names in the league. >> you got your best touchdown dance? >> i can do it. >> okay. that's good. >> i see you're wearing two super bowl rings.
7:48 am
can i try one of those bad boys on? >> yeah. try the eagles one on. what do you think? >> awesome. how do you feel being a man of the year finalist? >> oh, i'm blessed. i'm just excited to be a nominee. win or lose, it's an honor. >> i'm having so much fun. deion! >> this is a pet peeve of mine. come on. >> reporter: okay. he had a great time. a better time than anybody, our kid correspondent there, and you know what? i wish -- he had a bedtime. i wish he could have had my gig. he had me out later than i needed to be, but for you, dan, in years past, right? i show up on sunday morning to do this live shot. this year, i only have one wristband on from a party last night, man. i'm slowing down in my old age. >> oh my goodness. >> is that true or did you find a pair of scissors? >> exactly. >> or did one of them break off? >> reporter: and dan -- no. no. i have to be straight with you. yesterday i told folks, hey, t.j., you asked for this assignment and i said no, i didn't. that wasn't exactly true. i begged for this assignment.
7:49 am
i want to get that on the record. >> as we said, you always do a great job, t.j. thank you very much. we appreciate it. enjoy the game. >> it is impressive that he's able to wake up this early. >> and put together a sentence. >> i don't think he went to bed. that's my theory. coming up on "good morning america," chance the rapper and lionel richie in a special collaboration. that's ahead in "pop news." collaboration. that's ahead in "pop news." ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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7:53 am
♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm, neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. all right. it's our special super bowl edition of "pop news." we've got food and we're going to eat. adrienne's going to talk. >> everybody's mouth is full except for eva's. we got hats for everyone, too. thank you new era for the head gear. we've got a tie right now between who is going to win the super bowl, the patriots or the rams. so we'll find out tonight, and that is of course, the official cap of the nfl.
7:54 am
we're starting with the snacks which can be just as important as the game. do you wonder what your fellow fans will be eating? i don't, but google trends compiled a list anyway of the most common super bowl snack foods in every state. i'm surprised by this. first of all, new york, we have spinach dip as the most googled snack in the state of new york. >> really? >> how many times did dan vote? >> i know. it's interesting, right? in california, it's baked chicken. i'm so not believing this. >> that's my home state. i'm disappointed in my fellow californians. >> i know. >> i'm surprised it's not arugula. >> it would probably be kale. >> or a smoothie. >> no. okay patriots fans like dan in massachusetts, it's gluten free pretzels. >> really? these are good. >> it's just for you too. eva, in your home state of south carolina, they're eating turkey chili. >> turkey chili? >> i know. i'm, like, what?
7:55 am
>> really? >> i think people are trying to get skinny in south carolina. >> no, they're not. >> and in connecticut they're eating buffalo chicken dip which rob loves. >> yes. that's my favorite. >> we have buffalo chicken dig for you right here. one california couple is taking it to another level with their super super bowl party. every year they transform their home into one giant rams playground. look at this. they're expecting about 200 guests to come to their house. they have a masseuse, and a margarita machine. >> a masseuse? >> "gma" has been looking at the commercials for the super bowl, and we have a remix of lionel richie and chance the rapper. look at this. this is "hello." ♪ ♪ hello ♪ >> yeah. that's -- it's not as sweet, but it's a follow-up to the backstreet boys and chance the rapp'sollaboi nt it that way".
7:56 am
it'sti a lot of feedback. a lot of people are, like, what are you doing to my memories of the backstreet boys? but everybody loves the backstreet boys. everybody loves chance the rapper. this is a big deal. and the super bowl sz is not the only game in town. for cat lovers like dan, you can watch the kitten bowl on the hallmark channel. >> adrienne. thank you. we'll see you next weekend after the patriots win. we'll see you next weekend after the patriots win. nguyen. the santa housi will open three warming locations at the bascom, leninger and roosevelt community centers in san jose. all three open at 9:00 a.m. there are daytime warming centers also at libraries and other community and senior centers throughout the county.
7:57 am
happening today, thousands of runners will take to the streets of san francisco for the annual half marathon. kaiser permanente sponsors the run, which benefits bay area charities. last year's race collected more than $100,000. runners will start in golden gate park, pass through the panhandle, enjoy sweeping views of the pacific ocean from great highway and then return to the golden gate park for the finish. there will also be a 5k and a 10k run. the race starts at 8:00 this morning. let's get a check of the forecast now with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, chris, good morning. a real mixed bag out there. we have scattered showers mainly in the south bay, the higher elevations. we have a little bit of wind in san francisco and we do have some sun out there. low to mid-50s from san francisco to oakland. here's san jose. partly cloudy skies. it is 49. cooler in the north bay and we've been looking at scattered showers throughout the day today. the winds under about 25 miles an hour, so it's going to be cool. we bring in our storm impact scale. it's a one for today with scattered showers. anywhere from about a tenth to perhaps a third of an inch.
7:58 am
and then tonight things will get pretty interesting. today 55 in oakland, 57 in palo alto, 56 in morgan hill. tonight we're looking at heavier rain, about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. it will take us through the overnight hours, then colder air is going to move in by monday and tuesday, allowing for lower snow levels. we could see snow on top of mt. hamilton, mt. diablo. and the accuweather seven-day forecast keeps us pretty chilly, drying out wednesday and thursday. chris? thanks so much for joining us. "this week wi
7:59 am
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