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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  February 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> it has been a whirlwind day for weather. as er you see in the time lapse we have seen storm clouds, rain, sun, and then a rainbow. all of this in a matter of minutes. >> talk about mixed bag, a heavy steady rain is just a few hours away. good evening. thank you for joining us i am dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. storm battered parts of the bay are in for another round. >> saturated hillsides are already crumbling. this undermo of mud and debris blocked the entrance to a winery. >> looking at current conditions. seeing clouds from our east bay hills camera. spencer christian says we are in for another rainy night. like last unite. not quite like last night but
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not much milder of right now we have scattered showers, mainly light but some of the localized heavy showers are creating havoc. a few light spots as well. at the moment surface winds are gusting to 7 miles per hour at mountain view, and 28 at fountain view. this current storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. it will be with us tonight and tomorrow with periods of showers and brief downpours. notice the next couple of hours we won't have much in the way of storm activity. but later tonight after 10:00 a.m. we will have a wave of stormy weather moving on shore with light to moderate rain and strong potentially j ding wind gusts. details coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> take a look. a sinkhole shut down a stretch of highway 35 in san mateo county south of alpine road to just north of the san mateo county line. the chp tweeted this pictures here and said it is unclear how
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long the road will be closed. the rain hit southern california hardest. tonight people affected by last year's brushfires are worried about mudslides. abc news reporter marcus moore has the latest. >> reporter: a large storm pummelling march of california saturday. heavy snow hitting the sierras making driving difficult. >> a lot of people slid around. we saw three accidents coming here. >> reporter: but good news for skiers and kids. >> he's loving it. >> reporter: farther south residents recovering from the relentless downprs that i go frommered flas flash floods and mudslides. >> the driveway looked like a waterfall. it came issue through my garage and into my house. >> reporter: streets in malibu looking like remaining rivers. anaheim firefighters rescuing a woman after a tree fell on this car. in the valley, a dramatic as this helicopter battled the
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wind. >> normally this is an oasis. but today it is completely flooded. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders were downgraded in the fire areas. >> we were fortunate. we survived another storm. it was intense for a few hours. >> reporter: heavy rains continue to hit much of the california coast with multiple systems expected to bring unsettled weather to the western u.s. through tuesday. marcus moore abc news los angeles. tonight's approaching rain won't be the last of our wet weather. check weather conditions where you live with the abc7 news app. enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. in developing news we have learned that a father from concord is among the two people who died in a wrongway crash involving several cars this morning on highway 101 in san francisco. cornell barnard spoke with a family friend. cornell? >> reporter: dion, it is a heart
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breaking story. that father leaves behind seven young children. one victim who survived the crash remains in critical condition tonight. >> the family and the friends we cannot still accept it that it happened. >> reporter: friends and family are remembering the man killed early sunday when his minivan was struck head on by a wrongway driver on highway 101 in san francisco. >> we believe the vehicle got on the wrong way at vermont heading southbound in the northbound lane. collided with two vehicles and went on to hit another vehicle. >> reporter: the accident scene was massive. it closed down 01 for hours and sent nine people to the hospital, including passengers riding with with a heed. friends say he was driving for uber. >> he was a hard working guy. he came to the u.s. four years ago to look for a opportunity and better life for his children. >> reporter: he leaves behind seven children.
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a go fund me page has been established to help his family with funeral expenses. the identity of the suspected wrongway driver has not yet been released. the chp says nine people were taken to san francisco general hospital. today the accident still under investigation. authorities say drugs and alcohol may have played a part in the crash. live in concord, abc7 news. >> so sad. developing news in southern california. take a look. two people died after a small plane crashed into a house in orange county. this afternoon's crash also injured two other people in yorba linda. the faa believes the two-engine plane took off moments earlier from fullerton municipal airport. oakland public school teachers will announce tomorrow if they approved a move to go on strike possibly later this month. they have worked without a contract since july of 2017. unionid leaders authorized the district to close 25 schools
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over the next five years. teachers want a 20% rate over the next three years. they claim oakland pays the lowest southern calaries in the bay area. a group of raiders fans spoke out on super bowl sunday to voice their opposition to the team moving to las vegas. abc 7 news was in oakland's jack london square when members of make oakland better got together to tape a public service announcement. the group plans to address city council. >> for committing crimes against our greatest culture of people and fans worldwide and violating their own relocation guidelines. >> the raiders plan to start playing in las vegas if 2020. but it remains uncertain as to where they will play this coming season. actor justicy smolette returned to the spotlight for the first time since being attacked. >> i love you with all my heart. >> coming up, his emotional concert. and why the evening didn't go exactly as planned for his fans.
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actor and musician justicy smolette performed his first show since he reported to police that two machine attacked him. he is noted for his role as a gay singer on "empire." his concert in west hollywood
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went on as planned but a neat and greet was canceled because of safety concerns. >> i am not fully healed yet, but i am going to. and i'm going to stand strong with y'all. >> smolette says one of his attackers put a rope around his neck and poured an unknown substance on him last tuesday in chicago. police released photos of potential persons of interest in the hate crime and are asking for help in identifying them. the navy made history with a tribute to its first female jet pilot. you are seeing the navy's first all female flyover here. pilots honored rosemary marner whoside died in tennessee after a five year bout with cancer. her husband said she never intended to be a trail blazer. >> rosemary, on our first date i asked her what's important to you? she said i want to be looked at as a person. she never wanted to be looked at
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at first. >> i love that. mariner retired from the navy in 1997 after completing over 3500 flight hours in 15 different aircraft. the same storm that's brought us rain is delivering lots of new snow to the sierra. and a winter storm watch remains in effect until tuesday afternoon in the lake tahoe area. this is video captured by caltrans cameras in the mountains recall whier today. chains are currently required on parts of 80 and highway 50. skiers are benefitting from the storm. you are looking at video from heavenly mountain resort. 19 inches of new snows that fallen since yesterday. the forecast calls for higher elevations to get up to ten feet of new snow. now the question on lots of people's minds. when will the bay area dry out. >> more rain is coming our way, some of it heavy. and more snow in the sierra. the accuweather forecast coming
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well, the nation has spoken. and those who care about the game want the l.a. rams to win the super bowl. take a look. this map shows the vast majority of the nation is rooting for the rams. only the states there in blue, you can tell, in new england, of course, supporting the patriots. all of this is based on twitter data. a monmouth university poll found half said it doesn't matter which game wins. only one in six said they have a lot of interest. the super bowl has ties to the bay area. you probably heard both quarterbacks, tom brady grew up in san mateo and went to sarah high school, the rams jared goff is from novato. rams running back cj anderson
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went to berke lee, bethel high. patriots receiver and punt returner julian edelman was born in redwood city and went to woodside high. in the north bay some students are resting their arms and legs after a 24 hour row-a-thon. this is 27th year for the fund-raiser which raises money for youth programs with marin rowing. >> right now we are trying to buy new equipment, new boats, under oars. >> so far they have raised $80,000 toward their $100,000 goal. it will take a few days though to count the final total amount. today's rain failed to dampen the spirits of thousands of athletes in san francisco. abc7 news on the great highway
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when runners squeezed past a massive puddle that nearly covered two lanes of the roadway there. the runners enjoyed the annual kaiser permanente half marathon 10k and a 5k. they followed a course that took them through golden gate park. today's race raised money for several charities. knew our accuweather with spencer christian. >> where it is fall it is falling heavily in some spots. let's check out the surface wind of not strong. but we have 20 miles per hour gusts at half moon way. 28 at fairfield. check out the winds aloft -- i shouldn't say aloft but the winds in the higher elevations. 31 in mount tam. 36 in the oakland hills. 45 miles per hour gusts at mount diablo. this is the view from sutro tower looking over san francisco. wendy conditions. lots of blue showing up right now. temperatures at the moment are in the mid 50s.
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51 at morgan hill. 54 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville. looking at a partly cloudy. a burst of the setting sun there. napa 52, mid 50s at pet a, concord. and 51 at livermore. from the east bay hills we see dark clouds forming. it will be showery and windy tonight through tomorrow. occasional downpours are likely especially later tonight. powerful wind gusts. it turns colder by mid week. as it gets colder we can expect possibly mixed precipitation in the area on tuesday. snow at higher elevations and rain down at the lower levels. we will see heavier activity developing later tonight. aside from the showers, except some brief downpours from time to time. total rainfall, about half an inch to an inch in most locations. wind gusts may reach 35 miles per hour. here's the forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. later tonight, 9:00, 10:00, we
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will see a wave of substantial rainfall moving on-shore with lots of moderate to heavy downpours in the first wave of rain. it sweeps through during the i don't have night hours. the pavement for the morning commute is going to be wet. there will be scattered showers and downpours during the morning community. exercise caution. in the higher elevations, there will be snow atop mount hamilton and higher elevations above 30r 3,000 feet. late afternoon and evening tomorrow we will see cold air filtering producing snow in the higher peaks scattered showers down below. rainfall potential from this storm? by 11:00 tomorrow night we will be looking at an inch and a quarter. mountain view, inch and a half. half inch in san francisco. low temperatures overnight mainly in the upper 40s. high temperatures tomorrow will barely break the 50 degree mark.
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about 50 to 53 degrees in most locations. over in the sierra a winter storm warning until 1:00 p.m. tuesday. over ten feet of snow expected in the higher elevations there. hears the accuweather seven-day forecast tonight and 'em to, storm impact ranking one on the storm impact scale. tuesday is the beginning of the lunar new year. mixed precipitation that day. cold inland. temperatures near freezing. middle ends of the week it gets warmer in time for the next rain next weekend. >> got everything here. >> it doesn't stop. dyne do you know why young play remembers why you think in because older guys get out of the way when they see boogie cousins coming down the lane. >> if you are smart you take the charge. >> just ahead the spark boogie cousins gave the warriors in their win over the lakers.
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stick around. sports is next
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now, sports, from abc7 news. >> the cal bears are well represented in the super bowl. jared goff and cj anderson are on the rams. brian shin kyi and anderson are both suiting up for the patriots. as for the bears' men's basketball team, they have lost eight in a row heading into today's rivalry game against stanford. 30 seconds left, tied at 81.
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floats it in. stanford up two. 17 seconds left, bradley drive, lays it in. and the foul. chance to give the team the lead. under two minutes remain, it's reviewed. his foot not in the offensive zone. turns out to be an offensive foul. stanford gets the ball back. got one more chance, now down three. austin can't tie it. an air ball. stanford wins 84-81. the bears have now lost nine in a row. last night's primetime game between the warriors and the lakers lost some of its star power when lebron james was a late scratch for something called load management. now, the dynamic of the game changed again when demarcus cousins' third quarter dunk over kyle kuzma. listen to the warriors explain. >> lebron james doesn't play, when the other team's best player doesn't play there is kind of a natural letdown in the building. i think our guys took for granted we were going to be
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fine. >> you want to play a team at their best. last time we played lebron wasn't there. >> we are going to call that third quarter boogie and the bench. cousins dunked over kuzma and andre i go with a dolla lit it up with a three. what was the envelope like. >> it gave everybody on the bench a poos. >> it was great. >> just great? >> it was great. great. if you go back and watch, and you watch the bench reaction. i was super hyped. everybody was hyped. it was a great play. everybody is just happy, you know, because it's him, you know, making the play. he has been through a lot this past year. just to see him making plays like that i think it excites everybody else and it put the momentum in our favor. >> golly that was a great one. might be dunk year. it was a good one. >> you had a couple good ones, too. i was afraid you were hanging a little too long, though.
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>> the guy pushed me in the back. so i wasn't going to let go of the rim. it is all good. >> the emotion that came out of you, was it the flow of the game or what you have been through over the past year? >> little bit of everything. frustration motels in the game, the frustration over the past year. everything bottled up and i had a chance the release it. >> they won. >> you need the break. we don't get to go to charlotte. instead, we have to take five days off. >> that's some pretty good load management. >> i am definitely going to get plenty of load management those five days. >> charlotte is not a bad place to go. but i understand he needs the break. the warriors are back on the court wednesday night at home against san antonio. everybody is talking about the offense in the nfl. offense, everybody scoring. defense dominating the first half of the super bowl. the patriots leading 3-0. we will have those highlights later tonight. >> man. >> i know a good orthopedic surgeon, he is getting a call from me about load management.
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all new on abc7 news at 6:00, a nice moment to spread some smiles with the youngest victims in the camp fire disaster zone. we will take you to a very special event this weekend. you know, maybe the super bowl just isn't your thing. how about the puppy bowl? it was pretty entertaining. >> i would take this any day. all right, team rough defeated team fluff 59-51 in the puppy bowl 15 today.
5:30 pm
animal planet's annual contest was close throughout the afternoon. look at those cutis. >> you get to nap during the game? i like that sport. >> that's your sport. >> that's tonight, breaking news as we come on. a plane slamming into a neighborhood, crashing into a california home. residents scrambling, using anything they can to put out multiple fires. the pictures coming in. the pressure mounting. more than a dozen top democrats saying virginia governor ralph northam must step aside after that bizarre backtrack. now insisting he was not in the racist photo, but acknowledging he once did dress in blackface as michael jackson. the powerful storms triggering mudslides and flash flooding. high water rescues, as residents brace for a second slam out west. plus, the major warm-up for millions. how long will it last? the deadly police standoff.


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