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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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you're looking at flakes falling this afternoon atop mt. diablo, and more could be on the way. >> and how about a live look from our east bay hills camera. we've seen ominous clouds all day long. you can see it's windy up there as well. >> yeah. and let's take a live look now at the bay as you look out at dark and broken skies. let's go to sandhya patel. sandhya, there is a winter weather advisory tonight for the entire bay area. >> dan, it is for the higher terrain. and the reason why is we're seeing that wintry scene. let me show you live doppler 7 and we'll talk about where it is snowing right now. we get you into street level as we move across mt. hamilton, graveyard road. the snow will continue to accumulate above 4,000 feet. snow showers over mt. diablo. as we take a look at the lower elevations, see iing rain showe around danville boulevard. let's track this moisture. it is going to be heading towards the east and it will be
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moving towards the east. definitely expect some brief downpours around our mount saint helena area a mix of rain and snow. it is a mixed precip over mount tamalpais. the snow has been falling. this is where the impacts could be obviously felt. a winter weather advisory until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. 4 to 8 inches above 2,000 feet. possibility of snowflakes down to sea level in the north bay. we also have a winter storm warning until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow above 1500 feet. and that's in the lake county hills. this is a level 1. brief downpours, chance of isolated thunder and snow over our highest peaks. i'll be back with the timeline coming right up. and the and kristen? >> sandhya, thank you so much. the weather brought cold scattered rain across the north bay, and a bonus if you're in the right places a the right time. >> that's true. wayne freedman is live from a hilltop in san anselmo. >> it is a snow chase and it did happen today. it's roughly 4 degrees.
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that is mount tam over my shoulder. it tends to catch a lot of water at this time of year. cascade falls in mill valley, own a day when a torrent of rainwater rushed down mount tamalpais, we had another kind of precipitation in our sights. >> i don't think so. i don't think it's quite cold enough. >> she might want to think again. this is the summit of that same mount tam not much later. those really are snow flurries captured by a marin county fire surveillance camera at 2,572 feet. deputy chief mark brown showed us the live feed. the camera network covers 14 mountaintops, including mount saint helena at 4,431 feet. and there not only did the snow come down with authority, it also stuck to the ground. here is a freeze-frame from that saint helena camera. it almost looks like tahoe up there. >> it is the tallest peak that we have in the north bay. so it makes sense. >> if snow makes sense on a day when waters raged, but flurries
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stole the headlines. what will tomorrow bring? >> i would imagine will there be a couple 2 or 4 inches of snow on tam that will last through the day. >> you're betting on it? >> no. >> he's not going to bet on it. but he wouldn't be surprised by it that is a live shot of mount tam right there. the view from the north is the best. just below the summit there, you will see a little patch of white. that's in a little hollow that the sun rarely reaches. it's mostly in shadow most of the day, and the sun remains not shining and the snow sticks around. you can get a good look at it. live in san anselmo above the ross valley, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. check out this view from mount saint helena today. it may be just a light dusting. that is definitely snow on the ground and in the trees. we checked other cameras in the area du didn't see any snow. however, that could change
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tonight when those temperatures drop. well, in the south bay, mt. hamilton is covered in snow right now. >> abc 7 reporter carlos salcedo made it up the hill and tells us it looks like a winter wonderland. >> the conditions look like this heading to mt. tamil on the this afternoon. live flurries falling and sticking to the ground below 4,000 feet. farther up the summit the intensity picked up, making it seem as though we were entering a winter wonderland. >> it started coming up good around 9:30, 10:00. and we get snow a couple of times a year up here. so this isn't -- this isn't the most i have ever seen. but forecast hold true, it might be. >> joe hayley works at lake observatory. at 4200 feet, snow up here is not rare, but when it happens, it's always a spectacle. >> it's beautiful, but it's dangerous. and i certainly don't encourage anybody to come on up to the observatory to play in the snow. this is not a snow park. we're not equipped to handle it.
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>> snowplows worked nonstop to clear the roads around the observatory. >> if you come back tomorrow, i might be telling you this is the most snow i've ever seen, and i've been up here five years. >> carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> and there are other concerns in the south bay tonight, not just snow. real concerns about flooding. the ewe vass reservoir is sending water down the spillway, and that has some people evacuating. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live with the story tonight. david? >> well, dan, this happens once in a while, and this is one of those days when it did. we're just around the corner from the thousand trails rv park, but some of the residents there have moved their homes here along watsonville road because the waters of uvas creek has been rising and threatening to flood them out. the creek is rising because it's receiving runoff for the spillway just two miles away. here is video shot a short time ago that shows how high the water is at uvas reservoir. realtime gauges indicate it was at 103% of capacity as of 2:30
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this afternoon. uvas is one of ten valley water district reservoirs. two others, almaden and visona reservoirs are also over 100% of capacity this afternoon. residents of thousand oaks rv park decided to self-evacuate. some were able to find spaces at nearby rv parks, while others whatted to make do by parking along the side of the road. one of the residents describes how he got nervous about the rising water. >> it was right up close to the bridge a couple of feet away, flowing through. the bridge got taken out last time. and then the waters on the side tributaries are all full. all of the sudden a lot of water coming through. >> that made you nervous? >> well, yeah, it makes you nervous. >> he was able to rent the last space available at another nearby park. he hopes to return as soon as conditions improve. well, the valley water district says the water level at uvas
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reservoir is starting to recede. so the danger of potential flooding has passed for now. thousand trails rv park has experienced flooding before. this time, though, it appears they dodged a bullet. we're live near morgan hill, david louie, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. meantime, up in the sierra, the roads are just a mess. caltrans shot this video on interstate 80. it is blanketed in snow. the freeway closed at applegate all the way to the california/nevada state line. that's about 80 miles of road. these caltrans cameras show what drivers in the sierra are dealing with right now. heavy snow, several feet in some places. highway 50 is also closed. caltrans is holding highway 50 traffic in meyers and echo summit for avalanche control. you can track the rain with abc 7 news app. also the snow. it's been our most popular story today. just click the blue live bar at the top of the app to see the
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live doppler 7 radar. you can also enable push alerts to get weather advisories onner your phone or your tablet. law enforcement officials are looking for a young san francisco couple missing since saturday after they went camping in the mendocino national forest. 18-year-old maia herman-kitami and her 21-year-old boyfriend carlos hernandez last spoke to family on wednesday. they were expected to return friday night or saturday morning at the latest. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow spoke with the woman's aunt today. >> dan, most of the family is up in glen county where a search is under way. we spoke with maia's aunt, as you said, in burlingame. she is worried the couple won't have enough food or water to survive the storm. shawna desilva never imagined her niece would be on a missing person poster. >> nervous, scared. >> reporter: she went on a camping trip with her 21-year-old boyer carlos hernandez to mendocino national forest.
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they planned to go off-roading in his yellow jeep. wednesday maia texted her dad to say they were close to the campground and would let him know when they arrived that was her last communication. >> and obviously the most concerning thing is the freezing temperatures, the storm being snowed in. >> shawna says maia's boyfriend has survivor skills thinking is a place he grew up going to with his dad, so he is familiar with it for camping. >> the glen county sheriff's office has been searching for the couple since sunday, with additional search and rescue resources being coordinated. shawna says they went with lots of gear, but possibly not enough food or water. she is hopeful the coupe legal be found soon, and that her niece will return home to her family and shawna's new baby that she recently held over thanksgiving. the vehicle the couple was in is a yellow 2004 jeep wrangler with a soft top. a license plate number is 7nad240. if you have information, contact the glen county sheriff's office. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news.
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>> okay, melanie, thank you so much. a little over an hour ago, we learned that oakland teachers voted to authorize a strike. >> we are live with when they could be walking off the job and what the district is doing in response. new developments with the so-called google 8 after they got arrested for protesting, the silicon valley company's plan to expand in san jose. and tesla making a strategic move tonight. the company it's buying as it is (music throughout)
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happening now, oakland teachers have voted to authorize a strike. >> they will not be walking off the job tomorrow orrt >>bc 7 news reporter lyanne me w happe next us expecd this outcome. here is the moment when the president of the oakland
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education association announced the results following four days of voting. >> in our highest strike vote turnout ever, 95% of oakland teachers voted yes to authorize a strike. >> no strike date has been set, but the union made it very clear that without a serious approximately by the school district, they out by the expnd of the month. the proposals include higher salaries, class size reduction, and no closing of schools as the district is anticipating. now at this moment, both sides are getting ready for a strike, and the union is asking substitute teachers not to cross the picket line. >> what we're saying is join your brothers and sisters on the line, you know. we're a family of educators. we represent all the certificated employees and all
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the nonmanagement folks. so it's a strike for everybody. >> we're getting ready for the possibility of a strike, and that means we're finding substitutes that can work in our schools. we're also letting central office staff know that they're going to be going to schools as well to support. >> the teachers are asking for a 12% raise over three years, and so far the district has offered 5% over the same period. now keep in mind that the district is in the middle of a budget crisis, and on wednesday the board. the last time teachers went on strike was in 1996, and it lasted 26 days. i'm live from oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> okay. lyanne, thanks very much. the issues in oakland are similar to ones that led to tens of thousands of teachers in los angeles to go on strike last month. those teachers demanded higher pay, smaller class sizes and an increase in support staff. the strike ended after six days and was the first in the district in 30 years. there's a move under way
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tonight to protect the rights of infants known as intersex babies. state senator scott wiener is announcing a bill that will bar doctors and parents from deciding on certain cosmetic surgeries often at the time of birth. it's aimed at the roughly 1% to 2% of people born with variations in their sexual characteristics. advocates for the community say intersex people should be able to make decisions about their sexuality themselves when they're older. >> the point is that people like me are often denied the same rights as everyone else. so just as lgb and t were positioned as mental disorders to be fixed, intersex people are often still positioned as physical problems to correct surgically. >> supporters say the bill would not affect surgeries that are deemed medically necessary. survivors of california's deadliest and most destructive wildfire are starting their lives over all across the united states. wildfire survivors are marking their new locations on google
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mp circulating on two facebook pages. november's fire consumed nearly 14,000 homes in and around paradise, that small town that was utterly wiped out. the chico enterprise reports survivors are living in 29 states and more than 245 different neighborhoods. in the south bay, eight protesters arrested during a meeting about google's expansion plans in san jose won't face charges. the so-called google eight chained themselves to seats last december during a security council meeting that discussed google's proposal. the district attorney announced today it would not pursue charges against them. protesters are opposed to plans approved by the city council to sell city-owned land to google. the future of sears could be decided soon, and what happens if you don't file your taxes? >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here to tell us more about that. michael? >> this is shaping up to be the week for sears. let me tell you. it's going to be make or break potentially. the bankruptcy hearing is under way and should take at least a
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few days. now many large creditors want the retailer liquidated, done away with. but the former ceo wants to keep the store going. add a few in between potential plans, and there is a lot to sort through. now so far, the bankruptcy judge has shown a preference towards protecting consumers and employees, but there are no guarantees. if you have any gift cards or need to make returns, get on it. it is not only time to do your taxes, but check on your social security earnings. how much you eventually get from social security is tied to how much you make today. so no matter your age, you need to check in. it is easy to go to the website, get a user name and password. once signed on, compare how much you made last year to what the government thinks you made. if the numbers match up, there is nothing more for you to do. if you made more than what is shown, then you will need to call in and let the agency know so that you get the proper amount of money when you retire.
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now after three years and three months, many of the shortages cannot be fixed. so you need not to put this off. this is tax time. so what happens if you just say no and don't file your taxes? well, if you have a refund coming, and really, never file, you lose that cash for good. the irs gives you three years to ask for the money. if you owe the irs money, you'll be assessed 5% for failure to file and another half percent for failure to pay that is every month. and you get nailed for interest too. >> ouch. >> if you own them money. >> file. >> they don't have as big a sense of humor about that as you think. >> i wonder why. thanks, michael. on to the weather. >> now your accuweather with sandhya patel. >> well, the weather is getting very interesting. good evening, everyone. take a look at live doppler 7. we're going to get you in to street level radar around marin
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county. the pink there's indicating a mix of rain and snow around sir frances drake boulevard, lucas valley road. don't be surprised if you see snowflake there's mixing in with the rain. we've been seeing it. also seeing snow accumulating over mount hamilton. and from san francisco down the peninsula, mission street we are seeing some downpours. as we track this for you, it will head towards san leandro and hayward in the next few minutes. 5:54 san leandro. 680, dublin seeing moderate showers. also around livermore, around concannon moving eastward. over mt. diablo, yes tracking some snow up there, and also some rain mixing in at the lower elevations. i want to take you back in time. take a look at what's been happening. the snow has been falling over the highest peaks, and the snow levels have been lowering. i would not be surprised if we see a few flurries as we head towards tomorrow morning over
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twin peaks. i'm not expecting a rerun of what we saw in san francisco back in 1976, but it certainly can't be ruled out in the north bay where you could see rain/snow mix down to sea level. it's a level one system tonight through tomorrow morning. showers briefly heavy. chance of an isolated thunderstorm and snow over our highest peaks. here is a look at a view, speaking of peak, from tahoe. look at this. they have just been seeing the snow accumulating two to six feet in the last 72 hours, and they're still counting. it is dumping right now in the mountains. higher elevations will pick up some more snow. above 5,000 feet, we have a blizzard warning until 10:00 p.m. tonight. additional 2 to 5 feet of snow. extremely dangerous travel and whiteout conditions. a winter storm warning is in effect at the lower elevations . so would hold off on travel. south beach camera showing you the view as the clouds are overhead from our south beach camera looking toward the bay and the bay bridge. upper 40s, san francisco, oakland, mountain view, san jose. getting chilly out there.
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morgan hill, 44 degrees. so tonight you'll want to bring your pets inside and make sure you throw an extra blanket on yourself because it is going to be cold. sutro tower camera showing you a peek of sun, raindrops there as well. low to mid 40s from santa rosa to napa. emeryville camera, the clouds are stacked up. barely can see the sun. snow and showers through tomorrow morning. very cold the next few mornings. we're looking at dried which mid week with rain returning. snow at higher elevations 6:00 tonight. 9:30 it's still going to be coming down. at midnight, those snow levels continuing to drop as we head towards tomorrow morning, not as much moisture left. so 5:00 a.m. over our south and east bay hills, we'll see some snow showers. but the polish start to depart. 7:30 down towards the south bay. still some accumulating snow. and then really an isolated shower or two for the rest of tomorrow afternoon/evening. can't be ruled out. but for the most part, this is going to be a tonight/tomorrow morning event. in terms of rainfall, if you get
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caught under one of these downpours, could pick up a third of an inch. places like oakland, half moon bay, first thing in the morning you will want your winter scarves, gloves. pack on the heavy jackets. look at the temperatures. upper 20s to low 40s. very cold. snow in the hills. tomorrow afternoon, hang on to the jackets. it's going to be a chilly day. upper 40s to the low 50s for many of you. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it is lunar new year's celebration. and tomorrow for the year of the pig, level one system. snow and rain, a chilly day. cold mornings follow wednesday, thursday, with chilly days. friday, saturday, sunday, we have a level one system that is going to spread some more rain. and just an early heads up, could actually see some snow showers again later on this week. 1 to 4 inches of rain fell over the last 72 hours here in the bay area. get a load of this, dan and kristen, up to 8 inches in sonoma county and ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains. >> that's crazy. all right. thanks, sandhya. well, more controversy
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colin kaepernick keeps on making headlines with regards to the super bowl and is creating a buzz online right now. a atlanta artist says a mural of the former 49ers quarterback was destroyed last week when a building was torn down. the building was about a mile from where the super bowl was played. so artists have responded by putting up new murals, including this one. a total of eight are planned at various locations throughout atlanta. tesla is buying a battery company as it looks to trim costs and ramp up production. the deal is for maxwell technologies out of san diego. tesla is set to be paying about $218 million in stock. the electric carmaker has been
5:25 pm
looking for ways to improve battery life while reducing the time it takes to recharge them. the deal is expected to go through by the end of june. nasa's insight lander is doing pretty impressive work on mars. over the weekend it pulled off a manufacture that looks more like a chef covering a dish at a restaurant. it picked up a corp and placed it over a seismometer. it will protect from wind gusts and extreme temperature changes. the seismometer will detect any motion below the planet's surface. amazing to control it from so far away. okay. it's time for dragons and red envelopes. >> we're going to get you ready for the lunar
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, as you can see from lye doppler 7, plenty of unsettled weather out there. spencer will show you how long it's going to last in his updated forecast. plus -- >> i mean, if your home is
5:28 pm
violated, that's your whole world. >> a bay area city is hit with a rash of home burglaries. some of them had one thing in common. and get this. atlanta is no longer america's busiest airport. there is a new leader, and a pretty significant change at one bay area airport. all of that and a lot more coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally tonight, today's weather did not dampen the lunar new year's eve celebration at a san francisco school. >> students lined the hallways of lakeshore elementary as kindergartners took part in the annual dragon parade. take a good look at those costumes. the students actually made them themselves with a little help, obvious live. >> long-time lakeshore students say they're proud of their younger classmates. >> a lot of kids smiling, their faces really bring a lot of joy to other kids waiting outside the classrooms. i think it's a super cool opportunity for kindergartners to be in the dragon parade.
5:29 pm
>> this event started about 34 years ago. the brainchild of kindergarten teachers jane and helen ing, who are now retired, by the way. >> looks like a lot of fun. there are several customs for the lunar new year. don't do any of these things tomorrow if you want good luck for the rest of the year. don't sweep your floor or do any house cleaning. >> i don't do that any other day of the year. don't wash your hair. don't eat or drink anything bitter. that's interesting. >> that's right. don't borrow anything. but you do want to eat or drink things that are sweet to bring you sweetness in the new year. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, michael finney, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an hour. >> bye-bye.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly plane crash. tonight, the new images emerging of a plane on fire as it falls from the sky. landing in a neighborhood right into a home. the pilot killed. the family inside the home killed, just before watching the super bowl. and what authorities have just revealed tonight. the mounting pressure this evening amid a racist photo firestorm. tonight, what the virginia governor is now saying. will he resign? the abc news exclusive tonight. we are one-on-one with the u.s. commander in the war in afghanistan. four-star general scott miller. tonight, right here, rare images of the assault on the taliban, their hands in the air. what we witnessed on the ground. tonight, the general on the talks with the taliban on any


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