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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 9, 2019 7:00am-7:58am PST

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massager. >> rob needs a doggie toy. >> you could end up with quincy at the -- [ laughter ] or clive owens. >> or clive. >> clive owen, whoever that is. good morning, america. get ready for more "kim new accuser, a second woman possible." coming forward alleging the award winning animated embattled virginia lieutenant series undergoing a live action governor justin fairfax sexually assaulted her. the new calls for fairfax to transformation for a disney channel original movie. resign as he faces a threat of kim's a modern-day teen hero who impeachment this morning. balances high school while saving the world from dangerous villains and the actress who fiery testimony. the contentious hearing on plays her is ready to take on capitol hill. >> how the heck did you become the head of the department of the role saying the movie will justice? >> the acting attorney general appeal to audiences old and new. in the hot seat. >> kids watching disney channel now are going to love it but i what matt whitaker said about also think the people who grew the mueller investigation and up on "kim possible" can find something they love about it too. the questions he refused to answer. it's going to be very no taggic happening right now, police manhunt, the search for a for them. there's a lot of hidden things and easter eggs and stuff that was put in the show just for disbarred lawyer on the run them. skipping out on his prison sentence and now wanted for >> yeah, the show was on about killing his mother. 2002 to 2007, i believe. so a lot of kids grew up with >> he could be anywhere. it. now they're all grown up and heou hill on "kim possible" premieres next >>hat family is saying friday on the disney channel.
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this morning. new this morning, tasing finally we're celebrating national pizza day. i can't think of a better pizza lawsuit, disturbing video except for dan showing officers tasing a man during ticp th because he doesn't eat anything family in the car. pizza related anymore. >> you're all right, come on. there's a little bit of controversy -- >> i'll investigate the deep >> what authorities are saying dish. >> you would? >> i'm not going to eat it. about the incident. and dangerous storm. the winter blast slamming the >> you'll investigate it? so listen to this story. the chicago pd threw down the pacific northwest. gauntlet and tweeted this. how will you celebrate chicago, hazardous road conditions, cars skidding, buses stalled, planes deep dish or old-fashioned thin crust? either choice beats new york grounded. style slices. >> they call it a pie. >> the nypd chief of detectives what's ahead this morning. dermot shea said, trick question if it's not from new york, it's not pizza. so then they like went back and all right, good morning. let's get straight to our top forth about football and taste test. odngmeca" so wsting.melts in yo. story. new developments and new allegations contributing to the escalating, ongoing political dumpster fire in the state of virginia. >> yeah, the already embattled lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, now facing a second n uthe pizza before you eat . allegation of sexual assault. there are mounting calls now for >> oh, cold pizza is the best. his resignation and this morning, a threat to have him >> you know what you should have, a chili dog. >> that's right. impeached. >> meanwhile, the governor ralph >> dan with the final word. northam is out with a fresh vow he wins. >> dad jokes win. >> adrienne, safe travels. >> thank you.
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to lvever a acace >> see you tomorrow morning. controversy. thanks, everybody, for watching. abc's zachary kiesch is in thanks, everybody, for watching. richmond covering it all. good morning, zachary. >> reporter: good morning to you, eva. when someone discovered photos of virginia governor ralph northam in a dusty old yearbook, it would have been fair to assume that it would come with repercussions but the all-out fallout around here, a list that now includes four men has become unprecedented. this morning, an ultimatum for good morning, everyone, i'm virginia lieutenant governor chris nguyen. justin fairfax after a second the first sign that baseball season is almost here is just a woman accused the politician of sexual assault in the last week. couple of hours away for giants >> any message for the citizens fans. this morning, the giants will of virginia? hold the team's annual fanfest at oracle park. >> we'll have our say and i'm confident in the truth. players and coaches will thank you all so much. interact with fans, sign >> reporter: virginia house autographs and take selfies. democrat delegate patrick cope fans can also tour many parts of last night saying if fairfax the ballpark. admission is free. all gates open at 10:00 a.m. does not resign by monday, he pitchers and catchers report for will introduce articles for impeachment. spring training in arizona on >> i believe these women. he needs to resign immediately. >> reporter: a number of politicians and organizations tuesday. happening today, representative jackie speier is echoed the same message saying visiting two san mateo county libraries to discuss her new
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it's not in the best interest book. the book is called "undaunted: for him to remain on the job. surviving fightinac it's an incredible turn for the 39-year-old african-american husband and father. the newest alleged victim, her first stop will be at belmont library at 10:00 a.m. meredith watson, says fairfax raped her 19 years ago while her second at half moon bay library at 3:00 in the both were students at duke university. afternoon. she was shot five times on an speaking to "good morning airstrip in 1978 while america" this morning, her lawyer says -- investigating abuses by cult >> she also has documents which leader jim jones. one of the world's largest we have made public, an email in may of 2016 and facebook posts exhibitions of rare and antique books is happening in oakland this weekend. the 52nd annual antiquarian book later in 2016 and '17 which -- fair features the collections in which she clearly says justin and rare treasures of nearly 200 book sellers from more than 20 fairfax raped me. >> reporter: but fairfax countries around the world. releasing a statement saying, i you can check it out at the deny this latest unsubstantiated oakland marriott city center from 11:00 to 7:00 today or allegation. it is demonstrably false. ticke $thw,n themor i have never forced myself on anyone ever. earlier this week vanessa tyson, bay area forecast with our a college professo sd fairfax forced her to perform meteorologist lisa argen. >> we've had lingering showers oral sex back in 2004. and we have another system coming in today. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. we have a little bit of fairfax is outright denying the allegations telling reporters -- everything out there right now. >> this is one of the most we can expect some showers mid blatant examples of a smear. afternoon, a wintery mix, and
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>> reporter: just a week ago, possibly a thunderstorm. fairfax was viewed as governor right now, in san francisco, ralph northam's replacement to some scattered showers, also higher elevation, rain-snow mix lead the commonwealth after this 1984 yearbook photo showing two but you see the sun out there, the golden gate bridge, upper 30s, morgan hill, 46 in san people, one in a kkk hood and the other wearing blackface, francisco, not a beach day. drew loud calls for his in fact, the rain increases resignation. later on. we'll time it out for you and >> it's not me and it was horrific and the fact that it was on my page was not talk about the possibility of a thunderstorm and let you know how much to expect coming up. acceptable. >> reporter: the governor adamant he's not going anywhere. chris? overnight repairs on the in a memo sent to state richmond-san rafael bridge after chunks of concrete fell earlier employees on friday and obtained this week. coming up, what you can expect coming up, what you can expect this ♪ by abc, northam wrote, you have placed your trust in me to lead give the gift of devotion virginia forward and i plan to do that. the turmoil leaving many with our incredible selection of jewelry virginians wondering what is next after the third official in line, attorney general mark udg ndf givepiecesnder $299votion herring, also acknowledged he dare to be devoted. wore blackface. only at jared. we do need to note these are dare to be devoted. ♪ ♪ ms. watson's claims. i can do more to lower my a1c. we have no corroborating evidence at this time. now, happening here in richmond because my body can still make its own insulin. this weekend, lawmakers are home, but we do not anticipate and i take trulicity once a week that it will be quiet around here. to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. eva, whit.
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trulicity is not insulin. >> all right, thank you there. a lot to talk about. now to that contentious it starts acting in my body from the first dose and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. testimony on capitol hwhak by h trulicity is an injection >> abc's white house to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes correspondent tara palmeri is at the white house with what he when used with diet and exercise. said about the mueller investigation and what he wouldn't talk about. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, tara, good morning. or if you have type 1 diabetes >> reporter: good morning, whit. it was the first opening act of or diabetic ketoacidosis. what would likely be a stream of don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, high-profile hearings into or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. people closest to the president stop trulicity and call your doctor right away and they wanted to know, the democrats, if he had done anything in his four-month if you have symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, tenure to impede the mueller investigation. a lump or swelling in your neck, on capitol hill, acting attorney general matthew whitaker with one week left on the job grilled by members of the house taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin judiciary committee. increases your low blood sugar risk. >> we're all trying to figure out who are you? where did you come from and how the heck did you become the head abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. of the department of justice? these can lead to dehydration, >> reporter: starring in a which may worsen kidney problems. i choose once-weekly trulicity to activate my within. six-hour heated hearing that if you need help lowering your a1c, zeroed in on his supervision of ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity.
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the special counsel's russiaake. >> in your capacity as acting attorney general, have you ever been asked to approve any request or action to be taken by the special counsel? it's saturday, february 9th. >> mr. chairman, i see that your five minutes is up and so -- foor good morning and thanks so much [ laughter ] for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen. he's tracking live doppler 7 for i am here voluntarily. us. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. we've got a loop of the past >> reporter: before becoming the nation's top law enforcer several hours and you notice the upper left-hand corner of your whitaker criticized robert screen, we're getting some more mueller's investigation into possible campaign collusion with rain and this is cold rain from russia but now claiming since guerneville to bodega bay and assuming his current role as acting attorney general that he has done nothing to hinder the just to the north and east of probe. >> there has been no event, no clover detail. wintery mix out there, still a decision that has required me to orand san francisco and o take any action, and i have not interfered in any way with the higher elevations snow here from mt. diablo to mt. hamilton so special counsel's investigation. i have not talked to the there is a winter storm warning president of the united states until about the special counsel's investigation. >> reporter: and while vowing to tell the truth, refusing to say whether he spoke to the president about a case outside of the mueller investigation, a trump's longtime lawyer and
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fixer michael cohen. >> i want to know whether you talked to president trump at all about the southern district of new york's case involving michael cohen. >> congresswoman, as i've mentioned several times today, i am not going to discuss my private conversations with the president of the united states. >> reporter: republicans claiming the marathon trial was all for show. >> bring your popcorn. i'm thinking about maybe we just set up a popcorn machine in the back because that's what this is becoming. >> reporter: whitaker's successor william barr will likely be confirmed in the next week but this hearing was more of a warning shot from democrats if they sense any meddling into the russia investigation. dan. >> tara, thank you so much. >> let's talk now to our ringer, abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd who is coming to us from texas. so, matthew, you heard in tara's piece republicans saying let's set up a popcorn machine, this is a circus. any truth to that allegation or do you think actually we learned some important substantial things here?
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>> well, maybe instead of a circus i would call it a bazaar because of the tone and the manner with which it was conducted. substantively, i don't think we learned much of anything in this because whitaker would refuse to answer the questions, but tonally i think we learned a lot. i think we learned what matt whitaker thinks of congress and by extension what the president thinks of this congress. i've often said the president is not upset with nancy pelosi or the congress, he's upset with james madison because he doesn't like the checks and balances. for two years he had a congress that didn't ask the tough questions. now he has a democratic establishment and democratic members who are asking the tough questions of him and his cabinet. >> but it looks like these tough questions that you mentioned, we could be hearing a lot of them in hearings like the one we saw yesterday over the next two years. is it possible that the democrats run the risk of overdoing it here? >> yeah, it's very possible. i mean, i think the chairman of the committee, jerry nadler, i
7:09 am
think handled it very well and i think his demeanor and the way he engaged was very well done but i think some of the other members i think pushed it too far and i think democrats have to be really careful that the american public doesn't look at this whole thing and say, nothing is functional. it's not working, so, yes, i think the democrats have to be careful on how they do this. i think they're aware of that but sometimes when people get on stage and theater takes effect, they go too far. >> so speaking of dysfunction, let's loop back to our top story, virginia, where we have the three top officials in the state under assault. all of them are staying in their jobs for now but where do you think we're heading with this thing? can all three of these men tough it out and stay in office? >> well, you know, as i've watched this, it's like a game of survivor where the tribal council votes somebody off and they don't leave the island. and none of these three seem willing to leave the island even though there have been demands on many of them, almost all of them to leave. i think what is likely to happen
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of sexual assault, i think the most likely scenario is that he steps down. i think we now have two women in this who have made valid allegations of sexual assault but i think nobody knows where this goes from here. it looks like the governor has dug in and he is not going to leave but it is a -- talk about a bizarre situation. virginia is a bizarre situation. >> he's dug in with so many people calling for him to resign. it's unclear who he'll be able to work with going forward. matthew dowd, thank you, and we're disappointed you didn't mention "deuce bigalow 2." >> i got "survivor" in. i got "survivor" in. i got "survivor" in. >> credit where it's due. thank you, matthew. appreciate it. >> we always appreciate the matt dowd references to pop culture as well. turning to other news this morning, president trump getting his annual health checkup. dr. sean conley, his personal physician, saying the president is in very good health but stopping short of releasing any details of the four-hour exam. after a health assistment last year, the president was told to step up the exercise and cut the calories.
7:11 am
no word if he followed the doctor's orders. turning to an intense manhunt under way this morning for a disbarred attorney who police say killed his mother when he was supposed to be starting a prison sentence on other charges. >> with the suspect now on the run, the witnesses who testified against him during his trial are now saying they fear for their lives. abc's erielle reshef is in the studio and on the story. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. it's the shocking case that has authorities now hunting for answers. a disbarred lawyer accused of brutally murdering his own mother before taking off. this morning, that nationwide manhunt for a disbarred lawyer turned fugitive accused of killing his own mother. richard merritt considered armed and dangerous. seen here in an old commercial. >> obviously my practice is very grass roots. >> reporter: his brother speaking to abc news overnight calling for merritt to turn himself in. >> now you certainly need to be held accountable for the brutal murder of our mother. >> reporter: the 44-year-old
7:12 am
sentenced to 30 years behind bars after pleading guilty to stealing money from clients and elder abuse. last friday merritt was supposed to turn himself in to a georgia he killed his mother and t time went on the run. >> reporter: authorities say merritt fatally stabbed his own mother shirley seen here in a memorial page created by her family then allegedly cut off his ankle monitor and took off in her lexus. >> what i want is justice for shirley merritt and i want him to pay for what he's done. >> reporter: former clients like tina sailor who testified against merritt during his trial fearing possible retaliation telling abc news his ankle monitor was in cartersville, georgia, which is 15 minutes up the road from me. right now we're all kind of scared. so far investigators say there is no evidence of a hit list. >> he could be anywhere. we think he may be anywhere in the country. >> reporter: now his brother tells abc news overnight merritt should never have been givck to.
7:13 am
he believes all of this could a disturbing video coming to light during a traffic stop in arizona. >> the glendale police department facing a lawsuit for what happened after they pulled a car over. this morning, newly released body cam video obtained by affiliate knxv showing the dramatic encounter involving police officers in glendale, arizona, and a man they tased during a traffic stop. >> ow! >> stop it. >> reporter: the man and his family now suing the department. police say the july 2017 incident started with a turn signal violation. >> nobody has their i.d. on them? >> no. >> anything with their name on it? >> reporter: the passenger, johnny wheatcroft, his 6 and 11-year-old sons and their mother in the backseat. >> okay. i don't want you stuffing anything down in between the seat like you're doing. relax. >> reporter: the officers concerned he's hiding evidence. the situation dramatically escalates. >> stop. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> turn over.
7:14 am
turn over. turn over, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: officers deploying their tasers struggling to get wheatcroft into handcuff, the struggle lasting for several minutes. wheatcroft's attorney saying his client was tased 11 times in a lawsuit calling the incident unlawful, unprovoked, unwarranted, unjustified, callous, depraved, vicious and evil. police saying the officer deployed his taser after they say wheatcroft's wife hit his partner in the head. in a statement glendale police say they reviewed the officer's actions and one of them was disciplined. in a letter obtained by our affiliate knxv, he was suspended for 30 hours without pay for what the department called gross negligence. wheatcroft and his wife were both charged with aggravated assault. court records show she pled gu ta lesser charge. in the lawsuit wheatcroft's attorney says all the charges against his client were dismissed. but hard video to watch no matter what. >> really.
7:15 am
absolutely. >> no matter what. let's move on now to the tense standoff along the border with venezuela. embattled president nicolas maduro blocking american humanitarian aid trucks from entering the country, which is in crisis. abc's victor oquendo has the latest from the colombian side of that border. victor. >> reporter: good morning, dan. interim president juan guaido moving forward announcing over the weekend the opposition will be organizing volunteers to get that desperately needed humanitarian aid into the country. we got a firsthand look at the u.s.-led efforts. nine truckloads filled with food diapers, toothpaste and medical supplies held up at a warehouse right here in cucuta, colombia blocked from entering venezuela by the nicolas maduro regime. directly outside that warehouse a highway connecting the two countries blocked by shipping containers and a tanker. maduro calling the u.s. aid a humiliation and calling for sanctions to be lifted. meanwhile, venezuelans continue suffering with a crippling economy and a shortage of supplies left with no choice but to cross this nearby border for food and medicine on an almost daily basis. but now the big question is,
7:16 am
what happens next? the u.s. promising to deliver more than $20 million in humanitarian aid. guaido vowing to get it into the country but for now the majority of those supplies remain in limbo as this crisis continues. eva. >> all right, thanks, victor. and the dangerous winter storm pounding the northwest this morning causing whiteout conditions. >> that's right. it was in the northeast last week. now the northwest. rob marciano here with the very latest. rob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. really the entire west coast ran across san francisco, los angeles and snow down to the lower elevations of some of the mountains outside of l.a. but the northwest is bearing the bankrupt of this. portland seeing rain turn to snow. it's been all snow in seattle overnight causing all sorts of problems. this is a rare second punch of snow this week for seattle and they call it the emerald city but this morning it is covered in white. overnight, the northwest slammed again by another winter storm bringing near whiteout conditions in seattle. the wintry mess, heavy snow and
7:17 am
ice blanketing parts of washington backing up rush hour traffic for miles. >> two hours on 5 to get home. >> it's bad. >> reporter: cars like this one left abandoned as slippery roads and visibility become a huge issue for drivers. wind gusts reaching up to 45 miles per hour in some areas bringing down trees and blocking roads. drivers stranded and some forced to pull over. watch as several people helped push this car along an icy road. and take a look at this truck that needed to be chained up and pulled out. major highways closed down due to collisions like this one and this bus stuck struggling to get moving. the driver eventually giving up needing some help to get back on the street. the storm hitting the seattle metro area the hardest with more than six inches of snow dumping on the city. planes grounded at the seattle tacoma airport with hundreds of flights delayed or canceled. s ar nor as a cmate that's veryimilar
7:18 am
upwards of 8 to 10 inches in some of the hills just outside the city and they're not very well equipped to handle it. you'll see it's still snowing up there again. portland will see some snow as well and the sierra nevada on top of what they had last week will see more in the way of significant snow. it drifts down to the south and looks like tahoe will get another three, four, maybe five feet of snow and there's another pulse that will be coming down tomorrow night into tuesday and another one after that so we have numerous warnings and watches posted for this area including wind watches down to the south and we're looking for significant snow across the sierra. for hawaii you have yourself a situation as well. two big areas of high pressure. this low is going to take an unusual dive into polynesia and we're going to see probably some significant coastal damage here to piers and boats, waves up to 40 feet high. my goodness. that's a check of good saturday morning, everyone. here is mt. tam. we do have fog in some of our valleys, also a few scattered
7:19 am
showers. looking at a 1 on our storm impact scale today. also that wintery mix is possible and colder air moves in overnight tonight. the unsettled weather pattern continues into next week so we could see some downpours today and a chance of a thunderstorm. the accuweather 7 day forecast showing the cool highs today and tomorrow, break on monday, and then more rain into te middle of nexexexexexexexexexexexexexex seattle also about the same latitude as boston which has relatively nothing as far as snow goes. when seattle gets more snow than boston, you know it's a topsy-turvy year. >> but in boston they do have a super bowl champn ri. here we go. >> they have that. >> congratulations on that. hatodawhcorrect atame. >> the patriots, of course. we do want to make a hard turn to talking about this school shooting that happened in baltimore. an armed man opening fire in the lobby of frederick douglass high school friday afternoon.
7:20 am
56-year-old special education assistant michael marks shot in the torso. the gunman believed to be related to a student. he was quickly subdued by police. the school on lockdown for over an hour. marks is in serious but stable condition. patching up a payday glitch, wells fargo recovering from an outage that as you can imagine enraged customers when paychecks and deposits weren't showing up in their accounts. now, the company on damage control this morning. some branches are staying open a little later and wells fargo has vowed to clear any overdraft fees caused by the system setback. >> okay, we need some happy news. >> we do. >> let's do something about it. >> bring it, a.b. >> seattle, of course, as rob mentioned digging out from that massive storm but one little guy is enjoying nature's work. check out this curious corgi dashing through the scene of freshly fallen snow. his name is jojo. his owner sent him out to frolic, roam free in the yard, get some exercise and of course just do what we all want to do.
7:21 am
i think he looks like whit johnson. >> oh, for sure. yeah. >> frolicking. >> you know what they call a corgi in the snow, right? chili dog. >> oh. >> oh. >> yeah. >> wow, that was a hash reality. >> that was a dad joke. >> my daughter would have loved it. you know what, i'm just going to -- >> we'll ask her. >> -- go work on my material. >> i'm just getting it now. oh, that was amazing. >> man. thank you, adrienne. chili dog because he's cold. all right. >> got it. >> okay, coming up here on "good morning america," more news and better jokes from the others around me. why the feds now are looking into those bombshell allegations amazon founder jeff bezos making against "the national enquirer." and the guilty plea related to a missing colorado mom presumed dead. what it could mean for the murder case against that missing woman's fiance. and prince william fighting the stigma associated with mental health issues. our dr. jen ashton here to spread awareness and share the signs to watch for. keep it here. much more "gma" coming up on a saturday. "good morning america" is
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7:28 am
scattered showers have been falling south of san francisco. you can see pacifica, 280 and millbrae, pretty rainbow at sfo right now. cool numbers in the upper 30s from morgan hill to half moon bay. it's 46 in san francisco. walnut creek, if i had a little fog, partly cloudy skies, showers become numerous today. >> lisa, thank you. you know that look? that life of the party look.
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. fiery testimony. acting attorney general matthew whitaker gets grilled by the house judiciary committee. whitaker denying any interference with the mueller investigation during an often contentious hearing. whitaker also testifying he has not talked to the president about the special counsel's probe. an about-face in arizona in the arizona facility where an incapacitated woman was raped and impregnated. it is staying open. a decision was made to shutter hacienda healthcare in phoenix until the state stepped in on friday. now, arizona's health department is taking over operations ushering in tougher oversight and accountability measures. developing right now, an urgent search and rescue operation off south florida. a cargo plane went down in the ocean about 13 miles off of bay harbor island with two people on board. a coast guard helicopter pulled one crew member from a life raft. they're stilling looking for the other and that crash is under
7:31 am
investigation. we're going to start here this half hour with the latest on those spectacular accusations made by the richest man alive, the ceo of amazon, jeff bezos. >> federal investigators are reviewing his claims the publisher of "the national enquirer" tried to blackmail him. abc's lana zak is in washington with the details. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you know, "the national enquirer" and their parent company, ami, have built a media empire publishing scandals, but they're embroiled in their own scandal this morning. in a major development, federal prosecutors are now reviewing the bombshell allegations written in this blog post by amazon founder jeff bezos. bezos, the richest man in the world, claims that the "national enquirer" and its publisher david pecker of ami attempted to extort and blackmail him by threatening to release compromising photos of the billionaire if he did not back off from his investigation the tabloid. prosecutors in the southern district of new york are now reviewing whether these actions
7:32 am
if true violated an immunity agreement related to another high-profile case involving the president's former attorney michael cohen. >> that could wipe out that immunity agreement and lead to additional prosecutions. >> reporter: that deal requires ami to commit no crimes whatsoever for three years and if that agreement is broken, ami could be charged with campaign finance crimes. in a statement, ami says they acted lawfully but that they have convened their board to investigate the claims. it all started last month after bezos and his wife announced that they were divorcing after 25 years. almost immediately "the national enquirer" published pictures and private text messages with his alleged mistress, lauren sanchez. that prompted bezos to launch his own private investigation to determine how the tabloid got ec ty re politically motivated. referencing ami chairman and ceo pecker's close relationship with the president who has frequently gone after bezos and his paper, "the washington post," which
7:33 am
reports extensively on the trump administration. bezos alleges ami threatened to reveal more embarrassing photos and messages unless he stopped his investigation and publicly stated that he has no knowledge that "the enquirer's" reporting was politically motivated but bezos refused to do so choosing to expose their emails instead. bezos says it's because he is so wealthy that he's taking a stand against "the national enquirer" writing, if in my position i can't stand up to this kind of extortion, how many people can? dan. >> lana, thank you so much. this is just a fascinating, fascinating case. >> bizarre. >> let's normalize things for a moment and -- >> somewhat normal. >> something we can all relate to. >> talk about, yes, right. >> just a regular guy. >> those of us who have never been blackmailed and don't have several hundred billion dollars, let's talk about the weather. o >> exactly and being normal is the nicest thing you've ever said to me, dan. very sweet. >> you're welcome. >> because you asked for it we are snapping back to winter p i.
7:34 am
check out the chilly wave s in oswego, new new york, there along the shores of lake on tan joe. winds gusting over 60 miles an hour at one point yesterday and still over 50 miles an hour this morning so lake-effect snow still cranking up. and arctic air has returned to much of the northern third of the country, really all the way down to atlanta feels like 34 degrees this morning. your high on wednesday was like 80 so this is a snap back to reality. minus 32 in minneapolis this morning. that is dangerous again. we're getting into an active weather pattern with little pulses of snow for chicago and minneapolis. that's during the day tomorrow. not too big of a deal. rain across the mid-mississippi river valley and catches up with another system monday, tuesday, bigger and will combine energies and this will have more significant rain, thunderstorms, maybe flooding rain along the area and maybe snow that reaches maybe all the way into the new york city area, not quite to boston where they're still celebrating. your snow deficit. snow deficit, that i
7:35 am
good saturday morning. the showers are isolated and then they'll become more numerous throughout the afternoon. the winds are going to pick up. it's going to be cool and we'll have showers right on through the evening commute, so keep thu this weather report is sponsored by dawn ultra. >> wash those dishes. >> get your clean on, girl. >> that was the normalist weathercast i've ever seen. >> i'm working towards that. 20 years in the business, still struggling to be normal. >> who wants to be normal? that's no fun anyways, right? >> fair point, yes. coming up on "good morning america," the tears in court as a woman pleads guilty in connection with the case of kelsey berreth. what it means for the man accused of killing that missing mother. and we're going to take a sneak peek inside the grammy gift basket. these are the goodies that presenters and performers get to take home coming up in "pop news." who is doing "pop news"? neanrtt adrienne?
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7:40 am
>> a woman now appearing in court in the case involving kelsey berreth and agreeing to testify against the man who is accused of killing the young mother. abc's clayton sandell joins us from denver. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, whit. good morning, eva. krystal lee kenney has known patrick frazee since they were teenagers, her family said and now she has just pleaded guilty to helping him get rid of a key piece of evidence in an ongoing murder investigation. krystal lee kenney, this morning, is an admitted felon. >> is anyone forcing you or placing any pressu o deal with prosecutors that requires her to testify against patrick frazee, the man accused of murdering his fiancee, kelsey berreth, last seen shopping with their daughter thanksgiving day. kenney pleading guilty to getting rid of evidence, berreth's cell phone. >> i learned that patrick frazee
7:41 am
had committed a homicide approximately on november 22, 2018 in teller county. i knew that law enforcement would be investigating that crime. i moved the victim's cell phone with an intent to impair the phone's availability in the investigation. >> reporter: she says she only helped frazee after he allegedly threatened her. >> nothing you'd like to say? >> reporter: frazee was charged in december with murder. >> you see him? he's in cuffs. >> reporter: berreth's body has still not been found. >> we were all hoping this would end much more favorably than it has at this point. it's a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: berreth's parents are suing frazee for wrongful death and hoping kenney's guilty plea helps bring their daughter's alleged killer to justice. >> they are extraordinarily grateful for the work of the law enforcement and the district attorney in continuing to diligently pursue the have factsought to light.
7:42 am
>> reporter: kenney is free to go. she could eventually face jail time but her sentencing will have to wait until after she testifies against frazee who still has not entered a plea. he is due back in court february 19th. dan. >> much more to come on this case, we appreciate it. clayton, thank you very much. coming up on "good morning america," prince william doing the good work of fighting the stigma of mental health struggles and dr. jen ashton is here to talk about this very important topic. and "kim possible" reimagined in a new live action version ahead in "pop news." "pop news." (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential loweanyomay lose weight.ta®.f ul in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk
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7:46 am
light on mental health struggles. prince william bringing up the issue at the world economic forum saying the stigma to seek help must end. joining us to talk about this is chief health correspondent dr. jen ashton, we always appreciate you being here. >> good morning. >> you've been such a strong voice on this issue of mental health as well, bringing awareness to it. prince william is really trying to get people involved but he said that he had trouble getting celebrities on board. >> right. >> why is there still a stigma? >> if the royals are having trouble, whit, that really says a lot. they are doing a better job actually in the uk than we are here in the u.s., but we are trying to make strides. i think it's because if you can't see something, our society has a hard time taking it seriously. that needs to end. we need to think of mental health and mental illness no differently than we do cancer or heart disease. >> when we talk about mental health, what are specific conditions we need to be more aware of? >> we have to start knowing the numbers. let's take a look at what those are.ns will deal with a mental illness at some point
7:47 am
in their life. 50% of all chronic mental illness starts by the age of 14 and the most common, whit, anxiety disorders that affects 40 million american adults. >> i think something that a lot of people don't realize is how many resources there are available to people. what can people do if they know someone who needs help or they need help themselves? >> i think it has to start with knowing the signs. there's basically five key signs. if you think of them you can really make a difference not just in yourself but for someone else, a personality change, agitation, noticing being withdrawn, poor self-care, they're not grooming themselves. that is actually a sign and hopelessness. if you notice this in yourself or someone else, ask for help. get help. it can be life changing and it can be life saving. >> i think part of the problem, people wait until they're at the breaking point but when you start seeing these signs and symptoms early on, you should do something. >> absolutely and help is available and it's underutilized. that's the key. >> great point. dr. jen ashtonalys thank you so much. >> you bet.
7:48 am
let's head over to adrienne. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america," the latest installment of the pizza wars. chicago deep dish or new york slice. which is better? we've got that ahead in "pop news."
7:49 am
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and buttermilk pancakes for $6.99. male voice: $6.99? are you out of your mind? why are we still out of our minds? denny's new super slampler, all for $6.99. ♪ time for "pop news." adrienne is here. you've got a lot of swag here. >> window shopping over here. do i have to talk? i want to go through the gift bag. let's first let me get to business. we're starting things off with the gear up to the grammys. i will be flying out immediately after the show to los angeles. it's a who's who of the music world and now we're seeing where they will be sitting in the audience. we are told that drake will be sitting just in front of music legend quincy jones. you see his face right there. jennifer lopez will be sitting front and center with cardi b and lady gaga will be next to mark ronson and katy perry. dolly parton and chris stapleton will be side by side just in on
7:53 am
so now you know if you were there who you'd be sitting by. but, again, very, very -- >> glad they have the pictures to help people figure this all out. >> well, you know, we forget what they look like. >> quincy jones, isn't he the guy that has the big party every -- >> that's clive owens. >> clive davis. >> clive owens is an actor. >> one for three. >> did you just say who is quincy jones? did you say that really? >> i didn't say who. i said who throws a party. >> i'm going to talk to you after the show. we're going to have a little education session. let's talk about the swag bags, okay, the grammy presenters and performers will be taking home available at the gift lounge run by distinctive assets and valued at nearly 40,000 bucks. the most expensive item is a week long spa package for two worth almost $20,000. $20,000. twork, jewelry, clothing. some items here. everybody needs beauty products.
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