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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 11, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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now target's app will tell customers if a certain price is available online or in store. fiji water is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by iz so making news in america this called water girl. morning -- attempting model kelleth cuthbert says she redemption. >> virginia needs someone that can heal. >> virginia's governor starting never gave permission for her photos to be used for an ad campaign. new controversy by calling fiji says she did. slaves indentured sir vapts. cuthbert's team calls the justin fairfax's new counterlawsuit a publicity stunt. forget flowers. development. olive guard season offering a bezos versus pecker. bread stick bow kay. new details about who might have you can make your leaked the koch mizing photos of the billionaire. what the tabloid's lawyer now yourself and gobble it up. says about the blackmail claims. >> you have three days to get me some. what bob costas said refunds reduced. happened when he criticized the the concerns this morning as tax nfl. first, a tax season shocker for manies of americans. why tax refunds are dwindling or refunds dwindle.
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plus, sticker shock. disappearing for so many people. why some of the most popular and later, dolly parton's brands are raising their prices. and music's biggest night. big night at the grammys. ♪ here i go ♪ from dolly to gaga. ♪ far from the shadow now wash the really dirty clothes separately. >> the ladies truld grammys with remember -hard work builds character! surprise guests and historic new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. wins. the top moments from an epic night of firsts. aww, you did the laundry! ♪ just a little bit of soul but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note. should have sent a text. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. good monday morning, it's got to be tide. everyone. a lot to get to. we begin with the political chaos in virginia and a bold (get-together, especially after ibeing diagnosed last yearto go with my friends to our annual declaration from the governor with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. this saying loud and clear, he's not going anywhere. (avo) another tru story with keytruda. >> after apologizing for wearing black face in the past, ralph (dr. kloecker) i started katy on keytruda and chemotherapy and she's getting northam is facing trouble for results we rarely saw five years ago. (avo) in a clinical trial, significantly more patients his description of slaves. lived longer and saw their tumors shrink than >> mona kosar abdi has the on chemotherapy alone.
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(dr. kloecker) it's changed my approach to treating patients. (avo) keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies as latest. >> reporter: good morning, your first treatment if you have advanced nonsquamous, non-small janai. good morning, kenneth. virginia is entering cell lung cancer and you do not have an abnormal "egfr" or "alk" gene. unprecedented times as the top keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, three democrats are fighting to but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy stay in office. parts of your body. this can happen during or after treatment lieutenant governor justin fairfax is calling for an and may be severe and lead to death. investigation to clear his name. see your doctor right away if you have new or worse cough, governor northam tells chest pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, severe stomach pain or tenderness, nausea or vomiting, rapid heartbeat, increased hunger or thirst, constipation, dizziness king, he's not stepping down. or fainting, changes in urine or eyesight, muscle pain or weakness, joint pain, he's citing his years of service confusion or memory problems, fever, rash, why he's the best person to lead itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. the commonwealth. >> the first endentured servants tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, if you've had from africa landed on our shores an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, in old point comfort. >> also known as slavery. or have lung, breathing, or liver problems. >> yes. >> reporter: it was this photo (katy vo) where i am now compared to a year ago, which created a ripple effect it's a story worth sharing. that entangled virginia's top (avo) living longer is possible. three democrats into it's tru. keytruda, from merck. controversy.
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and this morning, at least one with more fda-approved uses for advanced lung cancer lawmaker says he's pursuing than any other immunotherapy. impeachment for lieutenant governor justin fairfax after two women accused him of sexual we're back with a rampage at assault. a restaurant here in new york. northam's weighing in. witnesses say that woman was >> i don't think he'll have an upset because the restaurant ran option but to resign. out of beef patties. >> reporter: vanessa tyson so she smashed the window there claims fairfax forced her to is with a bat. causing $,000 in damage. perform oral sex. police are now searching for and meredith watson says he her. we turn to your money. a big surprise for people who raped her while both were at file their taxes early. >> for the first time since duke. president trump's tax cuts were fairfax is calling for an fbi passed, many americans are seeing their refunds shrink or investigation. his lawyer's statement reading in some cases disappear in part, quote, the lieutenant governor is confident in the altogether. as more americans get their truth that will emerge from an taxes done, early filers are independent impartial expressing shock and anger. investigation. and virginia attorney general those refupds are not as big as mark her ring's future sun they hoped. >> i hate calling it tax cut known. he would take over as governor in both northam and fairfax because it wasn't a tax cut for me. >> reporter: the average refund resigned, admitted he, too, wore for the first week of filing down 8% compared to the same time last year.
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black face in the past. this story is far from over. major factors include the deductions taken away under >> mona in washington, thank president trump's new tax laws. you. on capitol hill, and changes to the decluxs for negotiations to avoid another student loan interests. government shutdown appear to a nonpartisan watchdog group have stalled. lawmakers hoped to reach a deal says more than $30 million by today. the democrats are making a new americans did not withhold enough from their pay checks. demand when it comes to border the irs changed the withholding security and sometitime is runn guidelines about a year popping. >> that short fall has to be short. this morning, with a friday deadline looming, talks appear made up at some point. to be at an impasse. that point is when you file your president trump is slamming returns. >> reporter: frustrated filers lawmakers for getting nowhere taking to twitter to complain. close to his $5.7 billion demand one person saying, will someone for a border wall. make my tax returns great again? tweeting, they're offering very little money for the desperately this woman is single with no kids. her pay jumped $1,000 in 2018. needed border wall. >> you can't take a shutdown off last year erks her refupd was the table. you cannot take 5.7 off the $900. this year, she ohs $26. table. if you end up some place in the >> i was counting on that money middle. yeah, what you'll probably see to pay for property taxes. is the president say, yeah, okay, and i'll go find the money >> of course, it's important not some place else. >> reporter: the lawmakers are to confuse your refund with the actual amount of taxes you pay disagreeing about the number of beds available for undocumented when it comes to withholding,
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immigrants in detention centers. democrats want to reduce the experts recommend reviewing your paycheck with your employer. sports caster bob costas number hoping to limit what they say are aggressive detepgs says he was pulled from covers the super bowl because of activities. there was some hope a deal could statements he made about the be reached by today. nfl's con cushion scandal. now, that seems unlikely. he was expected to host the >> the number are all over the super bowl for nbc last year. place. i think the big problem here is he said a few months before that this has become pretty much an he believes football destroys players' brains. ego knnegotiations. he got a text from his bosses h >> we came to learn how should > a am crash j triggered we up vest the american taxpayers' money. >> president trump visits el this wreck in daytona. then he walked away with the paso tonight. victory. but no plans for him to visit johnson's number 48 bumped the leader on the wet track. the border. the crash eventually took out 800,000 federal workers could once again be in limbo, facing nearly everyone else. no one was hurt. ten months after a near possible furlough or working without pay. >> seeing another shutdown just a couple of days away on the fatal brain hemorrhage, pitcher horizon, i think, is scary for danny farquhar is set to return anybody. >> late sunday, the president to the mound.
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brought up the option once again he collapsed in the dugout from to declare a national emergency. an aneurysm. he claims he would be on solid he spent three weekses in the icu. he's healthy and ready to get legal ground to do it. new details on the battle back to work. he and his wife say the comeback between the world's richest man was meant to be. and the biggest tabloid >> god put me in a major league newspaper. dugout where the medical staff jeff bezos accused "the national was able to get me to the e.r. quickly. >> i just know that it's -- it enquirer" of extortion and wasn't his time to go. blackmail. a lawyer for the enquirer's ceo it's no -- his store i have no over yes. david pecker denied in and our story is not over yet. so --. accusations and said the tabloid used a legitimate source for the story on bezos and his mistress, >> farquhar signed with the lauren sanchez. yankees. he's set to be on the field this >> it's absolutely not blackmail morning with the team in tampa. or extortion. more of our top stories the story was given to "the coming up, including a new study national enquirer" by a reliable in preventing alzheimer's. but first, the big moments source that had given information to "the national and big winners from the grammy awards. and the artist that made history. enquirer" for seven years. i'm not permitted to tell you or ♪ confirm or deny who the source is. it's not president trump. it's not saudi arabia. it was a person known to both carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast
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bezos and miss sanchez. cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. >> "the daily beast" reports one she's also taking prescription ibrance with an possible source is michael sanchez, the brother of bezoss' aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer mistress and a vocal supporter of president trump. sanchez has denied any role. as the first hormonal based therapy. a stunning report revealed ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at hundreds of cases of alleged abuse in the southern baptist delaying disease progression versus letrozole. church. nearly 400 church leaders and patients taking ibrance can develop workers have been accused of low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. sexual misconduct in the last 20 years against children and before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if adults. more than 200 of them, including you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, pastors, have been convicted or liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, taken plea deals. the church is accused of or plan to become pregnant. mishandling allegations. common side effects include low red blood cell the president of the southern and low platelet counts, infections, tiredness, baptist convention says he's nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities committed to making sure the church does a better job in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. preventing abuse. teachers in denver are set to go carla calls it her new normal because a lot has changed, on strike for the first time in 25 years. schools will remain open with but a lot hasn't. substitute teachers. ask your doctor about ibrance. only early childhood classes the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment will be canceled. for hr+/her2- mbc.
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the big weather story is in the pacific northwest. another sorm is dumping more we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids snow. this could be the snowiest every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. february on record for seattle. hundreds of flights have been that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. canceled. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. schools are closed there. farther south, this is the scene >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ near lake tahoe, california. walls of snow surrounding this home after they got three feet. you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou? meanwhile, hawaii is getting complicated relationship with milk? battered by dangerous winds. pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, waving up to 60 feet high were just without that annoying lactose. expected at some beaches. let's take a closer look at your mmm, that's good. monday forecast. ♪ good morning. though it sounds like a broken record, and i just dated myself, yeah, we're looking at another winter storm to pound the northwest. seattle, the airport, delayed throughout the airport because of problems. icy mix back into chicago once again. we're looking at accumulations between 6 to 12 inches in duluth. for the northeast, typical chill
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with an encroaching amount of ♪ rain, sleet, and snow. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. time for your monday "pulse" ♪ all the talk on social media coming up, one restaurant this morning is of course about the grammy awards. >> it was a night for women and chain's unique valuen tyne's some powerful performances. gift idea. first, why some of the most common house hold products we will ganss, get over here. he's got the highlights. buy are about to get more >> yeah. >> reporter: the 61st grammys a expensive. later, major league comeback night of firsts. story for a from first ladies. to first-time performers. for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, ♪ it's in my blood wounded warrior project has developed >> reporter: and in the past 30 the warriors to work program, years, less than 12 latin performers have taken the stage a unique program that helps wounded warriors at the grahamemys, until now. translate their military experience to the civilian workplace. the warriors to work program camila cabello, ricky martin, also works with employers and jay mall vin taking the to find the right job for the right warrior. awards show to havana. contact wounded warrior project ♪ this is america at welcome home the brave. >> reporter: childish gambino taking the award. >> we accept in his honor.
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>> reporter: after that public spat with producers, ariana grande celebrated on instagram. the grammys had more than enough. cardi who won two grammys. the first woman the ever win rap album of the year. th for wounded warriorsgram and their families to build new lives together. and the queen of country when my dad left, i was, like, this big, stepping into the spot light for but now i'm, like, this big. almost the first time in 20 my dad got a master's degree in human resources. years. kasey musgraves, thanks to warriors to work leigdown, and miley that my dad has a terrific job. cyrus, to proof she's always a when the warrior project helps them by, you know, giving them another start. hit. ♪ 905 what a way to make a now that my dad's home, i get a lot more hugs. living ♪ >> reporter: and the 15-time i'm really proud of him. grammy winning host here's, find out more about wounded warrior project alicia keys. ♪ in new york at welcome home the brave. >> reporter: two weeks out from the oscars, lady gaga picking up three awards, incl for "shallow." taking the opportunity to highlight mental health. >> allot of artists deal with that. and we have to take care of each other. >> reporter: and in a stunning mer formans, reminding everyone that she deserves any award that comes her way.
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♪ watch as i dive in i'll never meet the ground ♪ >> reporter: yeah, just give gaga all the awards. right? >> yeah. will is here. >> yes, i am. >> hey, will. >> thanks for having me. >> so happy to have you here. >> a big night for female artists. >> my girl, kacey kacey kacey k going home with album of the year. we have to talk about the aretha tribute. fantasia and yolanda adams. teaming up to perform "you make me feel like a natural woman." you never know how your skin will look. i don't have a political and it can feel like no matter what you do, machine. i don't come from money. you're always itching. but even though you see and feel eczema on your skin, but what i do have is this. an overly sensitive immune system i have grit. deep within your skin could be the cause. >> that's minnesota senator amy
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so help heal your skin from within. klobuchar announcing for the white house. president trump mocked her with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, stance on global warming and it continuously treats your eczema suggesting she looked like a even when you can't see it. snowman. she tweeted back she looks at 16 weeks, more than 1 in 3 patients saw clear or almost clear skin, forward to debating climate and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. change and wondered how his hair do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. would fare in a blizzard. she says she can be tough. serious allergic reactions can occur, but many staffers have been with including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. her for years. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, an urgent manhunt is under way for a disbarred attorney including eye pain or changes in vision. from georgia accuse ofd brutally if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine killing his mother. without talking to your doctor. authorities have released this help heal your skin from within. picture of richard merritt. he cut off his ankle brace let, ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. killed his mother, and fled. i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. get ready to pay more for (coughs) ah! i missed you! some of the most common house then i discovered mucinex. hold products. one pill lasts 12 hours, and i'm good. "the wall street journal" says some of the companies behind the mucinex releases fast and lasts 12 hours, not 4. most popular brands are raising let's end this. prices to pay for the higher costs of raw materials and (thunderclap) if your day doesn't unfold as predicted.
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transportation. the average price hike so far is unfold this. about 3%. target says it's now changed new neutrogena® makeup remover single. and remove 99% of makeup. his smartphone app after being 100% rain or shine. called out bay tv news station. a news station found prices on neutrogena®. the app changed when hundreds o.
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good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. new schedule starting today. service pushed back an hour later. now starting at 5:00 a.m. we have team coverage of the change and we're covering b.a.r.t. issues all week as part of our building a better bay area. thank you for joining us at 4:29. >> good morning to you. hi. let see what our weather has in store today. am i right there's not going to be rain today. >> no, there is. a little bit. >> sprinkles on my way in, actually. >> i can't keep up with this. >> there it is on live doppler 7. it's mainly from san francisco southward. you can see across the dumbarton
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bridge right now. towards fremont. let me put this into motion. it's moving from northwest to southeast. the closer you are to the coast, the more likely you are going to deal with a little bit of moisture in the form of light showers. even snow in the santa cruz mountains as temperatures are near freezing. we're freezing in danville. 32. a lot of mid 30s inland and upper 30s to low 40s around the bay. oakland and san francisco around the mid-40s. afternoon temperatures will top out in the low to mid-50s and see the specks of green. that's your ran donnal
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