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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 13, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PST

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inside, the girl's mother left the car in the driveway for a moment. police don't think the thief knew the baby was in the vehicle. >> the cops found the abandoned car and gently took the child out of the car seat. that crook has not been caught. >> scary. it was an epic failure for hundreds of people aboard the norwegian epic cruise ship. >> it lost power and control of the engine a few days ago forcing it to reroute to puerto rico. that's when things went from bad to worse. as it was maneuvering into the port of san juan it crashed into the dock damaging two piers. no one was hurt. cruise ships across the board cannot catch a break. now to some march madness level excitement in a college basketball game, even though it's still mid-february. last night's lsu and kentucky game came down to the last seconds. >> winning baskets you can see there. as time expired, the refs checked the video and ruled it was legal. it was lsu's first win over
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kentucky since 2009. wow! and duke finally got its act together after falling behind 23 points last night against louisville. the second ranked blue devils dominated the last ten minutes pulling off a 71-69 victory. it was duke's second biggest comeback in the second half of a game ever. >> very tough night for all of those basketball fans in kentucky. you have kentucky and louisville fans and they are fierce rivals and suffered big losses. >> i am looking forward to march madness. >> i do like march madness. >> great time. >> uh-huh. coming up, cooking with our producer chris. >> can a man that can barely make cereal whip up a dinner cooking risotto? i can't wait to talk about this. you are watching "world news now." cooking risotto? i can't wait to watch this. you are watching "world news now." you are watching "world news now."
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♪ do you know what today is? >> hump day. >> also the day before valentine's day.
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we sent our producer, chris to a chef from "not another cooking show" on youtube to prepare a romantic italian meal for his wife. >> i am going to continue that today -- >> steven's youtube channel just celebrated its one-year anniversary with a fast-growing dedicated fan base, his show is teaching people how to cook. we decided to drop by his kitchen for his biggest challenge yet, teaching me. >> here we are, it's a big moment for me. 32 years old and have no idea how to cook. do you think i am a lost cause or can you help me out? >> no, i think we are going to be able to set you straight. >> we are making risotto. >> we're going to make it really nice for valentine's day. this is something that is on the lighter side, which is something you want because you don't know what kind of romanticism that will come after.
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>> so risotto, it's an italian potato -- >> rice. this is sort of a creamier dish, really delicious. we will top it with a nice salad and crisp mushrooms and i think it will work out really well for you. >> it's going to lump together -- >> it's not supposed to lump together. >> steve taught me how to prep the veggies, mushrooms first. >> 450 degree oven and cook them until they get a nice color. >> he taught me how to chop. >> keep the point down on to the board and just lift up the back. >> don't put your hand that way? >> yes. >> okay. >> then we got dried mushrooms into hot vegetable stock. >> those dried mushrooms will flavor the stock and rehydrate, and we will take that stock and put it back with the rest of the vegetable stock and have a mushroom fortified stock. >> then a big moment for me. i tasted my very first mushroom. it's actually very good.
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>> it's actually very good. of course it's good. >> this new thing they call mushroomed, i'm loving it. >> we have our rice, and half of our onion chopped and our crispy mushrooms cooked. we have our hydrated, dry mushrooms and a little white wine we will use to cook this and some butter and some cheese. >> next we added the butter, oil and onions to the pan. >> then we will add the rice. we want to cook that until it gets nice and toasty, and then we will add about a cup of wine. >> look at me, mom. i'm cooking. >> you do the plop and the sizzle -- >> you have to stop it with the plop. that's not sexy cooking. >> we have the stock and we will add a ladle and half at a time. >> i hope you like stirring because there's a lot of stirring. >> you put these guys in here, the hydrated mushrooms, some salt. >> after all that stirring -- >> it's cooked.
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shut the heat off and i will throw in another knob of butter and start grating in parmesan. i think we can bring it back over and get it plated. >> we also made a simple salad, and it's finally time to eat. that is a really good dish there. that's really good. >> thank you, man. >> yep. but you made it. >> i did, i made it supervised but still. >> i don't think we did anything that a normal viewer couldn't do. >> you're right. i like your point about keeping things simple and letting the ingredients talk. yeah, it's such a powerful dish. it's really good. >> the best way to up your cooking game is just look a little harder for better ingredients, and learning a couple techniques and how to do them right and practice, and you should be as good as chef as anybody with time. >> chris is here now with us this morning. chris, you tried this at home. >> i did. it went semi successful. >> okay.
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>> i learned -- i know what i could have done better, but i brought a clip here if you want to show that. >> you learned the error of your ways? >> i did. >> the mushrooms are done. oh, that oil shooting up in my face, nice. what i was told was i need to wait for it to be translucent, so what i will do first is look up translucent, because i think it definitely needs salt. just kind of make it rain for a while. oh, yeah. plop test. just a coincidence that last week i took out an insurance policy on her. no big deal. what do you think? >> it's good. i like it. uh-huh. >> that's love. >> that is. was it good? >> she was able to describe the whole dish in one word, good. >> okay. >> and the nod. good. sometimes it's really hard,
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because i cook sometimes, sometimes, enough to keep myself alive and i would think that's a hard dish. di.well, it's a time consuming if you are like me, where time is very important and could be used watching tv and lounging around, to me, you could dial the phone and have the food delivered by then, but it was definitely a great experiment. i hope to cook a little more. >> you need to cook more, because remind the people if they don't know what you like to eat? >> i pretty much eat off the kids' menu. i'm really basic. it's fast-food and chicken. >> that's fine. >> risotto, that's the first time i ever heard of it. >> i was chopping up garlic the other day, and i have to be in the mood to cook. i do it a couple times a week. and does anybody else when they chop garlic think of "good fellas?" it's so thin and it melts. >> that's funny. you think i'm funny? you think i'm here for your
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amusement? >> oh, don't. >> we will post the link to the recipe on our facebook page. >> thanks to chris. >> we will post the link to the recipe on our facebook page. >> thanks to chris.
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test. test.
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you know i love you all. every one of you is best in show. >> the wire fox terrier! >> king, the wire terrier beating out 2800 contenders in mad son square garden last night at the westminster kennel club dog show. >> the competition was ruff, but in the end it was king that sent the other pooches backing. >> we have seen what happens on stage but what happens behind the scenes? will ganss checked it out. >> it's the second oldest event in the united states, and only the kentucky derby is older, and i dug up more than a few quirks. you've seen their star turns on the carpet and maybe even a glimpse of the grooming that goes on, but owners and handlers work like a dog to get their
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pooches perfectly primped for the show. >> prepwork for a standard poodle is probably about 2 1/2, 3 hours before you go up to the ring. but before you even get to the dog show it's probably about three hours of work. >> which goes out the window as as soon as the pups are off the dog show stage. >> the other day she came in and was covered in mud. it was great. >> she likes to let her hair down? >> she's a country girl. >> i love that. but while's they're in competition mode? >> getting them all ready to be prepared to get to the dog show -- >> and they're not the only ones making sure fido is fit to compete. jerry is the k-9 concierge at the hotel pennsylvania, across the street from madison square garden. >> we have between 600 to 800 dogs coming over the weekend and staying with us, and it's a lo >> he's ready to fetch anything these top dogs need to succeed.
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>> sometimes it's like an extra cot or extra pillow for the dogs. >> some of those requests a bit more extreme. >> the most extreme, i have to say, we had an opera singer so they serenaded the dog in the lobby. >> and some teaching this human a trick or two -- >> seven cheeseburgers for their dog to eat because apparently it makes the coat shiny. >> a cheese burger makes the coat shiny. >> wish it did the same. >> the reason people come here year after year and actually for 143 years, a simple fact, they love dogs. >> show dogs, sure, but definitely a part of the family. at the end of the day best in show title or not, the dog show proving dogs really are man's best friend. >> will, that was a really great piece. an opera singer that serenaded dogs. hamburgers? >> who knew it makes the hair shiny. so i will make a run to white castle if you guys need anything.
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>> 143 years and still kicking.
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this morning on "world news now," snow, sleet and ice making roads treacherous for millions. >> from the midwest to the east coast, a winter storm is blanketing several states with snow and rain. the west coast is dealing with its own storm. accuweather has it all. breaking overnight, officer shot. a veteran nypd detective killed by friendly fire, another recovering in the hospital. a tragedy unfolding as officers respond to an armed robbery. caught on camera. fists flying between a doctor and another man. what led to this heated exchange inside a hospital. heartship, brotherhood. we continue to celebrate black history month. today, we introduce you to these incredible doctors making a difference together and not just in the field of medicine.
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it is wednesday, february 13th. announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy wednesday. a lot to get to. >> yes. good morning, everyone. i can't wait to bring you that story. >> yeah, that's a fun one we have coming up. we begin with the severe winter storms in the west, midwest and east coast. following the heavy rain and snow, strong wind that is will add to the power outages affecting thousands. >> the snow is tapering off, only after coating everything with ice in aurora, illinois. >> the boston transit system turned on track heaters to keep the system from freezing. air travel impacting nationwide. eva pilgrim is at one of the airports affected. >> reporter: a coast-to-coast wall of snow, ice and sleet turning the east coast commute into a nightmare. >> very slippery. i have no traction. an drierfrenylnitonew rk a mchu.
3:02 am
e govehuse the speed limit along the interstate slowed to 35 miles per hour. north of new york city, road crews struggling to keep up. >> based on temperatures, we are not exactly sure how the salt is going to work. >> reporter: stretching to the midwest, in chicago, half an inch of ice coating sidewalks and traffic lights. gusting winds bringing down power lines, sparking this fire. residents banning together to push vehicles in iowa. many areas digging out from their fourth storm in a week. will carr in oregon. >> reporter: the snow has been relentless. crews have been working around the clock. there's been so many storms so quickly. >> reporter: tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power in washington state alone. at least 750 flights just here at laguardia canceled or
3:03 am
delayed. this will have a ripple effect across the country, at least for the next several days. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> some 2500 flights were canceled yesterday and more problems already today. >> let's get the forecast from paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kenneth, janai. we are looking at widespread, unsettled weather along the west coast. problems with mudslides and flooding, then snow as you must've to the north. they will get a break in seattle and they need it because more snow is on the way thursday, spoiler alert. look for widespread snow throughout boise and oregon. for the northeast, still doing snow and freezing rain throughout the northeast. it will slowly come to an end. kenneth, janai? >> our thanks to paul. turning to washington where republican lawmakers are calling on president trump to support a compromise border security deal before the government runs out of money, again. >> he appears to be signing grudgingly then shifting funds from other areas. we have the details. >> reporter: president trump not
3:04 am
hiding his displeasure over the new border deal to fund the government. >> am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no. i'm not. i'm not happy. >> reporter: that's not a surprise. it's not close to what he wanted, providing one fifth of the amount of money he wanted, $1.375 billion, enough for 55 miles. but only for the same type of fencing currently in place, no steel and concrete like the prototypes. democrats did back off their demand to limit the number of detention beds, agreed to 40,000. leadership in both parties backed the deal. >> i hope he decides to sign it. we are all interested in that, as you can imagine. i think he's got a pretty good deal here. >> we have a bipartisan agreement. as in all bipartisan agreements, everybody had to give something. we are urging the president to sign it. >> reporter: the president's usual supporters balking at the
3:05 am
new deal. immigration hard liner, ann coulter, trump talks a good game, but it's clear he's afraid to fight. >> any republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain. >> reporter: similar to the reaction last december that led to the 35-day shutdown. this time, republicans on capitol hill telling the president, take the deal as a down payment. it's a scenario that is likely. serena marshall, abc news, washington. sticking with washington. the chairman of the intelligence committee is expressing frustration. >> senator richard burr is blasting cohen for missing planned appearance tuesday. cohen's attorney says he was recovering from shoulder surgery. photos surfaced online of cohen having dinner with friends and out with his wife last weekend. >> i can assure you any good will that existed with the
3:06 am
community with cohen is gone. the way he's positioned himself, not coming to the committee, may help him go to prison. >> cohen's attorney said the medication he is on made it impossible for him to testify this week and it's possible to be in pain and visit a restaurant. cohen delayed testifying on the hill on three occasions. new york city police department is mourning the death of a veteran officer this morning. 42-year-old brian simons was killed by friendly fire responding to an armed robbery at a cell phone store. the robbery suspect is an alleged career criminal who was reportedly carrying a fake weapon. he was wounded at the scene. another nypd officer was wounded in the leg. his injury is considered non-life threatening. a break in the case in the greenwich, connecticut murder mystery. valerie reyes' boyfriend
3:07 am
found. he stuffed her in a suitcase. he allegedly took her from her home. he was using her atm cards, leading to his arrest. mexican drug lord el chapo faces life in prison after being convicted on all counts against him. a new york jury found him guilty on ten drug trafficking and conspiracy. he brought tons of illegal drug sboos the u.s. despite his conviction, law enforcement says el chapo's formal cartel is dealing with cocaine, heroin, meth and other drugs. el chapo will be sentenced in june. the job market appears strong despite challenges. >> job openings hit a record high led by vacancies in construction and hotel and restaurant industries. the job market remains strong. there are fears the shortage of workers could hurt the economic expansion. it's lasted almost ten years. speaking of work, the first
3:08 am
day at a new job can be nerve-racking for anyone. for a california man, it was perfect, maybe too perfect. >> his first day was awesome. he got a gift box and swag, then he found flowers on his desk. that's a big welcome. i didn't get that here. he took a picture with the bouquet. he recently found out the flowers were not for him. apparently his new co-workers did not want to kill the dream when they saw him posing with them. >> he asked who they were for before taking the pictures, but no one knew. he thought they were for him. when they found out later, they were like, no. >> those are good co-workers, caring about his feelings. >> yeah. they didn't want to -- >> what do you do for valentines for him? coming up, the holiday you may not have realized turned into a thing. it's february 13st, known as galentine's day. we'll get you up to speed. first, the new surveillance video of someone lurking around
3:09 am
the florida zoo around the time of a monkey nabbing. you are watching "world news now." nabbing. you are watching "world news now." napping. that's ahead. you are watching "world news now."
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tram surfing is becoming a thing in new england. transportation officials have seen a number of kids doing this. the person shooting this said the rider was on the back of the tram a couple minutes before they started recording. he said they looked to be about 12. >> no reports of injuries so far but we know that can change. obviously they are trying to get those kids to stop doing that. fists flying in the hallway of a hospital between a dying patient's caregiver and his doctor. >> it's all caught on camera. take a look at this. it happened at a hospital in june in pembroke pines, florida. he was acting as a health surrogate for a friend dying of cancer, when he questioned the doctor about the medication, and sanchez became irate. he grabbed him by the shirt, shook and shoved him. >> he swipes at sanchez, but sanchez retaliates before the two were separated. sanchez took a voluntary leave of absence but is now back at
3:13 am
work. obviously when you are dealing with those emotional issues, obviously tensions and things can rise but violence is never the answer there. >> my goodness. that video. the st famous tiger in texas has a new home this morning. the 300-plus pound big cat was moved from houston to an animal sanctuary 200 miles from the city. >> specialist will monitor his health and quarentine it before releasing it to the sanctuary. no one claimed ownership of the tiger since it was found in a vacant home. >> and officials at the sanctuary are set to hold a news conference this morning. we should learn more about that tiger, hopefully where the tiger came from and how it ended up in an abandoned home, why it was so well fed. >> so many questions. >> so many. >> they named it tyson, remember? >> tyson the tiger. >> better than tony. >> yep. new details on the monkey. shadowy figure is the focus for
3:14 am
the search. >> surveillance shows a shadow lurking around the zoo around the time the monkey disappeared. police say there were signs of forced entry into the monkey's habitat. the 12-year-old monkey was last seen sunday. remember, she needs special medication and is on a diet. hoping to find her quickly. coming up, a remarkable trio of doctors who have each others' backs. >> the special bond shared by joe, pierre and max. the pact they made to each other two decades ago that helped them help each other to beat what seemed like impossible odds. that's next on "world news now." them help each other to beat what seemed like impossible odds. that's next on "world news now." impossible odds. that's next on "world news now."
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♪ that's right. as we approach the mid point of black history month we continue our series spotlighting the accomplishments and contributions ofericans. >> i had the privilege of sitting down with three men that met in college and formed a pact to stick together. today they are all doctors
3:17 am
taking their oath to help others to a whole new level. >> three brothers, and three different walks of life. >> these three men, shoulder to shoulder, but had each other's backs for 20 years. >> doctor joe semien -- >> board certified. >> dr. pierre johnson -- >> obgyn. >> and dr. maxine madhere. parents addicted to drugs. dr. madhere, a son of haitian immigrants. three black men from different lives of hardship who happened by chansz to meet in the same place, struggling in the library at xavier university in louisiana. >> do you remember each other? >> yes, one thing he said to me i refuse to fail.
3:18 am
when he said that, i was, like, we're going to be best friends because he has the same drive, passion and determination. >> lifting each other up and holding each other accountable. >> getting subpar grades our freshman year. when we finally linked up, we realized through each other, we could pull each other up. >> reporter: all three graduating and going their separate ways to medical school, but challenges not over. semien moved for a month to help him with a test to get into med school. >> to have somebody that is feeling that with you and got your back and is your support, it changes life. >> finally that moment. what is that moment like when you are all three doctors? >> that moment was, i mean, i was happy, but deep inside you feel like something's missing and that was the turning point. what am i going to do now for others? >> reporter: that burning question as they all three face
3:19 am
the realities of the world, including discrimination they say came from colleagues and patients, even other people of color. >> be confident in your cultural identity, and we have earrings and tattoos and we do that for a specific reason. we have the knowledge and we know how to communicate effectively. >> reporter: friends who are more like brothers, putting their stories on paper. their book, "the pulse of perseverance." >> you have to put your failures out there. they have to be exposed. my parents were addicted to drugs. all of those things have to be transparent and put out there so that kids can actually put themselves in our shoes. >> reporter: book proceeds go to their nonprofit aimed at educating young people, inspiring those that look like them and awarding a monthly scholarship. the recipient is a student at a prairieview at a&m texas. >> reading the book, it taught me a lot. i felt like i could late to the book 100%.
3:20 am
i felt like they wrote it for me. >> reporter: the number of black people attending med school has increased over a 30-year period. but the number of black men graduating from med school dropped from 57% in 1986 to 35% by 2015. these men want more people of color in the medical field but their message is broader. >> if you want to be a physician, that's great. if you want to be that next ceo, that entrepreneur, people make it seem like, oh, there's not a formula. no, there is a formula. >> we want to be there as your support system for the challenges life will throw at you all. >> today they are sharing the formula in schools and communities across the country, telling children that grew up like them, there's more to life than sports and entertainment. >> when you put the education behind you, you can do anything you want to do and nobody can take it from you and you control it. >> the next chapter, implementing the changes they want to see, and helping educate the educators about at risk
3:21 am
youth and empowering kids to help them find success. do you feel successful? >> it's never enough. >> no. have in s wre never satisfied. we always want more. >> this spring the trio will deliver the commencement at their alma mater. >> they chose xavier knowing the nation's only historically black catholic institution c consistently places black men in medical school. it's great to see them excelling in something that's not sports and music, which is great, but to show there's more out there for black men, black people. >> that's their message. these men are extraordinarily smart, they are caring, they are leaders. i can tell you, they are making an impact in their communities as well. to learn more about their efforts and perseverance, their website is
3:22 am
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it's time for "the mix" to get you over this hump day and we are starting with galentine's day. >> what's that? >> it has become a national holiday, essentially, on february 13th. >> i don't know what that is, though. >> it's on february 13th. it started from "parks and rec." >> i do know "parks and rec." >> it's like a corky feminist gag where she invited friends to celebrate galentine's day, and she said every february 13th we leave husbands and boyfriends and come and kick it breakfast style, so it's generally celebrated over brunch. >> yeah, that's why it took me so long to figure out what that was. >> not for you. you are left out. people are jazzing it up and
3:26 am
sharing pictures on instagram. >> when you are done with galentine's day, the next day is valentine's day and there's things you share with your significant other over your relationship, righ and home, not for the first date, but a new study says it takes people a longer time to talk about sharing their netflix accounts and passwords than it does all those other things like marriage and buying a home. it takes an average of eight months for people to share a netflix or hulu account. >> that's so funny. >> why? >> you don't want to change that password. >> i guess people feel awkward, like, hey -- >> can i stop paying for netflix and use yours? >> pretty much. >> that's what is it, you don't want to admit one of you may be a free loader. >> i have friends i have known for years that won't give it out. >> really? >> yeah. i don't want to give my sister
3:27 am
my netflix password. >> but you did. >> it's actually not mine, it's someone else's. >> hilarious. does that friend know? >> moving on. >> they may now. a bride is catching a lot of heat on social media for being what you may consider a bridezilla. she's a vegan bride, and she's posted about being guilt tripped into inviting omnivores to her fully vegan wedding. just for context, family members were not invited because we don't want to host murderers to our wedding that is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives. a lot of people, including vegans are pretty upset over her stance. it's her wedding. >> she can do what she wants. >> especially if shfor it>> it' go. this beautiful puppy love. you have got to see this right here. dad surprises his kid with an dad surprises his kid with an adorable puppy.
3:28 am
th for wounded warriorsgram and their families to build new lives together. when my dad left, i was, like, this big, but now i'm, like, this big. my dad got a master's degree in human resources. thanks to warriors to work that my dad has a terrific job. when the warrior project helps them by, you know, giving them another start. now that my dad's home, i get a lot more hugs. i'm really proud of him. find out more about wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave.
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developing right now on "world news now," deal or no deal? we're just two days away from a second government shutdown and only president trump can avert it. what he's saying about the agreement leaders of both parties negotiated. also developing, a disturbing discovery. four starving children found, two found locked in a dog kennel. now their parents under arrest. new this half hour, dolly parton suggesting a new collaboration. >> she has sung with some of the greatest artists of the last half century and now she is revealing who she wants to sing with next. the answer in "the skinny." after days of competition we finally have a winner. the top dog in the land. was it the havanese, the spaniel, the boxer? eramaf the big show, of the best in show, ahead on this
3:31 am
wednesday, february 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> a whole bunch of dogs to talk about. we will get to that later. we begin this half hour with president trump under pressure from leaders of both parties to sign that agreement on border security. >> the president is making it clear he's not thrilled with the deal that fails to provide the billions of dollars he's been demanding for a border wall. >> as the president weighs his limited options, the clock is ticking toward another government shutdown friday at midnight. abc's jonathan karl has the latest. >> reporter: president trump declared he doesn't like the deal struck by democrats and republicans to avoid another government shutdown, but he won't say whether or not he'll sign it. >> i can tell you that, am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i'm not, i'm not happy. >> reporter: the deal includes the $1.375 billion to build the barrier on the southern border, enough for about 55 miles.
3:32 am
that's even less than the $1.6 billion he rejected in december, triggering a 35-day government shutdown. it's a far cry from the $5.7 billion the president demanded. the money will go towards steel barriers like these, not the prototype steel and concrete walls the president wanted to build. the president's allies are furious. >> any republican that supports this garbage compromise, you'll have to explain -- >> reporter: conservative fire brand ann coulter said, quote, trump talks a good game but it's increasingly clear he's afraid to fight. but republican congressional leaders call the deal a down payment and more than speaker of the house, nancy pelosi wanted. she said not more than $1 for the wall. >> i hope he signs it. i think he has a good deal here. >> reporter: the president could go around congress by declaring a national emergency to get the
3:33 am
extra money he can't get out of congress for a border wall, but the bottom line is nobody i have spoken to at the white house or here on capitol hill thinks there will be another government shutdown. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> our thanks to jon. let's get to the huge storm. as you can see it stretches from the midwest to the east coast and all the way to the gulf coast. all that snow, ice and rain moving east. >> in chicago the strong winds are knocking over trees which in turn damaged power lines and sometimes homes like this one. fallen power lines in indiana are not only causing outages but sparking fires. let's get to the forecast now from accuweather's paul williams. paul, good morning. >> good morning, janai, kenneth. still gusty winds, that's a big problem pushing its way out of the west. snow showers throughout the northeast particularly around the great lakes region. low pressure system tracking its way out of the way. for the west, it's unsettled widespread rain along the entire west coast with problems of mudslides and flooding and more snow covering portions of the northwest corner of the country. janai, kenneth.
3:34 am
>> thanks to paul. we turn to a horrific story involving a young college student taken at gunpoint from her campus parking lot in the middle of the day. >> the suspect then driving her to another state. it all ended with a deadly shoot-out with police. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: authorities just revealed, skylar williams, a student at ohio state university was abducted at gunpoint and killed in another state after a high-speed chase. >> what is the address of your emergency? >> mansfield campus. ohio state, mansfield campus. >> reporter: the 20-year-old student taken monday from the mansfield ohio campus, and police say her alleged abductor, pounds, was her ex-boyfriend. >> they put her in a car. >> were they driving -- >> red dodge challenger. i didn't get the license plate. >> reporter: the mystery deepening monday afternoon after authorities in nearby kentucky responded to a call. a witness saw a woman, williams,
3:35 am
at a gas station desperately trying to escape from a car. >> they saw a person in distress, what appeared to be in distress, they believe they saw a weapon. >> reporter: a 20 mile high-speed chase ensued before the police brought the vehicle to a stop. that's when a trooper said he heard the suspect fire a weapon and returned the fire, killing pounds. williams was also shot and killed. authorities say it's unclear if the shot that killed williams came from her abductor or if she was caught in the cross fire. she had, in the past, filed for a protection order against pounds. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> awful story there. a sheriff in texas says a disturbing discovery at a home is the worst case of child abuse he has ever seen. police were investigating a domestic disturbance when they discovered four malnourished children. their ages ranged from 1 to 5 years old. police say the two oldest were locked in a dog cage. a 24-year-old man and woman were
3:36 am
arrested and charged with child endangerment. the woman is the mother of all four kids. the man is the father of one of them. it has been ten years since the deadly crash of an airliner near buffalo, new york. the 50 victims of the crash were remembered last night. they held a moment of silence for the moment flight 3407 crashed into a house. the investigation of the crash found the pilots responded incorrectly to an engine stall warning. president trump is revisiting the idea of holding a big parade in washington after a pricey military parade were scrapped last year. the president said the event will be called salute to america and will possibly take place at the lincoln memorial around the fourth of july. he described it as a gathering and said he would like it to become a tradition. the thing is,n is already the sight of a major independence day parade. former starbucks ceo howard schultz said he is considering running for president as an independent because the country
3:37 am
lost its sense of leadership in both parties. when asked during a cnn town hall about being a spoiler, schultz promised he would not do anything to re-elect president trump. if elected the first thing he said he would do is call world leaders to win back their trust and vowed to release his taxes if he runs. a former astronaut is going to challenge a former fighter pilot for the senate in arizona. no, it's not a movie. mark kelly is the first democrat to declare the seat held by john mccain. republican martha mcsally, the first women fighter pilot. kelly has been a strong advocate of gun control since his wife, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot eight years ago. think prices at whole foods are going up? you are right. the journal reports says prices have increased on more than 500 items since december. the hikes come after amazon cut prices when it bought whole foods two years ago. >> i go into whole foods and get two items and somehow i spend like $55.
3:38 am
>> what -- i mean, that is true. i saw somebody else post about that, too, buying fruit and it's like 70 bucks. cost a lot. a 68-year-old mother from hawaii has another albatross around her neck and she's okay with that. >> the supermom is named wisdom. she, too, is an albatross. yes, she is 68. she recently gave birth to her 35th chick. she is the oldest known wild bird in the world. she was tagged as an adult in 1956. wisdom and her mate have been returning to the north pacific every year since 2006 to lay and hatch eggs, one egg per year. my question, how old is her partner? how many partners has she had? >> i bet she goes younger. the species of albatross mates for life, all the way to the end. we're the learning channel here at "world news now." albatrosses. >> albatross. coming up, the eye opening revelation from inside the house
3:39 am
>> what beyonce's mother is that's ahead in "the skinny." first, meeting america's top dog. see who came out on top at this year's westminster kennel dog show. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now." year's westminster kennel dog show. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. dog sz. also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85,
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his name is winkie, and he's quickly becoming one of this year's k-9 social media heroes of the westminster kennel club dog show. the adorable bichon marching to his own tune going at his own pace during what's supposed to be a race through the agility contest preliminaries. those bichons, they don't care. >> nope. meanwhile last night the show reached it's climatic conclusion with the crowning of this year's best in show. >> this year's winner was a bit of a surprise, but not a surprise here, right now, will ganss to wrap it up. >> i mean, you guys said dogs. obviously, i was going to be here. no surprise. no surprise at all. well, after more than 2,800 individual entries across 203 breeds from countries as far as thailand, this morning there's only one top dog. before the top dogs took the turf at the 143rd westminster
3:43 am
kennel club dog show, a k-9 controversy. one of the seven finalists disqualified. >> i have to ask you to leave. >> colton, who won the not sporting group not allowed to compete due to ownership conflict. with colton in the doghouse, six dogs left vying for the best in show title. each already named champions of their breed and group. burns, the long-haired dachshund. bono, the habanese. and baby lars, the bouvier. the sussex spanial. wilma the boxer, and king, the wire fox terrier. judge peter green who has four titles under his own belt tasked with crowning this year's top dog. the crowd favorite, 7-year-old burns, who recovered from a broken pinky toe in time for this year's competition. judge green dismissing the dachshund, awarding reserved best in show to my favorite,
3:44 am
bono. i knew bono way back when he had rubber bands in his hair. his owner telling me when he's not onstage he likes to let loose. >> he's really fun. it's a really happy-go-lucky breed. they run around barking and playing and they love squeaky toys, they're great. >> i know what music i will listen to as soon as i get out of here. >> you got it. >> a little u2 to honor my friend here. those vibes maybe bringing a little extra luck to bono. he's the first havanese to take it. a moment of truth, the winner of the 143rd westminster kennel club -- >> every one of you are best in show. >> king, the wire fox terrier being crowned best in show. his handler getting emotional after being awarded the ribbon and trophy, and looking forward to taking a much needed break with king. >> after you win this magnificent show there's really nothing else to do. so he should be running around in some grass field. >> he deserves to be running
3:45 am
around in some grass field. this is the 15th time a wire fox terrier won best in show which is by far the most of any breed. the next breed is the scottish terrier with eight. it's kind of like the pats and the super bowl, like a wire fox terrier taking the crown again but he deserved it. he was very handsome. >> that means bono would be your rams or new orleans saints? i don't know. >> bono is individual in his own class. i'm not going to compare him to any nfl teams. literally when i was talking to bono i felt like i was talking to a celebrity. you know? you walk away and you are star struck, and then he goes on to get runner up. >> people love these dogs. i am still just wrapping my mind around it. you said they seemed happy? >> i love talking to them about what they are like when they are not competing. >> talking to the people or the dogs? >> both. the dogs have personalities and roll around in the mud and get to have a good time, too. >> good. good. >> yeah. >> the fox terrier, it's an interesting dog and it's good for a family, apparently, that wants a boundless energy and
3:46 am
loads of personality dog. >> and prone to excessive barking. remember when you ate some of that dog food? when we come back, fans going wild over who dolly parton just suggested as her collaborator. >> me, right? "the skinny" is next. suggested as her collaborator. >> me, right? "the skinny" is next. announced who she wants as her next kcollaborators. >> me, right? "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. know what turns me on? my better half, hors d oeuvres and bubbly. and when i really want to take it up a notch we use k-y yours & mine. tingling for me, warming for him. wow! this valentine's day get what you want
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♪ jolene, jolene ♪ jolene, jolene ♪ i'm begging, please don't take my man ♪ >> don't take him. don't take him. time for "the skinny," starting with a revelation from dolly parton. >> the legend took to twitter suggesting a possible collaboration with, get this, bts. >> bts. dolly shared a clip of the sensation singing to her performance at the grammy's. >> over the course of her 50-year career, she worked with kenny rogers, willie nelson, and julio iglesias, vince gill and norah jones and even cher. >> that would be an amazing group to add to her collaborations. >> yes. yeah. >> that would be awesome. we all remember what a hit former first lady, michelle obama was at the grammy's. >> apparently not enough to impress her mother, mrs.
3:49 am
robinson. mrs. obama shared the screen graph. i will be mrs. robinson. she says, i guess you were a hit at the grammy's. i'm sitting here with valerie and this text is so typically you. >> gracie called me and asked did you meet any of the real stars or run right after you were done? >> i told you i was going to be on it. >> no, you didn't. i would have remembered that even though i don't remember much. >> hahaha, i thought i told you. and i'm a real star, by the way. >> yeah. >> so funny. >> was valerie, valerie jarrett? >> that's what i thought when i read it. >> that's such a funny combo between mom and daughter. >> hilarious. she was a hit at the grammy's, yes. you told your mom you were going to be at the grammys. yeah, you were pretty good, huh? >> yeah, did you meet any real stars? next, we all know beyonce is queen b, but according to her mother, miss tina, there's a
3:50 am
second in command in that household. >> miss tina tells the "new york post" "page six" that b and jays 7-year-old daughter, blue ivy is the second queen. >> and she certainly got the wardrobe to prove it. yes, she does. reportedly valued at $1 million including a $9,000 dress and thousands of dollars worth of handbags. we all just adore blue ivy. >> i will admit when blue was born i was jealous. i was, like, i want to be blue. >> i want to be blue. >> and they are in good company. all sharing a piece of that empire. >> pieces of it. >> one-third. xtmistrtay for daytime superstar. >> the maury povich has been on the air more than 50 years, and you already know what he may be best known for? it's this.
3:51 am
>> in the case of 4-year-old jamaria, you are not -- [ bleep ]. >> he has a new name for himself. he just turned 80 years old. >> maury povich, you are the grandpa. the talk show king rang in his 80th decade -- his 8th decade, in new york with the theme a star is old. his face photo shopped over bradley cooper's in that post. he's been hosting that show 28 years. >> janai norman, in the case of kenneth moton who is a temporary fill-in, co-anchor, here of "world news now," you are his co-anchor. run around and go, ohhh, ohhh. >> oh, my gosh. and from "kate plus 8" to kate plus date." >> the reality star show kate gosselin who famously split from
3:52 am
her husband 12 years ago is diving back into the dating pool. >> yep, she's back. >> good luck to kate plus eight dates. uck to kate plus eight dates.
3:53 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ harry and meghan attended a natural history museum to attend the gala performance, "a whiter earth." a play about young charles darwin. in this royal fashion report, meghan was decked out in a calvin klein dress. we have heard rumors of a royal rift between duchess kate and meghan. >> now, the duchess of york, sarah ferguson is weighing in. here is erielle reshef. >> reporter: sarah opening up in a candid letter in "hello" magazine, taking aim at what she calls a sewer of social media. in what many royal watchers see as a not so veiled reference to a divide between duchess meghan and duchess kate. fergie writing, women in
3:56 am
particular are constantly pitted against and compared with each other in a way that reminds me of how people tried to portray diana and me, all the time, as rivals, which is something neither of us ever felt. >> she absolutely is referring to the treatment of meghan and kate. certainly there are parallels between the relationship that kate and meghan have and diana and fergie had. >> reporter: the pointed essay, by the duchess of york, an endorsement to hello to kindness campaign, something fergie says can take a lasting toll. this isn't about freedom of speech. the truth is it's not acceptable to post abuse or threats on social media or news cites, she writes, adding it's not acceptable to troll other people viciously online. fergie, not the only one condemning the harsh scrutiny. duchess meghan's good friend, george clooney, with this. she is a woman seven months pregnant and she has been
3:57 am
pursued and vilified and chased the same way princess diana was and it's history repeating itself. we have seen how that ends. in recent months social media swirling with hateful comments fanning an alleged feud between the royal sisters-in-law. >> it's safe to say when the duchess of york and the princess of whales was around, social media didn't exist. this was always played out in newspapers. nowadays you see things similar online with their fans pitted against each other. >> fergie ending her commentary with a call for compassion. let's all try to think before we post. let's all try to treat each other a little more gently. >> our thanks to erielle reshef there. i really hope the duchesses are able to learn and talk to the duchess of york. she went throughith with with diana. they can really learn something. >> i think it's something we all see. social media can be so nasty and so rude. >> so nasty. so rude. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:58 am
insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am
4:00 am
now at 4:00, we're on early because of an accuweather alert. live doppler 7 tracking a very strong storm moving through the bay area right now as we speak. >> here's a live look at what it looks like outside. you can see some of the tower cams are shaking in the wind. that's only going to increase as the morning goes on. >> you can see live doppler 7 behind us showing this massive storm. there is rain everywhere. it's wednesday, february 13th. this is just the beginning, mike nicco. >> yes, it is. we've gone from a watch to an alert. i wanted to start with live doppler 7 over the last hour. you can see the increase in the yellows, the moderates. rain that is coming in from that atmospheric river that's here. let's go down a little lower and you can see on the golden gate


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