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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 13, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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it's more of a saunter. winky will not be rushed through that tunnel. twitter went crazy. one person writing winky is my spirit animal. dollars. amazon originally cut prices after acquiring the grocery then there was another person, chain. scroll up so i can get to the they're back up. >> interesting. we'll continue to follow what's next one, saying, winky is me when i get reincarnated as a happening with weather and house pet. good morning, america. i completely agree. there she is. winky posing. new winter storm warning. yes. exactly. so in the end winky finished the the midwest and east digging out course in 192 seconds and racked up 92 faults. that's not ideal, needless to from feet of snow and now the east bracing for 50-mile-per-hour winds as the say, just to give you guys an west prepares to get slammed idea. look at winky like totally with an onslaught of storms that mugging for the camera. the winner did it in 32 seconds. could cause major mudslides. will he sign? winky did it in 192 but loved every second of it. >> winky is on tv this morning. >> exactly. >> i'm not happy about it. >> overnight, president trump >> we're talking about winky. takes on that new bipartisan border deal vowing he'll still >> smart dog. >> that's all we got for you. build his wall as the clock >> thank you, lara. ticks down toward another shutdown. waking up behind bars. we move on now to our "gma" cover story. el chapo, the most notorious it's a valentine's day warning about romance scams. targeting e drug lord in the world, set to head to the most secure prison looking for love online gaining access to their personal and financial information. gio is back with an exclusive
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look at this brand new report. in this country where this master of escape could spend the >> reporter: the better business rest of his life. breaking his silence. comedian aziz ansari reveals how bureau is seeing a huge jump in he feared for his career after romance scams costing consumers that sexual misconduct nearly $1 billion over the past three years. allegation and how he says it changed him. now there's a new way criminals amazing rescue. this incredible moment police are targeting their victims. take a look. officers find and save a it's no secret that as some use kidnapped baby. >> she said it's cold. social media and dating apps to >> trapped in this car, all find love, scammers have used it caught on body cam. to find victims but now according to a brand-new report from the better business bureau, the new way criminals are ♪ i just can't wait to be king scamming victims is by making and overnight -- >> wire fox terrier is king them unknowing money mules. again! here's what experts say happens. they find a victim who may not >> king, the wire fox terrier, have a lot of money or has already given it all away, then crowned top dog at westminster, blazing past burns, stealing the they get them to unwittingly show from bono, knocking wilma the boxer right out of the launder money, receive and running. now, the brand-new champ is here distribute counterfeit checks live for his first interview on "gma." and stolen goods, even open bank accounts for stolen cash. money mules become the middleman between the crime and the criminal, making it that much harder for law enforcement to catch those scammers. p.> an >> they're making people
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accessories to these things. law enforcement is not >> that's right, i agree. interested in prosecuting people that are unwitting victims but they really need money mules to come forward. king, by the way, is the 15th wire fox terrier to take the >> i said you're scamming me and he goes, how can i be scamming title of top dog.d. at are you going to ask him, michael? you because i'm not asking you for any money? i started thinking, well, that's >> we'll see if we can get true. >> reporter: this divorced woman something out of him. >> if anyone can, you can. doesn't want to show her face but says she unintentionally but first, we want to get to helped launder nearly $10,000 that new round of dangerous for a man she met on an online weather that is moving in after dating site. those storms dropped more than a foot of snow across the midwest >> he is telling me that i was and the east. now, there's another cold blast on the way and the west is bracing for multiple storms. his soulmate and that i was the only person he had and he would ask me to pick up the money and ginger is tracking all the latest. i would either send him an good morning, ginger. >> michael, good morning. there are schools in michigan that are on day 20 of snow days amazon card or a money gram. off of school from cold and snow so i did this about once every three, four weeks, about eight, and there's still snow streaming ten months. >> reporter: she said as time passed without meeting, she from michigan and ohio and became suspicious and reached out to investigators at the indiana, up to maine, but i better business bureau. think today it will be the wind. wind advisories from north >> he was just pushing all the carolina to new york will impact right buttons, you know, things air travel and of course that i wanted to hear. high-profile vehicles on the >> these are professional liars. roads. snow, sleet and up to a half e ast.f ice made it a wreck on k people forget the con man is short fo ty're experon is
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getting e. >> reporter: we are told that more than 700 plows still on the last year alone 30% of romance roads this morning after so many scam victims were unknowingly slide-offs in massachusetts. used to launder money and there more than 15 inches of snow in are probably more victims than we know of because investigators say people are ashamed to talk about this. wausau, wisconsin. don't be ashamed. eau claire now marking their snowiest february ever. talk about it. >> don't be ashamed but what tires spinning again in west michigan. else can you do to protect yourself? >> you want to go ahead and do your research. some schools in the midwest are reaching double-digit snow days. go ahead and do internet in wisconsin, they're able to searches, make sure you're talking to friends and family about it because you don't want skate on the ice that fell in to rush into these online relationships. >> absolutely great advice. >> thanks, gio. >> we have another cautionary tale. their backyards. this one about social media influencers and their businesses. a glaze of ice that covered power lines, encasing trees in one fitness coach and influencer aurora, illinois. flash flooding in birmingham, from dallas who has hundreds of alabama, and up to seven inches of rain closing schools in thousands of followers is under fire now after some of her parts of northeast arkansas. online clients say they were and now the concern turns to the scammed. west coast. abc's eva pilgrim is back with this story. flash flooding going to come through in burn areas especially south. we're talking like san diego hey, eva. south could pick up 1 to 3 inches of rain. >> reporter: hey, amy. when you're fighting to reach this could be their biggest winter storm of the season down those fitness goals, a lot of us close to the mexican border. we will be watching that in the look at social media for
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coming days. george. >> no relief at all. okay, ginger, thanks so much. inspiration, motivation. we're going to move to well, fitness influencing is big money but not all trainers are created equal. washington now, where this morning a warning before you buy into an online plan. president trump has said he's not happy with the deal reached >> hello, welcome back to my channel. >> reporter: body goals. by democrats and republicans on >> cardio should never feel like capitol hill to avoid another government shutdown. you're slaving away. >> reporter: malina brunson the question now, will he sign it anyway? our chief white house correspondent jon karl has all found hope and inspiration in the latest. good morning, jon. social media influencer brittany >> reporter: good morning, dawn fitness. george. >> i was looking for some sort the president is not happy and of training, some sort of fitness program. it's not hard to see why. after forcing the longest eventually i followed her so government shutdown in history, congressional leaders have come up with a deal that actually i went ahead and purchased one gets him less money for the border wall. of her programs. >> reporter: brittany dawn has with the clock ticking on another shutdown, president trump is saying he's not some 550,000 followers on satisfied with the deal struck instagram, another 290,000 by congressional leaders. >> i'm not happy about it. followers on youtube. it's not doing the trick. >> i have such a heart for what i do and being in this industry. >> reporter: but this time the president is not threatening a being a fitness influencer is my shutdown. instead, he is suggesting he full-time job. does not need congress to fully >> reporter: many of those followers, women who have turned fund his border wall. >> we certainly don't want to to brittany dawn to get their see a shutdown, but you'll be hearing fairly soon. dream body, success bodies, transfortis ow results posted online. the bottom line is on the wall, brunson paid $250 for a 60-day plan of workouts, a personalized we're building the wall and we're using other methods other nutrition plan and access to dawn by phone but says while she
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than this. >> reporter: the new deal put in the work, dawn did not. includes just under $1.4 billion >> i never got anything back to build a barrier on the other than just, oh, girl, southern border. you're doing so great, but i'm that's less than the $1.6 billion the president like how am i doing great because i'm not losing weight rejected in december and a far and inches aren't going anywhere. >> reporter: and she is not cry from the $5.7 billion he alone. originally demanded. there are nearly 4,000 members some of the president's staunchest supporters are outraged. >> any republican that supports of a facebook group brittany this garbage compromise, you dawn fitness complaints. >> what happens a lot is this issue of scale and not knowing will have to explain. how to deal with your >> reporter: immigration hard-liner ann coulter blasted popularity, a lot of people just the president on twitter saying, don't buy it because she quote, it's increasingly clear he's afraid to fight for it. but not everybody is denouncing spent months, in some cases years, ignoring customers who had reached out to her. >> reporter: some women unhappy with their program posting the deal on the right. screen shots of emails from >> you never get everything you brittany dawn, some showing refunds, the amounts varying want all at once in washington. from $50 to full refunds if they sign an nda but many saying they >> reporter: and after standing never heard from her at all. >> i jumped into an industry by the president during the last shutdown, republican leaders in that had no instruction manual. congress are now urging him to sign on. i'm basically going through >> i hope he'll decide to sign it. i think he's got a pretty good uncharted territory and i'm deal here. doing the best that i can to the >> reporter: senior white house best of my ability. officials say the president can
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act on his own to get additional i'm using this as a tool to learn and grow as a professional money for the wall and that he and to move forward. >> reporter: brittany dawn n o decling a national emergenc. posting a youtube chapel. >> i make mistakes and that's one top official who i spoke to overnight said that the white house believes they can get an to address it and to say that i am sorry. additional $3 billion shifted >> reporter: but some of her from other projects and other customers saying that apology programs, george, but if he just isn't enough. >> just overall it's leaving a tries to do that you can be sure really sour taste in my mouth. it will face a legal challenge. >> this is a reminder. >> yeah, and it could be politically dicey if it comes as popular and successful as from disaster funding. >> reporter: absolutely. >> jon karl, thanks very much. these influencer programs can michael. >> thank you, george. seem, you need to take a minute now to what's next for to find out what's real life versus what's instagram. mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. after he was found guilty on all ask questions before you fork over that hard earned cash. ten counts of drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder ask a couple questions to give you a chance to see their response and how quickly they'll following a dramatic three-month respond. a lot of that will sort of weed trial. and abc's gio benitez is at the detention center in new york itself out. >> makes sense. with more on what will happen >>moment for now. good morning, gio. the day, shall we? >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. this one comes to us from yeah, this is where el chapo is tennessee. being held right now. you know, it took the jury six days to reach a verdict. and i have a little question for you. but when they did, they were this guy said, honey, i can't find the cat. clear, joaquin "el chapo" guzman guilty on all counts. this morning, notorious drug
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lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman is waking up behind bars as a yeah, that's daisy. she's 3 years old. convicted man guilty of all ten federal charges including drug this was the first time she had trafficking and conspiracy to ever done that and apparently this has become a thing. murder. once sentenced, he'll be sent to she really likes it and goes up a maximum security prison, possibly even the supermax adx there every day and this is her florence in colorado, sometimes place to hang out, yeah, john, thank you for sending and sharing that. so glad you found daisy. go ahead and drop your "gma" called the alcatraz of the moment on my facebook page and rockies, where infamous inmates like the boston marathon bomber and oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh have been kept. welcome back. remember, if you can't see the in this never-before-seen video obtained by abc news, we can see road and there's standing water, the moment he learned he would face american justice, arriving in new york back in 2017. turn around. don't drown. we got the flood warning for now two years later, a trial revealed a system of political this area until 9:45 as the bribery, the killing of rivals creeks and streams are and a paranoid kingpin. overflowing. the heaviest of the rain is over his favorite gun encrusted with diamonds. >> he was a killer, he was a so we won't be adding to the situation. it's just the run off that keeps murderer, he was a manipulator but he was also very, very, very smart. >> reporter: the trial was held under unprecedented security. the jurors kept anonymous for their protection.
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el chapo had escaped two mexican now to the latest on the eps royals. prisons, one through this prince harry and duchess meghan mile-long underground tunnel -- >> here it is. out overnight and they were all >> reporter: -- that we saw firsthand in mexico. smiles even as the duchess deals with so much family fallout and, lara, you have more. >> it's true. and el chapo will be sentenced yeah, nothing could keep down in june. he will likely spend the rest of the soon-to-be parents as they his life in prison. now, senator ted cruz of texas prepare to welcome their first saying overnight that he baby very, very soon. believes any seized assets meghan stepping out last night should be used to fund that border wall. for a night at the museum with amy. >> all right, gio, thanks very her husband prince harry. much. the duchess glamorous in white overseas now to the battle against isis, the u.s. coalition expects to finish taking back all the territory that isis once calvin klein, all smiles as she controlled by the end of this week. attended a gala performance at the area at one time was about london's natural history museum. this is the first time we've the size of indiana stretching seen meghan since her estranged father, thomas markle, laid bare the full extent of the rift across iraq and syria. kurdish forces together with between the two over the u.s. air support are pushing weekend. a british tabloid publishing a into the last town held by isis. the final stages of any conflict letter from meghan to her father can be the most dangerous saying his actions had broken though. her heart into a million little pieces. overnight, a suicide car bomber but there was no sign of heartbreak last night as the duchess chatted with children wounding seven in this massive explosion on the syria/turkey and other guests before the border. president trump has already declared victory against isis charity performance in support of the queen's commonwealth trust. meanwhile, her husband prince p preparing to send about 2,000 troops home, but once they do go
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william son the news this ocentary titled "the home there are fears those jihadis could regroup and launch new attacks. back at home we now have new queen's children," british developments in the case of that young woman whose body was found inside a suitcase in connecticut. her former boyfriend is now in custody. he appeared in court on tuesday, and abc's whit johnson is there at the courthouse. and whit, police are now revealing how they tracked him journalist jeremy paxman down? >> reporter: they are, amy. revealing a young prince william good morning to you. the ex-boyfriend, javier da silva, making his first court appearance here in connection was reluctant to be king recalling conversations with with the death of 24-year-old princess diana a year before she valerie reyes. died. police say he was actually using >> we talked about our children her atm card multiple times and said william often told her he didn't really want to be king after her disappearance and that and then harry would say, well, if you don't want the job, i'll is what led authorities directly have it. >> since then both princes have spoken quite candidly about to him. their commitment to their royal this morning, we're also getting duties. disturbing new details. william telling the bbc in a according to the criminal 2016 interview that, quote, he didn't lie awake waiting to be king. >> i certainly don't lie awake complaint, da silva told detectives that he was at reyes' waiting or hoping for it because it sadly means my family will have moved on and i don't want that. house on january 29th. she fell and bumped her head, he >> reporter: harry on the other said, and then at some point he hand famously telling taped her ankles, her wrists and "newsweek," we are not doing it for ourselves but for the greater good of the people.
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he said is there any one of the her mouth shut, stuffed her into royal family would wants to be a suitcase and drove out to king or queen? i don't think so. but we will carry out our duties greenwich where he says he at the right time. >> they will, indeed. prince harry and meghan not dumped her body. reyes was found several days later. slowing down either. they're gearing up for a three-day visit to morocco the cause of death has not yet from the 23rd to the 25th of been determined officially but it is being treated as a homicide. da silva is now being charged this month and then we'll see with kidnapping resulting in when that baby comes. death. >> she looks like she's ready. >> she sure does. >> i'm not saying nothing on that. he has not yet entered a plea. >> all right, coming up, everybody, newly engaged tim tebow is here. amy. >> and whit, there are still so many questions. what more are we learning about their relationship? what is the victim's family saying at this point? >> reporter: well, amy, the victim's mother says that she dated -- valerie reyes dated da silva about a year ago only for a few months, but then they broke up and at that point she says da silva became possessive. she is now relieved that he is behind bars but obviously angry and devastated by the loss. reyes' funeral will be held today. amy. >> our hearts certainly go out to the reyes family. thank you so much, whit. george.
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we're going to get to the latest on the russia investigation. the republican and democratic leaders of the senate intelligence committee at odds over the conclusion of their investigation as several committees spar over the testimony of former trump lawyer michael cohen. our senior congressional good morning, north bay. correspondent mary bruce is on capitol hill. let's get up and get going. the heads of the senate intelligence committee have been >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. working together but this is i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 significant, the disagreement. >> reporter: for a committee mornings." that has managed to so far it's 8:27. a strong storm causing flight conduct a bipartisan investigation, this is now a rare public rift. delays and cancellations. the republican chairman, richard here's your live look and i think this pretty much explains burr, says that as of now they have found no factual evidence the problem. the airport is grounding of collusion but notes that the investigation is not complete flights. but mark warner tells us he 76 flights are canceled. respectfully disagrees, that 52 are delayed. he's not ready to draw any conclusions since their probe is as for drivers, you should be still ongoing. regardless, president trump is prepared for a messy commute. >> we are back up to 100 100 seizing on all of this, tweeting and falsely claiming that the senate intelligence committee has now concluded that there is no evidence of collusion. >> and the chairman was also upset about the fact that incidents on the board. michael cohen postponed his testimony to the senate we are covered with all these crashes. our sig alert did clear intelligence committee. >> reporter: chairman burr is not pleased with michael cohen. northbound at 101. cohen, the president's former very long delays both on 101 and fixer, was supposed to testify 280 and a new problem in the
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this week but cancelled, citing medical reasons, but then this central valley, westbound 580. e popped up. cohen was spotted having dinner at a new york restaurant. chairman burr was not amused by that and he said any goodwill he has with the committee is gone, but, george, cohen's lawyer said it is possible to have dinner and still be in pain and it is confirmed that cohen does plan to appear before the end of the month. now to that rescue in georgia. police were desperately searching for a kidnapped baby taken right from her mother's car in her driveway, finally finding that baby late sunday night. >> the child is inside. >> 10-4. do you need ems? >> no, the child is not showing any distress. hey, little one. [ crying ] >> oh, it's cold. she said it's cold. here we go, we're going to put up your hood, keep you dry and warm.
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>> you can tell a lot of sympathy for the baby and seems like they were nice fathers there and that baby thankfully is okay. police believe the carjacker didn't realize the child was in the car when they took it and then they abandoned the car at . they're still searching for the suspect at this hour and the baby is reunited with her mother where she should be. >> thank goodness there is a happy ending on that one. all right, thank you. now to new drama surrounding the oscars. there's some backlash this morning after the academy announced four awards will be given out during commercial breaks. t.j. holmes is here and t.j., the academy says all being done to shorten the notoriously long broadcast. >> yes, but, if we're being honest, most of us don't tune in now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. because we're dying to see who wins for best achievement in film editing, that's not the >> cannot emphasize enough, stay point. film editing, categories like cinematography, these are critical to our movie watching away from flooding water. experience. there is no movie without these look at this one, we've got a folks. so let them have their moment. school bus with kids on board ring the commercial break.u canm that's stuck in flooding over i a host won't be the only thing think blucher creek creek creekk
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missing from this year's oscars. >> here are the nominees for achievement in cinematography. >> reporter: several categories including cinematography won't be aired live. the heaviest of this part >> it is now my honor to present this year's nominees for achievement in film editing. >> reporter: you won't see film editing live either. the academy has announced those categories, in addition to best live action short and looking for a date for makeup/hairstyling, will all be valentine's day. awarded during commercial >> close. >> you got less than 24 hours to breaks. >> guillermo del toro. go and maybe you'll turn to your >> reporter: the reaction from some of the oscar's most famous friends to help you find your alums has been swift. match. >> some people say that's the guillermo del toro blasted the way to do it. we have an incredible single gal decision saying, cinematography so cute ready to find that and editing are at the very heart of our craft. special someone and a team of they are cinema itself. her best friends to help her pick the man of her dreams. and this scathing tweet from best actor winner russell crowe so who's ready to start this calling it such a fundamentally journey to find love? >> i am. >> let's take a look. stupid decision, and alfonso ♪ as the ladies on "sex and the cuaron, the mastermind behind city" have taught us repeatedly. >> burger broke up with me on a one of this year's most nominated film, post-it. >> on/post-it? >> reporter: finding mr. right "roma," added no one single film has ever existed without can be the most difficult treasure hunt. cinematography and without >> i'm sorry i can't, don't hate
7:15 am
editing, but portions of those acceptance speeches will be aired. academy president john bailey me. >> reporter: hannah can relate. she's 27, a manager in the says the change was made to keep fashion biz and single in new the broadcast to three hours, york city. >> i've had a lot of dating but in an e-mail to academy members promised the winning experiences, some good, some speeches will be shown later in bad. and there's definitely always something missing. the broadcast. all right,tang >> reporter: and the single most eees and airsay important thing in a man to her, they'll be in their entirety but integrity. she loves to cook and travel. they have the option to edit them down if they want. so to make her a match we teamed up with dating guru bela gandhi. >> how did they pick which >> it's kind of randomly. >> we're like personal trainers they're trying to pick the ones for your love life. >> along with three of hannah's that maybe the audience is not as into, to be honest. best friend. >> these three friends have been very supportive in my dating life over the years. they're trying to tighten up this broadcast and change it in >> avery, the college every way. >> it's good it will end at 11:00. >> george! let the cinematographer have his moment. >> thanks, t.j. kelsey and darius, a friend who >> somebody had to say it, makes her laugh even at herself. right? everyone there is winning an together team hannah on a oscar, a lot of people are. mission to find love. all right, so there's the story. we're here now with hannah and well, here we have the new top dog crowned at westminster. king reigning supreme, winning the crown. lara is here with all the details. her friends and dating good morning, lara. >> good morning, michael. yeah, all hail the king, relationship expert bela gandhi
7:16 am
everybody. the 7-year-old wire fox terrier living up to his royal moniker who always brings the heat. taking home the dog world's >> ready. biggest prize. >> datg isn't easy and hannah, >> hi, ya. are you nice? we're wondering, why haven't you >> reporter: from bono to burns and bean, it was rough competition. found love yet. >> well, michael, i am a very >> i love you all. passionate person and that every one of you. definitely translates into my he's best in show. relationships so i'm just looking for someone who -- to be >> the wire fox terrier. just as excited as i am. >> reporter: but this morning, a king has been crowned america's >> someone just as excited as top dog. out of the 2800 pampered pooches you. avery, you lived with hannah for hailing from all 50 states and years. >> year. >> can we point out avery's 14 different countries, ultimately the top prize at the shirt says good luck. westminster kennel club dog show going to the top terrier interesting that you say that. appropriately named king, a >> since you've been roommates 3-year-old wire fox terrier, a what do you think is the biggest breed that has won best in show challenge when it comes so 15 times. typing mr. right. >> hannah has a huge personality that's far more than any other so i think it's finding somebody in the competition's 143-year that will complement toe. history but still that feat no >> ha can handle it. >> oh, yeah. walk in the park. >> huge personality means you early on it was bean, the sussex better be ready.
7:17 am
spaniel, sparking a roaring applause from the crowd. but, darius, what kind of guy do you see hannah with. >> bean. >> i want to seese >> it's as if the knicks won a of humor. game the way they're acting. she's extremely funny so i think >> reporter: other fan that's really important. favorites, burns, the longhaired dachshund getting huge applause. >> kelsey, for you what's the >> he just threw it down as most important quality of a guy well. >> he did. that he would need to date he looks great. hannah? >> reporter: wilma the boxer >> for hannah i think somebody knocking out the competition in who is confident, somebody who the working group feeding the fan frenzy. is ambitious, doesn't play games but also loves to travel. and then there was bono, the >> those are all great little little havanese nabbing second place. >> that's it. tidbits for us to know, so >> look at that face. hannah will go on dates with >> reporter: but in the end the king reigned supreme, fending four eligible bachelors tonight. off some of the fluffiest and we have chosen them. we feel good about it. furriest of foes to take home the title. you guys are actually going to be flies on the wall watching king will be here later but i did want to share with you guys some video that some folks these dates, speed dates with video cameras with audio. have posted on social media of they're going to be monitoring dogs who didn't make the cut but they're like put me in, coach. put me in. the situation so, bela, while they're watching, what should they want to be there so badly. that's kennedy rooting for the labrador. they look for for hannah to advise her, to tell her what's going on, what's not going on? here's leo, leo is losing his >> look for mind. just watch. he so wants to be there. easy breezy fun. then look for body language.
7:18 am
are they leaning in, are we also have duncan who wanted a front row seat to the action. so many people saying their dogs a little secret, look for where were captivated by the competition. their feet are pointed. if they're pointed at each other they're probably interested in each other. a really interesting phenomenon. >> i had never heard that. >> their tails were wagging. >> i know. >> happy dogs. >> keep an eye on it in real >> they're rooting for everybody. i know you wanted burns. life. it tells you a lot. >> burns, i like burns. red flags. is he giving her a chance to >> i liked bono. talk? is he negative? >> but we have the king. >> we have the king. is he trying to argue her into the ground? >> yes. all red flags. >> oh, gosh, yes. >> king's here. >> do they need like a signal or he's right here right now. something, like blink twice if you want to get out of here? you'll meet him in a little bit. >> he's a stoic leader. >> yes, he is. >> we'll have code tonight. >> now, let's go to ginger. >> so many of those great videos i'll be there. >> you know, hannah, are you including snow. look at this. ready to meet your guys. 53 inches in 48 hours at >> i'm ready. let's do it. snoqualmie pass and mammoth, 446 inches. they say they'll be open till at least july 4th and there's more snow on the way. all right, let's bring them out. here they come. about 100 inches or so through friday. that's the weather in 30 seconds. >> hi. >>i.
7:19 am
hi. >> all right. >> looks like we're in the middle of a "bachelor" episode, "bachelorette." are you excited? >> yes. >> give me one word to describe yourselves the best? we'll go down the line and start with you, chris. >> driven. >> passionate. the river is here. >> spontaneous. >> dynamic. heavy flooding rain, damaging >> ooh. >> good work. winds, all day with the heaviest >> how do you choose from that? this morning. >> they need to follow up on the storm is a three on our storm impact scale. that. >> you need to deliver. you can see the red for the [ applause ] morning drive. but still a lot of caution. everything is on the board from >> hey, your friends, good luck high to very high with rising to you guys. rivers most likely tomorrow and good luck to everybody. we hope you find love and you friday and that would be the know what, hannah and her russian river and also friends, you're all coming back tomorrow. coming up, comedian aziz [ applause ] we'll find out. ansari is breaking his silence. and breaking news in the urgent search for a monkey we'll also have more tips and stolen from a zoo when we come setting up your best friend so back. stolen from a zoo when we come go t website.
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7:24 am
>> unchecked realities, get to the maze. just crawling along and we've unchecked trauma. sadness, loneliness. got one significant issue. >> reporter: for several years bell himself lived an unhealthy northbound 101 in san francisco, life of style of smoking and that's a sig alert, a crash with injuries is blocking the two drinking and after doctors recommended a pacemaker he left lanes. heavy on the bay bridge coming turned his life around starting into san francisco as well. with yoga. >> be careful wherever you are >> ultimately that led me to going and of course that storm founding the black male yoga initiative. we' we' we're marketed as oversexualized, overmasculine and wanted to say welcome here and come and heal. >> important are about our problems. loving our communities and our families and husbands and we just need to get out there. >> it is great to have changa bell here and some of the members of the black male yoga initiative as well. changa, thank you. thanks for joining us. we had a chance to hear your do
7:25 am
so important to focus not only on mental health but also black males in particular? >> i just think black males are often marginalized by the media then we take some of that on. we all want to be strong for our families but like i mentioned the piece tend to be -- we're just hyper masculine and we're just having this put on us so yoga helps us be vulnerable and open and better human beings. >> we want to be strong for our families but our families can help us. if there are women who want to participate what are some of the things they can ask the men in their lives. >> i get asked how to be a man whisperer. >> good luck with that. >> what i would say mostly, you know, women are great. you can't talk about without talking about women. for women i would advise just being open and really listening to a man empathetically using empathy as opposed to sympathy
7:26 am
and looking at body language, you know, is he open receptiv speinou about thehise' vulnerable about? but if his body language is closed off then he might be feeling closed off so being receptive to all he's communicating. >> can you walk us through this move? explain to us why this movement is so important and what it really means? all the moves in yoga are just meant to reverse engineer your neurology so they'll cam your body, calm your mind. we'll stand up and do the side now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. angle pose. maybe you can do it in a suit. be ready to take action if i don't know but the gentlemen you live near a creek or stream are going to stick that left leg in sonoma county. forward and extend their right leg back and open the shoulder flood warning meaning it is and strengthen the legs and open happening right now up until about 9:45. we've got small streams in urban up the area and we'll lean down. areas that are going to flood, so we don't damage the rotator underpasses, you name it. cuff we'll sweep it over try to you can see some of the heavier deepen the pelvis and reach, rain that stretches all the way reach, reach. down to mountain view. >> i'm going to need a new suit. we're getting the heaviest push
7:27 am
so what does this move mean? out of this storm right now. it does taper a little bit. >> so, so, this move doesn't they're still moderate to mean anything per se. it's what it's doing for your body and also if we stay here heavy and tonight we'll get for another 30 or 60 seconds another push of heavy rain. >> thank you, mike. you'll see it strengthening the small muscles that support the larger muscles and indicative of what we need to do in our community. we need to strengthen at the individual level in order to strengthen the community as a whole. >> yes. come back up. and the biggest thing about it is just getting started. you know, just getting started because yoga is great to calm your mind as well as your body and i appreciate you coming. i i'm glad we didn't stand there another 30, 60 seconds. i would have cramped up. thank you for joining us. mental health in the black community especially for black males is very important and make sure you guys check out the bmyi. all right, ginger, over to you. place well story. o t is hawi.
7:28 am
look at this. mauit does buno island a they belicould end up elevation they've ever seen snow on maui, so keeping an eye on that one for that record to come through. again, i'd still do yoga there heavy rain still causing flooding across sonoma county. our flood warning extended until 10:30. we can see the rain is continuing all day today. light to heavy at times. this is this weather report has been sponsored by lincoln and this is the time in the show that has become my favorite time because sara haines is here. ...used almost everywhere on almost everybody. ooh. like the arm of an angel. what's coming up on "strahan & sara." >> we have a fashion show and or the leg of this little guy. cooking with our girl carla hall for ages 2 and up, prescription eucrisa works at and we have a special guest that and below the surface of the skin. will ensure that george stephanopoulos tunes in today, it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes his wife, the better half, ali
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jussie smollett, star of do you think this is fun for me? the hit show "empire," his story you think i'm having fun? [man on other line] it certainly wasn't much fun to..... of being a victim of a vicious hate crime shocked the nation. >> what happened that night. >> now tomorrow he speaks out to robin roberts. do you have eyes on the target? in his first interview. >> at any point during the attack, did you fear for your is it her? life? [man on other line] i can't tell from this photos... >> the exclusive only on "gma." welcome back to "gma." ...i need better shots. and we cannot wait for that thank you for flying turkish airlines. exclusive tomorrow, robin's one-on-one with "empire" star jussie smollett. taxi! there are so many questions and you waiting for someone? now we'll get to hear his entire story in his own words for the no. just... looking. first time and that will be tomorrow right here on "gma." >> cannot wait. >> that is a big interview. following a lot of headlines right now.
7:31 am
just two days to go until a possible government shutdown and president trump says he's not happy with the bipartisan deal lawmakers have drafted but he's under some pressure to sign it. it doesn't include full funding for the border wall. the white house says the president can act on his own to. andn officials in chicago are filing a major lawsuit against more than two dozen companies that sell e-cigarettes accusing them of marketing and selling to minors online. federal health officials say the e-cigarettes are the top substance used by teens. we have a new winter storm warning. the west preparing for storms that could cause major mudslides. here in the east we could see 50-mile-an-hour winds. welcome back to "gma." you know this next guest as a >> a lot to get to. we start with comedian two-time national colgep, forme aziz ansari returning to the stage. and now a minor league baseball he's opening up about that sexual misconduct allegation player but you may not know that he is the executive producer of last year. how he's processed it and how he hopes he's become a better a new film, please welcome tim person. abc's eva pilgrim is here with more on that. tebow. good morning, eva. [ applause ] >> reporter: good morning. the comedian for the first time publicly talking about that sexual misconduct allegation
7:32 am
against him. >> thank you. he says he was surprised and >> so good to see you? concerned his date fell so good to see you too. uncomfortable. >> hey, what's up, guys? >> thank you. >> that is like a little dude. >> reporter: this morning, aziz thank you, guys. ansari breaking his silence a >> the audience loves you. year after being accused of congratulations. sexual misconduct. i mean for so many things but mainly because you just got the comedian known for his roles on "master of none" and "parks engaged. >> yes. and nerk ccome show >> former miss universe. demi-leigh nel-peters. how does it feel to say my monday night, reportedly fiancee. >> it feels really good but i'm telling the audience that he totally messed up. hasn't spoken about that night right after we got engaged and because he wanted to take time to process it and figure out what he wanted to say. introduced her as my girlfriend one time. sorry. because then she did it a couple according to a "vulture" days later so i didn't feel as reporter, ansari who has been keeping a low profile changed to bad. >> it's just fun to say. a somber tone telling the you say it often until you audience he feared for his actually get married. you organized an elaborate career. "i was scared that i'd never be surprise engagement, correct? >> you have, right. able to do this again," and >> you pulled it off. saying, it's a terrifying thing >> oh, my goodness. to talk about. there were times i felt really upset and humiliated and well, we had so many surprises. embarrassed and ultimately i but the problem is i had to lie. just felt terrible this person felt this way. but after a year, how i feel like a lot and i didn't really like it or feel comfortable but i had to and it was worth it and about it is, i hope it was a step forward. it made me think a lot and i hope i've become a better created this story. we were going to have christmas
7:33 am
person. this woman in the audience at dinner at my parents' house in the show was encouraged. >> it was very thoughtful the way that he addressed the jacksonville, florida, and it was super special and everything allegations that he used it as and i lied that i had a truck that we were driving to surprise an opportunity to speak with his other male friends and female my dad and we were going to give friends. to my dad but the dealership was in on it. >> reporter: ansari reportedly it was just so she wouldn't know that i was going to propose added that if has made not just and -- me but other guys think about it >> she was surprised. >> she was totally surprised and had her favorite singer come and just be more thoughtful and out, our favorite song called aware and willing to go that "the wedding song" by math knew extra mile and mull and flew her family from make sure someone else is south africa so it was all us. comfortable in that moment >> low-key engagement. that's a good thing. >> he really seemed genuinely >> yeah, it was really special, grateful people were there to see him. so i think, you know, it is good though. >> so what can you tell me about that he addressed the allegation. the wedding and who is making out the plans? >> reporter: ansari's comments >> that would be her and you need to be asking her. coming on the heels of fellow i will be extremely supportive comedian louis c.k.'s controversial return to the but i will definitely let it be spotlight. c.k. initially taking heat for her decision because it will be not acknowledging what he had her day. done to women and later coming if she's happy i'll be happy. under fire after this audio from his set attacking parkland >> happy wife, happy life, shooting survivors leaked to the press. >> how does that make you all right. so as if you weren't busy enough interesting? you didn't get shot. you pushed some fat kid in the you are starring in, execute way and now i got to listen to
7:34 am
you talking. producing this new film called "run the race" about two brothers who draw on each >> what will be really other's strengths and faith tog. encouraging if he finds a way to how did you come up with the integrate this insto his materil idea. >> i read the script six years ago and i never had the goal of and show that he has grown from getting into the movie industry and i still really don't. this experience. >> now, we reached out to the i just love telling stories and national organization for women for their thoughts on this. i love encouraging people and they say that while the me too hopefullies that soing that that movement has forced many men to think about their behavior we need to focus on survivors and this movie will do. it will tell a story about that conversation about consent and boundaries are imperative. we need to start listening in overcoming and believing in each order for this change to truly happen. other and loyalty and support and that conversation is and, you know, what faith, hope happening because of the story. and love can do in the midst of >> thank you, eva. >> thank you, eva. tough times and i really wanted now to news and the search to be a part of this story for that rare monkey stolen from because i feel like young people in today's society, we need a zoo that's in desperate need something to be able to take the of medication. abc's victor oquendo joins us whole family and watch a movie from palm beach, florida, with and be able to be encouraged and the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, inspired in and go away with hope. >> let's take a look. michael. this is the outcome everyone was who wants to watch? hoping for. this is part of the movie where two brothers confront their dad. police able to track down that monkey named kali. take a look. >> rumor has it you're going to she has now been returned to the shatter all my district records. palm beach zoo and we're told she's in good health. >> yeah, no, i'm going to wipe this morning, kali, the rare your name off the record books.
7:35 am
you can count on it. monkey stolen from the zoo is home safe. >> we're family. >> you think that's supposed to mean something. >> that does mean everything. police announcing this morning >> it means nothing. that kali is home, thank you to we're family. everyone that helped secure her you're some dude that left us recovery. this after an urgent search for the person in this surveillance video breaking into the palm after our mom died. >> wow, and you teamed up with beach zoo monday stealing kali, a 12-year-old monkey likely your own brother. >> i did. >> to make this movie. >> i teameds up with my brother worth more than $10,000 on the black market. zoo officials say the suspect seen here on surveillance broke and it was awesome working with in early monday morning from him telling the story of two behind the monkey's enclosure when the zoo was closed. brothers and, you know, this was this is the enclosure where kali was being kept. special because, you know, we take a look. all have to go through things in this is where zoo officials say life and have to learn to that suspect cut the mesh and forgive and accept forgiveness stole kali. and not every family is perfect weighing just one pound she but we're all trying to work requires a special diet and together and i think this movie anti-inflammatory medication. does a great job of really telling that story of truly do we have a timetable for her? running the race together as a family. like, what would happen if she didn't get that medicine? >> that's so beautiful. you know, i love how you just put yourself out there no matter >> every second matters. this anti-inflammatory medicine is something she received daily what including baseball. so just like any medication i mean, it's just incredible to see you just say, i'm going to go for it. >> thank you. that you're prescribed daily, >> you started spring camp this she needs that and needs her weekend. are you ready? >> i'm excited. i'm ready. you know, obviously the goal
7:36 am
diet so every second counts. >> reporter: this is not the would be hopefully be back here first time the palm beach zoo or in new york talking to you again soon. species has been targeted. ten years ago other goeldi >> that would be awesome. monkeys stolen. >> kali wasn't taken ten years bow, thankou as always doing ago but the same species and a and "run the race" hits theaters couple of other birds were nationwide february 22nd. stolen. stick around and we'll be right we reached out and we were able to have all five animals back. returned safely back here to the zoo. >> reporter: last year this thief was caught on camera stealing a horn shark from the aquarium smuggling it out in a baby carriage, that person charged with felony theft. still waiting on more details from police. in the meantime, kali is being reunited with her mate just in time for valentine's day. >> thank you, victor. >> good news, indeed. coming up here, the famous rapper robbed right outside his studio. did his social media post make him a target?
7:37 am
this valentine's day, give her your heart. ♪ or, ask her for her hand.
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7:39 am
nation. >> what happened that night? >> announcer: now tomorrow he speaks out to robin roberts in his first interview. >> at any point during the attack did you fear for your life. >> announcer: the exclusive tomorrow only on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by sleep number. meet the sleep number 360 smart bed for proven quality sleep. minimums and fees seem to your typical bank.n of and before we go we have a capital one is anything but typical. special engagement gift for tim tebow. come on out. that's why we designed savings and checking accounts >> you really didn't need to. with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. >> one of our many practical gifts. >> i'll go with this one. what's in your wallet? open it? >> for you and your beautiful bride. yeah right. iand the earth is flat. nothing but the best for you. >> perfect. ahhh!! >> the "gma" logo. treat your cough seriously with robitussin cf max. nothing lasts longer >> i love it. >> it's two cup. and treats more symptoms for your cough, cold and flu. >> two cups to a beautiful couple. >> perfect, thank you. robitussin. because it's never just a cough. >> we wish you all the best. >> thank you so much. >> so long, everyone. >> do i get to keep the box too. >> that's the most valuable part.
7:40 am
but when's the last time you shared a moment like that?ore, or felt like this? or screamed, like... that? it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day. now to a high-profile now to a high-profile robbery outside a recording studio in los angeles. the target, rapper rich the kid who had just been flaunting his wealth on social media and matt gutman is in west hollywood with the story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. the sheriff's department here believes that those robbers laid in wait for rich the kid. not even giving him and his entourage a chance to get into the recording studio before they pounced. they believe that rich the kid was the intended target because inside that studio other potential victims including the megastar usher who is uninvolved and unhurt. that brazen robbery in broad daylight.
7:41 am
right in front of an iconic west hollywood recording studio. >> i just heard, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: rapper rich the kid was one of the men attacked. okay, so you've been to the it's great right? earth. three men allegedly confronting the 26-year-old rapper, real name, dmitri roger and two but i bet you haven't done this. or that. members of his entourage and demanded cash and jewelry and or been here. according to police one i bet you haven't met her, bodyguard was severely pistol or him, whipped. or them. as the suspects fled, one of ooo, dance-off! them firing shots. this is... incredible. >> the guy came out of here and he took out a gun, he fired six you, see what i did right there. shots into the street. and when is the last time you felt like this, >> reporter: no one was hit. you could see roger there or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on- talking to police after the attack standing next to his $200,000 lavender lamborghini. that's basically a perfect moment. it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day. just hours before the robbery, he was showing off with that luxury car posing with large stacks of cash on instagram. police have not commented on a motive but other celebrities have fallen victim to crime after flaunting cash and jewelry in social media posts. in 2016, kim kardashian was robbed and attacked at gunpoint
7:42 am
in her paris hotel room after she made these posts on social media and later describing the heist. >> he duct-taped my face and my mouth to get me to not yell. >> reporter: thieves making off with an estimated $10 million worth of jewelry. singer hilary duff was posting these pictures of her canadian vacation. while she was away her home was robbed. now, police caution folks not to advertise when they're away or how much cash they have on them or in their house. that is a problem for rich the kid. one of his trademark poses on instagram is with those stacks of cash in front of super cars. now police say they're still trying to get a beat on the suspects. if they're arrested they will face a host of charges, guys. >> i bet they will. thank you so much. all right. coming up, everybody, the top dog, his name is king and he st on "gma." first on "gma."we'. we'll be right back.
7:43 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. it's 8:59. a busy morning for mike nicco. >> the entire county of sonoma under a flood advisory until 10:30 because of the heavy rain causing some of our streams strs we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. roads flooding. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. we've got flooding up in lake that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. county and sonoma county until saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ 8:00 this morning. heavy rain continues through the afternoon hours. >> tough mornings on the roads. i cannot believe they got this ♪ if♪ darling, tell me me, loveall the ways ♪ay ♪ ♪ tell me all the ways jackknifed semiclear already. that is unwinding from the tracy ♪ all the ways area. and a big problem in the east at the store, or to your door. bay. a crash forcing all traffic to target run and done.
7:44 am
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we're back now with king the wire fox terrier crowned best in show last night at the kennel club, beating nearly 3,000 other dogs from all over the world and here he is with his handler, gabriel rangel, and
7:47 am
westminster director of communications gail miller bisher. thank you all for joining us, king, thank you for joining us and, gabriel, this is your third time that you've won westminster. and, but you were still emotional. what is it about king and this victory that made you overcome with emotion? >> well, mr. green is like a national treasure for us. he is extremely talented person, generous, he's a big mentor for all the terrier people and dog people, so we all know what he says and what he does is it so to me it was overwhelming to me so i was very proud of him. >> and what is it about the wire fox terriers? they win all the time. >> well, they have historically had the most wins but, you know, today we're really here to celebrate this dog. this dog is a beautiful example of the standard. you know, there is a written
7:48 am
standard that the judges, so peter green, the judge last night was looking at this dog's eyes, its ear shape, texture of coat, the condition that gabriel has gotten him into. it takes a lot of work to get a terrier to this point. >> speaking to that i hear terriers are among the most difficult breeds to groom and we see all the grooming that goes on backstage, so what does it take to get king to look like this? >> it takes somebody who has the skill and know-how and it takes, as gabriel said, a mentor like peter green would be somebody to start with but gabriel has been doing it for many years and it takes several months to get the dog ready for this show. >> it's not just the top of a tail, is it? >> no. >> there is a lot that goes into it. so, what happens now? i know he a mature fellow. so he'll have a steak today at sardi's, right, as any champion should, royalty if you will but then what? >> he goes home and he plays, he likes to play ball. >> so he becomes a regular dog. >> yes. >> when he's >> it goes down.
7:49 am
>> terriers are known for being alert and awake and making sure what's going on. he got that temperament. >> has he ever been a bad boy? >> a couple of times. >> not right now. he's a gentleman, isn't he? >> he is. the name is fitting, king. >> yes. he may be a little sleepy as well. we had a lot of celebrating last night. >> was there a moment that you were worried about any of the other dogs? we saw some real fan favorites out there. >> yeah, well, you know, the crowd sees the tv and they see all the cute little dogs and he's behaving or acting cute so it's always fun to hear. >> yes. >> do you think -- king, do you think he knows he's won? >> sure does look like it. >> he gets all excited. >> this is excited. >> not now. not now. >> we love excited. well, congratulations.brl, cong,
7:50 am
and congratulations to king and, gail, thank you for being here. coming up, we have the new warning will romance scams just ahead of valentine's day so we'll be right back. stay right there. [ applause ] you could take the treatment of your ulcerative colitis in a different direction. talk to your doctor about xeljanz, a pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. xeljanz is the first and only fda-approved pill for moderate to severe uc. it can reduce symptoms in as early as two weeks, improve the appearance of the intestinal lining, and provide lasting steroid-free remission. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, low blood cell counts, higher liver tests and cholesterol levels. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. your doctor should perform blood tests
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7:54 am
so many snow days. this is not the map you want to see. the next two weeks, colder than normal back out to the west. this could be by a degree or a half a degree even. but still, warmer than average in the only safe place it seems in florida. just keep an eye on that. a lot neutral through the ohio valley through the mid-atlantic. this whole segment sponsored by pure leaf ice teas and coming up, that new warning about scammers taking advantage of people that are looking for love online. we'll tell you what you have to look for. plus, duchess meghan and prince harry's big night overnight. tim tebow here. just saw him in the elevator. just saw him in the elevator. stick around. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. (music throughout)
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." metrologist mike nicco is tracking our storm. >> thank you. already 33 reports of flooding and wind damage across the entire bay area and we still have flooding until 9:45. the heaviest of that rain is moving over the napa valley and into the central valley. we had heavy rain move through the altamont pass. this was the push of heaviest rain until we get to around midnight tonight and the storm is a two. the intensity will pick up once again. alexis? >> we are down to about 93 incidents on the board.
7:57 am
we were at a hundred. so some slight improvement. it is still a mess. golden gate bridge shot. a crash involving a motorcycle. northbound 101, extremely long delays. thank you coming up on "gma" thank you coming up on "gma" -- ncalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and it's still snowing in the northeast. more than a foot of snow expected by the end of the morning and a new winter storm warning now as the west prepares to get slammed. it could cause major mudslides. will he sign? overnight a deal reached by both parties on capitol hill. president trump now taking it on vowing he'll still build his wall as the clock ticks down toward another shutdown. just 24 hours to valentine's day. this morning, an urgent warning about a new romance scam leaving victims with broken hearts and wallets. how one woman was tricked into laundering $10,000 for a man she
8:01 am
met on an online dating site. the need to know tips so you don't fall for it. night at the museum. meghan and harry all smiles overnight as the new headline emerges about private conversations with princess diana and the journalist revealing how young prince william was reluctant to one day be king. ♪ i'm on my way under fire, the social media influencer so popular with hundreds of thousands of followers for her fitness routines and coaching, her online clients now complaining that they were scammed out of money. what she's saying now. and meet winky. this bichon didn't take home top dog but it's a westminster sensation that went hugely viral. how winky stole the show, as we say good morning, america. ♪
8:02 am
>> got to love winky. i made it. good morning, america. hope you're well this wednesday morning. look who is here this morning. there he is, tim tebow, newly engaged. has a new movie. can't wait to talk to him. >> speaking of love, valentine's day less than 24 hours away. this mornings we're going to help a young lady on a mission to find love. take a look. that is hannah. she is backstage with her three best friends. they're here to help her find a match, and these eligible bachelors are trying to win her heart. that's all coming up. >> got their roses ready. >> yes, they do. >> before we get to that we have a lot of news to get to starting with the wild winter weather on both coasts. ginger, we saw serious crashes here in the northeast. >> oh, so many. there were more than 700 plows still on the road in massachusetts alone this morning just to cut through some of that ice because it fellows snow, then sleet, then the freezing rain on top.
8:03 am
a lot of accidents and you go back to the midwest, wausau, wisconsin, barely seeing through the snow. they had around a foot but places had close to 19 inches. eau claire, wisconsin, had their snowiest february on record. there is a school in michigan has had 21 cold and snow days and on the on side mississippi had a reported ef-1 tornado, schools are closed because of flooding and close to seven inches of rain in arkansas. this storm is pulling out. maine still snowing and snow streamers, rotating counterclockwise with the low but you've got wind gusts now up to 50-mile-per-hour winds could end up impacting your day, your airline, just keep an eye on that in the northeast and mid-atlantic, and a quick look, there are already roads shut down. highway 59 in central california because of flooding. even san diego on alert as this comes and could be their worst of the season. guys. >> okay, ginger, thanks very much. we move on to washington. two days away from another possible government shutdown, the president says he's not happy with the border wall deal reached by democrats and republicans on capitol hill. i want to go back to our chief
8:04 am
white house correspondent jon karl with the reaction. good morning, jon. >> reporter: it's not hard to see why the president is not happy. he forced a government shutdown to get more money for the wall, more money for border security, and congress has now come up with a deal after the government shutdown that actually gets him less money for the wall. with the clock ticking on another shutdown, president trump is saying he's not satisfied with the deal struck by congressional leaders. >> i'm not happy about it. it's not doing the trick. >> reporter: but this time the president is not threatening a shutdown. instead, he is suggesting he does not need congress to fully fund his border wall. >> we certainly don't want to see a shutdown but you'll be hearing fairly soon. the bottom line is on the wall, we're building the wall and we're using other methods other than this. >> reporter: the new deal includes just under $1.4 billion to build a barrier on the southern border. that's less than the $1.6 billion the president rejected in december and a far
8:05 am
cry from the $5.7 billion he originally demanded. the bottom line, the president is likely to sign this deal anyway and white house officials are saying that he can find money in other programs to move over to wall construction, that he can do that, george, even without declaring a national emergency. of course, if he does, you can be sure it will face a legal challenge. >> legal and political challenges, jon. >> reporter: absolutely because you're taking money from other programs that have been appropriated by congress. this is not the authority of the president, especially if he goes into areas like that, disaster relief. >> jon karl, thanks very much. amy. now to a close encounter with what's being called the snap happy shark. a group of divers were feeding great hammerhead sharks in the bahamas. one of them was a little slow to getting food ready for this guy so the shark went for it bolting right into the diver's go pro thinking it might be tasty. the diver says it was a good thing his camera had a dome or else the meal might have ended a bit differently. whoa. look at that.okconc
8:06 am
hammerhead sharks are, quote, harmless to divers as long as we don't act crazy but if i have a shark coming up, i might act a little crazy, right? >> isn't a foot away from them the definition of acting crazy? >> i agree. everybody was okay. >> thank goodness for that. watching on tv is the closest i'm getting, that's for sure. how criminals are tricking people into laundering thousands of dollars for them. prince harry and duchess meghan were out for a special event last night. and we have a new headline about princess diana's past conversations and lara is upstairs. hey, lara. >> hi, michael. it's almost valentine's day as you know. who will our viewer hannah find love with? her three best friends are here to help her. these bachelors standing by ready to sweep her off her feet. this is going to be fun. "good morning america" getting very romantic, coming up.
8:07 am
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[ applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience here this wednesday. let's also give a special welcome to sydney, 100th birthday today. [ cheers and applause ] >> world war ii veteran. great to have you here. fantastic. >> big day tomorrow as well as you know, it's valentine's day. tory johnson here with a great valentine's day "deals & steals." right now time for "pop news." >> yes, george. it is. good morning to you all and to you. jennifer lopez gearing up to celebrate her 50th birthday this year. yeah, i said it. 50.
8:12 am
j. notigng wthnghe gngn a. tour aptly named "it's my party." j. lo planning 25 to 28 shows roughly in june and july, her actual birthday, july 24th. lopez telling ellen degeneres she doesn't feel like she's 50 saying she feels more like 26. i agree. that's the number i always say. lopez also revealing she felt like she was in an alternate universe during her recent ten-day no sugar, no-carb challenge but in the end she says she plans to do it again. whatever you're doing, keep doing it. >> she doesn't just feel 26, she looks 26. >> yes. >> she really does. let's all celebrate with jennifer. my sister in the 50 club. i turn in june, she turns in july. wolfgang puck also in the
8:13 am
news. did you know he's celebrating 25 years of feeding the fabulous folks at the governors ball, the official post-oscars bash. 25 years he's been doing it. so what will hollywood's biggest stars be dining on? wolfie, he's giving us our first look. he's sticking with classics like his -- the smoked salmon oscar topped with caviar. always delicious. usually sends them over. it is delicious. trust me. also, adding some new bites like a nashville -- this one i have to question. a nashville hot fried quail on a red velvet waffle. talk to me about that. you can have mine. doubles for amy. and some comfort food for those who may need it. chicken pot pies. >> oh, yeah. >> and a decadent -- i mean, those look so good. a decadent version of mac and cheese like only wolfie can
8:14 am
make. thank you so much. he sent over his latest concoction, the dessert for the big night. come on in, billy. affogato. >> affogato, i love affogato. >> it's home made vanilla ice cream topped with espresso. something to keep the stars going all night long. thank you so much, everybody. cheers to a wonderful oscars season. cheers to you guys and to you, wolfie. looks like a dessert and a drink all at once. >> oh, wolf. >> so good. >> delicious. >> he's going to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the whole situation from l.a. friday before the oscars and you know we've been talking about the oscars. so much coming up. more affogato, please. i almost fogato i have more to do. [ applause ] sorry. i'm so cheesy.
8:15 am
an unlikely pair on this wednesday morning. molly the beagle, okay, this is a sad beginning. she lost her litter recently but everything became right with the world when she walked into her home with a baby possum on her back. now, her owners might not think that but she sure does. the baby probably thought molly was her mom according to the owners and molly more than happy to adopt the little one. they are now inseparable. >> like velcro inseparable. >> it's the cutest thing ever. molly sits under the tree where she sleeps much of the day waiting to give her buddy a ride on her back. it happens every day. >> wow. >> a comforting thing and nice story for you all. then finally, let's talk about this. not all the contestants could be top dog like we met -- we just met the king, right? but do you have a contender for your fan favorite? did you guys catch winky? that's winky's decidedly different approach to the
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