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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 19, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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. tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> neighborhood thieves try to make their getaway, but stops them dead in their tracks. >> see the guy who's getting his stuff back. a dj stops a concert to -- >> chat a little bit with fans. >> but see why it was all part of one big plan. >> a hang glider gains altitude and those aren't clouds. what it is that led to this. >> holy cow! >> but the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini nick and gayle break down the step
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offens on the web. including a post about what women should eat. >> no more than two pieces of chicken. >> i eat what i want, so shut up. >> now, the man with the two-piece rule gets grilled himself but refuses to apologize. >> one more thing before i go. ladies, watch what you eat. >> just a head's up. there are cameras everywhere, but he isn't privy to the fact. >> he hears a noise. when he went outside, trying to make off with his tools. >> nice. >> oh, wow. >> stops them dead in their tracks. and literally unloads.
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>> chase them down. get 'em, get 'em. >> now the person hops out the car, takes out on foot. >> that was a bold move. >> so like i said, let's just let this be a little lesson. either watching. >> well, these folks were watching as well. >> you're so bad. look at you guys pushing over trash bins. >> oh. >> oh, that's so edgy and cool. >> and now you see this dude is looking through the footage and he's like, it's just a mess. wait a minute. exactly. >> are these juveniles picking stuff up? >> these two young fellows walked up and initially they were filming and then they decided to do something about it. >> i saw these young girls picking up the mess. >> one of the dudes moms said hey, i saw you on tv.
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>> a little bit of mischief. >> what did i do? >> and instead of being in trouble, she was actually very proud of him. the shop owner's camera caught the action. >> when they get home and she's like why didn't you clean your room like that? why don't you ever do the trash at home? >> a singer and a dj. and on his show in england he's going to give his performance a bit of a twist. he's going to chat a little bit with his fans. >> what's your name? >> two of his fan, david and lee ann are right in front of the stage. they got to interact directly with mark. >> this crowd, i need you to spread apart. spread apart. >> the lights come on, the music stops, everybody gets quiet. what is going to happen? >> david has something he'd like
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to say. ready? >> it turns out davidas scheming with mark for months so that he could propose to his lady. >> will you marry me? >> he gets down on one knee and she very quickly says uh-huh. after the show, mark actually ended up meeting both of them at an unscreened spot to celebrate. if you want to follow him you can follow him on facebook, youtube and instagram and twitter. >> good luck for david and lee ann! >> you don't need to know how to hang guide to know that they rely on updrafts. warm currents of air to lift them and help them game elevation. >> we've got pilot one. >> he's flying around in columbia and those aren't clouds that he's flying near. that's smoke from burning sugar cane fields below him. he spotted that and thought this
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would help me gain altitude. >> a little too much possibly. >> up he goes, but then -- >> holy cow! >> he briefly lost grip with both hands. >> yeah, that nice warmup draft isn't uniform. there's a lot of turbulence and stuff inside that column of hotizihot rising air and he quantifies it. he says his maximum ascent rate was 38 feet per second which is fast, followed business his maximum decelebration rate of r 28 feet per second. he's currently the national hang gliding champion. >> he's got the skills for this chaos. well, when you don't have warm air to lift you up, sometimes speed and acceleration can help that and this guy up in canada has decided to take a par
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glading wing and rig it up to a snow mobile. >> every time you left up you're going to lose your posture. >> the only way they contie elais if that track ayict c w the candy who watches on abc 6 in new york city is the latest winner of an ipad minmyminmyminy be 18 years old and be a legal resident and know the buzz word. >> stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. you know what it's like. there are some days you wake up king or queen of the universe. you're invincible. no one, nothing the world will not bring you down. >> oh, she got the fan and everything, baby. a little lemonade sweater.
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give it to 'em. >> untouchable as she cuts loose so of course they're crazy in love. there's so much to love about it. she's holding a corn dog. >> the corn dog got me. >> she got it. >> there is so much swagger in this little girl. >> she's my energy for today. >> the key to this is it's all about self-love and nobody knows to tell her that. oh. >> reporter: this is actually footage of me as a baby. >> you mean five minutes ago? >> i love me some me. >> this is just adorable. oddly, they're holding -- we uploaded this to our website. >> can't nobody love you like that. it's the post about women
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and food that's causing an internet uproar. >> it's out of control. >> when it comes standing up for his two-piece rule he changen. -- chicken. >> do you never want a girlfriend again? >> if she wants to eat three pieces of chicken, no. >> see the daring jump off of one raging waterfall. brought to you by --
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>> oh, wait, what? >> take one guess. who would risk jumping off of a 90 to 110-foot waterfall in really difficult exit position? >> lewis, that's who jumped off a cliff like that. we've seen a lot of his videos and he describes that this one is difficult in many different ways. in fact, you can see it from his point of view, what it looks like at the top of this waterfall. there are a number of different exit points. in some places you have to have a rope to pull back some of the branches to expose the rocks and there's so much that could go wrong. but sketchy andy a reason, and n you put it all together, you
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have to land precisely in the pool, which is about 4 to 6 feet deep because anywhere elserould trees. >> and you're landing pretty hard either way. >> that's a smile on his face. >> he's like, i survived again. >> he's loving it. good gator. ♪ ♪ the internet, it's beautiful. >> it's petty is what it is and i am here, over the weekend one of my friend from home shared
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this post from charles ayers. it states as a lady you eat a if you ain't full you fill up on mashed potatoes and biscuits. don't ever eeat three pieces of chicken. that's not lady like. >> who says that? >> someone who doesn't want to have a girlfriend. >> they dragged him. >> he needs to be dragged while she's eating a six-piece. >> you upset every woman on facebook. some ladies offered to give him a left and a right tw teeth combo. >> i mean, seriously, that's a very brave post to make. >> because everybody has something to say about what charles posted, we figured we should find and let
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"right this minute," charles! >> hey! >> hey, charles, man, good luck, bro. >> it's okay. >> you sure? >> i'm telling you, we have been laughing my girlfriends and i all weekend but there's something you need to drop on us. right? >> yeah. >> let us have it. >> it's a very true post. >> oh, okay. >> now you're going to tell us how to be a lady. >> we got to draw the line at somewhere. >> does this apply to all other foods as well or just chicken. >> no, that goes for everything. one hamburger. >> reporter: no more than ten pieces of shrimp. >> you order for her when you go out. >> yes. >> how is your account still active? >> i love all the comments. it's been keeping me laughing all weekend. >> did you expect this reaction?
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>> i got it from one of my fave rid comedians and i is that som made this statement through one of her comedy sets. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> nope, i'm single. >> since like over the weekend? >> yeah. >> so you lost your girl behind this post sf. >> pretty much because i'm kind of controlling. >> we couldn't tell that. >> kind of a brave man to do this, though. i'll give you that. >> he's also married. >> does she eat more than two pieces of chicken? >> she eats what she wants. i don't get involved in that. >> we thank you for coming and kicking with us. i'm going to eat what i want and you going to shut up. >> one more thing before i go. ladies, watch what you eat. cleaning up the clutter. >> it's time. >> she has decades of stuff in
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this room. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, snow is no problem for this dude because he's just riding through it. see how he's plowing with the power of pedals. >> so much more fun. >> i agree with you. >> plus we've got tuesday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini coming up.
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provided by -- ythat's why there's new gold bond overnight lotion. works while you sleep, as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. new gold bond overnight lotion. trying to slip into something a little more comfortable. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> but yes. this is a satisfying to me as pimple popping videos. >> this python probably feels the same way because you know when you got that dry, itchy skin you want to just get it off. snakes will typically rub up against things like a rock or something that will hook on to the skin that it's trying to shed so it can basically slide right out of it. this python didn't have anything in the nearby area to do that so a veterinarian noticed what was
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happening and said you know what, pal, let me give you a hand. let me give you two hands here. >> wow. >> but listen too, you can hear the skin. >> oh. >> now, that's asmr. >> it totally feels so relieved. >> snake equivalent of taking off his bra at the end of the day. >> yes. this is a day where you didn't listen to your parents suggestions. >> no cool parents make fun of you for video. then they posted it on social media so we could all last. the ground is covered in ice. as he slips and slides and stumbles down to the bus -- >> were his parents going to sends him to school. >> his parents told him to put on his snow boots but no, he
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wanted to wear slippers. >> that's appropriately named. >> i'll look much cooler in slippers in snow. >> so close. >> just as he goes down, the bus driver comes to the rescue. you hear his parents in the background laughing. >> lucky for him he made it to the bus and off to school safely. >> lucky him. he made it to school. over to connecticut where everybody else is he's just riding through it. >> well, that's a cool bit of engineering. >> it's really awfully kind of nice. he makes light work of this snow. he built this pedal powered snowplow. >> that's such a male solution. i won't spend 45 minutes doing that chore, i'll spend six months developing something different. >> that two for one. a little exercise in, has a
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little fun and still gets cleared off. >> yeah, it's working. >> we like that. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and be a legal resident of the u.s. >> head over to "right this minute".com and enter ipad. >> enter the buzz word. you can enter each every day. >> tuesday's buzz word is knockout. >> get over to the website and click on the win ipad mini button and good luck, everybody. >> this dog is hanging in the backst.>>utch hit tune makes him want to move.
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mess. >> ♪ ♪ >> this beautiful little flying fox is having his first taste of watermelon. >> can't tell if he likes it. >> right. >> this was posted to the wings
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instagram channel. i have to say it's pretty awesome. the rescuer says i'm vaccinated to do this. if you see a bat on the ground or anything somewhere, do not pick it up. call authorities. >> if i don't pick it up can i give it some watermelon? >> look at his eyes, they're like woo hoo! >> this is wild. soon as they hit that line, the stanky leg -- >> are you kidding me? >> they say wyatt did it twice. that's why they posted it on our "right this minute" page where you can post your videos because wyatt likes to dance to that song. what a cute dog he is too. that's great. >> that's all, folks. check out right this for your content. enter yo
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tonight, the passenger jet a daousfsn, icendtomorr. states torren ra the accidents already mounting. the pickup truck hit by lightning, too. the car trapped under power lines. ginger zee tonight on when this hits and where. also breaking news in the jussie smollett case. after his claims of an attack, federal investigators tonight now asking questions about the letter smollett says was sent to his show. also, news on those brothers. where they were seen today. tonight, the president responding to "the new york times" report today that he asked his acting attorney general to change the 3rprosecur in the michael cohen case. did the president want the u.s. attorney that he appointed instead? bernie is back. he will run for president again. president trump responding


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