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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 20, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PST

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many cities around the world will have carnival, celebrations to mark their culture. that's what's happening at this celebration in argentina. people dancing and celebrating. >> just jumping up and down and having a blast. >> oh, no! >> the second you press play that's what we're waiting for. >> just about 100 people, just collapsed under the weight and stress of all that excitement. in all 34 people were injured in that, five seriously some with compound fractures. >> yes, there was no warning. those people that that door or gate were there. they were able to grab on and probably were able to save themselves. >> you're right. you spotted a couple of those people in the background just barely hanging on by a thread, but that sent a hush over the entire crowd. >> wow. >> another scary incident. this one happened in the
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netherlands. this is a boat launch, a big thing to do. a lot of people like to attend the boat launch. you see the guy in the circle. looks like he's pulling on one of those ropes and then -- >> oh, my goodness! >> holy cow! >> oh, man. >> that guy chose to go underneath the boat after it had already been released, try and retrieve whatever he was trying to get. >> he could get stuck down there. >> more likely smeared under that boat because of course it's enormous. when he notices what's happening he then stumbles and just barely rolls himself out of the way to safety. >> so honey, how was your day? >> well, i didn't die today, baby. >> close call. how they're just learning the gender of their baby. >> so coming to you via fire. >> she's got her husband and two kids there.
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>> they're going for that kind of iconic postcard moment. >> they succeeded because that looks stunning. picture perfect. >> 3, 2, 1! >> and there it is. it's a girl! everything was perfect on this day. now she has to share it with all of her friends and family. >> what do you think it is? >> boy. >> it's a girl. >> girl. >> some of them guessed it would be a girl, some of them didn't, but all of them are excited. >> yay! >> now, let's move on to louisiana where things didn't happen so perfectly. >> oh. >> so it's an arsonist. >> wait, the entire reveal just caught fire? >> okay, now we're going to find out what your baby is.
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>> everybody's got an opinion now. >> oh, my god. >> so the whole thing was supposed to present itself as a fail. when that box exploded the parents were supposed to use the fire ex- tingisher and that was going to reveal the gender of the baby. instead we got this. >> i mean, they still used the fire extinguisher. it's a girl. >> it's a girl. oh, that beautiful sloth. i get you guys wouldn't get on first look that this is a video from hope for paws. they did volunteerism when they went down to costa rica. they also did a little bit of volunteering but as soon as they hit the ground it started with a dog rescue. so do cheese burgers work? >> a traditional dish. >> y know what works? you see this first dog, it
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didn't need convincing. >> and rescued. well, that was easy. >> where you been? >> it looked like it has a previous cut from something before, but this dog, it's doing the happy dance. once it's in the car. >> in between rescue there is were some adventure times like a little bit of rafting, they got an amazing meal and when they got an amazing meal even that was given to the local wild life. they went to an animal sanctuary, saw some beautiful birds and reptiles and now another rescue. >> come on. >> that looks like chicken this time. the dogs in costa rica a little bit more chilled out. they're like all right. cool. >> this dog, a little more reticent so a local got involved in the rescue. this one not as easy. this dog had been living here next to this bus stop for quite some time. >> and at the very end, you see
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the states and if anybody's interested in adopting them they can reach out to hope for paws. >> they recently met tony robins and he said he would donate $50,000 to the group if they could raise $50,000 of their own. so now is the time to do it to help them out. candy who watches on abc 7 in new york city is the latest winner of an ipad mini. you could win too. all you need the tuesday's buzz word be a u.s. resident and 18 years old. stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. more evidence that the word no has never been offered. >> hey, free style skiing course right in the middle of this austrian town? >> sure, you can. >> the eighth time they have
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hosted this particular event in austria where they invite 16 of the world's best freestyle ski riders to tear it up. >> and it really is going through town? >> a little ramp next to houses? this is like the winter european version of the downhill races. >> everybody just hanging out on their patios and stuff. >> you're sitting there on your balcony having yourself a hot chocolate. >> this makes all the difference in the world. >> especially when you're as talented as these people are. nick from the u.s.. >> he had a particularly good run. this started out, he goes down this little lit-up part. way to get things going. an interesting transfer right there. >> there is 12,000 people here. it's a huge party and it's just so fun to be skiing in front of all of them. >> he sets himself up for the final run down to the finish
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line, but why not do it backwards? that will be more interesting. boom. up on to that rail, we could see it, grind a little bit more and across the line. >> the scale of this thing is bigger than i thought. >> yes, it goes through the whole ski town. >> kudos to the engineers for building that thing too. >> this is third place too. >> you'll see me back in a couple of years and i can't wait. >> it's a busy day on the road for these speedy penguins. >> everybody out. >> but see the moment this majestic march gets a bit out of control. >> whoa! >> and little axel's got a love for aviation. >> he's just pedaling around and propellers are turning. >> the story behind the coolest kid piloting a pint sized plane coming up. >> in our world now they're just called planes. >> so funny though.
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from all the fun this winter. closed captioning provided by -- and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone-10. rush hour video from the islands. just not the regular kind of rush hour traffic. this video posted by wild life protection solutions and they called this the march of the penguins. >> everybody out. >> yeah, everybody is out and everybody's moving. >> wait for me. hey, guys! >> so here they come. whoa, and they take out the camera that they have on the ground, but what's really cool is they put the camera by the water and you can hear some of the vocalizations from these penguins. these vocalizations they say are done by penguins so their
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partners will know their voice. >> i know your voice way too well already. all day, every day. >> little axel has gotten so much attention on the internet because of this precious video. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, man. >> the second i saw this i sent it to my wife asking if there was an adult size version. >> is there? >> no. >> yeah, it's a 1932 plane. he's just pedaling around and he looks precious. the propellers are turning. >> it's the cap. >> so did dad build this or mom? >> axel built this with the help of dad of course. >> wow! >> it turns out you can actually get instructions for how to build these cool little pedal planes. the experimental aircraft
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association has some available on their site but there are other places you can find them. >> if they had instructions. >> if you scale it up. >> you do the math. >> yeah. >> i think in our world they're now just called planes. >> i want one so badly though. >> i love this moment here when little axel finally stops. >> dad. >> yeah? >> cheese! >> she's so adorable. >> he and his dad built this in south carolina. they said they spent six months before christmas doing this. axel learned how to build, sand, paint and dad hopes also build his love for aviation having been part of this project. with that smile i'm going to assume that he is now madly in love with aviation. wait till he gets in a real plane. you joke or you serious
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about the fact that i'm impatient but what i've learned is that timing is everything. a little cotton wood in uta. >> we catch a little rumble up top as they start to move his way. >> oh! that was fast! >> he's like, i got to go. bye! >> wow. >> for a moment it looked like it was up on the mountain and then suddenly it was just -- >> something tells me he knew this was happening but again, his timing was impeccable because it was up in the distance and then it was right up in his face. 30 people answer a special question by describing love. >> pretty good dance partner. >> hear their heart warming
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stories coming up. >> all these people share one thing. everybody has the capacity to love. >> plus we're giving away another ipad mini. keep watching for tuesday's buzz word and your shot to win. you won't want to miss it.
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works while you sleep, as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. new gold bond overnight lotion. i saw back to the future ii. >> where are the flying cars? >> i've been waiting for those too. >> jet speeder, it's kind of appropriate. sounds like the landscapers got to your house at 6:00 in the morning. >> it's got a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. that's 60 miles an hour. >> and i hear it makes a mean margarita. if you want to find out more, go to this address right here. on a side note it's 2019, man. i saw minority report, where's the smart cars? yes, it's not about having a driver. it's in the driver leaves but let's say you've got dogs in the
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car. no one can leave animals in the car. you can if you have a tesla. >> so it maintains the temperature inside the car so that your animals will be in okay shape. >> not just that as well because they've got that huge screen in the middle of the tesla. if people come along and they're like these animals have been left behind. there's a note saying no, it will be back soon. if your battery gets low to 20%. tesla will text you, time to go back and get your dog. >> that's awesome. >> a series called 30 people, one question. in this video, she's asking these people to describe someone they love. >> i love how inspiring she is. and i'm excited to see what she becomes. >> this first lady speaking of her daughter but every single person in this video is describing love. >> i like how it wasn't
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specific. they left it very open to the way people could interpret the question. >> only way i can describe my dad is that he's an [ bleep ], but the fun kind of [ bleep ]. you know what i mean? >> is nick your dad? >> he's the greatest thing ever. no words to put him to justice, so yeah. >> they actually talk when i'm taking a photo. >> this woman seems to be very annoyed by the people she's describing in the video. >> they like see me doing something, but like then tell me how to daytono it. >> she's saying all this stuff standing right next to them and you see where she's coming from because she takes a picture and look what her mom does as they're about to take the picture. >> let me fix your hair. >> there's something about your parents though that sometimes you just hear that voice and instantly your mood is improved. >> now we have a couple. >> natural beauty. she does make a pretty good
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dance partner. >> he loves his woman just as she is. >> this guy here is a little touching because he's actually describing his ex-wife. >> can you describe why you loved her or what it was about her that you loved? >> well, she was a good looking woman, she had a good attitude. i like that. >> you can tell he still really loves her and he also shares why they're not together anymore. >> i busted her with some other guy. >> oh, man, i'm sorry. >> i know. it's okay. i'm better. i think. >> if you'd like to check out the entire video it really is beautiful. head over to right this or check it out on our mobile app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. >> head over to our website and click on win a enere buzz
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facebook, twitter or both. you can answer each every day. >> tuesday's buzz word is knockout. >> click on the win ipad button, enter tuesday's buzz word, knockout. hey a and >> the
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without that kind of technology you don't see this unless you get your butt on a plane and go there yourself. so if you guys could get my movie reference, that would be great. >> that's office space. >> that's right. office space, satire, it is legendary for many things and one of them, that red stapler. >> this guy clearly didn't get the memo about that cover sheet. you can always rely on a printer to do unreliable things.
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>> it's okay. >> just talk to it support. >> printer is not working. >> oh, okay. so you just said that movie came out in '99. that means nothing has changed in 20 years. >> i don't think our fax machine has worked since we moved here. >> there's a fax machine here? >> not winter, printer. >> but there's only one way to attach a sheet to a piece of paper securely. >> could it be a red stapler? >> you mean millton, custom swing line 646. so celebrate the anniversary of office space they decided to make the stapler. >> yeah. >> you too can have a stapler that if someone takes it away -- >> sets the building on fire. >> part of me wants it but part of me is why would i want a stapler? >> we can put gayle up to this.
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>> i take it back. >> if you do get the stapler you'll win a lifetime supply of staples so you can attach all the cover sheets to the reports. >> thanks for hanging out with us today. we'll keep you entertained for hours. while you're on the >> today's contestant-- melissa wick from rapid city, south dakota says she's the clumsiest person she knows, and will probably trip on our stage. if she can stay on her feet, she just might win herself a fortune on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ y,ve welcome to the show. are you ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] melissa, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> good news: we started you in your place.
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you can't--unless you just fall down... >> [laughing] >> we'll be good. >> >> uh, as long as i didn't knock this over, we're good. >> so far, so good. let's set up your board so we can get to your game. fourteen questions between you and that $1 million. you have your three lifelines. they're there if and when you need them. let's make some money. >> [indistinct] >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] good luck. $500 question starts us off. though its main purpose is to unclog stoppages, plumbers say you actually shouldn't pour what into your sink because it eats away at the pipes? >> this is actually a really big problem at my house, so i'm gonna say c, liquid drain cleaner. final answer. >> yeah, who knew it was doing damage? >> [laughs] >> $500. [applause] $1,000 question:
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the name of the popular telecommunications app skype is a blend of "sky" and which other word or phrase? >> i use this app occasionally, but the only one that really makes sense is d, peer-to-peer. final answer. >> that is the only one that makes sense, and it's right. $1,000. good job. third question worth $2,000. of all their 1,400 u.s. locations, the only ihop that serves real maple syrup is in which of these places? >> it's always good when the answer shows up after you think about it. so "d", south burlington, vermont. final answer. >> you get that real maple syrup
2:11 am
in vermont, that's right. [applause] you've got three out of the way. here's your fourth one worth $3,000. hall-of-fame athlete ted williams wrote a famous book titled "the science of" what? >> i am honestly really bad at sports, so i would like to "ask the audience" for this question. >> okay. >> final answer. >> great one for that. audience, need some help. if you would, pick up those keypads, enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, melissa. these lifelines are used to get by those blind spots, so let's see if they can help out. [dramatic musical flourish] 70% say it's b, hitting.
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>> so... i'm glad that it's majority. and i'd like to trust the audience, so i'm gonna go with b, final answer. >> yeah, they're pretty trustworthy. of course ted williams, one of the greatest hitters of all time. [applause] well done. $3,000 now. that big step to $5,000. also the first threshold you can get to. here's the question: the name of the muscle that covers the human shoulder was inspired by the fact that its shape resembles what greek letter? >> i took anatomy last semester and i feel like i should have paid a lot more attention. i see one that's r >> what are you thinking? >> delta. 'cause we have a deltoid.


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